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Manager, Product and Business Development

Application email: jobs@firstcuthires.com

Location: Mumbai, India
Company Description:
The resume is dead, long live your future. FirstCut is a funded technology startup that is looking to disrupt the way scaling
small businesses and social enterprises in emerging markets recruit talent. In the lingo, we will provide an end-to-end
sourcing and screening solution. We dont want to give too much away, but think: big-data, tailored assessments,
automation, deep and rich profiling, and a fantastic customer experience. Ultimately, our goal is to unlock professional
Job Description:
FirstCut is looking for a Manager of Product Development to work under the Head of Product Development in Mumbai,
India, able to start as soon as possible. This will be a broad role, with responsibilities that span product development,
business development, and operational management. Given that weve just gotten started, there is tremendous
opportunity to build a company together the product, the team, the culture and leave your mark on the next big thing.
We are currently building our minimum viable product and you will be a big part of the planning, development, and
launch later this year in India and East Africa (to start). Then, your role will continue to evolve as we further develop the
product and grow the company.
There will be occasional travel mostly within India for client, partner, and team meetings.
The Team:
FirstCut is led by a team of diverse professionals with first-hand experience in entrepreneurship, venture investing, advising
and recruiting for small and medium business, technology platform build-outs, and emerging markets. FirstCut is also
supported by seasoned advisors in technology product design, impact investing, and enterprise development.
Links to core team profiles:

CEO: Matt Schnuck

CTO: Sudheer Bandaru
Head, Product Development: Rishabh Khosla

The Culture:
Above all, we are passionate about unlocking professional potential in emerging markets, and help growing businesses
recruit strong teams. We celebrate and seek out diversity of opinion on our team, were open to bold and disruptive ideas,
and acknowledge and appreciate each other. We trust each other and live whole lives. We always strive for excellence and
for the best solution, which is ultimately determined by the customer need. We believe in our product and we would use it

Job Responsibilities:

Product Development (getting us going):

o Support and drive key aspects of the product design, and customer experience
o Identify and build partnership as necessary, negotiating agreements, and managing integration


Assist with designing process flows for tech platform and offline operations
Conceptualize and conduct market research, customer research, pilots and A/B tests to optimize product
design and experience

Business development (getting us the bucks):

o Identify need for and build relationships with online and offline channel partners
o Test and optimize channels to grow user volumes and maximize engagement
o Build and manage direct relationships with employer clients

Operational management (keeping the trains running):

o Assist with initial build out of back-office and customer engagement operations
o Provide initial delivery of product and transition to permanent team
o Relay feedback into product development or tech development

Everything else (working at a startup):

o Assist with legal research, contract terms, and user agreements
o Assist with financial analysis and planning
o Build tools, templates, and trackers across functions
o Assist with occasional fundraising requests and materials
o Work with service providers and complete other administrative tasks as needed

Required Qualities:

Passionate: Excited to use technology and innovation to unlock professional potential in emerging markets, and
help scaling small businesses and social enterprises succeed.
Entrepreneurial: Self-driven, curious and motivated to solve the problem. Resourceful and creative in finding ways
to build the company. Disciplined and organized to get the job done.
Collaborator: Ability to thrive in a dynamic, high performing, and geographically dispersed team. Knowing when to
engage others for input and expertise.
Analytical and Strategic: Strong strategy, research and analysis skills and intrinsic business acumen. Data driven
and able to take a test and learn approach to product development. Advanced computer/web skills including
Communicator: Exceptional written and oral communication and presentation skills. Ability to communicate data,
insights, objectives, timelines, and issues in a structured fashion. Able to build relationships with customers,
partners, and service providers.
Experience working and living in India

Desired qualities (3-5 years work experience in any number of the below areas):

Willing to commit for at least 1-2 years, assuming greater responsibility over time
Product development at early stage companies
Entrepreneurship or technology startups
Management consulting or related professional services
Recruitment, HR service provider, or HR technology
Technology platform development, coding, database management, or statistical analysis
Operational process design and management for BPO and call centers
Experience with psychometrics, personality assessments, or aptitude testing
Social entrepreneurship or impacting investing
Working and living in East Africa