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KEN (N/V)-



range of what one can know or understand

range of vision and comprehension

to know (v)

Verb Form:Ken



Origin:Word ken comes from Germanic origin Kennen means 'know, be acquainted with. In old
English ken was written as cennan "tell, make known".
Mind Tricks:-

Kan sounds like (wwe fighter Kane) ; Kane has great vision and comprehension in the art
of fight.

Only Ken man can earn Yen.

Only Ken man uses Pen .


1. His role as TV critic has made ken an icon.

2. Maths subject is beyond my ken.

Synonym:- acumen, apprehension, cognizance, knowledge, sense
Antonym:- misunderstanding, incomprehension, imperception, mistake


[ kur-nl ]


the inner part of a nut or seed

center or essential part of something

the central most important part of an idea or a subject

Origin:The word kernel comes from Old English word cyrnel related to corn.
Mind Trick:-

Kernel sound like Colonel. Colonel (kernel) plays main and important part of an army.


1. Unemployment is the kernel of her argument.

2. There may be a kernel of truth in what she said.
Synonym:- center, nut, root, grain, core, crux
Antonym:- border, boundary, edge, rim, surroundings, outside


[ kil-joi ]


someone who spoils the pleasure of others

a person who likes to spoil other people's enjoyment

Origin:Killjoy formed from two words "kill + joy".

Sense:- The word Killjoy uses in Negative sense.
Mind Trick:-

A person who kills the joy of others.


1. It doesn't sound like the intention here is to be a killjoy.

2. We should not being a killjoy.
Synonym:- grouch, pessimist, dampener, grinch
Antonym:- optimist, happy, benevolence


[ kin-dl ]


to start burning

to make a fire start burning

to arouse interest or passion in somebody

Verb Form:Kindle



Noun:- Kindling
Adjective:- Kindled
Origin:This word comes from Middle English based on old Norse Kynda which influenced by
word Kindill meaning 'candle, torch'.
Mind Tricks:-

Kindle sounds like Candle; Candle is for burning.

Kin dull ne mera cloths ko burn kiya. (Hindi)


1. We watched as the fire slowly kindled.

2. It was her teacher who kindled her interest in music.
Synonym:- burn, fire, flame, flare, ignite, inflame
Antonym:- extinguish, discourage, kill, cal, quiet


[ nel ]


the sound of a bell rung slowly to announce a death or funeral or the end of something

ring as in announcing death (v)

Verb Form:Knell

Knelled Knelled

Word Origin:Knell origin influenced by bell. This word comes from Germanic and Dutchorigin knal (N)
and knallen(v) meaning 'bang, pop, crack'.
Mind Trick:-

Nel (a name) listened the sound of a bell rung for his death.


1. Apartments plan sounds death knell for Darwen's Cemetery Hotel.

2. Honesty is Knell policy.
Synonym:- ring, signal, proclaim, summon, warning
Antonym:- well, benediction