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Dear Madame,

My name is Michelle Huang, and I am currently studying year 11 at The

Mac.Robertson Girls High. I am passionate about joining the UBS Finance
Academy Program 2013. My interest and enthusiasm in Business and Finance has
lead me to study all three possible Business electives in years 9 & 10 at
Mac.Robertson Girls High School and furthermore, Accounting 1/2 in Year 11. I
believe the UBS Finance Academy Program is an incredible opportunity that will
help me broaden my skills and knowledge, and create a solid foundation for a
career in Business and Finance.
In years 9 & 10, I excelled in all Business subjects, receiving the Business
Potential academic award for my year level at The Mac.Robertson Girls High
School Speech Night in 2012. I am a diligent and hardworking student, who
participates actively in all my classes, whether it be independently or through
teamwork. Not only do I excel in the classroom, but I also involve myself in
fulfilling extracurricular pursuits.
Through my piano teaching and part time job at Village Cinemas as well as many
school-run productions and activities, I have developed interpersonal skills that
allow me to communicate effectively with everyone, peers and teachers alike. By
listening and considering the opinions of those around me, I am able to shape
opinions and decisions that positively impact myself and the people around me.
Not only have I gained useful skills throughout my school business subjects, but I
have also taken the initiative to take my business skills out of the classroom and
into the real world. I utilised my knowledge of todays teenage girls interests and
needs, and set up an online shop that was located on a popular social networking
site. Here I marketed a variety of clothes that girls my age were interested in at
affordable prices, and were then able to order these items through me. In this
exercise, I recorded all my finances and transactions, and gained valuable
experience in marketing.
There are two reasons as to why I think I would benefit from this business
program. Firstly, I am looking at ways to become a good potential leader within
the business community. I am hoping that this program will assist me in honing
my communication, listening and leadership skills through interactions with
various participants of the program. Secondly, I believe that this opportunity will
assist me in making strong friendships with girls with similar interests and
aspirations in becoming future business leaders, and who also come from a
variety of different backgrounds.
It is my belief that this opportunity will be a highly enriching and rewarding
experience. I would be extremely honoured if given a position on this program
and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
Kind Regards,
Michelle Huang
Mac.Robertson Girls High School