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FCE Unit 1

1. What is the opposite of these words?


2. Complete the sentences with a word.

a. Im always ___________ before speaking in public.
b. My nephew is very __________ for his age.
c. John is quite ______________: when he makes a mistake, he waits
for other people to resolve the problem.
d. Sarah often gets offended: shes very ___________.
3. List 6 household chores.
4. Decide if these nouns go with do or make?
an appointment the bed
the homework

a plan

the shopping
a phone call
a promise

a favour

5. Complete the sentences with one word.

a. I would do more housework, but shes so much better ______ it
than me.
b. Men say things like: I did the washing-up ________ you.
c. _______ men do something around the house, they behave as if
they are doing their partner a favour.
d. Women still find themselves doing most ________ the chores.
e. Housework is so important ____________ they should discuss _____
before getting married.
f. I work long hours and I dont think my wifes job is as stressful as

6. Translate the sentences.

a. Vicky s az apja idnknt / alkalmanknt egytt edzenek.
b. Kostas zavarban van a csaldi rendezvnyeken.
c. Anyukm elgg vlogats az telekkel kapcsolatban.
d. Meghvni az ex-bartnjt is elg tapintatlan volt tled.
e. Az unokacsm a korhoz kpest elgg retlen.
f. Nem tudtam, hogy ennyire rzkeny vagy!
g. Nem kezelheted gy ket, mint amikor gyerekek voltak.
h. gy neveltem a gyerekeimet, hogy helyesen cselekedjenek.
i. Utlok teregetni, de a padlt szvesen felsprm.
j. A vacsora nemsokra ksz, megtertenl?
k. Gondoltl mr arra, hogy angol tanfolyamra jrj?
l. Ne zajongjatok, a gyerekek alszanak.
m. Tudnl nekem tenni egy szvessget?
n. Tegnap krtem idpontot a fogorvostl, de le kell mondanom.
7. Complete the sentences. Present simple or present continuous?
1. Maria (want) ___________ to improve her English.
2. Therefore, she (do) _________ a language course in London at the
3. She (stay) _______ with a host family and (must) ________ take the
tube to get to her language school.
4. It (be) _________ only a five-minute walk to the nearest tube
5. The tube (leave) ________ at half past eight.
6. The first lesson (begin) ___________ at 9 o'clock.
7. In the afternoons, the school (offer) _________ sightseeing tours in
and around London.
8. Tomorrow, the students of the language school (go) _________ to

8. Negative sentences. Present simple or preset continuous?


He (not / spend) ________ his holidays in Spain each year.

I (not / meet) __________ Francis tonight.
They (not / fly) __________ to London tomorrow.
We (not / work) _________ this week.
The film (not / begin) _________ at 7 o'clock.

9. Questions. Present simple or present continuous?


(leave / you) _________ the party now?

(have / you) __________ any brothers or sisters?


(love / she) ________ him?

Who (cook) _________ dinner tonight?
(send / he) ___________ you an e-mail every day?
Negative Sentences. Present perfect simple or present
perfect continuous?
Sorry for being late. I hope you (wait / not) _______ long.
My grandparents are coming to see us next weekend.
They (visit / not) ________ us for two years.
3. She (be / not) __________ on holiday for 3 years.
4. I don't want you to drive my car. You (drive / not) __________ a car for
5. He (watch / not) ________ TV all afternoon, he only switched the telly
on 10 minutes ago.
Questions. Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect
1. How much money (Jack / spend) _______ in the casino?
2. How long (she / sit) _________ there?
3. How many short messages (send / you) _________this month?
4. (you / empty) _________ the bin yet?
5. Lucy, (you / bathe) _________ your dolls? The bathroom floor is
absolutely wet.
Fill in the correct form (Present Perfect Simple or
Present Perfect Progressive).
1. Daughter: Mum, Jane (phone / just) _________ to ask if I will go to
the cinema with her. May I?
2. Mother: (you / do) _______ your homework yet?
3. Daughter: Well, I (do) ________ it for about 2 hours now, but
I (finish / not) ________ it yet.
4. Mother: If you (complete / not) _________ your homework, you
cannot go. School comes first. Remember, you(promise) _________
me to study harder this year.
5. Daughter: But mum, I (work) __________ really hard this year and
I (improve / already) ___________ in Maths and Chemistry.
6. Mother: But that's only because I (push / always) ________ you to
do something.
7. Daughter: But I also need a break some time. Look, I (be /
not) __________ to the cinema for two months. May I go? Just this

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