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Biophotonic Being

Harnessing Light and Play

On his face there is a calm
beaming serenity. But in his
awareness more may be going
on. He on some level keeps in
mind the people around him,
different types of people.. their
energetic state, if they are
stressed relaxed vibrant, how my
energy is effecting them, how
there energy is effecting each
other, there energy effecting me,
focusing on the good when
possible, (unless it is very very
bad, then you get out, or do
something to change the energy
if you can) noticing from a place
of contentment, I am already
good, and even fascination, not in
a critical way. Noticing the environment, how much light is coming in. Also
sometimes noticing events that may happen later in the day, or what friends are
doing on the other side of town. Like a video game player trying to hit combos,
some future awareness at times helps to channel this energy. Doing multiple
positive things in a row builds energy. Flowing from one thing to the next. We
may have to prepare for the future, to organize events that produce energy. At a
party event or in general, there is an awareness of people that are connected to
secure energy, and those who are more anxious, tied to stress patterns, in a self
defensive state, or are shut down completely, the focus drawn down by fear of
others and empty sensations in oneself. All people may be equal, but I may not
feel equally obligated to all people in the present moment. I am with people, yet
cultivating a positive inner core is my priority. Im not pulled into stress, selfdefending, overwhelm, self doubt. The biophtonic being disconnects from the
negative triggers in conversation; focuses instead on uplifting sensations. At
times acknowledging the struggles of others: long day? tell me more, this is a
powerful way to relate and connect; and it is different from seeing others pain as
my fault, or being drawn down into my own negative feelings. Being there for
others, yet keeping awareness on positive or pleasant sensations or perceptions.
Subtle positive energy is being circulated, even if someone else is struggling.

A common story: An anti-social individual, goes out wanting to be

social for the first time in a while. They think they will try hard and do the right
thing but unknowingly (not knowing the territory) they are pulled right into anxiety
patterns of individuals or the entire group. They project their own self doubt onto
the expressions of others. They work hard, but come back not feeing any more
connected, feeling exhausted. I am an introvert, this isnt me. they learn.
Mind vs Heart based Interaction
Too often in society we end up connecting with people on an intellectual
or mind focused level, pumping anxiety and stress, to keep up, but not
connecting or harmonizing on an energetic level. We plug in to the intellectual or
word-validation frequency, often our entire lives, powered by subtle anxiety. (We
often take pills to resolve this anxiety. But it is still recreated.) We are not knowing
that there is a slower but more reliable frequency. The frequency of bio-light
(human energy, the heart field) and play. Not feeling this heart connection we
instead reach into our minds for knowledge for conversation material, but for
some reason the well has gone dry. We are out of words. Unknowingly we
create stress by this over mind focus, and the heart is not able to receive the
energy it needs. By allowing ourselves to focus our attention on pleasant
sensations in or around us while being around people Eye contact and often
near or indirect eye contact (that isnt always associated with talking). Associating
this eye contact, or other gray areas of connection (Feeling eyes on us (our skin),
eyes that are peripherally in contact) with our own good heart feelings, identifying
this not as embarrassing but as a positive sensation. Noticing that eyes on us, or
simply the act of looking at someone feels good. We can access a sea of light
energy and play that exists between people. What we interpret is embarrassing is
actually a feeling of power, a level above an empty feeling that may have been
there before. Embarrassing is better then
empty, because biophotons or human
light energy is inducing a (higher level)
feeling. Like Chi, but it can be absorbed
into the body from other people and the
environment, not just created within,
though attitude can enhance it. and not
created by will power or physical strain.)
We only feel biophotons (a feeling of
being seen) as embarrassing because
we are not used to the feeling. (Ive also
called this, deep vital energy before
being aware of similar findings in
biophotonics. I did a lot of pick up stuff meeting women that focused more on

the verbal. this was sort of the mysterious factor I didnt understand till later on.
Which made some days really great, and some really not - and a way of having
the good days more often. .Orgone energy. Bioelectromagnetic heart energy.
Energetics. Similar to Reiki, it is healing, it can be enhanced by being around
groups, and enhanced if play has occurred) (This energy is not visible like in the
picture (the eyes will become brighter as the heart retains more energy), and its
not produced by strain or effort like supermans eye beam. it is always being
emitted, a source of fuel for other humans around us.) I believe biophotons
produced by living things have healing properties greater then regular photons,
due to the particles coherence(?) Biophotons start as regular photons, sun light is
important, then the body can convert them. Bio-photons trigger all biochemical
reactions in living cells. Connections that dont involve a type of intellectual
qualification. This human connection that is exposed, that requires no
announcement or pretense. I recommend allowing the body to float in on this
wave of (biophoton) energy produced by groups of people. Humans produce this
energy weather they want to or not. When conversation happens focus on the
fun, enjoyment, find what feels enjoyable for you. Establish your center, while
physically being in the group, before trying to please or win approval of
others. ..See if you can recall a random cheerful thing you saw on tv or whoever
cheers you up. Free association. Dont feel obligated to follow the entire
conversation instead relax, imagine you are watching a movie. Disengage from
any stressful
and just
enjoy. Risk
of looking
stupid or
to things at
when you
energy (or
too many things at once), it looks odd, but it puts you in charge. Instead of being
a slave to an information network (always knowing always having the answer),
you are connected to a heart network (not knowing, pausing, yet having more

energy, accessing higher intelligence by dropping the act). Risk having no

awareness of what you will or wont do next. Allow yourself to laugh, and be
reminded of things you enjoy. If you are lucky the present may become so rich
that you will not have to delve frequently in to the past, or this process will
happen in an effortless way. Notice how even thinking a positive thought can
create an energetic charge (a twinkle in your eye) that makes you feel connected
to people around you. Conversation as play. Adults play too. Look for
interesting objects, bright colors, if its not fun make it fun. Enjoying the way
someones face looks. The sound of there voice. Being reminded of positive
things, good times in the past (even if it was just one time, visualize that time),
etc. For example i often visualize being on the beach, a trip with friends,
childhood, really high times, this helps recall that feeling, its one of many ways at
it. Other times i visualize myself as anime characters. Wherever does it for you.
As you talk/interact/are around people, enjoy your own cleverness. Enjoy
things that happened that you didnt expect to. At first this seems silly or
insignificant, but over time these positive associations build energy. It starts as a
practice but eventually becomes a natural way of being, it feels good. Some are
born already like this, others are not and have to recondition, or never learn.
Conversation as play, and observation as play are partially empowering;
this way I can build energy within myself, or create magnetic attraction out side
me, any time, any where. My thoughts effect my heart field, and your heart field,
the energy you put off, actually effects other people, so their by, your thoughts
could be effecting someone 10 feet away. We cant control everything, but notice
times where you can let go of a worry, or think about something fun, and the
effect it has.
Eventually we get the hang of this in different situations, different
environments, and it becomes a way of being, it feels good, and our hearts can
run the show. When you understand how this energy feels, and the physics of
how it flows between people, large groups, or during times of play, then you can
fill in the blanks and apply it in all sorts of ways, you wont be limited to my cheep
explanations. Whenever new people appear, conversation opportunities, inside of
worrying about what we are going to say (creating anxiety), we can just bask in
the energy. Visualize ourselves as beautiful. Constantly in tune with our mind
and body as an instrument that channels positive energy, not only a walking brain
or data storage device. We can rely less on bits of data to represent us socially,
bask more in the energetic field, few things positively or as play operations, less
depended on approval for of others, more focused on the goal of creating safety
in the group, a relaxed synchronization of nervous systems. I find watching this
play out, watching a group relax can be very fun and fascinating. As energetic
beings fun is relaxing.

Becoming Play
Call it play, adventure, value of variety, fun, releasing energy, inertia,
catharsis, human instrumentality, stimulation, interaction, dance, vibrational
genesis; there is this phenomenon, where energy and matter that moves or
interacts creates more energy. The state of play acquires momentum, it becomes
easier to maintain. Objects or forces in motion stay in motion. Instead of loosing
energy, more is created. Conversely a body that is still for too long actually loses
energy (as I found with preforming long meditations, the effects ended up
becoming negative, extremely so in fact). The body requires at times (or often) to
be in a sate of play to relax, this inner charge allows the body to function.
Fish out of Water
Without play and community we become like fish out of water, we dry up.
We flop around, it looks like some of us are in control, but really we are all drying
up, some fish just lash out more loudly, or other fish accidentally flop into a river,
and reep the benefit without knowing what happened. It appears like this person
is rejecting you, but maybe youve already rejected yourself, denying yourself a
more subtle connection Humans have evolved out from the primordial soup,
out from the ocean (we have evolved from fish), now we breath air, and walk on
two feet, yet we still rely on invisible currents of light energy. A different type of
sea. We walk on land, yet our bodies are full of blood or liquid, inside it is still a
very aquatic experience. Light energy and play keeps our bodies in motion, we
stay fluid.
Free the Quantum Dance
Matter is constantly moving, vibrating, perhaps there is a vital reason for
this. That if it were to stop somehow on the subatomic level, to cease its
movement, large objects might rapidly decay, explode, or freeze over. (maybe
this will happen in 10 trillion years according to some scientists, but we have
some time before then) Too often we are paralyzed with fear, uncertainty,
waiting for someone else to tell us what to do. We become stiff, we loose touch
with the bodies natural wanting to play. The particle world is always in motion, let
us mirror that on human scale. We cant see this particle dance but we can feel
yearning for it, a wanting to feel free and connected. Let us channel the quantum
dance in our bodies. It could mean literally dancing, other times it just means
feeling comfortable to enjoy ourselves while around people.

Disconnect from Approval seeking relation

As your having fun, unintentionally you attract a moment of connection
(a beautiful person looks at you). Then it is lost. dont feel responsible or
remorseful. No remorse or emotional attachment to this seeming loss. For years I
made the mistake of being overly attached to these high energy moments
(anxious attachment). Forcing out this high energy, and seeking it, overt
approval, from others. But going nowhere, never being truly close to people. ( I
cant see these photon waves but I can act as though they are there, my heart
feels them feeding me.)

Being unattached to these exciting moments, but still feeling peaceful,

positive, hanging around, then people feel safe with you and connection is more
secure, still allowing high moments to happen when they do. (Instead of focusing
on impressing people, impressing love interests focus on your own enjoyment,
while saying enough, just enough to keep the other person there. Be ware of
heavy or mind taxing questions that draw you inwards into the mind, in to stress.
Focus on what cheers you up, make you sparkle. Dont approach connection out
of obligation, guilt, look for what feels good. Dont feel obligated to complicated
taxing or boring questions topics if great energy is happening a few people away,
or if your body has not yet acclimated to the space. Prioritize a feeling of well
being. Youre at a party. Have fun. Even at work fun is welcome. This is survival,

we need that energy. Guilt, false senses of obligation, are dangerous.) Notice
a type of magnetic connection between you and others, that may build over time,
not a hard lock on, but a gentle magnetic draw of the eyes. Also feelings of
weight-less, floating (not actually floating; possibly becoming a few pounds lighter
by emanating a stronger electromagnetic heart field), an uplifted feeling. More
feelings/emotions/sensations/perceptions in general. Heart strength or full
Every time we interact with someone, at work, a random encounter, a
friend, it is not an intrusion but an opportunity, to have an interaction, to feel
connected, in a subtle or big way. The interaction may contain, anything of mild
or spontaneous relevance to the person or situation, what matters is that it is an
interaction. All humans have need for interaction and a connected feeling. (Even
when they themselves arent fully aware of it) Looking at the world through the
eyes of play or motion, and natural human benefit, Im more likely to spot and
create these opportunities. Often i try to be on the other persons wave length
being their for them, their need to be heard. But because play is in mind, I can
trow out my own ideas that are sparked, aware it is sparking new ideas in their
mind even if its not a perfect fit. I enjoy the process of listening, learning, and I
enjoy the process of sharing. Maybe im just listening bring their for the person,
focusing on the enjoyable about whats happening, and 10 minutes later i have a
really detailed piece of advice. yet the advice is not mandatory for the
Do not fear Serious Face
Be ware of seeing negative expressions, tones of voice, as a reflection of
yourself. taking it personally. Even when these subtle negatives seem directed
at you. I went through life reading fear into
other peoples expressions. Furrowed brows
can look like anger or disinterest, but they
often just mean someone is thinking.
Someone may look tired, but that dont mean
they are mad. When the heart is afraid, we
read our fear into the expressions of others.
This was a key think that kept me away from
people. Reading fear into expressions that
wasnt there, jumping in fear at every
seeming negative glance. Negative or
neutral tones of voice and expressions
happen all the time, they may not indicate
disappointment, they often are normal, they
mean the other person is tired, distracted, or simply that this lower vibration is

completely normal. Learn not to fear it, or see it as an offense if someone does
not respond in a cheerful way. People may not overtly invite you in, but there may
be an energetic connection. Reading fear into expressions combined with an
inner sense of unworthiness kept me in fear. Recondition yourself, remind
yourself you are deserving, for the valuable are rare quality of human presence
that you can provide.
In addition there is a wisdom in knowing when to give people space. And
being around people without talking. Parallel play, one person reads, another
person chills and ponders or draws, we do this, yet it allows us to come back
later and connect in new ways. If someone is injured, tired, on their period, all
kinds of things can compromise a person, learning not to take it personally, it may
still be possible to be around someone when they are in a bad state. Your being
near or around, doing your own thing, sometimes checking in, or just looking at
them, may still befit them without direct talking. This other mode of being can be
a blessing, people feel less pressure to at their best around you, being tired, etc,
isnt as much of a problem. They are safe to be exposed.
Feeling Beings
Safe & Relatable
I focus a lot on others as feeling beings (vs being primarily intellectual
beings). Taking time to imagine what other are feeing, even if it completely
distracts from the conversation. Less pressure to keep up the conversation. You
can completely change to any random topic. People do this all the time. Because
it feels fun. This is true even when I TV for example, I imagine what each
character is feeling, suddenly there is a lot of humor or deep relate-ability in
situations, new ways to enjoy something. I used to focus more on plot, which is
fine, but now I tune in to the emotional lives of the characters. There expressions
let me know what there feeling. Its the same in reality. Bringing attention to what
others have experienced, what they are feeling, what they probably felt, etc,
creates many access points for conversation or relation, nonverbal as well, and
humor. In the past I was too focused on entertaining the other person, so I didnt
think of it this way. A total pawn of the mind mode. In your life youve
experienced a lot. This gives us a vast
database. (theres plenty of information
already around us. Good energy is enough
to create attraction.) When Im relaxed in a
fun pleasant connection with someone (a
love interest) I can access any of this
information. I can relate to pain theyre
feeling. I can just listen. Allow them to feel
comfortable in my gaze. Not needing a

response or a solution for everything they say. Just having someone there to
relate to is what people want. Enjoy listening to them. Enjoy feeling happy or sad
for them. Sadness and compassion feels good if the hearts are beating in sync,
and light energy is flowing. Throw in a story. It is easier to recall this most distant
memories, or make new unexpected observations, when you are happy relaxed
receiving this energy. Just relaxing for hours and hours can be boring. Just
being happy all the time, can be stressful. Find your balance. This beautiful
elegant dynamic harmony of light and play between people.
Visualize what another person may be experiencing and use this to start
conversations. Another day (at work) right? ..This I relate to you field, can be
easier to maintain then the Im entertaining you energy. It must have taken a
while to put on all that makeup. I said once to someone at a anime convention.
This doesnt sound like play from a standard definition, yet it acknowledges the
work she put into her makeup. So Im connecting to her experience. These
statements dont sound funny or entertaining, but they connect with someones
emotional state and open up interaction possibilities. They dont take much effort.
Even if someone is struggling in ways you cant relate you, showing a sense of
trying to relate can be appreciated. Dont be intimidated by the unknown or feel
you should know or have a solution. People just like a sense that someone is
listening. You can give someone a chance to voice an emotion, just by being
there. I hate this job they may announce. Ok now theyre sharing personal
things. If I feel relaxed people may be more likely to freely offer this relate-ability
type information. Then you can just listen. Just a few words like huh or wow i
see thats a tough situation. are all it takes to expand their thought process,
learn more, help them and yourself relax. I visualize what there talking about, it
reminds me of a situation is was in, so as they talk i feel like im in their shoes,
and they see this in my eyes. And feel connected, so its not just me saying huh
but my eyes show Im thinking about them.
Often it may be too much to maintain high energy play or overt play there will instead be a subtler type of play or exchange going on. Just giving
someone an opportunity to voice their emotions, you can be a sounding board for
them, you can share some thoughts. This takes little energy. I see this as a type
of play, an exchange, we work with the materials we have. By being there you
may help them illuminate their thought process, reveal new ideas, or feel they
have connected with someone. You can immediately enter someones wave
length. I play in a way (offering information) that I think they may relate to. It
may begin as a calm or even personal exchange depending on what the other
person offers, then it may evolve into a more overt play and cheer. Use your
environment to create an opening statement. We are standing in line This is a
long line it doesnt have to be clever or witty, Im not making an intellectual
statement, rather Im casually expressing my frustration, or even noticing their
frustration and putting words to it, and the other person relates to that. It can just
be a type of side comment. Counter-intuitively by not being clever I may be

more likely to make someone feel safe, because it doesnt look like Im trying to
get something from them. If two people are already talking, then there is an
energy already there you can feed off of and connect to. I promote this
connecting to, receiving of, sharing, biophoton energy, but note even very small
levels of energy can start an interaction. Sometimes big energy can be
frightening to people if it seems unstable, a mid level energy is enough to start an
interaction, start at whatever energy level you are at. If someone Im interested in
is standing on the sidelines or standing there but not engaged I can use my eyes
to draw them into the group field; or I can make a comment that includes them
what brings you here even if it interrupts the topic but feels worth it to include
the person. Notice when you gaze near or at people during group interaction they
may want or start to gaze back.
Stress Release
Maybe I start to feel stressed. My awareness expands. Im worried about
not finishing this book. I lost my phone. This person is coming, but I don't feel I
can relax. My mind was holding onto things i couldnt see, till i brought attention
to the feeling of stress, then it illuminated. Maybe that really awesome moment
that happened yesterday gave me higher standards, and now Im afraid of
loosing the good feeling. My body is holding on. Or maybe Im afraid of
Its almost beautiful how many factors could effect my state of being at a
given moment. I notice what may be adding to my stress, in a calm or almost
fascinated sort of way. See if I can let it go and shift my awareness to something
positive or pleasant actually its amazing that Ive written this much of a book at
all Im not in the mood to confront this person now, but I can work with it, its
something new Ive lost this object, but worrying so much wont help me find it.
Ill think positive thoughts, roam around, and then maybe where I left it will pop
into my mind. I have to let go of my standards a bit now, but the good feeling
may come back again. I dont know what will happen, but being in the unknown
is good for me.
In other cases maybe their is a practical problem - the heat is way too low
in the house. In that case I take action, get a sweat shirt, adjust the temperature,
then shift focus back to positive focus. Or say I have to attend this frivolous
meeting. Even in the undeserved situation, Im still building some energy within
my being, by focusing on the enjoyable. ..I have to retake drivers ED for some
silly reason. My boss needs me to do something Im not good at. I have Jury
Duty. Even in these situations we did not choose, there is often plenty of human/
community energy to absorb, and you can stay feeling good by adopting a
playful view. Resume a sate of play or human connection when possible. Even


while attending to the problem, I often see it as play or enjoyable on some level,
an adventure, thats part of how I survive and thrive.
Biolight Surfing
Currents of Light and Play
Understanding play and light in groups (at a party for example) is like
surfing a wave, surfing on a sea of biolight. Every person is a different sized
wave, and they are in motion. When in harmony the waves flow together. Its not
tedious or mechanical like building a robot. (Though if you understand
environment and body energetics even the complicated task of a robot will be
easier.) If you get nervous or worry too much you fall off your board and take a
dive. But even then you can float back up if you arent afraid or embarrassed
from the fall. You stay positive and connected. Literally floating (just not enough
to actually fly) on electromagnetic energy around you. Or maybe you crash into
another surfer, you stay calm and positive focused in play; you can re-find you

Tapping into child energy. This inner body energy wants to move. For a
child who is used to conducting energy, running up the stairs takes less effort


then staying still. Staying still for too long takes effort and may feel unnatural to
one who has felt this other way of being.
The waves rise in harmony with each other. Like a song we may start with
some surface oriented lines or verses how is the food did you get a drink? I
love this song, but then maybe a chorus or high moment comes out of nowhere
wow I didn't know we had ______ in common. Yet not attached to it, the wave
falls, gently. Yet rises again. We enjoy the subtle moments too, without fear of
serious face. All our instruments are slowly building a harmony. These invisible
currents of light and play between people, within ourselves, they carry us.
I often have flying dreams, and I associate this feeling with being uplifted
by biolight (biophoton) energy produced by people and play. Receiving biolight is
like flying on an invisible wave.
Full Sleep
Focus on pleasant sensations helps me fall to sleep, not just blocking
negative thoughts but replacing with positive. Too much effort to have a blank
mind can be stressful. If your mind is chattering too much before sleep, instead of
only clearing your mind, try focusing on pleasant fun or positive thoughts
memories sensations. The body is always in motion, trying too hard to stop it may
not be natural. Instead of only removing negative, see if the focus can move
towards the pleasant or positive. Even as we dream i may enter a state of play.
Losing Ego
There may be a seeming sacrifice of individuality in this entering into the
group, becoming connected to this group energy, harmonizing with the will of the
group. Its a different way of being then many of us may be used to. Trusting in
this invisible field between people to carry us. It sounds scary, but after
repetition, it feels good, the good feeling may outweigh the fear. There is actually
a gain of energy that may not otherwise be possible individually. After the event
all the bodies cells retain this energy. This deep body energy can last for hours or
days after an event has ended. By staying in a playful state this energy can be
drawn out to last longer.
Stable Baseline Energy
& Enjoyable Alone
Being around others can increase my energy a lot, but I am not necessary
desperate for their energy. By staying in a state of play, and being in good

enragements, open windows, thinking optimistically, I can build energy even

when im alone (even though it may not match community energy). Community or
social energy multiplies energy opportunities drastically, but there are benefits to
having stronger energy while alone as well This way I am more stable, less
desperate, when people show up. Things like mirrors, bright colors, going on
walks, can also create energy while alone.
Also, understanding play and biolight, if one relationship falls out it is
easier to create a new one. If need be I can be less dependent on specific
people, and more empowered to create connection anywhere I go. I can reattract a specific awesome person from a stronger place, being less desperate
for them, having a network behind me, or even a stronger sense of peace while
When Im alone I could feel guilty sad or self-critical about that, but then im
loosing even more energy, and then when Im with people there is more
desperation to fill that void. sometimes it may be better to just accept certain
alone periods and continue to cultivate positive energy. Then I am stronger when
I feel ready to seek people. I try to feel grateful about everything I have. instead
of thinking I should be less nerdy, I should be more social. I just feel awesome
about every little thing I do already. How amazing it is that im alive at all. Then I
look and feel more confident, theres an attractive field. I already have energy,
and that is attractive, regardless of what Im doing in particular.
Sometimes (or often) when Im alone I imagine people I respect are
watching me, I have an audience to whatever random thing I am doing, I get a
thrill out of this. When people do appear then its like Im already plugged in, I
have a bunch of things that are ready to communicate. I was already thinking
about what I was doing as a medium for relation, or i had certain people on the
Common Patterns
Each person is different, but there are a
few common patterns. Identify a few basic
different patterns. 1. The frozen state, someone
is paralyzed because their body hasnt learned to
harmonize with others, they become more
vulnerable to fear and stress. 2. The anxiously
attached state, constantly looking for approval, or
entertaining but at the cost of their own
enjoyment. Dont get pulled into these patterns
all around you. Hold your ground energetically,
allow your presence to heal these patterns. To


relax fear of yourself and others. Many fear/stress

patterns spring from an absence of community.
Patterns like Self-denial, self sacrifice. Paranoia.
It is hard to understand these problems
because often their is no physical event that
triggered them. We can hunt and hunt for the
trauma or event that cause this problem and never
find it. These problems are cause by the absence
of something. Something that isnt there but
should be (in the way an organ should be their).
These problems may not be easily fixed, the
fixing can further the problem by creating
negative conditioning, a sense individuals carry in
their hearts that something is deeply wrong. Many of these people will be
labeled as lazy selfish uncaring. When they may be trapped in a type of
psychological madness induced by absence of fun and connection. ..
Instead fun and connection can be introduced. This problem of the heart
that can only be fixed by not fixing it. Our mind records all these fears, patterns
traumas, yet the solution may not be in the mind, but the heart. It may not be
necessary to label people, labeling may create more fear energy, just notice (in
the back of your awareness). Avoid being pulled in to stressful modes or relation.
At the same time, there may be times you can pull in frozen frightened
individuals, or harmonize with them. Different people may be producing different
levels of energy, in addition to carrying self doubt or self-harsh mentalities,
hidden traumas/sensitive topics. Each person may require a different type of
tuning into. I dont have to fear negative expressions of others, nor do I have to
always act happy to protect others from the same fear they may have. Tap into a
lower stronger frequency that allows people to feel safe, a field of safety, even
though it doesnt look as flashy at first, it is stronger. Risk a let down, but create
something more sustainable. Over time this connection without strain or stress
feels more natural. The regulated heart harmony carries the connection, instead
of stress strain effort and anxiety. We used anxiety to connect and pump up
when we have never felt actual connection. This behavior can be cured with an
experience of connection. The frozen person may say great! everything is
great! but because their body is stiff, that is literally all the information their mind
can compute. There can be an appearance that things are good. But inside the
energetic body is totally paralyzed.


Conscious Play
The biophotonic being is also aware of what information may be sensitive
or make some people uncomfortable, or work for some but not for others. Too
often play turns into teasing without us even realizing what we are doing. Or play
happens at the expense, or out of harmony with, others. We think we are playing
or connecting, but our hearts are not beating in sync. We are preoccupied trying
to create fun and connection, entertaining, but soon the play is hurting others
(watch any random video interview, footage of people, and I guarantee at least
one person is doing this, subtle or more extreme. Even extreme cases are
considered normal
There is the
appearance of play
or conversation, but
the hearts arent
beating in harmony
at all. ..Play
inappropriate. Play
at the expense of
others. ..I only
hang out with guys
because I like dont
even know what to
say to women, you
might say. But with
conscious playing
a consciousness of
play, the sexes can
interact with each other. We learn to turn anything into play, and then we have
plenty of substance for interaction/conversation; which doesnt come at anyones
expense. There is lots of material for interacting now, because anything can be
used as play. Thinking of things as rooted in play, has made connection easier for
Other terms for this are fun, stimulation, value of variety. Matter likes
motion. Its too easy to loose touch with this, we start to see ourselves as static
and separate objects. As a buddhist I spent years trying to clear my mind, to be
absolutely clear or mind, still, desire-less. But I found after years of this I actually
started loosing lots of energy. I now believe the body is in constant motion.
Silencing that motion for too long is unnatural. Instead of suppressing desires
and scattered thoughts, I now try to flow with them, to release energy. Indulging


in fun. Removing a negative becomes a double negative. I promote focusing on a

pleasant positive energy. Not just removing negatives, but introducing positives.
Negative Conditioning
Be ware of (often unintended) negative conditioning, in your family, your
school, your culture, your diagnosis. Negative conditioning happens
unintentionally all the time. Most people dont mean to do it. Often there is
intention to
help or
connect, but
because fear
or stress is
involved, it
produces a
result. This
fear or
energy molds
us. We see
the world
through a lens
of fear and stagnant energy. It can hang with us for a life time, bring us down,
gives us a bad aura, make others want to run away from us in fear. Such as life
should feel empty, maybe its a sign of progress Im suffering for love. Attempts
to rationalize suffering, that actually allow suffering to continue. Or you think
maybe there right, maybe there is something very wrong with me
If someone repeats something over and over again, it starts to effect us.
We start to believe it is true, even if it doesnt feel right, it starts to effect our
judgment. Such as pain makes you stronger maybe this gets implied a lot in
your life; soon you are actually seeking pain more often.
We walk around life with this feeling of emptiness or that something is
fundamentally wrong with us, a significant problem that sets us apart, makes us
incompatible. A personal rain cloud. We have no reference point for positive
experience or connection. We think its not possible, or we know it is (maybe we
felt it a few times in child hood, at that one party) but we look and look and cant
find it in a lasting way.
I believe with an energetic understanding, right environment, positive
reconditioning, we can have that good life we see in others or felt briefly

ourselves. This energetic reality is very active even thought it is not a tangible
object itself and is largely not visible to our eyes. We feel it. It can improve our
mood significantly. Every person and object produces an EM field. Inspiring,
cheerful looking, or thought provoking objects placed around your house can
help you feel better and be an intermediary for connection.
Notice this negative magnetism disconnected state (of being) is an intense
kind of suffering. Throw in youre not trying hard enough you have a disorder
youre lazy on top often that. Now the collective unconscious has unintentionally
engineered a being that administers their own suffering. I feel a lot of empathy
for any person that is disconnected, pulled down by this force. Budging veins,
this hardened-personality, this is suffering. So much pain by this cloud of unawareness. The suffering person is equal, or even superior to myself, because
holy fuck suffering is not cool. Lots of gentle re-culturing can heal this. We have
to work to survive, but unless the person understands they deserve connection,
gets out of the fear mode, life will always be painful.
Where ever you go its going to be sort of fifty-fitfy-ish, half the people will
be sort of unconsciously channeling these energies, the other half will be sort of
not. There are other factors floating around, lots of different types of self harsh
mentalities, ways of seeking validation, techniques and ways of straining the
body. People are seeking light and play (in our hearts we know some kind of
happiness exists in this universe, we have felt it before), but when we cant find it
again we adopt painful practices (extreme exercise, extreme spiritual practice)
they provide some relief and sense of direction, but carry a hidden thorn, we start
to think that happiness always requires pain. We really yearn for light(human
light) and play. Individual and cultural patterns make it harder to notice this. Often
even well meaning people may make a living off products or practices that keep
you feeling insecure. A problem always to be fixed. Its so strange to bounce back
and realize all my life Ive been acting out patters that do subtle energetic
damage to myself and others, keeping people feeling insecure. Or making me
less preceptive. Its vicious. Seeing this suffering for what it is. Looking behind
the curtain of a thousand smiling faces.
Positive (Self)Reconditioning
Instead of suffering to find joy (forever chasing the perfect lover, or writing
the great american novel just to feel a basic sense of happiness), we can
become a center-point for pleasant/positive energy genesis and create it around
us; as well as find places that better conduce it, disengaging from thoughts or
things that bring us down. Reconditioning -Feel grateful for everything you have.
Let go of guilt and shame. Guilt and fear triggers can be all around us, when we
are drained we are more vulnerable. we have to consciously not respond to
these triggers. Not see everything as our fault. Every moment is new. Everyone

wants your love. Build a stronger baseline. (I used to be focused largely on the
mind, rewiring the mind, now I strongly support heart awareness, the hearts
energetic involvement in well being, as being more then a blood pump, noticing
sensations of fullness in the heart.) Then we are less vulnerable to a fear trigger,
to teasing, to a negative vibration, it bounces off us. This imperviousness is a
valuable quality, while others have their triggers, you know people (most often)
dont mean to offend you, so you arent offended, this gives you a consistency
that allows others to
always feel safe. Think
of yourself as
fundamentally good,
smart, desirable,
abundant, worthy.
Recondition yourself
for love. Think about
things you enjoy. Put
up pictures. Visualize.
Focus on pleasant
sensations wherever
you are. Love yourself.
Otherss may be in a
heavy debate, but you
may take a moment to
gaze at a tree. And
suddenly you have an idea. Or you calm energy causes the person across from
you to relax, causing the room to relax. Vortexes of mind energy exist
everywhere in our culture. Others navigate a minefield of intellectualism, but you

feel safe just to enjoy yourself, your motions, thoughts, and feelings of fullness.
To enjoy the rise of your bodies energy. The growing charge of aliveness that
comes about by being in community spaces, while in play, or while in relation with
one or more people. When we enjoy ourselves through play or socially we tap
into neuroplasticity the brains ability to recover. I find a lot of enjoyment to be had
in just this rise of this deep body energy; and the influence it has on others. To
live just to be a hub of this energy is a valuable act to both self and society. There
is also enjoyment if you notice someone looks worried and you can actually
channel energy towards them
indirectly or directly with
your eyes. As energy rises
just about anything can
happen, possibilities
increase. It is the best game
there is.
Become aware that
death and decay is around
you and effects our world a
lot - work, emptiness,
suffering, it effects us all, but
at the same time, dont let
these negatives bring you
down. We can have some
awareness of the negative
in the back of our minds, all
the pain patterns,
loneliness, etc, and at the same time float above it. Surf the waves, and
generate our own waves. Notice how the negative has conditioned so many of
us, we feel we are fundamentally flawed, and we carry this feeling and thought
pattern around with us, into an early grave. Recondition yourself. Remind
yourself that you are good. Sometimes bad things will happen, but even then
they are not your fault. You did not want that to happen, you did not know any
better at the time. Now you know better. You did your best.
Find pleasure and play in everything around you (well anything that works).
Do it at your own pace. Recondition yourself to believe that life is good and
fulfilling. Otherwise you are as I was, the living-dead. This is not a lie. Every


thought and perception is a real event. It has an energetic quantity. Take

of any good
energy that
you can.
Dont wait
for others to
give you
your next
moment can
be an active
of life. Feed
off it like a
queen bee,
and let the hive swarm around you. Attract big energy with little effort. No selfconsciousness, but freedom to enjoy. Let others learn from your demonstration.
Talk about what you enjoy. Ask others what they enjoy. Offer a fun story or
observation. Allow you mind to drift to pleasant thoughts. Do what your body
feels like doing without explaining to others or to yourself why you did it.
Physical Health
Light in our Cells
Use play biophotons (energy produced by being around people) and
natural movement to cultivate your best physical health. Others pound away for
months and months at the gym until they strain a muscle, play rough sports and
break bones. But you derive your strength and beauty from energy. Environment
and community energy that is around you. As well as the energy created by you
own relaxed cheerful perspective and attitude. Indulge in fun. These energies are
smaller then the eye can see, yet they are everywhere and may be a vast source
of life. A body in a state of play and changed with light, burns toxins, recovers
from illness and injury.
I recommend eating a variety of foods. Even eating is also a type of play,
it is fun, stimulating (Im not playing with my food (necessarily), but enjoying the
sensations, is a subtle type of play). Food is often a focal point for group or
community energy and stimulates interaction.


Closet Players
playing but dont realize it
At a party every individual holds a wine glass looking at this
energetically, I see the glass as a prop for play. (?? What! No.. but I insist) The
drink or glass creates a distraction, it allows us to feel safe, there is a tactile
sensation. One feels like they are doing something. it creates conversation buy
her a drink. what are you drinking? We use this prop as an excuse for
interaction, play. By understanding the underlying phenomena - play, one is more
liberated to turn any object, idea, or observation into play, anything becomes play
or a vehicle for human interaction. We have access to more ways to spark
conversation, looking at it as play. We are less depended on cliche props or
memorized lines.
Smoking is similar do you have a smoke?. Smokers huddle together, it
becomes a medium through which to relate. ..Do you have the time? all
excuses to connect. These are decent ways to connect, yet it can limit our
possibilities if we dont understand the underlying phenomena. Only being limited
to these methods can come at a price. Drinking turns to over drinking, etc. By
understanding light and play, the underlying process - then any book, object,
scenery, pondering, idea, question, can be used as a way to relate.
Fearless Play
I enjoy dressing in a way that is artistic, some color; this promotes
interaction. I am not embarrassed about standing out, I enjoy it. If someone
makes a strange comment, I am not offended, I role with it. I turn it into humor.
(unless they really insult you, then you can stand up for yourself, or just ignore it.)
Once I was wearing this colorful Japanese kimono. Someone said what
martial arts degree are you? I caught his playful attitude and said Im rainbow
belt! I was in a playful mode and the image of a rainbow came to mind. ..In the
past I would have been paralyzed with stress in any social setting, if this man
talked to me I might not have even understood what the they were saying, or
even if I did, I would have stressed about a smart response and not found one,
because my energetic being was exhausted. Then on top of that I would have
said all these problems are happening because they were right at high school, I
must have some learning disability or significant problem with my brain even
thought that never quite made sense; it never made sense why the problems
happened at some times but not others. It turns out in my case all these
problems were coming from social fear, a paralyzed state induced by this fear,
induced by a sort of anti-play conditioning (unintended, but it happens). By
being in this playful mode, enjoying the crowded area, I was already feeling

good, and in this spontaneous moment, something popped into my mind. If I

didnt think of something I might have just smiled and not worried about it. In the
past there would have been a sense of loss and confusion why didnt I have
something smart to say etc, why am I so out of it. Now its more about enjoying
myself, enjoying eyes on me, enjoying my physical being, less focused on what
is the next tangible thing I will do. even if thats in the back of my mind.
Another time I wore a different kimono. And someone said are you going
to do karate on me? or maybe they said watch out! bruce lee. I felt
embarrassed, but then I realized (because I was so determined to ware this
kimono in public) they were not actually trying to embarrass me, the tone was
actually playful; they were just making conversion. So I went with it and did a little
karate move. Fear made me interpret it as an attack, but it was actually
Intimate Connection
I talk about groups, but two people can harness biophoton energy between
them, having two people vs one, opportunities for play multiply. Play for adults.
This includes topics that fascinate you, your work. Attachment theory, so many
things. Different modes of play are appropriate at different times. Depending on
the person or moment, a fascination may come later, you may start with
something more relaxed, a surface observation.
Allow play and biophtons (people) to be a source of fuel. Use it to improve
creative or business projects. I used to spend hours and hours on creative
projects each day. But unknowingly my body was sending out negative signals to
other people. I was focused on creative success, achieving greatness, always
pushing my mind for new ideas (writing books, screenplays), but this pushing
was literally putting a subtle stress on myself, closing me off from my
environment. I was unknowingly sending negative signals to others, putting off
stress vibes, stimulating their fears or feelings of unworthiness. Creating a back
off, uninviting vibe. To be honest I would have been much better of just
visualizing fuzzy cats while gazing out at a park (and I recommend doing this), or
while making eye contact with people. The effort to produce something was
ironically un-producing me, as an energetic and physical being in the present
Walk in the park or the mall, and notice this energetic / magnetic draw
towards people. Not speaking (necessarily) but just noticing. Too often there is a
pressure or obligation to justify everything with speech. Allow yourself to feel
naked before people. Walk by two people on a bench and just notice their eyes
on you. See if part of you enjoys it. I believe many of us carry a type of a guard, a


drawing inwards when we pass strangers. But this may not be so in other

countries like India. Humans wherever they are, naturally want to link up (connect
on some level) with each other, not necessarily talking. This magnetic draw is
there in us all. And many of us are consciously or unconsciously repressing it. It
doesnt even mean that we have to shout hello! at every person we pass
(unless we feel we want to). Its more subtle. Merely notice that there is some
good feeling or connection happening below the word level. This energy fills us
and makes us just a bit stronger then those who hold back. Then when we do
see someone we want to connect with verbally, romantically, whatever, we
already feel uplifted, a stronger baseline, like Ive already been enjoying the
party. When were used to pulling back, soon we end up avoiding even the
people we want connect to. We feel drained all the time, then we connect using a
persona. Acting much happier then we feel. And this feels uncomfortable. So we
pull back to protect from assuming this uncomfortable persona, and to protect
from the personas of others.
I believe this energy allows the body to become less agitate-able, more
preceptive, better able to heal. I could go into a loud bar, and still be able to hear
people speaking, because Im not anxious, and this biophoton energy may
actually boost perception. The loud noises and unfamiliar settings scare others,
but the biophotonic being is so unafraid that she remains playful. When we are
afraid we forget to be playful. Act natural dont be afraid we tell ourselves, but
then we just end up being stiff.


Taking Action
Empowered by biolight awareness and play
At any given public space or event, say 50% of people may be in an
approachable mood, 50% may not be. A party may be more 90% and 10%. A
friends party or common interest meetup are the easiest places. Dont get caught
waiting for others to run the show or tell you what to do, to invite you. Stand out,
take independent action, but at your own pace, find your rhythm. Lean it can feel
good when you get the hang of it. Parks, malls, cafes, can be just as good. You
can sense someones mood by their posture and expression, even from far away.
Approach someone who looks open and relaxed, that is not significantly
preoccupied, in a hurry, or busy working. I promote approaching people in
virtually any setting. Humans are social animals. Though many of us have been
what you might call traumatized, this disconnect can be most unnatural. I believe
in approaching without any serious explanation for why. You can take your pick
of person, but dont let fear limit your options. Fear will have you inventing
reasons to back out that dont make sense. maybe she has a boyfriend dont
assume things you dont know out of fear. All humans need connection, maybe
half will be open to it in any general setting. If you can zone in on some kind of a
skill hobby or common interest that can help. Finding someones passion, or a
shared passion can solidify the connection. Being curious abut their passion is
good too, if its something youve never heard of instead of this being
intimidating, this is an exciting chance to learn. Dont feel you should already
know, expose your not knowing, let them tell you.
If a group of people are talking and seem happy, at an event, party, at
work, you can simply just stand there near by. (Even in public you may be able to
sit near by and still gain some energetic benefit). Do not be concerned with
weather you will say something or are following everything. Treat it like youre
watching a movie. Maybe one thing reminds you of something and suddenly you
find yourself saying something. Maybe you just laugh because you were
reminded of a pleasant memory, but it feels natural, someone else smiles too,
even though you werent trying to make them. Maybe nothing major happens, yet
you feel a bit more connected, an uplift, and there was no effort involved.
Approach someone in a park or cafe If they seem indifferent hold your
ground for a while, dont be afraid, just enjoy standing there. Dont expect them to
be overtly welcoming at first. That may not mean they arent interested (this goes
for making friends or romantically). Say a few things, but also try just standing
there. See if the mood shifts a little while you stand there. Speaking, pausing,
and thinking pleasant thoughts. By thinking positive/play oriented thoughts you
are replacing fear and stiffness with uplifting magnetic energy (In situations that
might normally create fear, shifting focus to positive thoughts, with a loose focus
on conversation, shifts the energy). Continue to check in with this inner process,

while at the same time having a conversation, moving to different topics. That is
the trick. Both happen at once, your inner energy state, and what you do and say
on the outside. It gets easier, and even fun with practice. The balance is part of
the play.
Once I walked up to a group of 5 random girls at a bar and said Im here.
Did you miss me. They totally rejected me, yeah sure one scoffed. 3 said
nothing. Actually the last one lit up a little. But I just kept standing there, in an
almost stubborn way. I thought Im not afraid of that girl shes just another
depressed person like me. Within a minute the mood shifted. One called me
brave. Another had a staring contest with me. I had no idea was I was doing at
the time, sheer desperation let me to what now makes more sense. Looking at it
as play and the accumulation of light energy. Have conversations while
keeping play in mind.
Offer some introduction. And then flow between topics, allow you mind to
relax and do a kind of free association. See what you are reminded of and add
that to the conversation. Ask questions, get more information. Dont over focus
on the person, pleasing them, or on distant outcomes, just focus attention on
enjoying what you are doing. See if you can emotionally relate to what they are
talking about, visualize what they are talking about, instead of being overly
caught up in the words. Dont be concerned with small pauses or gaps. Also as
you talk, be aware of a sense of feeling good, that arises just by looking at them
or into their eyes (this flow of biophotons entering your bodies), that grows as you
stay in relation. If negatives happen, dont take it personally. Just hold your
ground, focus on enjoyable thoughts or sensations, and keep up conversation in
a low stress way. Dont worry about sounding clever, or complicated topics. Have
attention on your own enjoyment, while being with them. Doing this reconditions
the body out of fear, and into dual heart regulation, vibrational harmony with
another person. Recognize many of us are deeply conditioned with a sense of
social fear and undeserving, shifting this can take a bit of time. as your body
receives more of this human energy (while in a play state), future approaches
may be increasingly successful. It is also possible for the energy to be lost, such
as after a few hours, maybe something saps you The next week or day you
may feel reset. In college I remember having a few really successful connection
experiences, but then Id spend a day in my room, and the next morning there
would be this reset like everything I had learned had gone out the window. But
when one understands how this energy works there is less reason to be
discouraged, it is easy to get back.
If Ive already gathered energy from an event, or maybe even just sitting in
the park, then I notice it is easier to feel magnetic with strangers. leaving the
event i have more energy, and can attract things that may have been harder to
before. you can still approach a person and accumulate energy with them, even if
you didnt have much to start. But if you want to see a big effect notice the
difference after youve been at an event and connecting with people. i use the

event to accumulate energy, if Im loosing energy, or coming out feeling the

same, it can be because of this mind-mode view of reality, negative energy is
magnetic and keeps us down, we get stuck in it, our attention is magnetized to
empty sensations within our around us.
This sad heavy or empty heart energy is magnetic, as in it pulls us down,
so one has to accumulate enough for a shift in polarity to take place. a love shift,
I used to call it. Youre walking around with friends, at a fair, even in an airport,
your laid back, there isnt a pressure to impress anyone, your pondering
something pleasant, and suddenly everything just feels good, everything is
inspiring. When youve accumulated enough positive energy it is also magnetic,
so it doesnt require stress or effort to maintain this (as i always thought it did).
The magnetic positive overcomes the magnetic negative, and then there is this
effortless shift. Instead of fighting to overcome the negative, by focusing on
positive sensations, my energy is effortlessly drawn up.
Notice all the factors, people, environment (this sense of adventure), my
own positive perceptions/thoughts. I can generate positive energy even without
all these factors present, one or a few may be going on, sometimes its just my
thoughts and environment, often times friends/people present on some level. I
am not desperate, Im good at utilizing whatever I have, having a certain stability
within myself, but when everything happens together, it lifts us even higher.
Utilize low times to plan, reflect on, set up ingredients for more high times.
I want to create more environments that provide this positive magnetic
uplift experience to others; this experience that is so important in human
development. Casually bringing up this subtle energetic' view of reality around
people. Doing this is a source of play.
Dont push your body to the extremes that I did (month long mediations,
ten mile runs, fasting, locking myself it dark rooms to face fear. -do not- if you
want to live. Your body is a gentle thing, and it can be broken). Take this free
awareness. I could say that suffering has made me stronger, but maybe it has
not. Suffering became my identity. Theres no need to rationalize pain and loss.
Its sad, but the living have to live. If you have a chance to be happy, take it. You
deserve it.
Not being in the mind-mode doesnt mean that I never use my mind, it just
means that I prioritize my heart, feelings of fulfillment first. I enjoy the process of
doing something - at the same time, I can have tangible goals, dreams, I can
seek relationship, achievements - they may be in some level of my awareness,
Im just much less desperate for them. Often the moment gives me my greatest
satisfaction, colors, sunlight, the environment, basking in this human light energy.
Feeling worthy to meet peoples eyes, even people you just met at times, without
a mandatory verbal justification. Noticing the mutual benefit of this eye meeting.
That strangers enjoy it too.
It is often easier if someone you know is with you, a second person
provides double energetic support. One person could be talking, another just

gazing, and then alternate if desired. Notice even the person who is just gazing
may still feel actively involved in the conversation. It may not be a hard stare,
they can wander and move around noticing what feels natural. The gazing
person is still benefiting. They are less desperate or anxious for a verbal
entrance into the conversation. They are relaxed and actually more likely to find
something to say when they wish.
You can feel this connection by looking directly at someone or indirectly,
peripherally. At times direct gazing can be intimidating but peripheral may still be
an option.
In-between Moments
For me a lot of the biophoton stuff involves an intangible benefit, such as
if Im at a party and dont feel like interacting yet, I can just stand on the side
lines, no self-consciousness, and feed off energy. There is less fear about what
are we going to do what are we doing to do. Less need to cling desperately to a
friend. Getting more out of in-between spaces. Half of the reason being a
wallflower feels bad is because we think it is bad. That creates fear and paralysis.
Learn that gazing a people is actually enjoyable. If someone says hey you why
arent you talking thats their problem, for perpetuating the mind mode. They
are not intentionally doing this, they may want to connect but unintentionally
make you feel bad. Smile but dont conform to a purely talking centered
approach. Do not live in fear of that person. Just say meh. We think confidence
means talking all the time, but that just becomes fear of people saying why arent
you talking. We focus so much on the talking, other types of connection dont
I promote a peaceful flowing into social spaces, less pressure on needing
clever words. Enjoying other types of nonverbal interaction. Less about what your
doing, more about how you feel doing it. Taking pressure off the mind frees the
channel for heart energy. Less need to have everything you say be a complete
or finished idea. Just the act of talking feels good, with pauses or other noticings
mixed in. Sparks thoughts in others. Laughing because you thought something
was funny, feels good, to others also. When Im waiting in line, when the group
cant decide what to do, Im feeding off the energy. Im still benefiting.
Notice moments when others are looking to meet someones eyes. They
were thinking or talking about something funny, they are looking for someone to
share the moment with. Meet their eyes, you dont even have to say anything,
just think about what they said / why its funny, let it cheer you up too.
A Sea of Biolight


I promote things like briefly looking at random people from a distance. Or

momentary meeting the eyes of a stranger but not acting embarrassed. Notice
that at times peoples eyes may be drawn to you. A magnetic force causes eyes
to meet or look at you, without any particular reason attached to this meeting.
Learn not to feel any embarrassment associated with this. You can access the
field like this, a way to access energy at any time. I could look at someone in the
distance, the energy enters within my body, I can redirect it, it can enhance a
connection that is happening closer to me, or vice versa. Get a feel for how this
energy can be cultivated and is emitted. Ive sat in parks and allowed my eyes to
drift around. Once sitting there for a while I suddenly felt a strong magnetic
connection with someone sitting a hundred feet away. For a moment our faces
locked on to each other, not from a mental choice, but as though being pulled by
a force. At the time I didnt understand the play component, conversation as
play, so I didnt feel I could walk over and start talking - But the momentary
connection even at that distance felt surprisingly satisfying in itself. ..Its beautiful
to think that someone elses biophotons may travel from their heart, through their
eyes, into your eyes, and into your heart, even at great distance, they become
part of you. I had many experiences like this, I called it deep vital energy, and
later discovered the concept of biophotons.
Why quantify love? I believe this merely points the way, and may help
those who suffer in disconnect. Biophotons liberate a soul trapped in material
form. (Librate a soul from the material heaviness, the property of decay.) The
soul is always there, but in the material Universe, we cannot be free, without
light. Here, to deny ourselves this light, is to suffer. To be crushed by the matrix of
space and time.
Allow these energies to give you strength. Positive perspective builds real
positive energy over time. Your thoughts exist. They are energetic reactions in
your brain. Negative thoughts keep you feeling bad, positive thoughts slowly shift
you. People say dont fantasize. I say have the fantasy, if it makes you feel better.
Have the fantasy, but take action too.
At the same time know it is ok to rely on others, and you can connect
without being high all the time. Know that even this energy is not needed to
qualify yourself for connection. People will be attracted simply to a calm
presence, most highs will begin from this lower state. I used to overwork myself
pumping up the high energy to attract others, its exhausting and not
sustainable. This comfort with the lower levels, the ability to be calm, to feel
exposed, is the foundation for lasting energy from which big effortless and
magnetic charisma arises.
This energy is the difference between the frozen and the free. The
difference between the nerds, nice guys, and the empowered. Tedious dating/
conversation tactics, vs fulfilling connection.


Magnetic Energy
Energy (human heart energy) tends to be magnetic; it has polarities of
positive or negative that both have a strong pull, a contagious effect. Fear is
contagious. But so is positive energy. In addition its hard to stay neutral about
everything. We try to be neutral, but that pulls us towards the negative. I was
always someone who had no opinions about everything, and instead of this
being a great thing, it was actually despair. I could never connect with anyone.
We tend to tolerate this stagnant neutrality when we are alone, but when with
friends (or wooing a soulmate) we feel this instinct to have fun, to take action,
create energy. I believe humans need to float on a type of constant gentle
positive awareness or feed, flow of energy within them and between them an
others or the environment.
Every observation, thought, action, event, is an electrical reaction, with a
subtle effect. Positive reactions draw up the electro-magnet of the human heart.
Play. Fun free associating thoughts. Repeating something funny, to
yourself, out loud, because it sounded funny. Exploring your environment.
Receiving energies from crowds of strangers (just being in the space) and from
friendships. This fills your cells with light energy, inner energy you dont have to
fake. If you have an off day. Expose yourself. Imi having a hard time Let loved
ones support you. Let the community energy, even stranger energy, supports
you. Show wherever you are feeling, dont feel you have to act like everything is
ok. At first some people may not like it. that guy didnt act happy. Yet you
maintain a subtler connection. It is different yet they will start to appreciate you.
They too will feel comfortable to take off a need to act. To expose however they
feel. Feeling happy when it comes. Not feeling required to hide sadness and act
happy on the behalf of others.
We become uplifted by a magnetic force, that at its best does not require
effort. Other times we need effort to get by, to set up events where we can feel
effort-less. At times making an effort can compensate if we are feeling low
energy, but still want to reach out. Yet by tapping into powerful magnetic energy,
there is a point where we have to drop the effort and let the energy carry us.
Thinking we need effort actually holds down the magnetic energy.
Say something just because it feels good to speak. Your voice is an
instrument. Energetic communication. You are sending subtle positive waves. I
may say something energetically and intellectually at the same time. There is a
fun idea that I am sharing, and at the same time, there is the sound of my voice,
the way I feel. I say hard day at work? and there is a connected feeling in my
heart, maybe a pleasant thought in my head. Attention on enjoyment. The verbal
and the energetic are happening at the same time. ..Even if there is no real
intellectual component, saying something will still uplift the mood. It feels good.
Needing a reason to talk to someone, that is a ball and chain, play is your


reason. The subtle human light energy benefit is your reason. It feels good in a
subtle yet increasing way.
Positive energy between people will feel right and magnetic, but dont fear
the pause. If the energy peters out, if you run out of things to say. Dont feel you
have to force more. Notice subtler types of connection. The other person may reacclimate to you.
Maybe Im talking to one person, but feel a subtle connection with 5
people. The connection isnt accomplishing anything drastic, but there is an
energetic benefit, that eventually has a physical uplift.
The group may be in stress, but slowly, subtly you can shift it. It feels like
an unbreakable wall, only because we dont notice this subtle connection that is
already there, and builds over time. We can gently shift it into connection, with
any or every component of our being. Our voice, thoughts, attitude, calm gaze.
At many social events there may be an intellectual field of mind energy,
rapid chatter, these vortexes of mind energy.. But I go with a sense of Im just
going to enjoy this and ultimately that is what everyone else wants as well. We
think we want too sound smart, to accomplish things, but what we want
underneath it all is to feel good. That trumps all. That intention to enjoy can shift
the group, from mind to heart energy modes. Stronger heart energy actually
increases intellectual capacity, when focusing too much on mind based
communication, the tangible self validations, without relaxing into the field, can
drain energy. I believe human destiny is to mirror the quantum state where
particles are always in motion. The ideal state may be a type of dance. A wild
and free dance of human relation.
Dont feel a need to justify everything. Play is your excuse to take action.
Doing nothing is not the alternative to validation-seeking conversation, play is
the alternative. It can be a bit random, it doesnt always need logical continuity. If
youre at a store with a friend, pull out a random magazine that reminded you of
Positive focusing doesnt have to mean repeating to myself stay positive
stay positive stay positive. That can work. But I encourage you, focusing on the
positive can literally mean doing anything you enjoy, or finding enjoyment in
anything. Whatever random thing brings you the most happiness at this time.
Whatever random thing the group most wants to do, that is reasonably safe and
fun for everyone involved. When you do what you love, focus attention towards
what you love, that is the most dynamic and powerful kind of positive magnetic
energy. Repeating to your self positive positive positive or fuzzy cat fuzzy cat
fuzzy cat (that is better because there is imagery there (a cat)). This is good. But
doing, thinking about, visualizing, speaking, what you love, is even better. Play
generates energy. Lots of repetition feels safe, but too much repetition ceases to
be play. Though a playful or light conducting person will experience greater
enjoyment even from a single pleasure, they seek variety, even when the do the
same thing, they way they enjoy it may be a bit different each time. Play is taking

off the training wheels of constantly repeating self-help tactics in your head, play
is letting your feelings guide you more often. Knowing the physics of human light
and play, I can spend more time enjoying life, empowered to do what I want, and
less time feeling confused or powerless. Seeing these energetic currents of light
and play around us provides a simpler solution for many of our struggles.
The biophotonic being can resolve practical problems, but at the same
time he knows exactly when to disengage and not be overburdened by negative
energy. Sometimes he may be balancing many things, other times totally blissed
out. Also it is possible to appear and feel blissful, and at the same time be
computing lots of information. New situations may bring challenges, he doesnt
let challenges hold him back, but at the same time he does not seek pain or
suffering itself. He seeks fun and connection and handles challenges when they
Even when preforming chores, work, handling difficult situations, the
biophotonic being is always finding the best in it, maintaining a positive energy
core in their heart, her energy is not compromised. It is more difficult for them to
become exhausted, because they are constantly generating deep vital (internal
body) energy through a playful state of being. It may not always be an outward
playfulness, but often simply an internal optimistic view.
They dont seek suffering, pain, but by riding these invisible energy
currents within and around us, being optimistic, looking for the positive, work
seems less difficult, and even enjoyable. This optimistic or fun focused view
generates a positive feed back loop, an energetic inertia (momentum) in the
heart itself; it becomes easier to stay feeling good.
Relating to others as feeling beings first that sounds hard long day? etc.
Visualizing the other persons emotional experience. how you would feel in their
shoes. This creates many ways to relate, or lets you know when to simply be
there, be present. Dong this is still fun, because Im sparking new connections,
surfacing interesting memories I or they may have forgotten. hard day at work?
this may sound negative, but its not if it helps someone express something, its
an interaction, something new may be illumined, or it just feels good, the point is
you are meeting the person where they are at, its easier to talk about what is
already on their mind, topics that are already in the air. Also you can often offer
some information, something fun or random you did, you are creating energy.
Sometimes asking too many questions is stressful, sometimes asking many
questions can also remind someone of how incompetent they are, or what is
missing in their life. The past may not be a pleasant place to visit even for a
moment. If the past looks gloomy, you can offer information, create something
new Then hone in on passionate topics.
Your very existence can spread a type of positive reconditioning to others,
just being together/around you, a type of experience is being created. While
creating the experience, there is also benefit in at times, weaving these ideas into
the conversation, bringing up topics like - play, how we read expressions when

we are in fear, feeling worthy. talking about this stuff brings it into the global field
of consciousness. A confident person is not afraid to bring this stuff up, to admit
weakness, being vulnerable. Notice by brining up these topics, even if you get
very little response, now they are in the air, notice people may be thinking about
it, telling a positive story makes people feel better, even if they dont say

Play in Conversation
Go to an event or fair. Find someone who looks mildly relaxed. Approach
them without needing a reason. Play is your reason. Perhaps play sounds silly.
Then think of it in a subtle way. Play is your ability to enjoy.
Walk up to someone and say I love your art (if theyre painting) or I love
you outfit. Even if youre not an artist, or clothing designer, they may be happy
just to see someone is interested. It gives them a chance to tell someone what
they are doing, why they are doing it. It feels like a connection has happened.

Or ask someone for directions.

Or what book are you reading? Enjoy each sentence at a time. Dont
focus too much on what you will say next. Dont fear a serious face from them. A
neutral sign is not a bad sign. Even if someone is a bit grouchy, they may not be
conscious of it, and it may not be directed at you. As you talk instead of forcing
energy, notice a subtler benefit, one that is less flashy, but easy, effortless to
maintain. (Serious face is a reflection of the other persons energetic state and
not a rejection of you. What makes it more confusing at first is that they may act
happy towards other people. But exposing serious face to you or someone that
was unexpected is not a bad sign; it can even lead directly to more intimate
connection, skipping the front sage completely. Often what we encounter may
just be a neutral face but fear makes us read it as critical.)
My energy is what it is, it dont have to be any higher or lower then where it
wants to be. Doing this, they may shift down with you. More intimate types of
connections or honest omissions may happen, they feel they can lower their
Look directly at sometimes eyes, or alternate, looking at their forehead for
example, or just slightly away. Looking at somes skin still creates connection.
Peripheral eye contact is still connection. If direct gaze feels intimidating at times,
you can we've between these other modes. But even if you stare at someone,
over time they may start to like it.
You are not limited just to approaching people in this way, even subtle
benefits of being around people, subtle connections, are an accomplishment. If
you dont have a long connection, dont see this as a failure. Keep enjoying
subtle sensations at the event. Dont feel you are supposed to do anything.
Notice if connections start to happen, even without youre thinking about them.
Merely by your enjoying yourself, and wanting it to happen. Your gaze is at eye
level, eyes moving around. Not afraid of meeting someones, yet not needing to
do anything either. Your eyes start to meet someones. They ask your for
directions. isnt this a great fair? do you know where this booth is? now youre
having a conversation. And it just began as some pleasant sessions in your heart
combined with eye movements. - Notice its not just what my eyes are doing, but
also what my heart is feeling, that has this subtle (or not so subtle) effect on
people and in myself. - As you talk, notice theyre wanting to connect in their
voice, their eyes. Or if they dont show it, dont be afraid, they may have tired
face but this doesnt mean they dont like you. Give it time and see if there is a
shift. If they still seem negative with no change after like 40 seconds, you can
back out. There may be many other people that do want to connect. It takes
repeated experience, to know when someone is very not interested / busy, and
when it is just your fear reading into it. Even if they start off not interested, with
experience, they may become interested. Magnetism gradually arises.


Create positive associations with going to social events or work. I feel good
about it even before Ive arrived. Instead of feeling i should do this but I really
dont want to, negative thoughts that drain you. Visualize things you do enjoy
about work/events, or recall past good experiences going as far back as
childhood, even if it was just one time, a moment.
Bring up topics you enjoy. Ask questions. Talk about what they enjoy. Gaze
and listen without worrying about a response. Focus on pleasant sensations. In
terms of what you say, try different ways at it. Allow you mind to relax, and as you
focus on pleasant sensations, see what thoughts surfaces. Visualize what the
other person is feeling. Even if you forget what your talking about. Do not be
embarrassed about forgetting. keep taking in positive observations inspired by
your environment, focusing on pleasant sensations, then another random thought
or thread enters your mind. turn that into conversation. Im hoping to check out
that booth. this occurs to you. oh are you an artist? they say Actually Im a
writer That reminds me of this interesting show when they did ____ Its
interesting the way everyone here is _____ as you relax into the conversation,
more things start occurring to you. You start having preceptive thoughts and
observations. look at the way that person is doing that that reminds me of
they must be feeling these video games look cool, Im sad I havent played
them, but now im noticing they are all direct copies of Mario. you start having
more complex perceptions without trying to. do you want to watch this show with
me? are you hungry? lets go play that dancing game. One moment Im
having complex perceptions, the next im saying lets eat or look at that funny
cat over their. Im not attached to sounding intelligent. More neurons are firing,
but this is a product of having fun, and not actually because im trying to sound
intelligent. the neuron firings themselves are play, vibrational genesis.
These are exercises to un-condition the entertaining mode of
conversation. Ask them if they want to hang out again, get a contact, but notice
how much enjoyment comes out just in the present, even in a five minute
Or maybe were walking side by side, and my mind drifts a bit, Im having
all kinds of complex perceptions, even while keeping the other person in my
awareness. Wondering about this persons childhood. Noticing the way that
person guarding the door over there is inhibiting the rooms energy. Noticing the
flow of energy in the room or area, the quality of the connection. I may be
noticing all this, but all I say is do you want to go dancing on Tuesday? not even
related to what I was thinking. All these other noticings may not even come up in
the conversation. Yet they are fun and relaxing, it feels good to let loose like this
at times. And maybe later on, something I had pondered comes into the
conversation. I only noticed it because i was focusing on fun and feeling relaxed.
Allow your mind to wander when your around people, while at the same
time feeling the energy benefit of the people. Even while youre in conversation,

you mind may wander a little. We focus intensely on each other out of a wanting
to connect, yet all this focusing actually creates stress, and makes us less
preceptive. This free floating awareness, while being physically with people,
allows us to connect to our own being, while being with others.
After many experiences now my mind has a greater backlog of interesting
topics and ways to connect I can re-access more quickly. Also my body has built
a muscle memory for connection. Many things may happen, or click on, at certain
times, while i may not be thinking about it. My body has an instinct. Being social
feels natural, desirable, something to look forward to. I just spend time hanging
around but my body is learning things, subconscious learnings that happen. My
mind records information without me trying to. When im in a state of play or
pleasant enjoyment, my mind may remember all kinds of things about people,
that I can use the next time we meet. The playful mindset makes the information
It seems confusing on the surface, that there are two different types of
high energy. 1. There is this sort of forced energy, and outward enthusiasm'. Its
energy yet hands are shaking, fear is behind it. 2. And then there is this deep
heart energy that arises between people over time. Circulates, flows
accumulates. Enhanced by play. Gradually it surpasses the first. Yet at its best
may only be a function of the group, or of two people.
There are a bunch of different awareness tools here, with time one gets the
hang of what works best at what time, and in what situation. Adjusting the relax
meeter and the play meeter in you being to what best fits. Noticing what your
eyes and body what to do. Things that seem scary at first, but turn out not to be.
All these chapters are describing a similar thing, currents of light and play,
from different perspectives, and in different situations. Its meant to be used in a
go out an experience this stuff way, and then come back and reference the
book. Read chapters in any order. Re-read. Have it read too you (the
NaturalReader program will do this) while you play Zelda, whatever.
Note some of my terms are a bit clunky, if I was feeling better I might try to
write more from the perspective of the reader. Some of my place holder terms
may not describe the details of your subjective experience.
For example, when I started reaching out to more people after college. I
spend most of this time communicating in an anxious way. But I might not notice
it, because that was the only way I knew how to communicate. I was not relaxed,
but i had never actually experienced feeling relaxed in relation to people, so I
wouldnt even know what relaxed means. ..I wanted to be a master
conversationist, which is a fine goal. But I only focused on the verbal, and my
external actions - I didnt notice the way I was feeling. I focused a lot on


improving myself, on what I was doing wrong, this effected my energy. I said
one thing, my body felt another.
You can use conversation techniques that is good, but at the same time, by
calmly drawing attention to pleasant observations, thoughts, and feelings, while
being around people, notice fear, but coming back to the pleasant Slowly one
taps into a different type of connected feeling, used in addition to talking.
At first being social felt like this impossibly complicated thing for me, but by
feeling into the underlying forces, it may actually become simple.
What you discover may not even be the way our culture communicates.
I realize introducing too much information too soon (or certain words vs
others) may induce overwhelm, this book itself should create an experience of
safety and play for the reader. I try to avoid words that remind one of fear or self

Mind Energy Vortex

Notice these long complicated intellectual conversations, that happen even
when were free to do whatever we want, they happen all the time at parties, with
friends. They give us some sense of connection, but they keep us in
complicated land. There is this air of resolving problems, which is fine at times,
but there are always more problems in this mode of relation. If someone is talking
about an oil spill in the ocean. Visualize the boat, even a heavy topic can become
rich and beautiful, and feel uplifting (instead of just talking, we could be creating a
real experience in this moment, even just changing where we focus our
attention.) Visualizing reminds you of another idea, or just makes you feel good.
Someone is talking about their family life, visualize your own similar situations.
Visualize the people their talking about. Allow it to remind you of happy
memories. Now they are being reminded of happy memories. Their are many
ways at it, even when you stray topics, pause, it is hard to do it wrong. Often this
fear of serious face keep us talking fast, afraid of doing it wrong. When I dont
fear pauses, there is more lee way. Show someone your listening. At other times,
throw in a random deep thought you were having the other day. This is all
different types of interaction, play.
Sometimes even thinking a unrelated thought or having a fun perception
about something that has nothing to do with what others are talking about, but it
may make you feel uplifted, creating a small charge, that may actually make
others feel closer, a magnetic reaction. This is counter-intuitive - that at times, not
paying such close attention, may actually make you feel closer to people.
Allowing moments of free floating attention, relaxes the energetic body.


Maybe you were watching this video on your off time, it felt insignificant,
but the act of taking about it, it becomes significant. Now it sparks ideas in
others, positive imagery. Your voice, sounds melodic. It is action, where
otherwise there would have been inaction. You and the other person are both
gradually accumulating positive energy.

Seeing the Pattern

Notice you can see by someones eyes which people are responding only
to high energy, and taking neutral energy personally, responding negatively to it.
Maybe its 50 50 of the people. You can see into the mind, what is going on
beneath the hood. Just notice this. How it effects the group. Dont fix it, you
may not be able to (maybe their is something you can say hours later, but thats
not the whole point). Just notice in a fascination kind of way. Seeing the
territory then things are a bit less scary, I see that these sporadic energies
around me are not my fault, and not to be feared. I also feel less pressure that i
should be loud or a certain way. Sometimes people are offended, but this opens
up a new kind of connection that isnt just word based, or high energy based. We
can find a calm stable way of being around others, still feeling connected. Not
forcing energy, but allowing it to arise in a gradual and more powerful way.
At times doing this takes balls because its different, people may get
slightly offended, the reason why many of us never even discover connection,
these stressful modes of relation scare us away. Its different at first, but then it is
appreciated. This deeper mode of energetic communication opens up. An
atmosphere is created.
Focus on positive sensations/fun perceptions. An experience is being
created that can be healing without trying to be.
Another example. I walk into a room with a friend to check out this work
space environment in town. A woman is sitting there at the entrance desk. She
looks tired, she has had a long day at work. The walls are all blank-ish, kind of
un-stimulating. Shes doing tedious computer work, another person is in the
space but sits way on the other side of the room She sees two people (me and
my friend) have come into talk to her. Even though she is tired, she summons the
energy to act cheerful. I see this moment of pain in her eyes as she does this.
She her-self may be half tuning this pain out and not notice it. Everyones eyes
meet and we smile. We were passing by and wanted to learn about your open
work space. I say. She tells us about her space. Our eyes meet again in sort of a
socially appropriate kind of way. but this time, I sort of look away, or just half
look. I still feel a connection in my heart, but there isnt direct eye contact. (this is
like 15 seconds in) Its not offensive, she still feels a connection, it could even

come across as me being shy. But her mind is a bit boggled. The act has been
disconnected from the heart field connection. She was expecting me to make eye
contact again. But when i didnt something shifts. She thinks maybe they didnt
care weather or not i was acting happy. We keep talking, and there is this sense
of dropping the act. she start to realize that even if she exposes her tired face I
wont be offended. this takes off the stress. this happens not from a mystery
dating tactic, but because i was relaxed and making perceptions about what she
was feeling. im also used to seeing these common patters in the way we relate
in our culture, this acting happy that comes from fear. I expect this, so it gives a
window into what people are thinking. You can see where their triggers will be
before they can. Disengage or avoid their triggers. And reach intimate heart
connection quite quickly. I respond positively to what lights them up, even if its
something new to me. i trust them that it must be interesting, it builds positive
energy between us. she tells us the rules for signing up, their philosophy, etc. we
are thinking about starting a space similar to this ourselves i say, i weve in
something about myself.
I also tend to expect this information based communication. i walk into a
party, enjoying the energy, my eyes meet someone, now they are talking to me
very exuberantly, which is fine, but there is actually fear behind it. i know this
because this is a common pattern, im not a mind reader, im already watching
out for this type of thing, so I notice the signs. It feels a bit stressful to talk and
think this fast. So I just gaze at them and think about how nice their face looks.
They notice I dont have a response, but they feel a strong sense of connection,
so they forgive me. Or maybe they keep talking, just because it feels good, they
don't notice im not keeping up. But maybe they start to relax and slow down, and
now I am keeping up. ..Or maybe they think are you stupid and they start
speaking really slow. But then I look away. and they think no hes not stupid he
actually doesnt care or I say something that shows i actually heard everything
they said. then they start to feel embarrassed. maybe im the weird one, talking
too fast with an awkward vibe. they think. But because i am putting off a clam/
positive vibe, enjoying myself, enjoying my surroundings, they still feel a heart
connection with me, so they arent offended. This is something new, they are a bit
boggled, yet it feels good. Now the speaking and heart connection are
disconnecting to be two separate yet independently valuable things. These are
ways of disengaging anxiety based communication in others or myself. Maybe
they walk away. We talk to other people. Later they come back, and because
they felt a connection, they share something random or personal.
Maybe someone is seeking lots of attention from people, saying loud
things that dont quite make sense, to get attention. I actually decided to pay lots
of attention to them in general, gazing near them, at them, thinking positive
thoughts, but the moment they seem like there trying to get attention in this

anxious way, in that moment I look away. Then when they stop I slowly look back,
sending subtle energy that my body normally emits. This boggles the pattern.
Now anxiety or stress is no longer associated with getting attention/feeling
connected in their brain. They start to feel a sense they are already connected on
some other level. Maybe this is just a taste. But doing this for hours in groups,
could change a person completely. Im not doing this to say look at my clever
psychoanalysis of you. Its more of a compassion for them and myself, feeling
type thing, I may notice these things, yet not say a word.
Even when I look away, or dont have a response, it may just come across
as shy, yet it is effective that now the person feels connected, in a way that dose
not only depend on words. they feel other types of connection to me. then words
are reintroduced, but the anxiety isnt there.
Our eyes meet, but Im not fear flashing flashing energy at them. I
embrace the energy that is already there. Exposing what is there. This becomes
the foundation for greater more sustainable energy to arise and enter my body.
Not just an outward flash or beaming but a direct connection of heart energy
we feel circulating between us, and feeding us. Subtle at first but stable and
lasting. It becomes increasingly strong, yet requires no effort. Beaming energy is
ok from time to time, but i am not restricted only to this or to acting happy before
i feel it. Feeling subtler levels of energy connection. When your my body absorbs
enough energy, you radiate light. Im not trying to beam energy, yet my body is
emitting lots of energy, it is already beaming now. Your body and eyes will emit a
beam that is more powerful then can be produced by stress, even though you're
not trying to. We have to be with people, and yet at the same time not be pulled
or triggered into their patterns. thats what eluded me for so long, it is tricky, but
possible when you see many of these patterns are very simple, and the light
energy that we truly seek is all around us, subtle, but with rising force. We think
we need effort or stress in how we relate, and this makes us less likely to
conduct/channel the really high levels of energy. To become the effortless. the
massive magnetism that other animals might use to unite the herd, or the energy
of children, performers, or enlightened beings.
Energetic Subtext
Notice these energetic reactions, there is more happening underneath the
verbal level. Notice that speaking in a melodic way can actually create a slightly
uplifting energy in the people around you, regardless of what you are saying, you
could say the exact same thing in a non-melodic tone, and have a negative or
indifferent reaction in others. Also recognize saying something while thinking a
negative thought vs saying something while thinking a positive thought. For
example if someone walks over to me and says what are you doing? and I say
well Im drawing this cartoon but im thinking Ive been working on this for

months, its still not going anywhere then i feel bad about it, the other person
feels that vibe in my voice and being. If I say Im drawing this cartoon i could
say the same thing, but if Im thinking, I have this great vision, I love this
character then there is a spark in my eye. the other person sees that, and they
are reminded of something your cartoon reminds me of this other artist! now
you have a conversation, and possible future conversations - created not just by
words, but by thoughts (and feelings).
If someone insults me (implies something negative about me, etc) and
then I think why .. does .. this person .. always insult me. Or I sigh dammit.
Now I may actually be creating more negative energy, I am participating in their
negative. Recognize there is a lot of subtle unintended insulting etc happening,
sometimes the best solution is just to disengage, to not identify with it, its them,
not me. They are not trying to offend me, they are actually suffering inside their

own pattern, so they cant see that their words hurt. I even have compassion for
them. If I take offense at every little thing, then I am being dragged down into it,
into the drama. If I act like nothing happened, then my body continues generating
positive energy. Most often people are not trying to hurt you, so i try to recognize
the positive intention in them, and connect with that. Something that was said felt
untrue, but instead of being triggered into anger, I maintain the positive field (or
peaceful) so that the person or group feels communication has taken place. The
heart to heart connection takes priority, so I often cant identify with the clumsy
Recognize that by being in this playful state (outwardly in your body, or
just in the way you view the world), others may benefit from the energy you are

producing (this vibrational genesis). They may appreciate your presence (from
friends, to strangers sitting near by), even if they dont give overt signs of
approval. You are creating energetic reactions just by the type of thoughts you
think, the sound of your voice. These subtle energies that come from enjoying
your natural being, they befit other people. That benefit circulates back to you.
There is liberation in not being chained to overt signs of approval form others;
noticing subtle levels of connection, subtle ways you positively effect other
people, by enjoying your own experience, or tuning into them.
We enter into the mind to find information, a source of play, but we
rhythmically check back in with the heart. What am I feeling. What are they
feeling. Im not stuck in the trap of constantly impressing entertaining. Im able
to weave between offering a fun observation / making conversation (mind
information) (the play component), and a low stress feeling (heart) connection
(the biolight (biophoton) component). Theres a duality here thats understandably
confusing. But when we get the hang it feels easy. Expressing speech (having a
few topics, etc), and still touching back in with how Im feeling, how theyre
It may sound like a lot, 1. acting with awareness of the benefit of this
biophoton energy on some level produced by people around you, 2. staying in a
state of play, (3.5) noticing the rise of my own energy level, 3. and the energy
level and emotional/phycological state of another person, or possibly several
people, or even more; doing all this at once. Noticing how different people are
effecting each other, what they may be thinking and why. My play flow is in
harmony with another persons play flow. I believe that doing this should start
to feel natural with repeated experience. It becomes instinctive to the heart. Its
more like surfing music or dancing, then it is like math or tedious calculation. It
becomes intuitive. A lot of complex stuff appears to be happening, deep
conversations, poetic speech, but underneath it is a simpler phenomena of light
and play. you can try your hardest to keep up with all the complexity, and never
reach it, or you can embrace light and play, and generate connection without
trying very much at allThats the thing about play, all this activity feeds play, it
is fun. When the body is charged with biolight, enlivened with play, perception
increases, it becomes easier to manage more information if needed, and requires
no effort; it is the opposite, it is filling. If it just feels like effort then it will feel that
way for others too. If it is filling, then it will be filling for others. Mutual benefit.
receiving this energy it becomes possible to perceive all kinds of things, without
trying to, such as at times knowing what someone is thinking or feeling by
various clues. Biolight and vibrational genesis (play) allows the body to feel more,
and the mind to process more. Turning into many factors at once. These
perceptions make it easier to tune into different people. To find the easiest way to
flow with a particular person.


This subtle effect between people is going on all the time; sound energy,
light energy, conversation, movement. This subtle benefit. It may not need to be
any more than that, subtle, yet Im always taking note of it. Because over time it
is building up, circulating to more people and back to me, it becomes quite
powerful. This small uplifting effect, becomes a major source of energy. Even
though its subtle you can feel it over time, the biolight benefit is unmistakable;
the way it increases perception, sensation, colors look brighter, and there is
increased magnetism with people. The body feels more alive. Food on its own,
other sources of fuel, dont produce this type of feeling and effect, although food
is also necessary of course. Over time the effect is powerful. When the cells
have absorbed this energy, it may be possible to magnetize large groups of
people, visibly improve someones mood (proportional to how much energy your
cells have previously absorbed), compute lots of information. This comes largely
from light and biolight energy and play.. other sources - sound, food, exercise, on
their own, dont replace this effect.
Noticing subtler and nonverbal levels of connection. Your kite is chained
down by the intellectual it thinks it needs to be. I can never get truly
high. ..People want to feel connected, and that doesnt necessarily involve
words. When words happen from time to time as play but are no longer an
obligation. Then you are free to gaze and look where you want to. More energy is
free to circulate in the group. There may be a kind of exposing or nakedness in
this, but then it starts to feel good. Your energy is effecting other people,
wherever you go, which means unexpected things could happen, and yet this
connection is how we survive as a species, it will start to feel good, worth the
unknown of it. Someone might walk right up to you and say I like your shirt!
this seems scary because we cant predict that it will happen. Yet it feels good, so
we start to look forward to these unpredicted interactions. When you put out a
safe energy, people feel comfortable walking right up to you. This is needed to
get truly uplifted. To conduct massive healing energy. If the public thing seems
too scary, you can still get quite high (energetically) doing this with just your
friends or family.
Supporting/Connecting to the Group Field
I walk into a social event, and five people look at me, I could introduce
myself to each one, but instead I just enjoy the feeling of their eyes, and say
hey, maybe im thinking about how sexy I am (positive focus). and thats it. then
maybe i sit down at a table with 5 totally different people, because they seem
chill. But there still is a connection with the first group I can return to, there cool
with me. And even just a moment feels good. Now a girl I just met is showing me
a picture of her dog. I focus on the cuteness of the dog. She talks about the dog.
I listen and respond to what lights the person up. I visualize her with her dog. And

now it is cheering us both up, creating a feeling of connection, even though im

not doing anything complicated. This positive feedback loop is happening.
Focusing attention on cuteness, at the same time feeling a bio-connection with
the girl, is creating a good heart feeling that effects the other person. Then while
still feeling this I can add a question, learn more.
Another guy is telling me about his fan fiction, and i listen, but now he feels
pushy like hes trying to hard to sell me his fan-fiction, so i back off. i identify with
how he is communicating, but i don't have a way of helping him at this time, the
best think it to just keep enjoying the group.
Another guy is talking about his photography, i show interest, now he is
showing pictures to the whole group. this feels natural. More ways too connect.
Someone is reminded of something. Now a more dynamic conversation is
happening, it feels good, like play. People seem to relax into their laughter. i
laugh and show interest even if it doesnt matter what im laughing about. The
mood feels good. i feel my presence is supporting the energy, if theres a pause
im not afraid, instead i think of something positive, (or say something) so it
creates a safety net, where one might not otherwise be. Just a bit more support
to sustaining this play flow & stronger bio-light level interaction in the group. im
making a lot of eye contact, enjoying the conversation, the topics, like i enjoy a
movie. im not really thinking about what anyone is thinking. more energy is
building in the group by each persons presence and state of play. My body feels
loose. I find im using my hands or body when I respond to someone, but not
really thinking about it, it just feels good. Someone looks in my eyes and then
looks back to the group, almost like their drinking or sharing in my energy. I could
say drinking but it feels mutual, I feel powerful & valued.
Someone hugs me, instead of thinking what should I do to get this girl to
like me? am I holding on too long? where should my hands go? there is none
of that. I put my hands on her back because that feels good. And all I think about
is fuzzy cats for an indefinite time. I just keep thinking about cats. Or maybe its
just a good feeling i focus on, i think about feeling good. Now after 10 seconds of
this, we both feel this heart connection; the feeling continues after the hug
After some hours I announce that Im leaving. Someone reaches to shake
my hand, and I just hold his hand for a while, hes in this chilled out state; now
someone else is talking to me, but Im still holding the first guys hand. Goofy stuff
like this. The physical connection feels good in itself, needs no justification. He
says oh sorry I say its cool. We didnt know what to say, but we both sort of
enjoyed it.
As Im going to leave I scan the room a last time with my eyes. My eyes
meet someones, and they say are you on Facebook?
There you have an info-exchange opportunity. I just looked, but that was in
itself an action which gave them permission to ask.
Or I could have asked. Many right answers.

Another day I bring a new comic book with me to the group (this was an
anime meetup). I have only read the first five pages, but because it is new, I bring
it, it sparks discussion. Stimulates positive thoughts/feelings in myself and others.
In the past I would have thought I dont really understand what this book is
about I dont know as much about comics as these experts if I bring it it will
draw unwanted attention Im not really that smart conversation is all about
being smart. What I cant see is the negative thoughts and bad self image keep
me down. - Now theres none of that. Negative is not just removed but replaced
with positive.
Now someone is talking about what they want to dress up as for
halloween. Instead of just using my intellectual brain, Im visualizing the
costumes as we talk. That helps me feel good, puts a smile on my face. there is a
positive feed back loop happening. someone sees my interest and says maybe
we could all go as super-heros. Maybe I think Im more of a samurai. We take
out our phones are are showing each others pictures of costume ideas. I notice
this other girl is interested in an anime type thing I aline with. Yet maybe Ill still
go with the super-hero thing if it turns out thats more fun for the group.
Massive Magnetism
Stand in a group space, bar, park, coffee shop, and soak up the energy.
Meet someones eyes across the room (noticing someone may be looking
to meet someones eyes, you find them), see this alone as being enjoyable.
Maybe they say that guy/girl is cute/cool and you didnt even do anything. Now
they are talking about you. Thinking about you.
At the same time their is no commitment. If they walk up and talk to you
later, and you think actually this person just wants me for my body you can just
reject them. Eye contact with strangers may seem intimate if you new to it. But it
is actually totally normal. You dont owe them anything. The moment in itself is all
it needs to be.
Maintain this state of play and human light awareness (being in a social
space). Maybe for you play is thinking about work. Maybe its a creative project.
Your passion. A good book. Ponder this in the social setting. Notice the rise in
energy. Or more active play, walk in the park, observe whats around you. Play
sports. Music. Notice the rise in energy within you as you do various activities
through the week. Look for moments of eye contact during conversation, as you
play a game, on the street. Focus on positive thoughts sensations.
To get to the point where youre magnetizing large groups, you really have
to see people as energetic first and intellectual second. If Im trying to have a
conversation with every person I look at, or look near, then it is more stressful.
You can touch someones soul, effect their energetic being, with your eyes alone.
It becomes easier the more light your cells absorb.

You could absorb energy from an entire group but channel it all to one
person. They are manny options. Energetically connecting to people, yet not
feeling obligated to connections that start to feel one sided. Connect to an entire
group, without really looking or talking to them, just feeling it. Other times you
actively connect. Feeling these other modes first makes it easy to talk to an
entire group if you want to, or reach any one person.
Maybe youre attracting more people, and have to draw lines at times. At
times simply drawing your focus inwards may word off unwanted attention, other
times, you allow your focus to expand back out, when you are interested.

The environment or living space should support community and cheerful/
pleasant relation. Organize your house to support this. A spaciousness, colorful,
well lit, windows, comfortable chairs, inspiring objects (mediums though which to
interact), books, board games, a trampoline; this supports play/interaction.
I recommend going about ones day with an awareness of these energies
emitted by people, seeing if it brings a subtle uplifted feeling. Keeping your focus

on what is fun or fascinating about what you are up to. Thinking I love the way

______ for example. Visualizing it, or noticing things in your environment that
spark energy or peaceful feelings. This cultivates a strong inner core. Notice rises
in good heart feelings. Bring awareness to a sense of basic goodness and
worthiness; see if you can induce this and see if you can keep it with you. See if
the positive observations or thoughts create a momentum or inertia, longer
lasting good feelings, it becomes easier to sustain good feelings.
Take up space and enjoy yourself while around others, without being
overly concerned with what youre doing or why youre doing it. Many of us are
too self conscious to let loose on this level, and our vibrational/energetic nature is
never accessed, we arent even aware we can tap into this growing free energy.
This simple but important and all too rare quietly of being may not be accessed
through the mind or by force of will, but arises over time through connection and
Living for the Rise
I suggest going to public spaces, malls, airports, sitting down and just
getting a feel for this energy. Throwing parties, or hang out space meetups. We
create environments for this type of connection. It wants to happen, when the
environment and attitude support it, it blossomed forth. A renaissance fair. A
concert. Sit back an enjoy it. Draw attention to this energy. Talk and dont talk.

Bring attention to pleasant things around you, and pleasant sensations within.

Notice rises of energy within and feelings of fullness. Feelings of excitement or

connection to your body, like an electrical charge. Your heart is not only a blood
pump, but it also gives off an electrical pulse. Anime conventions.
An event like a group trip, vacation, traveling, is an ideal way to cultivate
maximum human energy. There is a sense of adventure, shared experience,
these create maximum energy opportunities. Doing social work, such as healing
trauma(social anxiety, fear, stress patterns), can be similarly vitalizing, it also has
a sense of adventure that involves others, a sense of change, progress, learning.
The field of play and community is healing. Energy is movement, change play.
The process of teaching and learning feeds both parties in a dual benefit. Let us
create spaces for open dialogue. Safe fields. Some people may have more
experience, but as souls, treating each other as equals creates better safety.
Feel less pressure to be social, try not to see being social as work. On
some days simply show up and enjoy the space. Other times, allow things to
happen. See what your being is drawn too. When negatives happen, take less
personally. Feel worthy. Notice the subtle benefit you have on others, instead of
relying on overt approval. Dont be overly concerned with keeping up the flow,
high energy, or complicated topics that distract from feeling good or peaceful. It
sounds silly, but physically, energetically, to your heart this is quite smart. It puts
you ahead of the intellectual rat race. Your relaxed cheerful physical presence
and ability to enjoy yourself, is all too rare.
I see the journey to survive in this world, the journey to reach ones best
well being, and to improve well being of society, all this is a great, perhaps the
greatest, source of play or adventure. Creating new combinations of possibility.
Looking at life this way creates positive energy.
I believe when the body becomes charged with this biolight
(bioelectromagnetic, deep vital, orgone) energy, the body feels healthier, lively.
Eyes are visibly brighter. The heart retains this energy. Body feels lighter. A sense
of having more energy. Skin is more radiant. An ability to magnetically attract
people to you (from close or long distances), as long as they on some level want
to be attracted. An ability to heal people. It may even travel to people from
distances such as 100 feet (at the speed of light, it is light after all).
Biolight is a type or resource that is best provided socially, similar to eating,
it is best to get a certain serving each day. For example if Im sitting down,
pondering, at a cafe (or park), and I dont feel like Ive had my fill yet, I may just
keep sitting there. On the surface I dont appear to do anything, but internally (my
heart) Im still benefiting. Flow with the group, but keep your own needs in mind
at the same time, dont compromise yourself completely.
Relax into the animal of your being as you harmonize with the group. Allow
your full heart to provoke attraction in others that can not be created though any
amount of clever words alone. Utilize your knowledge of play and human energy.
Channel it to those who seem afraid, slightly worried, stiff. Feed off the energy,


live longer, stay youthful, have great skin, radiate healing energy, attract what
you want, with less effort, feel great.
- Zack Zwiebel 2015