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UNILAB COILS is the best software for calculation of coils heat exchangers that can be
used in air conditioning, fancoils, industrial
chillers and air handling units. It is an advanced tool for the calculation of finned pack
or smooth heat exchangers, which includes
specific features for the HVAC market.
Compared to laboratory tests, the results of
UNILAB COILS regarding the capacity and
pressure drop achieves a very high accuracy
that enables you to certify your heat exchanger by Eurovent or AHRI at the first attempt.
Currently, UNILAB COILS, like all UNILAB software, uses a
wide variety of fluids: it contains the thermodynamic and
thermophysical properties of more than 1000 fluids in
total, including 12 liquid mixtures and a list of more than
300 liquids, gases and refrigerants which most comes
from the REFPROP library by NIST (National Institute of
Standards and Technology).
UNILAB COILS is result of almost 30 years of experience
in the HVAC market, validated by experimental data and
tangible customers satisfaction.

Over 300 customers in 50 countries

Heating, cooling, steam, direct expansion, condensing and pump evaporator
Calculation in design & verify
Fast design algorithm
Insertion of a maximum of no. 4 geometries, which users may select from archive or insert ex novo
Wide archive of geometries
Possibility to add new geometries
Calculation of radiators: rounded & rectangular tubes
Simplified geometry administration
Available in all no. 6 calculation modalities: heating, cooling, steam, condensing, direct expansion and
Smooth tube
pump evaporator
(not moist air) Available in all no. 6 calculation typologies: heating, cooling, steam, condensing, direct
Other fluids
expansion and pump evaporator
outside tubes
M-N heat recovery coil analysis
1-1 coil recuperator printout with coils drawing
Additional information concerning the performance of heat recovery system
Overheating and subcooling analysis
Possibility to use different equations, flow map printout
Distributors selection
Choose supply fan or return fan
Consider or not the correction of air density
Capacity in function of rows number, of number of circuits, of air flow, of fluid flow, of fluid inlet temperature (fixed air-fluid delta T)
Tables &
Air pressure drop in function of air flow
Fluid pressure drop in function of fluid flow and of number of circuits
Balance point Calculation of the balance point with axial fans and compressors (including archive management)
Determination Fast mode for the coils cost calculation
of coils cost
User friendly graphic interface of coils cost calculation
Refrigerants cycle calculation: units made of a condenser, a compressor and an evaporator
Calculation and diagram of refrigerator cycle
Line pressure drops
Calculation of components in series: coils, air compressors, mixing boxes
in series
Automatic generation of catalogues and performance tables
Archive of materials, tubes, fins, manifolds, geometries, fans, compressors
of archives
Simulation with skipped tubes
Other options
Possibility to set the number of baffles in the frontal surface
Choose in the project the default material of the tubes & fins
Program Page Builder Light for the customization of the current printout or the addition of new ones
Transformation of units of measurement in the print preview with the option to hide the lines
Management of own printouts using a Word template
Possibility to save the output data in Excel format
VB Script Engine for special calculation
Support on demand and with additional cost. Available only for customers with regular subscription of
maintenance contract
Logo and company data linked to the companys main brand
Insertion of EMF drawings
Possibility to convert the DXF/DWG drawings in EMF format
script and
Quotes calculation script for the drawings
Printouts exportation to PDF and Word formats
Customization of the units of measurement
Unit of
measurement Management of decimal places in the unit of measurement
Calculations can be saved in small files for easy cataloguing
Possibility to save and load calculation templates
Italian, English, German, French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Greek, Polish, Chinese. Other languages upon request, with additional cost.
Unicode support for non Latin alphabets
Technical sup- Only available to customers under subscription of the maintenance contract
Automatic renewal of maintenance contract and it covers a maximum no. 3 technical licenses
Digital download - an internet connection is required for both installation and activation. Further acActivation
cesses to the internet connection may be required while using the software
Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8, 32 or 64 bits
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