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Study the information below and answer questions based on it.

Arun, Hitesh, Jagan, Surya, Vivek, Dilip and Ramneek work in four different departments of the same
organization, ie, Marketing, HR, IT and Finance, not necessarily in the same order.
1. Not more than two work in the same department.
2. Each one of them is wearing a different coloured shirt, ie, white, blue, cream, red, black, yellow and
pink, not necessarily in the same order.
3. Arun works with Jagan in the Marketing department and is not wearing white shirt.
4. Vivek is wearing yellow shirt and does not work in the Finance department. .
5. Hitesh works with Surya in the same department and is wearing black shirt.
6. Only Dilip works in the HR department.
7. Ramneek is in the same department as Vivek.
8. None in the Marketing or IT department is wearing cream shirt.
9. Jagan is wearing red shirt; the one who is wearing the pink shirt is working in the Finance department.
1: Who are working in the Finance department?
(a) Arun, Hitesh
(b) Vivek, Ramneek
(c) Surya, Hitesh
(d) Surya, Dilip
Question 2: What is the colour of the shirt which Ramneek is wearing?
(a) White
(b) Cream
(c) Blue
(d) Red
Question 3: What is the colour of the shirt which Surya is wearing?
(a) Cream
(b) Black
(c) Pink
(d) Red
Study the information below and answer questions based on it.
Atish ,Banit, Chetan,Dimple,Fakri,Hitu,Ranveer,Pranav and Snehlta are nine players from among whom
three teams consisting reapectively of 4 mambers , 3 members and 2 members must be formed subject o
the folloeing conditions
(a) Chetan must have three more players with him while Dimple must have only two more with him
(b) Chetan and Snehlta cannot be in the same team
(c) Pranav and Banit cannot be in the same team
(d) Ranveer and Hitu must be in the same
Question 4: If Dimple,Fakri, Pranav form the team of three members then , which of the following must be
true ?
(a) Hitu must be in a team with Banit
(b) Snehlta must form a two member team with Atish or Chetan
(c) Snehlta must form a two member team with Banit or Atish
(d) Chetan should from a team of four members with Hitu, Ranveer and Atish
Question 5: If Dimple takes Atish as a part of his three-member team, which of the following must go into
Chetans team?
(a) Banit and Hiu
(b) Hitu and Ranveer
(c)Pranav and Ranveer
(d) Pranav and Fakri
Question 6: If Chetan and Fakri are together and Snehlta is in the team of two members, then how many
sets of different teams are possible?
(a) 4
(b) 3
(c) 2
(d) 1
Question 7: If Chetan does not have Pranav in his team and the two member team consists of Snehlta and
Atish, then Chetan should take
(a) Hitu, Banit and Ranveer
(b) Banit but not Ranveer
(c) Banit and Fakri
(d) Hitesh and Ronit
Study the information below and answer questions based on it.
Twelve people are sitting in two parallel rows containing six people each, in such a way that there is an
equal distance between adjacent persons .In rows 1 there are p , q , r , s , t , and v are seated and all of
them are facing south .In row 2 there are a , b , c , d , e ,and f are seated and all of them are facing north.
Therefore, in the given seating arrangement each member seated in a row faces another member of the
other row.

1. a, sits third to right of d

2. Neither a nor d sits at the extremes ends
3. t faces d
4. v does not face a and v does not sit at any of the extreme ends.
5. v is not an immediate neighbor of t
6. b sit at on the extreme ends.
7. Only two people sit between b and e
8. e does not face v
9. Two persons sit between r and q
10. r is not the immediate neighbor of t
11. c does not face v
12. p is not an immediate neighbor of r
Question 8: Who among the following sit at extreme ends of the rows?
(a) b,e
(b) s,t
(c) p,r
(d) b,f
(e) none
Question 9: Who among the following faces a?
(a) r
(b) t
(c) p
(d) q
(e) s
Question 10: How many persons are seated between t and s?
(a) one
(b) two
(c) three
(d) four
(e) none
Question 11: p is related to v in the same way as the c is related to f. To which of the following is e related
to, following the same pattern:
(a) b
(b) d
(c) c
(d) a
(e) none
Question 12: Which of the following is true regarding f?
(a) f sits second to the right of c
(b) f is not an immediate neighbor of a
(c) f sits third to the left of d
(d) f sits at the one of the extreme ends of the line
(e) f faces v
Answer the following Case
13.Find the remainder for 32^32^32 is divided 7
a. 0
b. 2
c. 4
d. 6
e. None of the above
14.What is the 25th digit to the right of the decimal point in the decimal form of 6/11?
(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6
(E) 7
15.If each of the following fractions were written as a repeating decimal, which would have the longest
sequence of different digits?
A) 2/11
B) 1/3
C) 41/99
D) 2/3
E) 23/37
16.Which one of the following cannot be the square of a natural number?
A) 32761
B) 42437
C) 81225
D) 20164
17.How many different positive integers are factors of 441?
A) 4

B) 6
C) 7
D) 9
E) 11
18.Find the remainder when 2^97 is divided by 15 ?
e)none of the above
19.Find the remainder when 2^70 is divided by 7 ?
e)none of the above
20.Find the remainder when 3^43 is divided by 4 ?
e)none of the above
21.find the value of 1+3+7+13+21.......upto 12 terms
a.472 b.584 c.591 d.572
22..if a^2*b^3=540*35^2,then the minimum value of 5a+7b is
a.200 b.70 c.175 d.105
23.if 13x-11y=43 where x is a positive integer.find the number of vales of x given 16<x<40
a.2 b.3 c.1 d.0
24.Find the minimum value of (3+x)*(6+x)/(2+x) ?
a.1 b.3 c.6 d.9
25.f(x+y)=f(x)*f(y),f(4)=4096,find f(10) ?
a.2^16 b.2^64 c.2^30 d.2^32
26.what is the ratio of equilateral triangles circumscribing and inscribing the same triangle?
a. 1/2
c.1/4 d.1/5
27.ABDC is a quadrilateral measures of opposite angles ABD and ACD are 105 degree and 150 degree
respectively. If the length of AC is 12 cm what is length of diagonal BC?
a. 122 b12/2 C.15 d.none of these
28.If area of an regular hexagon is 32 units. What is the area of triangle formed by joining the alternate
vertex of hexagon?
a. 24
c.16 d.12
29.Find the sum of first n terms of the series 5+55+555+
A. 5 /81 [10 (10^n-1)-9n ]
B. 1/9 [10 (10^n-1)-9n ]
C. 9/5 [10 (10^n-1) -9n ]
D. None of the above
30.find the value of 1/3+1/15+1/35+1/63+......+1/9999
a.50/101 b.49/99 c.25/51 d.50/99