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Chapter 1

Introduction, Vision Mission & Product, Hierarchy

The Juice Club is a Juice product making company. The company was established in
2015 as a Private Limited Company. The Juice Clubs first product was Strawberry
and Chocolate shake, which was a total success. The Juice Club was the first to
introduce the Chocolaty shake with fruits flavors in Layyah.
The company expanded its product line by introducing more products such as
Pineapple shake, Vanilla Shake & Ice Cream. The Juice Club was awarded various
awards for its maintained quality and operational systems. The head office of The
Juice Club is located in Lahore and its plant is also operating in Layyah.


To be a leading producer of fruit juices based on dedication to nature,

corporate and process hygiene, dynamic leadership and commitment
to our partners and stakeholders. In accordance with the Islamic principles
striving to satisfy consumers tasks and needs and serving the society

To be the leader in the customer value & to be the Pakistans best company

Main Product Chocolaty Fruit Shake

Chocolaty Fruit Shake was launched on 12th of feb 2015 with the massive
advertising campaign. Chocolaty fruit shake is a Pakistani Brand. Chocolaty Fruit
shake is a very popular brand in Various Cities of Pakistan including Layyah. The
product is famous for its taste and unique features in Layyah. The price of Chocolaty
Fruit Shake was very high at that time because we targeted the urban areas.

It was available in almost every city of Pakistan through our distribution channels. At
the time of launch, Chocolaty fruit shake had competitor in the market as far as
product ingredients are concerned. The Chocolaty Fruit Shake is available in two
different bottle sizes of 300ml and 250ml in Layyah. The company invested almost
5 million rupees to launch in Layyah.
The company tried to maintain its position in the local market and remain

Chocolaty Fruit Shake is a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good) which is available in
the local market to fulfill consumers needs. The shake is in light brown color in the
two sizes 250ml and 300ml. The key factor of Chocolaty Fruit Shake is that, it is the
complete supplement consisting of vitamins, calcium and proteins to ensure the
good health of the consumers. The product is available in the market of layyah in
the price of 50 rupee for 250ml and 70 rupee for 300ml. We are also looking forward
to run the delivery service so that we can satisfy our customers with our services
and also to become market leaders.

Companys other products that company want to deal are coffee, shakes in other





Hierarchy of The Juice club












Resource Dept

Job Posting







Chapter 2
Strategic Management Process, Strategy Formulation (Mission& vision, SWOT,
Long term objectives, generating the strategy, selecting the alternative strategy

Strategic Management Process:

Strategic management process include three steps in first step we formulate the strategy then we
implement the strategy and then evaluate the strategy.


Strategy Evaluation

In Our Company we have followed the same strategic steps.

First of all we see that how we have formulated the strategy for our company The Juice Club

Strategy Formulation:
In strategy formulation there are different things that we have to see.
Developing Mission & Vision statement:
For our business we have developed Vision (that what we want to do) and Mission (that what is
our business objectives). We have developed vision and mission statement by carefully studying
different articles related to different business and we kept in mind all the nine components that
must b part of our vision or mission statement. We reviewed different articles and business
reports or different companies. We have also consulted to different consultants that what we
should include in our mission and vision. Then by careful study of different mission and visions
we have developed our companys vision and mission. Because our company is related to fresh
juice thats why we have examined the mission and vision related to juice companies and then
we developed our Companys vision and mission that is to be the best company in future by

giving fresh and healthy juice full of fruity taste. And we have also mentioned that we will keep
care about quality.
Identifying Internal Factors (Strength & weakness)
In strategy formulation process we identify our own strengths and weaknesses. We have
observed our competitors and then we identified our own strengths and weaknesses. Our
business is new means the juice we are offering new type of juice that is the combination of
chocolate, milk and different fruits and is full of nutrition. There are no caf providing such type
of unique juice so this is our edge on our competitors. And secondly our company is providing
high quality services that makes us different from others.
Identifying External Factors (Opportunities & Threats)
External factors means a lot for a company. A company must consider its opportunities and
threats. It may help to grow fast. For our company The Juice Club we have attentively
observed all the opportunities that can benefit our company and can help in companys growth
like providing healthy juice in different areas and to move with society. We also provide more
job opportunities in different areas. And our main competitors are threats for our company. We
find out their weaknesses to overcome those threats. Other threats are weather changes and
hiring right person for right job and trust.

First of its kind

There is no other drive through juice bar in Perth so this juice bar will be new
into the market of drive through, attracting a new healthy market of on-thego people. By adding the drive through section it opens opportunities for
people to choose a healthy alternative to any other drive through type of
business, at the same time providing the same quick and friendly service.

Our products will be affordable to the type of food we are selling. The
food products sold will be made on site by our well trained chefs and
will be fresh each day. Our drink products will include smoothies, juices
and a range of healthy teas. By keeping our prices at affordable costs it
allows opportunity for everyone to try our product no matter what age
or income.
Our first store will be located in the area of college road Layyah. This area
was chosen as it is close to the University, Lakeside City Shopping Centre
and many other small and large businesses. By locating our store where we
have there is opportunity for employees on lunch break to get a quick and
easy but delicious breakfast or lunch as well as university students and
people who are just attracted to the area for the day. Our location will also
allow room for drive through but also have a serving area will tables and
seats for people who have time to dine in.
Employee skills:
The employees that will be recruited will be highly functioning, confident and
friendly people. These people will go through a interview process to be able
to meet everyone in person and will be hand selected. By conducting
interviews our self this will ensure that we get the people we want to
represent our business. The employees will go through a training programme
to make sure they are confident with the product and also the production
and behind the scenes work

High Quality:
Our brand will be represented in many ways to make sure our products are
the highest of quality and to obtain repeat customers to our business. All of
our products will be health way safe and we will use all organic fruit and
vegetables. Trying to make sure we reach all markets of people we will be
able to cater for vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers.
Leadership and management skills:
Our leadership and management team will all have gained certificates of
training from university, to show they have received the correct training
needed for this job title. By obtaining this certificate of completion this will
ensure the best chance for the business and role models to the staff. There
will be a manager on at all times in the store to overlook anything and be
there in case they are needed, as well as for safety issues.

Will take time to start business up:
It will take a long time to start a business from scratch with new ideas and
plans. A team of well-trained people that know how to set businesses up will
need to be employed to make sure everything it correct and to decrease
issues of the business. This will take up time and money.

Money might be tight (not enough money to complete:

This will a costly business to set up and run with the products and staff so a
lot of money will be put into the business before money is put back into the
business. With the big ideas intended money may be scarce and may run out
if the money is not planned and the budget is not stuck to.

Will not have many outlets around to get people to know the
business and product:
By limiting the number of stores it will also limit the number of customers we
can gain. This area was chosen because of how busy it always is but if the
store is positioned in a place that people wont be able to get to on their
quick lunch breaks they will not get to know our products and will go to other
closer alternatives.
Going into an already existing market
There is already a number of fast food outlets that offer food and drinks as
well as drive through coffee bars offering similar products. We just have to
hope that by serving healthy products with organic ingredients our business
will stand out to people rather than other alternatives.
Need to recruit all new staff and provide training
Advertisements will need to be posted up on various sites and flyers around
the city. This will take up more time than expected interviewing each
individual person and choosing from the people offered. If no one is suited to
the position then the process will be dragged on for a longer time then
intended limiting time for other things that need to be completed. Training
will need to be provided to all the staff. This will be costly and also take up
more time to make sure they are all up to date and ready to open the
Starting a new business may cause stress to staff members
As the business is started up from scratch it will take a lot of effort and time
to try and get everything done by the intended finishing date. The store
needs to be up and successfully running as soon as possible so money will be
coming into the business. This will cause stress on the staff members to get
everything done and to be able to have a successful first day of opening for

the business. Also the stress of the workplace may get to some staff
members being in a new environment.

Bringing healthy drinks to the Layyah area.
Compare with all the soda drinks, fresh fruit juice will be healthier for people.
100% pure juice is a smart addition to any well-balanced diet, providing
vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin C and folate. Fruit juice is also
a convenient way for adults and children to help reach the recommended
number of daily servings of fruits and vegetables.
To supply more job opportunities.
There is one university campus and one Cafe campus in Layyah area. And
also some high schools around. So that means there are thousands of
teenagers some of them are looking for a part time job or working
experiences. Our new juice bar open will be a good chance for them to get
some working experiences and also earn some pocket money after school.
To move with the current social and lifestyle changes
With our new juice bar there will be a revolutionary drive-through juice bar
making a product west Australia knows and loves. Nowadays pace of life
quicker people been busy with their jobs or studies. Time is precious for
everyone. So lets rather conveniently wait the fresh juice in the comfort of
your car than wait in a long queue and stand up in the shop. So our new
style drive through juice bar suits the modern lifestyle changes.
Get all brand new technology around the market
In our juice club there we will use a new mild preservation technology for
juices called purepulse, this technology ensures that spoilage bacteria such
as moulds and yeasts are destroyed effectively without any loss of flavor,

color and vitamins. By treating fresh juices with purepulse technology, their
shelf lives can be extended to up to 21 days. And also that products require
less heating beforehand and are subjected to a lower temperature increase
during treatment. The result: optimum freshness is retained.

Less room to fail

There is less room to fail due to our mass marketing strategy. Because one
drive through juice bar is kind of small investment, if we fail the marketing
strategy, wont loose too much money and sill have lots of chances to get it

High barriers of entry
At the beginning of a business always really hard. Cause people dont know
your name. they still prefer to go to the place they use to go . as drive
through food and drinks service for example. People still chose to go mcs
,kfc,red rooster or muzz buzz. So let the customers know us is very
Missing a key target group of non-drivers
As a drive through juice bar, we are facing the customers who have cars. But
most of the teenagers havent got the driving licence yet they dont even
have a car and some old age customers do not feel to drive .our juice bar will
lose those kind of customers.
Summer holidays business lost
The uni and cafe summer holidays will last here months long. Most of the uni
students, who are not living around this area, may not come to school during


holidays. So one of our major customers the uni students will drop down
during summer. Because of that our incomes will decrease too.
Hire suitable employee
As a fast juice service industry. We need to find people who are able to
working in a fast pace environment. To those who dont have working
experience students, have to be trained for a while to suit this job well.
Weather changes
In winter change in weather may affect selling prices of cool drinks. We may
need to think of the alternatives. For example, we may supply some warm
juice on the menu.

Long Term Objectives:

Become the best and healthy juice in Pakistan

Improving the customer satisfaction by providing quality products.
Turn in profits from the first year of operation.
Unique, Innovative and healthy products for people
Building new outlets in different areas of Pakistan
Establishing strong sale.

Generating the Alternative Strategy:

We have generated different types of strategies for our cafe. As
Integration Strategy
o Backward integration
o Forward integration
o Horizontal integration
Intensive Strategy
o Product development
o Market development
o Market penetration
Diversification Strategy
o Related diversification
o Unrelated diversification

Alternative strategy means what alternative strategies we will use for our business. We will focus
on differentiation and cost effective or low cost strategy because people in Layyah are price
conscious. We will make product by consuming low cost and selling on low prices. Further we
will use the business level strategy to compete with other businesses.

Select the strategy:

Final step in strategy formulation is selecting the strategy that is suitable for our business.
Because our product is Juice so we are focusing on the differentiation strategy means that we are
using such strategies that makes our products different from other companys products. We want
to stay unique and provide high quality by focusing on differentiation
When Strategy is formulated then we see!

In issues we see that in which kind of business we are and how to enter in the market and how to
survive in market and how to expand the business and what kind of new products should be
added. In our company we will see that what king of new product we can start like we will add
different new flavors. This kind of issues should be handled carefully.

Chapter 3
Strategy Implementation (Different depts., Allocation of resources, Rules &

Strategy Implementation:
Strategy implementation is the stage of action. At this stage we implement the strategy that we
formulate in first step. Implementation of strategy is the process through which a chosen strategy
is put into action. It involves the design and management of systems to achieve the best
integration of people, structure, processes and resources in achieving organizational objectives.
Implementation of Strategy affects an organization from top to bottom, it affects all the
functional and divisional areas of business.


Strategy is implemented on different levels of departments

Finance Department:
The finance department in an organization oversees financial planning and management
activities, including budgeting and forecasting, reporting and compliance, and creation of
value. Some of these responsibilities help the organization meet compliance obligations. Others
contribute to profit-building for the company.





Marketing Department:
Essentially a pattern or plan that integrates your organization's major goals

Includes development of three part strategy plan

Describes Overall
Describe the markets size, structure, and behavior, the planned product
positioning, and the sales, market share, and profit goals for first few years.
Describes Short-Term
Outlines the planned price, distribution strategy, and marketing budget for
the first year
Describes Long-Term
Describes the long-run sales and profit
Primary Market

Kids Fond of Fruit Juice (fond of mango, strawberry)

Teens More experimental
Youth Experimental and more buying power
Working People
Housewives Elderly people

Secondary Market

Travel Industry
Airlines, Railways and Local Transport Systems
Movie Theatres, Malls, Amusement Parks.
School, Colleges Hotels, Restaurants, Bars etc.

HR Department: is a department in organizations designed to maximize employee

performance of an employer's strategic objectives.HR is primarily concerned with the
management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and systems. HR departments
and units in organizations typically undertake a number of activities, including employee
recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and rewarding (e.g., managing
pay and benefit systems).HR is also concerned with industrial relations, that is, the balancing of


organizational practices with requirements arising from collective bargaining and from
governmental laws

Allocation of resources:
In this we see how to allocate resources how to use them efficiently and effectively. For our
business we will decide that from where we will get raw material and make it useful and how
effectively we use our human skills.
Motivating the employees:
We have different incentives for our employees. We have a proper reward system and we also
give bonus to employees. We have prizes for the employees who work in a good way. For
motivation of employees we arrange annual trips for our employees.
Proper Training:
We have a proper training system for our employees. We give them training about how to keep
everything clean and how to mix flavors and fruits for a quality product. We arrange different
training sessions for our employees to make them learn about everything.
Rules & Regulation:
We have proper rules and regulation in our organization so that we may deliver quality products
and may satisfy our customers.
Commitment & Good Relations:


We prefer high qualified and committed persons to be hired in our company so that they may
build good relations with each other. All the employees and manager develop good relation to
maintain good environment in the Organization and are highly committed to their work.
Discipline & Sacrifice: We prefer such people who may know how to compromise with one
another and how to maintain the discipline.

Chapter 4
Strategy Evaluation (Performance measurement & corrective actions) & CSR

Strategy Evaluation:
After implementing the strategy the next stage is of strategy Evaluation and at this stage we will
examine all the basis of a firms strategy and after that expected results will be compared with
actual results and if there is any problem we will take corrective actions.
As our business is all about food and we can also say non-carbonated beverages because it is a
juice so different things will affect our business just like environment and climate as there is
more sale of juice in summer rather than in winters so we will make such strategies and changes
according to the environment that will give us profit. And next thing that our company will face
is the prediction of future we dont know about the taste of people it changes rapidly and we cant
predict what is going to happen next. So these are the problems that we will consider when we
evaluate the strategy and according to that we will take corrective actions. For example if we
face the weather problem that affect our sale then we will modify our product or strategies
according to the demand of the people.


And if we are not facing any problem means if there are no difference in our actual and measured
performance then we will continue our business in the same way there will be no need of change.
But if there is any problem like our company gain less profit in winter so to overcome this
problem we will take corrective measures we can do different things like we can add other
products for sales in winter like tea, coffee and other winter related products.

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)

Our juice club is fully committed to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and
fulfils this responsibility by engaging in a wide range of activities which include:
Corporate should work for social and educational development and welfare of underprivileged people.
Energy conservation, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health by
restricting unnecessary lighting, implementing tobacco control law and No Smoking
Zone, and providing a safe and healthy work environment;
Business ethics and anti-corruption measures, requiring all staff members to comply with
the rule of our business.
Consumer protection measures, requiring disclosure of the schedule of charges and terms
and conditions that apply to juice club.
Amicable staff relations, recognition of merit and performance, and on-going
opportunities for learning and growth of staff, both on-the-job and through formal
training programmes.
Employment through a transparent procedure, without discrimination on the basis of
religion, caste, language, etc., including employment of special persons;
expansion of the juice club branch to rural areas, which helps in rural development;


Chapter 5
Recommendations, conclusion & References

Come up with a niche for your juice business. For example, you can focus on selling
organic juices, energy juice, juice smoothies or selling bottled juices wholesale.
Learn about the health permits that correspond to type of business. These may vary by
location. The government usually requires certain health permits for a food-oriented
business. Some necessary licensure includes food handler permits, food manager
certification and food enterprise licenses. Satisfying permit requirements makes it easier
to set up the business immediately.
Organize the management, marketing and production units of the company or business.
Each unit should have clear tasks and objectives. With an efficient organizational model,
you can run the business smoothly.
Formulate several juice recipes or research possible juice offerings. Building a sccessful
business means offering the market something innovative or something that's not
currently available. A varied menu can help create a following for the business. Creative
products and interesting alternatives can promise a head start for a new business.


Create a business plan detailing information such as the target market, operating
expenses, marketing approaches, profit projections, public relations strategies and SWOT
analysis. The SWOT analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the planned
business, along with opportunities and threats within the business environment. It helps
you to determine and analyze your bottled juice competitors and distributors.

In this overall project we have introduced a new business or company with the name The juice
club and the main product is Chocolaty fruits shake. We have discussed that how strategy is
formulated and how vision & mission for a company is developed and how long term as well
short term objectives are set. And further we have described that how we implemented the
strategy to our newly start business including at departmental levels and what will be the
policies, rules and regulation of the business. And then we analyzed our business strategy and
evaluated the strategy if there are any king of flaws then we take corrective measures to get
healthy return and after that if there are no flaws we will continue our business in the same way
it is. And after strategy evaluation we observe that our company is working for the welfare of
society and not violating the rules of our society means we will observe CSR. From this overall
project we have gained the practical knowledge or our classroom learning.


Help from Mr Hussnain