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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics V


Learning Objectives
At the end of a 60-minute lesson, the 38 Grade 5 section Joy pupils should be able to
perform the following with 75% level of proficiency.
1. Identify the parts of the thermometer.
2. Draw and label the parts of a thermometer.
3. Tell the importance of being a good sport.


Learning Content


Parts of the Thermometer

Identifying the parts of the thermometer
flow chart, cut letters, pictures, real and improvised thermometer,
picture puzzle, colored chalks, strips of cartolina

Learning Experiences
Teachers Activity
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Prayer

Pupils Activity
(One student leads the prayer)

2. Checking of Attendance
3. Greetings
Good morning pupils!
How are you?
This morning will be an exciting day for
you because well be having our new lesson today.
Are you excited?
4. Review of the past lesson
Before we start, let us review first our
past lesson.
What was our lesson last time?
Very good! What are the five step plans
to solve a problem?

Good morning maam!

We are fine.

Yes, we are.

Solving Word Problems Involving Volume

What is asked?
What are the given?
What operation to be used?
What is the number sentence?

Very good!

What is the answer?

5. Drill
I have here a word drill for you to
work on. I need two pupils to do this drill. Here is
the direction.
Rearrange the jumbled words in the
flow chart to form 2 Science terms.


6. Motivation
Before we proceed, I want you to
observe and identify the following pictures.
Shows a picture of Baguio city, hot
coffee and a child who has a fever.
Teacher asks the following questions:
1. What have you observed in the first
picture? It is a famous tourist spot in the
2. Aside from Baguio city, what other places
do you know that have a cold temperature?
3. How about the second picture?
4. What about this picture?
5. Have you experience having a fever?
6. What does your mother use to find out that
you have a fever?
7. Have you seen a thermometer?
8. Do you have a thermometer at home?
B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
Presents the lesson with a real thermometer.
What is this?
Very good! This is a thermometer.
Based on our activity earlier, what is a
What is a temperature?
When do we use a thermometer?
Excellent! Dont you know class that there are

Baguio city is a cold place.

(Answers may vary)
A hot coffee.
A child who has a fever.
(Answers may vary)
She used a thermometer.
(Answers may vary)
(Answers may vary)

That is a thermometer.

Thermometer is an instrument used for

measuring temperature.
Temperature measures the hotness or coldness
of an object.

different kinds of thermometer and they are use in

different purposes.
I have here two examples of thermometer. The
clinical thermometer and the room thermometer.
Look at this thermometer, what can you say
about it?
Thermometer has four different parts.
Ok, the four parts of the thermometer are the
glass tube, glass bulb, scale and mercury.
(Pointing to the different parts of the
thermometer and guides the pupils in identifying
the parts and functions of thermometer)

This part is called the glass tube it holds the

glass bulb.
This part is called the glass bulb it contains the
This one is the scale it tells how far the
mercury rises and goes down.
This red liquid inside the glass bulb one is
what we call the mercury. Mercury rises when the
temperature is hot and goes down when it is cold.
In other words temperature affects the rising and
falling of the mercury.

We use the thermometer when we have a fever.

(Answers may vary)

Mercury is a toxic substance and is very

difficult to dispose when the thermometer breaks.
You have to be careful and knowledgeable enough
in using the old thermometer.
That is why during these days digital
thermometer is highly used than the old model
thermometer containing mercury.
C. Generalization
Teacher asks the following questions:
1. Again, what is a thermometer?
2. What are the four parts of a thermometer?
3. What are the functions of each part?
It is an instrument used to determine temperature.

4. Does each part of a thermometer have its

own use?
5. Why is it important to know the parts of a


Is a thermometer important to us? Why?

D. Fixing Skills

The four parts of a thermometer are the glass

tube, glass bulb, scale and mercury.
Glass tube-holds the glass bulb
Glass bulb-contains the mercury
Scale-tells how far the mercury rises and goes
Mercury-the liquid inside the bulb which rises
when hot and goes down when it is cold
Yes, each part has its own use.

It is important in order to know that every part

has its own important function.
( Answers may vary)

Exercise 1 (Using a Model Thermometer)

Ok class, all eyes on me. Let us check if you
really understand our topic for today. I need four
volunteers to identify the parts of the thermometer
and tell its uses. I want one pupil at a time to
answer. Please, raise your right hand if you want to
(Calling of names)
Teacher points to the parts of the thermometer

Yes, because we can know not just our body

temperature if we have a fever but also the
temperature around us, our food, room temperature,
place, weather and the like.

and the pupil identify it and tell its uses


Excellent pupils! Lets give them an awesome

Exercise 2 (Bits and Pieces)
Lets move on to our next activity. Group
yourselves by counting 1, 2, 3 and 4. All ones will
be the group 1, all twos will be the group 2, all
threes will be the group 3 and all fours will be the
last group.
Before we start with our game, what important
value should you remember when playing games?
a. The first four members of the group will
be the players to form the picture puzzle
and post it o the board.
b. When I say Go, the players will start
forming the puzzle and post it.
c. The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth
members of the group will label the
parts of the picture puzzle.
d. The group that finishes first and has
labelled the parts of the picture puzzle
correctly wins the game.

(Pupils raise their hands)

(Pupils go to the front respectively and do the


(Pupils do the awesome clap)

Be a good sport to others.

(Answers may vary)

E. Application
I need one student to draw the
thermometer and other five pupils to label the parts
and give its functions respectively.
A. Match Column A with Column B. Write the letter only.

1. Mercury

a. holds the tube that contains the liquid

2. Glass tube

b. rises and falls when there is a change in temperature

3. Glass bulb

c. tells how far the liquid goes up and down

4. Scale

d. holds the liquid

5. Thermometer

e. device that measures body temperature

B. Label the parts of the thermometer.

1. Glass tube

3. Scale

2. Glass bulb

4. Mercury



Make an improvised thermometer with all parts visible.

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BEED IV-Generalist

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Mrs. Marites S. Teruel
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