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ISSUE 58 | FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2015


A Myitsone area resident

pushes a barge near the site of
the proposed dam last month.

Bangladesh, Myanmar
square off over boats
Bangladeshi diplomats have disputed
the Myanmar governments assertion
that nearly all of the 1000 people
rescued off the Myanmar coast are
economic migrants fleeing poverty in


President promises
minimum wage this year
In a letter to parliament, President
U Thein Sein has pledged to enact
a minimum wage before the end of
his term a statement welcomed by
labour leaders, who say low wages are
driving disputes in industrial zones.

Energy ministry caught

out by tender leak
The Ministry of Energy is in damagecontrol mode after state media reported
another round of bidding for offshore
blocks would be held in 2016.



CPI ramps up push to resume Myitsone

The companies behind the controversial Myitsone hydropower project are pushing hard
for a restart of the US$8 billion project, which was suspended by President U Thein
Sein in September 2011 following a public outcry. Area residents remain concerned
about the possible environmental impacts and the need to relocate.


Chinas fertiliser lead

proves tough to tackle
Cheap imports of Chinese fertiliser
are making business difficult for those
hawking Indonesian and Vietnamese
products, as well as local producers.

NLD cries foul over photos

The National League for Democracy has formally complained over doctored photos allegedly distributed by Union
Solidarity and Development Party members showing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi greeting Muslim leaders. NEWS 3

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Kayleigh Long |

THE INSIDER: A picture is worth a thousand words (and this week I used three!)

Once was Burma ...

Archival material courtesy of
Pansodan Gallery
First floor, 286 Pansodan, upper block, Kyauktada township

This excerpt, sent in by a reader, comes from an article about the Manaw festival
in Golden Myanmars in-flight magazine.

Bright lights, big Sittwe

Well, hasnt Myanmar just been
swamped with A-listers lately? Weve
had Catherine Deneuve and Michelle
Yeoh and Forest Ghost Dog Whitaker
not to mention Matt Dillon, who took
it upon himself to visit the IDP camps
in Sittwe.
While its a fairly sad indictment
on todays society that it takes a
visit from someone whose job it is
to look good while feigning emotion
in order to raise the average couch
potatos awareness of current events,
Mr Dillons trip has certainly shone
some star power on the plight of
the Rohingya and the abjectly crap
conditions they face in the camps. In
all, as far as a celebrity-using-theirinfluence-to-raise-awareness episode
goes, his was an understated, tasteful
now, not everyone will remember
this, but back in 2011 the uS
Campaign for Burma ran what must
be, in hindsight, one of the more
cringe-y awareness efforts ever
committed to film.
A number of Hollywood luminaries
lent their talents to the campaign, with
a video being released each day of that
June. It was a veritable laundry list of
big names.
To wit: Will Ferrell, ellen Page,
Jennifer Aniston, Woody Harrelson,
Jason Biggs, Sarah Silverman, eddie
Izzard, Judd Apatow, Kim Kardashian,
Tila Tequila, Billy Baldwin, eva
Longoria, Sheryl Crow, Matisyahu,

Damian Marley, James Cameron, and

the probably-still-blacklisted Rambo
himself, Sly Stallone, all made short
videos of varying style.
Of the videos, reality TV star Tila
Tequilas was perhaps the most
outstanding. Dressed as a school
teacher by way of a B-grade pornog,
Ms Tequila stripps off items of
clothing and purrs Very good when
her students are able to answer
questions about the geographical
location of Burma and correctly name
its then-dictator.
These are all available to watch
on YouTube and while I wouldnt
recommend chewing through too
much of your phone data on it
here, theyre definitely something
to consider next time youre in the
departures lounge at Suvarnabhumi.
However, with perhaps the
exception of Kim Kardashian, none
of those are names likely to resonate
an awful lot with a local audience. My
esteemed colleague suggested that if
there were Western celebrities people
in Myanmar might actually listen to,
it would be Lindsay Lohan, Justin
Bieber and Sean Connery only one
of which would be a good idea (Justin
Its quite clear that, in order for a
genuine and lasting solution to this
ongoing humanitarian crisis, people
from Myanmar need to speak up as
voices of reason and tolerance and
hopefully not get sentenced to hard
labour for doing so.

Nostalgia time...
On this day one year ago, Page
2 reported on the Ooredoo
boycott led by nationalist monk u
The campaign against Qatari
telco Ooredoo is gathering
steam, with [adjective redacted]
nationalist groups upping the
ante by holding demonstrations in
Yangon, as well as continuing to
show a truly commendable level
of commitment (given internet
speeds) to spamming social
networks with conspiracy-minded
warnings about the companys
presence being the harbinger of a
modern-day caliphate.
Well, its a year on and the
group has let its focus wander
away from the telco (presumably
when it came to SIM cards theyd
have thrown their nationalist
buck behind MPT, rather than
padding the pockets of those
shifty norwegians), carrying out
demonstrations in Yangon and
now Pathein against the so-called
boat people, the BBC and
the united nations. The whole
scenes vaguely reminiscent of
the protests that led to the MSF
shutdown. Ooredoo is still in
business. Fortunately the groups
supporting the protest movement
dont hold any real sway, and have
never successfully lobbied to have
legislation pushed through the

Oh Wei cover from 1972

In brief:
embassy forced to intervene after foreigner has stress-induced meltdown in the
general post office
Next week:
Vengeful councillor reveals real reason behind the decision to place those stupid
concrete blocks in the road downtown: Its simple: I hate cars and I love chaos
Business idea: Like a beer station, but a bit nicer. But not too nice.

NEWS EDITOR: Thomas Kean |

Pink cards handed out in Rakhine State

PEOPLE in Rakhine State who were
given blue slips of paper in return for
white cards temporary ID papers
by the May 31 deadline will today be
issued pink cards by state immigration officers.
The Immigration Departments director general U Maung Maung Than
told The Myanmar Times that the
individuals can then go through the
citizenship verification process to see
if they meet the legal criteria to qualify
as Myanmar nationals.
After giving the pink cards as

substitutes for white cards, we will

start citizenship verification processes
in accordance with the 1982 citizenship law, he said.
The pink cards a lighter shade
of red than full citizenship ID cards
will first be distributed in Maungdaw
township, an area with a large concentration of mostly stateless Rohingya
Muslims near the border with Bangladesh. The official said the cards would
be next distributed in Myebon township, near the state capital of Sittwe,
where there is a camp for Muslims
displaced by the inter-communal violence in 2012.
U Maung Maung Than did not give

a time frame for the full distribution

of the pink cards. Rohingya in camps
and a closed-off settlement in Sittwe
have shown reporters in recent weeks
the slips that they were given in exchange for the white cards that date
back, in some cases, to 1982.
President U Thein Sein announced
in February that white cards would
expire by the end of March. From
then to the deadline to turn them
in on May 31, nearly 400,000 white
cards were given back to immigration
officers in Rakhine State and more
than 460,000 were returned across
UN special rapporteur Yanghee

Lee visited the Myebon IDP camp in

January where the government had
launched a Citizenship Verification
pilot exercise for displaced Rohingya.
She said that even after receiving their
citizenship cards their lives had not
They remain inside the camp with
minimum food rations, limited access
to healthcare and to other essential services. The despair that I saw in the eyes
of the people in the Myebon IDP camp
was heartbreaking, she said in an interview with Deutsche Welle.
Officials have told the UN
that it was safer for the Muslim
communities to remain in the camps.

Bangladesh and Myanmar

square off over rescued boats
SIMMERING tension between Myanmar and Bangladesh over the ongoing
boats crisis erupted at a diplomatic
briefing yesterday when the Bangladeshi ambassador rejected accusations that nearly 1000 people rescued
last month off the Myanmar coast
were all from his country.
Myanmar, which said last week that
finger-pointing will get us nowhere,
has been eager to portray the crisis as
one stemming from its neighbour, and
those on the boats as economic migrants fleeing extreme poverty.
But Bangladeshs ambassador yesterday disputed the Myanmar governments account of the citizenship of
those rescued, saying that the numbers put forward were interesting.
The briefing in Yangon grew heated after a Rakhine politician, U Zaw
Aye Maung, said the high population
growth and lack of economic opportunities in Bangladesh were driving illegal migration. He also said that many
Bangladeshis claim to be from Myanmar for political reasons.
Because of the dense population
and a large increase in population
[in Bangladesh] there are less economic opportunities there, U Zaw
Aye Maung said at the briefing, which
focused on the two rescue missions
recently conducted by the Myanmar
It is natural for those people to
migrate to other areas like Myanmar,
Indonesia, Malaysia and other neighbouring countries [which has happened] for decades, not just the current time.
On May 21, 208 people were
brought from human smuggling boats
to Maungdaw township in northern
Rakhine State, near the border with
Bangladesh. Minister for Foreign Affairs U Wunna Maung Lwin said

Migrants found at sea on a boat try to get some water at a temporary shelter in
Maungdaw township, northern Rakhine State, yesterday. Photo: AFP

yesterday that another 734, including nearly 100 children, were allowed
to disembark on June 3, almost a full
week after the navy had intercepted
the vessel.
US President Barack Obama on
June 1 said the ongoing persecution of
the Rakhine States Muslim community, who mostly describe themselves as
Rohingya, has prompted their ongoing
The Rohingya have been discriminated against significantly, and thats
part of the reason theyre fleeing, he
But U Wunna Maung Lwin yesterday said such allegations were not
true. Myanmar has maintained that
those rescued are almost entirely from
Bangladesh, using the rescue to buffet
claims that smuggling boats mainly

rather than asylum seekers from Rakhine State.

However, at an internally displaced

Because of the
dense population [in
Bangladesh] ... [i]t
is natural for those
people to migrate
to other areas like
U Zaw Aye Maung
Rakhine politician

persons camps in Sittwe, The Myanmar

Times spoke with many self-identifying
Rohingya who claimed to have escaped
the boats long before the navy patrols
intercepted them. They said those from
Rakhine State were allowed to call relatives and beg for money to pay the traffickers to discreetly release them, while
a smaller number of Bangladeshis remained onboard.
The UN estimates that around 600
people managed to leave the vessels
surreptitiously before the boats were
U Wunna Maung Lwin did concede yesterday that eight of the people found on the first boat were from
Responding to a question about the
nationality breakdown on the most recently disembarked vessel, the foreign
minister said he could not say exactly
how many Myanmar were included in
the boat.
We are just doing the verification
process for country of origin right now.
In a statement on June 3, the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the
Bangladeshi ambassador to Myanmar had been requested during a
meeting in Nay Pyi Taw to expedite
the repatriation process of all those
recently rescued.
The repatriation will be starting
this coming Sunday [June 7], said U
Wunna Maung Lwin, adding that 200
people were expected to return.
An official at the Bangladesh embassy in Yangon contested whether repatriation will get under way so soon,
as well as how many people would be
We hope it will start next week,
but we are not in a position to name
an exact date yet, said first secretary
Reyad Hossain.
According to Mr Hossain, so far
only 150 people have been verified by
Dhaka as Bangladeshi nationals. Additional reporting by Laignee Barron

News 3

NLD sends
over photo
of leader
A SENIOR official of the ruling
Union Solidarity and Development Party has acknowledged
misconduct on the part of party
officials in Mon State following
the recent visit there of opposition leader Daw Aung San Suu
U Tint Zaw, a central committee member of the USDP,
was responding to a written
complaint issued by the NLD
yesterday about a possible
breach of the electoral law.
According to the complaint,
which invokes the Political Parties Registration Law, USDP
members in Mudon township,
Mon State, had circulated a picture of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
which they said was intended to
damage her dignity. The picture,
whose authenticity is in question, reportedly appears to show
the opposition leader greeting
local Muslim leaders.
U Tun Tun Hein, senior NLD
member, told The Myanmar
Times the party had requested
the Union Electoral Commission to intervene.
The UEC told us they would
ascertain whether the picture
was real or not, he said.
U Tint Zaw said yesterday
that the USDP would investigate
the complaint and was prepared
to take action against its members if necessary. The leaders of
our party are very sorry to hear
about this complaint. We act in
accordance with strict ethics
and rules, and will apply the
rules if it is found that any action was improper, he said.
NLD also complained that
some villages appeared to have
been renamed Pyi Khaing
Phyo the shortened name of
the USDP apparently in connection with local projects promoted by the ruling party.
The UEC said this was a matter for the local authorities.
U Tint Zaw said the names
had been changed by the villagers on their own initiative, not
at the request of the party.
If thats what people want to
call their village, its their affair.
Its none of the NLDs business,
he said.
UEC director U Hla Maung
Cho said yesterday the body was
considering the NLD complaint.
The dispute comes as the
NLD and the USDP prepare to
square off in this years election
for seats in ethnic Bamar-dominated areas of the country.

4 News


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Prosthetic legs donated for

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Workers from the Hong Xin factory strike for higher wages in September 2013. Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing

President promises
to set minimum wage

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THE government will propose a

minimum wage this month, President U Thein Sein has announced.
After a 60-day period for comments
and objections, the government will
then set the minimum wage in advance of the elections, he said.
The president set out the timetable in a letter to parliament
Following extended discussions
around the country between representatives of management and
labour, with input from foreign experts, a final coordination meeting
will be held to settle on a proposed
minimum wage.
The Minimum Wage Law was
enacted in 2013. The ministries concerned were due to appear before

the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw yesterday

to explain what steps they have been
taking over the past two years to implement it.
The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has
formed committees to set minimum
wages in each state and region, hold
seminars, and conduct cost-of-living
surveys. It has also compiled suggestions and recommendations in
respect of the minimum wage.
However, it has been widely criticised for failing to set a minimum
wage sooner. In January 2014 it
promised to set the minimum wage
by the end of the year, but missed
this deadline.
Labour leaders say its failure to
move faster on the issue is a major
reason for disputes erupting between employers and workers at
Myanmars industrial zones. Earlier
this year, thousands of workers from
garment factories in Shwe Pyi Thar
township went on strike demanding
a K1000-a-day pay rise, before police
eventually use plain-clothed thugs to

break up their protest.

In his letter, the president said
the government would act in the
long-term interests of employers and
employees and the economic development of the country in determining a rate both sides could accept
and adopt.
U Naw Aung, a labour representative on the National Committee for
the minimum wage and secretary
of the Myanmar Trade Unions Federation, said he welcomed the presidents letter to parliament.
However, he pointed out that the
wage could only be set by the committee, and suggested the president
should instead demand that the
committee meet imminently to set
the wage.
He said the minimum wage
should not be less than K4000 a day,
and suggested that workers were likely to do well out of the wage-setting
process because the government will
want to keep them happy ahead of
the general election in November.
Translation by Thiri Min Htun

A charity is to provide 90 prosthetic

legs for people in need in Ayeyarwady
Region, said U Myat Thu Win, president of the Shwe Min Tha Foundation
The prostheses, to be provided in
Pathein township, are funded by the
LDSC (Latter-Day Saints Charities) implemented by Shwe Min Tha Foundation. A handover ceremony will be held
in Pathein township on June 8.
This has also been done in Yegyi
and Danubyu townships, he said.
The cost of each prosthesis is about
We will fit the prosthesis at the
home of the person receiving it, said U
Myat Thu Win, adding that the new leg
would restore freedom of movement.
We bring along an expert to tailor
the prosthesis to the disabled person,
he said.
Both adults and children will receive the prostheses.
Shwe Min Tha Foundation, which
has been in operation since 2013, has
fitted 500 devices, thanks to funding
from INGOs, NGOs and CSOs, in Mandalay and Ayeyarwady Regions, Mon
State, and Nay Pyi Taw, he said.
Myint Kay Thi

Tax collection support

teams set up in Mandalay

Mandalay residents will soon be asked

to pay their taxes, revenue officials say.
The regional government is about to
set up a committee to enhance revenue
collection and take action against tax
evasion, regional finance minister U
Myint Kyu said on June 3.
The committee, established on the
instructions of the Union government,
will operate down to the ward or village
level, he said.
The committee has already been
formed at the Union level and will offer
a public education program on taxation
so that people can pay with a will, he
U Soe Naing, head of the Internal
Revenue Department of Mandalay
Region, said the committee would
comprise representatives of his department, the Regional City Development Committee, the police and the
General Administrative Department,
in accordance with the 2015 Union Tax
He added that the committee would
access information on taxpayers and
would take legal action against those
who fail to pay tax. Kyaw Ko Ko,
translation by Thiri Min Htun

No let-up in illegal
bus fare hikes
FARE-GOUGING is the worst problem in Yangon public transport, the
head of the regions transportation
regulatory body said yesterday. Passengers are complaining that they are
sometimes charged double the posted
fare at night, or in heavy congestion.
U Hla Aung, chair of the Yangon
Region Supervisory Committee for
Motor Vehicles, better known by its
Myanmar acronym Ma Hta Tha, said
overcharging was the most common
customer complaint received by the
Its still going on. Some people
just pay what they are asked, but some
complain to us. Of all the feedback
that we receive, complaints about
overcharging top the list, he said.
Ordinary buses charge fares that
rise with distance in increments of
K50, while special buses, which are
supposed to offer seats and air conditioning but rarely do, charge K200K300 per trip. Fares are set by the
Yangon Region government.

Overcharging typically takes place

at night, in defiance of Ma Hta Tha
Passengers say the conductors
threaten to turn passengers off the
bus if they dont pay the extra K50
or K100. For some of our customers,
K100 is a lot. We are trying to find a
way of dealing with this problem, U
Hla Aung said.
Even those who can afford it object to the exploitation of passengers.
Last week I took the Mittar Hlaing 2 city bus from North Dagon at
8pm. When I tried to pay the conductor the fare, which I know is K100, he
demanded K200, saying they always
charged that after 8pm and everybody paid it. He was so rude. Im sick
of public transport, said Ma Htar
Kalar Oo of North Dagon township.
Attempts to introduce an e-ticket
system last year rapidly foundered,
partly for technical reasons and partly
because fares are so low. Issuing paper
tickets would cost a significant proportion of the face value of the ticket.
Foreign transportation experts
advise us to charge at least US$1 for

A bus conductor holds fares yesterday. Photo: Aung Khant

the bus fare. But we cant. We need to

consider our countrys situation. For
$1, you can buy dinner here. For some
people, its their entire daily income,
said U Hla Aung.
Ma Hta Tha will fine offenders
K30,000 in proven cases of overcharging, and can also take a conductor off

the road for a month. Unrepentant

conductors complain about the penalties, saying they should not be fined
K30,000 for overcharging K50.
They break the rules and complain when theyre punished, said U
Hla Aung. If they dont want to pay
the fine, they should follow the rules.

News 5

Ethnic leaders summit stalls

over ceasefire disagreement

LEADERS of ethnic armed groups

meeting in Kayin State have so far
failed to resolve differences over
whether to endorse a nationwide
ceasefire accord with the government
that would exclude three allied factions fighting in the Kokang region.
Participants in the summit, which
began on June 2 and is due to conclude
tomorrow, said the talks in the frontier
town of Law Khee Lar had reached a
critical juncture over the issue.
Some leaders have called on their
16-member Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT) to maintain
unity and not shut out the three factions from the ceasefire accord that
was signed in draft form with the government on March 31.
The government wants a two-step
process whereby it would first finalise
a ceasefire with about a dozen armed
groups represented by the NCCT and
then hold separate talks with the
Kokang-based Myanmar National
Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA)
and its two allies, the Taang National
Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Arakan Army.

An ethnic leader speaks at the summit yesterday. Photo: Naing Wynn Htoon

The Karen National Union, which

is hosting the talks, saw its calls for
a prompt endorsement of the accord
backed by envoys from China and the
United Nations on the opening day.
The divisive issue was thrown further into confusion when liaison officers of the three groups fighting in Kokang said late on June 3 that they had
already quit the NCCT because they
no longer trusted the peace process.
The process of signing the nationwide ceasefire accord might take
longer than we had hoped, said Naing Han Thar, head of the NCCT.
But he also pointed out that the
three factions had not formally submitted their resignations from the

negotiating alliance. We will remain

united but we have to find a solution,
he said.
As the NCCT had warned earlier,
there were also moves at the summit
to amend the text of the ceasefire, particularly one section that speaks of a
future federal military. If the government does not agree to their amendments then ethnic leaders would have
to convene another summit, he said.
Four months of intense fighting in
Shan States Kokang region have driven tens of thousands of civilians from
their homes. Most have sought safety
across the border in China.
The Tatmadaw has reported heavy
losses in the conflict but says it has

driven ethnic Chinese forces of the

MNDAA right up to the border.
U Aye Tun, a liaison officer of
the Arakan Army, protested that the
NCCT had signed the draft ceasefire
accord with the government on behalf of all members on March 31 even
while Tatmadaw forces were on the
offensive and burning villages.
The NCCT cannot show unity.
They are bowing to government persuasion, he said.
He added that NCCT representatives had explained to the summit
how they had been under government
pressure to exclude the three groups.
U Tar Pan La, foreign relations officer of the TNLA, said there was no
trust in the government negotiating
team and the Tatmadaws military offensives had created dissent among
the ethnic groups.
U Phone Win Naing, a liaison officer of the MNDAA, said the government and Tatmadaw had rejected the
Kokang groups offer of ceasefire talks.
We want to talk with the Tatmadaw
but they wont accept, he said.
Colonel Khun Okkar from the PaOh National Liberation Organization
told reporters that the summit needed to find a solution to the dispute.
If they are left out of the national
ceasefire accord in order to sign later,
we have to get reliable guarantees
from the Tatmadaw not to eliminate
them, he said.

Inle in line
INLE Lake could be listed as a heritage site in UNESCOS Man and Biosphere program, forestry department
deputy director U Naing Zaw Tun has
revealed. The UNs cultural agency
will make the decision at a convention
to be held in France from June 8 to 12.
Already listed as an ASEAN heritage site, Inle Lake is a site of significant national culture, as well as varieties of biospecies and ecosystems, U
Naing Zaw Tun said.
We very much hope to be listed,
he added.
The Ministry of Environmental
Conservation and Forestry, of which
the forestry department is a part, has
been working with UNESCO on the
listing since 2013.
Ministry director general U Nyi
Nyi Kyaw told a press conference last
month that designation in the Man
and Biosphere project would help
long-term development, conserve varieties of species and cultures, and aid
research into the connections between
humans and the environment.
If the convention decides to designate Inle Lake, Myanmar will receive
assistance in conservation techniques
as well as possible financial support,
said U Naing Zaw Tun. If the lake is
indentified as a world-standard heritage site, it will also stimulate tourism,
he added.
There are 631 Man and Biosphere
sites in 119 countries. Inle Lake would
be the first to be located in Myanmar.
Htoo Thant, translation by
Kyawt Darly Lin

6 News



Daw Lu Bu, mother of murdered Kachin teacher Tangbau Hkwan Nan Tsin, sits in front of a picture of her daughter, who died in January. Photo: Aung Myin Ye Zaw

We only want the truth

Families of two young Kachin teachers raped and murdered in January say they are still waiting for answers


PICTURES of a smiling young Kachin

teacher brighten up the bamboo walls
of a small room in a Myitkyina refugee
But the family portraits are of
Tangbau Hkwan Nan Tsin, who was 21
when she was raped and murdered in
January, together with her 20-year-old
friend and colleague Maran Lu Ra.
As an official investigation drags
on with little apparent result, their
mourning families are losing hope that
their killers will be found and brought
to justice despite a reported pledge
by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing,
commander-in-chief of the Tatmadaw,
that he also wants the truth to be
We are worrying that the case of
our daughter might end without the
truth being exposed, said Daw Lu Bu,
mother of Hkwan Nan Tsin, her voice
breaking during a recent interview

with The Myanmar Times.

The 21-year-old volunteer teacher
for the Kachin Baptist Convention
(KBC) had been working in Kaung
Khar village in Muse township. On the
night of January 19, a month before
she was due to rejoin her family in Jamaing Kaung refugee camp, she and
Maran Lu Ra were killed.
Two days earlier, about 40 soldiers of
the 503rd Light Infantry Regiment under the Tatmadaws Northeast Region
Command had established a temporary
base in Kaung Khar, about 100 metres
from where the two womens naked
bodies were later found. Local people
have accused the Tatmadaw, and said
they had found an army-issue belt and
boot-prints at the scene of the crime.
Daw Lu Bu recalls how her daughters passion for teaching led her to
take up the KBC position in Kaung
Khar, northern Shan State, last May.
When she had been in grade 10, her father had fallen seriously ill so she had
to take a break from attending school.
To help provide for the family she
worked as a preschool teacher in Ta
Law Gyi village but war forced her to
move to the refugee camp. She managed to complete education up to

grade 11 and secured the KBC position.

She left and we never saw her
again. We received a phone call from
her two weeks before the tragedy took
place, recalled her mother.
In nearby Waingmaw township,
Daw Marang Khawn, aunt of the
murdered Maran Lu Ra, said she also
craves the truth.
We are lying in wait with hopeful
prayer to learn any clue of the case
but, so far, not a single piece of evidence has emerged, she said.
The publicity surrounding the killings and the Kachin churchs international connections have made this an
unavoidable case for the government,
but one that is highly sensitive because
of its possible military connections.
Investigations have been led by
Muse township police, the areas administrator, a local peoples militia,
and police in Pan-Hsaing (Kyu-Koke).
When asked for news, the official reply
is the same as three months ago: The
case is under investigation.
An official said that they had interrogated villagers and 30 army personnel who were present at the village
when the crime took place.
The Reverend Samson Hkalam,

KBC general secretary, said he did not

accept the results of DNA tests carried out in Yangon which the government said did not match any member
of the army unit or local residents. He
said the KBC had requested that the
investigators interrogate again two
military drivers and the commanding
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing is
said to have told leaders of the Kachin
Independence Organisation in Nay Pyi
Taw in March that it was impossible
for soldiers to have committed the
crimes, even as he said he wanted the
truth to come out.
Rev Samson Hkalam said General
Gun Maw of the Kachin Independence
Army had conveyed the senior generals remarks to the KBC.
But U Maro Gha, father of Hkwan
Nan Tsin, said troops stationed near
the crime scene had given nearly K5
million (US$4500) to relatives of each
of the victims a week after their deaths
when a memorial service was held in
Kaung Khar. This only fanned suspicions that soldiers were involved.
U Maro Gha said that he refused
the money and told them, We only
want the truth.

APPLICANTS for a new permanent residency program have

been given the green light by
the Presidents Office and are
likely to sit for a final interview
this month, according to an official in the Permanent Residency
The interview will be the final
step for more than 130 applicants
who submitted documents earlier
this year, after the program was
launched in November 2014.
As of yesterday, a further 40
applications have been received
for the programs second batch.
The Central Implementation
Committee approved the applicants for a final interview in
April, but then decided to seek
the presidents approval for each
one, a step that was not required
under the enabling legislation.
The official said yesterday that
the Presidents Office had last
month instructed the committee
to continue with the approval
We are confirming whether
the applicants are in the country
and available for an interview,
said the official, who asked not to
be named.
She said the process had been
delayed further because members
of the central committee, including Minister for Immigration and
Population U Khin Yi, had been
busy with the release of the census results on May 29.
We havent yet been told to
inform applicants [about the interview] so they wont take place
in the next week but I expect the
interviews will be within this
month, and probably in the last
week, the official said.
The permanent residency
program was announced in November 2014. Foreign investors,
skilled workers, former citizens
and family members of Myanmar
citizens are eligible to apply.
Those accepted are granted
permanent residency for five
years. After five years, former citizens can reapply for citizenship,
while foreigners can apply to extend their status.
Applicants must pay a US$500
non-refundable application fee,
as well as an annual fee of $500
for former citizens and $1000 for
all others.
The first batch of applicants
includes about 60 former citizens,
10 foreigners and 40 relatives of
Myanmar citizens.
The program has been criticised by some because those who
have sought political asylum or
refugee status are ineligible, while
those accepted are banned from
taking part in political activities.

Jailed former banker dies in prison

THE former chief executive officer
of a private bank shuttered in 2005
amid allegations of money laundering has died in prison, according to
U Tin Sein, 58, from Mayangone
township, died in the hospital in Insein Prison on June 3. He had been
admitted the previous day suffering a
rapid heartbeat, breathing difficulties
and fatigue.
He was arrested in August 2005

along with Myanmar Universal

Banks managing director and subsequently found guilty of 11 offences
ranging from drug trafficking to foreign exchange violations. His sentences totalled 223 years and three life
The police report did not mention accounts spreading through social media that government officials
had sought to meet with U Tin Sein
shortly before his death but he had

denied the invitations, saying he

feared for his life.
Myanmar Universal Bank was
taken over by state-run Myanmar
Economic Bank several months after the authorities closed Myanmar
Mayflower Bank and Asia Wealth
Bank, which had both also been
linked to drug trafficking and money
Toe Wai Aung,
translation by Khant Linn Oo

News 7


Workers walk out of a

construction site at Yangon
International Airport in
January. Photo: Thiri

Chin party applies to join UNA

The Chin League for Democracy

(CLD) is to join the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA), sources closed to
the alliance said yesterday.
We expect our application to be
accepted, said CLD chair U Ngai
U Aye Thar Aung, a central executive member of the Rakhine National
Party (RNP) and one of the patrons of
the UNA, said the CLDs request was
likely to be accepted.
While other parties have informally requested, the CLD has made a
formal request to enter the alliance,
he said, in an apparent reference to
three ethnic parties whose leaders
have orally agreed with the leaders of
UNA to join the alliance.
U Sai Nyunt Lwin, secretary of
Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), said he could not
reveal the parties names. They will
have to make a formal request, but
the CLD will soon become a member, he said.
UNA, a political alliance, comprises 12 ethnic political parties and
is a partner to the National League
for Democracy.


The article Charting the rise of English tutors, published in the Education special feature in the May 18 edition (No 44) of The Myanmar Times,
included a misleading sentence
regarding the Diplomatic School,
Yangon. The use of the phrase there
was also was meant to imply the
schools venerable status, not that
it is defunct: Founded in 1975 and
the nations second-oldest private
school, The Diplomatic School happily remains very much active today.
Also misleading was the suggestion
that two American teachers were
extremely helpful in encouraging
their students to study abroad. The
Diplomatic School has always hired
only local teachers; the foreign staff
in question were part of the PreCollegiate Programme, a program
which used The Diplomatic Schools
name but remained institutionally
separate, in keeping with Myanmar
law. We regret any confusion caused.

Ministry to upgrade four airports this year

THE Ministry of Transport has budgeted to spend K23.4 billion (about
US$22 million) upgrading or building
domestic airports this financial year,
an official said last week.
U Thet Htun, second permanent
secretary of the Ministry of Transport,
said the airports set to receive the
funding are spread nationwide and
are visited by 10 airlines.
Four airports at Nagmung and
Myitkyina in Kachin State, Loikaw in
Kayah State and Thandwe in Rakhine
State are in line for significant upgrades, while maintenance will be undertaken at 19 others, he said.
Part of the ministrys funding for
airport upgrades is coming from Japan, which granted US$12.5 million to
improve airport safety and security in
2013 and 2014.
Safety upgrades include the

installation of new equipment, distance measurement equipment, aeronautical ground lights, explosive detection systems and X-ray equipment
at airports in Yangon, Mandalay, Dawei, Nyaung Oo, Heho and Thandwe.
There are 69 airports in Myanmar,
including the three international airports of Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and
U Thet Htun said international
passenger traffic stood at 3.19 million
passengers in 2014, a 58.5 percent increase on the 2.01 million passengers
in 2012. He added that domestic air
travellers had increased by 31.2pc to
2.22 million in 2014, up from 1.69 million in 2012.
In 2012, the ministry announced
plans for major upgrades at Yangon
and Mandalay airports, as well as the
construction of a new international airport, Hanthawaddy, in Bago Region.
U Thet Htun said the JGC-Yongnam Cai Consortium Company, which

won the tender to build Hanthawaddy

International Airport in October 2014,
was still negotiating with the ministry
and had not started work on the huge
Originally scheduled for completion in December 2016, the airport
has been severely delayed to disagreements with the South Korean consortium that won the initial tender.
It is now set for completion in 2020,



International passengers who used

Yangon International Airport in 2014

according to the government.

We have been negotiating on this
project, U Thet Htun said. The project will be conducted in two stages.
We predict that well be able to handle
12 million passengers in the first stage
and 30 million in the second stage.
Pioneer Aerodrome Services Consortium Company won a tender to
extend Yangon International Airport
and signed a concession agreement on
January 1 this year with the Department of Civil Aviation. Work on the
project, which will enable the airport
to handle 6 million passengers a year,
is ongoing.
Mitsubishi Jalux SPA Consortium
Company won a tender to upgrade
Mandalay International Airport and
signed its agreement in November last
year. Work on the two-stage project,
which will upgrade the terminals passenger capacity to 5 million and 8000
tonnes of cargo, is continuing.
Translation by Emoon

Workers consider Supreme Court writ


MORE than 150 fired workers from a

Yangon garment factory have threatened to petition the Union Supreme
Court to get their jobs back, after the
national Arbitration Council overturned a decision by the Yangon council ordering their former employer to

take them back.

The 158 workers from the Costec
garment factory in Yangons Shwe Pyi
Thar Industrial Zone were fired after
going on strike for a K1000-a-day pay
rise in January.
They submitted their case to Yangon
Region Arbitration Council, which ordered Costec to rehire them. The factory appealed the ruling, however, and on
May 28 the national Arbitration Council ruled against the workers because
they had been given the opportunity to
return to work between February 4 and
6 but turned the offer down.

As a result, the employer does not

have a responsibility to rehire them,
the council said. It also cited financial
problems at the factory as another
The workers say they will ask the
council to reconsider the case and if it
refuses they will submit a writ of certiorari to the Union Supreme Court in
Nay Pyi Taw in order to have the decision reviewed.
Worker Ma Kyal Sin said the
workers believed that the council
had been unfairly influenced by their
employer to overturn the decision by

the Yangon council.

She said they did not think the
council would overturn its decision, but
wanted to avoid a lengthy court case.
Some of us are facing difficulties
with living costs so we want to get
back our job at the factory as quick as
possible, Ma Kyal Sin said.
Ko Ye Naing Win, a labour representative on the Arbitration Council,
said he was sad about the decision
but it could not be reversed by the
If they are confused about our
decision they can ask questions or they

can appeal to the Supreme Court, he

He said that it would be the first
time workers had submitted such
a writ to the countrys highest legal
A legal adviser to the workers, Ko
Saw Kyaw Kyaw Min, said he was
working to build a case to support the
Costec factory manager Ma Saw
Yu May declined to comment yesterday, saying that the official with the
authority to speak to the media was
very busy.

8 News


Govt set to introduce

vaccine for rotavirus
Immunisation would help to cut deaths among small children due to diarrhoea


THE Ministry of Healthy plans

to launch an immunisation drive
against the deadly rotavirus in 201718, an official said last week.
Rotavirus is a common cause of
diarrhoea in small children and accounts for about one-third of child
deaths attributed to the sickness.
Dr Than Tun Aung, director for epidemiology in the Ministry of Healths
Department of Public Health, said
the United Nations Childrens Fund
(UNICEF) and the GAVI Alliance
would help the ministry immunise
children against rotavirus in coming
The rotavirus vaccination campaign will be implemented across the
whole country and will cover all children under one year old, he said.
It is still in planning so we are unsure of the exact date and cost for the
campaign, he added.
Alison Rhodes, chief advocacy and
policy officer at UNICEFs Myanmar
office, said the agency is partnering with the ministry to support a
wide range of activities to improve

A child receives an immunisation from

health staff at a school in Yangon in
January. Photo: Naing Wynn Htoon

coverage and uptake of routine

In terms of preventing diarrhoea,
the ministry tentatively plans to introduce a vaccine into the national
schedule in 2018, she said.
Dr Htun Tin, deputy director of
epidemiology at the Department of
Public Health, said unclean water is
the main cause of diarrhoea.
Most people suffer diarrhoea in
the early rainy season due to dirty
water sources, he said.

When people use unclean water,

they are infected with the virus and
suffer diarrhoea, so they should take
care to drink only boiled water.
The ministry plans to start an
education program for the vaccine in
Dr Than Tun Aung said UNICEF is
funding a communication campaign
to improve public understanding of
the problem.
This is one of the steps to get people aware of the immunisation campaign, he said, adding that UNICEFs
budget for the campaign is US$5
People should also be better
educated about their health and I
think many infections occur because
people dont understand how they
The education program will be
promoted on television, radio and
billboards, as well as through leaflets
and SMS text messages.
Ministry of Health data shows that
700 of every 100,000 patients suffer
severe diarrhoea, and of that number
400 die from the disease.
Dr Than Tun Aung said half of all
diarrhoea deaths occur when people
are unable or choose not to go to hospital for treatment.
People should go to hospital if
they get diarrhoea it might save
their life, he said.

Ministry edges toward

10% conservation goal
FORESTRY officials are on track to
fulfil their pledge to set aside 10 percent of the countrys area for conservation purposes, they say. The Ministry of Environmental Conservation
and Forestry will designate the conservation zones to offset deforestation, said U Naing Zaw Tun, deputy
director of the department.
The ministry announced in 1995
that it would first establish conservation zones covering 5pc of the
countrys area, to be doubled over
successive years. The 39 nature
zones now designated constitute
5.75pc of the countrys area, he told
The Myanmar Times on May 29.
Now seven more zones have been
proposed, covering a further 1.09pc
of the countrys area, to which would
be added 46 protected forests already established, covering 17,800
square miles. Altogether, the reservations would then comprise 6.84pc
of the national area.
U Naing Zaw Tun said the department would add the remaining 3pcplus with the help of international
organisations. We will collaborate
especially with the Wildlife Conservation Society, which has worked
with us in identifying 132 key biodiversity areas. More than 30 of them
have already been designated. Adding the rest should bring us to the
10pc target, he said.
However, challenges include the
reaction of local people, who might
fear loss of jobs and income, and

poachers. Some local residents currently hunt and kill wild animals as
their sole source of livelihood, and
threatened species have been killed
or smuggled to neighbouring countries owing to weaknesses in law enforcement and staff shortages, said
the deputy director.
He said the challenges could be
overcome with cooperation between
local residents and forestry officials.
Since conservation means trees
cannot be felled or natural resources
extracted, local residents are concerned for their livelihood and dont
want to cooperate with us, he said.

Square miles of forest to be protected
with the addition of seven new zones

The department has embarked

on public awareness and job creation schemes to overcome these
challenges. Last month, a meeting
in Nay Pyi Taw developed a strategic
plan for ecotourism that included
job opportunities, including a homestay program and the development
of handicrafts.
The deputy director said the department would try to avoid including residential areas in the conservation zone.
Translation by Thiri Min Htun

News 9


Stop boat crisis blame game


VER the past few days, the

world has been increasingly concerned with the
plight of thousands of men,
women and children attempting to cross the Bay of Bengal. I
empathise with their plight and share
these concerns.
The search for and rescue of
people at sea is an international
responsibility, and the Myanmar navy
will provide assistance to anyone in
its territorial waters in need of help.
Urgent humanitarian action must
now take precedence, but we must
also consider medium- and longerterm strategies.
The crisis caused by human trafficking and smuggling will not go
away soon. Nor will the crippling
poverty and hopelessness that drive
individuals to embrace extreme risks
on the road for a chance at a better
Myanmar has been on the road
from military dictatorship to democracy for four years. This is never
an easy journey, and we know that
around the world transitions from
authoritarian to civilian rule can fail.
We are determined not to fail, and in
order to succeed, we have had to balance interests with the pace of change
and connect our aspirations to political realities on the ground. In four
years, we have had to address issues
related to political liberalisation and
reconciliation, economic development
after decades of stagnation, normalisation of relations with the rest of
the world and the ending of over a
dozen different ethnic-based armed
In all this, we have been open to
advice from anyone. We welcome
discussion and constructive criticism.
We ask, though, that our friends outside add not fuel, but bring water, to
the fires that we have to put out as we
open up our country and our society

after so many years of authoritarian

rule. We ask not for finger-pointing,
but for help from anyone who will
join hands in actually tackling, in
a realistic and sustainable way, the
myriad problems we face.
In Rakhine State in 2012 we faced
terrible communal violence that left
hundreds dead and displaced tens
of thousands from both Muslim and
Buddhist communities. We faced a
situation where feelings were high
and a single incident could reignite
That situation has changed. We
have managed not only to prevent
any new violence, but also to begin to
address the roots of violent feeling.
We ask anyone concerned to come
and see conditions for themselves and
learn firsthand what is happening.
In Rakhine State, over 20 different
international aid organizations are
present. As the United Nations and
other bodies know well, we are taking
the first steps toward reintegration.
Anyone who has worked to normalise
life after violent intercommunal conflict knows how difficult and sensitive
this is.
While we address the emergency
needs of the individuals stranded at
sea in the immediate term, in the
medium term we must crack down
on those smugglers and traffickers
who prey on the vulnerabilities of

We ask that our

friends add not fuel,
but bring water, to
the fires that we have
put out as we open
up our country and
our society.

Myanmar Minister for the Presidents Office U Soe Thane addresses the 21st
International Conference on The Future of Asia in Tokyo on May 22. Photo: AFP

migrants. I believe that the issues of

human trafficking and smuggling can
only be addressed through regional
and international coordination and
Rather than seeing the current
migrant crisis as simply an extension
of the situation in Rakhine State and
blaming Myanmar alone, it would

be far better if the rest of the world

could help in finding a practical way
forward. What we are seeing now
touches on the much broader issue of
economic migrants and their plight.
This is a regional problem that requires bilateral and regional solutions
with much international support.
And in thinking of practical ways

forward, we need to be mindful of

history and of the current dynamics in
all their aspects, as well as of our aspirations to develop holistic strategies
that are tested against on-the-ground
realities. Myanmar is at an incredibly
sensitive and pivotal moment in its
history, involving not just Rakhine
State or one people in Rakhine State,
but all 53 million of its people.
There is reason to hope, but only
if the rest of the world is genuinely
interested in finding solutions and
not just apportioning blame. For the
longer term, it is imperative that we
invest in our people and the development of their surroundings.
Rakhine State has tremendous
economic potential. It has abundant
land and water, and now, thanks to
very recent efforts, a good supply of
electricity. We can now improve livelihoods, generate income, and create
better opportunities for everyone,
regardless of race or religion. If we do
this, the pull of migration and especially illegal migration will disappear.
But for this we need investment
in manufacturing, fishing, farming
and the many other sectors that could
easily grow. A billion dollars in investment would be transformational.
To those who are today blaming
Myanmar for the boat crisis, we ask
that you instead help us craft and
implement an inclusive development
strategy based not on aid but on investment that will improve the lives
of everyone in Rakhine State.
The world is rightly focused on
urgent humanitarian needs. Next
we need to quickly look at practical
strategies, including the inclusive and
sustainable development of Rakhine
U Soe Thane is minister of the Office
of the President of Myanmar and a key
economic adviser to the government.
This article was first published in Nikkei
Asian Review (


BUSINESS EDITOR: Jeremy Mullins |


Exchange Rates (June 4 close)

Malaysia Ringitt
Singapore Dollar
Thai Baht
US Dollar



CPI pushes for restart

of Myitsone Dam
A local villager walks near the site of the Myitsone hydropower project in southern Kachin State. Photo: Aung Myin Ye Zaw


PRESIDENT U Thein Sein has suspended the Myitsone Dam project until
the end of his current term. Once this is
over, CPI Yunnan International Power
Investment Company (CPIYN) says it is
hoping to restart work.
The president temporarily halted
the hydropower project in Kachin State
in September 2011, about six months
after taking office. The Myitsone Dam
faced significant criticism over its environmental impact and its affect on local
residents, which U Thein Sein alluded
to when ordering the suspension.
Some local villagers say they oppose
the project, but CPIYN officials say they
are preparing for a possible restart


once the presidents term is over after

this years election.
CPYIN says they were not given the
opportunity to explain the dams upside before the 2011 suspension, and
are now casting a wide net in explaining its benefits, talking to a range of
organisations. It has also hired British
public relations agency Bell Pottinger
to help convince stakeholders that the
dam is the best way to provide Myanmar with power and that it will do
more good than harm.
We are in communication with
lots of the stakeholders NGOs [nongovernment organisations], the government, the NLD [National League

for Democracy], the 88 Generation student group and the ethnic groups. They
are human and they know that Myanmar needs electricity. Ultimately it will
be a government decision whether or
not to restart it, but the discussions are
an ongoing process, said Wang Ping,
chief of the department of public affairs at CPIYN.
We are not clear on whether the
suspension will be lifted at the end of U
Thein Seins term, but we firmly believe
that the benefits will be appreciated.
London-headquartered reputation
management company Bell Pottinger
confirmed that it is working with CPI. It
has also hired former UK ambassador
to Myanmar Mark Canning as a senior
consultant for the region, though he is
not directly managing the CPI account.
Separately, Mr Wang said that also negotiating on CPIs behalf are members
of the Myanmar China Electric Power
Committee, a government-to-government mechanism established last year.

Villagers also believe the project

could soon be resumed. On May 24,
Myitkyina township administrators
visited Aung Myin Tha new village to
try to force residents to sign an agreement saying they have no right to use
vacant property, and could be dispossessed in the event that the project is
restarted. However, residents refused
to sign the agreement, according to the
Residents from Tan Hpre village
told The Myanmar Times that they are
worried the project will start again and
they accused the government of wanting to destroy the Ayeyarwady River. I
think the project will be resumed after
2015. Myanmar people need to protect
this river and the new government
should suspend or abolish this project
completely, said U Tu Hkwan from Tan
Hpre village.
Whether or not the project is restarted depends on the policy of the
new government. A member of the

Kachin National Democracy Congress

Party said the party will object again
if the next government resumes the
We dont want this dam project. I
dont understand why CPI doesnt look
out for the environment and the future
of the Ayeyarwady River. They should.
And the next government should respect what the people want, he said.
Relocating the locals
Mr Wang believes that the company has not been given a sufficient
chance to explain the benefits of the
project. CPI signed the deal for the
dam projects with the former administration. According to separate
sources, one of the conditions of the
contract was that the Chinese company did not undertake any promotional activities to convince villagers
of the benefits of the dam.

Ministry scrambles after leaking offshore bidding news

THE Ministry of Energy called an
emergency meeting yesterday after an
unnamed official told state newspaper
Myanma Alinn that bidding rounds for
oil and gas blocks would be announced
next year.
In 2016, we will announce bidding
rounds for 26 oil and gas blocks including onshore and offshore. The future
bidding rounds are aiming to supply
sufficient energy for domestic use, reported Myanma Alinn on 2 June, citing an MOGE official.
The state-owned enterprise will
open a bidding round for 13 onshore
blocks and another for 13 offshore
blocks including nine deepwater
blocks, according to the report.
The Ministry of Energy in Nay Pyi
Taw was alerted to the report, following
a series of enquiries, and the minister

called an urgent meeting, according to

a ministry official.
This morning, we were called to an
urgent meeting by the minister, where
we were told not to speak to the media
directly. Future information will only
come through the information committee and the ministrys regular press
conferences in Nay Pyi Taw, the official
told The Myanmar Times yesterday.
The ministrys information committee denied the state medias report.
This report is not relevant. We are
trying to find out which official said
that, said U Htay Aung, the committees secretary.
Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
(MOGE) said last month that it would
not launch any more bidding until
2016, but did not confirm any details
about when the next round would
take place or how many blocks would
be offered. However, U Myo Myint
Oo, managing director of Myanma

Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), said

to The Myanmar Times yesterday, I
dont want comment on whether this
news is true or false, but most of the
information mentioned in the report
is accurate.
It is still early to discuss this issue.
We are going to hold a press conference
about it next week, where we will give
you more detailed information about
the oil and gas business, he said.
MOGE has conducted three international bidding rounds for a
number of onshore and offshore
blocks since the nominally civilian government took office in 2011.
The first onshore bidding round for
18 blocks was launched in 2011 and
nine blocks were awarded to international companies.
In 2013, the second onshore bidding round for 18 blocks and the first
offshore round for 30 blocks were
launched. Of these, a total of 16 onshore

and 20 offshore blocks were awarded.

Since then, MOGE has been signing production sharing contracts
(PSCs) for awarded blocks with the
winning international companies and

I dont want to
comment on whether
this news is true
or false, but most
of the information
mentioned in the
report is accurate.
U Myo Myint Oo
MOGE managing director

their local partners. Only a few PSCs

remain to be signed, ending a yearlong process.
Myanmar has a total of 104 oil and
gas blocks including 53 onshore and 51
offshore blocks. At present, 16 onshore
and 19 offshore blocks are in operation, according to a Ministry of Energy
Total current production is 8000
barrels of petroleum and 55 million
cubic feet per day of natural gas from
the onshore fields, and 7000 barrels of
condensate and around 2 billion cubic
feet per day of natural gas from Myanmars offshore fields, said a geologist
from the Ministry of Energy.
Foreign capital pledged to Myanmars oil and gas sector is nearly
US$17 billion, and $2.6 billion had already been invested during fiscal year
2015 by the end of January, according
to statistics from the Myanmar Investment Commission.


12 Business


CPI push for resumption of controversial Kachin dam

In the old Myanmar, you couldnt talk
freely and everything was done on a
government-to-government basis. You
couldnt check with families about
their wishes, or whether they were willing to relocate. We didnt have enough
time to explain to the villagers what
the project is about, said Mr Wang.
Then the government changed.
There was no dialogue before the project was halted. The president himself
had come to inspect our progress and
he approved it, he said.
To date, 2146 people from five villages have been relocated to two resettlement sites, he said. To facilitate the
entire project, which includes six other
large dams in addition to Myitsone,
18,000 people will need to be relocated
from 53 villages, and 11,000 of these
will be moved from the Myitsone area.
This might sound like a lot, but
it is very little compared to the Three
Gorges Dam in China where 1.15 million people were relocated, said Mr
Since the project was suspended,
several of the relocated villagers
have returned to their old homes to
work on the farms and some have
opened restaurants and general
stores. I sell snacks, coffee, noodles
and grilled fish near the Myitsone
resting camp. Its good for us. If we
live in the new village, we cant get
money, said Daw Hkawn Nam, who
has opened a restaurant.
U Aung Hpan, the administrator
from Aung Myin Tha village, said the
authorities know that the villagers
dont want to live in the new village,
but they are not allowed to return to
their old homes, as the dam project
may be resumed after president U
Thein Seins term.
Old controversies
Objections to the project are many

and varied. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

wrote an appeal against it in 2011,
which cited a lack of sound planning,
the failure to enforce necessary conservation laws and a poor ecological
awareness. The area is widely recognised for its biodiversity.
While the appeal accepted the benefits that hydropower dams can bring,
it also noted that the environmental
impact assessment (EIA) report, published in 2011, has generated intense
concern, in particular with regard to
the safety aspect, due to the dams
proximity to fault lines.
Others such as the Biodiversity
and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) claimed the EIA was
rushed, and that CPI did not wait for
its completion before starting construction and resettlement. The location of the dam was also contested, as
the reservoir will submerge important
historical and cultural sites, as well as
the area recognised as the birthplace of
There is fear that the area to be
flooded is the size of Singapore. Singapore is a very small place. Also, most of
the area is mountainous, with gorges,
and its very remote with not many people living there, said Mr Wang. Many
say that the social and environmental
impact of the project is too big, but according to our EIA, it is acceptable and
can be mitigated. The environment is
always in our heart, he added.
Many are also concerned that 90
percent of the electricity will be exported to China, but Mr Wang was
keen to correct this. Myanmar will get
10pc for free, which is more than 10 billion KwH per year, and then it will be
able to draw down as much as it needs
at a negotiated price. The remaining power will be sold to anyone who
wants to buy it, whether its China or
other countries. We must be clear that
the electricity will first be used to meet
nationwide domestic demand and that







the first 10pc will be free, he said.

China does not need additional
power from Myanmar, he added, and
this year there is a 7000-megawatt
(MW) surplus in Yunnan province
alone. However, civil society groups
including the Renewable Energy Association of Myanmar have pointed
out that most of Myanmars population
lives off-grid and therefore will not
benefit from the dam.
We could offer assistance in this.
China is ready to help many parties
are ready to help, but Chinese companies are the most suitable in terms
of price, quality and delivery, said Mr
Wang. He added that as the grid is
expanded in Myanmar, more people
could benefit from power generated by
a dam at Myitsone.
Another major concern is that conflict between ethnic Kachin and the
military was reportedly exacerbated in
2010 after work began on the Myitsone
project. Fighting between the Kachin
Independence Army and the Tatmadaw
broke out in June 2011, ending a 17-year
ceasefire. Three months later U Thein
Sein suspended work on the dam.
There are now important plans
for peace deals, and if they are passed,
that will make a big difference. We are
praying for a permanent nationwide
ceasefire, said Mr Wang. We are hoping that our project will be part of the
solution to the conflict, as it will lead
to more local jobs, better infrastructure
and better communications.
Mr Wang said that CPI will need to
be sure there is no more fighting before
it resumes work. Without permanent
peace, nobody will be willing to invest.
However, he conceded that it is possible the project could go ahead without a ceasefire deal, if the government
agrees to it.
Working out a benefit-sharing
scheme between the government and
ethnic groups for the profits of the project is not the responsibility of CPI, said
Mr Wang, and must be negotiated by
the parties themselves.
A need for power
Myanmars need for power is well documented. The government has several
options, including liquefied natural gas
(LNG), oil, coal, hydropower, wind and
solar. The World Bank believes that hydropower is one of the best solutions
for powering Myanmar. In January, it
held a workshop in Nay Pyi Taw on sustainable hydropower.
The International Finance Corporation which is the private sector financing arm of the World Bank, plans to
work with the Ministry of Electrical
Power and the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry to
rank all of the possible hydropower
projects in Myanmar in terms of environmental impact and productivity,
with a view to identifying the best sites
for development. The project is due to
begin later this year.
Myanmar is among the worlds
biggest untapped territories for hydropower, according to the International Hydropower Association,
having only made use of 2.6 gigawatt
of over 100 GW of potential. Total
installed capacity in Myanmar is
3300MW, three-quarters of which is
hydropower, from 19 operating projects. Myanmar aims to provide electricity to 50 percent of the population
by 2015, and 100pc by 2030.
In light of this, CPI has no plans to
abandon the Myitsone project. The
country needs electricity, thats why we
choose to stay. We are not frustrated, as
we are not here to make a quick buck.
Its a long-term project, so it needs a
long-term mindset and thats what
we have. We are committed, said Mr
Hydropower is much cheaper than
many of the other options LNG costs
K150 to K170 per unit, coal costs K70 to
K80 per unit and hydropower is K60 to
K70, according to Mr Wang.
Its very competitive. Coal is not
suitable as there is no coal in Myanmar
of adequate quality so it would need to
be imported. Gas is too expensive the

A women walks toward the Myitsone dam project site. Photo: Aung Myin Ye Zaw

What is the Myitsone dam?

The Myitsone Hydroelectric Project is situated at the confluence of the Malikha and Maykha rivers. It is the southernmost and largest of seven dams planned to be built along the
Ayeyarwady, Malikha and Maykha rivers. If built, it will become
one of the largest hydropower stations in the world, with an
installed capacity of 6000 MW.
CPIYN is the majority shareholder in the Upstream Ayeyarwady Confluence Basin Hydropower Company (ACHC), which
was registered in 2010 and is a joint venture between the Ministry of Electric Power (15 percent), CPI (80pc) and Myanmar
Asia World Company (5pc). CPIYN is a wholly owned subsidiary
of state-owned China Power Investment Corporation, one of
Chinas five largest power generation groups.
The hydro dam was suspended by President U Thein Sein in
September 2011, following some public opposition, and has
since remained in limbo.
government will be paying four to five
times the current bill if they choose
LNG. Solar power is not steady, and
nor is wind, they are suitable as a backup but not as a primary power source,
he said.

There are now

important plans for
peace deals, and
if they are passed,
that will make a
big difference.
We are praying
for a permanent
Wang Ping
CPIYN official

Furthermore, if the government

chooses to use the countrys hydropower, it will receive a large amount of income. From the Myitsone project alone,
the government would receive $54 billion throughout the 50-year concession
period, and would have full control of
the dam once that period ends.
Whatever the decision, it needs
to be made soon, said Mr Wang. If
we started the project tomorrow it
would take nine years before it was
producing power. If you want my hydropower by 2030, you need to make
a decision now. There are businesses
complaining that there isnt enough

Others note that the Myitsone project itself is also under time pressure after a certain point it will
no longer be economically viable.
Investors have already spent US$1.2
billion and money is being spent
every day on maintaining the sites
and providing free 24-hour power to
the surrounding villages. In total the
Myitsone dam alone is likely to cost
$8 billion to complete.
China has stated that if Myanmar wants to cancel the project
completely, it will need to solve the
situation legally and provide compensation for the contract. CPI will
require at least $5 billion in compensation for the time and money
spent, said a source close to the
project. If the project is cancelled
altogether, they will almost certainly sue the government.
On the other hand, if the project
was to be restarted, investors would
need a guarantee that the project
would not be suspended again, said
Mr Wang. Whats to say it wont be
stopped again? If it is restarted there
will need to be assurance to get the
financing to continue the project we
will need to meet certain requirements, he said. The new government will have to handle its existing
contracts very carefully. The spirit of
a contract is very important.
Furthermore, it is important that
the villagers receive communication
about whether or not the project
will be restarted. The government
has not made it clear whether they
will be expected to stay in their
new accommodation or be allowed
to move back to their ancestral villages, according to Mr Wang. In the
meantime, CPI will continue to offer
assistance to the villagers, including
through rice donations, he said.

Business 13

Taking aim at Chinas

fertiliser dominance

THE price of Chinese-manufactured

fertiliser has increased significantly
in the last few months, with traders
blaming a weakening kyat and increasing transportation charges.
Since the beginning of March, the
market cost of 1 yuan has gone from
K156 to about K180, while transportation costs between the fertiliser factories and the Muse border gate has gone
from 70 yuan to 125 yuan per tonne.
Chinese fertiliser is traditionally the
cheapest for upper Myanmar to import. Its competition from places like
Indonesia and Vietnam is about onethird most expensive, though industry
insiders say the gap is now closing.
Most Chinese fertiliser has increased in kyat terms by about 5 to 15
percent over the past three months. A
50 kilogram bag of branded Panfu Pale
is now K21,000, where it used to be
K18,000, while Thalwin GT climbed
from K17,600 to K18,4000 a bag.


China to
join TPP
trade deal
US President Barack Obama suggested that China could eventually
join a nascent trans-Pacific trade
pact, raising the prospect of an accord spanning much of the globe.
With talks nearing completion
for the 12-member Trans-Pacific
Partnership, Mr Obama hinted that
the leaders of the worlds second
largest economy could jump onboard the agreement.
Theyve already started putting
out feelers about the possibilities of
them participating at some point,
he told Marketplace, a radio news
Although Chinas membership
does not appear to be imminent,
Mr Obamas comments raise the
prospect that the trans-Pacific deal
could be a building block for a
broader agreement.
The deal includes large economies like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Canada and Australia and a
similar US-European Union accord
is also being discussed.
But major hurdles remain, including for Mr Obama at home.
The White House is currently
struggling to gather enough votes
in Congress to grant Mr Obama
trade negotiating powers.
The prospect of China one day
joining is likely to exacerbate concerns among Mr Obamas own Democrats about labour standards and
US jobs moving overseas.
While China has not joined the
talks, it does have bilateral free
trade deals with several of the participating countries.

Even though prices are rising, this

is still cheaper than Indonesian imports at K30,000 a bag and Vietnamese brands at K30,000 to K40,000.
U Myo Aung Thu, an importer of
Vietnamese-branded fertiliser, said he
must make the case that the products he
sells are superior to their Chinese competitors, though the narrowing price difference does make his job easier.
Farmers need to understand that
quality makes a different. Dont only
look at the short term, he said.
Foreign exporters are pushing for
Myanmar market share.
U Myo Aung Thu imports hundreds of tonnes of fertiliser a year by
ship from Vietnam, though Chinese
competition usually come overland.
Traders estimated about 750 tonnes
of fertiliser a day comes through Muse,
Myanmars main overland trade portal
with China. They say market demand
is growing significantly, and not only
Chinese fertiliser exporters are eyeing
opportunities in the country.
Agricultural businesspeople said
their companies are importing larger and larger amounts of fertiliser.
U Win Htay, managing director of
Myanmar Sugar Development Public Company, said his company has

imported an Indonesian brand of

fertiliser called Haracoat. The firm
has also begun importing larger
amounts than it needs itself and is
selling to other businesses.
The price is still high, around
K30,000 a bag. But it contains the
right mix of nitrogen, phosphate and
potassium. We think it is good for
farmers, he said.
In-country demand for fertilisers
generally runs highest from July to
The trade is not good at the moment because of the local drought,
said Ko Naing Toe, an importer of Chinese fertiliser. We havent seen a lot
of demand recently because the rains
havent really arrived yet.
Chinese fertiliser also faces an image problem. While there are wellmade Chinese fertilisers along with
cheaper brands, it can be tough to
convince Myanmar people of the fact,
he said.
Still, price remains the main determinant when choosing a fertiliser
and on that criteria, Chinese products
win. Ko Naing Toe said that locally
produced fertiliser is not able to compete, and imported fertilisers also face
an uphill struggle.

A farmer distributes fertiliser on a Myanmar rice field. Photo: Staff

14 International Business




Large US banks
probed in China
nepotism cases

Iranian workers transferring goods

from a cargo container to trucks
at the Kalantari port in city of
Chabahar on May 12. Photo: AFP

Iran zone awaits sanctions end

HUNDREDS of containers lie idle in
the scorching sun that pounds Irans
southeastern port of Chabahar, a free
trade zone crippled by decades of international sanctions.
But against the backdrop of nuclear talks between Tehran and world
powers, authorities hope foreign
investors will finally wise up to the
golden opportunity of doing business in Chabahar, Irans only gateway
to the Indian Ocean.
Between 2006 and 2010, the UN
Security Council adopted six resolutions, four of which imposed sanctions, over Irans nuclear and missile
Since 2012, the United States and
the European Union have also applied a series of unilateral sanctions
that specifically target the energy and
banking sectors.
In early April, however, Tehran
and six world powers reached a
framework agreement aimed at paving the way for a final nuclear deal
by the end of June. The deal is aimed
at preventing Iran from developing

nuclear weapons in exchange for an

easing of the sanctions.
The United States, one of the six
world powers negotiating with Iran
along with Britain, China, France,
Russia and Germany, has said sanctions would be lifted in stages as the
deal is implemented. For Chabahar
Free Zone (CFZ), an accord cannot
come soon enough.
The port is located in Sistan-Baluchistan province and provides countries in southeast and central Asia
with a gateway to trade with Iran.
A brochure lists the golden investment opportunities of doing
business here, such as 20 years of tax
exemptions, reduced customs rights
and a 100 percent guarantee on invested capital and profits.
About 2000 companies already
have a presence in the free trade zone,
which was first set up in 1994. Half of
them are from Pakistan, Afghanistan
and the Gulf, while 30pc are from
China and other Asian countries. The
remaining 20pc are from the West.
Our policy is to have as many

investors as possible, said Saeed

Moghadam, the CFZ executive director for investments.
Fifteen years from now Chabahar
will function as a megaport with a
traffic capacity of 80 million tonnes,
said CFZ deputy chair Ali Hamad
There are plans to turn the zone
into a hub for petrochemical activities
as well as developing it into a tourist
destination. The CFZ already has a
large commercial area where consumers can snap up goods that are 30 to
40pc cheaper than in the rest of Iran.
Yet activity in the port area has
struggled to take off and there is still
only one crane to unload containers.
Many foreign companies left
after the West slapped international
sanctions on Iran for relaunching
its controversial nuclear program in
2005, said Mr Moghadam.
But the tide appears to have
turned slightly since 2013, when
Iran and world powers began talks
aimed at a breakthrough on the
nuclear issue. AFP

US investigations into the hiring by

large banks of the children of powerful
Chinese officials are heating up, people
familiar with the probes said.
The US Securities and Exchange
Commission has subpoenaed JPMorgan Chase for its communications with
some 30 senior Chinese government officials, according to these sources.
At least six other banks have received written demands about dozens
of hires, according to these people and
bank securities filings: Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman
Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS.
The US Department of Justice and
the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
are also involved in the investigations.
The banks are suspected of having hired the well-connected youth in
exchange for other business in China,
including with government-controlled
Such a quid-pro-quo could run afoul
of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a
US anti-bribery law.
The probes are a lingering cloud
over JPMorgan, which has paid billions
of dollars in penalties over the last two
years to settle probes into its bundling
of mortgage securities, its foreign exchange trades and other matters.
The investigation centers on a JPMorgan hiring initiative between 2006
and 2013 informally known as the
Sons and Daughters program.
Regulators have been troubled by
the 2007 recruitment of Gao Jue, who
was considered by bank officials the
worst candidate according to sources.
Mr Gao is the son of Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng, who has
authority to approve or block mergers.
The SEC subpoena includes JPMorgan correspondence with Wang
Qishan, who heads the Chinese governments anti-corruption campaign,

sources said.
The SEC has also demanded JPMorgan provide a list of any Chinese
government officials who have recommended so called princelings, the
children of Chinese officials.
At least three senior executives at
JPMorgan have left the bank in the
wake of the probes, including Fang
Fang, the former vice president of investment banking in Asia, who was
considered a key link between the communist party and Wall Street.
A JPMorgan spokesperson said the
bank is cooperating with the probes
and is in the process of responding to
Credit Suisse from 1999 to 2001
employed Wen Ruchun, the daughter
of former Chinese Prime Minister Wen
Jiabao, who went by the alias Lily
Chang. Credit Suisse also paid Wen
Ruchuns firm, Fullmark Consultants
Limited, according to sources.
Wen Ruchun and her firm were
later employed by JPMorgan.
Other well-connected Chinese
youth that were hired by big western
banks include the grand-daughter of
former Chinese President Jiang Zemin,
Jiang Zhicheng, who worked at Goldman Sachs.
Tang Xiaoning, the son of the president of the China Everbright Group,
a state-controlled financial company,
worked at JPMorgan, Citigroup and
Goldman Sachs.
UBS said it was cooperating with
the SEC. Citigroup, Credit Suisse,
Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs declined comment. Morgan Stanley also
declined to comment for this story, but
the investment banks chief executive
James Gorman told CNBC in late May
that you shouldnt indict the kids simply because of the circumstances they
grew up in. AFP


AERO CLUB, an Indian partnership firm, and having its registered
office at 867, Joshi Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110 005, India
is the owner and proprietor of the following Trademark:

Myanmar Reg. No. 4/9214/2005

(29 November 2005)
In respect of Clothing, footwear and headgear in Class 25;
and Leather and imitation of leather, and goods made of these
materials; animal skins, hides; trunks and traveling bags in
Class 18.
Fraudulent or unauthorised use, or actual or colourable imitation
of the said mark shall be dealt with according to law.
Daw Khin Phu Ngone Win, LL.B, LL.M
For AERO CLUB, C/o Kelvin Chia Yangon Ltd.,
Level 8A, Union Financial Centre (UFC),
Corner of Mahabandoola Road and Thein Phyu Road,
Botahtaung Township, Yangon,
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
Dated 5 June 2015

Chinese firm to contribute to

worlds first tidal power station
A CHINESE company has been selected to help build the worlds first
artificial tidal lagoon to generate
clean electricity for British homes,
the company behind the project
said late on June 3.
Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay plc
(TLSB) named China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) as
preferred bidder for a 300 million
(US$548 million) contract for the
proposed plant.
The 1 billion project will harness the huge tides from the Severn Estuary that separates England
from Wales and generate power to
155,000 homes for 120 years, assuming planning permission is
Prime Minister David Cameron
told parliament that tidal power
had significant potential and said
that the Chinese investment was a
win-win for both countries.
CHEC and TLSB have also signed
a bilateral agreement to develop
tidal lagoon power projects in Asia,
particularly at sites along Chinas
18,000 kilometres (11,200 miles) of
Around half of the contract value
is to be spent on British workforce,

partners and supply chain.

Lin Yi Chong, president and
CEO at CHEC, said the scheme
could bring the world a new energy option.
We are proud to have been selected for the tidal lagoon job and
look forward to establishing new
partnerships in Wales and across
the UK, he added.



Number of homes the tide generation

plant will be able to power

We see [it] as the cornerstone

project in our business development strategy in the UK and wider
CHEC is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company,

the listed state-owned enterprise.

Mark Shorrock, chief executive
of Tidal Lagoon Power TSLBs parent company said he had huge
esteem for Chinas delivery capability and ability to deliver projects to
time and budget.
Beginning in Swansea Bay, we
aim to foster a new economic opportunity for collaboration in civil
engineering between our two companies and nations.
Tidal Lagoon Power says it will
require subsidies of about 168 per
megawatt hour (MWh), making it
significantly more expensive than
other low-carbon energy, although
its backers hope it would be the
first of five more tidal lagoons in
The project envisages building
a 9.5-kilometre (6-mile) seawall fitted with 16 hydro turbines around
Swansea Bay, where the waters rise
and fall by up to 10.5 metres.
It still needs to win planning
permission from the local authority, but if approved would be connected to the national power grid
by 2019, providing 495,000MWh
every year.


Job Vacancy
The Department for International Development (DFID) is currently looking
to recruit a highly motivated and energetic individual to join our team as a
Programme Officer (Grade: B2).
DFID is based at the British Embassy in Yangon.
For more information and details on how to apply, please visit the link:
The deadline for submission of applications is on 22 June 2015 (00:00 MST).

Expression of Interest to Provide Engineering Consultancy Services at

National, Regional and Global Levels
WFP and UNICEF, are jointly seeking Expressions of Interest from companies
who are experienced in Engineering Consultancy Services.
Both organisations commonly engage Engineering Design and Consultancy
firms at global and regional levels for many kinds of engineering and
consultancy services. To streamline the process of contracting such services,
WFP and UNICEF wish to develop a Long Term Agreement (LTA) with service
providers at numerous locations worldwide. The LTA shall cover all services
required to plan, design and supervise the infrastructure projects required as
part of programmes and operations both agencies undertake.
If your company is interested in providing the required services pleaseregister
your interest at before 08 June 2015

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

(UNHCR) in Myanmar is seeking for qualified applicants to fill the
following position:
1) Data Management Associate, GL-6
(UNOPS Contract- Local Individual Contract Agreement,
Closing date: 22 June 2015


The detailed Terms of Reference for these positions are available

on request from UNHCR offices in Yangon, Maungdaw, Buthidaung,
Sittwe, Myitkyina, Bhamo, Mawlamyine, Hpa-An, Loikaw, Dawei and

Business Development manager

Marketing manager
Sales and distribution manager
Brand manager
Logistic officer
Medical doctor
Project manager
Sales engineer
Site engineer
Chief Accountant
HR Manager
HR Executive
Legal executive
Passenger service agent ( airline)
Customer service

No. 851/853 (A/B), 3rd Floor, Room (7/8), Bogyoke Aung San Road,
Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: (951) 229 437, 09 49 227 773, 09 730 94007

Project Officer
AgenceFranaise de Dveloppement (AFD) the French Development Agency is a French public development institution
that has been working for more than 70 years to implement French development aid policy in emerging and developing
countries as well as in French overseas territories. AFD provides project finance and assistance to central and local
governments, non-governmental organizations, banks and financial intermediaries, public entities and private enterprises.
In 2014, AFD provided EUR 8.1 billion of commitments under the form of loans, guarantees, grants, technical assistance
or equity investment.
In Myanmar, AFD signed in March 2013 a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of National Planning and
Economic Development (MNPED) identifying health, agriculture and rural development and infrastructure (in particular
water & sanitation) as priority sectors. AFD committed since then on this basis 13 projects for a total grant amount of
about 12 M under such framework (including regional projects). In December 2014, an Intergovernmental Agreement
regarding the establishment and activities of the AFD Group in Myanmar has been signed in Nay Pyi Taw between France
and Myanmar, and AFDs mandate has been extended to the provision of sovereign concessional loans, which opens the
door to larger projects and scope of intervention.
In order to support the development of its activities in Myanmar, AFD is seeking to recruit a Project Officer. The position
will be based in Yangon and will be reporting directly to the Head of Yangon office, and to the Regional Director, based
in Bangkok.
The principal duties and responsibilities include:
- Support to AFD operational activities in Myanmar within AFD and with local stakeholders and authorities at every phase
of AFD decision process for a financing (identification, evaluation, approval) as well as during project negotiation,
formalization, implementation and portfolio management: contribution to due diligence, internal reviews and reporting,
organization and participation to missions from experts from AFD headquarters, meetings with local stakeholders,
- Relations with Myanmar interlocutors, especially central and local government authorities, public companies and
civil society organizations in relation with the identification, evaluation, approval process and implementation of AFD
projects in Myanmar
- Relations with other donors based in Myanmar and participation to aid coordination meetings on topics covered by AFD
- Contribute to the elaboration of background or strategic notes about AFD activities in Myanmar,
- Contribute to the communication plan of AFD in Myanmar
Qualifications and requirements:
- Advanced university degree in business, finance or engineering
- Financial and credit skills
- Project preparation and management,
- Notion in procurement
- At least five years relevant professional experience
- Ability to work in multi-cultural organization and to interact and negotiate with colleagues, clients and public bodies
- Strong commitment to development and environmental goals
- Fluent in Myanmar language and English, French notions would be aplus
Expected start: as soon as possible/Contact: Ms Julia de Pierrepont, no : 95 01 2302167

Challenging Media Sales Position

MCM is looking for an excellent candidate to oversee our
National Sales Force. Successful candidates will have strong
commercial management experience, the vision to develop
our business, and a track-record of B2B Sales Management.
Experience in the media sector will be a bonus.
The National Sales Director will oversee our Sales
Departments activities day-to-day, coaching the team towards
strong sales performance while overseeing the placement of
advertisements into our products, and reporting directly to
top management.
Success in this challenging position will require going
beyond week-to-week management and test your ability to
chase new business, develop new business opportunities,
and inform the companys growth as a whole. Your success
in this position will pave the way towards a rewarding career
in Media. Are you ready to take your management career to
the next level? Remuneration will be commensurate with
candidates experience.
Apply today:
Email our HR team at for a
full job description and details on the application process.

The Human Resources Manager: Myanmar Consolidated Media Ltd.

379-383 Bo Aung Kyaw Street, Kyauktada T/S, Yangon
Email applications to:




WORLD EDITOR: Kayleigh Long


China moves into

damage control on
boat sinking

Frances euthanasia
debate to have its
day in court





700 S Korean schools close over

fears MERS outbreak could spread
HUNDREDS more schools closed
yesterday in South Korea as officials
struggled to ease growing panic over
an outbreak of the MERS virus that
has infected 35 people, killed two and
caused thousands to cancel travel
More than 700 schools from
kindergartens to colleges have now
shut their gates in response to public
fears over what has become the largest outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outside Saudi
Five more cases were confirmed
yesterday, bringing the total number
of known infections to 35, the health
ministry said.
The first case reported on May
20 was of a 68-year-old man diagnosed after a trip to Saudi Arabia.
Since then, more than 1660 people
who may have been exposed directly

or indirectly to the virus have been

placed under varying levels of quarantine.
While around 160 were isolated at
state-designated facilities, most were
told to stay home and strictly limit
their interactions with other people.
In Seoul, growing public concern
has been reflected in the daily increase in the number of commuters
wearing face masks on buses and
The governments MERS hotline
took more than 3000 calls on June 3.
And the anxiety has been exported, with the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) reporting yesterday that
around 7000 tourists mostly from
China and Taiwan had cancelled
planned group trips to South Korea.
A mass cancellation of this scale
is very unusual ... and many travellers cited the MERS outbreak as the

Tourists wearing face masks look at a map as they stand in the popular
Myeongdong shopping area in Seoul on June 4. Photo: AFP

main reason, a KTO spokesperson

told AFP.
The military has also been affected with more than 20 symptomatic
soldiers quarantined, including six
who had contact with a South Korean
air force officer recently diagnosed
with MERS.
The officer was serving at the air
base in Osan, south of Seoul, which
also hosts the US 51st Fighter Wing.
Our hospital has established a
plan to care for our population as
well as screening those coming onto
Osan, Colonel Brook Leonard wrote
on the units official Facebook page.
President Park Geun-Hyes administration, and health officials in general, have been criticised for responding too slowly to the initial outbreak.
In an emergency meeting with
health officials on June 3, Ms Park
called for utmost efforts to curb the
spread of the virus and ease public
MERS has now infected 1,161 people globally, with 436 deaths. More
than 20 countries have been affected,
with most cases in Saudi Arabia.
The virus, which has no known
cure or vaccine, is considered a deadlier but less infectious cousin of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
(SARS), which killed hundreds of
people when it appeared in Asia in
The World Health Organisation
said it expected more infections in
South Korea, but stressed that there
was no evidence of sustained transmission in the community.
The Souths Unification Ministry said it had agreed to a request
from North Korea to install thermalimaging cameras in their Kaesong
joint industrial zone, to identify anyone
displaying possible MERS symptoms.
Kaesong lies 10 kilometres (6
miles) over the border in North
Korea, and around 500 South
Koreans travel there every day to
manage factories that employ some
53,000 North Korean workers. AFP


Four police shot dead in ambush

attack in Thailands restive south
FOUR Thai soldiers returning from
a football match were shot dead in
an ambush in the countrys deep
south, police announced yesterday.
The attack took place on the
afternoon of June 3 in the Raman
district of Thailands Yala province,
local police said.
More than 6300 people, the
majority of them civilians, have
died in over a decade of conflict
pitting troops and police against
rebels seeking greater autonomy for
the Muslim-majority provinces bordering Malaysia.
They [the soldiers] were on
the way back to barracks after a
friendly football match with local
residents at the district office,
Raksapram, Ramans deputy police
commander, told AFP by telephone.
The soldiers were dressed in
plainclothes and were ambushed
by five to six gunmen, Mr Chanwut

All of them were killed at the attack site and the gunmen took all of
their four guns, he said.
Images carried by local media
showed the soldiers bloodstained
corpses lying on the road next to
a black car riddled with bullet
holes, which the victims had been
travelling in on their way back from
the government office.
It is not uncommon for militants
to seize weapons from dead soldiers
in attacks since they have limited
access to weaponry.
The estimated 60,000 troops
and police stationed in the three
Pattani and Narathiwat face neardaily roadside bomb attacks and
ambushes from shadowy rebel
They melt away into remote communities broadly opposed to rule by
Buddhist-majority Thailand, which
colonised the region more than a
century ago.

While they are frequently the

target of attacks, security forces
also stand accused of widespread
human rights abuses of the southern population.
Those include killings of civilians in raids on suspected militant
hideouts as well as stifling the distinctive local culture through clumsy and often forced assimilation
Thailands junta, which took
over in a coup a year ago, has vowed
to reboot a stalled peace process
with several rebel groups operating
in the deep south but so far there
has been little progress.
The south often experiences an
upswing in violence in the weeks
before Ramadan, which begins later
this month.
In a separate attack on Wednesday in neighbouring Pattani province, eight soldiers were lightly
wounded in a car bomb attack, local
police said. AFP

Rights groups slam Cambodia deal

A student paints the character for cold blood on the ground of the campus of Hong Kong University (HKU) in Hong Kong on June 4, in commemoration of
Chinas 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown. Photo: AFP

Tiananmen, 26 years on
TENS of thousands of people
joined a candlelit vigil in Hong
Kong yesterday to mark the 26th
anniversary of Chinas Tiananmen
Square crackdown, with the city
deeply divided ahead of a vote on
how to choose its next leader.
Hong Kong is the only location on Chinese soil to see a major
commemoration, with residents
gathering in Victoria Park to mark
the militarys brutal crushing of
pro-democracy protests in central
Beijing in 1989.
Hundreds by some estimates
more than a thousand died after the Communist Party sent
tanks to crush demonstrations at
the square in the heart of Beijing,
where student-led protesters had
staged a peaceful seven-week sitin to demand democratic reforms.
This is an ongoing struggle
for justice, said Richard Tsoi of
the Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of
China, which organises the Hong
Kong vigil.
The US called for an official
accounting of the victims of the
1989 crackdown, as well as the release from prison of those serving
Tiananmen-related sentences.
The State Department also
urged a halt to the harassment
and detention of those who want
to commemorate the anniversary.
The United States urges the
Chinese government to uphold
its international commitments to
protect human rights and fundamental freedoms, spokesperson
John Kirby said in a statement.
Taiwans president Ma Yingjeou called for China to redress
the wrongs of June 4.
US-based group Chinese Human Rights Defenders said state
security had detained dozens of

activists in the Chinese provinces

of Shaanxi and Hunan ahead of
this years anniversary.
Zhang Xianling, 77, whose then
19-year-old son was killed during
the crackdown, said she visited
his grave site yesterday, where
dozens of plainclothes security
staff stood watching.
More than seven security officers remain near her apartment,
with two guarding her door, she
told AFP.
Their main purpose is to stop
me receiving interviews ... and visiting areas deemed sensitive, such
as Tiananmen Square, she said.
The Hong Kong vigil comes as
tensions are high just two weeks
ahead of a vote on the governments controversial election
It also follows huge pro-democracy protests that paralysed parts
of the city for months last year.
The election proposal goes before the legislature on June 17 and
lays out a plan for the first ever
public vote for Hong Kongs chief
It sticks to a stipulation from
Beijing that candidates must be
screened, a ruling that triggered
last years street rallies.
Campaigners call the proposal
fake democracy, and opposition
lawmakers have pledged to vote it
The split was reflected yesterday, with pro-Beijing groups
who support the Hong Kong
governments election package
planning their own gatherings.
But there is also division within the pro-democracy camp.
Hong Kong Universitys student union, which has taken part
in all previous June 4 vigils and
took a leading role in last years

demonstrations, said it wants to

provide an alternative on its
campus this year, with 1000 expected.
Organisers said they did not
agree with the Alliances premise
that democratisation of China
should be the prerequisite for democracy in Hong Kong.
We would like to provide a
different event so we can discuss
Hong Kongs future as Hong Kong
people, said union president Billy
Students gathered at the

and painted a message commemorating the martyrs of the

Tiananmen crackdown.
But some said the mass rallies
of last year had led to a more localist view of Hong Kongs political future.
Lots of people [are] not
identifying themselves as Chinese
now, said 19-year-old student
Tiffany Wong.
Hong Kong is largely self-governed and has far greater civil
liberties than on the mainland,
where public discussion of Tiananmen is forbidden. AFP

CAMBODIA received its first batch of

asylum-seekers from Australian custody yesterday, with rights groups labelling them human guinea pigs for an
uncaring policy by Canberra to offload
refugees onto other countries.
The migrants three Iranians and
one Rohingya from Myanmar were
flown into Phnom Penh, the capital
of one of Southeast Asias poorest nations with a weak record for upholding human rights.
They have arrived now, and we
already handed them to the IOM,
Chhay Bonna, the airports chief immigration officer told AFP, referring to
the International Organization for Migration which is tasked with helping
the four settle into their new home.
The refugees, three men and one
woman, were greeted by Cambodian
immigration officials and representatives from Australias embassy at the
VIP section of Phnom Penhs airport,
an AFP reporter on the scene said.
In a statement the IOM said the
group were being taken to temporary
accommodation in the Cambodian
capital where they would undergo language training as well as cultural and
social orientation.
Theyre here, theyre healthy and
we ask for privacy for them, IOM
regional spokesperson oe Lowry told
Under Canberras hardline immigration policy, asylum-seekers who
arrive by boat are denied resettlement

in Australia and sent to Papua New

Guinea and Nauru, even if they are
genuine refugees.
The deal was inked last September
to allow those granted refugee status
in Nauru to permanently resettle in
Under the agreement Cambodia
will accept Australias unwanted refugees in return for millions of dollars of
aid over the next four years.
Canberra will cover all direct
costs of the settlement arrangement
and refugees will only be moved to
the Southeast Asian nation if they
But the UN has condemned the
deal, while refugee advocates said
asylum seekers do not want to be sent
to Cambodia, a country that has been
criticised for its own record of helping refugees, particularly Vietnamese
Montagnards who are often deported.
The mainly Christian ethnic minorities in Vietnams mountainous
Central Highlands have crossed the
border to Cambodia in recent years to
escape discrimination.
Rights groups hit yesterday at the
move to ship the first set of refugees
to Cambodia under the deal with
Cambodia clearly has no will or
capacity to integrate refugees permanently into Cambodian society, Phil
Robertson, from Human Rights Watch
These four refugees are essentially

human guinea pigs in an Australian

experiment that ignores the fact that
Cambodia has not integrated other
refugees and has already sent Montagnards and Uighur asylum seekers back
into harms way in Vietnam and China.
In a statement Amnesty International Australia said Cambodias track
record of protecting asylum-seekers
was poor and called on Canberra to
cease the transfer of asylum seekers
and refugees to third countries where
they are not adequately protected
from human rights abuses.
A spokesperson for the Australian
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton
said yesterday he would not be commenting on the transfer.
Conditions for those migrants
turned away by Australia have also
raised alarm bells.
Asylum seekers on Nauru live in
mouldy tents and have little privacy,
an Australian Senate inquiry heard
last month, while former staff at the
camp have said women and children
were sexually abused.
Canberra says the government ordered a review into conditions in Nauru last year and has since addressed
many issues.
The arrival of the four refugees in
Cambodia comes as Southeast Asia
struggles to handle a migrant crisis
that has seen boatloads of persecuted
Rohingya migrants and poor Bangladeshis arrive in Thailand, Indonesia
and Malaysia. AFP

Photo: AFP
An Indonesian farmer in Karo
district looks at Mount Sinabung
volcano spewing smoke and ash
on June 3. Nearly 3000 people
have been evacuated from their
homes after Indonesia upgraded
the threat posed by the volcano
on Sumatra island to the highest
possible level.

18 World




Propaganda machine
in damage control mode
CHINAS propaganda machine has
cranked into top gear after a ship disaster, extolling the official response
while dousing any public criticism and
tightly controlling foreign media.
Thousands of police, soldiers and
rescue workers were dispatched to
the banks of the Yangtze, where the
Eastern Star capsized on the evening
of June 1 with more than 450 people
on board. But with only 14 survivors
found, there is little hope for the rest.
Premier Li Keqiang has been the
omnipresent face of the rescue operation since the morning of June 2.
The sleeves-rolled-up, megaphonein-hand image of the premier directing
rescue efforts at the scene has become
a recurring feature of Chinas domestic
media coverage of disasters, said Nicholas Dynon, an expert in Chinese media at Macquarie University in Sydney.
The Chinese media on June 3 also
gave prominent coverage of the miraculous rescue of Zhu Hongmei, who
was pulled from the upturned hull of
the boat.
The 65-year-old woman was shown
being hoisted to safety in a concerted
effort by divers and rescue workers.
It was a scene perfectly in keeping
with the Communist line of society
coming together to support each other
in times of trouble.
In contrast, The New York Times ran
a photograph of a corpse fished from
the river on the front page of its international edition, a more jarring image
suggesting that the toll will be high.
Communist Party leaders are well
aware that missteps over a major disaster can quickly turn to criticism of their
effectiveness at governing.
A deadly high-speed train crash in
July 2011 triggered an torrent of criticism that authorities had compromised
safety in a rush to expand the network.
Deadly floods in Beijing in 2012 and
a stampede which killed 36 people at
last New Years Eve in Shanghai also
stirred a barrage of criticism of the
Unsurprisingly under these conditions, Chinese media have been told
to use only the official Xinhua news
agency and state CCTV television as
their sources to cover the tragedy, according to instructions aired by China
Digital Times, a website that monitors
Chinese media and internet.
The leaked statement included instructions to recall journalists who
were already at the site of the disaster.
Authorities have largely limited official access for foreign journalists to
brief trips along the river, and roadblocks are sited about 2 kilometres (1.2
miles) from the capsized vessel.

Media at the scene of the sinking

has been restricted, including foreign
media, which is unsurprising, Mr
Dynon told AFP.
For Beijing, this is an exercise in
managing domestic emotions, which
means controlling unequivocal messaging around who exactly are the heroes and who are the villains, he said.
At the main press briefing June 3,
no questions were taken and no figures
on deaths or survivors were given
but Guan Dong, one of the divers who
brought two survivors out of the water,
gave his gripping account of the rescue.
Mr Lis activism has taken centre
stage. Over the course of 24 hours he
was seen holding a crisis meeting on
his plane, poring over a map, then giving orders to rescue workers in front of
the largely submerged hull of the capsized vessel.
Reports on June 3 also showed Mr
Li, wearing a hospital gown, at the bedside of a survivor.
While there clearly has been no
news blackout as such, there has been
a careful coverage management favouring stories about the rescue effort, the
role of political leaders and the measures taken by the state to swiftly respond, Mr Dynon said.
The propaganda drive was illustrated in a report by,
the news portal run by the Beijing city
party commission, on a Weibo post that
was reposted more than 100,000 times
in one day. It quoted a news report saying that authorities had limited the water flow coming out of the Three Gorges
Dam to reduce the speed downstream,
where rescue work was ongoing.
[I] could see the responsibility and
capability of leading the whole country
to prioritise peoples life, the post by
netizen Dong Mai Ying read. I really
doubt any other country than China
has such determination and capability
to do this.
The report has been reposted by
mainstream media outlets including
Xinhua and CCTVs websites.
Yet on June 3, Eastern Star was
the most censored term on Weibo, according to Free Weibo, which copies
and republished censored Weibo posts.
From a wider perspective, whenever
disaster strikes China the authorities
seek to sweep aside any negative elements that could tarnish the reputation of the one-party state, such as
suggestions of unsafe public transport,
lax security or standards not being
Ultimately, Beijings primary audience is its citizens, and satisfying international media demand comes a very
distant second, said Mr Dynon. AFP


Court drops Mubarak

murder charges
AN Egyptian appeals court yesterday
annulled a decision to drop a murder charge against former president
Hosni Mubarak over the deaths of
hundreds of protesters during the
2011 uprising.
The Court of Cassation accepted
the prosecutions appeal on the dismissal of the murder charge against
Mr Mubarak, who had initially been
sentenced to life imprisonment.
It was not immediately clear if the
annulment also applied to Mubaraks
seven co-defendants including
feared former interior minister Habib al-Adly who were acquitted in
The court accepts the prosecutions appeal and has set a session for
November 5 to review it, Judge An-

war El-Gabry announced.

In 2012, a court sentenced Mr
Mubarak to life over the deaths of
more than 800 protesters during the
2011 revolt.
An appeals court later overturned
the verdict on technical grounds and
ordered a retrial.
In November 2014 a court
dropped the murder charge against
Mr Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for
three decades until he was forced
from power by the 2011 democratic
uprisings that swept the region.
That decision sparked an outcry
among the opposition, which has
been targeted by a sweeping crackdown by the authorities since the
army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013. AFP

A Praviy Sektor [Right Sector] fighter trains at their headquarters in a small village near Pokrovskoe, eastern Ukraine,
on June 3. Right Sector is a paramilitary group that fights with the governmental army against separatists for the
control of the east of Ukraine. Photo: AFP

24 dead in renewed
Ukraine clashes
AT least 24 people have died in renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine,
the warring sides said, as Russia and
Ukraine accused each other of seeking to torpedo a tenuous peace deal.
A senior commander of the proRussian separatists doing battle with
government forces, Eduard Basurin,
told AFP that 14 rebels and five civilians had died over the past 24 hours.
An estimated 24 civilians and 86
rebels had also been wounded, he
told reporters.
Kiev authorities said that five soldiers had been killed in the upsurge
in fighting.
Kiev on June 3 accused pro-Russian forces of launching a large-scale

attack on the settlement of Maryinka,

west of the rebel stronghold Donetsk,
in breach of the fragile truce brokered by the West in February.
The fighting had died down by
the afternoon of June 3 and authorities said yesterday they were clearing
mines and unexploded shells.
Its quiet in Maryinka now, a
Ukrainian military spokesperson, Olexandr Paranyuk, told AFP.
The fresh clashes revived fears that
the rebels may be readying for a new
push into Kiev-controlled territory.
Separatist forces denied that they
had gone on the offensive, saying they had reacted to defend
their people from a genocide.

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister

Sergei Lavrov said yesterday that the
peace deal in the ex-Soviet state faced
a constant threat from the Ukrainian government side.
The February 12 Minsk agreements are under constant threat of
breaking down because of the actions
of the Kiev authorities who are trying
to avoid fulfilling their obligations
to establish direct dialogue with the
Donbass, Mr Lavrov said, referring
to the rebel-controlled territory.
The Kremlin on June 3 accused
the Ukrainian army which admitted it resorted to the use of heavy
artillery against the rebels of provocative actions. AFP


Pentagon admits to wider problem

with live anthrax shipments
THE US military has admitted
a problem involving mistaken
shipments of live anthrax is much
worse than previously reported, with
samples of the lethal bacteria sent to
more than 50 laboratories.
Pentagon officials insisted there
was no threat to public health but the
latest numbers showed small concentrations of suspected live anthrax
were shipped to 51 labs in 17 states
and the US capital Washington, as
well as to Australia, Canada and a US
base in South Korea.
When the Pentagon first acknowledged the problem last week, officials
initially said more than a dozen labs
were affected in nine states.
Deputy Defence Secretary Robert
Work and senior officials acknowledged the number of labs involved
likely would rise as an investigation
into the problem unfolds.
About 300 government and private laboratories work with anthrax
in the US, officials said.
Although officials played down
fears of any serious health danger,
the stream of embarrassing details
in recent days has raised questions
about the Pentagons competence in
managing the deadly pathogen.
Lawmakers have blasted the
Defence Department over the issue.
The June 3 news conference at
the Pentagon marked the first time
senior officials had spoken publicly about the problem, which first

came to light a week ago when a

commercial lab in Maryland
reported receiving a live anthrax
At least four batches of anthrax
that officials had believed were
dead have turned out to be active,
according to Mr Work. The batches
were all found at a US Army lab,
Dugway Proving Ground, in Utah.
Of those four batches, which
dated back to 2005, samples were
sent to labs across the country and
abroad for research including a facility next to the Pentagon.
The four live batches come from
a total of 400 batches or lots of
anthrax at four military facilities
that handle the pathogens, including
Dugway Proving Ground.
Officials have ordered that all
anthrax held at the military repositories be tested to check for any further
live bacteria, Mr Work said.
Among the samples sent from
the active batches of anthrax at the
Dugway facility in Utah, tests
confirmed nine of them were active
or live, officials said. And more
testing was under way.
The testing of a sample takes
about 10 days, and officials said it
would take weeks to complete a
thorough inquiry.
The department was still in a
discovery phase, said Frank Kendall,
undersecretary of defence for acquisition, technology and logistics.

This process takes time. So the

numbers are likely to change and
grow as we learn more, he said.
Mr Kendall is overseeing a Pentagon investigation into why some
anthrax that underwent irradiation
by gamma rays had remained active.
As a precaution, 31 people who
may have handled or been exposed
to the anthrax vials were undergoing
medical treatment.
But officials sought to play down
fears of any serious health risk.
The vials are packaged in a series
of watertight containers and material, and the samples are extremely
small and in liquid form, as opposed
to a more dangerous dry powder, officials said.
There are no suspected or
confirmed cases of anthrax infection
among any workers in any of the labs
that have received these samples over
the last 10 years, Mr Work said.
Mr Work added that the concentration of these samples was too low
to infect the average healthy individual.
He said there was no indication
that the live bacteria was the result of
any sabotage.
We have to get to the bottom
of this and hold accountable those
responsible, Mr Work said.
US government laboratories came
under fire last year over reports
of sloppy management of deadly
bacteria. AFP

World 19

Smack track
leads to Kenya
WHEN a crack unit of Kenyan narco
cops raided a Mombasa villa in November, after an eight-month undercover US investigation, it marked a step
change in Africas fight against drug
The drugs sting was a first in East
Africa. Four men were arrested: two
sons of a murdered Kenyan drug lord, a
convicted Indian trafficker with a faded
Bollywood star wife and a big-time Indian Ocean transporter from Pakistan
known as Old Man.
The next day, on November 10, a
New York indictment was unsealed
and a US extradition request lodged.
Nearly seven months later the groundbreaking operation is in jeopardy as efforts to extradite the suspects founder,
casting doubt on international efforts
to block a new southern route funnelling heroin from Afghan poppy fields to
European and American streets, via Africas poorly policed eastern coastline.
This case is a big test for cooperation between Kenya and any government that wants to work here, said a
law enforcement officer.
The so-called Smack Track that
leads from Afghanistan to the Makran
Coast of Iran and Pakistan and across
the Indian Ocean to East Africa is an alternative to the traditional opium trail
via Central Asia and the Balkans.
The path was first revealed in 2010
when police busted four Tanzanians
and two Iranians with 95 kilograms
(209 pounds) of heroin in Tanga, northern Tanzania.
Since then seizures have grown exponentially. Last year, nearly 4 tonnes
of heroin was seized by piracy-patrolling warships, almost double the
amount found in 2013. In Afghanistan,
last years record poppy harvest means
the flow of heroin is set to increase.
The East Africa region has become a
transit route for heroin, said Hamisi
Massa, who heads the Anti Narcotics
Mr Massa said Kenya is an emerging destination as well as a key transit
point with the vast majority of heroin
smuggled onward.
When drugs are seized on the high
seas they are dumped overboard and
the crew given a reprimand before being sent on their way.
In April 2014 an Australian warship
found more than a tonne of heroin
aboard a dhow loaded with sacks of
cement: the record quantity, with an
estimated street value of US$240 million (217 million euros), was equivalent
to all the heroin seized off East Africa

between 1990 and 2009.

Seeking a legal finish prosecutions that can disable or deter trafficking gangs the US Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA), UK National
Crime Agency (NCA) and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) are
working with regional security forces
to bust shiploads of drugs within territorial waters and prosecute suspects
under national laws or, in the case of
the two Kenyan suspects, Baktash and
Ibrahim Akasha, extradite them.
It is a collaborative arrangement,
said Mr Massa. In 2013 the DEA established an elite 16-man vetted unit
within Kenyas drugs department
tasked with pursuing high-profile
Members of the elite squad have
passed lie detector and drug tests and
received special training paid for by the
US militarys Africa Command.
Last year it was responsible for two
of the regions biggest busts: the seizure
of the Al Noor, a dhow carrying 341 kilos of heroin, and arrest of the Akashas.
The Akasha sting began in March
last year with a DEA agent posing as
a member of a Colombian drugs cartel eager to source heroin for the US
market. According to a 21-page US
indictment, Ibrahim Akasha personally delivered 99kg of heroin and 2kg
of methamphetamine to undercover
The indictment describes Baktash
Akasha as the leader of an organised
crime family in Kenya, his younger
brother Ibrahim as his deputy and
Gulam Old Man Hussein as the head
of a transportation network that distributes massive quantities of narcotics
throughout the Middle East and Africa while Vijaygiri Vicky Goswami
manages the Akasha Organisations
drug business.
The men are accused of conspiring
to import pure white crystal heroin
into the US at a knock-down price of
US$10,000 (9,100 euros) a kilogram.
US officials believe the Akasha
brothers are continuing the business of
their late father, also named Ibrahim.
He was killed in Amsterdam shot
four times by a bicycle-riding assassin
in May 2000 as he took a morning
stroll with his wife along Blood Street
in the citys Red Light District.
Cliff Ombeta, lawyer for the four
men, says his clients are victims of entrapment. The latest extradition hearing is due in Mombasa on June 4 and
law enforcement officers are worried.


Foreign recruits surge

INTERPOL has identified over 4000
foreign fighters who have joined jihadists groups in conflict zones, mainly in
Syria and Iraq, Interpol head Jurgen
Stock said on June 3 in Barcelona.
In September 2014 less than 900
foreign terrorist fighters had been
identified by Interpol. Today, in less
than a year, more than 4000 profiles
are available in our database, he said.
Mr Stock was speaking at the opening
of a meeting in the northeastern Spanish city of police forces from around
the world with Interpol which aims to
boost cooperation in the fight against
Mr Stock said nations needed to
boost their information sharing and
improve access to the data they have
for organisations like Interpol if they
wanted to curb the flow of foreigners
to jihadist groups.
We must remember that while

information is increasingly being

shared across borders, it is much slower than it takes for foreign terrorists to
recruit and travel to and from conflict
zones, he said.
A gap still exists between the number of foreign terrorist fighters we
have identified and those estimated to
have reached conflict zones. We need
to work to close this gap, he added.
A recent UN report showed an increase in the number of foreign fighters from last year, with more than
25,000 foreign jihadists from more
than 100 countries now involved in
armed conflicts.
A large number of fighters were
travelling from Tunisia, Morocco,
France and Russia, but the report
cited new flows of jihadists from the
Maldives, Finland, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as from some countries
in Sub-Saharan Africa. AFP


Photo: AFP

Indian schoolchildren wear facemasks to spread awareness of the

problem of air pollution in New Delhi yesterday. Today, June 5,
marks World Environment Day. The Indian government is under
pressure to act after the World Health Organisation last year
declared New Delhi the worlds most polluted capital. At least 3000
people die prematurely every year in the city because of air pollution.

World 23

Euthanasia debate sparked again as

controversial case has its day in court
EUROPES human rights court will
decide today if a man in a vegetative
state can be taken off life support in
a case that ignited a fierce euthanasia debate in France.
Vincent Lambert, who is in his
late 30s, was left severely brain
damaged and quadriplegic as a result of a 2008 road accident and has
for months been at the centre of a
judicial tug-of-war over his right to
His wife Rachel, who like him
is a psychiatric nurse, has said he
would never have wanted to be kept
alive artificially, and that she wanted to let him go.
The legal drama began in
January 2014, when Mr Lamberts
doctors, backed by his wife and
six of his eight siblings, decided to
stop the intravenous food and water keeping him alive in line with
a 2005 passive euthanasia law in

They are trying

to make us say
we dont want him
to go, but it is not
at all the case. We
dont want him to
be snuffed out.
Vivian Lambert

However, his deeply devout

Catholic parents, half-brother and
sister won an urgent court application to stop the plan.
In an appeal, the French supreme administrative court, known
as the State Council, ordered three
doctors to draw up a report on Mr
Lamberts condition and in June
ruled that the decision to withdraw
care from a man with no hope of recovery was lawful.
Mr Lamberts parents then took
the case to the Strasbourg-based
European Court of Human Rights
(ECHR), which ordered France to
keep Mr Lambert alive while they
decided whether the State Councils decision was in line with the

European Convention on Human

Laurent Pettiti, a lawyer for
Mr Lamberts wife, said that if the
rights court quashes the State Council ruling, it would be impossible to
stop intravenous nourishment and
their legal options run out.
Rachel Lambert told AFP in an
earlier interview that her husband
would never have wanted to be
kept in this state.
Keeping him alive artificially, it
is unbearable compared to the man
he was.
But to his parents, stopping
treatment would be tantamount to
euthanasia. They believe he simply
requires better care and want him
moved to another clinic.
I hope the ECHR will be able to
stop this madness. Vincent is not
at the end of his life, he is handicapped, his mother Viviane Lambert told AFP in January.
They are trying to make us say
we dont want him to go, but it is
not at all the case. We dont want
him to be snuffed out, said the
staunch Catholic, who insists her
faith has nothing to do with her efforts to keep her son alive.
Bernard Jeanblanc, the head
doctor at the Strasbourg clinic where
Mr Lamberts parents want him
moved, said the patient was not in a
vegetative state but had a degree of
consciousness which enabled him
to interact with his environment.
Euthanasia is illegal in France
but Francois Hollande pledged in
his 2012 presidential campaign to
look into the issue.
In March lawmakers voted
overwhelmingly in favour of a law
allowing medics to place terminally
ill patients into a deep sleep until
they die.
The law also makes living wills
drafted by people who do not
want to be kept alive artificially if
they are too ill to decide legally
binding on doctors.
However Health Minister Marisol Touraine has been steadfast in
her refusal to legalise euthanasia
and an amendment to the law allowing medical assistance to die was
Assisted suicide is legal in
Belgium and Luxembourg as well as
in the US states of Vermont, Oregon
and Washington.


Indian authorities reject

Uber licence bid
NEW Delhi authorities on June 3 rejected fresh licence applications by
US-based Uber and two of its rivals
to operate in Indias capital, in another blow for the company.
Indian police on June 2 arrested
an Uber driver for sexual harassment
after a complaint from a female passenger, raising fresh concerns over
the safety of the taxi service.
[The cab companies] were asked
to provide details like number of
vehicles and addresses of their drivers to ensure regularisation of their
service but they didnt comply with
it, Delhi transport minister Gopal
Rai said, the Press Trust of India reported.
The report added that the companies had also failed to give an

affidavit confirming their compliance with the earlier ban order.

The New Delhi city government
had banned Uber after the alleged
rape of a young woman by one of
its drivers. It was accused of failing
to conduct adequate background
It was subsequently ordered off
Delhis roads, but resumed services
after applying for a new licence to
operate as a radio taxi service.
Uber, which connects passengers
to drivers through a smartphone
app, has expanded rapidly in recent
years but has also faced hurdles
from regulators in many locations
and protests from traditional taxi

A handout photo taken on June 3 and released by the family of Vincent Lambert shows Vincent Lambert, a quadriplegic
man on artificial life support in Reims. Photo: AFP





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Power 7 Real Estate
Company (1) Near
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(2)Baho St, near Asia
Royal Hospital, 3 bed
rooms, USD 1500 (3).
Nearby UBC Business
Centre, 2 bed rooms, Fully
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Pwit Condo, 3 bed
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MBR, 3RC, USD 6000
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space for rent, Fully
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Yangon on Bogalay Zay
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Shopping Centre. It has
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Kyi May, 09-518-5794,
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nd floor, Gym, 24-hour
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Pool, 1 Master and 2
Single Bed Rooms, 4
Aircons, 1650 Sq.Feet,
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Ph:09-4500-37300, 09788-408340
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3000 (2)16 Flr, 1775
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Bahan, New University
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Maureen : 09-518-8320.
claSSic Strand Condo
suitable for office, 2280
sqft (2,500sqft with
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ceilings, face river. New
building with gym, car
park, cafe, facilities. Prime
downtown location, close
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5,800 USD per month.
com. 09420004585
claSSic Strand Condo,
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3,600 USD per month.
com. Tel: 09-4200-04585
(1)Bo yar nyunT St,
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office,1500sqft, 1MBR,
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Sedona Hotel, Shwe Ohn
Pin apartment, 1500 sqft,
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(4)8 Mile, Prom condo,
2500 sqft, 1MBR, 2SR,
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Embassy, Golden rose
condo, 2500 sqft, 2MBR,
1SR, fully furniture USD
Young condo, 2500 sqft,
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(7)University Avenue
Rd, Thakatho Yeikmon
condo, 1250 Sqft, 1MBR,
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USD. Ph : 09-2527-0
office Space To leT
3100 sqm available over
5 floors in a 12-storey
building with car park,
restaurant, multi function
hall and apartments.
Please contact - Ph:
Email : office-mm@,
web: www .facebook.

Housing for Sale

STar ciTy (Thanlyin
Tsp), is relatively matured
condominium sitting on
a vasst piece of land
with full condominium
facilities. The unit is about
(905) square feet big. Will
be completed rougly
within next three months.
Please contact the owner
for futhur informations.
ShWe pyi Tha, 21
quarter, Lein Kone
north side of the river
Boaungkyaw St, 40x60
ft, 28 lands (one big blog
together). Want to sell.
Contact number- 09-5179645, 09-4210-43939,
Bago, Myo Shout Rd, 3
acre land , 30 year grant,
with iron fence around,
three way Rd, for sale
15000 lakh, negotiable,
SouTh oKKalarpa,
(1)Innwa Rd, 40'x60',
land, 60 year grant, 1
RC, new, 3 rooms, 5000
lakhs, (2)Innwa Rd,
20'x60', land only, 2200
lakh, negotiable, Ph: 092603-32121
pWin oo lWin, Land 40'
x 70', 320 Lakhs. Ph: 09518-8320.
claSSic Strand Condo
suitable for office, 2280
sqft (2,500 sqft with
mezzanine), 3rd floor,
wide open space, 14 ft
ceilings, face river. New
building with gym, car
park, cafe, facilities. Prime
downtown location, close
to strand hotel/union bar.
com. Tel: 09-4200-04585

Want to Hire
WanTed Factory building
for rent Dimension:
Length: 140 meters
x Width: 45 meters x
Height: 8 9 meters
Use: Immediate / Heavy
Industry With Electricity
Power of 500 Kva (11Kv)
minimum & water supply
Area: Yangon / Bago area
Preferable from direct
owner. Please contact :,
com, chohlaingnyein@ Tel: 09 -421135261, 09-507-8834, 094250-15876
Yangon looking for
accommodation to share
with other Expats. If you
want to rent a bedroom in
your house or flat please
contact me through my
email at


THE MYANMAR TIMES june 5, 2015

UN Positins
The UniTed Nations
World Food Programme,
is seeking (1)Senior
Programme Assistant
GS-6, Myitkyina. Please
visit to http://www.
applications with UN
P-11 to wfpmyanmar. COB
11 May 2015.
The UniTed Nations
World Food Programme,
is seeking Programme
Assistant GS-5, Hakha
(Re-advertise) (COB 5
June 2015) For more
information, please visit
to http://www.themimu.
info/jobs-for-myanmarnationals. Please Email
the applications with UN
P-11 to wfpmyanmar.

Ingo Position
nATionAl Mine Risk
education Coordinator
- 1 Post. Please send
application letter, CV
& related documents
Cross Society (Head
visit to www.myanmar
fondAzione Terre des
hommes Italia (Tdh-It)
is seeking Assistant
(Based in Yenanchaung
& Natmauk).: University
degree, preferably in
agriculture or engineer
ing. 3 years previous
experience with INGOs
in rural development
projects. Fluency in
English & Myanmar. Fully
computer literate in MS
Office Package. Please
submit applicatioin with
completed information
& expected salary
including. CV, photo,
references by email or
by postal service to Terre
des Hommes Italia: Tdh-It
Country Office: 48, Shwe
Hinn Thar St, Hlaing,
Yangon. Tel: 654604,
Email: hr.tdhit.mya@, Closing date
: 5-6-2015.
MyAnMAR Red Cross
Society is seeking (1)
field Assistant 1 post
in Pekon (Shan South):
minimum high school
level. 1 year previous
of local language such
as Shan, Pa Oh is
highly desirable. Good
knowledge of English.
(2)PMER Officer 1
post in Yangon/ Nay
Pyi Taw : 3 years
both Myanmar & English
language skills. Very
good computer literacy
& proven experience
with Microsoft Office
Excel package.(3)field
Supervisor - 1 post in
Maikai Tsp (Southern
Shan State) : Unversity
degree holder. 2 years'
knowledge of Microsoft
word, excel and power
point. Good knowledge of
English. (4)Monitoring
& Evalutation Officer
1 post in Nay Pyi
Taw : Bachelor's or
equivalent degree. 2
years experien ce &
proven skills. Effective
computer skills & good
knowledge of information
systems & statistical
English language skill.
Red cross volunteers
are preferable. Please
letter, CV & related
documents to Myanmar
Red Cross Society Head
Nay Pyi Taw. Or
mrcshrrecruitment@, Closing date:
The inT'l Rescue
Committee (IRC) is
seeking (1)Community
Mobilization Officer
Kayah State : 3 years

zation Officer. Fluency
in Myanmar, ability
to speak Kayah is
in English. (2)WeB
Training Translator 1
post in Sittwe, Rakhine
State : Demonstrated
commitment to women's
volunteer work or other
relevant experience. Un
derstanding of principles
of confidentiality, respect
& consent. Fluency in
Myanmar & local dialects
preferred. Please submit
a Cover letter & CV to the
HR Department, by email
a t : W a i M a r. N a i n g @ or by delivery
to the IRC office : 33/A,
Natmauk Lane Thwe
(1), Bocho (2) Quarter,
Bahan, Yangon. Closing
date : 15 June 2015.
Committee is seeking
Officer - Training &
Capacity Building in
Sittwe, Rakhine State
: Diploma in Social
Science, Public Health,
Humanities or other
related field. 2 years of
professional experience
in NGOs. Fluency in
local languages. (2)WeB
Training Translator 1
post in Sittwe, Rakhine
State : Demonstrated
commitment to women's
standing of principles of
confidentiality, respect
& consent. Fluency in
Myanmar & Local dialects
preferred. Please submit
a Cover letter & CV to the
HR Department by email
WaiMar.Naing@ or by delivery
to the IRC office : 33/A,
Natmauk Lane Thwe
(1), Bocho (2) Quarter,
Bahan, Yangon. Closing
date : 10 June 2015.
& evaluation Manager
in Yangon : M.B.B.S,
MD, B.C.Sc with post
graduate degree in Public
Health or a related field.
3-5 years experience.
Good computer literacy
and have good skills and
experience of applying
soft-wares and research
command of MS-Office
software applications.
(2)Senior Monitoring
& Evaluation Officer
in Yangon : M.B.B.S,
MD, B.C.Sc. 2 years
experience. Excellent
command of MS-Office
software applications.
Plese send a Cover
letter, CV & all relevant
documents to the HR
Department by email at
org or by delivery to
the IRC Office : 33/A,
Natmauk Lane Thwe
(1), Bocho (2) Quarter,
Bahan, Yangon. Closing
date : 5 June 2015.

Local Positions
C h Ry S A n T h e M U M
WeAlTh is seeking (1)
Production Assistant
Manager - M 1 post (2)
Machining Supervisor M 1 post (3)Maintenance
& Safety engineer - M
1 post (4)lath Machine
operator - M 2 posts (5)
Machanic - M 6 posts (6)
Components Washing
& Sand Blasting - M
2 posts (7)Machanic
helper - M 1 post (8)
Welder - M 1 post (9)
Painter - M 1 post (10)
helper - M 2 posts (11)
Traning Manager - M 1
post (12)Trainer - M 2
posts (13)QA Machanic M 4 posts (14)QA Admin
- F 1 post (15)Salesman M 2 posts (16)inventory
Assistant - M 1 post (17)
Warehouse Assistant M 1 post (18)driver - M
1 post (19)Tools Keeper
- M 1 post. Please
submit CV, Photo with
necessary documents
to 898, Thudamar 4/6,

Anawrahta Industrail
Zone, Yangon Pathein
Highway Rd, near
Tamargone bus stop.
Ph: 09-799-502621, 01645410. Emai :
mm, reman-admhd@
lAWyeR : Bachelors
degree in law (or Masters
degree in law is a plus),
1-3 years experience
in related filed, Good
command of both written
and spoken English, Able
to work independently
and as part of a team.
Conducting trade mark
search and advising
client on registrability
Preparing and filing
trade mark application
up to grant, Advising
clients on examiners
office actions, Advising
clients on contentious
action, sending cease
and desist letter and
negotiating in relation
to conflict, etc. Advising
clients on registration of
trade marks in foreign
countries. Please send
full resume with all
details of qualifications &
experience, educational
retainer fee and recent
photo to chadarat@ www.rouse.
com Ph : 01 1222352,
01 371385
Royal Lake Yangon
Leading Five Star Hotel
in Yangon, Myanmar
with its headquarter in
Bangkok, is now seeking
highly energetic and
motivated candidates
Manager - M/F 1 Post
(2).Chief Steward M 1
Post (3).Receptionist
M/F 1 Post. Interested
candidates should apply
with full CV/Resume
indicating position of
interest, qualifications,
educational background,
employment records and
recent photo not later
than 20.6.2015. Only
short-listed candidates
will be notified by phone
for interview. Email
com Ph: 01-544500,
01-544500 HR Dept.
Chatrium Hotel Royal
Lake Yangon, No.40,
Natmauk Rd, Tamwe.
Trading Co., Ltd is seeking
(1)Sales executive - M
5 posts: Any graduate,
Preferable BE or B
Tech(Mechanical) 3 year
experience, Age 20 ~ 30,
(2)Sales executive - M
5 posts : Any graduate,
Preferable BE or B
Te c h ( M e c h a n i c a l )
Age 20 ~ 30, (3)Sales
engineer - M 10 posts :
Any graduate, Preferable
AGTI or B Tech, Age
20 ~ 25, (4)engineer
Trainee - M 15 posts :
Any graduate, BE, More
preferable AGTI or B
Tech, Age 20 ~ 25, (5)
Senior engineer - M
10 posts: Any graduate,
Preferable BE or B
Tech(Mechanical), 3 year
experience, Age 25 ~ 35,
(6)PSSR - M 5 posts : Any
graduate, Preferable BE
or B Tech(Mechanical)
Age 25 ~ 30, (7)local
Purchaser - M 3
posts : Any graduate,
Perferable BE or B
years experience, Age
25 ~ 30. (8)Machanic
RoomStore - M 5 posts : Age
25 ~ 30, (9)Cashier/
Accountant - F 3 posts :
Any graduate, Preferable
B Com or LCCI level 3,
3 years experience,
Age 25 ~ 30, (10)Office
driver - M 5 posts : 5
years experience, Kha
valid driving license, Age
30 ~ 40. Please submit
CV, phot with necessary
Manager : 54 A, Kabaaye
Pagoda Re, Mayangone.
Ph: 657066, 657067.
The hoTel@Tharabar
Gate, Old Bagan is
seeking (1)food &

- M/F 1 post: Hotel
Management graduate
with 3 years experience.
(2)Sous Chef - M/F 1 post
: 3 years experience, will
be responsible to oversea
the culinary production
and stewarding, Have
knowledge of current
trends to best serve
clients. Both positions
are based in Bagan,
Please send application
form with 1 recent photo,
labor registration card,
and testimonies to Rm
2H, No 22/24, Sa Mon
St, Natwartat Condo,
Dagon tsp. or email
to gm@tharabargate.
SKylARK Co., Ltd
is seeking Business
d e v e l o p m e n t
executive - M/F 3 to
5 posts : Any graduate
(Good IT Knowledge),
Age 23 to 28, English
communication, Public
Relation, Presentation
skill, Self-Management,
team work, Problem
solving skill, Able to
work under pressure,
Competitor analysis .
2 years experience in
IT & Business related
experience. Pay Range:
300 USD to 700 USD
(Will negotiate upon
skill & experience).
Please submit CV,
photo with necessary
documents to email:hr@,

U Kyaw Win Sein : 092500-88750.

hinA Shipping (Myanmar)
Co., Ltd, is seeking (1).
Admin/h.R. Manager
- M/F 1 post : A degree
from a recognized
university. Must possess
in the related fields.
(Admin/HR), 3 years
of experience. Fluency
in English. Computer
literate. (2).equipment
control executive. - M/F
1 post : A degree from a
recognized university. 2
years of experience in
the shipping, depot and
terminal etc. Fluency
in English, Computer
literate. (3)Cashier.- M/F
1 post: A degree from a
recognized university.
1 year experience. Fair
knowledge of writing,
reading and speaking
English. Able to use
the computer. LCCI
Levels I and II or hold
relevant certificates. (4).
operation staff - M/F
1 post : A degree from
a recognized university.
shipping matters will
be an advantage. Fair
knowledge of English.
Able to use Email,
internet, Able to use
computer (4)Customer
Service executive - M/F
1 post: A recognized
university. 2 years
experience in shipping
line. Fair knowledge
of English.
to use Email, internet
& computer. For the
above mentioned posts
priority will be given to
the candidate fluent in
the Chinese language
. Applications together

URGenTly ReQUiRed
(Networking) - M/F
2 Posts : B.C.Sc
(Computer) & related
Age 25 ~ 35, 3 years &
above experience, Good
command of English.
are responsible for
developing & in some
cases designing commu
Securing net work
system by establishing &
enforcing policies. Salary
range: 250,000~300,000
(2)Senior Programmer
- M/F 2 Posts : Age
25 ~ 35, 3 years &
certificates, Confirms
by reviewing program
objective, input data
and output requirements
with analyst, supervisor,
client. Arranges
project requirements in
programming sequence
by analyzing require
ments, preparing a work
flow chant and diagram.
Related Certification,
3-5 years, 250000
& 300000. Encodes
project requirements
by converting work
flow. Written programs
by entering coded.
operation by conducting
tests. (3)Programmer :
General programming
skills, Analyzing project,
Software performance
tuning. More should
familiar with VB, VB
Net, MS SQL, Oracle
platform. Salary range:
250,000 ~ 300,000
Contact to : U John @

with CV photo with

necessary documents
& references will be
accepted to 501, Rm(B
Corner of
Rd & Wartan St,
Lanmada, Yangon. Tel:
01- 2300157, 2300158,
Closing date:30.6.2015.
We ARe seeking (1)
Architect - M/F 2 posts
: B.Arch degree holder,
5 years experience or
M.Arch Degree holder,
3 years experience
in the architectural
environment, Proficiency
in using Auto CAD,
Sketch Up and also have
rendering skill, Excellent
sense of design and solid
technical abilities, (2)
Senior Architectural
drafter - M/F 1 Post:
B.Arch or B.E (Civil)
degree holder, 3 years
experience, Able to use
Auto CAD, Sketch Up
and photo shop software.
designer - M 1 post :
Bachelor or Diploma in
Interior Architecture or
Interior Design, 2 years
experience, Proficiency
in using Auto CAD,
Sketch Up and also have
rendering skill, Excellent
sense of design and
solid technical abilities,
(4)Marketing Manager
- M/F 1 post : Have
to understand project
sales, retail marketing
& other marketing tools
& technique. 4 years
experience. (5)Project
Coordinator (Interior
Decoration) - M/F 1 post
: Able to set
timelines & coordinate
different parties. Well
knowledge in modern
furniture & furniture
installation & production.
3 years experience. (6)
Project Manager - M/F

1 post : Need to hold a

degree of B.E (Civil). 5
years experience. Well
experience in high-rise
construction, at least 6
storeys. Well knowledge
in steel structure, precast building & modern
building techniques. (7)
Safety engineer - M1
Post : A.G.T.I (Civil). 2
years experience. Prefer
the candidates who
have certificate of safety
training. Must familiar
with safety knowledge
about civil work. (8)
Site engineer - M/F
1 Post : B.E (Civil), 2
year experience, Well
experience in highrise construction, Well
knowledge in steel
building & modern
building techniques.(9)
Assistant hR Manager
- M /F 1 post : MBA, Abe
Graduate Diploma holder
(or) any diploma related in
HR Management. 5 year
experience. Computer
skills. (10)Cashier - M/F
1 post : Any graduate (or)
Distance Student, 1 year
experience, (12)driver M 1 post : Age over 40, 4
years experience.
(13)Store Keeper - M /F
2 posts : Age under 40,
Warehouse (or) Store
experience 1 year (14)
General helper M 1
post. Please submit with
CV, photo with necessary
documents to Zware
Group (De Arch, Live Life
& Builder Group) : 440,
Waizayandar Rd and
Thitsar Rd, S Okkalr. Ph:
01-565911, 01-8551294.
mail recruitment@
iCBC is the biggest
bank in China and top
large listed bank in the
world in terms of market
capitalization, customer
deposits, and profitability,
possessing an excellent
customer base. ICBC
Yangon Branch is now
looking for 16 talented
and competent local
employees to work as
its bank clerks in different
units including Financial
institution management,
Finance and Accounting
and Executive office.
Requirements: Grade 10
degree or above, major
of Accounting, Finance,
Law, IT, Economics is
preferred. Good reading,
writing & communication
skills in English or
sense of responsibility,
willingness of learning
and cooperation. Basic
computer skills, able to
use MS Word and Excel.
Candidates who want to
do IT work should be
familiar with fundamental
Under 30 years old,
beyond is possible for
excellent candidates.
Please send a detailed
CV to,
cn and lixiaoming@ ICBC
Yangon Representative
Office : (601)A, 6th
Flr, Sakura Tower,
Bogyoke Aung San Rd,
Kyauktada,Yangon. Ph:
is seeking (1)f & B
Supervisor - M 1 post :
Proficiency in English in
English, 2 years of hotel
experience, Need to be
a good communicatior,
(2)fo Supervisor - M
1 post : Proficiency in
English four skills, 2 years
of hotel experience, (3)
fo Manager - M 1 post
: Profieiency in Enlgish
foru skills, 2 year of hotels
experience, (4)Assistant
hotel Manager - F
1 post : Proficiency
in English, Minimum
experience of straight
5 years experence in
submit CV, photo with
necessary documents to
256/266, Rm D, 10 Flr,
Seikkan Thar St, Upper
Kyauktada. Ph:
deSiGneR - F : Age 20
~ 30, Photoshop, Adobe,
Adjust salary, 9 am to 6
pm. Contact ph : 01-

566044, 566045
is seeking (1)Study
4 Posts : University
UpperIntermediate English,
Computer literate. (2)
Officer 4 Posts :
Intermediate English.
To apply for the
position please click
naEWrN (or) careers@
operation near Thanlyin
require - Concrete
Supervisors, Concrete
Concrete Batch Plant
operators, Concrete
operators, Cleaners,
General Workers /
helpers, Batch plant
Electricians, Batch plant
Mechanics, Secretary,
Good rates of pay 8 Hour
shifts, Accommodation
if required. Please sent
CV or letter stating
which you are applying
for & expected salary
to Human Resources
Lafarge /Star Cement
No.16A, Thukhawadi St,
Yangkin, Yangon, Email :
Counsellor 4 post:
Any graduate, UpperIntermediate English,
Has initiative, Well
organised and able to
manager time effectively.
Excellent interpersonal
skills. Able to use Ms
Work,Excel and Internet.
Able to use Gmail and
Google Calendar (or to
learn to use them). If
you believe that you are
suitably qualified for this
position please apply
using this link: http://goo.
4 posts :
English, Professional
presentation. To apply
for the position please
click here: http://goo.
Cool CiTy Zone Co.,
Ltd is seeking (1)Sales
& Marketing Manager M/F 1 Post (2)Sales and
Marketing Assistant
Manager -M/F 1 Post,
For 1 & 2: Any graduate/
Additional qualifications
in Marketing or Business
Management would be
advantageous. 5 years
experience. (3)Sales
Supervisor - M/F 1
Post (4)Sales Promoter
- M/F 1 Post. For 3 & 4:
graduate/AGTICivil. 2 years of relevant
experience. (5)Auto Cat
2D, 3D - M/F 1 Post :
Any graduate prefer
with Civil/Mechanical
Engineering (6)Junior
Accountant - M/F 1 Post
: Degree or Diploma in
Accounting & Finance
or equivalent. For 5 &
6: 1 year experience.
Please submit CV (with
attached a recent photo),
with relevant documents
to 552, Lower Kyeemyin
Daing Rd, Kyeemyin
Daing, Yangon, Ph:
01-215033, Email: ccz.
within 2 weeks.

producer, one of the

leading solution providers
in the short to mid-term
power supply market
power rental is seeking
(1)Project Manager :
Bachelors degree in
Electrical Engineering,
Chinese language will
be preferred, 5 years
project management
leadership skills, Good
communication skills to
train and interact with staff
at all levels (2)Project
electrical / Mechanical
engineer (Coordinator)
: Bachelors degree or
above in Electrical or
Mechanical Engineer
ing, Fluent in English,
Chinese language will
be preferred, 3 years
& skills in repairing &
installingelectrical or
at a work site, Less
experience will be
considered as Project
Coordinator position.
We provide an attractive
remuneration package
to the right candidates.
Please send application
with full details stating
Current & expected
Salary to vpower2013@
Company may also
refer suitable applicants
to other vacancies within
the Group. All personal
datawill be used for
recruitment purposes
only and information will
be destroyed after the
selection process.
CenTURion Auto Group
Transportation services
is seeking driver : Must
have valid license. May
have to expert high way
in Myanmar and down
town area in Yangon.
Can drive all type of cars
(automic and manual).
No tobacco, acohol
and betel nut. Basic
Command in Spoken
English. At least three or
five year experience in
driving cars. Knowledge
of mechanical skills
is preferable. If you
interest this position
please contact to 157/41,
Yeik Thar 2nd St, Thin
Gyan Gyun. Email:
com. Ph: 09-2501-88232.
seeking two new dynamic
teachers to work at
School". We follow the
Early years foundation
Stage Curriculum of
England, but are happy
to offer training for a good
candidate. We teach both
Myanmar and Chinese
language alongside our
curriculum with specialist
teachers. Candidates
should show : Graduate
level qualifications and
teaching certificate. A
sound knowledge of
good practice, curriculum
and philosophy. Have
a fun, inspiring manner
with the children. Have
high expectations for
their children in relation
to achievement and
behavior. Be keen to work
hard and become part
of strong team. Please
submit application or CV
(with attached photo) in
person to The Manager,
Kings Int'l School : 695,
Mahabandoola Rd, Bet:
19th St & Sint Oh Dan St,
Latha. Ph : 01-382213,
395816, or by email to:

26 Sport

Before their final round-robin game, which was
played yesterday evening after going to print, Myanmar were all but certain to be eliminated from
the netball with a fifth-place finish in the group
stage. After Brunei beat the Philippines 56-32, Myanmar needed to beat favourites Singapore by at
least 11 nets to climb into fourth. Singapore drew
35-35 with Malaysia earlier in the tournament.
When Myanmar played Malaysia they lost 84-22.
The netball team was formed out of the womens basketball team after Myanmar chose not to
enter the womens basketball tournament at these
SEA Games. The newly formed Myanmar Netball
Federation told The Myanmar Times they were
looking to gain experience for future SEA Games.
Netball has only once before been held at the SEA
Games, back in 2001 at the Kuala Lumpur Games.


The Borneo Post reported that Malaysias National Sports Council director-general
Datuk Ahmad Shapawi Ismail had suggested that
anything less than gold at the 2015 event might
jeopardise the sports appearance at the 2017
Malaysia-hosted event.

Table Tennis
Thet Ko Ko Lat salvaged some dignity for Myanmars table tennis squad by defeating Ryan
Jacolo of the Philippines 3-2 in his final Group
A match. The squad will hope the victory proves
inspirational as they prepare for the team event
that begins June 6.
Before that win, none of the four Myanmar
representatives in the singles competitions had recorded a single victory. All had gone down by three
games without reply in their matches except for
Myo Min Tun who had won a solitary game.
Earlier in the day Khin Kaung San lost her

final Womens Singles Group A match 3-0 to Thi

Nga Nguyen of Vietnam, a scoreline shared by
Aye Thida Pyone when she lost to Indonesias
Gustin Dwijayanti in her Group D clash.

The Singapore 1 team in the Free Routine Final
of the Duet Technical and Free Routine competition reversed places with the Malaysians
who had scored higher in both preliminary
free routine roundS but it was not enough to
secure gold.
The Malaysian duo had also beaten Singapore
1 in the technical routine element of the competition and the home performers were unable to
make up the difference.
The medal was Malaysias first in the gold column at the 28th SEA Games.

Myanmars Let Yee Htike failed to live up to her
fourth-seed ranking in the Womens Individual
Epee as she crashed out by coming bottom of her
six-athlete pool.
Su Hlaing Htwe also exited the competition
without reaching the knockout phase.
Saw Siman Htut and Min Thiha failed to
reach the knockout stages of the Mens Individual Foil. The bottom four were cut after
the pool stage while the top four received a
bye to the quarter-final. Their pool stage followed form, as Myanmars swordsmen who
were ranked 14th and 16th and finished 13th
and 14th ahead of the two Cambodian representatives.
Now only the team events remain for the
Myanmar fencing squad to deliver the one gold
medal target they set before the Games.

A member of the Myanmar Equestrian Federation team takes a nap in front of one of the horses stables. Photo: FEI/MEF


Sport reporters from

The Myanmar Times
will be blogging the
SEA Games action
live from Singapore.
Go to for
event results,
medal announcements
and top photos.

















Sport 27


usa (Q)

6 +5 6



new Zealand


New Zealand




*results as of June 4



may 30, 4pm, Whangarei



june 2, 1pm, Whangarei


6 +3 6



june 2, 7pm, auCkland

New Zealand


june 5, 7pm, Wellington




New Zealand


north korea


germany (Q)








* all game times are in local time zone











New Zealand



june 1, 1pm, neW plymouth


North Korea


june 1, 1pm, ChristChurCh



june 1, 4pm, neW plymouth

2 11 +10 6


myanmar currently has zero points with a goal difference of -7. they will need a strong
victory over the host today, and for other results to go their way, if they are to qualify for
the Round of 16 as one of the top four third-place finishers.

june 5, 7pm, auCkland


Third-Place Finishers

may 30, 1pm, auCkland




North Korea

june 7, 5pm, neW plymouth



june 7, 5pm, ChristChurCh


North Korea


june 4, 4pm, ChristChurCh



june 4, 7pm, neW plymouth


june 1, 4pm, ChristChurCh

june 4, 4pm, neW plymouth


june 4, 7pm, ChristChurCh


june 7, 5pm, ChristChurCh



june 4, 5pm, Whangarei



28 THE MYANMAR TIMES junE 5, 2015

SPORT EDITOR: Matt Roebuck |

Follow The Myanmar Times SEA

Games coverage online and in print


Singapore rolls out red

carpet in search of gold

eAlThy Singapore
is pulling out all the
stops for a Southeast Asian Games
which promises to
be the slickest in the regional events
56-year history.
Athletes can expect the red-carpet treatment, with many staying at
plush hotels and competing at top
facilities including the new, billiondollar Sports hub complex.
A fleet of 650 cars and buses
will take 7000 athletes and officials
around the small island state during
the biennial competition which finishes on June 16.
Competitors can relax in the wellappointed Nila Suite, which has karaoke, free Wi-Fi, massage chairs and
games consoles plus comfort food
for those in need.
Digital coverage will be unprecedented, with live broadcasts available on a dedicated phone and tablet app and 17 sports streamed on
Athletics events will get the hitech touch with remote-controlled
cars used to collect javelins, hammers and discuses from the field.
Despite grief over the March
death of founding leader lee Kuan
yew, it is intended as a show of force
as the nation of 5.4 million marks 50
years of independence.
Singapore has one of the worlds
highest concentrations of millionaires and growing ambitions in
sports, with its own F1 race and topclass tennis.
The June 5 opening ceremony will
take place at the 55,000-seat National
Stadium, whose retractable, domed
roof doubles as a giant projector.
Red flags urging Do Us Proud,
Team Singapore! have been strategically placed on public housing
blocks, but genuine anticipation is
palpable and ticket sales are brisk.

The 28th Southeast Asian Games, with mascot Nila, officially get under way this evening. Photo: EPA/Wallace Woon

Despite the intense preparations,

controversy is inevitable and the
early days of competition, before
the opening ceremony, have already
been eventful.
east Timors football team manager was detained and charged with
match-fixing, and Malaysian playmaker Nazmi Faiz received a sixgame ban for spitting.
Separately, officials defended
safety at the pistol ranges after a
claim that ricocheting bullets had
caused injury and deflected out of
the venue.
Among the main attractions

will be Singapores rising swimmer

Joseph Schooling, who is going for
nine gold medals, and Vietnams
Nguyen Thi Anh Vien, who has entered all 19 womens races.
Malaysian badminton star lee
Chong Wei, who recently completed
an eight-month drugs ban, will draw
crowds when he plays in the team
When all 402 gold medals from
36 sports are decided, Singapore
will hope to top the table, as the
SeA Games program is malleable
and is usually tailored to suit the
host country.

Floorball (indoor hockey), rugby,

bowling and triathlon are among 11
changes to the line-up from Myanmar 2013, with bodybuilding and
some lesser-known martial arts
among the sports axed.
A successful Games could bring
further big events to Singapore, and
erase memories of the overspending
which marred its hosting of the 2010
youth Olympics.
The feel-good factor may also
yield a political dividend for the government led by lees son, lee hsien
loong, as it considers holding general elections. AFP


Net closes on
FIFA leaders
US prosecutors have detailed evidence
of corruption at the highest levels of
FIFA, tainting the award of hosting
rights to the 1998 and 2010 World Cups,
as police investigations spread yesterday to Australia.
Testimony from disgraced former
North American football supremo
Chuck Blazer said that FIFA executives
conspired to accept bribes during the
bidding for the 1998 and 2010 cups,
hosted by France and South Africa.
The revelation comes after the sensational resignation of veteran FIFA chief
Sepp Blatter, who received a standing
ovation during an emotional appearance in front of his staff on June 3.
Blazer who is presently out on bail
and being treated for rectal cancer has
admitted to a raft of charges related to
his leadership of the North and Central American soccer body CONCACAF
and membership of FIFAs executive
In a plea deal with US prosecutors,
the 70-year-old agreed to wear a microphone and record conversations with
fellow FIFA executives.
In the papers released, the other
FIFA members identified as co-conspirators are not named.
Among other things, I agreed with
other persons in or around 1992 to facilitate the acceptance of a bribe in conjunction with the selection of the host
nation for the 1998 World Cup, Blazer
said in his plea.
Blazer goes on to admit that he and
others on the FIFA executive committee agreed to accept bribes in conjunction with the selection of South
Africa to host the World Cup in 2010.
Central to the claims about South
Africa is former FIFA vice-president
and former head of CONCACAF Jack
Warner, who was placed on Interpols
most-wanted list on June 3.
A US$10 million transfer went
from the South African authorities to
Warner, and was made through FIFA,
although footballs governing body
says it was just the intermediary in the
Warner added another explosive
dimension to the combustible drama
by alleging a link between FIFA and
2010 elections held in his native Trinidad and Tobago. AFP


Preying on the vulnerable

Abuse victims call for tougher sentences

Asias craziest criminals

Is there a killer hiding in your closet?






Making a

ONT look now, but youre surrounded by serial

killers. Theyre all around you, and theres no
Are they hiding in your closet? Prowling in the
alleyway behind your apartment? Waiting in that
suspicious-looking truck parked across the street?
Hitting on you at the bar? Maybe, maybe not.
More likely, youll find them in your DVD player,
lurking in TV series like Dexter and Hannibal and films
like The Silence of the Lambs, Henry: Portrait of a Serial
Killer and Zodiac.
Theyre also on your bookshelf, in works of fiction
like Bret Eaton Elliss American Psycho and Thomas
Harriss Red Dragon, as well as in countless non-fiction
true crime volumes detailing the exploits of real-life
And theyre on your iPod, in songs like Midnight
Rambler by The Rolling Stones (about Boston Strangler
Albert DeSalvo), Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen
(Charles Starkweather), Suffer Little Children by The
Smiths (Ian Brady and Myra Hindley), Arc Arsenal
by At the Drive-in (possibly about Jeffrey Dahmer) and
Ted Admit It by Janes Addiction (Ted Bundy).
Yep, we love our serial killers. Theyve been a
source of public obsession since Jack the Ripper
enthralled newspaper readers in London in 1888, and
the fascination has since grown into an industry that
encompasses all forms of media, including the morally
questionable online trade in murder memorabilia.
Americas hyperactive media meat-grinder has seen
to it that the whacky hi-jinks of serial killers from the
United States Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeff
Dahmer and the like are well-known, well-dissected
and well-studied around the world.
But every continent has its own serial slayers, and
Asia is no exception. These are some of the regions most
infamous Asian sociopaths.

Shen Changyin and Shen Changping (China)

One classic misconception about serial killers is that

they are reclusive social misfits who live, and kill, alone.
But Chinas butcher brothers, Shen Changyin and Shen
Changping, turned murder and cannibalism into a
family affair, and even brought in some outsiders to help.
The brothers started their two-year killing spree in
June 2003 by luring a prostitute named Yao Fang into
their house and stealing her bank card. After running
to an ATM to confirm that the PIN she provided was
correct, they strangled and dismembered her.
The Shen brothers next would-be victim was a bit
more street-savvy. Also a prostitute, Li Chunlung was

spared the chopping block after she offered to lure more

victims to chez Shen. True to her word, she brought four
more victims to the house over the next several months,
sometimes killing them herself. Kidneys were removed
and eaten, and the bodies were burned with sulphuric
acid and flushed down the toilet.
In April 2004 the happy trio moved to Taiyuan,
Shanxi province, and procured another helper in the
form of Zhao Meiying. When she lured her first victim to
the Shens apartment, the brothers forced her to commit
the murder by stabbing the woman to death, feeding her
body through a meat grinder, and committing the pieces
to the commode.
The grisly group continued their spree in Hefei,
Anhui province; Baotou, Inner Mongolia Autonomous
Region; and Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, picking up
two more helpers and dispatching a number of victims
along the way.
Zhao was the first to surrender to police, in mid-2004,
and Li was picked up soon after. In August police raided
an apartment in Shijiazhuang and found Changyin and
Changping, along with their newest female accomplice,
in the presence of a womans corpse described by
Xinhua news agency as brutally dismembered as well
as an array of tools and stolen bank cards.
The brothers confessed to murdering and
dismembering 11 women, and were along with Li
sentenced to death for their trouble. Three other women
aged 16 to 26 were jailed for three to 20 years for helping
procure victims.

Lam Kor-wan (Hong Kong)

The Jars Murderer. The Rainy Night Butcher. The Hong

Kong Butcher. Such were the colourful names given to
Lam Kor-wan, a taxi driver on the nightshift who in the
early 1980s murdered four women.

He told judges he had

committed the murders in his
dreams, or that he had been
ordered to kill by a rat person
alter ego

Method: Pick up a lone female passenger in the taxi

(usually on a rainy night). Strangle her with electrical
wire. Dismember the body in the apartment he shared
with his brother (who never suspected a thing, as he
worked during the daytime when the process of butchery
occurred). Use the taxi to dispose of the body in the New
Territories or Hong Kong Island (all four were eventually
In 1992 a movie called Doctor Lamb was made about
the murderer. But dont mistake Lam for genius cannibal
Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. In this case
the killer blew his own cover in the stupidest possible
way: He stopped by a Kodak shop to drop off a roll of film
with photographs of one of his dismembered victims.
The shop manager tipped off police, and the hapless
Lam was nabbed on August 17, 1982, when he returned
to pick up his gruesome photographs. Police found
other incriminating evidence when they checked his
apartment, including more photos, a video of Lim having
sex with a corpse, and Tupperware containers holding
a collection of extraneous sex organs (thus the Jars
Murderer moniker).
In early 2004 Lam was found guilty of all four
murders and sentenced to death by hanging, later
commuted to a life behind bars at Shek Pik Prison.

Admad Suradji (Indonesia)

Are you a good little boy or girl who always listens to

your parents? What if one of those parents is your dead
father? And what if your dead father tells you in a dream
to kill 70 women and drink their saliva, as a means to
become a powerful mystic healer?
Thats what Indonesian cattle breeder Ahmad Suradji
claims happened to him, and of course he was a good
little boy and did what daddy said. But daddy must have
been very disappointed in his son when the killing spree
was brought to halt after 11 years, with a body count of
only 42 victims well short of the 70-corpse goal.
The killer was arrested, aged 59, in May 1997 after
the body of a woman, last seen at Suradjis house, was
found buried in a sugarcane field near his home in North
Sumatra province. The 41 other corpses of women aged
11 to 30 were later found nearby.
Suradji apparently preyed on women who, thinking
he had special powers as a sorcerer, visited him seeking
spiritual healing, good fortune and help in making their
husbands or boyfriends faithful.
In dispatching his victims, the sorcerer followed a
ritual in which he buried the women in the ground up to
their waists, strangled them with cable and buried them
with their heads pointing toward his house. Then he did
like he was told and drank their saliva. Because father
knows best.
When Suradji was arrested, police also hauled in his


in Asia
three wives, all sisters, for assisting in the murders and
helping to hide the bodies. One of them, Tumini, was tried
as his accomplice.
Suradji maintained his innocence throughout the trial,
which started in December 1997. By that time, a film about
the case had already been released in Indonesia, leading
Suradjis lawyers to argue that the publicity was preventing
their client from getting a fair hearing.
Despite this protest, in April 1998 the sorcerer was
found guilty by a three-judge panel and sentenced to death,
amid loud cheers in the courtroom from the victims
relatives. On July 10, 2008, he was executed by firing
squad. Tumini also earned a death sentence, which was
later reduced to life in prison.

Tsutomu Miyazaki (Japan)

So many Japanese psychopaths, so little space on this page.

Among them all, Tsutomu Miyazaki might just deserve
the title of Emperor. Although his body count (four) was
relatively low among serial killers, he more than made up
for this through sheer perversity.
Suffering from deformed hands due to a premature
birth, Miyazaki was ostracised as a child and found solace
in being alone and, later, in mutilating and murdering
girls aged four to seven years.
The atrocities occurred in 1988 and 1989 in Tokyo,
the victims apparently selected at random. He sexually
molested the corpses, drank the blood of at least one
victim, and ate the hand of another.
The first was four-year-old Mari Konno, whose body
Miyazaki left to decompose outside before chopping off the
hands and feet and storing them in his closet. He cremated
the rest of the corpse in his furnace, put the ashes in a
box along with the girls teeth, photos of her clothes
and cryptic postcard reading Mari. Cremated. Bones.
Investigate. Prove. and left the package on her parents
Other families received similar treatment, including
letters detailing the murder of their children. All four
families reported being harassed by repeated silent phone
Miyazakis spree was mercifully short. He was arrested
on July 23, 1989, when he attempted to take nude photos of
a schoolgirl in a park in suburban Tokyo.
Searching Miyazakis home, police found body parts as
well as nearly 6000 videotapes, with footage of his victims
interspersed among violent anime and slasher films. The
video collection resulted in the press dubbing him The
Otaku Murderer and fuelled a moral backlash against
violent anime. (Otaku is a Japanese term for someone with
a nerdish obsession with anime, manga or video games.)
During the trial, which began in March 1990, Miyazaki
refused to take the blame for his actions. He told judges
that he had committed the murders in his dreams, or that
he had been ordered to kill by a rat person alter ego,
cartoonish pictures of which he drew for the court.
He also refused to apologise to the victims families,
deeming his murder an act of benevolence and telling
the court he had done a good job.
Court-appointed psychiatrists subjected Miyazaki to

a battery of tests, one finding that he suffered from

a multiple personality disorder, while a second
said he was schizophrenic. Yet another said
Miyazaki thought his crimes would resurrect his
grandfather, who had died three months before
the first murder.
The Tokyo District Court didnt buy the insanity
defence and pronounced a sentence of death by hanging.
The world was rid of Miyazaki on June 17, 2008.

Nikolai Dzhumangaliev (Kazakhstan)

Not much has been written about Nikolai Dzhumangaliev

in the English language, but what there is makes Jeffrey
Dahmer look like Mary Friggin Poppins compared with
this fanged fruit loop.
A tip to the ladies: Avoid dates with anyone who has
replaced his natural teeth with white metal chompers.
Despite this unsettling quirk in Dzhumangalievs
appearance, his acquaintances in the city of Alma-Ata,
Kazakhstan, considered him to be a polite, well-spoken
and generally kempt chap. Lesson: Sometimes it pays to
judge a book by its metal teeth.
Dzhumangaliev, aka Metal Fang, had already spent a
year in jail for manslaughter in the late 1970s before he
started working as a labourer in Alma-Ata. Somewhere
along the line he picked up an interesting little off-hours
hobby: ridding the world of prostitutes.
Fang usually pursued his favourite hobby in a riverside
park, where he lured women into dark areas, raped them,
and hacked them to pieces with a knife and axe. Then
it was time for Dzhumangaliev to indulge in his second
hobby: whipping up rare ethnic dishes, invariably meatbased, to share with his unsuspecting friends at happy
little get-togethers in his house. Strange how these little
parties always occurred shortly after Fang was spotted
hanging out in the park.
Dzhumangalievs generosity to his friends was brought
a halt in 1980 when two people he had invited over for
one of his special meals discovered a womans severed
head and intestines in the kitchen, ready for the stew pot.
They quickly alerted police, having apparently lost their

The killer was charged with seven murders,

although it has been speculated that he might
have committed many more. The court decided
he was not responsible for his actions for reasons of
insanity and had him committed to a mental institution
in Tashkent.
In 1989 Dzhumangaliev managed to escape from
authorities while being transported to another institution.
He was on the lam for two years, with nary a word spoken
to the public about the nut on the loose.
In August 1991 he was recaptured in Fergana,
Uzbekistan, after a woman told police that a man with
metal teeth had propositioned her earlier in the day.
He was immediately picked up and tossed back into an
asylum. But one wonders what hobbies he might have
pursued during his two years of freedom.







It takes six gun-toting guards and

a special bus for the wealthier
residents of Karachi, Pakistan, to
see the sights of their own city

In addition to showing off the former capitals architectural heritage, the five-hour tour aims to highlight the citys diversity. Photos: Shutterstock



UBBED the worlds most violent megacity, armed

muggings, carjackings and extortion are part of everyday
life in Karachi, where political and criminal forces vie
for ownership of the city. The result is a pervasive sense of fear
one that prevents many Karachiites from even leaving their
own neighbourhoods, which are carved along wealth and ethnic
The culture of driving, and the security issue, disable you
from visiting these other places, says Farzana Mukhtar, an
HR consultant. Its 8am on Sunday, and the places Mukhtar is
referring to are the streets of Saddar Town, Karachis former
colonial centre. In contrast to the mid-week traffic, it is
virtually deserted, leaving Mukhtar and his group of camerawielding tourists to admire the remnants of the citys colonial
architecture and daily life with a sense of wonderment: the
few hawkers who have woken early, and the tea shop owners
preparing for the breakfast crowd. Its a scene common to
tourist sites everywhere; whats unusual about this group is that
many of them are from Karachi itself, on a tour to explore their
own city.
Mukhtar and the group are part of a city bus tour organised
by Super Savari Express, the first of its kind in the city. At
2000 Pakistani rupees per ticket (US$20), the tour, which
launched late last year, attracts a relatively wealthy clientele:
Mukhtar, who lives in Clifton, one of the citys most affluent
neighbourhoods, is typical.
We have about 30 to 40 people on each tour, and they all
know the political situation and the safety situation and yet
theyre here because theyre hungry to see they can explore,
says Atif bin Arif, managing director of Super Savari Express.
These are the same people who fly to the Vatican to see the
Sistine Chapel, even though we have beautiful churches here; or
go to India to see temples, when we have Hindu temples here.
Karachi is demographically diverse. Members of each of
Pakistans ethnic groups as well as refugees from across the
region call the port city of more than 21 million residents
home. Even so, urban space is highly fragmented, with little
provocation needed for ethnic and political tensions to flare
up. Turf wars between the countrys main political parties over
the past three decades have wrought havoc on the city, with
the rise of the Pakistani Taliban exacerbating the violence.
Unlike in South and North American cities, which top the list
of the worlds most dangerous, in Karachi, no neighbourhood is
entirely murder-free, says Laurent Gayer, author of Karachi:
Ordered Disorder and the Struggle for the City. Violent crime
is only one source of insecurity among others, including

Six armed guards, close by at all

times, serve as a reminder of the
citys day-to-day reality

inter-party rivalries, ethnic riots, Islamist terrorism and

sectarian conflicts. This contributes to the general sense of
insecurity of Karachis populations across the social, ethnic and
religious divide.
The group is ferried around in one of the citys gloriously
kitsch public buses, painted with technicolor flowers and
peacocks and festooned with pink and red feathers, tassles
and tissue-paper flowers. For many on the tour, people who are
used to being driven around in air-conditioned cars, travelling
by public bus is a first. Others recall how in safer times in their
youth they would take the bus to school or university.
In addition to showing off the former capitals architectural
heritage, the five-hour tour aims to highlight the citys diversity
by stopping off at a Hindu temple, a cathedral, a Parsi fire
temple, and mosques belonging to two minority Muslim groups,
the Memons and the Dawoodi Bohra, all part of Bin Arifs
goal to demonstrate Karachis mosaic of cultures, ethnicities
and religions. Although a sense of freedom sets in as the tour
progresses, six armed guards, close by at all times, serve as a
reminder of the citys day-to-day reality.
The gap between rich and poor adds further complexity to
the citys design. While the destitute live in inner-city slums or
in katchi abadis, unplanned ghettos on the fringes, the wealthy
live isolated in Karachis most prestigious neighbourhoods,
Clifton and Defence, in walled-off homes manned by 24-hour
armed guards. In these enclaves, residents and private security
companies have taken matters into their own hands, resulting
in a proliferation of walls topped by razor wire, checkpoints,
CCTV cameras and barriers of all shapes and sizes that would
not be out of place in a war zone.
We have a social divide across the city, meaning those in
Clifton and Defence live inside a bubble. So when they move out
of their comfort zone they are more worried than they should
be, says Farooq Soomro, the founder of The Karachi Walla, a
blog documenting the citys architectural treasures. Ive been
robbed at signals, so this danger is clear and present. But it
shouldnt stop me from living in the moment, because the city
has a lot to offer which probably balances out this risk.
Back in Saddar Town, the tour group, who almost all live
in the wealthy neighbourhoods, have, for a few hours at least,
forgotten about their security concerns. Im here with five or
six family members, all from Karachi, but weve never seen the
city like this before, says Bilal Khan, a businessman. Im 38
years old and I never knew about some of these places.
Mukhtar agrees. Im not so worried about security right now
because were in a group and its a Sunday. Plus you have to take
a bit of a risk to enjoy yourself. But frankly speaking, its a daring
thing to do in these times.

The Super Savari tour, the first of its kind in Karachi, ferries tourists around in one of the citys gloriously kitsch public buses.

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