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Clinical Application on Diaphoresis

The diaphoresis which is used by medical scientist is according

to exterior syndrome of febrile disease and exterior syndrome
with interior syndrome. The author considers that the internal
injury and infection disease or the external disease which is
without exterior syndrome can be treated by diaphoresis. The
surprising effect is received by proper treatment.
(1) Clinical observation on pulmonitis: the main manifestation
is interior syndrome. Diaphoretic medicine is added to remove
exterior syndrome and heat and a good effect is received.
(2) Wind, coldness with dampness type or coldness with
dampness type of rheumatoid arthritis: sweating first, and then
benefiting qi, nourishing blood, warming meridians and opening
collaterals. For wind, dampness with heat type, or damp heat
type, clearing away heat, eliminating dampness and wind first
and then sweating. It can improve syndromes obviously and
relieve pain.
(3) Warm disease due to pathogen in yin fen: fever at night
and coldness in the morning, feverish sensation over the five
centers, dry skin, no sweating, red tongue, deep, tready and
rapid pulse. The Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is
nourishing yin and clearing away heat. Proper quantities of Qin
Jiu and Dou Chi are added for eliminating pathogens, making
body sweating to defervesce.
(4) Drysweating: followed with oppressed chest, desquamation
and pruritus of skin, deep, excess and forceful pulse.
Modification of Ma Huang Tang is applied and a good effect can
be received.
(5) Leukorrhea diseases: strengthening spleen, drying
dampness, clearing away heat, warming liver and tonifying
kidney. Better effect can be received if diaphoresis is combined
to disperse lung qi and benefit dampness.
(6) Allergic disease, such as erythema multiforme, urticaria and
eczema: it is treated by diaphoresis. It is mainly caused by
wind, coldness, dampness and heat in skin. The disease
location is at superficial surface without exterior syndromes,
therefore, it is treated by dispersing superficial pathogen from
sweating. It is better than dispersing wind and relieving itching
(7) Kidney failure and uremia: because of the stagnated
internal phlegm and pathogenic dampness, heat and toxin,
diuresis and reducing method are applied to expelling toxin.
The detox is improved when the treatment combines with
diaphoretic for relieving exterior syndrome.
(8) Hypertension: on the basis of nourshing yin, suppressing
yang, dispersing stagnated liver qi and clearing away heat, the
herbs for relieving exterior syndrome such as Chai Hu, Dou Chi

and Zhu Ye are applied to outspread mucocutaneous vessels

and reduce the blood pressure.
Although miscellaneous diseases has no exterior syndromes
such as fever, aversion to cold and superficial pulse, it
manifested lung qi obstruction, stagnation of pathogens and no
sweating. In addition, diaphoresis is added according to
syndromes to improve blood circulation, open yang and
disperse stagnation. It is forbidden to be used if the syndromes
are deficiency without pathogens, or stagnation of heat in fu
organs, or excess heat, etc.
Key words: diaphoresis, clinical application
Writer: Junzhi Zhang, Quanying Lin
Peoples hospital of Ningxia Hui autonomous region (750021)