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Wednesday 11 November 2009 http://taonuischool.wikispaces.


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Vision Enjoyment
BOT Meeting Wednesday 2 December
Tennis Tournament now Wednesday 2 December
Kainui Athletics (Yr 5-8) Friday 4 December
School Prize Giving Thursday 10 December
Last School Day for 2009 Wednesday 16 December 1pm
Term 1 begins Tuesday 2 February 2010

Community BBQ and Assembly

We really appreciate those parents who supported our students at the BBQ and
assembly. Staff presented the new Report Format and explained how literacy and
numeracy were assessed. We will continue to present report information in the

Reporting Student Numeracy Achievement.

Taonui Numeracy Expectation: Students will achieve at the expected numeracy
strategy and knowledge stage.

What is the difference between strategy and knowledge?

Strategy: This describes the mental processes students use to estimate answers
and solve operational problems with numbers.
Knowledge: This describes the key items of knowledge that students need to learn.

The following table indicates at what stage your child should be achieving at by the
end of the year. From year 4 onwards each stage relates to approximately 2 years
of learning.

Student  Year  Level   Numeracy  Stage  

Need more information?
End  of  year  1   Stage  2  -­‐  4    See your child’s teacher.
End  of  year  2   Stage  4  Go to
www.nzmaths.co.nz/node/453 for
End  of  year  3   Stage  4  -­‐  5  
detailed descriptions of each
End  of  year  4   Stage  5   numeracy stage. There are also
great ideas about how families can
End  of  year  5   Stage  5  -­‐  6  
help children with numeracy. Why
End  of  year  6   Stage  6   not try some of the activities at
End  of  year  7   Stage  6  -­‐  7   home?

End  of  year  8   Stage  7  

How will this information be shown on your child’s report? A stage level will be given for
both knowledge and strategy and these may not be the same as students often achieve
differently in these areas. The report will then clearly indicate if your child’s achievement is
below, at or above expectation.

How do teachers know which stage students are working at?

Our staff are skilled at formative assessment and are able to observe on a daily
basis what students can do. Bookwork is only a small part of this and we prefer students to
show and explain to other students and in groups with the teacher. This consolidates
concepts and understanding in a far superior way rather than individuals working in a maths

However, we do complete more formal assessments provided to schools. We have used two
of these - the IKAN and GloSS assessments. A full description of these assessment tools
can be accessed at www.nzmaths.co.nz/assessment-tools these provide the knowledge and
strategy stage that students have achieved. We have found that in all cases these
assessments confirm teacher’s professional judgments.

A further norm-referenced assessment used in mathematics is the Progressive Achievement

Tests (PAT).

What about the other areas of mathematics like measurement, geometry and statistics? As
our PAT results and school based assessments show we are very strong in these areas.
Teachers will make a comment on your child’s report that reflects how well they are doing.

Next newsletter: Bringing it all together and how it will look on your child’s report.

2010 Term dates

Term Start date End date

1 Tuesday 2 February Thursday 1 April (80 - 86 half-days)

2 Monday 19 April Friday 2 July (108 half-days)
3 Monday 19 July Friday 24 September (100 half-days)
4 Monday 11 October No later than Monday 20 December (100 half-days)*

School Charter & Strategic Plan

The Charter is being reviewed by the Board and 7 key strategies identified as
priorities for the next 3 years. We have included these over the page for your
information. Please take the time to read this document and if you require any
clarification please contact Stephen and a time can be arranged to discuss any issues
you may have.

We would now like your feedback on the Charter and encourage you
to complete the attached form so the Board can take your views into
consideration at our next meeting on Wednesday 2 December.

CHRISTMAS HEIRLOOM CO –Monday 30th November 7pm, Rangitikei St, Palm

Nth. Cost $10 per tkt – includes a glass of wine or juice and nibbles. There will be a
demonstration on how to decorate a tree, make wreaths etc etc. Then there will be
the opportunity to purchase items with a 10% discount on the night (some exclusions
will apply). Tickets still available – please see Katrina ASAP to book your ticket, (ph
06 3541443, Katrina.h@clear.net.nz).

CHRISTMAS RAFFLE – All donations into the school by 27th November please. A
small donation from each family would be appreciated. We already have some great
prizes, Christmas Cake, Speedway Tickets, Swim Passes, Swim Lessons, Golf Passes.
Lets make this a good end to the year.
Tickets out 1st Dec – drawn 10th Dec at prizegiving.

Kainui Tennis Tournament

Zed represented the School in our cluster tournament at Fielding today. Zed had
some very close games and won an exciting contest against Bunnythorpe. Zed was
really pleased with his efforts and at the end of the day came 4th, which is a top

Thanks Beth
We have received $700 worth
of sports equipment through
the Yummy sticker
programme. We are so
appreciative of Beth’s work to
organise this throughout the
year. Thankyou to everyone
who collected the stickers as
they all add up. Remember to
keep collecting and return the
forms to School. Students
are shown displaying some of
the gear.