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Deloitte: The Company
Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu Limited is a global organization of firms that provide
professional services in different areas of expertise, including accounting, financial advisory,
audit, tax, enterprise risk, consulting, and other professional services. Dedicated to keeping up
standards of excellence, Deloitte is one of the remaining Big Four auditor firms and one of the
world's biggest advisory companies. Founded in 1845 by William Welch Deloitte in London as
an accountancy office, Deloitte has since grown into a global brand, employing about 170,000
people in more than 150 countries worldwide. In 1989, Deloitte (then known as Deloitte Haskins
& Sells) merged with Touch Ross to form Deloitte & Touch. In 1995, Deloitte & Touch
leaders established the Deloitte & Touch Consulting Group, now known simply as Deloitte
Deloitte Consulting LLP has clients in almost 150 countries worldwide. Ranked third
biggest consulting firm in the world, Deloitte cooperates with select partners in order to always
deliver top of the line strategies and solutions in IT, strategy and finance management to clients
and to maximize shareholder value.
Careers at Deloitte
In October 2007, Deloitte reported a record financial performance globally, with all the
firms in all the regions scoring double-digit growth. Consulting services alone chalked a 16.5
percent growth. This prompted Deloitte CEO James H. Quigley to announce plans to increase the
number of employees in all the firms by 50,000 over the next four years, citing recruitment as the
key to maintaining the company's steady growth. Deloitte Consulting recruits new employees
and interns in 140 countries across the globe on a regular basis, inviting IT consulting experts
and other professionals, students and graduates who are seeking work experience and
employment to explore job and internship openings and career opportunities at their
Deloitte firmly believes that collaboration and collegiality give their business a
competitive advantage. The company rolled out its collaborative platform, D Street, in 2007,
making it easier for consultants to network with their more experienced colleagues. Deloitte
consultants also have iConnect at their disposal, an expertise discovery device which helps them
find experts on any given issue across the companys professional network.
Deloitte's organizational structure

The name Deloitte covers a number of independent firms across the world that is members of
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL). The firms provide a range of services in different
countries and are subject to the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate. Each
member firm is a separate legal entity from DTTL and has its own organisational structure.
Deloitte member firms implement the company's global strategy in more than 140 countries
worldwide. Other than consulting, Deloitte offers audit, tax, enterprise risk and financial
advisory services. Deloitte Consulting services are divided into five categories: Strategy and
Operations, Human Capital, Technology Integration, Enterprise Applications and Outsourcing.
The Perspective
Deloitte Consulting employees agree that the people they work with are the best thing about their
job. Best known for career advancement opportunities, flexibility, a relaxed work atmosphere
and diversity of career choices, Deloitte makes it possible for employees to customize their
workplace and even their team of associates to their liking, as well as to work in a number of
different sectors.
The company also offers a number of professional training programs to employees as well as
different opportunities for them to socialize, all for the purpose of promoting a positive work
culture. In 2002, Consulting Magazine included Deloitte (Braxton) among the Top 10 firms to
work for and, in 2006, the firm was ranked number 17 on Fortune's Top MBA Employers list.
Forrester Research has recently named Deloitte leader in security consulting services, while
Working Mother magazine has included the firm on the list of the 100 Best Companies for
Working Mothers for the fourteenth year in a row. In 2007 and 2009, BusinessWeek named
Deloitte the best place to launch your career.
Competitive Advantage
Deloitte operates through these five strategic service lines. Deloitte believe that their
competitive advantage lies in the Deloitte difference. They invest heavily in their culture, in
developing the people, and in continually building their technical skills, business acumen and
industry experience. By working together in multifunctional teams, their professionals are able to
share knowledge and ideas to develop solutions tailored to each client. Drawing on unique
service combinations, Deloitte understand and evaluate the clients issues more broadly and
deeply than their competitors. Their Mission is to serve the public interest as one of the
cornerstones of corporate governance by supplying world-class assurance services. Insofar as
this is compatible with local and international regulation and the best principles of corporate
governance, to supply world-class advisory professional services to their clients. Deloitte
provides professional services and advice to clients in both the public and the private sector,
based on our Shared Values, Global Client Service Standards, The Deloitte Way and a focused
multidisciplinary approach.