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STAR VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL A Newsletter for Parents and Students

February 2010

Braves Bulletin Upcoming Events

Feb. 9 FR Basketball Home against Kemmerer 4:00/5:30

Feb. 10 JV/VAR Wrestling Home against Rock Springs 5:00/6:00

Feb. 10 Wrestling Senior Night

Feb. 11 JV/VAR Wrestling at Evanston 5:00/6:00


Feb. 12 SO/JV/VAR Boys Basketball at Riverton

Feb. 13 SO/JV/VAR Boys Basketball at Natrona 10:00/11:45/1:30

Feb. 12 SO/JV/VAR Girls B-ball Home against Natrona 4:00/5:45/7:30

Feb. 12 Girls Basketball Senior Night

Feb. 13 SO/JV/VAR Girls B-ball home against Riverton 10:00/11:45/1:30

It’s that time of year . . . Time for Paws
The Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Feb. 12, 13 Speech and Debate at Jackson
Students (PAWS) will be given during the weeks of
March 8 to April 8. In an effort to improve student Feb. 12, 13 FR Basketball at Evanston Invite
performance, SVHS administration met with a
Feb. 15 Presidents’ Day NO SCHOOL
group of 11th grade students and came up with
the following recommendations to help Feb. 18, 19, 20 Indoor Track at Simplot Games (Pocatello, ID)
students give their best effort on the PAWS.
Feb. 18 FR/SO Boys B-ball Home against Rock Springs 4:00/5:30
--Seniors who score proficient of advanced
Feb. 18 FR/SO Girls B-ball at Rock Springs 4:00/5:30
on all portions of the PAWS will be eligible
for a longer lunch. The schedule for next Feb. 18 Community Advisory Panel Meeting at SVHS 11:45
year will be 1st period, 2nd period, Guided
Reading, then lunch. Seniors will be Feb. 19, 20 Regional Wrestling at Natrona
excused from Guided Reading if they are
proficient or advanced on all portions of Feb. 19 JV/VAR Boys/Girls B-ball at Evanston 4:00/5:45/7:30
the PAWS.
Feb. 23 SO Boys Basketball at Green River 5:30
--Seniors who score proficient or
advanced on all portions of the PAWS or Feb. 25 JV/VAR Boys/Girls B-ball at Green River 4:00/5:45/6:00
students who show improvement on all
portions of the PAWS from their 8th grade Feb. 26, 27 State Wrestling at Casper
to 11th grade scores will be eligible for a
class trip at the beginning of their senior Feb. 26 Speech and Debate at Rock Springs
Feb. 26 JV/VAR Boys/Girls B-ball at Rock Springs 4:00/5:45/7:30
--An auction will be held at the beginning
of the senior year. “Braves Bucks” will be March 4, 5, 6 Regional Basketball at Star Valley High
earned by performing well on PAWS and
on the ACT or by having few or no March 5, 6 State Indoor Track at Laramie
disciplinary referrals, tardies, or absences
from the first week of February 2010 to March 11, 12, 13 State Basketball at Casper
the date of the auction.
March 11, 12, 13 State Speech and Debate at Riverton
SVHS staff requests that students limit
Note: Dates and times are subject to change. For current
their appointments from March 8 to April
8. It is also recommended that students information on events and activities, please go to www.svhs.lcsd2. org
get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast.

The Best of the Braves: The Wall of Fame

As you walk down the halls of SVHS, you may notice

trophy cases and signs that show records for activities.
Within a few weeks, SVHS is adding a new sign that
will highlight the highest academic and the lowest
disciplinary records. Where does your class rank? Help for Haiti at SVHS

During the week of January 25-29, the

PAWS Reading
85.4% Proficient or Advanced Junior Science ACT Student Body Officers and the National Honor
Class of 2008 20.6 Average Society conducted a fundraiser called “Help
Class of 2009 for Haiti.” The Help for Haiti fundraiser at
PAWS Writing SVHS began with an assembly by the
90.1% Proficient or Advanced Junior Composite ACT National Honor Society. During the assembly,
Class of 2008 20.4 Average the students watched a movie that depicted
Class of 2009
PAWS Math the devastation following the massive
73.3% Proficient or Advanced Fewest Discipline Referrals earthquake on January 12. During the week,
Class of 2009 Freshmen Year (335) SVHS students were able to donate to the
Class of 2012 fundraiser: they could “buy” a longer lunch, a
ACT English get-out-of-detention pass, or free homework
21.9 Average Fewest Discipline Referrals passes. Money was also collected at the
Class of 2008 Sophomore Year (373)
Class of 2011 wrestling matches and basketball games.
ACT Reading $1,600 was collected and will be sent to a
23.2 Average Fewest Discipline Referrals reputable organization where the majority,
Class of 2006 Junior Class (537) hopefully 100%, of the money received from
Class of 2009 the fundraiser will go directly to humanitarian
ACT Math aid in Haiti. The goals of the fundraiser were
21.9 Average Fewest Discipline Referrals
Class of 2008 Senior Class (351) for SVHS’s students to gain global awareness
Class of 2009 and to help others.
ACT Science
22.0 Average Attendance Rate The Student Body Officers and National
Class of 2008 Freshmen Class (95.9%) Honor Society Presidency would like to
Class of 2008 thank all those who donated. SVHS can
ACT Composite make a difference!
22.3 Average Attendance Rate
Class of 2008 Sophomore Class (94.9%)
Class of 2011
Junior English ACT
22.0 Average Attendance Rate Students and Parents: Don’t forget
Class of 2009 Junior Class (94.9%) to sign up for txtwire for text and email
Class of 2010 notifications from your student’s school.
Junior Reading ACT Go to Star Valley High School’s home
20.6 Average Attendance Rate page
Class of 2009 Senior Class (88.2%)
Class of 2009
Junior Math ACT and click on the link
19.9 Average Note: By signing up you accept
Class of 2009 responsibility for the quantity of text
messages. Normal text messaging rates
through your wireless carrier will apply.

SVHS Receives Full Accreditation

During the fall of 2009, a Quality Assurance Review Team, which
is led by a certified team chair from North Central Association
(NCA) and professionals from outside the school, visited SVHS
and examined the school’s practices and operations. After
conducting interviews, looking at data, and observing daily
practices, the team fully accredited SVHS. Listed below is a
summary of the team’s findings.

--SVHS has a comprehensive and well-articulated professional
development process.

--SVHS has a strong and united mission.

--SVHS leadership provides a solid foundation of support for their


--SVHS has a curriculum based on clear and measurable

expectations for student learning and uses proven instructional
practices that engage students in the learning process.
Funded by the Wyoming Department of Health with
Federal SPIF SIG funds
----SVHS is committed to a shared purpose and direction through
a written vision and mission statement.
Star Valley High School’s Mission Statement
The mission of Star Valley High School and its stakeholders is to provide --SVHS has a comprehensive assessment system that monitors
a safe, secure, respectful, and stimulating environment where all and documents performance to adjust instruction and make
students will be engaged in a rigorous, relevant curriculum. decisions and implement programs to improve student
performance and school effectiveness.
Success will be measured through local, state, and national
testing. All students will be challenged to become ---SVHS has a highly qualified staff who participate in varied and
collaborative workers, effective communicators, and critical relevant professional development.
thinkers with problem solving skills.
--SVHS has a safe, orderly environment.
Their development will be fostered by positive relationships.
All students will be guaranteed equal access to available --SVHS uses multiple methods to communicate with and seek
resources. input from stakeholders.

Upon graduation, they will demonstrate personal

accountability, become responsible citizens in a democratic
society, and be prepared for the challenges of an ever-
changing global society.
--SVHS will continue to gather data and examine longitudinally
data from subgroups.

--SVHS will continue to find a strategic way to identify and

Math Goal: All analyze data regarding subgroups from the communities across
Reading Goal: All
students will Students will improve the valley.
improve in math and in reading skills and
in problem solving in comprehension. --SVHS will continue to seek methods of involving parents and
skills. other stakeholders.

--SVHS will continue to determine how to use fiscal and human

resources to support the achievement of lower performing

Images in “The Braves Bulleting”

On most nights and weekends, the parking lot at SVHS
is full of cars. If you have any suggestions, questions, or
To find out what is going on at the high school, go to comments about “The Braves Bulletin,”
please contact Melanie Robinson by phone 885-7847 (extension 7296) or by e-mail:
for events and activities.

February 2010

SVHS Administration: Homer Bennett, Activities

Director; Shannon Harris, Principal; and Shelly
Cowell, Vice Principal

A Message from Principal Shannon Harris Polly Erickson Update

Wow, the year is flying by. The first semester went very
well, this was evident by the nearly 300 students that were
recognized for their academic achievement during the first Most of you are aware that Mrs. Polly Erickson was in a
semester honor roll assembly held on Monday, February
8th. Be watching the Star Valley Independent for a serious automobile accident in September. She suffered
complete listing of those students along with some photos damage to her right ankle, left leg, right wrist, and
taken at the assembly. What a great group of students we internal injuries. She spent several weeks at the
have at Star Valley High School. We appreciate working University of Utah Medical Center in critical condition.
with your talented, dedicated students! She has undergone several surgeries and continues to
For those who may not have heard, Star Valley High improve. At this time she is undergoing rehabilitation at
School was recognized by US News and World Report as a South Davis Community Hospital.
“bronze level” school. Congratulations to our students
and staff for achieving this recognition. For more Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Robinson spoke with Polly on
information about this award please see the full story at Friday, February 5. She said that she can walk about 75- foot stretch with the use of a walker. We are glad that she
is walking. It has been hard work, and she has come a
We also appreciate the National Honor Society and long ways. She sounded stronger than she has in past
Student Body Officers’ efforts to raise money for the people conversations. She said to tell the staff and the students
of Haiti. We appreciate our students responding to a need that she misses them, and knowing Polly, she truly misses
that they observed. Their efforts were well-organized and everyone of us at SVHS, and conversely everyone at
impressive and the results speak for themselves! SVHS misses Polly.
As we move through the second semester, we ask for your
support as we move into the testing period. The juniors She is appreciative of the many cards, notes, calls, visits,
will be taking the PAWS test in March and April and the and gifts that she and her family have received from the
ACT test in April. Some sophomores will also be taking the students, staff and community. If you wish to send her
PAWS test in the area of math. Please help us by something, the address is:
minimizing absences during the school day. It is
important that students are well-rested and give this South Davis Community Hospital
assessment their best effort.
Attn. : Polly Erickson
The next SVHS Community Advisory Panel meeting will be
held on February 18th at 11:45a.m. if you would like to be a
part of that committee please feel free to join us. We 401 South 400 East Room 91
welcome you ideas, suggestions and involvement.
Bountiful, Utah 84010
Thanks for your support, hope everyone has a great second