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Quarterly National Staff Update

October - December 2014
Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, National Commander and CEO
Mr. Don Rowland, Chief Operating Officer

Upcoming Key Dates

National Legislative Day and Command Council Meeting: 26-28 Feb 2015, Washington DC
National Staff College: 24-30 May 2015, Maxwell AFB AL
National Conference: 27-29 August 2015, Orlando FL
Deputy Director for AE: Dr. Jeff Montgomery
Aerospace Education Manager: Lt Col Mike McArdle
Home School Development Coordinator: Lt Col Mike Fultz
CAP STEM Kit Program: CAP continues the initiative to promote an interest in science, technology,
engineering, and math (STEM) subjects and careers to our CAP cadets and educator members students
across the nation. Through CAPs free STEM Kit program, CAP Unit AEOs, Educator Members and AFJROTC
instructors can select from five kits to use and retain. The kits are: astronomy, flight simulators, model & remote
control airplanes, robotics, and rocketry. Collaboration with other youth groups is encouraged, especially
amongst the CAP units. Thus far, almost 1,300 kit requests have been filled, impacting over 70,000 cadets &
K-12 students. AEOs are encouraged to select and order a kit on eServices at the CAP STEM Kits link.
Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) Program: Over 16,000 students in grades K-6 completed
the 2013-2014 academic year ACE program under the tutelage of over 700 educators in 28 states across
the nation. Viewed by CAP as a great early introduction to the CAP Cadet program, the ACE program
needs YOUR help! CAP squadrons can help introduce the program to educators and schools and offer to
assist in teaching lessons and/or presenting end-of-program completion plaques and student certificates.
Cadets can be exceptional role models for these young people and CAP adults are excellent school
mentors. The ACE registration period for academic year 2014-2015 has begun. For more information, go
AFAs Aerospace/STEM Education Grants for CAP: The AFA continues to provide $250 grants in
alternating quarterly cycles to CAP units and educator members to help fund aerospace and STEM project
subjects and careers. For information, go to AEO and AEM grant links at:
Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) Schools: The final AEO School for 2014 will be conducted in the NER,
October 16-18, at Windsor Locks, CT. AEO schools provide education, training, resources, and AE Action Plan
guidance to the attendees to help them better accomplish their AE responsibilities as an integral part of the
overall CAP program. More information about the schools can be found at:
Deputy Director for Cadet Programs: Curt LaFond
Cadet Programs Manager: Lt Col Ned Lee
National Cadet Advisory Council (NCAC) Liaison: Lt Col John Erickson
Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator: Lt Col Jett Mayhew
Home School Development Coordinator: Lt Col Mike Fultz
Cadet Protection Training: The three new training courses required in the April 14 Cadet Protection Policy
regulation - Cadet Protection Basic Course, Cadet Protection Advance Course, and the Cadet Wingman

Course are in development and will be released by 1 January. Members who completed an earlier edition
of CPPT before this regulation took effect (see CAP Regulation 52-10) will have until 30 June 2015 to
complete the new Cadet Protection Basic Course.
National Cadet Special Activities: Over 1,200 cadets participated in NCSAs during the 2014 summer

Winter NCSAs. Apply now through 15 October for the Civic Leadership Academy in Washington
DC, and the National Character & Leadership Symposium at the USAF Academy. For details,
please see the NCSA homepage.
Summer 15 NCSAs. The menu of NCSAs being offered for Summer 2015 will be available in early
December. Stay tuned to the Cadet Blog for details.

CyberPatriot: CyberPatriot VII begins in October. For more information, go to

the CAP AE CyberPatriot page. Good luck to all!
National Cadet Advisory Council: The 2014-2015 National Cadet Advisory Council (NCAC) got off to a
great start in August at the CAP National Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Led by this term's NCAC Chair C/Lt
Col Jared Monasmith, the NCAC Region Representatives addressed a wide array of issues and taskings.
The NCAC meets virtually, on a monthly basis, to address issues affecting CAP Cadets. Stay abreast of the
councils work through the NCAC Facebook page.
Chief CAP Chaplain Corps: Chap (Col) James Hughes
Chaplain Corps Program Administrator: Brenda Alexander
Meeting with Air Force Chief of Chaplain Corps Staff and John Rodrigo, Deputy Assistant Secretary
for Reserve Affairs. On September 8, 2014, Chap Hughes met with these individuals to discuss the future
relationships between the CAP Chaplain Corps and the AF Chaplain Corps. The following items were
discussed: Military support guidelines to include qualifications; Standardization of training; Integration of AF
chaplains into CAP; Availability of resources to include facilities and instructors.
Items in Process: CAPR 265-1 update changes to Character Development training requirements.
Character Development Specialty Track rewrite broadening the training of CDIs.
Mission Chaplain SQTR rewrite introducing a multi-level Mission Chaplain training program.
New Chaplain Corps Program Administrator: We are pleased to announce Brenda Alexander is the new
Chaplain Corps Program Administrator.
Director of Development: Dr. Skip Dotherow
National Alumni Association: In July of this year, the Development Office launched the National Alumni
Association program. Membership is open to senior members who have retired, resigned or for other
reasons left the organization but would like to remain in contact with their friends and associates from their
days in CAP. Former CAP Cadets, but no longer active in the organization are also eligible for membership.
This is still in the early development stages and will continue to evolve over the coming year. If you know of
individuals who fall in one of these categories, please have them contact us at:
Director of Government Relations: John Swain
National Legislative Coordinator: Lt Colonel Gerald Marketos
State Legislative Coordinator: Lt Colonel James Nova
Special Projects Coordinator: Lt Colonel Lindsay Shipps

CAP Congressional Gold Medal (CGM): The CAP CGM was signed into law on May 30, 2014. Here is the
latest status on the medal:
At present, we do not know the official presentation datethe best estimate is sometime between early
December 2014 and late April 2015. The presentation date is a decision made by the Speaker of the
House and his office is aware that CAP would like the ceremony as soon as possible.
The design of the CGM is well underway by the Mint and a portfolio of several designs has been
completed. The Mint is working as fast as possible and the medals could be ready as early as two
months from now.
There will be a major presentation ceremony at the U.S. Capitol of the single CGM to CAP and other
events in Washington attended by WWII veterans, families, Members of Congress and others.
Replica medals will be presented to veterans and families who have been validated by CAP. For those
who cannot travel to Washington, CAP wings will present the medals back in their home state.
2015 Legislative Day: Planning is underway for Legislative Day on Thursday, February 26, 2015. Wings
should begin making appointments as early as possible next year, preferably in January.
It is important to visit every Member of Congress in each state Congressional delegation, especially
those on the appropriations committees.
The names, dates and times involved with each appointment should be provided to: as soon each appointment is made. Please note if you know the meeting will
be with the Member of Congress.
Mandatory training will be held for wing commanders and government relations advisors the night
before at the Crystal City Marriott. Everyone is welcome to attend that training.
FY15 Defense Appropriations: A continuing resolution for Fiscal Year 2015 has been enacted for the
period October to December 2014. Based on earlier markups in both the House and the Senate, CAP
expects to eventually receive $39.5 million (M) overall including $27.4M for Operations and Maintenance,
$10.4M for aircraft and $1.7M for vehicles.
AFA Lifetime Achievement Award: On September 17, 2014, the Air Force Association presented CAP its
Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of its receiving the Congressional Gold Medal. The AFA award
recognizes the contributions and unusual service of CAPs World War II members as well as its service to
the nation since the war. Vice Commander Brigadier General Larry Myrick accepted the award on the behalf
of CAP.
Government Relations Reorganization: CAPs Government Relations team has been reorganized to
improve service to wings as well as to allow it the ability to take on important new projects. Lt Colonel
Gerald Marketos is now the National Legislative Coordinator, Lt Colonel James Nova is the State Legislative
Coordinator, and Lt Colonel Lindsay Shipps is the Special Projects Coordinator. Expect to see more
changes in the near future.
Chief Historian: Col Frank Blazich, Jr.,
National Historian Emeritus: Col Len Blascovich,
Assistant Chief Historian: Lt Col Phil Saleet,
National Curator: Maj Jacob Gerstein,
National Archivist: Capt Colleen McCormick,
Office of Preservation Manager: Lt Col Todd Engelman,
Office of Outreach Manager: Lt Col Sean Neal,
National Historical Editor: Lt Col Richard Mulanax,
Office of CAP Heraldry Manager: Lt Col Phil Kost,
Oral History Program Manager: Chaplain (Maj) Marvin Owen,
Chief Historian: Actively involved with NHQ in critiquing the artwork provided by the U.S. Mint for the CAP
Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) and providing technical information to the Mint artists. Continued the
maintenance and vetting of the CAP CGM Database. Provided documents, photographs, and contact

information to NHQ and various contracted authors writing articles on the CAP during World War II.
Answered numerous inquiries from CAP members regarding historical matters. Assisted NHWG in
development of museum display at New Hampshire Aviation Museum. Ongoing efforts involve recreating
selected World War II CAP insignia with Vanguard for use by living history and re-enactor efforts; assisting
the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Squadrons restoration of a Fairchild 24 in CAP coastal
patrol colors and building an accompanying CAP museum display; working with two CAP graphic artists to
accurately recreate World War II coastal patrol and other active duty insignia for 75th anniversary and CGM
efforts; selecting the logo and slogan for the 75th anniversary celebration.
Assistant Chief Historian: Continuing support for the planning stages of the Coastal Patrol Base 21
museum display at the Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC and have begun work on revising CAPR 210-1.
National Curator and National Archivist: Flight Officer Hannah Storch, Maryland Wing Assistant
Historian, successfully completed her summer internship with the National History Program. During this
project, hundreds of historical documents were organized, digitized, and placed in archival storage. The new
website of the National History Programhistory.cap.govreached initial operating capability and was
launched at the National Conference during a presentation by FO Storch, Capt McCormick, and Maj
Gerstein. CAPR 210-3, which allows for the creation of historical repositories by CAP units, was released
along with the associated forms. A supplemental budget was approved for the restoration and preservation
of unique films stored in the National Archives and Historical Collections.
National Historical Editor: The fourth issue of the CAP National Historical Journal is due out soon. A
revised version of CAPP 223, Historian Specialty Track Study Guide, was published on 22 July 2014. Eyes
on the Home Skies, the CAP 75th Anniversary publication, has been redesigned to be a series of volumes,
organized chronologically. This will enable us to publish the first volume in the series significantly earlier
than if we waited to publish a larger, single volume.
Office of Outreach: The database of former CAP aircraft is being revised, with 150-200 entries thus far
updated. Staff have participated, besides the EAA Oshkosh Forum, in the Greenwood Lake, NJ airshow,
New Garden, PA airshow, and at the Family Day at the 109th Air Wing at Schenectady, NY, working with
local CAP as a focal point to attract people to recruiting booths as well as sharing info on the early days of
CAP and comparing to CAP today. Staff will be participating in the Coastal Patrol Base 2 gathering in
Rehoboth Beach, DE.
Office of Heraldry: CAPR 210-2, Civil Air Patrol Heraldry, and CAPP 7, Civil Air Patrol Heraldry, will be
published soon.
Oral History Program: Work has begun setting up oral interviews with key personnel to include a history of
the CAP Chaplain Corps for its 65th anniversary that will be observed in 2015. Major Owen has also met
with Col. Mary Feik to conduct an oral history with her.
Deputy Director of Information Technology: Joseph Hall, Jr.
Information Technology Manager: Lt Col Bill Hughes
(Important!) Member e-mail addresses
Please take a moment to ensure your e-mail address is current in eServices. To verify/update your email, go
to the "My Account -> Contacts Link at the top of the eServices homepage.
FY14 Field Computer Buy Update: With the availability of additional funding there will be a phase II of the
FY14 computer buy to replace additional Windows XP end-of-life laptops. For more information, please
contact Shontica Padgett at
eServices applications now available and slated for release: (Please stay tuned to eServices news for more
information on these upcoming releases.)

(Released) Soft launch of eServices V.2 - eServices has been released for all to use. The home
page has a new look and has been reorganized and other pages will adopt a similar appearance

over time. All members are able to toggle back and forth using the new main page or staying with
the current version. Please continue to test and provide feedback to the CAP Helpdesk.
(Released) Committee Management Module - Enables each member to capture their committee
activity. Each member can track a select number of committees to include terms of the activity. The
system will maintain a list of current and past members.
(Released) Encampment Reporting Tool - The encampment reporting tool will allow encampment
commanders to input their curriculum and attendance into the Event Administration application. This
will help in reporting how successful your encampment was based on the NHQ criteria and
recommended curriculum.
(In Testing) Recommendation For Decoration CAPF 120 - Allows members to submit a CAPF
120 electronically. Currently in beta test by the IT Committee.

WMIRS 2.0 Update - WMIRS 2.0 beta testing has been expanded to include operations and command
representatives from all wings. Go-Live release date: 1 Oct 2014.
CAP Websites In support of CAP branding, a plan is in place to develop website templates for units to
incorporate into their website. The objective of the templates is to ensure CAP websites have a more
standardized and uniform look across the World Wide Web. Please stay tuned to eServices news for more
information on the availability of the website templates. For more information, please contact Joseph Hall at
CAP.GOV new administration page The new domain administration page has been revamped
and integrated into eServices. You can still continue to access it at Please use the new site to
process your resource record. All resource record requests will require a Nessus security scan of
their current site prior to approval to ensure website security protocols have met .GOV requirements. For
more information please contact
General Counsel: Rafael Robles
Chief Legal Officer Corps: Maj Gen Dwight Wheless
National Legal Officers College 2015 (NLOC): The next bi-annual NLOC will be held at the Ravinia
Crowne Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia, June 11-13, 2015. All CAP Legal Officers are encouraged to attend, and
CLE credits will be applied for. Attendees receive an average of 20 Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
credits for NLOC, including two hours of ethics, depending on the jurisdiction. CAP Commanders and IGs
at the Wing level and above are encouraged to attend also. NLOC provides an excellent grounding in the
legal framework within which CAP operates. For more information watch the General Counsels page on
the National website; or send an e-mail to
Lt Col James Garlough, CAP, Director, at:
Director of Logistics: Gary Schneider
CAP Fleet Manager: Larry Kauffman
Aircraft Fleet Modernization: CAP accepted 5 of the new Turbo Stationair (Model T206H) aircraft in June
of this year and they have already been distributed to the wings. The remaining 6 were accepted on
September 23 and crews will soon be receiving factory training and returning home with their new aircraft.
The FY 14 aircraft buy will be Cessna 172s with glider tow package installed. The total number and final
delivery dates are yet to be determined: POC: Gary Schneider
Property Management: The annual inventory cycle begins on 1 October and runs through 31 December.
Make sure all issues and transfers have been completed prior to initiating the inventory. Wings and units
are reminded too use the inventory worksheets initially to accomplish the inventory. By doing this you can
delay locking up ORMS by initiating the inventory electronically. While we are on the topic of inventories
you are reminded of the requirement to accomplish changeover inventories upon assignment of new
commanders and property management officers. Additionally, if the incoming and outgoing officers
participate together in the annual inventory of their accountable property this can count as the changeover
inventory: POC: KC Jones


Director: John Desmarais
Chief, Aircraft Operations: Joe Piccotti
Chief, Communications: Malcolm Kyser
Chief, National Operations Center: Terry Raymond
Chief, Operations Support: Lt Col Pete Norris
Chief, Training: Col Carlton Sumner
Operations Pre-Conference Sessions to the National Conference: Thank you for the outstanding
support of the Operations pre-conference sessions in Las Vegas. Over 100 personnel attended the main
operations pre-conference, and dozens of personnel attended the other Ops courses too. Plan ahead now
to participate next summer. Well be soliciting input for the agenda this winter.
Aircraft Operations: Welcome aboard Captain Susan Parson, newly appointed National Stan/Eval
Program Manager. She brings with her a wealth of FAA expertise and CAP experience, and were glad to
have her on the Stan/Eval team!
There have been many updates posted on the CAP Pilots web page at:
- Aircraft Ground Handling Training has been updated and is available for use now. It is conveniently
posted on the CAP Pilots web page in the Training section. Aircraft Ground Handling Training is essential
to safe and effective aircraft movement and handling during ground operations and all CAP members who
perform duties in the vicinity of CAP aircraft must take the course at least every second year. Its not a bad
idea to review it even more frequently, though.
- The CAP Glider Program Procedures document has been updated. Changes (new glider staging guidance
on p. 13) are intended to aid in avoiding conflict with landing gliders. The CAP Glider Program Procedures
document is conveniently posted on the CAP Pilots web page in the Gliders section.
- Aircrew Professionalism information is posted on the CAP Pilots web page in the Aircrew Professionalism
section to include the Aviators Model Code of Conduct website along with the actual Aviators Model Code
of Conduct (AMCC) document. The AMCC family of documents provides great information, and we strongly
encourage you to review and share the appropriate ones with your pilots.
Critical Incident Stress Management: CISM remains a critical support program for operations, and we are
advertising for a volunteer to take over the leadership of the program. Those that are interested in serving
as the leader should apply now.
Communications: We need your help on two issues.
- As radios are being taken out of vehicles, please coordinate with your communications staff. Dont just cut
off wire harnesses and antenna cables to quickly remove them. These are fairly expensive to replace, and
with a little time and care, can be reutilized.
- Please practice as you expect to operate in real world events. If you assume cellular as your entire
emergency plan for your key staff, you could be in trouble when a major event happens. Weve had
numerous staff officers ask why they need to practice with radios, and those same personnel come back to
us once theyve been through an earthquake, tornado, hurricane or other major storm that takes out the
cellular infrastructure, and now realize radios are critical to the execution of many emergency response
National Operations Center:
- WMIRS 2.0 is being rolled out on 1 October. Youll see a new look and feel to a lot of the tools, and we
encourage you to get in and use the system, as well as practice in the test portal as needed. Tutorial videos
have also been posted, and we encourage you to review them. There are still lots of great ideas and plans
for future versions of WMIRS, and this is the first in many steps to improve and standardize our mission

- We are working hard to move into FY15 with minimal down time. Until we know the final federal budget for
the year we have to plan conservatively. Please execute your entire flying budget for the 1 quarter of FY15
and work through your chain of command to let us know if you have additional critical training requirements.
Operations Support:
- National Emergency Services Academy: The dates for the 2015 NESA have not been finalized yet, but we
expect the main schools will be held again in late July. Expect dates to be announced later this fall and
registration to be open before Thanksgiving.
- A new agreement has been signed with the American Red Cross. We encourage all wings and units to
work with their local chapters to develop closer relationships. The agreement is available online at:
- We will be announcing several liaison positions to partner organizations that we would like to fill in the
coming weeks. Anyone with experience with the Salvation Army, NASAR, IAEM, American Red Cross, and
NVOAD interested in serving should get their applications prepared to submit.
Training: Col Carlton Sumner has moved from Stan/Eval to head up our new Operations Training Office as
Chief of Training. Col Sumner will be applying his vast FAA, Safety, and Training expertise to all areas of
operations training. We welcome him to this new position! Expect in the coming months that he will be
working on developing the position descriptions for Region and Wing Counterparts and recruiting additional
staff to work the critical operational training needs of the organization.
Chief of PD: Bobbie Tourville
PD Manager: Col Bryan Cooper
eLearning Program Manager: Ron Olienyk
2015 National Staff College: Dates for National Staff College have been tentatively set for 24-30 May
2015. The Director for the 2015 National Staff College is Colonel Virginia Nelson (
Additional information on registration will be published in February 2015.
Updated Ground Handling Course and Video: An updated Aircraft Ground Handling course has been
produced and placed on the Learning Management System (LMS). Thanks to the hard work of Lt Col Leslie
Vazquez, the content and quality of the video has been enhanced to provide additional information on how
to prevent aircraft ground incidents. The course can be accessed on the LMS through eServices at:
Learning Management System. If you have any questions please contact Ron Olienyk at:
Senior Director: John Salvador
Deputy Director for Public Affairs: Julie DeBardelaben
Public Affairs Manager: Lt Col Steven Solomon
Marketing and Social Media Manager: Lt. Col. Paul Cianciolo
Assistant Public Affairs/Marketing/Social Media Manager: Lt. Col. Joe Winter
PAO Specialty Track: National Incident Management System (NIMS) training is required in the new CAPP
201. As with other emergency response specialties, the PAO/PIO environment has changed dramatically in
the past several years and it is critical that our PAOs/PIOs have the same NIMS training that the
counterparts theyll be working with at the federal, state and local levels have. To assist our members with
this transition, there is a grandfathering provision for those already working on a specialty track level as long
as they complete that level by 1 Apr 2015.
PAO Academy: Approx 40 members attended PAO Academy V in Las Vegas and many more participated
through live-casting of several presentations online as an experiment to offer more workshops this way in
the future. Winners of the 2014 Balsem Awards for PAOs at all levels were also announced. PAO Academy
VI will be offered in Orlando next year.

FEMA Courses: The G289 Public Information Awareness course was offered as a one-day Learning Lab
before the start of the National Conference in Las Vegas. The two-day G290 Basic Public Information
Officer Course will be offered before the 2015 National Conference in Orlando.
VolunteerNow: CAPs national news website:, continues to increase
readership. Total numbers for the last half-year translate into a monthly average of 149,954 visits and
298,841 page views -- up by 1,597 and 2,944, respectively, or roughly 1 percent.
Social Media: CAPs Facebook posts regularly generate a total reach of 10,000 or more readers. The
organizations Twitter followers continue to increase steadily; over the last six months, that number has risen
to 4,170 from 3,571 which is a 16.8 percent increase.
Recruiting & Retention Manager: Maj Barbara Buckner
Asst Chief, Personnel & Member Actions: Marie Vogt
National Conference Learning Lab Results:
- Members (specifically RROs) would like to see a learning course similar to the PAO Academy held
before National Conference to not only fulfill their RRO Specialty Track but to also receive more training
and guidance. Soliciting ideas for specific learning blocks to put together a two-day program to
hopefully host at the 2015 National Conference.

Developing a specific Open House guide to provide a checklist from idea conception and planning to
hosting and follow-up to help Unit CCs also understand the process and why the RRO should take the

Members would like to see a more specific guidebook as to the tasks and responsibilities of the RRO
more explanatory than the Specialty track. We talked about local opportunities such as media rides
for local news reporters, free air-time with local radio stations, recruiting posters in local FBOs,
configuring Unit Facebook pages, and posting events/success stories on local news/radio/congressional
representatives Facebook pages as well.

Recruiting and Retention Blog: Posts continue to be added to the NHQ blog and also individually emailed
to the 624 primary and secondary RROs as listed in eServices.
Recruiting and Retention Facebook page: Traffic has increased on the Facebook page climbing to over
500 members in just over 2 months. Unit RROs are starting to comment and share more ideas openly now.
Recruiting Unit of the Month is promoted and we are starting to get more interest in contributions. Join the
conversation at:
Chief of Safety: George Vogt
New Chief of Safety: George Vogt (Colonel, USAF, retired) is now a member of the CAP NHQ staff and
has been appointed the Chief of Safety.
National Assistant Chief of Safety: The National Commander and Chief Operating Officer have
announced a new volunteer national staff position, the Assistant Chief of Safety, to assist the Chief of Safety
implement and manage CAP safety programs. Applications have been received and the new Assistant
Chief of Safety will be named soon.
CAPR 62-1: The revision of CAPR 62-1, Safety Responsibilities and Procedures, will be delayed pending a
rewrite of the Organization and Responsibilities portion to reflect the new Chief and Assistant Chief
relationship. CAP leadership will also review the Safety Education Requirements section.
Safety Beacon: The Beacon has a new look beginning with the October issue. The Chief of Safety will use
the Beacon as another means of communicating with safety officers and members, with information directly

applicable to CAP. There will be more articles discussing lessons learned from CAP accidents, incidents
and trends. We will be proactive in reaching out and contacting individual safety officers to request articles.
Safety Management System (SMS): We are working to make the SMS more user friendly. If you have
problems entering data or uploading information, contact the NHQ safety office and we will work through
your problem and hopefully improve the system.
Annual Safety Survey: The annual safety survey goes on line in the SMS on 1 October. All units must
complete the surveys by 31 January (IAW CAPR 62-1).
Save the Date: The next CAP Safety Officer College will be held at the Air Force Safety Center, Kirtland
AFB, NM, 1-5 June 2015.
Facebook: Please check out our facebook page at: We need
your participation to keep the page active.
Vice President, The Spaatz Association: Lt Col JD Ellis
TSA Aerospace Leadership Scholarships: The application window for the 2015 TSA Aerospace
Leadership Scholarships will run from 1 August - 31 October 2014. $2,500 flight scholarships are available
to cadets who: are at least 15 years old; have earned the Mitchell award; have earned solo wings in a
powered aircraft; and have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA in high school. Four or more scholarships will be
awarded at the 2015 TSA Mid-Winter Dinner in February 2015. Apply online at:
TSA Leadership Grants: Applications are now being accepted for 2014-2015 TSA Leadership Grants.
Over $20,000 is available each year for individuals or units and may be used for any form of leadership
development. Grants are awarded quarterly. In 2014 so far, TSA has awarded more than $10,000 in grants
to individuals and units supporting activities such as Cadet Officer School, encampments and other training
activities, color guard programs, and new unit startups. Apply online at:
TSA Mid Winter Dinner: The next TSA Mid Winter Dinner is set for Saturday, 28 February 2015. "Early
registration will begin soon. Watch: for more information!"
Commanders, we need your help! TSA maintains contact information for all Spaatz and Falcon Award
recipients, even after they leave the Civil Air Patrol. Unfortunately, more than 2/3 of all recipients are
considered "lost" in our database. If you know a Spaatz or Falcon award recipient, ask them to visit: and complete our online Information Update Form.