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Vol. 33 No.

4 July 2015


Dark Cloud Of
Death Hangs
Over Tunisian
Seaside Paradise

England Women Score Victories

For The Country And The Game

TUNISIAS postcard destination for

tourists was reeling from the terror that
blighted another day of play at the Mediterranean seaside resort of Sousse.
The previous day, a man identified
as Tunisian student Seifeddine Rezgui,
armed with a Kalashnikov and grenades
gunned down tourists on a private beach,
and then moved methodically through
the grounds of a luxury hotel to the
swimming pool, reception area and offices.
There were 38 people killed, 30 being
British, and many wounded in a deadly
noon rampage by Rezezgui disguised as
a tourist. Survivors told of the horror of
losing their loved ones. Others wept as
they accounted their injuries and escapes
from the gunman.
On this day the private beach of the
370-room Imperial Marhaba Hotel was
immaculate with chairs lined up under
straw umbrellas and police tape sealing it off. Only the emptiness and an
overturned lounge chair with flowers
accumulating hinted at the horror
There was still the sunshine, but some
people cried as they placed their offerings.
The Foreign Office has updated its
travel advice to warn that further terrorist
attacks in Tunisia are possible, and urged
people to be vigilant.
Holiday firms have put on extra flights
on top of scheduled services for people
wanting to return home. Flights to the
country have also been cancelled.
Security was stepped up at events
marking Armed Forces Day across
Britain, officials said amid a news report
that officials foiled a bomb attack by the
Islamic State group on a military parade
in London.
Tunisian authorities have arrested
several people on suspicion helping the
gunman, and at least two more suspects
are wanted by police.
Prime Minister David Cameron announced a minutes silence would be held
June 3 at noon BST to remember the
victims of the attack.
Britains terrorism threat remains at
severe, meaning an attack is considered
highly likely.
The first bodies killed in the Tunisian
massacre arrived at Royal Airforce Brize
Norton on July 1.
Eight coffins were flown home on an
RAF C17 from Tunis to Oxfordshire, and
were taken off the plane one by one.
Thirty of the 38 victims are thought to
have been British and the repatriation of
the bodies is likely to take several days,
with inquests to follow.

Perfect Gift!
A 12-Month
To The
Union Jack!

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for all the details!

RRGovernment To Sell Its

Remaining Stake In Royal Mail

TREASURY CHIEF George Osboarne

said the government will sell its remaining stake in Royal Mail as part of
4.5bn in new measures meant to bring
down the public debt.
Mr Osborne did not offer a precise
time frame for the sale of the governments 30 percent holding, which is
worth an estimated 1.5bn. He pledged
to sell when the government could be
sure of getting value for money, a
nod to the sale of an earlier stake that
critics say cost taxpayers millions
because it was sold at too low a price.
The Conservative-led government
sold a majority stake in the postal service in 2013, putting the system under
private control for the first time in its
500-year history.

RRUK Honours Waterloo

Soldiers On 200th Anniversary
Of Victory

THE UNION JACK feels it is worth noting the blow that has been struck, the bell
that has been tolled, or, even, the ball

that has been kicked have all opened the

floodgates to the womens game.
Football is Englands national sport,

with the mens English Premier League

the most watched league in the world.

RR Continued on page 5

Princess Charlotte To Be
Christened This Month


daughter of Britains Prince William and
his wife, Kate, will be christened in a
private ceremony this month.

The ceremony is set for July 5 at St

Mary Magdalene Church on the Queens
sprawling Sandringham estate in Norfolk,
on Englands eastern coast.

Charlottes late grandmother, Princess Diana, was christened at the same

church. Dianas family was closely tied to
the royal family and she was born on the
Sandringham estate in 1961.
Charlotte, the couples second child
after Prince George and fourth in line to
the throne, was born in London on May 2.
The queen, her husband Philip, Prince
Charles and Camilla are expected join
Kates family at the ceremony, along with
the babys godparents, who have not yet
been announced.
Justin Welby, the Archbishop of
Canterbury, will conduct the ceremony.
After the birth William and Kate left
London for their mansion in Sandringham, where they are expected to be
based for the next few years.
The Princess father has returned
to work after nearly a month of unpaid
paternity leave. Prince William, second
in line to the British throne, was back
on duty June 1 as an air ambulance pilot
after Britains latest princess was born on
May 2. He works with the East Anglian
Air Ambulance service.
William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, have spent most of
the last month out of public view at their
country home Anmer Hall with their two
children, Charlotte and 22-month-old
Prince George.
The US first lady brought gifts for
23-month-old Prince George and sixweek-old Princess Charlotte.
The US Embassy in London said
last month that Obama brought a red,
American-made Berlin Flyer P-Wee
Wagon for George and an Amish rocking chair and a personalized Alpaca baby
blanket for Charlotte.
Mrs Obama spent a full day in London
before traveling to Italy.
Officials said they didnt know if
Obama gave the gifts personally to the
young prince and princess while she was
at the palace.

BRITAIN has unveiled its first memorial to the thousands of soldiers who
fought and died in the battle of Waterloo as the 200th anniversary of the
famous victory over the French nears.
Descendants of those who died on
the battlefield observed the ceremony
last month at Londons Waterloo train
station. Actors dressed in traditional
red coats stood guard during the ceremony.
The battle on June 18, 1815 dealt
French Emperor Napoleon a crushing blow.
The 9th Duke of Wellington, a
descendant of the military leader who
led British troops to victory, helped
unveil the monument, quoting from
a letter the first Duke of Wellington
describing the terrible losses sustained
during the battle.
Other descendants also spoke of the
hardships their families had endured.

RRNorthern Ireland Bakery

Owners To Appeal Gay
Cake Verdict

THE OWNERS of a Northern Ireland

bakery that refused to bake a cake supporting gay marriage said last month
they would appeal their conviction for
The Christian owners of Ashers Baking Company were convicted last month
after refusing an order from gay rights
activist Gareth Lee. He asked for a cake
featuring Sesame Street characters
Bert and Ernie and the words Support
Gay Marriage.
Belfast judge Isobel Brownlie ruled
that the bakery had discriminated
against Lee on grounds of sexual orientation and political beliefs and ordered it
to pay 500 in damages, plus thousands
in legal costs.
The judge said the bakery was a business, not a religious organization, and
therefore had no legal basis to reject
an order based on a customers sexual
orientation or beliefs.
Members of the McArthur family,
the bakerys owners, said that after
much careful and prayerful consideration given to legal advice, they had
decided to appeal.
We continue to insist that we have
done nothing wrong as we have discriminated against no individual, but
rather acted according to what the Bible
teaches regarding marriage, they said.
Same-sex marriages were legalized last year in the rest of the United
Kingdom, but remain unrecognized in
Northern Ireland.

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at press time

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July 2015

in the past month . . .

Man Wins Lottery, Has

A Cup Of Tea, Books Family
A Butlins Holiday

MANY PEOPLE, if they won big on the lottery,

would come forth with a number of imaginative ideas on how they would spend some of
their new-found wealth.
Last month, Peter Congdon did just that.
When the 67-year-old Truro, Cornwall man
scooped 13m he declared he would be taking his entire family including three youngsters and 10 grandchildren to Butlins.
Congdon said: We have been going to
Butlins for 40 years, so this year will not be
any different.
The Truro City Councillor won his fortune
on a sratchcard, but at first thought hed won
25, but then saw all six numbers matched
on the Quadruple Rollover. Congdon said: I
ran straight down to my daughters house
and asked her to double-check. When she
agreed with me, I came home and put my
ticket in a book in the kitchen and made
myself a cup of tea. Needless to say, I didnt
get much sleep that night. As another bonus
to himself, Congdon, a widower added: Ive
always wanted a Land Rover so my daughter
and I headed straight to the local showroom
to book ourselves a test drive.
If it goes well, Ill hopefully buy one for
each of us. My other children wont be left
out; Ill treat them to new cars as well.
But the Butlins holiday camp in Minehead
in Somerset remains the main calendar event
this summer.

Noisy Sex Woman Jailed For

Breach Of Court Order

APPARENTLY a court order banning a

woman from making loud noises during her
sexual activities wasnt enough to stop her,
and the repeat offender was jailed last month.
A civil court judge concluded that Gemma
Wale (real surname) had breached an antisocial behaviour order by screaming and
shouting whilst having sex at a level of
noise that annoyed a neighbour.
Wale, of Small Heath, Birmingham was
then handed a two-week prison sentence in
a written ruling by the judge.
Birmingham City Council took legal action
after a neighbour complained.
Judge Kelly said she had also breached
the order by arguing with her boyfriend,
swearing at a neighbour, banging around
the house and running around in the
One neighbor said: Gemma started
screaming and shouting whilst having sex,
which woke us up.
Wales age was not divulged in the court
ruling but it she had a boyfriend called

Nuns Count Blessings After

Being Stuck In Elevator

THE NUNS at the Marist Sisters religious

order are counting their blessings after two
sisters were trapped in a hot elevator in Rome
for nearly three days before being rescued.
A nun who answered the phone last
month at the orders headquarters sighed
deeply and said in English: We are OK, but
we are not talking to the press. Thank you
for your concern. Goodbye.
News reports say police freed the two
sisters, believed to be from Ireland and New

Zealand, on after they got stuck in an elevator

during a power outage. No one heard their
cries for help over the weekend until a cleaner
arrived on the Monday morning.
News reports say the sisters prayed to
pass the time. ANSA news agency says they
were treated for dehydration.

25-Year-Old Cat Makes Mystery

Journey From Australia To
Northern Ireland

A 25-YEAR-OLD cat apparently made an

incredible 12,000 mile journey from Australia to Northern Ireland reported the Belfast
An animal welfare organization is looking
for the owners of the ginger-colored cat,
who was found by Cat Protection in County
Armagh last month. Animal welfare officers
took him to a veterinarian, who discovered
that the feline had been fitted with a microchip in Australia.
According to the data, the cats name is
Tigger and was born in 1989. The chip also
showed that he had been registered as a
stray in London.
The workers, who have renamed the cat
Ozzie, are hoping to find the original owner.
Ozzie has a microchip which shows
he came from Australia but owners never
registered their details, said a post on the
Armagh Cats Protection Facebook page.
He turned up as a stray at a London vet
clinic in 2004. Now he is with us after he
was found in Laurelvale!!
We are desperate to unravel the rest of
this cats past and hopefully reunite him with
his owners, Gillian McMullen, Cat Protection
coordinator, told the Belfast Telegraph.
We have been in touch with the Australian Animal Register and have our fingers
and paws crossed on word from them on
this cat.

Topless Tourist Returns To

Britain, Apologises For Posing

They farmed Grange Farm for more than
70 years.
The house contents have not been
touched since their late parents time and has
been described as a timewarp of interesting
items, curiosities and war memorabilia, including a war time surgeons amputation kit.
Audrey was very musical and the house
has many interesting musical instruments
from the 1920s 30s, complete with original
sheet music from the era.
In the 1960s cast members from Coventry
theatre would stay with the Newtons, including Michael Crawford.
The house was open to the public for
viewing before everything was to be auctioned off by Howkins and Harrison Rugby
last month.

Seagull Attack Causes Virtuoso

To Sprain Finger And Cancel

IT WAS 1963 when Alfred Hitchcocks The

Birds was released on the cinema screens.
But, it was just last month that an angry
seagull swooped down at the head of Paul
Lewis, the acclaimed virtuoso, as he was
heading for a rehearsal in Liverpool last
Lewis, 43, fell and sprained a finger
causing him to have to cancel his hometown
performance that evening with the . Royal
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
Lewis said, after the incident: I got out of
my car and it was only 10 yards or so to the
rehearsal venue. This seagull just swooped
down at me from behind. I wasnt aware
of it until it touched the top of my head. It
certainly wasnt light.
I instinctively ducked and ran and lost
my balance. I put my hand out as I fell and
sprained it. It was pretty bizarre. I suspect
it was nesting and there were babies it was
trying to protect.
Lewis joked that it was the first time he
had been forced to cancel for seagull reasons. The self-taught pianist studied at the
Guildhall and is regarded as one of Britains
finest musicians. He has performed at the
BBC Proms and with orchestras including
the London Symphony Orchestra.
Lewis was hoping to play again at a
later date.

ITV chief Peter Fincham said that in

hindsight it should have been made more
clear to viewers that more than one dog was
being used in the finals of the competition.
Broadcast regulator OFCOM said more
than 200 complaints have been received. No
decision has been made on whether a formal
investigation will be launched.
ODwyer, who won 250,000 for triumphing in the season finale, said she is shocked
by the publics reaction, which has included
a number of Twitter complaints.
She said she used the second dog,
Chase, because Matisse is uncomfortable
with heights.

Smokey Bacon Flavoured

Pringles In Tesco Happy
Ramadan Promotion

A STOCK of Smokey Bacon Flavoured crisps

were removed from a Ramadan display in a
supermarket last month, following a customers online protest.
The London Tesco immediately moved the
crisps from the Ramadan stand after shoppers commented on the display.
The display, in a Tesco branch in the City
of London, was spotted by Raza Hassan
and posted on Twitter, earning derision from
other users.
Many Muslims choose to not eat pork, due
to a passage in the Quran that forbids it. So,
it puzzled many that the marketing choice of
using this product on a stand that wished
shoppers a happy Ramadan is a little odd.
Meahwhile, Hassan said he wasnt offended by the incongrous display, and added
that he found the irony of it hilarious.
In a statement to Buzzfeed, a Tesco
spokesperson said that they realised the
Pringles werent in the most suitable place
and have now been moved.
Although trying to promote pork-flavoured
food to Muslims is generally a bad idea, the
product in question doesnt actually contain
any meat.
Smokey bacon flavour pringles are suitable for vegetarian, and dont contain any
pork. However, theyre not halal certified, so
some Muslims prefer to avoid them.

ELEANOR HAWKINS has returned to England

and apologized to the people of Malaysia for
having posed topless on a sacred mountain.
The student, who served a three-day jail
term in Malaysias Sabah state before being
Borat Resort Sees Crime Fall
set free, says she knows her actions had
After Mankini Clampdown
been wrong.
She said last month that I know my
IT WAS ONE small ban for mankinis, one
behavior was foolish and I know how much
giant step for an English seaside resort town.
offense we all caused to the local people of
Officials in Newquay say crime has fallen
Sabah. For that, I am truly sorry.
since they cracked down on stag parties
Hawkins was one of four foreigners
with revelers wearing the revealing one-piece
charged in Malaysia after removing their
clothes and posing for a photograph on
The town in southwest England is a haven
Mount Kinabalu.
for surfers and also attracts large numbers of
Use Of Doggie Double In
The 23-year-old seemed near tears as she
Talent Show Causes Uproar young
read a statement outside her familys home
After two teenagers fell from cliffs to their
in Draycott, north of London. She said she PRODUCERS of the popular Britains Got deaths in 2009, residents protested about the
Talent TV show and the dog trainer who won excessive partying.
was relieved to be home.
the competition are coming under fire after a
Police clamped down on anti-social bedoggie double was used to perform a trick. havior, including public drunkenness and the
Timewarped From 1940s
Border collie Matisse was replaced by wearing of inappropriate clothing, includHouse Up For Auction
a lookalike dog for a tightrope-walking ing the sling-style mens swimsuits made
A FAMILY home which hasnt been touched sequence during the routine in the shows notorious by comic character Borat, which
since the 1940s is set to be auctioned live final.
one senior police officer called revolting.
along with all its post-war contents.
Producers last month apologised to viewPolice said last month that reported cases
The auction of the contents of Grange ers who may have been unaware that trainer of anti-social behavior had nearly halved
Farm House marks the end of an era for Jules ODwyer was using a team of dogs.
since 2009-2010, and crime fell from 1,823
Ryton on Dunsmore.
We are sorry if this was not made clearer incidents in 2012-2013 to 1,624 incidents
The owners, brother and sister Jack and to the judges and the viewers at home during in 2014-2015.
Audrey Newton, now both deceased, lived their final performance, the producers said
Police Inspector Dave Meredith said the
and farmed into their late 80s.
in a statement.
2015 Fragomen
- 1sta
1 1/12/2015
8:02:15 PM

1717 East Morten Avenue, Suite 180

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Newquay mayor David Sleeman said the

town was unrecognisable from a few years
ago, when you couldnt walk the streets on
a Saturday without seeing someone wearing
a mankini or what have you.
But now theyre not allowed in Newquay.
The police will tell them to go home and get
changed if they see them wearing one, and
the guest houses and campsites are pretty
good at warning their guests about whats
I think we have turned the corner here.

Just Say Meh If You Dont

Fancy Going On A Twerking

IF YOUR offspring answers a request with

the word Meh, you could get frustrated,
and/or you may just compliment them for
using one of the latest new words added to
the Oxford English Dictionary . . . and then
get frustrated Your child, in speaking the
word meh to you is letting you know they
have little or no enthusiasm in your needs.
Just a few other samplings of new words
you are now allowed to use with impunity
. . . grammatically speaking: Blu-ray, Bird
house, carnap, e-cig, hard-arse, nano
diamond, vape.
The online Oxford English Dictionary (oed.
com) was launched in March 2000. Fifteen
years on, it provides dozens of items which
are not recorded before the 21st century, but
which are now widely used in English, including jeggings (2009), photobomb (2008),
crowdfund (2008), totes (2005), staycation
(2005), and sext (2001).
According to Katherine Connor Martin,
Head of US Dictionaries, the OED shows that
some of the other entries added in this update
demonstrate that words which seem new can
actually have a surprisingly long history. The
most dramatic example of that phenomenon
in this update is the word twerk. The use of
twerk to describe a type of dancing which
emphasizes the performers posterior originated in the early 1990s in the New Orleans
bounce music scene, but the word itself
seems to have its origins more than 170
years before. It was in use in English as a
noun by 1820 (originally spelled twirk),
referring to a twisting or jerking movement.
The precise origin of the word is uncertain,
but it may be a blend of twist or twitch and
jerk, with influence from quirk n.1 at the noun
and from work v. in reference to the dance.
So there!
Full List of new word entries:

We Know You

a Brit who would Love

a gift subscription to

Union Jack

July 2015

Page 3

Richmond Park in London.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

CYCLING IS BIG in London. In fact, most
motorists and pedestrians would say too
big. Cyclists truly are the Kings of the Road.
There are cycle lanes everywhere, often going
against the flow of traffic which is confusing
for everyone and roads are now painted in a
wide variety of colours with huge blue boxes
at traffic lights placed ahead of the cars to
give them advantage when pulling away. A
good friend of mine was fined on the spot the
other week for inadvertently waiting in one of
these boxes when the lights changed whilst
sitting in heavy traffic!
God help foreigners to understand these
new rules when driving in London as even
the native population is confused. And yet the
carnage on the streets of London continues
so far this year, six cyclists have been killed
and many more injured in serious collisions
often involving construction lorries, ferrying
material needed for the building boom, into
and out of the capital.
But there was some good cycling news
this month. At the fantastic Olympic Velodrome in Stratford, East London (often rather
hubristically now called Thunderdome),
Sir Bradley Wiggins, the British Tour de
France and Olympic Champion set a new
world record for the distance of 33.88 miles
completed within one hour beating the
previous record by a mile literally. And if
that was not hyperbole enough, Sir Bradley
said afterwards that was the closest I have
ever come to what its like to have a baby.
Well, if you say so, Bradley.


Another place to watch out for cyclists

is Richmond Park in West London. One of
eight Royal Parks in the capital, this place is
full of Lycra clad middle-aged guys pedalling
furiously round the roads, stopping only now
and then to adjust their head-borne cameras.
They need these to spot and report any cars
breaking the 20mph speed limit which oddly
doesnt seem to apply to them.
June is a fantastic month in Richmond
Park though. This is peak deer birthing
time time when the parks 600 or so fallow
deer population is boosted by the birth of
around 100 fawns. Maybe you are one of the
12.5 million people who have watched the
YouTube Clip with Fenton the dog chasing a
herd of deer across the park, hotly pursued
by his hapless owner? Well, actually at this
time of year in particular, the tables are turned
and the dogs are more at risk from an angry
stag or doe. Advice from the Royal Parks
Commission is to stay at least 50 yards away
from any deer and let go of the dogs lead
if you are chased. So, save yourself and let
Fido take the rap for disturbing birthing time.
Richmond is the largest Royal Park in
London and the deer have been there since
1625 when Charles I moved his court to
nearby Richmond Palace. He needed to
escape the horrors of the Great Plague
which was sweeping through the masses
and wanted somewhere handy to hunt down
wild creatures. Of course Charles escaped the
plague only to have his head chopped off by
an ungrateful nation in 1649.

Surrounded by walls, Richmond Park is

three times the size of Central Park in New
York and for a civilised cup of afternoon
tea, there is nowhere better than Pembroke
Lodge. With fantastic views over the Thames
valley, this is the former home of Victorian
Prime Minister, Lord John Russell and philosopher grandson, Bertrand Russell.

Living On An Island

For those dreaming of living on an island

it is unlikely that the first place that springs
to mind is London but the UK capital has
some interesting opportunities to do just that.
Right now in Londons east end an ambitious project is underway to transform the
island site of an old margarine factory into a
chic new residential area. London City Island
is set in the middle of a meander of the river
Lea opposite concert venue, the O2. Just to
the east of Canary Wharf and handy for the
new Crossrail service the island is set to
become the new in place for young city
workers. There will be 1,706 new homes on
the island with brightly coloured apartment
blocks enjoying spectacular views over the
river. The island will also become the new
home to the English National Ballet who are
leaving behind their more salubrious home
in Kensington. West London. In a nod of
recognition to the seafaring and dockland
past of the area, trees will be planted in giant
tea chests and buildings will resemble old
brick warehouses and shipping containers.
But what about other islands in London?
The Isle of Dogs is nearby and since the 80s
has been transformed into a second financial
district and home to thousands of yuppies.
This island is formed by a huge meander
of the Thames made famous in the opening
credits of UK Soap, Eastenders. It was originally an area of pastureland and windmills,
known as Stepney Marsh but became the
Isle of Dogs possibly because Henry VIII
kept his hunting dogs there when staying at
Greenwich and passing sailors could hear
the dogs barking. With some 50,000 people
living on the island this may be the best hope

Anything to Anywhere!
Commercial shipments,
personal effects,
household goods,
boats, autos, furniture

Offices/agents throughout UK,

Middle East, Europe, Far East,
Australia, New Zealand
and Africa

British owned

Forwarders Inc.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

FMC Lic. # 103712

Established 1964


fax 954-463-3509


Hotel briefly became a famous music venue.

David Bowie, Rod Stewart and the Rolling
Stones all played there.
A favourite of mine is the exclusive Pharaohs Island near Shepperton Lock. This was
given to Nelson for defeating Napoleon at the
Battle of the Nile and he used it as a fishing
retreat. The twenty or so houses on the island
mostly have ancient Egyptian names and
when they rarely come up for sale, you can
expect to pay at least $2m so you will need
patience and deep pockets to grab a slice of
this island life!

A NOBEL Prize-winning British scientist

who said there was
trouble with girls
working in laboratories has resigned from
his honorary post at
University College London.
Tim Hunt apologized for his remarks at the World Conference of
Science Journalists in South Korea
but had stood by his assertion that
mixed-gender labs were disruptive.
The university said he had left his
position after comments he made
about women in science.
UCL says its the first university in
England to admit women students on
equal terms to men and this outcome
is compatible with our commitment to
gender equality.
The 72-year-old Hunt, a biochemist
who jointly won the 2001 Nobel for
physiology or medicine, said he was
just trying to be funny.

Roller Coaster Crash Leaves 4 Seriously Injured, 12 Stuck

Smiler roller
coaster at
Alton Towers.

roller coaster with 14 loops. Alton Towers says it features a series of twisted
psychological effects including optical
illusions, blinding lights and near misses
designed to mess with your mind.
It opened in May 2013, two months
later than scheduled, and has twice
been shut down because of technical or
mechanical problems.
Ronald Choularton
Jeff Choularton
Ronald Choularton

ONE ROLLER coaster car slammed

into another on one of Britains biggest
amusement park rides June 2, leaving
four teenagers seriously injured and
stranding passengers 25 feet in the air,
officials said.
It took over three hours to evacuate
the passengers after the crash.
A car on the Smiler ride carrying 16
people crashed into an empty, stationary car at the Alton Towers amusement
park, the West Midlands Ambulance
Service said. It said two teenage boys
and two teenage girls suffered serious

leg injuries.
The ambulance service treated at the
scene before they were transported to
trauma centers by helicopter. It said
the other 12 people onboard were not
seriously hurt.
Alton Towers, 150 miles north of
London, is one of Britains most popular
tourist attractions. The park said they
had since launched a full investigation.
A platform was built to help paramedics and firefighters reach the riders, who
were stuck in their seats at roughly a
45-degree angle.
Visitors to Alton Towers said the
Smiler closed down earlier in the day
because of technical problems, but had
reopened before the crash.
The Smiler is billed as the worlds first



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of island life in the capital! The fantastic

Museum of London has an outpost at West
India Dock Road well worth a visit and this
summer (from 19th June) there is a superb
exhibition of work by Britains first female
press photographer, Christina Bloom. Soldiers and Suffragettes runs until November.
As the mighty Thames wanders westwards through London there are plenty more
islands with a select few offering residential
opportunities. Taggs Island near Molesley
Lock has houseboats where you can be
neighbours with Pink Floyd guitarist, David
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Nobel Laureate
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After Sexist Remarks



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July 2015

UK Bill For An In-Out EU

Referendum Passes First Hurdle
RR By Jill Lawless

LAWMAKERS overwhelmingly voted

a bill setting up a referendum on European Union membership over its first
big hurdle in Parliament June 10, with
Prime Minister David Cameron gaining
support from the Labour opposition but
facing unrest within Conservative ranks.
Legislators voted by 544 to 53 to
back the EU Referendum Bill. The bill,
which faces more scrutiny and votes
before it becomes law, lays out the rules
for a vote on the question, Should the
United Kingdom remain a member of the
European Union?
Britain voted in 1975 to remain in
what was then the European Economic
Community, which it had joined two
years earlier. Foreign Secretary Philip
Hammond said that expansion of the
now 28-member bloc has eroded the
democratic mandate for our membership
to the point where it is wafer-thin and
needs to be renewed.
We need a fundamental change in the
way the European Union operates, he
said, with more protections for Britain

and other countries outside the euro

single currency.
Cameron says he will argue to remain
in the EU if he succeeds in renegotiating
the terms of membership. He wants to
cut back the political powers the EU has
over member states on sensitive issues
including welfare and immigration.
The bill calls for a referendum by the
end of 2017, but Hammond said it could
be held sooner if negotiations go quickly.
Cameron faces pressure from dozens

of Conservative lawmakers who advocate

leaving the EU and want to be able to
campaign for a No vote even if the
prime minister disagrees.
Conservative lawmaker John Redwood, a leading Euroskeptic, said successive parliaments have given away
their birthright by ceding power to
The referendum bill was backed by the
Labour and Liberal Democrat opposition
parties as well as most Conservatives.
Both Labour and the Lib Dems want to
remain in the EU.
The bill was opposed by the Scottish National Party, third-largest in the
House of Commons, in part because it
doesnt extend voting rights to 16- and
SNP legislator Alex Salmond said
the referendum was only being held as
a sop to appease Conservative backbenchers.
Nobody seriously believes that the
prime minister wants to take this country out of the European Union, he said.
The referendum is a tactic.


Badly Rotted Beams Identified In Deadly Balcony Collapse

THE BALCONY that snapped off an
apartment building and led to the deaths
of six college students was supported
by wooden beams that had been badly
rotted by exposure to moisture, building
inspectors in Berkeley, California, said
last month.
However, in a summary of the citys
investigation, officials stopped short of
blaming the rotten beams for the accident June 16.
The fifth-floor balcony crammed with
partygoers celebrating a 21st birthday
collapsed with a bang at the stucco building near the University of Californias
Berkeley campus, killing six people and
seriously injuring seven others.
Five of the dead were Irish students
in the country on visas that enable
young people to work and travel in the
US over the summer, Irelands foreign
minister said.
The Library Gardens apartment
complex, built in 2006, is about two
blocks from the Berkeley campus and is
a popular place for students to live. After
the accident, city building inspectors
barred use of the balconies while they
are inspected for safety.
On June 21 Irish officials and religious
leaders thanked San Francisco Bay Area
Catholics and others for the support and
care given to the families of six young

Women Score Victories...

Continued from page 1

The womens game barely used to get a

mention, and was often ridiculed for its
perceived low standards. But things are
changing mainly due to investment by
the countrys Football Association, and
probably Englands current World Cup
Men, who swore that the football
can only be played by . . . men, are now
openly showing similar emotions to when

people killed.
Thank you sincerely
on behalf of the Irish people and the Irish government, Irelands Minister
of State for the Diaspora
Jimmy Deenihan said during a Mass at St Marys
Cathedral Church.
Olivia Burke, Eoghan
Culligan, Niccolai Schuster, Lorcan Miller and
Eimear Walsh, all 21-yearolds from Ireland and
Ashley Donohoe, 22, of
Rohnert Park, California,
were killed in the balcony
collapse. Thirteen people
were tossed 50 feet to the
street below.
The seven Irish students who survived the
balcony collapse remain
hospitalized in varying
states of recovery.
All of the students face
long physical and mental
recoveries, and they probably wont be returning
to Ireland soon, the Rev
Aidan McAleenan of St
Columba Catholic Church
in Oakland said.
they are watching their blood-linked
team as the goals go in for England!
Although founders of the game,
England is still behind the likes of the
US and Canada when it comes to the
development of womens football, both
at club and international level. But since
this World Cup has seen the national
team clear their group phase in second
place, followed by victories over Norway
and host-country Canada, many more
thousands are glued to their TVs cheering on the Lionesses.
In a summer without an Olympic



Games, a mens World Cup or a European

soccer championships, Englands women
soccer players have seized the nations
attention, putting their underperforming
male counterparts to shame.
Many of the women are now household names.
The creation of the two-tier Womens
Super League in 2011 has brought more
professionalism to the domestic game.
Attendance is growing, albeit slowly
and to an average of just 728 spectators
in the top tier.
The womens national team contains

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I used to love the way everyone

talked about food as if it were one
of the most important things in
life. And, of course, it is. Without
it we would die. Each of us eats
about one thousand meals each
year. It is my belief that we should
try and make as many of these
meals as we can truly memorable

Robert Carrier

AND I BELIEVE we always need to finish off

a great meal with a super dessert, afters,
pudding etc! For years we always did have
a sweet finish, but as time went on, and our
expanding waist lines, etc, we gradually
started cutting down on them and usually
had a piece of fruit instead. However it is
always a treat to have a yummy afters.
Some of the oldest, are syllabubs,
and fools, very basic and easy dishes.
Fools go back to the 1500s, and the
traditional fruit to use has been gooseberries (which we cant get over here???)
However rhubarb was also a popular
choice, and it can also use cranberries or
red currants, etc something that has a bit of
a tart flavour. Basically the recipe calls for
fruit, cream and sugar, but more modern
recipes use custard also, Delia Smiths
version suggest this.
Syllabub is another recipe dating from
the Elizabethan times, and was basically a mixture of fresh milk and a sweet
wine. Jane Grigson explained the original
recipes, to be a pastoral affair, a
picturesque treat for town visitors to the
country: a milk maid would direct a stream
of new, warm milk into a bowl of spiced
cider or ale...after a while a light curd

formed on the top, with a delicious whey

underneath The name Syllabub came
from a bucket of Sille wine, creating a
fine froth, and Bub was Elizabethan slang
for a bubbling drink, hence Syllabub At
first it was a drink rather than a dish, and
according to Gary Rhodes New British
Classics it is said that Charles II was
so fond of it that he kept cows in St James
park so that if he got thirsty while walking,
the cows could be milked directly into
a bowl of wine! There are many recent
recipes that now usually are made with
lemon, sugar, whipped cream and sweet
wine, sherry or brandy.
This was of course before the days of
pasteurizing milk, so one wonders how
many diseases were obtained from using
raw milk. I remember as Im sure many of
you do, when we would get milk delivered
in pints, with a different colour foil top
marking it as regular, or jersey cows. The
cream would rise to the top, and we would
carefully pour it off to use as cream that
is, if the birds didnt peck at it first which
often happened!!
So, for this months recipe, I thought
we would want to make something easy
and quick, and similar to the syllabubs
and fools of long ago. This is something
I changed and tweaked a bit from a BBC
Good Food recipe a while back, and it is
the perfect summer dessert and I dont
want to hear about how much calories etc
are in it, once in a while we deserve a treat!
Hope you like my version

Mint Cream Yummy

1 cup mascarpone cheese (about a

250g carton)
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
3 Tbsp demerara sugar
2-3 Tbsp Cream sherry, Brandy or
1 cup broken up pieces of chocolate
mints, such as After Eights, Elizabeth
Shaw etc.
Place mascarpone, cream, sugar and
sherry in a bowl and whip until thick
enough to hold its shape. Add the broken
up pieces of chocolate mints (Reserve a
few for decoration) and spoon into serving
dishes, chill until needed. Yield 6 servings
(I welcome comments, requests and
recipes, and can be reached at

Oxford University Nominates 1st Female Vice-Chancellor

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(619) 464-BRIT
8401 La Mesa Blvd,
LA MESA, CA 91942


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OXFORD University has nominated

its first female vice-chancellor in its
The university said Louise Richardson, currently the principal of
Scotlands University of St Andrews,
is set to take up the universitys second-highest role at the start of 2016.
The nomination is subject to the
formal approval of the universitys
legislative body, known as its congregation.

The university appointed its first

vice-chancellor in 1230, and until
now all of them have been men.
There has also never been a female
chancellor, the top job.
Richardson, who is known for
her work on terrorism and security
studies, previously also held a senior
position at Harvard University.
She is set to replace Andrew Hamilton, who is leaving to take over as
president of New York University.

players on central contracts and has its

own support staff. Soccer is the largest
participation sport for females in the
country, with the FA saying that 2.89
million women and girls play on a regular
basis. There are more than 5,000 girls
teams, compared to just 80 when the FA
took control in 1993.
The biggest driver of growth is winning on the world stage. About 1.6 million people tuned in to watch England
beat host Canada in the quarterfinals,
even though the match started at midnight.

It feels like the nation has fallen in

love with the Lionesses, said Kelly Simmons, FA director of womens football.
Peter Burke, who runs girls teams of
various age groups added: One of the
biggest legacies could be that girls think
its a sport for them.
UNFORTUNATELY due to scheduling during this July 4 week, the UJ is forced to hit the
press just hours before England Ladies take on
Japan in the World Cup semi-final. This, to
ensure your subscriptions and vendor deliveries are in the hands of the respective services.

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Years with an English Baby Boomer via her new book entitled:

Tin BaThs, Tallymen

Time Travel
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July 2015

Government Says
Future Of Northern
Ireland PowerSharing Grim
EFFORTS TO sustain the Catholic-Protestant government in Northern Ireland
are looking increasingly grim, Britains
minister overseeing the territory declared last month after negotiations failed
to break a budgetary deadlock.
The Irish nationalist Sinn Fein party
for the past year has blocked local introduction of United Kingdom-wide welfare
reforms, arguing that Britain should fund
enhanced welfare payouts for Northern
Ireland claimants. Sinn Fein, which represents the Catholic minority, in March
withdrew from a compromise plan that
would have resolved the impasse and
on June 2 left all-party talks in Belfast
blaming Britain.
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams accused British officials of refusing to
accept their role in provoking this crisis. He warned that if his party accepted
the current proposed benefit cuts, Britain
would be emboldened to impose more.
But the Irish government and the
major Protestant-backed party, the
Democratic Unionists, said Sinn Feins
position was unreasonable and placed
the future of power-sharing the cornerstone of Northern Irelands 1998 peace
accord in needless jeopardy. They said
Sinn Fein wanted to bolster its record
as an anti-austerity party ahead of elections expected soon in the neighboring
Republic of Ireland.
All sides agree that, without agreement on the next annual budget, Northern Irelands eight-year-old coalition will
lose legal authority to fund policing and
other government services at the end of
July. To avoid this looming fiasco, Britain
could strip the five-party government of
its budgetary powers and resume direct

Amnesty: Ireland Should End

HSBC Slashes Jobs As It Shifts
Abortion Ban, Puts Women At Risk
Focus Back To Asian Roots
HSBC Holdings, Britains largest bank
by market value, will cut between
22,000 and 25,000 jobs around the
world in an a ttempt to reduce costs and
shift its center of gravity back toward
fast-growing Asian economies.
In a statement last month, the bank
said it is undertaking a significant
reshaping of its business portfolio
and redeploying resources to capture
expected future growth opportunities.
A key tenet of the banks strategy
is to expand its presence in China and
across the Asia-Pacific region. As well
as having a sizeable presence across
Asia now, HSBC has historic ties to the
region. It was founded in Hong Kong
in 1865 when the city was a British
colony in order to finance growing trade
between China and Europe.
Overall, HSBC aims to cut costs

Tony Blair Takes New Role

In Fighting Anti-Semitism
FORMER Prime Minister, Tony Blair,
is taking a new role in combatting antiSemitism in Europe, days after stepping
down as the international communitys
Mideast envoy.
Blair revealed last month he will chair
the European Council on Tolerance and
Reconciliation, a group which champions
legislation and dialogue on tolerance.
Writing in The Times newspaper,
Blair and businessman Moshe Kantor
argue that racism in the name of religion
must be tackled with new laws. They
cited a report by the Kantor Center at
Tel Aviv University, which found 2014
was one of the worst years in the past
decade for anti-Semitic incidents.
Blair quit, leaving a post that had begun with great hope but which struggled
to deliver in its quest to promote peace
between Israel and the Palestinians.

by between $4.5bn and $5bn by the

end of 2017 and reduce the number of
full-time employees by up to 25,000,
equivalent to around 10 percent of its
global workforce.
A large chunk of those lost jobs will
be in Britain, the banks headquarters,
where up to 8,000 jobs could go. The
bank hopes many of the job losses will
come from attrition, by not filling posts
that are vacated.
HSBC said a review on whether to
move its headquarters out of London
will be completed this year. The bank
has already warned about the economic
risks facing Britain if the country opts
to leave the European Union in a
referendum that the government has
said will take place by the end of 2017.
Its also complained about the cost of
Britains bank levy.

UK Fines Lloyds Nearly $180m

BRITISH regulatory authorities have

fined Lloyds 117m for treating customers unfairly in dealing with complaints on
payment protection insurance.
The Financial Conduct Authority says
the fine levied last month on Lloyds
Bank, Bank of Scotland and Black
Horse was its largest retail fine ever.
The authority says that between March
2012 and May 2013, Lloyds rejected 37
percent of customer complaints relating

to 2.3 million policies.

Lloyds has apologized and qualified for
a discount for settling early.
The FCAs Georgina Philippou says
the size of the fine reflects the fact that
so many complaints were mishandled
by Lloyds.
The authority says Lloyds has made
significant progress and has established a
remediation program. Those affected and
due redress are being contacted directly.

RR By Shawn Pogatchnik

AMNESTY International urged Ireland

to ease its abortion ban as it unveiled
a report last month that said Europes
most restrictive laws on terminations
endanger the lives of women.
The human rights watchdogs 113page report included case studies of
women who risked blood poisoning
from dead fetuses that doctors refused
to remove quickly; who were refused
abortions after doctors determined the
unborn child could not survive outside
the womb; and who avoided post-abortion medical care in Ireland for fear of
being identified as a criminal.
The report said Ireland should repeal
its constitutional amendment giving
the unborn fetus an equal right to life
as the pregnant woman, arguing this
1983 clause conflicted with international
human rights conventions that human
rights apply after birth.
This needs to happen urgently as
Irelands current laws are putting the
lives of women and girls at risk every
day, said Colm OGorman, Amnestys
director in Ireland.
The Irish government, which in 2013
passed a law legalising abortions when
deemed necessary to save the womans
life, declined to comment. The 2013
law was passed following the death in
hospital of 31-year-old Savita Halap-

panavar, who suffered blood poisoning

from a d ying fetus that doctors refused
to remove, and included a maximum 14year prison term for abortion violators.
Amnesty said the new law still left
doctors uncertain when they could
legally perform an abortion without risk
of being charged with murder.
Anti-abortion groups accused
Amnesty of bias and of ignoring worse
rights abuses committed by hospitals
and abortion clinics.
Now that Amnesty has become a de
facto campaigning group on one side of
the abortion debate, sadly it can no longer
act in the role of unbiased and impartial
defender of human rights, said Cora
Sherlock, spokeswoman for Irelands Pro
Life Campaign.
In its conclusions, Amnesty called
on Ireland to legalize abortion in cases
of severe or fatal fetal abnormalities,
of long-term risk to health caused by
continued pregnancy, and of pregnancies
linked to rape and incest.
Also last month, the British government published its 2014 abortion statistics for England and Wales, where abortion was legalized in 1967. The report
found that 3,735 women with Republic
of Ireland addresses received abortions
in Britain, slightly up from 2013.
Amnesty report,
UK abortion statistics for 2014,

The Legendary

Irelands Parliament
Votes In Favour Of Aer
Lingus Share Sale
IRELANDS parliament last month voted
in favor of selling off the countrys share
in the Aer Lingus airline as part of a 1.4
billion euro ($1.53bn) takeover bid by
International Airlines Group, the parent
company of British Airways.
The coalition government secured the
majority backing it needed in Parliament
for sale of the stake, with lawmakers
voting in favor after two days of heated
The Irish government had retained a 25
percent stake in Dublin-based Aer Lingus
after it was publicly floated on the Irish
and London Stock Exchanges in 2006.
Aer Lingus chairman Colm Barrington
welcomed the vote, saying the airline
would benefit from accelerated growth
and access to a global network when it
becomes part of the much larger IAG,
which also operates Spains Iberia airline.
IAG chief Willie Walsh has been wooing the Irish government for months in
his attempt to buy out Aer Lingus. If the
deal goes ahead, the government would
receive some 350 million euros ($380m).
Ryanair, which owns about 30 percent
of Aer Lingus, said it would consider
any offer on its merits, if and when an
offer is made.
The proposed takeover also faces
months of regulatory scrutiny from competition authorities in Ireland, Britain and
the European Union.

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Page 6

July 2015

Mopping Up Operations
After The Election

AND SUDDENLY it was all over. The losers of

the 2015 General Election departed, leaving
the field and the spoils of war to the winners.
The losers in fact disappeared abruptly,
shooting stars that fizzed into darkness. Ed
Miliband stayed long enough to say goodbye before jetting off to Ibiza. Nick Clegg,
humiliated by losing just about every one of
his fellow MPs simply vanished though oddly
there was a remarkable upsurge in Liberal
Democrat party membership.
Nigel Farage heartened by the millions
of votes picked up by the United Kingdom
Independence Party (UKIP) and dismayed
to find that this amounted to one seat in
Parliament (and even that was not his own)
tendered his resignation to himself as leader
of the one-man band. Only to find that he had
rejected it and would be forced to soldier on.
The overwhelming winners, however,
were the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP).
They descended upon Westminster like
excited schoolchildren given the freedom of
an unattended sweet shop. They took selfies
of themselves in the Commons, and in a less
benign move used their new-found powers
as the third biggest party to turf the Lib Dems
out of a grand suite of offices which had been
theirs for over a hundred years.
Once sittings began, they chose for
themselves benches which included the
seat reserved for decades for the Beast of
Bolsover, 83-year-old Dennis Skinner, a
fiery left-winger. He fought back, getting in
as the House opened at eight with a prayer
card which he placed on his seat to claim it
for the day. He will not be defeated.
Skinner has been an MP since 1970
and has never missed a single session. To
emphasise his individuality he wears a tweed
jacket (all other MPs wear suits) and a red tie.
His spot in the House is home to the Labour
Partys Awkward Squad. David Owen was
the only other MP ever to have tried vainly to
oust Skinner, briefly in 1981.
A number of the SNP members took their
oaths in Gaelic since they are instinctively
republican by nature. They also resorted to
cheers and clapping much to the annoyance
of other MPs, and earning themselves a
rebuke from the Speaker of the House, John
Bercow, who pointed out that clapping was
against parliamentary tradition. The SNP

High spirits apart,
Alex Salmond now
an MP at Wesrminster has been
much in evidence in
the early days. It is
common knowledge
that he has been
showing his fellow
SNP associates how
they can ensure another vote for independence. This despite
his having said last September 14 during
the Scottish referendum that the outcome
would solve the issue for another generation,
perhaps for a lifetime.
Meanwhile the depleted parties are actively
seeking new leaders.
The Labour Party has a couple of women
and a man. Yvette Cooper is probably the
more likely of the females. Her husband, Ed
Balls, unexpectedly lost his seat in Doncaster,
leaving Yvette to mount a challenge. She had
her chance five years ago when Ed Miliband
won preferment but at that stage in her life
with a young child she felt the call of her
family and backed her husband.
The other front runner at this stage is
Andy Burnham. He is a Liverpool lad who
has spent the last five years shadowing
the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. He has
charm, commitment but lacks the gravitas
to take on the role of PM, should it come his
way in five years time. At this stage, it looks
as though Labour will turn to a woman when
the election finally arrives in mid-September.
The LibDems with their eight MPs have
a restricted line of fire. Their candidates are
Norman Lamb, not so long ago a Minister
of Health in the Coalition Government, and
Tim Farron. The latter enjoys a substantial
advantage since he conscientiously refused
to join the Coalition Government. The result
will be known on July 15.
David Cameron has emerged from the
election visibly exultant. He has promised to
stand down as Tory leader at the end of this
parliament so he knows he will never have
to get his hands dirty again in election campaigns. He has got Boris Johnson, the prime
Tory leadership contender exactly where he
wants him on the back benches behind
him and still very much occupied with being

Mayor of London.
He has also got a trusted deputy in his
Chancellor, George Osborne, so he can get
down to work on the task that will dominate
his first couple of years: negotiating new
terms for Britains membership of the European Union (EU). These he will put to an in/
out referendum by the end of 2017.
He has spent his first full month in office
touring all the European members seeking
support for his attempts to find concessions
which will enable him to recommend a Yes
to EU membership.
Wisely, he has not told us what he will
have to have in order to claim his negotiations
have been successful. UKIP would probably
want to stop all migrants from the EU along
with all social benefits enjoyed by EU citizens
in our country. They would probably also
insist that the UK parliament should have the
power to veto any EU rules.
The reality is that EU membership is
an enormously complicated matter with
no simple answers to anything. Migration
and benefits are the two most emotional
issues and the most deeply rooted in the
European ideal. All 28 nations will have to
agree with any changes the UK may propose.
It is highly unlikely that such unanimity could
be achieved.
Thus Cameron will never lay out explicitly
what he will accept in order to recommend
that the UK votes Yes in the referendum. But
you may be sure that in a year or two from
now, he will claim success however little he
manages to wrest from the EU.

The Mystery Of Stonhenge


Ive just been on the phone to Vic, my

neighbour from Salisbury whom I wrote about
a few years back. Apparently during the last
war, the Army wanted to knock down Stonehenge as it was in the way of manoeuvres.
But they faced too much opposition and made
do with tidying up the site. Much of the place
was flattened so they used cranes to lift the
heavy henges back on top of the stones.
Well, anyway, thats what Vic has picked
up from the locals and possibly explains
how Stonehenge
got its modern appearance!

Queen Victorias Knickers To Be Auctioned Off

A PAIR of Queen Victorias cotton
knickers with a 45 inch waistline
could fetch thousands of pounds
when they go under the hammer
this month.
The pants, embroidered with
the royal VR monogram, are being sold on behalf of Yesterdays
World museum in Sussex.
Auctioneer Richard Edmonds
told the BBC: Weve been able
to date the pants by measuring
the waistband and they are from
the last 10 years of her life.
The sale also includes nightdresses and stockings worn by
Britains longest-serving monarch
and Princess Alice.
The royal intimate apparel
described as in excellent condi-

Queen Victoria
tion is expected to fetch several
thousand pounds when it goes
under the hammer.
Earlier in her life she was
slimmer but her pants got bigger
as she got older, he said.
As theres such a good photographic record of Queen Victoria,
its possible to calculate her waist

measurement over time, so we

know roughly when she would
have worn items of this size.
According to Mr Edmonds,
the 125-year-old underwear was
bought by Yesterdays World
museum from a descendant of
one of Queen Victorias ladiesin-waiting.
Items of Queen Victorias
clothing were often given to
members of the royal household,
particularly after her death in
1901, he said.
And theyre stamped with the
royal crest which proves theyre
from the royal wardrobe.
In 2014, a pair of Queen Victorias silk bloomers sold at auction
in Kent for 6,200.


Awarded 4 stars by
restaurant critics

Vegetarian Meat Dishes Tandoori

20% Off

Favorite Indian restaurant of

South Florida Brits


Dinner Only

(2 miles west of I-95, north side)

3801 Griffin Road,

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
Tel: (954) 964-0071

. . . It's worth the drive for our

authentic curry geared to
the British palate.

lunch buffet. 11:30 - 3pm. DINNER 5-10:30PM

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SINCE 1991

Migrants Jump On Trucks As

Under-Channel Traffic Resumes
RR By Jeffrey Schaeffer

TRAIN SERVICES between Britain and

France beneath the English Channel resumed June 24 but the disruption stoked
by striking French port workers the day
before persevered.
Making life more difficult for those
truckers trying to get on trains were illegal migrants trying to take advantage
of the snails-pace traffic to sneak onto
trucks that are heading for Britain.
Eurotunnel, which runs those shuttle
trains, said traffic resumed last month.
The Eurostar passenger train service,
which carries about 10 million people
a year across the Channel, also started
running a normal schedule, though the
company warned travelers to arrive
extra early.
Both companies cancelled all trains
June 23 after ferry workers, striking over
expected job cuts, swarmed train lines
and set tires alight.

Migrants from Sudan, Eritrea and
elsewhere are camped by the thousand
in the port city of Calais trying to reach
Britain, where they believe they will
have better job prospects. Some slept
overnight on a grassy slope alongside
the main road to the tunnel.
Many milled among the trucks as they
inched along toward the tunnel, darting
in and out of lanes.
And Martin Degrood, a driver for
Dutch company Rutom Cargo said he
didnt know what the solution is. He
noted that sometimes police come and
force migrants out of one truck, and they
say `go over there. And (the migrants)
go over there and they take the next
Britains foreign office updated its
travel advice, warning travelers around
Calais to keep car doors locked against
illegal migrants trying to reach Britain.

300 Possible Suspects Identified

In Child Sex Abuse Scandal
BRITISH crime experts say some 300
suspects have been identified in a wideranging inquiry into industrial-scale
child sex abuse in the northern city of
The National Crime Agency said last
month that earlier reports revealing
roughly 1,400 children had been abused
in the city between the years of 1997 and
2013 appear accurate. The magnitude of
the abuse shocked Britain when it was
first reported in August.
Municipal authorities in the city of
250,000 are accused of turning a blind eye
to the reports of young girls who said they
had been abused at the hands of largely
Pakistani gangs. Officials say the girls,
many who lived in government-paid care
homes, were not believed or taken seriously when they complained about being
raped and trafficked. Some were seen as
troublemakers for reporting sex abuse.
Steve Baldwin, the crime agencys
senior investigating officer, said the police

inquiry supports earlier claims about the

number of children who were targeted.
The crime agency also confirmed that
two of the suspects have served on the
city council.
The abuse that has taken place in
Rotherham is horrific, he said. We
have gathered a huge amount of information which details some very disturbing
He said investigators will make a high
priority of building cases against suspects who may continue to pose any risk
of harm today and those who have caused
most harm in the past.
The inquiry is likely to lead to numerous criminal charges in future years.
Baldwin said investigators are now
trying to win the communitys trust so
more victims will come forward. He said
its likely that investigators will eventually document thousands of offenses
in an inquiry that is expected to take
several years.

July 2015

Page 7



THE ROVERS Return is sold from under Liz

McDonalds nose and behind her back. Her
boyfriend Tony buys Steves share of the
pub in the name of Travis Ltd. His plan is to
buy the pub to give to his lover Tracy Barlow.
However, Tracys plan for world domination
from the bar of a backstreet boozer is shot
down in flames when Carla buys the remaining share of the pub instead.
Tracys a woman scorned and tells Liz all
about her affair with Tony. Tony disappears,
hes nowhere to be seen and Liz gives him
a mouthful over the phone before collapsing
in tears and throwing stuff around the back
room of the pub. When Sean comes in to find
out what all the noise is about, he asks Liz if
she wants a brandy. I dont want a brandy!
she yells at Sean. I want to smash things!
Distraught Liz asks Carla to let little Amy stay
over at her flat. Its been a big day for them
all as Steve and Michelle are married and fly
off on honeymoon.
Carla takes Tracys daughter Amy up to

her flat, she gives Amy her bed and Carla

takes the sofa. With revenge on her mind,
Tracy breaks into Carlas flat intent on killing
Carla for ruining her chances as a backstreet
boozer barmaid. She lifts a heavy ornament
over her head as Carla snores on the sofa
but decides not to kill her that way. Has she
had a change of heart? She then, strangely,
lights a candle and finds a picture of her long
lost love Rob, Carlas brother Unaware that
her daughter Amy is also in the flat, Tracys
startled when she hears the toilet flush, and
runs out of the flat, leaving the candle burning
and burning and burning and the next thing
we know, Victoria Court goes up in flames.
There are two casualties in the fire. The
first is Kal Nazir who dies trying to save Amy
from Carlas burning bedroom. The second
is Maddie Heath, who dies in hospital later
with a weeping Sophie Webster by her side.
Before Maddie was caught up in the blast she
walks in on Jenny Bradley who was planning
to do a runner with Kevins son Jack. Jenny
was disguised in a black wig, calling herself
Melanie and calling little Jack by the name of
Tom. Maddie realises Jenny was planning to
kidnap Kevs kid and she left a message on
Sophies phone to warn her. With Maddie
now dead, will Sophie be able to pick up the
message and warn her dad that Jenny is up

to no good?
Elsewhere this month, Faye struggles to
look after new baby Miley and Anna takes the
high moral ground, warning young Faye she
needs to look sharp and think on.
Roy gets a new friend in the shape of
Kathy, a woman he meets on the allotment.
Kathys husband has died and shes all
alone in the world, much like Roy. Theyre
two lonesome souls meeting together and
its a tentative friendship, for now. Whether
it will develop into anything more remains
to be seen, but its being developed slowly
and is very nice to watch. Im sure Hayley
would approve.
And finally this month, Kylie returned.
Shes been loitering around the corners of
Coronation Street. Bethany spots her and tells
David. Its all going on in the Platt house right
now. Gavin, whos really Andy, finally comes
clean to Michael his dad (whos not his real
dad) that hes not his real son (hes not).
Confused? You will be. This storyline has
run on for so long Ive lost the thread myself.
Anyway, the truth comes out that Gavin is
really called Andy and hes not Michaels son
as Michael thought he was.
Coronation Street Blog

IRONY, THY name is EastEnders: With all the

criminals running around Albert Square, it is
Dot Cotton Branning who is in jail. She goes
to trial, is convicted and gets 21 months
Baby love: Linda goes into labor prematurely and gives birth to a boy they name
Oliver. Her rapist Dean insists that its his
baby and he has rights and wont be deterred.
Mick accepts Oliver as his son regardless of
who the daddy is, but to keep Dean away they
have a blood test and Mick is the winner!
Over at Chez Beale, the baby love is mixed
with baby animosity as Ian and Jane want to
adopt Cindys baby, Beth, but Cindy wants
her gone altogether. Feeling that no one is
listening to her Cindy threatens to tell what
she knows about Lucys death; that it was
Bobby who killed her, if Ian and Jane dont let
her give Beth up for adoption to strangers. In
desperation to keep her in the family, they call

Terry and Bianca, and Terry comes to pick

up Beth to go live with them. Cindys relief
doesnt last long as Ian tells her how despicable she is and to get out. She leaves for
parts unknown (without even a handbag)
A new bad boy turns up in Albert Square
and quickly shows Phil that hes no longer
top dog. Ronnie opens a Pandoras box by
asking Ibiza friend Vincent to help make the
drug dealer who would testifying against Dot,
shall we say, unavailable. And after Ronnie
doesnt come through with her promised
affectionate payment, he starts asking uncomfortable questions about Carl. In a panic
she asks Phil for help and he gets spanked
when he tries to show Vincent whos boss.
It aint Phil anymore. He signs The Albert
away to Vincent, to keep him shtum, right out
from right under Sharons nose. And thats
just for starters: Sharon has been looking for
her birth father, and Phil hires a homeless
guy to pretend to be him (say what?) Angry
Sharon says its the end. Once again we think
that Phil and Sharon are through, but once
again she goes back to him. Sigh. She is her
mothers daughter, though even her mother
eventually left her no-good two-timing hubby.
One wonders how many last straws Sharon
has left. But till then, Phil survives (to betray

Sharon) another day

And Vincent has another reason to hang
around: Turns out hes Kims long lost husband and father to baby Pearl On the plus
side, Ronnie has made an amazing recovery
and is now home, causing an awkward
atmosphere with Charlie & Roxy who kinda
wish she was still in that coma. And (shades
of Lauren Branning) jealous Ronnie has
taken to watching them on a stealthily placed
baby monitor, and she doesnt like what she
sees (Continued next month)
To keep up with all things EastEnders,
just email me here at the Launderette and
Ill sign you up for the FREE E20Chronicles
And if youd like to keep up with all things
Downton Abbey (as well as all the other great
British programs on PBS, read my Downton
Abbey Dish blog on Next
up on the blog: An interview with EastEnders
scriptwriting icon Sarah Phelps whose new
series The Crimson Field premiered on PBS
Sunday night, June 21. Sarah is both the
creator and writer of The Crimson Field. It
tells the stories of the nurses who cared for
the wounded during WWI, and it is definitely
worth a watch!
Follow me on Twitter at @E20Launderette.

Arise Sir Harry As Prince Knighted By The Queen

THE QUEEN has knighted her grandson
Prince Harry just weeks before he was
due to leave the army.
Buckingham Palace announced June
5 that the 30-year-old had become a Sir
this morning.
The Queen has been pleased to make
the following appointment to the Royal
Victorian Order: to be a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order,
HRH Prince Henry of Wales, the palace

said in a short statement.

The honour was presented privately
at Buckingham Palace. No photographs
were released.
The Royal Victorian Order is given by
the Queen to people who have served
her or the British monarchy in a personal way. Recipients include family
member, officials of the royal household
or British ambassadors whove helped
organise a state visit to a particular

Prince Harry, whos fifth in line to
the throne, plans to spend the northern
hemisphere summer working with animal conservation groups in Africa after
completing his decade-long army career.
The announcement hed been knighted
came just hours after the release of more
private letters from Prince Charles to
government ministers on topics ranging
from historic buildings to hospital food.

Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett Perform At Prince Harry Charity Fest

collaborated on the jazz album Cheek
To Cheek, lavished praise on the prince.
Your mum was a good friend of
mine, Bennett said of Harrys late
mother, Princess Diana. I did many
benefits with her.

HUNDREDS gathered outside Britains

Royal Albert Hall June 8, hoping for a
glimpse of Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett
and another notable personality, Prince
The pop stars came to support a charity backed by Harry that helps seriously
ill British children receive quality medical care. Bennett and Lady Gaga, who

Thats fantastic, Harry replied.

Harry, patron of the WellChild charity, hosted a reception for its supporters
and for nurses and families. They were
given seats in the Royal Box for the

Jolly Good
Pork Pies
Sausage Rolls



Our Name Says It All!

(323) 290-2265

FAX: (323) 294-3943

Los Angeles, CA 90043


One IRS Agent At A Time!

YESTERDAY I resolved a case that had started
over four years ago under the Overseas Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI). It has now
been replaced by three other programmes,
but in 2011 this was the only option taxpayers
had to own up to their omissions in meeting
the US filing requirements for foreign income
and bank accounts.
Like many others, the taxpayers in this
case have been living with the open-ended
nature of an IRS investigation for four years.
I dont know of any research into the effects
of tax enquiries on the general health and
well-being of taxpayers, but I am pretty sure
that they would not be found to be beneficial!
Fortunately its now over for these particular clients, and I got a very good result
for them. But thats not the part I want to
concentrate on today. I want to share with
you a particular point of view expressed
by the IRS Area Manager I was talking to,
and some of the points I made during the
conversation, in the hope they may be helpful to anyone else going through a similar
process. If you are, it may be worth passing
this article to your advisers, because I have
found the IRS attitude to be shared by many
US professionals.
The starting-point (and end-point for
many) is that they really dont get the idea that
people having foreign bank accounts arent
inevitably involved in nefarious, possibly
illegal but certainly un-American activities!
The IRS agent told me that their training
encourages them to think this way, and its
obviously difficult to break out against that.
(Whilst talking about the training, I would
also point out that very few IRS agents have
had anything other than a very basic training
in international issues. Also, it is unlikely to
be country-focused, because where would
they start?!)
So, my advice would be that when you
deal with the IRS whether in writing or in conversation, emphasise the normality of your

arrangements (assuming that they are!) and,

to the extent you are only holding accounts
and investments you owned before you came
to the United States, be sure they know this.
If you had been here for a number of
years before you even found out about the
need to file Foreign Bank Account Reports
(2014 Reports due by June 30, 2015, by the
way!), then point out to the IRS that youve
been here for a while, you dont even ask if
there is anything else you should be doing.
You assume that you are doing all that is
necessary and imagine (unfortunately, as it
has happened) that if anything else is needed,
you would be told.
The IRS dont respond particularly well to
the point that they should have done more
to let newcomers know about the foreign
reporting requirements, but I still tell them! I
use the comparison with the need to get a TV
license in the UK this is hardly something
a new arrival would know automatically,
but the point is that people should get the
license rather than to increase the number of
prosecutions for not holding one. With this in
mind, when you buy or rent (Do people still
rent televisions? Radio Rentals another
High Street name to have bitten the dust!),
you are told of the need to get a license.
Problem solved!
I hope this is of some help to anyone
dealing with the IRS on these issues, either
personally or through an advisor. Even if your
advisor doesnt seem sympathetic, you can
request they make these points as they apply
to you when presenting your case I have
no monopoly on them!
Mary-Heather Styles lives and works in
Phoenix, Arizona where the temperature has
increased 30 in the last week (to 115) shes
certainly not in Surrey any more! She does
her best to help everyone who contacts her
at or (602)
845-1420, but hasnt yet found a way of getting
more than 24 hours in a day!

Ron Moody, Fagin In Oliver! Dies, 91

ACTOR RON MOODY, best known for
playing Fagin in the 1968 film Oliver! has
died. He was 91.
Moody, who received an Oscar nomination for best actor for his signature
performance in the Charles Dickens
adaptation, died in the hospital June 11.
The actor, the son of Jewish immigrants, was born Ronald Moodnick in
London. He did not start acting until he
was studying sociology and psychology at
the London School of Economics under
a servicemans grant after serving in the
Royal Air Force during World War II.
While there, I got dragged into taking
part in a student revue and ended up writing, and appearing in, a few sketches. In
short, I got the stage bug, he said years
later. Soon after, I was discovered in an
end-of-term show by two writers who put
me in their stage revue, and Ive never
looked back.
Moody played Fagin in the stage version of the musical Oliver! in the West
End and on Broadway before starring

in the film. He was

forever identified
with the role of the
miserly Fagin, who
led a gang of youthful
Besides snaring
an Oscar nomination,
Moody won a Golden
Globe Best Actor award and a Moscow
International Film Festival award for his
portrayal of Fagin.
Oliver! brought him worldwide attention and the fame allowed him to develop
a long career in TV and film, including
a role in the long-running BBC soap
opera EastEnders. He acted in numerous
popular TV series, including The Avengers, Starsky and Hutch and Gunsmoke.
He is survived by his widow Therese
and six children.
He brought joy to his family and to
the hearts of many and will be greatly
missed, his widow said. He was singing until the end.

Page 8

July 2015

I attended a fabulous afternoon of fashions

inspired by Downton Abbey: What they wore
and what we still wear. We had a look back
at the drama we love the characters, events,
and the romance of the time period. How the
changing world of the early1900s affected
fashion trends of the 19teens and the Roaring Twenties and how those fashions were
revisited again in later years and still survive!!
Three women with different viewpoints
spoke about life in an English Manor. Lady
Wyndham, an aristocrat; Mrs Cutler, the cook;
and Miss Diana, gave a modern womans
viewpoint of society life. Lots of fun with gorgeous costumes from the era, an afternoon
tea for hundreds in attendance.
As a footnote, LA Councilmember/Politian
Tom LaBonge (see our May column/photo)
is stepping down due to term limits. What
a shame as he has worked and served the
LA area for over 40 years and is possibly
one of the nicest, fun and exciting politicians
you could meet! Always a friend of the Brits,
even employing a British lass as his personal
assistant. Hes a regular reader of the UJ and
always sent us a calendar of his photographs
he takes around LA. Tom is way too young to
quit doing what he does best; bringing hope
and humor to an area that needs it. Thanks
for all youve done in the past. Now please get
on with the future. Were all supporting you.

Contact Leo and Karen at

THE JUNE FAIRE at the British Home in Sierra

Madre was absolutely delightful. Lots of Scottish and Irish dancing, sumptuous food, and
plenty of take away gifts mostly presented by
DBE (Daughters of the British Empire) who had
Chapters from all over the Western US. These
ladies go to such great lengths to make every
visitor welcome, lots of smiles, merriment, stiff
upper lip with a jolly good attitude. I managed
to devour with two real bangers on a bun
smothered with fried onions, followed by a
desert of strawberries, raspberries and trifle
with ice cream. What a combination!
Stuffed, I was, barely able to walk over
to a library full of Ye Olde English books you
cant get anymore (mostly printed right after
WWII). Bought six and paid a whopping $6.
Always a bargain!
Everyone was in a very festive mood including Gillian Campbell and her girls all dressed
up as WWII nurses, soldiers and sailors.
Great! I was looking for a bit of extra crumpet
(?) which they spoiled, when they all asked
wheres Karen? Working as usual, I said.
How dare you call me a bum? My wife works!
I talked with Joan and Geoff Davies from
Derbyshire who had travelled 100 miles for the
event. They had read our column in the UJ and
decided to give it a shot. Was it worth it? I
asked. Oh, Yes! Its delightful. We wish there
were more events like it. Even better than a
good olde English Fete, they stated.
Anyway, a delightful day and well worth the
100 mile drive to get there. Cant wait until next
years Faire. Hopefully with Karen.

June Faire at the British Home. Photo: Leo Lewis

Attended a local car show and found this could possibly go wrong!!
July 17 youll find us in Sacramento,
gorgeous 1957 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
owned by Michael Tobia, a 50 yellow Morris CA for the International Soccer Challenge,
Minor and a 1960 Triumph, all in mint condi- Barclays Premier League vs Liga MX where
tion and all taking part in this years Central youll see Englands Jermaine DeFoe, Irish
Coast British Car Club show to be held at star John OShea battle Columbian Aquivaldo
the Channel Island Harbor in Oxnard July 19. Mosquera and MX star goalkeeper Oscar Perez
Another fun family event worth attending at Bonney Field: CF Pachuca vs. Sunderland
this month at the Harbor Village Ventura, on AFC
July 18-19 is Pirate Days complete with (916) 307-6137.
(more photos at
a visit of my olde tall ship the Bill of Rights
which weve persuaded to come up from its
now home port of Chula Vista (San Diego).
In fact, check out Karens Calendar of
Events as theres a lot going on nationwide
BRITAINS High Court has denied an attempt by a woman to use her dead
including plenty of Renaissance fairs. Always
daughters frozen eggs to create her own grandchild, after deciding it wasnt
a favorite! I remember when I first arrived in
clear whether the daughter wanted the procedure.
California in the 70s and joined the first Ren
The daughter died in 2011 at age 28 and had signed a consent form agreefair founded by Ron and Phyllis Patterson, held
ing that her eggs could be stored after her death but had not specified how
at the Paramount Ranch on the former movie
they should be used.
lot for western movies, TV shows, the show
In the ruling issued last month, the court rejected a request by an unnamed
M*A*S*H etc. in those days, if you came in on
woman and her husband to send her daughters eggs to a US fertility clinic,
a horse, you got in free. What fun! No cars, no
where they would have been fertilized and transferred into the woman.
electricity, just costumes, food, beer. I played
Britains fertility regulator refused to ship the eggs abroad, arguing there
the Sheriff of Nottingham: young, single, long
was no clear proof the daughter wanted her mother to use her eggs.
hair and fiery red beard. Lots of sexy, lusty
ladies. Couple of pints of Whatneys. What

Court Denies Womans Attempt

To Carry Her Own Grandchild



(New Business Rates valid through 12/31/2015)
All rates include surplus lines taxes where applicable.
Underwritten at Lloyds. New rates are effective through 12/31/15.

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Correspondent to Lloyds Insurance Broker

Member Better Business
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West Florida

John A. Costa, Esquire

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Member British
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of Commerce

US and Canadian Service

11867 102ND STREET N., LARGO, FLORIDA 33773

1 (800) 399-3904 Fax (727) 392-6229

The Adventures of Angy

A Red Cross Nurse at Mons
by Michael Henderson
A FASCINATING story of Angela Manners, a
young woman from Clovelly Court, and Avon
Tyrrell, her best friend. When the war began on
August 4, 1914 the society gal Angela Manners
had trained at the London Hospital as a nurse
and went to see her brother off and decided
that she needed to do her bit. These two young
ladies assembled a small hospital team in London and took them to Belgium in World War I.
They decided they were going to Belgium and
nurse the British soldiers. Everyone told them
they were crazy but when the approached the
Matron at the hospital with the idea it all started.
Less than two weeks after the start of the
war The Manners Ambulance arrived in
Brussels with a team of
eight. They were offered
a convent with 100 beds
and staff. The people
were thrilled to have
them. Angela and the
entire team felt wonderful and so appreciated.
Three days after their arrival Belgium was taken
over by the Germans.
One of the girls was the sister-in-law of Winston
Churchill and he had wired her to get out as
quickly as they could. They didnt want to leave,
they wanted to stay and help and believed that
as they were nurses and part of the Red Cross
that they would not be harmed.
We follow the through the challenges of their
short three month tour. Homesickness, sadness when Angela gets word that her brother
has been killed. Fear of what the Germans
will do and when they show up there is good
reason. Happiness and gratitude by the soldiers
they care for they are able to shine light for
some of these poor soldiers. The local townspeople love them and do what they can, the
Germans hate them for the very same. Everyone
suffers from the shock of the horrors of war.
The nurses are, at one point, captured and taken
to prison by the Germans. They are eventually
freed after much negotiating and arguing by the
American Embassy as well as others.
Its a great read of some true hometown
heroes that are not well known. It seems that
there is quite a bit of information available on
the group but no one has bothered to gather
it and tell the story. This is a short little book
jam packed with facts and tidbits and a really
interesting insight into what life was like for
these ladies in, what was surely, an incredibly
rough time. The book is available on Amazon
and is really worth a spot on your shelf. Good
on ya ladies!

July 2015

Page 9


Patrick Macnee, Star Of 60s TV The Avengers

93, the Britishborn actor best
known as dapper secret agent
John Steed in
the long-running
1960s TV series
The Avengers
has died.
Macnee died June 25, of natural causes
with his family at his bedside in California, his son Rupert said in a statement.
The clever spy drama, which began
in 1961 in Britain, debuted in the United
States in 1966. It ran for eight seasons
and continued in syndication for decades
Macnees character appeared in all but

two episodes, accompanied by a string of

beautiful women who were his sidekicks.
The most popular was likely Diana Rigg,
who played sexy junior agent Emma Peel
from 1965 to 1968. Honor Blackman
played Catherine Gale from 1962 to 1964,
and Linda Thorson was Tara King from
1968 to 1969.
The fictional John Wickham Gascoyne
Berresford Steed was born in the mid1920s to a noble British family, educated
at Eton and served in the military during
World War II.
Daniel Patrick Macnee was born
February 6, 1922, in London to a pair of
eccentrics, and he also attended Eton,
although he claimed to have been thrown
out for dealing in horse-race bets and pornography. He also served in the military
during World War II, captaining torpedo

boats that sought to destroy German Uboats in French waters.

Before he left Eton, Macnee had
discovered acting. He apprenticed in
the British theater, toured in provincial
theaters and made his film debut as an
extra in the 1938 film Pygmalion.
Macnee became an American citizen
in 1959 and moved to Palm Springs in
1967, saying the dry desert air benefited
his daughter, who suffered from asthma.
Before The Avengers, he had appeared
in such TV shows as Twilight Zone,
Rawhide and Playhouse 90, among many
But it was The Avengers that provided a permanent living for Macnee. He
owned 2.5 percent of the profits, and the
series continued to play worldwide into
the 21st century.

Aristocrat Dracula Actor Christopher Lee

CHRISTOPHER LEE, 93, an actor
who brought dramatic gravitas and aristocratic bearing to screen villains from

Dracula to the wicked wizard Saruman

in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has died.
Lee appeared in more than 250 mov-

Edinburgh Lad, Musician Johnny Keating

JOHNNY KEATING, 87, the Scottish composer and arranger, famous on

both sides of the Atlantic, died on May 28.
One of Keatings most well-known
recordings was of the theme from Z
Cars, the massively popular 1962 BBC
TV drama. The hit tune rose to number
five in the British singles charts in its
first year.
Though his early works earned Keating more esoteric repute, he also wrote
and arranged for popular artists including
The Bachelors, Eden Kane, Adam Faith,
Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, Sammy
Davis Jnr and Petula Clark.
John Keating was born in Bakehouse
Closes Huntly House just off Edinburghs Royal Mile in 1927 to his mother
Esther (ne Aitchison) and father Jock,
the local bookmaker.
He earned an Oscar nomination for
his score on the movie Hotel, and lauded
for other movie scores. He arranged and
conducted discs with Sammy Davis Jr,

and three albums with Caterina Valente

who he described as a true professional,
every inch a big star and a lovely adorable
person as well.
Jim MacDonald, a Scot, now living in
San Diego, California reminisced of his
younger days as a musician, and close
friendship with Keating. MacDonald told
UJ: We went to school in 1932 together,
and were both evacuees at the outbreak
of WWII in 1939.
MacDonald fondly remembered that
he: Played guitar for him 1957 to 1960,
all over UK, including Town Hall, Eyemouth every Saturday,.and Usher Hall,
Edinburgh. We also played Eldorado
Ballroom, Greens Playhouse, as well as
Glasgow and Edinburgh Danse .
Keating is survived by his children
Martin, Kevin and Jill all musicians
as well as his grandchildren. According
to Martin, he insisted on being buried
wearing his Hibs club tie.

ies, taking on memorable roles such as

the James Bond enemy Scaramanga and
the evil Count Dooku in two Star Wars
But for many, he will forever be known
as the vampire Count Dracula in a slew
of gory, gothic British Hammer Horror
thrillers churned out in the 1950s and
1960s that became hugely popular around
the world.
He railed against the typecasting,
however, and ultimately the sheer
number and range of his roles secured
his place in film history.
The Royal Borough of Kensington
and CAfter the war, the 6-foot-4 Lee
was signed to a contract with Britains
Rank studio, and spent the next decade
appearing in so many movies that he
acknowledged he couldnt remember
them all.
And certainly some of them you want
to forget, he said in 2002.
The actor became Sir Christopher Lee
when he was knighted in October 2009,
receiving the honor from Prince Charles
at Buckingham Palace.
Lee married Birgit Kroencke in 1961.
Their daughter, Christina, was born in

Former Liberal
Democrat Leader
Charles Kennedy
CHARLES KENNEDY, 55, who led
Britains Liberal Democrats to one of its best
election results ever before resigning dramatically after admitting he
was receiving treatment
for an alcohol problem,
has died.
Kennedys family said
in a statement they were devastated by his
death. They did not announce the cause.
The partys most recent leader, Nick
Clegg, led the tributes to Kennedy, noting that he remained modest about his
He entered Parliament at 23, winning
a seat representing his native Scottish
highlands and islands.
Taking over as leader from Paddy Ashdown in 1999, Kennedy helped build the
party to its best result in 80 years winning
62 seats in 2005. He was a vocal opponent
of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, long before
the nation grew wary of the conflict.
But just months after steering his party
to its best result ever, Kennedy became
the first British political leader of modern
times to acknowledge he was battling
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair
described his former opponents death as
an absolute tragedy.

British Wartime
Cooking Educator
Marguerite Patten
described as Britains first celebrity chef died last month.
The home
economist who
helped teach
Britons how
to survive on
scarce rations
during and after
World War II
died June 4 at
age 99, her family said in a statement. Patten had been living in
a nursing home near Richmond,
Surrey, since 2011, when a stroke
robbed her of her speech.
Her books include Victory
Cookbook: Nostalgic Food and
Facts from 1940-1954, Spam: The
Cookbook and Marguerite Pattens Century of British Cooking.
She also wrote about preserves,
tacos, chutney and soup.
She is survived by her sister
Elizabeth; her daughter, Judith;
great-grandson, Luke; and two

Due to lack of space more

detailed versions of these
obituaries can be found at

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July 2015

RRThis paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US
For Florida adrates

By Patricia Kawaja [ex-Londoner]

Covering the states Brtish business and events since 1992

Thousands of British + Anglophile readers in all parts of Florida

FLORIDA OFFICE: Tel: (305) 371-9340 in downtown Miami

carefully to what customers want and then

works hard to deliver that for them. We are
committed to making waves in the cruise
industry and will partner with PortMiami
to do just that. Virgin expects our expert
partners at Fincantieri to bring these ideas
to life. Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri,
stated: Yes, I am honored our company is
the selected partner for such an important
development in the cruise industry.
Virgin Cruises will have three new midsize ships, of roughly 110,000 gross tons
each, slated for delivery in 2020, 2021
and 2022, offering a range of seven-day
Caribbean itineraries. Miami-Dades Mayor
Carlos Gimenez added: Being the largest
cruise port in the world, Miami is an exciting
city that offers companies and brands an
excellent environment for business. We are
delighted to be selected as home port and I
cant wait to see Virgins beautiful ships become part of Miamis spectacular skyline.
Sir Richard stressed Virgin seeks advance
consumer input and that means YOU, dearest readers. Obviously many of you will
ultimately sail on these local ships I certainly will, since I can see Port Miami from
my window! So you are invited to visit www. to share your ideas via the
form there. (Keep it PG!) How do YOU want
Bransons innovative cruise line to deliver
YOUR incredible experience at sea, he asks.
The Virgin Cruises team can also be reached
via email NOTE:
Do watch the video of this press conference
and why Branson scissored off the Mayor of
Miamis tie on
holds regular gatherings for Welsh people
in Florida. To attend, phone Ronnie Crain
on (941) 922-4801. From September 3-6,
2015 the North American Festival of Wales


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Florida For Its Latest Venture . . . As is
his style, Sir Richard Branson landed in a
helicopter in downtown Miamis Museum
Park June 23. Crossing Biscayne Bay, the
chopper landed at this spot deliberately
chosen to ensure the cruise ships in Port
Miami would be a backdrop. In red shorts
and a Captains cap, flanked by matching
fashion models, the brilliant British billionaire
then held a press conference to announce
Virgin Cruises has selected PortMiami as
home port for its first cruise ship. To set sail
in 2020, he revealed his newest company
Virgin Cruises has signed a binding Letter
of Intent with Italian shipbuilders Fincantieri
for three new mid-size ships. The Virgin
Cruises approach will be to deliver an
experience for people who want a new way
to cruise, or who have never cruised before,
he said. He mentioned again that he owns
a home in Miami. Emerging through a cloud
of iconic Virgin red smoke, he was joined
by his lines newly-appointed President and
CEO Tom McAlpin and the two raised a
Virgin Cruises flag to mark its official arrival
in Miami. This is an exciting day for Virgin
and travelers around the globe, McAlpin
declared. We will build a world-class line
that will redefine the cruising experience for
good, a customer-built brand that listens


Photo by Robert Hubbard

The Florida Page

happens in Columbus, Ohio. This promises to

be a delightful week-end with beautiful music
plus classes and socializing with fellow Taffies. Book on-line Florida
Welsh expats do attend. ALSO: Do you want
to watch Welsh TV in your USA home? Check
out the website
This the fifth annual Festival and is promised
to be the best yet with 100+ teams, 5000+
players, families and friends over the weekend of November 7 and 8, 2015. Location:
Kendall Soccer Park (where David Beckhams
famous feet walked last year. Details on www. If youd like to be
involved as a sponsor or volunteer sign up on
the website or call President Alan Georgeson
on (305) 393-5230.
Commerce hold business and social events
throughout the year. Phone each for current
event and membership details. BROWARD/
PALM BEACH BACC (954) 942-7330 Ask
for Roy Yates. ORLANDO BACC office (407)
226-7251. TAMPA BABC. (813) 221-7438
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Herewith one Florida Britishowned pub chosen at random.
In St Petersburg the Moon under the Water
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Go up the escalator. Park FREE till 11pm inside the
Publix at 1776 Biscayne Blvd, then walk east behind
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July 2015


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July 2015

English Team Hit By


but the latest news from Rome is quite astonishing. Their national team has gone on strike
demanding higher bonuses for competing in
the World Cup. They have turned down an
offer of a single bonus for the entire tournament, demanding match-by-match rewards.
Since they will be playing France, Canada,
Ireland and Romania in their pool matches,
their bonus haul is likely to be slim however
it is awarded.

Whatever Happened To The Daily Tot Day?

Pussers Rum
RR By Nick James

Vice President and Senior Brand Manager

at Shaw-Ross International

AS THE son of a serving officer in the

Ex-All Black flanker and captain Jerry British Navy, I always had an interest in
A COUPLE of English players who must have Collins, 35, and his wife have died in a road the sea and the ships and men who put
been odds-on choices for the World Cup accident in France. He played 48 times for
team have been ruled out by coach Stuart his country but his most memorable appear- the Great into Great Britain.
Lancaster. Manu Tuilagi has spent the entire
season recovering from injury but a late-night
incident saw him assault two female police
officers and that was that. In his career,
Dylan Hartley has spent 54 weeks suspended
for foul play. His latest crime was headbutting
Saracens hooker Jamie George. Hartley might
well have been favourite for the hooker berth
but Lancaster has dropped him from the
England squad. Ironically, Jamie George was
given his place.
A question also hangs over Danny Cipriani
who has slowly worked his way back into
favour. Alas the night after he scored 33
points in Englands crushing defeat of the
Barbarians he was arrested for a drink-drive
offence. The case will eventually reach the
courts at which time Ciprianis rugby future
will also be decided.

World Cup Laws Tightened

The World Cup authorities have been

looking at tightening the rules. Aerial challenges are to be more rigorously policed. Last
season Dan Biggar was tackled in mid-air by
Finn Russell in the Wales-Scotland match.
Biggar landed on his head and shoulders
but luckily avoided injury. Russell picked up
a yellow card. A similar offence in the World
Cup will automatically bring a red card while
a mis-timed tackle, even if a player is not
brought down will be penalised.
There is also a commitment to ending
feeding, when the scrum-half puts the ball
into his second row. This has been happening so frequently that many question if a
hooker is ever actually needed. They arent in
rugby league but Union demands a contest.
Crooked feeds into the scrum will in future
be penalised as they were in the old days.
Penalties will continue to be awarded for
blocking, by players who join a maul in front
of the ball-carrier, but the so-called truck
and trailer, when a player detaches and
then reattaches to the back of a maul will be
punished with a free-kick.

Italians On Strike

Italian rugby is never less than interesting

West Country News

ance came when he turned out for Barnstaple

Seconds against Newton Abbot in 2007. He
wore Barnstaple socks when he played for
the Barbarians against South Africa later that
same year.
Memories of the amateur era also were
stirred when Cornwall met Lancashire in the
final of the county championship last month.
The Black and Golds had twice lost to the
Red Rose county in recent years but made
amends with an 18-13 win. It was the first
time since 1999 that Cornwall had lifted the
Bill Beaumont Cup.

Brits Have Bright Start

At Hot Wimbledon

A STUNNING finale to Wimbledon action on

June 29 saw the number of British players
through to the second round rise from one
to five.
This was the first time there have been
four or more men in the second round since
Tim Henman, Andy Murray, Jamie Delgado,
Martin Lee and Richard Bloomfield made it
five back in 2006.
But, Liam Broady was later beaten by David Goffin in straight sets in the second round.
Murray, Aljaz Bedene and James Ward
were to play on July 2.
Then on June 30 Britains Heather Watson
beat Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia 6-4, 6-2
and could face Serena Williams in the Third
Round on July 3. Watson was the lone British
female through.
Here are the betting odds at press time:
Novak Djokovic..................7-5
Andy Murray......................5-2
Roger Federer....................6-1
Rafael Nadal.....................12-1
Serena Williams.................3-2
Petra Kvitova.....................7-2
Maria Sharapova................8-1


Two locations in San Diego area

I was born in 1953, less than 10 years from the end

of the Second World War. At that time the British Navy
was still a force to be reckoned with, and my father
would be away at sea for a year at a time. He would
send me post cards and letters from the various ports
of call around the world, and in turn I kept a scrap book
of every newspaper cutting and magazine article I could
find about the ships and aircraft of the Royal Navy.
My father served on aircraft carriers and my mother
would often take us to meet his ship on returning to
port. We had the opportunity to go on board and meet
the officers and men, and saw first-hand the conditions
under which they lived, and the traditions they upheld
which harked back to Lord Nelson and beyond. Even at
an early age, I found these visits fascinating and they
made me determined to follow in my fathers footsteps
and join the navy.
In the mid-sixties my father was appointed Naval
Attach to Lisbon and I was sent away to boarding
school in England. My love of the navy went with me
and I very soon joined the Naval Section, which is
similar to the ROTC. As well as weekly drill sessions,
sailing lessons and knot tying classes, once a term we
would go to a camp. Often we would visit a naval

Death of a tradition ratings at

HMS JUFAIR bury the last tot, 31
July 1970.

young to imbibe, I was sixteen at the time! Nevertheless I did

manage to get a taste of the original Pussers rum, which had the
same unique character and depth of flavor of todays Pussers
This experience made me more determined than ever to join
the Royal Navy and I applied for a scholarship
to Dartmouth Naval Academy, (the Annapolis
of the UK). To train as a helicopter pilot.
After several written and physical interviews
I received the scholarship, but in those days
20:20 vision was required to fly or serve as
an executive office on board ship, glasses
or contact lenses were not permitted. As
a result I could only join the Supply and
Secretariat Branch of the Navy. Much to my
fathers dismay I decided to pursue another
career in the wine trade. However my
relationship with Pussers Rum was not yet
Several years later, as Marketing
Director of a wine and spirit company, I was
asked to sponsor an event at Greenwich
Naval Museum, soon after, in recognition
of the sponsorship we were invited to
a commemorative banquet on Nelsons
flagship, HMS Victory, berthed in dry dock in
Portsmouth. We dined on the main gun deck
and in front of every invitee on the scrubbed
wooden tables, was a miniature decanter of
Rum ration aboard HMS King George V, 1940
in the UK or
Pussers Naval Rum . . . and this time I was
overseas for a
old enough to enjoy it!
week, to live and work as very
Little did I know that was not the end
junior naval personnel. On one of my association with this historic rum.
memorable occasion we spent
Ten years later I would make a permanent
several days at Portsmouth
move to the States to join a wine and spirit
Naval Barracks, one of the
importing company. Shortly afterwards
Navys key facilities. We were
Charles Tobias, a man with a passion for
treated as naval ratings, issued preserving naval traditions, offered us the
uniforms, slept in barracks,
opportunity to distribute his rum in the
marched with the men, and,
United States. The rum was Pussers. When
at the appointed hour were
the British Navy decided that there was no
handed a white enamel mug
place in a modern navy for daily rum rations
and ordered to line up in front
and ended the tradition in 1970 on the
of an officer dispensing rum
infamous Black Tot day, Charles acquired the
to the men. We were going to
rights to the unique blend of rums that had
take part in one of the oldest
kept the British Jack Tar happy in the worst
ceremonies in the navy, the
of conditions and a fearsome fighter when
issuing of the daily tot of rum.
My turn came, the rum was
So now I have an unlimited supply of the
poured into my mug, but just
rum that was so unceremoniously grabbed
as I raised it to my lips the
from my hands all those years ago.
mug was grabbed by one of the
Photos: Crown copyright. IWM (MH 26003)
sailors on the pretext I was too
IWM (A 1777)


31 JULY 1970

all piped d

issue of ru
Up Spirits
for th
to muster



Black Tot Day is the name given to the last day on which the Royal Navy discontinued the daily rum ration, known as tot.



The daily tot became

codied in 1731




2 Parts Water
1 Part Pussers Rum
Fresh Lime Juice
Dark Cane Sugar








On 31 July 1970, the daily

rum ration was abolished




The exact rum blend was

codied by the Admiralty in 1810







Rum was rst introduced

into the Royal Navy
shortly after the Invasion
of Jamaica in 1655

Charles Tobias obtained

the blending rights for the
Royal Navy rum and bottled
Pussers Rum soon after

In 1823, the daily rum

ration was cut in half,
and in 1850 it was
halved again

In 1740, Admiral Vernon ordered

the daily rum ration to be mixed
with water. The mixture was
dubbed Grog after Vernons
nickname Old Grogram

Pussers donates a portion

of sales to the RNRMC,
aka the Tot Fund,
with total donations
exceeding $1.5m

e n te r n o w

To honour this bygone tradition, Pussers Rum is hosting giveaways throughout the month of July!




Rum Ltd. bottles, blends and distributes

the original Royal Navy rum. Please sip

Page 14

July 2015


Compiled by Larry Gardner

England Share Test Series

AFTER WINNING the First Test match by 124

runs at Lords, England stumbled at Headingley in the second and final Test encounter,
losing to the New Zealanders by 199 runs.
New Zealand 350 and 454 (BJ Watling 120)8 declared. England 350 (Adam Lyth 107 not
out) and 255. The short series ended 1-1.
Good news for England skipper Alistair Cook,
however, who hit 75 and 56 runs during the
match, to become Englands leading Test run
scorer; beating the former record of 8,900
Test runs set by Graham Gooch.

Fiesty ODI Series Sees

England Prevail

The ODI series witnessed England win

3-2, in a very close series. Off to a glorious
start a Edgbaston, with a record 408 runs
that resulted in a 210 run victory. England
408 (Jos Buttler 129, Joe Root 104)-9
at 50 overs. New Zealand 198 all out. The
Kiwis won the second Test at the Oval by
13 runs after rain resulted in the Duckworth/
Lewis method to decide the winner. New
Zealand 398 (Ross Taylor 119 not out)-5
at 50 overs. England 365-9 at close. At
Southampton, New Zealand won by three
wickets. England 302 all out. New Zealand
306 (Kane Williamson 118, Ross Taylor
116)-7 at close. The fourth match at Trent
Bridge, saw England win by seven wickets.
New Zealand 349-7 at 50 overs. England 350
(Eoin Morgan 113, Joe Root 106)-3 at close.
The series went to the final game at Lords,
where the Kiwis made 293-9 at 50 overs and
the rain set in. Using the Duckworth/Lewis
method, England was given 192 to score of
26 overs to win, and they did, winning the
match by three wickets. The Kiwis end
their English tour June 23, at Old Trafford, in
a one-off Twenty20 game, that England won
by 56 runs. England 191-7 at 20 overs. New
Zealand 136 all out.

County Cricket

West Indian batsman Chris Gayle, hit 151

runs for Somerset against Kent at Taunton,
in the T20 Blast, but still ended up on the
losing side. Kent won by three runs. Gayle
hit 15 sixes, one of them going in to the
nearby river. Somerset fan Martin Bullock,
dived in after it, got Gayle to sign it, and took
a very special ball home Leicestershire
won their first County game since September of 2012, when they beat Essex by six
wickets at Chelmsford. Essex 166 and 276.
Leicestershire 280 (Angus Robson 120)
and 163-4 at close. Leicestershire had gone
37 consecutive county matches without a
win Durham led the County Championship
mid-June, having won six of their eight games
with a points total of 131. Warwickshire are
second with 102pts. Lancashire walloped
Leicestershire by an innings and 157 runs
at Old Trafford, to go top of Division Two.
Leics 207 and 119. Lancs 483 (Ashwell
Prince 104).

Aussies Conquer The Caribbean

Australia completed a short June tour

of the Caribbean, prior to their Ashes clash
in England, which included a one, four day
match and two Test matches. The Aussies
drew with a West Indian Cricket Presidents
XI at the Viv Richards Stadium in Antigua.
WICBP XI 382 and 161-4 at close. Australia
250 (Shaun Marsh 118). The Aussies polished of the West Indies in the first Test at
Roseau in Dominica, in just three days to win
by nine wickets. West Indies 148 and 216.
Australia 318 (Adam Voges 130 not out)
and 41-1 at close. Australia completed the
warm-up for the Ashes, winning the second
Test by 277 run in four days at Kingston,
Jamaica. Australia 399 and 212-2 declared.
West Indies 220 and 114.
The Mumbai Indians won the Indian
Super-League trophy beating the Chennai
Super-Kings by 41 runs in the final. Mumbai
Indians 202-5 at 20 overs. Chennai SKs 1618 at 20 overs.

Djokovic Thwarts Murray,

Wawrinka Thwarts Djokovic

Andy Murray came from two sets down in

his French Open semi-final against the world
number one, Novak Djokovic, but the Serb
pushed through 6-3, 6-3, 5-7, 5-7, 6-1. Its
been 78 years since Britain had a finalist at
these French Open Championships, May 19
-June 7, and for a time it looked possible that
the Scot could make history. The match was
split over two days after a storm threatened,

while the courtside crowd was fully enthused

and participatory in the encounter. Djokovic
had knocked out former nine time French
Open winner Rafael Nadal, in the previous
round. Murray dispatched Facundo Arguello
of Argentina, Portugals Joao Sousa, Nick
Kyrigios of Australia, and Spains David
Ferrer, before facing the man who has now
beaten him over the last eight encounters.
Djokovic would later be beaten in a four set
final against Switzerlands Stanislas Wawrinka, who claimed his first French title and
second Major.
The new British number two, Aliaz Bedene, beat Austrias Dominic Thiem in the
first round for his first victory in a Grand Slam
tournament, but was forced to retire injured
and did not contest the next round. Kyle
Edmund, went through against Stephane
Robert of France, and Heather Watson beat
Mathilde Johansson of France, but both went
out in the second round. Serena Williams
won the ladies singles beating the Czech,
Lucie Safarova 6-3, 6-7 (2-7) 6-2 in the final
for her 20th Grand Slam title.

Murray Wins At Queens

The warm-ups for Wimbledon were next

on the schedule, where Andy Murray, claimed
his fourth Queens Club title at the Aegon
Championships, June 21,beating the South
African, Kevin Anderson 6-3,7-6 (7-4) in the
final. Earlier hed dispatched Gilles Muller
(Lux), Fernando Verdasco, (Sp) and the
Serb, Viktor Troicki. French Open winner
Stanislas Wawrinka and Rafael Nadal were
ousted in their first matches The Aegon
Classic in Birmingham, did not bend favourably for the British women, where Heather
Watson and Naomi Broady, had first round
exits, while the British number two Johanna
Konta, did get passed the first hurdle but fell
in the following round. Angelique Kerber beat
Karolina Pliskova in the final.

Golden Horn & American

Pharoah Are Heroes, Chrome
Does Not Run

The richest race in Britain, the Derby,

brought out the punters at Epsom, June 6.
The one and a half mile course and a very
festive occasion produced a winning purse
of 813,221. The hot favourite, Golden Horn,
ridden by Frankie Dettorri the 13-8f, won by
three and half-lengths. Trainer John Gosden
had both the first and the second horse, with
Jack Hobbs (4-1) as runner-up. Golden Horn
went to the front during the final furlong.
Anthony Oppenheimer was the winning
owner. Storm the Stars (16-1) was third. 12
ran. The Derby was first run in 1780, and last
months race was the 236th time it has been
celebrated. The day previous, Qualify, a 50-1
shot trained by Aidan OBrien, won the Oaks.
Same day, across the pond at Belmont
Park, New York, American Pharoah, won
the Belmont Stakes to become the first Triple
Crown winner in 37 years. The Pharoah,
had recently won the Kentucky Derby and
the Preakness. Ridden by Victor Espinoza,
trained by Bob Baffert, and owned by Ahmed
Zayat, the three-year-old won by over five
lengths as favourite with odds of 3-5 on.
8 ran. A 90,000 crowd turned out for the
147th running of the Belmont Stakes, as the
Pharoah, became the 12th horse to win the
Triple Crown
California Chrome, last years winner
of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness,
was scheduled to run in the Prince of Wales
Stakes at Royal Ascot, mid-June. A big
crowd was expected, but a foot abscess,
disappointed a lot of punters, and the Chrome
did not run.

Golf: Montys A Winner,

Justin Rose Goes Close

Colin Montgomerie never won a Major

during his years as a regular contender, but
on the Senior Tour, the Scot is finding the
fairways and the putts. He captured the US
Senior PGA Championship for the second
year running, this time at the French Lick
Resort at Indiana. Montgomerie fired off an
eight under 280, four strokes clear of the
field, for a winners purse of just under half
a million dollars Rory McIIroy hit an 80
on the first round of the Irish Open at Royal
County Down, and did not survive the cut.
Denmarks Soren Kjeldsen took the honours
after winning a play-off against Englands
Eddie Pepperell and the Austrian, Bernd
Wiesberger, when the three had all finished
two under par Justin Rose finished in
a play-off at the Memorial Tournament at
Dublin, Ohio, June 7, where three players
concluded with a 15 under par 273. Swedens David Lingmerth, broke the deadlock
on the third play-off hole to win his first PGA
event. Not a good tourney for Tiger Woods,
who survived the cut by one stroke, then hit
a 13 over 85 in the third round.
Britains Greg Owen, came close to his
very first PGA title at the St Jude Classic in
Memphis Tennessee. Leading going into the
final round, he faded as Argentinian, Fabian

Gomez powered to a 66, to win his first PGA

crown. Owen was runner-up. four behind
23-year-old Jordan Spieth became the
youngest winner of the US Open, where his
five under 275, at the Chambers Bay Course
in Washington, June 21,put him in the history
books. Top Brit finisher was Rory McIIroy
five strokes distant. A dozen Brits were in
the mix, but a strange yellow course brought
forth plenty of criticism. Graeme McDowell,
Darren Clarke and Tiger Woods, did not
survive the cut.

Big Card At The O2 Arena

Pugilistic passion was much in evidence

at the O2 Arena in London, the final weekend of May, where a series of world titles
were on the line. Lee Selby claimed the IBF
featherweight crown of Evgeny Gradovich.
The Welshman (21-1) suffered a clash of
heads, but it was the Russian (19-1-1) that
was bloodied. The ref stopped the fight in
the 8th round, after a doctors decision that
Gradovich could not go on. The unbeaten Kell
Brook (35-0) retained his IBF welterweight
crown against Frankie Gavin, stopping his
fellow Brit (22-2) in the sixth round. Olympic
super-heavyweight gold medalist Anthony
Joshua went 13-0, after a second round
victory over Kevin Johnson. The American
(29-7-1) from Atlanta, had suffered earlier
defeats by Brits, Dereck Chisora and Tyson
Fury, and had called Joshua, a little boy who
was out of his class, but the Londoner soon
straightened that argument out; knocking him
down twice in the first round. It was the first
time in Johnsons long career that hed kissed
the canvas. A rapidly closing eye ended Kevin
Mitchells quest over WBC lightweight champion Jorge Linares (39-3), after the ref halted
the fight in the tenth round. Mitchell (39-3)
had the American on the canvas in the fifth,
but an accidental clash of foreheads left the
Englishmans eye severely damaged. A day
earlier in Brooklyn, New York, Amir Khan (313) claimed a unanimous decision over Chris
Algeri (22-2) in a WBC silver welterweight
challenge. Its the fifth consecutive victory for
the Bolton boxer, who is looking for a moneyspinning bout with Floyd Mayweather.

Wilder & Ward Produce The


Alabamas WBC world heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder, retained his unbeaten
record of 34-0, stopping Eric Molina (23-3)
in the ninth round, June 13,in his home town
of Birmingham. Wilder had Molina on the
floor in the 4th and twice in the fifth round
Liverpools super-middleweight Paul Smith,
battled the undefeated Andre Ward (38-0)
in the Americans first bout in 19 months at
Oakland, California, June 20. The non-title
catch-weight contest had Smith discovering
it a difficult strategy, as Wards ring rustiness
appeared non-existent. By the ninth round,
a bloodied Smith suffering a broken nose
was given relief when his corner threw the
towel in.

Honours List

The Queens Birthday Honours list saw

a number of sportsmen and women acclaimed for their long success in various
fields. Former Welsh rugby skipper Gareth
Edwards received a knighthood, while former player Jonathan Davies got a OBE and
Jonny Wilkinson a CBE. Former Chelsea, late
Manchester City and England player Frank
Lampard received an MBE as did former
world middleweight champion Carl Froch.
England batsman James Anderson got an
OBE, while there was MBEs for Casey Stone
the skipper of Englands womens soccer
team, and long distance runner Jo Pavey.

Formula One, Cycling &


Reigning world formula one champion,

Lewis Hamilton, won the Canadian Grand
Prix at Montreal, June 7, starting from pole
position to claim his fourth win in seven
races. Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg
was second. Hamilton had the pole position
at the Austrian Grand Prix, June 21, but
cheeky team-mate Nico Rosberg beat him
to the first corner. A nasty pile-up did not
aid Hamilton to get to the front, and Rosberg
held on for the chequered flag
Former gold Olympian and Tour de France
winner, Sir Bradley Wiggins, broke the world
hour long distance record at Lee Valley VeloPark in London, cycling 219 laps that equaled
33.88 miles in sixty minutes Englands
mens field hockey team beat the World
Champions Australia at the Olympic Park,
London, by a score of 3-1. Its the first time
England have beaten the Australians since
1988.The joy was short lived however, as
Australia won the second game 6-1.

Volvo Ocean Racing

The Volvo Ocean race (formerly the

Whitbread round the World race) concluded
late June. The Dutch yacht, Team Brunel,
won the seventh leg, from Newport Rhode
Island to Lisbon, Portugal, after just under ten

days at sea with the Spanish boat MAPRE,

second, just twenty minutes behind. The allwomens crewed Swedish yacht Team SCA,
skipper by Briton, Samantha Davies, won
the short eighth leg from Lisbon to LOrient,
France. The Abu Dhabi Racing Team led by
British skipper Ian Walker, went on to win
the race, capturing the ninth and final leg
at the Gothenburg, Sweden, finishing line,
June 22. The race culminated in 38,000 plus
nautical miles, five continents and lay-overs
in 11 Cities.

Arsenal Win Cup

Arsenal made their 19th appearance at the

FA Cup final at Wembley, and captured the
trophy for the 12th time in a 4-0 convincing
victory over Aston Villa, May 30. Villas
American owner Randy Lerner and Villa fan
Prince William sat side by side, but there
was little joy for Villa fans as the Gunners
piled on the agony for a midland side desperately trying to stay in touch with a game
that left them behind. Villas recent years in
the EPL have forged disappointment amongst
the fans, and new coach Tim Sherwood, has
his hands full. Theo Walcott commenced the
victory run five minutes before the break, then
Alexis Sanchez, netted five minutes after the
break. Per Mertersacker added to Villas
misery in the 62nd minute, and Olivier Giroud
made it four in the final minute.
A 70,000 plus crowd at Berlin, Germany,
June 6, witnessed Barcelona become European Club Champions when they beat
Juventus 3-1 in the final of the Champions
League Cup. Rakitic put the Spaniards in
front after just four minutes, before Morata
scored for the Italians nine minutes after
half-time. Luis Suarez got the second in
the 68th minute, while Neymar scored in the
final minute to give Barca three. Its the fifth
CL trophy for Barcelona. Juventus have won
this trophy twice in the past, but this defeat
makes it six times that they have come away
as the losing team.
Earlier, the Europa League Cup final at
Warsaw, Poland, May 27, witnessed Seville
retain the trophy they won last year, after a
3-2 extra-time result over the Ukrainians,
Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. It the fourth time, the
Spaniards have won this trophy since 2006.
England and the US reached the semi-final
of the Womens World Cup in Canada.

England, Ladies Reach The

Semi-Finals In World Cup

Discussion was rampant over the Womens World Soccer Cup in Canada, June
6-July 5, where the 24 national womens
side were forced to play on artificial turf. The
women had appealed to FIFA, who decided
that it was more economical than playing on
grass, but FIFA did agree that future Women
World Cups would revert back to grass. The
artificial plastic surface has a reputation for
tearing and bruising calves and thighs, and
also raises the temperatures in the stadiums
to around 120 degrees. Both England and
the USA progressed through to the quarterfinals. Englands women are ranked sixth in
the world and coached by Mark Sampson.
They opened their group qualifying campaign
in Moncton, losing 1-0 to France. The second
game against Mexico, England won 2-1. Fran
Kirby, put the English girls ahead in the 70th
minute, then substitute Karen Carney, made
it two in the 82nd minute, while Gabriela
Ibarra got one back for the Mexicans in the
final minute. The final group game at Montreal, witnessed a 2-1 win over Colombia with
goals by Karen Carney (15th minute) and a
penalty by Fara Williams seven minutes
before the break. The Colombians scored in
the final minute. At Ottawa, in the last sixteen
knockout round, June 22, England came from
behind against Norway to win 2-1. Steph
Houghton in the 61st minute while Lucy
Bronze, got the winner fifteen minutes later.
The United States were the pre-tournament favourites and opened with a 3-1 win
over Australia, then a 0-0 tie with Sweden.
The Americans went through to the last sixteen after a 1-0 win over Nigeria, courtesy
of a Abby Wambach netting. The knockout
round saw Colombias goalkeeper get sent
off, though Abby Wambachs penalty did
not find the net. A 53rd minute goal by Alex
Morgan, and 66th minute penalty by Carli
Lloyd gave the US a 2-0 victory.
England beat hosts Canada 2-1,with
goals by Jodie Taylor (11min) and Lucy
Bronze in the 14min, The Canadians scored
two minutes after the break. England will meet
Japan in the semi-finals. The USA overcame
China 1-0,courtesy of a Carli Lloyd header.
In the semis the US came out victors over
Germany 2-0.

Soccer Friendlies
Early June witnessed a flurry of friendly
exhibition games in preparation for the
Euro-2016 qualifiers, where substitutes were
used in absolute abandon. Northern Ireland
hosted Qatar in a friendly at Gresty Road,
Crewe, May 31. Brentfords Stuart Dallas,

put the Irish ahead just after the break, but

Karim Boudiaf, levelled it in the 70th minute
for the match to end 1-1. The 2022 World Cup
hosts moved over the border to Easter Road
in Edinburgh, where Scotland won 1-0, after
a first ever Scottish goal by Bournemouths
Matt Ritchie, four minutes before the break.
England played a dour goalless match in
Dublin against the Republic of Ireland, where
goalkeepers were rarely bothered. The only
consolation for England, was reaching nine
games unbeaten since their World Cup exit
in Brazil.

Double Victory For The USA

In Europe

The United States was 3-1 down against

the Netherlands in Amsterdam, but came
back to win 4-3. Gyasi Zardes put the
Americans level at 1-1 in the 33rd minute,
before the Dutch hit two more. Late goals by
John Brooks, Danny Williams and a goal
in the final minute by Bobby Wood, gave
Jurgen Klinsmanns outfit the victory. Klaas
Jan Huntelaar (2) and Depay scored for
the Dutch. It proved a fruitful trip to Europe,
where at Cologne, June 10, another late
goal by Bobby Wood, gave the Americans a
2-1 win over World Champions, Germany.
Mario Gotze scored early for the hosts, but
Mix Diskerud levelled it four minutes before
the break, then Bobby Wood was on hand to
give the USA there first ever win in Germany.
Weird match in the US Open Cup at
Seattle Sounders, at home to big rivals
the Portland Timbers, June 20. US skipper
Clint Dempsey, not only got sent off for
the Sounders, but he apparently grabbed
the referees notebook tearing it in shreds
before making his exit. The Sounders were
down to seven men at the end of the match.
Timbers won 2-1.

Euro-2016; Home Nations

Remain In Contention

The sixth qualifying round of the European

Nations Championship were completed June
12-13-14, where all the home nations have
a chance to qualify for the final in France
next year. Wales went top of Group B, after
a 1-0 win over Belgium (who are rated
number two in the world by FIFA) in Cardiff,
where Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale (25th
minute) scored his fifth Welsh goal in the
last six qualifying games The Republic
of Ireland and Scotland drew 1-1 in Dublin,
where a Jon Walters goal for the Irish in the
38th minute looked suspiciously offside. A
Shaun Maloney volley that found the net after
a deflection by John OShea, two minutes
after the break, put the game level Windsor Park was forced to pull down the West
Stand, after a mysterious widening crack in
the concrete was noticed during its last home
game against Finland. It looked possible
Northern Irelands game with Romania,
could be called off, but fans were moved to
other parts of the ground. The Irish attacked
fiercely in the final ten minutes looking for that
break through, but the game ended goalless
with neither side able to dominate England
came to life in the second half at Slovenia to
win 3-2, where a Wayne Rooney goal, four
minutes from time proved the winner. The
Slovenians edged ahead in the 37th minute,
then two by Jack Wilshere put England
in front, before the hosts netted in the 84th
minute, and Rooneys winner made the day.

Scottish Soccer

Inverness Caledonian Thistle won the

Scottish Cup at Hampden Park, May 30,
beating the championships Falkirk 2-1. They
were down to ten men with fifteen minutes to
go, after Carl Tremarco was red carded, but
still managed to score the winner in that time.
Caleys Marley Watkins found the net in the
38th minute, while Peter Grant put the Bairns
level with ten minutes to go. James Vincent
gave Caley Thistle the Scottish Cup for the
first time in their history with the winner four
minutes from the whistle.
Rangers consecutive yearly climb from
Scottish Division two, and upwards, was
halted by Motherwell in a two legged play-off
for a place in the Scottish Premier League.
Rangers were beaten 3-1 at the Ibrox Stadium
in the first leg, and tensions mounted as the
Fir Park encounter demanded a new strategy
by the Glasgow club. But it did not happen.
Marvin Johnson, Lionel Ainsworth, and a
John Sutton penalty in the 90th minute gave
Motherwell a 3-0 result giving them a 6-1
winning aggregate. The game exploded after
the final whistle where an altercation with
Rangers Bihel Mohnsi and Motherwells
Lee Erwin and Fraser Kerr saw the three
of them red carded. The hosts supporters
taunted the Rangers end, and invaded the
pitch before police restored order in what was
a very unsettling ending. Motherwell retain
their spot in the SPL, while Rangers stay in
the Championship. Rangers recently signed
former Brentford boss Mark Warburton,
becoming the first Englishman ever as its
new coach.

July 2015

Page 15


Olympiastadion, Berlin
June 6
Juventus 1, Barcelona 3


National Stadium, Warsaw
May 27
Dnipro Dnipropetrovski 2, Sevilla 3


Wembley Stadium
May 30
Arsenal 4, Aston Villa 0


Wembley Stadium
March 1
Chelsea 2, Tottenham 0


Hampden Park
May 30
Inverness CT 2, Falkirk 1


Hampden Park
March 15
Dundee United 0, Celtic 2


Group F Final Standings


P W D L F A GD Pts
3 2 0 1 6 2 4 6
3 2 0 1 4 3 1 6
3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
3 0 1 2 2 8 -6 1

Round of 16
Norway 1, England 2
Australia 0, Japan 1
England 2, Canada 1
USA 2, Germany 0
July 1
Japan v England
Winner will play USA
On JULY 5 in Vancouver


British and Rep Ireland teams
All teams to complete 10 games by end of October

Bosnia Hrzgv

P W D L F A Pts GD
6 4 2 0 8 2 14 6
6 3 2 1
13 2 11 11
6 3 0 3
10 9 9 1
6 3 0 3
12 11 9 1
6 2 2 2 8 7 8 1
6 0 0 6 3 23 0 -20

Rep Ireland

P W D L F A Pts GD
6 4 2 0
20 3 14 17
6 4 1 1
16 4 13 12
6 3 2 1
12 6 11 6
6 2 3 1
12 5 9 7
6 1 0 5 4 13 3 -9
6 0 0 6 1 34 0 -33

San Marino

P W D L F A Pts GD
6 6 0 0
18 3 18 15
6 4 0 2
13 4 12 9
6 3 0 3
12 7 9 5
6 2 1 3 3 5 7 -2
6 2 0 4 4 12 6 -8
6 0 1 5 0 19 1 -19

Group D

Group E

Group F

N Ireland
Faroe Islands

P W D L F A Pts GD
6 4 2 0 7 1 14 6
6 4 1 1 8 4 13 4
6 3 2 1 5 3 11 2
6 2 0 4 4 8 6 -4
6 1 1 4 5 8 4 -3
6 0 2 4 2 7 2 -5

QPR Legend Stan Bowles

Diagnosed With Alzheimers
STAN BOWLES, the England and QPR legend
has been diagnosed with Alzheimers.
Bowles, in his heyday was a lovable
scamp and gifted football maverick. He was
also known for his equal time on a football
field and the local betting shops.
Bowles, from Manchester, also played
for Manchester City, and his club career
also included Crewe Alexandra, Carlisle
United, Nottingham Forest, Leyton Orient,
and Brentford.
In the compendium of mischievous magicians of his era he stands alongside Alan
Hudson, Rodney Marsh, Charlie George,
Frank Worthington and Tony Currie. Bowles
has been described as being up there not
far behind George Best with his abilities on
the ball.
In 2004 Bowles was voted QPRs greatest
ever player by supporters. He played in an
era which would accommodate scallywags
if they were blessed with divine talent, and
appeared in well over 300 appearances for
QPR over seven years
The mystical ball juggling was allied to
the quickest of wits, which makes his illness
all the sadder for many who saw him play.

British Teams Touring USA

A LOT of English football fans will be

thrilled, more than any other summer,
to see their team may be in town, or
at least closer than across the pond!!
No less than SIX teams are doing
pre-season tours , and Prem League
newcomers Bournemouth join the
regular flyers. Check out the list and
plan your mini holidays!
See Union Jack webste for more:

Ex-England Coach McClaren

Takes Charge At Newcastle

NEWCASTLE has hired former England coach

Steve McClaren to take charge of the Premier
League team.
McClaren last month signed a three-year
contract, which the club says could be extended to eight years.
He is the permanent replacement for
Alan Pardew, who quit the northeast club in
January. John Carver had a five-month stint
as interim manager.
McClaren, who took unfashionable Middlesbrough to the UEFA Cup final in 2006 has
since coached FC Twente in the Netherlands
in two spells and Wolfsburg in Germany,
as well as Nottingham Forest and Derby in
Englands second tier. He was fired by Derby
last month.

Arsenal Charged With Rule

Breach Over Chambers Move

THE ENGLISH Football Association has

charged Arsenal with breaching agents rules
in relation to the clubs signing of Calum
Chambers from Southampton last year.
Chambers agent was also charged last
month for a rules breach over the same transfer.
The England right back moved to Arsenal
when he was 19 for a reported fee of 16m.

West Ham To Start Season In

Europa League In Andorra

WEST HAM and new coach Slaven Bilic will

start their season in Andorra on July 2 in the
Europa League first qualifying round.
The UEFA draw paired West Ham with
Lusitans for a first-leg match more than five
weeks before the English Premier League
kicks off.
The return match in London is on July 9.
West Ham joined 101 teams in the draw
as reward for England being awarded an
extra place through UEFAs fair play rankings
last season.

Promoted Watford Hire Quique

Sanchez Flores As New Coach

WATFORD hired Quique Sanchez Flores as the

new coach last month after contract extension
talks broke down with Slavisa Jokanovic, who
guided the club back into the English Premier
League this season.
The negotiations with Jokanovic stalled
on salary.
The 50-year-old Sanchez Flores, a former
Spain defender, coached Atletico to the 2010
Europa League title. Also on his resume were
jobs at Valencia, Benfica, Al-Ain, and most
recently, a second stint with Getafe, which
lasted less than two months before he resigned
in February.
Jokanovic, a former Chelsea defender,
was Watfords fourth coach of the season,
contracted in October. The Serb led the club
to runner-up in the Championship to Bournemouth, and promotion to the EPL.

Advocaat To Stay At Sunderland

DICK ADVOCAAT has signed a one-year deal

as Sunderland manager, a week after saying
he would not be continuing at the club after
securing its Premier League status last season
as an interim coach.
Sunderland announced the permanent hiring of the 67-year-old Dutchman last month.
The experienced Advocaat had told Sunderland that he didnt want to stay in club
management, but says they convinced me
that I am the right man for the club.
Sunderland turned to Advocaat in March to
save the team from relegation. He won three
and drew three of his nine games in charge,
securing survival with a match to spare.

Clement Leaves Real Madrid,

Takes Over As At Derby

PAUL CLEMENT has left his role as assistant

coach of Real Madrid to take over as manager
of second-tier English club Derby.
The 43-year-old Clement has been the No
2 to Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea, Paris SaintGermain and most recently Madrid.
Derby turned to Clement after firing former
England coach Steve McClaren following
the clubs failure to secure promotion to the
Premier League.

Wilshere Mocks Spurs In FA

Cup Bus Parade
ENGLAND midfielder Jack Wilshere marred
Arsenals open-top bus parade to celebrate
its victory in the FA Cup final by taking to the
microphone to mock rival club Tottenham in
a foul-mouthed outburst.
The 23-year-old Wilshere chanted a song
about Spurs that contained an expletive and
was in the middle of another when Arsenal
broke off from the live broadcast on the clubs
in-house media channel.
The studio presenter immediately apolo-

gised for any offense caused by Wilsheres

remarks. The player has since been charged
by the English Football Association for his
Wilshere came off the bench in the second
half of Arsenals 4-0 win over Aston Villa in the
FA Cup final last month. Arsenal retained the
trophy with a record 12th victory in the final.

Cancer Survivor Gutierrez

Released By Newcastle

A WEEK after helping Newcastle secure its

status in the English Premier League, former
Argentina midfielder Jonas Gutierrez has been
released by the club to end his seven-year stint
at St James Park.
The 31-year-old Gutierrez returned to the
Newcastle team toward the end of this season
after recovering from testicular cancer.
In what proved to be his last game for
the club, Gutierrez provided an assist and
scored a goal as Newcastle beat West Ham
2-0 in the Premier Leagues final round to
guarantee safety.
Gutierrez joined Newcastle from Mallorca
in 2008 and scored 12 goals in 205 appearances.

Ex-England, Man United

Defender Rio Ferdinand Retires

FORMER England and Manchester United

center back Rio Ferdinand has announced
his retirement, ending a 20-year professional
career in which he established himself as one
of the top English players of his generation.
Ferdinand was absent for the closing stages
of his final season in football, with Queens Park
Rangers, after his wife died on May 1 following
a battle with cancer.
Ferdinand became the most expensive
English player when he joined United from
Leeds for 29.1m in 2002. He started his
professional career at West Ham in 1995.
Ferdinand was released by United last summer after 454 appearances and was signed
by QPR, where he struggled to hold down a
regular place in a team that ended up getting
relegated from the Premier League.

Robbie Keane Extends His

Contract With LA Galaxy

IRELAND forward Robbie Keane extended

his contract with the LA Galaxy last month,
agreeing to stay with the MLS club into the
final years of his playing career.
The MLS champions said he intended to
stay with the Galaxy for at least a few more
years. Keane turns 35 this month.
Keane has been one of MLS best players
since he arrived in 2011, scoring 55 goals
in 91 appearances with the Galaxy. He was
named MLS most valuable player last winter
while leading the Galaxy to their third championship in his four seasons. He also won
championships in 2011 and 2012 alongside
Landon Donovan and David Beckham, who
have both retired.

Culture Secretary Says England

Able To Host 2022 World Cup

ENGLAND is ready to step in and host the 2022

World Cup if the tournament is stripped from
Qatar amid the corruption scandal engulfing
FIFA, John Whittingdale, the Culture Secretary,
said last month.
Obviously if FIFA came forward and asked
us to consider hosting it, we have the facilities
in this country and of course we did mount a
very impressive, if unsuccessful bid to host
the 2018 World Cup, culture secretary John
Whittingdale told the House of Commons.
However, Whittingdale acknowledged that
it does seem very unlikely that another European country would host it in 2022 because
Russia is due to stage the World Cup in 2018.
Amid the ongoing FBI investigations into
FIFA, Swiss authorities are investigating the
bidding contests for the 2018 and 2022 World
Cup tournaments.
Meanwhile South Africas organised crime
unit is conducting a preliminary investigation
into bribery allegations surrounding the 2010
World Cup bid after being provided with documents by an opposition political party.

Inverness Wins Scottish Cup

For First Time

INVERNESS Caledonian Thistle captured the

Scottish Cup for the first time last month, beating second-tier Falkirk 2-1 in the final thanks to
an 86th-minute winner scored when the team
was down to 10 men.
A match between two unlikely finalists burst
into life in the 75th minute when Inverness,
which was 1-0 up at the time, had left back
Carl Tremarco sent off.
Falkirk equalized in the 80th minute through
Peter Grant and looked the more likely winner,
only for James Vincent to pounce on a rebound
and score from close range.
Inverness beat Scottish champion Celtic in
the semifinals and finished third in the Scottish
Premiership. The club was formed in 1994
following a merger of Inverness Thistle and
Caledonian, and started off in the fourth and
lowest tier.


Beckham Says FIFA

Scandal Is Infuriating
DAVID BECKHAM says he has found
it infuriating watching the FIFA scandal
escalate and that it is time for soccers
governing body to change.
Beckhams comments came only days
before the Swiss attorney general announced that banks in the country have
reported 53 possible acts of money-laundering in the investigation of FIFAs 2018
and 2022 World Cup bidding contests.
Michael Lauber said the suspicious
bank relations were filed to comply with
Switzerlands regulations against money
The federal prosecutor described a
huge and complex case which targets
criminal mismanagement and moneylaundering in the bidding contests which
sent the 2018 World Cup to Russia and
the 2022 tournament to Qatar.
Lauber is prepared for either country
to be stripped of the hosting rights if new
evidence proves wrongdoing.
Beckham, the former England captain
said: Some of the things that we now
know happened were despicable, unacceptable and awful for the game we love
so much.
Beckham helped lobby for votes for
England in 2010 ahead of the vote on the
2018 World Cup, which was awarded to
Russia. At the time, Beckham said he
was left with a sick feeling after being
misled by executive committee members
who pledged their support.
Now Beckham hopes FIFA is cleaning
up its act.
Whilst it has not been good to read
some of the headlines surrounding our
sport recently, I hope at last we are now
moving in the right direction, Beckham
said in a statement.
Football is not owned by a few individuals at the top, it belongs to the millions of people around the world who love
this sport. It is time for FIFA to change
and we should all welcome it.
Earlier last month, German Chancellor
Angela Merkel welcomed the announcement that FIFA President Sepp Blatter

is stepping down, saying it was now

more possible that FIFAs work could be
conducted on a more transparent basis.
Speaking at a news conference in
Berlin, Merkel told reporters that as a
football fan herself, this is an important
Blatter announced his decision to
resign as the worst corruption crisis
in FIFAs 111-year history continued
to unfold.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest
says FIFA president Sepp Blatters resignation is an opportunity for soccers
governing body to improve its public
image and ensure its actions are consistent with its mission. He says decisions
about how to do that must be left up to
members of FIFA.
The White House has carefully avoided weighing in on the ongoing FIFA scandal amid the ongoing US federal investigation into soccer corruption. Earnest
said he had no special knowledge about
the investigation and that prosecutors
are operating independently.
Russia says the resignation of FIFA
President Sepp Blatter hasnt affected
the countrys plans to host the 2018
World Cup.
Russia, which has been a staunch supporter of Blatter, says it will continue to
work with him until he steps down and a
new election for FIFA president is held.
Switzerland has launched an investigation into the bidding process for the 2018
and 2022 World Cups.
US Attorney General Loretta Lynch
has declined to comment on FIFA
President Sepp Blatters resignation or
whether he is under investigation.
Lynch, who was in Latvia for a meeting
with EU justice ministers, says its an
open case and so we will now be speaking
through the courts.
Lynch says the US hopes that FIFA
will be able to move forward in a way
that is supportive of its goals, which are
the promotion and regulation of a truly
wonderful sport.


(Major deals concluded as of June 30)
Edited By Ridge Mahoney
Arsenal In: Petr Cech (Chelsea, 10m).
Out: Ryo Miyaichi (St Pauli, free), Abou Diaby
Aston Villa In: Scott Sinclair (Manchester
City, 2.5m), Micah Richards (Manchester City,
free). Out: Andreas Weimann (Derby County,
2.75m), Darren Bent (Derby County, free),
Enda Stevens (Portsmouth, free), Graham Burke
(released), Chris Herd (released).
Bournemouth In: Artur Boruc (Southampton, free), Josh King (Blackburn, free), Adam
Federici (Reading, free), Christian Atsu (Chelsea,
loan). Out: Ian Harte (released), Josh McQuoid
(released), Joe Partington (released), Mohamed
Coulibaly (released), Miles Addison (released),
Darryl Flahavan (released).
Chelsea In: Nathan (Atletico Paraneanse,
4.5m). Out: Thorgan Hazard (Borussia Monchengladbach, 5.8m), Gael Kakuta (Sevilla*),
Didier Drogba (released), Christian Atsu (Bournemouth, loan), Petr Cech (Arsenal, 10m).
Crystal Palace In: None. Out: Shola Ameobi (released), Lewis Price (released), Owen
Garvan (released), Peter Ramage (released),
Stephen Dobbie (released), Jerome Thomas
(released), Kyle de Silva (released)
Everton In: Tom Cleverley (Manchester
United, free), Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona
4.3m). Out: Antolin Alcaraz (released), Sylvain
Distin (released).
Leicester City In: Christian Fuchs (Schalke,
free), Robert Huth (Stoke*), Shinji Okazaki
(Mainz*). Out: Zoumana Bakayogo (released),
Paul Gallagher (released), Conrad Logan
(released), Gary Taylor-Fletcher (released),
Matthew Upson (released).
Liverpool In: Nathaniel Clyne (Southampton, 12.5m), Joe Gomez (Charlton Athletic,
3.5m), James Milner (Manchester City, free),
Adam Bogdan (Bolton, free), Danny Ings (Burnley, fee TBD), Roberto Firmino (Hoffenheim,
29m). Out: Steven Gerrard (LA Galaxy, free),
Glen Johnson (released), Brad Jones (released),
Danny Ward (Aberdeen, loan), Sebastian Coates
Manchester City In: None. Out: Scott
Sinclair (Aston Villa, 2.5m), Matija Nastasic
(Schalke*), Dedryck Boyata (Celtic*), Micah
Richards (Aston Villa, free), James Milner (Liverpool, free), John Guidetti (released), Angelino
(New York City FC, loan).

Manchester United In: Memphis Depay

(PSV, 25m). Out: Tom Cleverley (Everton, free),
Ben Amos (released), Tom Thorpe (released).
Newcastle United In: None. Out: Jak Alnwick (released), Adam Campbell (released), Jonas Gutierrez (released), Ryan Taylor (released).
Norwich City In: Graham Dorrans (West
Brom*), Youssouf Mulumbu (West Brom, free).
Out: Cameron McGeehan (Luton Town*), Javier
Garrido (released), Carlos Cuellar (released), Luciano Becchio (released), Mark Bunn (released),
Kyle Callan-McFadden (released).
Southampton In: Juanmi (Malaga), Cedric
Soares (Sporting Lisbon*), Maarten Stekelenburg (Fulham, loan). Out: Nathaniel Clyne
(Liverpool), Artur Boruc (Bournemouth, free),
Jos Hooiveld (released), Omar Rowe (released)
Jake Sinclair (released).
Stoke City In: Joselu (Hannover, 5.9m),
Philipp Wollscheid (Bayer Leverkusen*), Jakob
Haugaard (FC Midtjylland, 600,000). Out:
Andy Wilkinson (released), Thomas Sorensen
(released), Wilson Palacios (released), Robert
Huth (Leicester*).
Sunderland In: Sebastian Coates (Liverpool*), Ricardo Alvarez (Inter Milan*). Out:
Anthony Reveillere (released).
Swansea City In: Franck Tabanou (St
Etienne, 3.5m), Andre Ayew (Marseille, free),
Kristoffer Nordfeldt (Heerenveen*). Out: Alan
Tate (released), David Cornell (released),
Rory Donnelly (released), Gerhard Tremmel
Tottenham Hotspur In: Kevin Wimmer
(Cologne, 4.3m), Kieran Trippier (Burnley,
3.5m). Out: Brad Friedel (retired).
Watford In: Sebastian Prodl (Werder
Bremen, free), Giedrius Arlauskis (Steaua
Bucharest, free). Out: Marco Motta (released),
Luke ONien (released)
West Bromwich Albion In: James McLean
(Wigan Athletic, 1.5m). Out: Graham Dorrans
(Norwich City*), Chris Baird (Derby County,
free), Youssouf Mulumbu (released), Jason
Davidson (released).
West Ham United In: Pedro Obiang
(Sampdoria 4.4m), Stephen Hendrie (Hamilton,
1m), Darren Randolph (Birmingham City, free),
Dimitri Payet (Marseille*). Out: Carlton Cole
(released), Jussi Jaaskelainen (released), Guy
Demel (released), Nene (released), Dan Potts
(Luton Town, free).
* undisclosed fee

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