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eee eee Creme ce) Ce tee Lee Contents 4 Alman 6 Alman! 8 Alman II 10 And Would You See My Mistress’ Face 11 Away with These Selfe Loving Lads 12 Ballet 14 Corranto I 16 Corranto II 17 Coventry Carol 18 Curent 20 Dreame 21 The Earl of Essex Gailliard 22 Fayne Would I Wedd 24 Everie Bush New Springing 25 The First Dance 26 The Gillyflower 27 Go to Bed Sweete Muze 28 Home Again 30 Greensleeves _ 31 If Thou Longst So Much to Learne 32 If You Were Mine Anonymous Robert Johnson Robert Johnson Philip Rosseter John Dowland John Sturt Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Giles Farnaby John Dowland Richard Farnaby Michaell Cavendish Robert Johnson Anonymous Robert Jones Anonymous Anonymous Thomas Campian Anonymous Thomas Campian Michael Praetorius Thomas Robinson John Dowland Never Weather-Beaten Saile 40 The Night Watch _ 42 Packington’s Pound 44 Now Winter Nights Enlarge | 45 Passemese 46 Pavana Muy Llana Para Tafier 47 The Silver Swan 48 Soneto 50 So Quick, So Hot, So Mad 51 Tarleton’s Resurrection | 52 Think’st Thou to Seduce Me Then Though Your Strangeness Frets My Hart The Three Ravens Thrice Tosse These Oaken Ashes Sweet Lute Back You Wanton Flyer Green Linden Tree Thomas Campian Anthony Holborne Anonymous Thomas Campian Pierre Phalese Diego Pisador Orlando Gibbons Enriquez de Valderrabano Thomas Campian John Dowland Thomas Campian Thomas Campian Thomas Ravenscroft Thomas Campian Thomas Campian Francis Cutting Thomas Campian Nicolas Vallet Anonymous Thomas Campian Philip Rosseter Thomas Greaves Thomas Ford Anonymous Philip Rosseter