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DECEMBER 5, 2014

TASK 1: Complete the gaps with the correct forms of the words in capital letters.
1. That was a really TERRIFYING journey. Im glad we are here now!
2. I like most of my CLASSMATES but one boy isnt so nice.
3. For homework, we have to MEMORISE twenty-five French verbs.
4. I was a bit BORED during the film last night.
5. Chemistry is FASCINATING but very difficult.
6. You arent DYSLEXIC, you just dont think when you write.
7. My sister is at SECONDARY school but shes leaving at the end of the year.
8. Our school uniform is BORING. It should be more colourful.
9. I dont understand my CHEMISTRY homework.
10. I was really SHOCKED when our English teacher shouted at us.
11. Its really ANNOYING when we get lots of homework to do at the weekend.

TASK 2: Complete the missing words. The first letter of each word is given.
1. My brother DROPPED out of school when he was 16.
2. Come in and MAKE yourselves at home.
3. My friend and I have got a lot in COMMON.
4. I think Ill PASS English but I might fail Maths.
5. Are you going to DO your homework tonight or at the weekend?
6. I cant believe our teacher wants us to learn all these words by HEART.
7. Come in and TAKE a seat.
8. Ill be with you in a minute. I just want to CHECK my email.
9. Be careful and dont MAKE any stupid mistakes in the test.
10. Im quite BAD at Maths so I have to work really hard to pass my exams.
11. I hope I dont FAIL my English exam.
12. When I changed schools, it took me a few weeks to MAKE new friends.
TASK 3: Complete the gaps with the words in the box. There are two extra words!









Our form tutor has got a 1_BRAND new bag. We were all 2_FASCINATED when he first put it on his desk
because it was so big. Its 3_AMAZING how many things he can keep there: books, calculators, pens,
rulers, his coat, shoes and even a small musical 4_INSTRUMENT that he bought in Greece. One boy
wanted to hide the bag as a joke but he was too scared because Mr Thompson is a very 5_STRICT
TASK 4: Complete the conversations with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets or the correct
short answer.
A: So, did you have fun last night?
B: No, I didnt!
A: Why? Where 1_DID YOU GO?
B: Nowhere. I 2_DID my homework and
_WATCHED a boring movie on TV.
A: Be careful with your homework, Mark.

B: But I am careful!
A: Well, you 4_MADE lots of mistakes last week.
B: No, I 5_DIDNT. I got an A+!
A: What 6_DID YOU DO in the town centre last
B: Nothing, really. I 7_DIDNT HAVE any money.

TASK 5: Complete the gaps with the words in the box. You do not need to use all the words, but you
may need to use some of them more than once.









When I was at primary school, I 1_USED to love English. We read books or wrote stories in my English
classes. I wanted to be a writer because of those lessons. Our school was very relaxed and we 2_DIDNT
have any exams.
It all changed in secondary school, where our classes 3_WERENT easy any more! There 4_WERE a lot of
books to read and a lot of things to learn. How about you? What 5_WERE your English lessons like in
secondary school? 6_DID you get good marks in your exams?
TASK 6: Complete the sentences with one word in each gap.

I must write DOWN this phone number before I forget it.

How could such a young child come UP with a story like this?
I want to find OUT how much an electric guitar costs.
If you want to be ready for the show, we have to get DOWN to some serious work.
Keep ON sending your poems to book companies and, one day, someone will write BACK to you
saying that they will publish them.

TASK 7: Complete the gaps with the correct forms of the words in capital letters.
1. Theres an EXHIBITION of modern art on in town. Do you want to go?
2. This is such an IMAGINATIVE story. I cant believe that William wrote it on his own.
3. You write so well, you should be a NOVELIST.
4. I dont want any DISTRACTIONS while Im working.
5. This is an amazingly DRAMATIC play.
6. Why do singers and actors get paid more than SCIENTISTS?
7. You must be very CREATIVE to make all these clothes.
8. My English teacher gave me the INSPIRATION to become a novelist.
9. You write so well, you should be a POET.
10. I dont want any INTERRUPTIONS while Im working.
11. Its very MYSTERIOUS that this play wasnt a success.
12. My favourite COMPOSER is Mozart, I really enjoy his music.
TASK 8: Complete the missing words. The lines show you how many letters to use.

I was so tired after my first day of work that I fell ASLEEP at 8 oclock.


Its dangerous to drive when youre tired. Take a BREAK for an hour or two.


This is a very CATCHY song. I cant stop singing it.


Hello, John. Were very PLEASED to meet you at last.


Our teacher gets really IRRITATED when we dont listen to his explanations.


He has a very PRESTIGIOUS and well-paid job hes a lawyer in an international



I bought their CD after I saw them play LIVE. They were really good.


This is a very SENTIMENTAL song and it makes me cry every time I listen to it.


I feel very STRESSED about my exams and I dont know how to relax.


This is his phone number. Write it DOWN before we forget it.

TASK 9: Complete the gaps with the words in the box. There are two extra words!






weeks ago , I met a really nice girl at a party. We spent the evening chatting and found that
we had a lot in common. When she left, I realised that I didnt even know her name. I kept thinking about
her 1_AFTERWARDS and felt really unhappy. 2_THEN_, two weeks 3__LATER_, I met her again

__WHILE_ I was shopping in the city centre. Her name was Monica, and this time I got her phone

number. A few days 5__AFTER_ that, I rang her and asked her to go out with me. We went to the
cinema 6_LAST_ Friday and we had a lot of fun!
TASK 10: Complete the conversations with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

What were you doing at 6 oclock last night?
I dont remember oh, wait a minute, I 1WAS WATCHING a film at the cinema.
WAS IT good?
Yes, I really 3ENJOYED it. How about you? What 4DID YOU DO yesterday?
We went to a concert, but we were late. When we got there, the band 5WERE PLAYING their
fourth song.
No, we 7_DIDNT but the concert was really great!


Did you go to the festival on Saturday?

Yes, we 1_DID but we were a bit late. The bands 2_WERE PLAYING when we got there.
_WAS IT FUN fun?
Yes, but we got very wet.
Yes, it was. All the time. And then Mike 5_LOST his mobile phone.
No, he 7_HAD to buy a new one.

TASK: Complete the conversation with the words from the box. There are two extra words!






A Do you mind if I sit here?

B No, please do.
A The trains very busy, isnt it?
B Yes, it is.
A I remember a very busy train I travelled on. Ill never 1__FORGET_ it. It 2_HAPPENED_ a few years ago.
I was in Britain going from London to Glasgow on a night train. 3_AS I was walking to the station, I noticed
lots of football fans. At first, I didnt know where they were going but, after a 4__WHILE___, I realised they
were all going to a match in Glasgow. They were singing all night and I didnt sleep at all. Would you like
a cigarette?
B No, thank you. You cant smoke here. Its not 5_ALLOWED.

Last month, we asked you for mistakes you made at
school or work and what you learned from them. Here
is this months winning article.
Our school is very good at organising after-school activities.
Last year I went to two clubs, the music club and the drama
club. It was my first year in the music club, which I had for an
hour on Mondays and Wednesdays, and my second year in the drama club, which was an hour and
a half on Tuesdays and Thursdays. _D___ (1) It didnt matter because there wasnt much school work to
In October, they told us about the end of year school play.___G____ (2) I was very excited when I found
out that I was going to play one of the most important parts. Then, in November, the music teacher asked
me to play the piano in the end of year concert. I was surprised because my piano playing isnt very good.
He wanted everyone to be in it, though, good and bad.
Everything was fine before Christmas because I did a lot of school work at the weekend. ___F_____ (3)
Then, in January, I went to a friends birthday party and met a girl called Heather. We started talking and
I asked her out. After that, I didnt have any free Fridays or Saturdays because I was with Heather. I was
still OK, though. I stopped watching TV and only switched on my computer once a week.
That was my life until April but then everything started happening at once. The drama teacher wanted me
to come to an extra practice on Fridays, the music teacher gave me lots of tunes to practise at home over
the weekend and Heather wanted to meet up for walks on Sundays because the weather was getting
nicer. In addition, our teachers started talking more and more about the end of year exams. We got more
homework and tests every week to see how much we could remember. I usually have a good memory
but I was trying to memorise my words in the play as well. My test marks were really bad and my parents
were worried so they told me I should stop seeing Heather for a while. ____A____ (4)
In the end, Heather left me, I failed my exams and the music teacher said that I wasnt good enough to
be in the concert. The play went well, though, although I nearly fell asleep in the middle of it.
__C__ (5) Not to try to do so many things at one time!
Ian Hodge, aged 17
TASK 1: Complete the gaps in the article with sentences AG. There are two extra sentences that
you do not need.
a) I didnt want to do that so I was
staying up later and later to get all
my work done.
b) I didnt expect her to say that.

d) It meant that I had four late finishes

a week.

c) What did I learn from all of this?

f) I was very busy but I managed

g) I really wanted to be in it.

e) That was why I liked her so much.

TASK 2: Mark the following statements TRUE or FALSE.

1. TRUE Both clubs had two meetings a week.
2. FALSE Ian is a good piano player.

3. FALSE He met Heather at her birthday party.

4. TRUE He had a lot more work to do in the spring.
5. TRUE Not everything went wrong at the end of the year.


TASK 1: Circle the correct answers.
1. My brother is very selfish / modest. He never lets me play his computer games.
2. Do you matter / mind if I sit here?
3. Im really worried about this exam. I hope I dont lose / fail it.
4. How many poets / poems did she write in her life?
5. The school newspaper is going to perform / publish my article next month.
6. I fell sleepy / asleep on the sofa.
7. Come in and do / make yourself at home.
8. Can I borrow / belong your pencil?
9. Johnny is doing very good / well at school.
10. Are you interesting / interested in modern art?
TASK 2: Complete the sentences and questions using the correct forms of the words given.

Be quiet. The students in Class 5C ARE HAVING a test.

DO YOU KNOW what time the match starts?
I cant go out tomorrow. My uncle IS COMING / IS GOING TO COME to see us.
We TOOK lots of photos when we were in Italy.
DID MARIA PHONE yesterday?
Mark and Annette WERE HAVING a meal yesterday when one of Marks old girlfriends suddenly
7. What WAS LISA DOING when you met her?
8. Could you tell me where THE BUS STATION IS, please?
9. My dad DIDNT USE TO WORK so hard in his old job.
10. Do you fancy EATING pizza tonight?
TASK 3: Complete the text with ONE WORD in each gap.
Ill never forget the holiday I went on two years 1_AGO__. It was a school trip to the mountains in June.
Twenty-five of us from Year 12 went with three teachers. I didnt 2_USE_ to like school trips when I was
younger but this one was great! We stayed 3__AT_ a hostel in a small village. Some students from
another school 4_WERE_ staying there at the same time. We all 5__GOT__ on well with each other and
_MADE_ some new friends. There was a lot to do in the day and I took 7_PART__ in activities like
climbing, hiking and cycling. In the evenings, we had some great parties or watched some movies to
_PASS__ the time.
On the last day, we went for a walk high in the mountains. At first, it was warm and sunny but, after
a 9__WHILE__ it started snowing. It was really difficult to walk and we couldnt see anything. The last
_THING__ I remember was falling over and hitting my head. When I woke up, I was in hospital!
TASK 4: Complete the gaps with the correct forms of the words in capital letters.
Last month, I bought a CD of some classical music. It was really 1_MELODIC_ and relaxing to listen to
after a 2_STRESSFUL_ day at work. Last Friday, I bought the local newspaper and was very
_EXCITED_ when I read about a concert by the same orchestra in our town.
It was a very 4_DRAMATIC_ show and the way they used lights to help the music was very
_IMAGINATIVE_. When it finished, I talked to the woman sitting next to me. She was very
_TALKATIVE_ and started telling me about the 7_COMPOSER_ of the music. It was
a 8_FASCINATING_ story! Apparently he was a very 9_MYSTERIOUS_ person. He lived in the USA but
he spoke with a very strong foreign accent. However, no-one knew what his real 10_NATIONALITY_ or
even his real name was!

TASK 5: Choose the correct answers.

When Im planning a holiday, I start finding out about the places where
I want to go about a year before the holiday. I go to a travel 1____ and
I often stay 2____ all night, looking for tips and information on the
Internet. Its very important because there is lots of useful advice there.
Last year, a friend and I 3____ a camping holiday on the Internet.
I wanted to camp in England but she wanted to go 4____. We found
a lovely place in France near the 5____ with Germany. It was a small
village called Eguisheim, near the town of Colmar.
When we got to the campsite, we paid for a place with electricity but then found out that we needed an
adaptor 6____ to be able to use it. Luckily, the campsite had one we could borrow so we were able to use
our battery 7____ its very important when you take as many photos as we do!
We travelled by coach to Strasbourg. It was 8____ for three hours on the way back but we were quite
happy. We went to the tourist information 9____ and were able to see a bit of the old town.
The only problem we had was at night. It was quite cold and our sleeping 10____ werent warm enough so
we had to sleep in our jumpers. Apart from that, it was great!
1. a shops
2. a up
3. a cancelled
4. a foreign
5. a coast
6. a plug
7. a charge
8. a cancelled
9. a shop
10. a beds

b offices
b out
b booked
b border
b line
b charger
b charging
b booked
b office
b rooms

c agents
c off
c delayed
c international
c abroad
c tablet
c charger
c arranged
c agents
c bags

d centres
d away
d landed
d abroad
d border
d bag
d charged
d delayed
d hall
d tents

TASK 6: Complete the text with the words in brackets in the correct forms.