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First of all, I would like to say Alhamdulillah thank to the God, for giving me the
strengthand health to do this project work.Furthermore, I also want to give my
appreciation to my parents for all their support infinancial and moral throughout this
project work. Without them standing with me, I would not beable to finish this
project.Besides, I would like to thank my Additional Mathematics teacher, Mr Baharom
andMadam Azimah for guiding me throughout this project. He gives a lot of guidance
andinformation about this project. Without his guidance, I would be lost to do the project
since Inever done it before.Last but not least, I would like to give appreciation to all my
friend, who do this projectwith me throughout days and nights. Also not forgotten all my
classmates and friends who arewilling to share their opinion and information.
My name is Nur Dalila Nabihan binti Ahmad Tajuddin. I am thankful that
thisAdditional Mathematics Project can be done just in time. For this, I would
like to seize theopportunity to express my sincere gratitude for those who
had been helping me during mywork.First and foremost, I would like to say a
big thank you to my Additional Mathematicsteacher, Mrs. Hamidah bt Uda
Ahmad for giving me information about my project work. Onthe other hand, I
would also like to thank my dear principle, Puan Naemah bt Ramli forgiving
me the permission to carry out this project.Also, I would like to thank my
parents. They had brought me the things that I neededduring the project
work was going on. Not only that, they also provided me with the
nicesuggestion on my project work so that I had not meet the dead and
throughout this project.Lastly, I would like to say thank you to my friends and
the modern access in our dailylife. All of my relevant information come from
my friends and the internet. I managed to useall these access in our daily
life, such as: computer to finish my Additional Mathematicsproject

After I accomplished this project, I have found that the mathematics is fun and veryuseful in daily life. I have
learnt the important of perseverance as time will be inverted to ensurethe completion and excellence of this
project.On the other hands , I have learnt the virtue to making together as I have helped and receivedhelp from my
fellow peers in the production of this project. I realised the important to bethankful and appreciative during
completing this task. This is because I able to apply mymathematical knowledge in daily life and appreciate the
beauty of mathematic.This project is a several training stage for me to prepare myself for the demands of my
futureundertaking in the university and work life.
While I conducting this project, there is a lot of information that I have found. I have learnt howloan is calculated.
Apart from that, this project encourages the student to work together and sharetheir knowledge. It is also
encourages student to gather information from the internet, improvethinking skills and promote effective
mathematical communication. Not only that, I had learnedsome moral values that I can practice. This project had

taught me to responsible on the worksthat are given to me to be completed. This project also had made me felt
more confidence to doworks and not to give easily when we could not find the solution for the question. I also
learnedto be more discipline on time, which I was given only 3 weeks to complete this project and passup to my
teacher just in time. I also enjoy doing this project as I need to spend my time withfriends to complete this project
and it had tightens our friendship