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Quarterly National Staff Update

July - September 2015
Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, National Commander and CEO
Mr. Don Rowland, Chief Operating Officer
Upcoming Key Dates
National Conference: 27-29 August 2015, Orlando FL
Deputy Director for AE: Dr. Jeff Montgomery
National AE: Lt Col Mike McArdle
Home School Development: Lt Col Mike Fultz
CAP STEM Kit Program: CAP continues the initiative to promote an interest in science, technology,
engineering, and math (STEM) subjects and careers to our CAP cadets and educator members students
across the nation. Through CAPs free STEM Kit program, CAP Unit AEOs, Educator Members and AFJROTC
instructors can select from five kits to use and keep: astronomy, flight simulators, model & remote control
airplanes, robotics, and rocketry. Collaboration with other youth groups is encouraged, especially amongst the
CAP units. This is a great way to introduce students to CAPs cadet and aerospace programs. Almost 2,000
kit requests have been filled, impacting over 110,000 cadets & K-12 students. All back orders have been filled
and funding is available to continue to fill orders. AEOs are encouraged to select a kit and order in eServices
at the CAP STEM Kits link. For more information, application instructions, and recipient lists, go to Contact:
Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) Program: Over 14,000 students in grades K-6 were
enrolled in the 2014-2015 academic year ACE program under the tutelage of over 350 educators in 28
states across the nation. The ACE program just completed another successful year. We are collecting
data, updating lessons, and adding new lessons for the next academic year. Viewed by CAP as a great
early introduction to the CAP Cadet program, the ACE program needs YOUR help! CAP squadrons can
help introduce the program to educators and schools and offer to assist in teaching lessons and/or
presenting end-of-program completion plaques and student certificates. Cadets can be exceptional role
models for these young people and CAP adults are excellent school mentors. For more information, go to Contact:
AFAs Aerospace/STEM Education Grants for CAP: The AFA continues to provide $250 grants in
alternating quarterly cycles to CAP units and educator members to help fund aerospace and STEM project
subjects and careers. For information, go to AEO and AEM grant links at
Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) Schools: One opportunity remains this year to attend a 2015
regional AEO school ; the Great Lakes Region AEO school will be held 3-7 August. These schools
provide education, training, resources, and AE Action Plan guidance to the attendees to help them better
accomplish their AE responsibilities as an integral part of the overall CAP program. More information
about the schools can be found at Contact:


Deputy Director for Cadet Programs: Curt LaFond
National Cadet Programs Manager: Lt Col Ned Lee
Cadet Encampment Assistance Program. Over 1,500 disadvantaged cadets are receiving assistance with
their encampment and uniform expenses, thanks to CEAP and its special Air Force funds. Wing directors of
cadet programs have been given data about their participating cadets. Commanders who know of CEAP
success stories are asked to share them with us. Learn more at
Cadet Protection Policy: All adult members must complete the Cadet Protection Basic Course by 1 July
2015. Members serving in the following positions are required to complete the Cadet Protection Advanced
Course too: CC, CV, CD, CS, CP, IG. Please see for details.
Curry Blues Voucher. Vanguard is emailing $100 Curry Blues Vouchers to cadets upon their earning
C/Amn. Participating cadets are receiving their orders a few days after placing them. However, most cadets
appear to be waiting a week or longer to visit the Vanguard website and use their voucher. Commanders,
when you promote cadets to C/Amn, please remind them (and their parents) to watch their email for the
Curry Blues Voucher and to order their uniforms right away. Vouchers expire after 45 days. Learn more at
Drill & Ceremonies: Cadet Programs is working on a new CAP Drill & Ceremonies Manual that will focus
on CAP drill needs and clear up some ambiguous issues in AFMAN 36-2203. If you want to contribute to
this process by editing content or providing feedback or ideas, please contact LtCol Grace Edinboro at
National Character Day: Its time to start planning for National Character Day! National Character Day is
a wing-sponsored, half-day activity consisting of an academic element with exciting guest speakers and a
hands-on Character Challenge. National Character Day is an opportunity for CAP to showcase our procharacter and anti-drug messages to cadets. September is the suggested time for the event, but it can be
held in any month. A curriculum guide and other resources are available at
Training Leaders of Cadets 2016. Were revising the popular TLC program to make it easier for more
seniors to participate. A new TLC Basic Course will be just 1-day in duration (versus 1 now), and a new 1day TLC Intermediate Course and webinar-based TLC Advanced Course will build upon that foundation,
giving our most active members in-depth training. Prototypes of the Basic and Intermediate programs are
being conducted at the National Conference. Learn more at
Chief of CAP Chaplain Corps: Chap (Col) James Hughes -
Chaplain Corps Administrator: Kenya Bogans
CAPR 265-1 - This regulation was released on 3 April 2015. The Chief of Chaplains is using the Chaplain
Corps Region Staff Colleges for training and familiarization of the new regulation.
Character Development Instructor Specialty Track - A rewrite and update of the CDI Specialty Track has
been presented to PD for review and coordination.
65th Anniversary of the CAP Chaplain Corps - A number of activities will commemorate the 65th
anniversary of the CAP Chaplain Corps. They will include a Chaplain display at the annual conference, a
book of core value based aviation experiences of our membership, the presentation of a new CAP hymn,
informational items for use at annual conference and other materials.

Director of Development: Dr. Skip Dotherow
Civil Air Patrol Foundation launches new website. It contains information on estate
planning and the Heritage brick program.

Director of Government Relations: John Swain
National Legislative Officer: Lt Colonel Gerald Marketos
State Legislative Officer: Lt Colonel James Nova
Special Projects Officer: Lt Colonel Lindsay Shipps
FY 2016 Legislative Agenda: Efforts by CAP wings and members during the 2015 Legislative Day helped
increase funding for operations and maintenance (O&M) as well as procurement over that in the Presidents
Budget request. Senate Appropriations marked up CAP for $27.7M for O&M, $10.4M for aircraft and $1.7M
for vehicles while House Appropriations gave the same for aircraft and vehicles and $27.4M for O&M. For
the first time ever the House Armed Services authorized an increase in CAP O&M over the Presidents
request at $27.9M. Still to come are deliberations between the House and Senate to negotiate the
differences in FY16 funding for CAP.
Summer Conference: Expect two major Government Relations (GVR) activities at this years summer

A one-day courseGovernment Relations, The Art and the Scienceon Thursday for wing
and squadron leaders, government relations advisors, public affairs officers and others who
expect to work with legislators or government officials.
A GVR Learning Lab for everyone on Friday afternoon with updates on CAPs budget,
legislative agenda and new programs including a GVR specialty track.

There is still time to sign up for the one-day course and everyone is welcome to attend the Learning Lab.
Government Relations Specialty Track: Planning continues for a GVR specialty track designed to provide
Government Relations Advisors and others specific training and knowledge to help them do their
assignments better. Suggestions and comments about this proposal can be submitted to any GVR staff
member. Expect to hear more soon.
CAP Congressional Gold Medal: Wings nationwide continue to present replica medals to CAP World War
II veterans and families who could not attend the December 2014 ceremony. Many wings have very
successfully involved Members of Congress and the press at local ceremonies to honor our veterans and to
tell their stories to the public. Where this has occurred it has had tremendous impact. Those still planning
ceremonies are urged to involve Members of Congress and the press as much as possible.
Chief Historian: Col Frank Blazich, Jr.,
National Historian Emeritus: Col Len Blascovich,
Assistant Chief Historian: Lt Col Phil Saleet,
National Curator: Maj Jacob Gerstein,
National Archivist: Capt Colleen McCormick,
Director, Office of Outreach: Lt Col Sean Neal,
National Historical Editor: Lt Col Richard Mulanax,
CAP National Historical Journal Editor: Capt Kurt Efinger,
Director, Oral History Program: Chaplain (Maj) Marvin Owen,
Artifacts Storage: Weve submitted paperwork requesting storage facilities at Joint Base Bolling Anacostia
to establish a functional archive and storage facility for CAP historical artifacts.

Flying Minute Men: Were working with Air University Press to publish a 75th anniversary edition of Flying
Minute Men updated with new information for 2016.
New Museum Display Coming Soon: Currently working on a CAP display at the North Carolina State
Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. It covers Operation Drumbeat and Coastal Patrol Bases 21 and 16 with
a smaller section on the post war years. This display will open on August 1, 2015.
Ribbon History: Continuing work on an in-depth monograph on the history of the CAP ribbons and ribbon
technical specifications at the behest of the National Uniform Committee.
A History of Our National Commanders: Final draft is being reviewed on the history of the USAF general
officers and colonels who led CAP as national commanders from 1947 to 1975, in addition to other writing
A New Form for Tracking Historical Artifacts: An administrative revision of CAPR 210-3 will be released
shortly, authorizing use of the CAPF 183. This new form is a standardized, CAP/GC-reviewed agreement
for the loan of historical materials from CAP historical repositories to other CAP and reputable non-CAP
organizations. Its availability will enhance accountability of CAP's valuable historical artifacts and records.
CAP National Historical Journal: The next issue of the CAP National Historical Journal will be out soon.
Researching to write new chapter for Flying Minute Men covering 1948 to the present.
Reliving History: The Mid-Atlantic Air Museums World War II Weekend was held at Reading, PA from 5
7 June. Uniting three World War II vintage CAP aircraft together with senior and cadet member reenactors,
tens of thousands of the general public were exposed to CAP heritage.
Office of Heraldry: Heraldry Regulation and Pamphlet, CAPR 210-2 and CAPP 7 are both being sent out to
the CSAG for review and comment. Work has continued advising the National Uniform Committee on
heraldry issues.
Oral History Program: Interviewed Ch, Col. James Hughes, CAP Chief of Chaplains, and transcribing said
interview. Also researched previous articles on CAPs chaplaincy to be compiled along with the interview for
a presentation to mark the Chaplain Corps 65th anniversary this year.
Deputy Director of Information Technology: Joseph Hall, Jr.
Information Technology Officer: Lt Col Bill Hughes
Windows 10 Guidance on NHQ Field Issued Laptops:
In April 2015, Microsoft released an update (KB3035583) which gives an icon in the system tray. This
update only gives users the option to reserve a copy of Windows 10 ( which will be released on 29 July 2015 on eligible systems
( If installed and you wish to remove,
this update can be uninstalled by going to Control Panel> Programs and Features> View Installed Updates
and use the Search box to find update KB3035583.
Once Microsoft releases the download/install in July only users with administrative rights should be able to
complete the installation. However, at this time please notify your staff to not proceed with the
upgrade to Windows 10 on NHQ field issued laptops until we are able to test and work out any
unforeseen issues that may occur with our setup. As critical as our field laptops are we cant afford
any unnecessary downtime to them. We want to be sure most of the bugs have been worked out
prior to the organization transition. For more information please contact Shontica
FY15 Field Computer Buy Update: The contract has been awarded and the distribution of the FY15 Field
Computer Buy equipment has an estimated delivery date of August. Please stay tuned to eServices news
for further updates on the equipment distribution.

CAP Websites In support of CAP branding initiative, a website template has been developed to
incorporate into your unit website. The template is currently available for beta test. If you are interested in
participating in the beta test please contact Joseph Hall at
eServices applications now available and slated for release: (Please stay tuned to eServices news for
more information on these upcoming releases.)

(Released) New Level 1 ( and CPPT

( courses now available on eServices->

(Released) ORMS Update - The form 73 upload on vehicle usage is now available. The upload
accepts a .PDF or word file. On upload, a check will be made to verify if a file has been uploaded
for the past year (2014-07-01) and if one exists the system will delete it when it adds the new one.
This will allow for one year worth of documents to be available. A list of the form 73 is also available
but only for viewing purposes.

(Released) Soft launch of eServices V.2 - eServices has been released for all to use. The home
page has a new look and has been reorganized and other pages will adopt a similar appearance
over time. All members are able to toggle back and forth using the new main page or staying with
the current version. Please continue to test and provide feedback to the CAP Helpdesk.

(In Testing) Recommendation For Decoration CAPF 120 - Allows members to submit a CAPF
120 electronically. Currently in beta test by the IT Committee, AZWG, and NVWG.

(On going) Commanders Dashboard Updates Provide additional metrics to better assist
Commanders on readiness and effectiveness of its resources.


Inspector General: Col Tom Kettel
Inspector General - Inspections: Col Steve Miller
Inspector General - Complaints: Col Jack Schupp
Inspector General - Training: Lt Col Craig Gallagher
August 2015:
Aug 27-28; National Conference, Orlando, FL
Contact: Craig Gallagher
October 2015:
NCR Oct 15-16; Missouri Wing Conference; Kansas City, MO
Contact: Emmit Williams,
GLR Oct 24-25; Ohio Wing Conference; Mansfield Lahm AFB; Mansfield, OH
Contact: Jay Burrell,
Director of Logistics: Gary Schneider
CAP Fleet Manager: Larry Kauffman
Logistics Manager: Major Jason Bailey 336-269-4218
Aircraft Fleet Modernization: In April we accepted 7 new Cessna Skyhawk (Model 172S) aircraft, and
they have already been distributed to wings. These aircraft are G1000-equipped and come with glider tow
packages installed. The remaining 14 will be accepted soon, and distribution plans are in the works for
those remaining assets. The FY 15 aircraft buy has been finalized and will consist of 17 G1000-equipped
Cessna 182Ts with avgas-fueled engines. Final delivery dates are yet to be determined:

Transportation: Summer is upon us and CAP activities are ramping up. Each year we experience dozens
of roadside emergencies, often at night and most have cadets on board. This year, before we hit the road
with our CAP vans filled with people and stuff, lets think about their condition and consider some seasonal
maintenance. Check tires for cracks or gouges, and if anything looks odd, take them to the dealer and
have them looked at. Todays tires have wear bars woven into the material. If you can see the wear bars,
replace the tires. If we replace the left front tire, we should consider replacing the one on the opposite axle
as well. Hot weather, heavy loads and towing increase the temperatures of brakes causing pads to wear
more quickly. We should keep track of how worn the pads are and change them if necessary. Check out
the cooling system. Examine hoses for cracks or leaks and be sure the connections are secure. Add
coolant or antifreeze if the reservoir is below half full. Its not a bad idea to check wiper blades. If we
havent replaced them in a year or so we will need to before we begin the trip. By inspecting our tires,
brakes and cooling systems and attending to a few seasonal maintenance items, like wipers, we can be
assured of a safer and more dependable travel experience.
Director: John Desmarais
Chief, Aircraft Operations: Joe Piccotti
Chief, Critical Incident Stress Management: Lt Col Tom Janisko -
Chief, Communications: Malcolm Kyser
Chief, National Operations Center: Terry Raymond
Chief, Operations Support: Lt Col Pete Norris
Chief, Training: Col Carlton Sumner
2015 National Conference & Operations Pre-Conference Sessions: Operations will conduct 10 learning
labs during the main conference and is also hosting 3 pre-conference sessions:
- Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation Portable (GIIEP) Training on the 25 of August from
8am to 5pm; this session will provide hands on training with existing units as well as overviews of the
version 2 software currently being beta tested
- Cessna G-1000 Ground School on the 25 of August from 8am to 5pm; this training will be conducted by
the Cessna factory training staff, and is always a packed session, so we encourage you to register early.
- Operations Pre-Conference on the 26 of August from 8am to 10pm; all wing and region command and
operations staff are encouraged to attend, but for the first time it is open to any interested operations
personnel as well.
Aircraft Operations and Standardization/Evaluation: There have been many updates posted on the CAP
Pilots web page at
- CAP Balloon Flight Operations guidance has been updated and is posted on the CAP Pilots web page in
the Green Flag, Hot Air Balloons, UAS, & Weather section. This document includes updated guidance on
authorized balloon models/sizes & balloon flight evaluations.
- The CAP Glider Program Procedures guide is updated and posted on the CAP Pilots web page in the
Gliders section. This update includes revised Tow Pilot & Tow Pilot Trainer Requirement guidance on
pages 18 & 19.
- The Flight Release Officer (FRO) Qualification Course has been updated and is available for use. It is
posted on the CAP Pilots web page in the Training section. FRO Training is essential to safe and effective
aircraft operations, and all CAP members who are to perform flight release duties must first successfully
complete the FRO qualification course prior to being appointed to the position of FRO.
- Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) information is now available and posted on the CAP Pilots web page in
the Green Flag, Hot Air Balloons, UAS, & Weather section.
Critical Incident Stress Management: Revisions to CAPR 60-5, the CISM website, and associated training
materials are currently being drafted. CISM personnel with inputs and ideas should reach out to Lt Col
- The annual Constant Watch communications exercise successfully demonstrated the capability of our
communications personnel to ramp up in emergencies to support both long range and short range tactical
communications. CAP routinely has 95 or more HF stations on during daily nets, but during this exercise

272 HF radios were brought online passing traffic across the country. Plans for the 2016 exercise are
currently underway and will be released soon.
- 1 September 2015, the sunset date for Basic Communications User Training (BCUT) and Advanced
Communications Users Training (ACUT) is just two months away. All members with duties including
unsupervised operation of radios on CAP frequencies must complete Introductory Communications Users
Training (ICUT) before then. Details are available in CAPR 100-1, paragraph 5-2, and reports are available
in Ops Quals to assist staff in identifying personnel that still need to complete training.
Operations Support:
- National Emergency Services Academy (NESA): The 2015 NESA is being held from 18 July to 1 August.
Most slots have been filled, but anyone interested in last minute slots that come available can contact to apply offline. More information about NESA is available at
- CAP is currently beta testing version two of the National Guards Geospatial Information Interoperability
Exploitation Portable (GIIEP) software, expected to be released late this fall. GIIEP operators are
encouraged to attend the GIIEP pre-conference session at the national conference to get up to speed on the
changes. Training for new operators at NESA will also include transition training to Version 2.
Training: Annual training and operational mission plans are due to the CAP-USAF Liaison Regions by the
31 of July. Wings are encouraged to get their plans completed early so that plans can be adjusted as
necessary after Region and Liaison Region review.
Chief of Personnel: Susie Parker
Asst Chief of Personnel: Marie Vogt
National Promotions and Award Team Leader: Lt. Col. Thomas Berg
FY 2016 Membership Dues. Each year Wing Commanders have an opportunity to change their Wing dues
effective at the beginning of the new fiscal year (see CAPR 39-2, paragraph 4-4). If your Wing needs to
adjust their dues, please request the region commanders approval and notify this office no later than 15 July
2014. You may email ( or fax (334-953-4262) your requested changes to this
The National Promotions and Award Team is currently working on:
1. Revising the PowerPoint presentation for National, Regional and Wing conferences on writing award
recommendations (versions for Mac and PC)
2. Rewriting the CAP Pamphlet Awards Made Easy to make it more user-friendly
3. Reviewing all regulations to bring consistency to the award recommendation process
5. Continued testing of the electronic CAP Form 120
Senior Director: John Salvador
Deputy Director for Public Affairs: Julie DeBardelaben
Public Affairs Manager: Lt Col Steven Solomon
Marketing and Social Media Manager: Lt. Col. Paul Cianciolo
Assistant Public Affairs/Marketing/Social Media Manager: Lt. Col. Joe Winter
Social Media: CAPs main Facebook page has over 31,000 fans and posts to this page frequently receive
more than 20,000 views. The organizations Twitter account currently has over 5,000 followers, a 33
percent increase over the last year. Join us online and join in the conversation: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
2015 National Conference Facebook Event Page: CAP members can enjoy up-to date conference
information, uncover answers to many questions and participate in discussions about this years conference
on CAPs National Conference event page. Join our 2015 National Conference event page:

National PAO Academy - A two-day agenda of presentations and workshops to complement the "How-to
Guide for Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs" in support of CAP PAOs duties will be held before the National
Conference in Orlando, Florida. The PAO Academy dates will be 26-27 August.
Chief of Safety: George Vogt
Assistant Chief of Safety: Col Robert Castle -
Interim Change Letter to CAPR 62-1: An ICL to CAPR 62-1 went into effect on 29 Jun 15. Under the
terms of this change, monthly safety education is still mandatory for all CAP members, but safety currency
isnt required for a member to participate. Commanders at every level are responsible for ensuring their
members comply with safety education requirements as we continue to improve our safety education
opportunities into something that will enhance, rather than inhibit, member participation. Click here to read
the ICL.
Update on Implementation of New Safety System: The new Safety Management System approach to
CAP Safety is making progress. A gap analysis was conducted to determine what parts of the program
need to be kept, what needs to be changed, and what programs and resources need to be created. We are
beginning to form Tiger Teams to help speed the implementation process. Teams will work on the rewrite
of 62-1, the rewrite of 62-2, standardization of risk management tools and processes, updates to safety
education briefings, website updates, etc. If anyone has ideas and would like to be a contributing member
of any of these or other committees, please let us know at
The Safety Beacon: The Beacon has been improved, and contains more current and topical CAP safety
information, ideas for monthly education briefings and discussions, reviews of past mishaps, and sharing of
hazard reports and suggestions. The National Commander termed the Beacon a must read and we will be
relying on this publication as the primary means of informing our members of the latest news in CAP Safety.
Click here for current and past editions of the Beacon.
National Conference: If youre attending the National Conference in August, be sure to stop by the Safety
Learning Labs. Well be taking a very honest and critical look at CAPs current and past safety cultures, and
then discussing our big plans for the future of CAP Safety as we take a business-like approach to safety.
Vice President, The Spaatz Association: Lt Col JD Ellis
TSA Leadership Grants: TSA has updated its application for the 2015 Leadership Grant
program. More than $30,000 is available to individuals, squadrons, groups, wings, regions, or
national-level programs that support cadet leadership development. Grants are awarded
quarterly. Deadlines for applications are 31 January, 30 April, 31 July, and 31 October. For
more information, visit

2 Quarter 2015 TSA Leadership Grant Awardees

MER Honor Guard Academy
Floyd Bennett Composite Sq, -- Speak Up for Success Program
Jessie Carpenter -- Cadet Officer School
East Bay Cadet Squadron -- Basic Cadet School/Airman Training School
Commanders, we need your help! TSA maintains contact information for all Spaatz and
Falcon Award recipients, even after they leave the Civil Air Patrol. Unfortunately, more than
2/3 of all recipients are considered "lost" in our database. If you know a Spaatz or Falcon
award recipient, ask them to visit and complete our online Information Update
TSA Board Election window is now open. Deadline for self-nominations is 15 July.

*Save the Date! The next Spaatz Association Annual Awards Dinner is set for Saturday, 27 February 2016
in Arlington, VA
Chief of Plans: Paul Gloyd
Chief of Strategic Planning: Col Brooks Cima
Strategic Plan Development: CAP is developing goals and objectives for the 2016-2020
Strategic Plan. This plan is leaderships strategy used to identify goals for shaping CAPs
future and for establishing ideas for achieving those goals. Ultimately, the strategic plan will
be the impetus for moving the organization forward and will determine ways in which CAP will
grow and change over the next five years. The plan will be presented to the Board of
Governors for approval at the December meeting.