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MA SOC Filing Number: 201534058130 Date: 6/6/2015 2:51.00 PM The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Minicww F William Francis Galvin Soeretary of the Commonwealth, Corporations Division (One Ashburton Place, 17th floor Boston, MA 02108-1512 Telephone: (617) 727-9640 Annual Report Filing Ye “La, Exact namo of the limited liability company: KILOWATT SYSTEMS, 1 4b. Itdifferent, the name under which it does business in the Commonwealth: > The Limited Liabllty Company is organized undar the taws of: State. DE Country: USA The date of its organization is: 12/24/2012 F. The general character of business, and Ifthe limited laity company is organized to render professional ‘service, the servico to be rendered: OWNS SOLAR SYSTEM ASSETS 4. Location of its principal office: Na, and Sireot: 600 HIGHWAY 169 SOUTH, SUITE 1425 City of Town: ST_LOUIS PARK State MN Zio: $8426 © Country: USA 5. The business address of its principal affica in the Commonweath, if any: No. and Sect City ar Tove: State Zip County: ‘6. The name and business address of each manager, if any: Title Individual Name ‘Addross (no PO ox) Feat, mig, Last Sutte ssres,Ciy or Town, Sate, Zo Code MANAGER STeveu roster 100 UNIVERSE BOULEVARD JUNO BEACH, FL SIA08 USA MANAGER BENEAMIN KORTLANG. 70 Sam HAL ROAD MENLO PAR. CA 94028 UEA aariaGER DanEL J PRLLEWER [SUITE 2425 GWE PENNSYLVANIA PLAZA NEW YeRKC NY 10118 USA wanagen ‘BENIAMIIN KORTLANG. 17750 GAND HILL ROAD MCNLG PRAK CA 94025 USA angen THOMAS J STEVER ano FLOOS 144 SUTTER STREET ‘SAN FRANGISDD, CAZETOA USA NANAGER MATTHEWS MELUS ‘SUITE 1425 200 HIGHIwRN 169 SOUTIC ‘ST.LOUIS PARK, Mt $5486 USA [Tho name and business address of the porson(s) authorized to execute, acknowledge, deliver and record ny recordable instrument purporting to affect an interest ia real property Title Individual Name Agiewss (ms PO Bor) et, Wil, ast Sue ass, Oy Town. Save, Tp Cove REAL PROPERTY MATTHEW 8. MELUS 20 HIGHWAY 169:50UTH. SUITE 1485 SST LOUIS PARK, MW 55426 USA 8. Name and address of the Resident Agent: Name: CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY, No. and Steet 34 STATE STREET City or Town: BOSTON State: MAL Zip: 92109 Country @. fF the foreign imted Habllity company has 8 specific date of dissolution, the latest date on whieh tho limited ability company is to dissolve: [a ‘Adtonal mates: PENALTIES OF PERJURY, this 5 Day of June, 2015, Signature of Authorized Signatory SIGNED UNDER THE 62901 -20%5 Commonueath ot Masiacruses ‘Al Rigs Reso