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The Titan Training System was designed specifically for developing Maximum Muscle Size, however substantial strenght
gains occurred as well.
Our purpose in weight training is to intentionally apply stress to muscle (stimulus) for the purpose of creating a positive
physiological response (muscle growth). This training stress consists of Eight Stress Factors which can be manipulated to
control and modify the stress resulting in a physiological response. In order to gain maximum size and strenght, all eight
factors must be applied correctly.
Stress Factor# 1
Training Session Length
Bulgarian doctors discovered that after 50-55 minutes of rigorous weight training the bodys natural blood testosterone level
would decrease by up to 80%. Limiting workouts to 50-55 minutes also helps your body effectively process your blood
glucose (sugar), and aiding therefore energy production in the muscle cells.
Stress Factor# 2
Training Session Frequency
The ideal training session frequency is totally dependant on what type of training you do and how well you recover from
each workout. The Titan Training System combines high intensity and high volume, it requires only 4 sessions per week for
optimal results.
Stress Factor# 3
Body Part Training Frequency
Bulgarian research found that the muscle begins to atrophy about 72 hours after the last stress it has received. The rule of
atrophy applies that for any body part you exercise, if you rest longer than three days between workouts, you are at risk for
losing hard fought progress but just because atrophy begins 72 hours after a muscle has been stressed does not mean that
it takes 72 hours for recovery. A muscle recovers much faster than it begins to atrophy, likewise, soreness (or lack of) is No
indicator that your muscle have received the proper recovery.
Stress Factor# 4
Exercise Selection and Performance
Our primary research was to find viable, proven reasons why some exercise were better mass builders than others. We
decided to discover the defining quality that makes an exercise truly efficient and effective. Compound exercise using free
weights have the ability to highly stimulate the nervous system of the body. The higher the Neuro-Muscular Activation
(NMA) the more growth and strenght development.
Stress Factor# 5
Repetition Speed
Muscle are designed for speed, and the faster you can move weight through space, the more stress is applied to the muscle.
The two things that stimulate your muscles are load (amount of weight) and the speed of the muscle contraction (how fast
you move the weight). The best approach to an exercise is to perform each repetition as quickly as possible while still
maintaning proper form and costant control of the weight.
Stress Factor# 6
Training Session Volume and Intensity
The Titan Training System provides precision variance of the volume, intensity, and rest periods on a weekly basis to ensure
that the muscle is fully stressed and then recovered. Thus you are periodizing your training on an even shorter time span
than a year just one week! This will keep the bodybuilder in peak metabolic condition all year long rather than reaching it
just a few times a year
Stress Factor# 7
Weight and repetitions
The same concerns of volume and intensity apply for the individual set as it does for the entire training session.
Bodybuilding is after maximum muscle size and strenght. Because of this, you have systematically to go up and down a
scale of volume and intensity as your training continues.
Stress Factor# 8
Rest Intervals Between Sets
For superior muscular growth, rest periods need to be strategically varied in your weight training program. This allows for a
full spectrum of stress for muscles.
There are three different components in the Titan Training System: the new concept of MUSCLE ROUNDS was created to
take advantage of the fluid and dynamic use of the time-rep interface; to pack on muscle fast you need a foundation of

strenght and muscle endurance, with the addition of BASE TRAINING and VOLUME TRAINING, you will build the
understructure of your physique and preparate it for the intensity of Muscle Rounds Training.
1) MUSCLE ROUNDS Stimulates muscle hypertrophy:
You pick a weight you can typically perform 8-10 repetitions with. For any given exercise, you perform 4 reps and then rest
for 10 seconds and then repeat the cycle, or round, of 4 reps + 10 seconds rest. Without pause you continue this cycle until
you have completed 4 to 6 rounds. This enables you to train with volume and intensity in the same exercise. Your training
work load has dramatically increased performing more reps with more weight in any given time frame allotted to training.
During the 10 seconds mini recovery the nervous system has bounced back, lactic acid clearance has occurred, and the
mucle is flooded with fresh blood, thus you can continue training without premature failure.
2) BASE TRAINING Stimulates muscle strenght:
Base training is the second most important component of the Titan Training System, and its primary focus is to develop a
foundation of strenght. It is derived from the old training methodology called Pyramid Training. Pyramiding is simply the
increase in weight and the decrease in repetition in each successive set, you can view it as a pyramid with a base anchored
by the lightest weight and the highest repetitions. Titan Training System takes the spotlight off the top of the pyramid and
focuses it on the bottom of the pyramid where it works to the best effect. We advocate progressively raising the first set
(base weight). This simple shift is the fastest way to develop strenght.
3) VOLUME TRAINING Stimulates muscle endurance
During the Volume Training you will be performing higher repetitions with less weight and shorter rest interval. A key
ingredient is the use of the compound set, the exercising of one body part followed immediately with another exercise for a
different body part. This type of training is called Active Recovery. The focus here is on increasing blood and nutrient
flow to the muscle, an important function of Volume Training is also developing muscle endurance building this way a
secure foundation for your future muscle growth.

Monday - Session1 (Full body work-out)
Lower Body (Thighs Calves)
Base Training
Upper Body
Volume Training
Tuesday - Session2 (Full body work-out)
Upper Body (Arms Shoulder Back Chest)
Base Training
Lower Body
Volume Training
Thursday - Session3
Lower Body & Chest
Muscle Rounds
Friday - Session4
Upper Body Excluding Chest
Muscle Rounds
After 8 weeks of consistent training on the Titan System you should switch to 3 weeks of specialization training; then take
one week complete layoff, at the end of which you are prepared to start the cycle all over again. The 3-week specialization is

your chance to experiment, to try something new, to focus on a lagging body part, to try some new exercises, to prevent for
boredom, to shock the body.
Monday - Base & Volume training
1) Thighs: (Squats, Leg Press, Hack Squats) ---------- Set: 5
2) Hamstrings: (Stiff Leg Dead Press, Leg Curls) ---- Set: 4
3) Calves: (Standing calf rise, Seated claf rise) ------- Set: 5
1) Chest & Back: ----------- Set: 3 Compound**
2) Shoulder & Abs --------- Set: 4 Compound**
3) Bicep & Triceps -------- Set: 3 Compound**

Rep: 8 6 5 4 3
Rep: 8 6 5 4
Rep: 10 8 6 5 4

Rep: 12 to 15
Rep: 12 to 15
Rep: 12 to 15

Rest: 2 minutes between sets

Rest: 1 minute between sets
Rest: 1 minutes between sets

Rest: 1 minutes between sets

Rest: 1 minutes between sets
Rest: 1 minutes between sets

* On the Volume training part of your workout, you can use lower NMA exercise such as machines and cables.
** Compound sets are performed by combining 2 exercises into one long set with little or NO rest between the 2 exercises.
Tuesday Base & Volume training
1) Upper Back: Chins, Bent Over Rows ------ Set: 5
2) Chest: Incline Press, Bench Press ----------- Set: 5

Rep: 8 6 5 4 3
Rep: 8 6 5 4 3

Rest: 1 minute & 50 seconds between sets

Rest: 1 minute & 50 seconds between sets

3) Shoulders: Shoulder Press ------------------- Set: 4

Rep: 8 6 5 4

Rest: 1 minute & 50 seconds between sets


1) Thighs, Hams, & Calves -------------------- Set: 4 Compound**

Rep: 12 to 15

Rest: 1 minute between sets

* On the Volume training part of your workout, you can use lower NMA exercise such as machines and cables
** This compound set is performed by combining into one long set with little or no rest between the 3 exercises.
Thursday Muscle Rounds Training
1) Thighs
Reps: 4 Rounds: 6* Set: 4
2) Hamstrings Reps: 4 Rounds: 6* Set: 3
3) Calves
Reps: 4 Rounds: 6* Set: 4
4) Chest
Reps: 4 Rounds: 6* Set: 4

Rest: 1 minute between sets

Rest: 1 minute & 45 seconds between sets
Rest: 1 minute & 45 seconds between sets
Rest: 1 minute between sets

* Remember to take 10 seconds of rest between each Muscle Round

Friday Muscle Rounds Training
1) Back
Reps: 4
2) Triceps Reps: 4
3) Shoulders Reps: 4
4) Biceps
Reps: 4

Rounds: 6* Set: 4
Rounds: 6* Set: 3
Rounds: 6* Set: 4
Rounds: 6* Set: 3

Rest: 1 minute between sets

Rest: 1 minute & 45 seconds between sets
Rest: 1 minute & 45 seconds between sets
Rest: 1 minute & 45 seconds between sets

* Remember to take 10 seconds of rest between each Muscle Round

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Due commenti:

1)Titan Training a training program by Leo Costa. Basically the program is a 4-day-per-week (MTHF) combination of
volume training with compound sets, heavy training with straight sets, and what Leo calls "muscle rounds" to target specific
muscle groups using a very specific timed rest/pause technique within the sets. Reviews from other web sites are mixed...
Some say it's a quick trip to overtraining. Others say it's a great program, but requires plenty of sleep and flawless nutrition
to be effective
2) Be advised it is strongly recommended that you only attempt this program if you are able to get enough rest each night, (8
hours recommended) and you eat an optimal diet, which includes enough vitamins, proteins, and amino acids throughout the
day to help your body repair itself from this brutal workout.