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Eco Lovers Club kicked off Basura ko sa Black, Baka Sayo sa Green, a Waste Segregation

Management, last October 13, 2012 to promote cleanliness and proper disposal of garbage.
Inculcating two values among the pupils awareness on disposing trash properly and
advocate the idea Sa basura may pera, Joel T. Arriola, the school coordinator on Waste
Management, organized the young environmental heroes last August 20, 2012.
At the outset, he invited pupils in every grade to join the club by issuing an invitational letter
with the approval of the parents. He believed that the campaign on cleanliness is joint
efforts of the parents and the pupils.
Its different when pupils see personnel together with parents and officers doing waste
segregation themselves because its not just the problem of the school. Its everyones
problem, Arriola said.
More or less 300 pupils responded to the campaign with their parents in an orientation
program conducted last August 28, 2012 at 2:00 in the afternoon at the LRV Pavilion. The
Orientation program talked about the proposed system the club will act upon to discipline
pupils in disposing trash orderly.
A signature campaign worth 5 pesos was also raised to raise funds for the purchase of waste
After months of campaign, the club turned over 15 double waste cans which were placed in
the corners of every building. Plastic waste cans were also given to every class to
accommodate all trash of the pupils every day.
Two colors were assigned to separate the trash Black for non biodegradable and Green for
non biodegrable.
In order for every class to raise funds, a trash sacked collectors were invited to buy the
collected empty bottles, cans and papers every 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.

DepEd Naga officials monitor opening of classes

By Neil Romano S. Manaog
When classes opened at the division of city schools in Naga this week, officials from the
Department of Education closely monitored the city schools campuses to check a number of
First they saw to it that the no collection policy is enforced by the schools. Second, officials
sought to address the shortage of classrooms, textbooks and teachers across the city
schools. Officials deemed it is the principals initiative and intervention to give immediate
solutions to any problems encountered.
Aside from checking the actual sizes of the classes the programs prepared by the respective
faculty, they also checked the functionality of the computer laboratories and allowed for the
proper deployment of locally funded teachers from Naga City local government unit.

According to officials, the schools are virtually prepared for the opening of classes. They
reported that school principals did their best to solve the problems usually experienced at
this start of the school year. Dr. Teresita Irma S. Dy-cok of Naga Central School I facilitated
the construction of 11 makeshift classrooms to address the shortage of classrooms. Officials
observed that a big number of schools implemented the no-collection policy. The schools
were also reported to have accepted transferees and late enrollees. They also noted that
PTA groups assisted in the opening of classes while schoolteachers are trained more in their
teaching skills by seminars and workshops. Schools also facilitated early deployment of
locally funded teachers
While these and other observations can be counted as achievements and indicators of
effective preparation for the school year, officials likewise noted a number of lapses. They
reported a number of computers in the laboratories which are found malfunctioning,
outdated and condemnable. They also observed congested classes and shortage of books
provided for the students.
To develop and equip the journalistic skills and improve division performance in press
confab, the staffers of the Grader together with the paper advisers attended the Three Day
School Based and Division Trainings for school paper writing and paper production at Naga
Central School I last September 17, 18 and 20 and October 26 28, 2012, respectively.
The training workshops focused on News Writing, Feature Writing, Editorial Writing, Editorial
Cartooning, Copy Reading and Headline Writing, Broadcasting and Scripting and Lay outing.
Assigned rooms and mentors were delegated to the campus journalists to have a hand and
mind activity in every area. All were engrossed and challenged on the topics given by the
speakers. At the end of the division training, some the Graders write ups and shoots were
recognized by the speakers. These mark an inch of win among other campus journalists.
During the 2012 Division Schools Press Conference held at Tinago Central School last
November 17, 2012, the staffers romp away in most events against public and private
schools within Naga City.
Staffers were bared winners of the different categories namely : Editorial Writing, Sports
Writing, Editorial Cartooning, Photojournalism, Newswriting, Feature Writing, Copyreading
and Headline Writing and Broadcasting and Scripting.
Winners of the confab were Frances Kyle Coralde, First Place (Editorial Writing, English), Mary
Kathleen Balane, First Placee (Editorial Writing, Filipino), Micah Alexandra Layosa, First Place
(Feature Writing), Rhea Pardinas, 3rd Place (Sports Writing), Nicole Palmeda, Second Place
(Editorial Cartooning, English), Harvey Secillano, Second Place (Photojournalism, Filipino),
Vina Aurellano, Sixth Place (Copy Reading and Headline Writing), Christine Lademo, Seventh
Place (News Writing), NCS 1 Broadcasters, Second Place (Broadcasting and Scripting, English
and Filipino).
Coralde, Balane, Palmeda, Secillano and Tesorero will represent Naga City Division to the
Regional Schools Press Conference at Daet, Camarines Norte in January 2013.

They were trained and coached by Ruby C. Bausas, Josefina Reyes, Dawn Obligacion, Rey
Obligacion, Francis Andrew Conde, Liezel Manondo and Joseph Avila.

FP sets off synchronize earthquake, fire drills;

NCS 1 joins in
By: Ruby C. Bausas
Part of the communication and program of the Bureau of Fire Protection together with the
Public Safety Office, Local Government Unit and the School Disaster and Management
Committee, a synchronize earthquake and fire drills was conducted among Naga central
School I, Naga Central School II and Camarines Sur National High School along Jacob
Extension and Penafrancia Avenue last December 4, 2012 .
Dr. Teresita Irma S. DyCok, incident commander with Mr. Oscar Chavez, School Disaster
Management Coordinator pressed the emergency button which resounded in the school site
and prompted personnel and pupils to evacuate properly and systematically to secure
Chief Inspector Verbo supervised the conduct of these drills. He encouraged the school
officials to follow the requirements religiously in performing the earthquake and fire drills. He
stressed that materials must be in placed to reduce the casualties of the occurrence of this
Verbo added that the conduct of this activity is for emergency preparedness, hazard and risk
area assessment. The provision of emergency services and public assistance during or
immediately after a disaster in order to save lives, reduce health impacts, ensure public
safety and meet the basic subsistence needs of the people affected is the concern of our
department, he concluded.
Consistent with Chavez, he said, The quarterly conduct of these drills creates the NCS 1
community prepared in urgent situation. It reminds them of the dos and donts before,
during and after a tragedy.
Naga Central School I passed in the criteria formulated by the BFP regarding this movement
which is anchored in DepED Order No. 48, s. 2012, Dy Cok reiterated.
Aimed at highlighting camaraderie, sportsmanship, and each of their pupils unique skills
and abilities, the Naga Central School I celebrated its 2012 Intramurals with a bang. The
occasion entails a fun-filled day to the school community.
Happened on August 10, the Intramurals hype various activities which showcased not only
the athletic expertise of the pupils but also their love for arts, music, and sports.
Various sports competitions took place at the open court and pavilion for Grades IV to VI.
They include basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, table tennis, badminton and athletics.
Simultaneous Laro ng mga Lahi contest was opened for Kinder to Grade III pupils. Players
showcased their ability in playing patintero, hilahang lubid or tug of war, sangkay, luksong
sako or sack race, Si Pedro at si Maria sa Bayan, bunong braso or arm wrestling, and kick

ball for girls.

Everyone enjoined in the intramurals and represent their respective grade levels.
A color coding scheme was observed to identify what kind of department they were
representing: Pink for the Kinder Department; Blue for Grade I; Orange for Grade II; Yellow
for Grade III; White for Grade IV, Green for Grade V; and Violet for Grade VI.
Dr. Teresita Irma S. Dy cok is hopeful that the event will not only develop the psycho motor
ability of the students, and channel their energy in a productive way but will also promote
better relationship amongst them, teach them the value of teamwork and discipline, and
most importantly, honesty and sportsmanship.

Falcons sees Gold in City Meet

By: Ruby C. Bausas
NCS 1 Taekwondo Falcons team hopes to outkick their opponents and snatch gold medals
in this years Palarong Panglungsod-Selection Meet.
No less than these experienced players, Gian Galo Gannaban, Neo Mathew Tugado and Mike
Tan and other team members stated the projection after a break from an hour of practice at
the LRV Pavilion.
Tan said that with his speed, agility and trainings he would manage to be victorious in the
Fin Weight Division (45 kilograms and below
Winning is a difficult thing to achieve. There are also good players from other schools in the
city. Winning, for me is for the discipline athletes. Winning is discipline and discipline is
winning Gannaban said in an interview by The GRADER.
NCS 1 clutches 2 major awards
Two entries of NCS I, dubbed, Doot sa Salog, Buhay kan Gabos, and Supat kan Hinangos ko
Gikan sa Basura Mo won the first and grand prize respectively, in the 2011Doon Po Sa
Amin Quest held at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City last February 21-22, 2012.
Doon Po Sa Amin (DPSA) is a community service project of Smart Communications, Inc. that
encourages schools to use computer and Internet technologies to contribute web-based
information and educational materials about their respective communities.
Two out of the three entries of NCS I, made it to the finals.
The website on Supat kang hinangos mo, Gikan sa basura mo does not attempt to make
people feel the depressing scenario of the dumpsite nor it focuses on how hard it is to be a
garbage picker; instead it focuses on the positive outcome of the scavengers effort to
elevate their living through the junks that most of us think are useless; on the other hand,
Doot sa Salog, Buhay kan Gabos gives comprehensive story of the disadvantages of the
presence of water lily (as water pollutant) in the rivers, the detriments caused to peoples
economy and the environment publishes approaches in turning the water hyacinth into

worthy resources and meaningful employment particularly for women.

The teams were awarded the Best Team Collaboration and received cash prizes worth Php
30,000.00 and Php 25,000.00 and one unit Desktop PC.
The Grade VI Team is composed of Abel Laugardia, Mikaela San Ramon, Royden Niosco,
Nisse Moreno,Justin Razon, Aleja Brazal, Mrs. Josefina Reyes, Dawn Caa, Charina Factor, Joy
Bergonio; while the Grade V Team is composed of Kyle Coralde, Katherine Balane, Paolo
Notorio, Harvey Secillano, Isabel San Joaquin., Mr. Francis Conde, Mrs. Ruby Bausas and Mrs.

Graduates sum 470, Laguardia tops

Abel Francis B. Laguardia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Laguardia, of Canaman, Camarines
Sur, topped the graduates of Batch 2012.
Laguardia also received the Congressional Award for Academic Excellence, Mayoral
Leadership Award, Best in English and Leaders for Future Award.
Other academic awardees were Justin Brian Razon, Salutatorian; Mikaela San Ramon, First
Honorable Mention; Joscel Kent Manzanero, Second Honorable Mention; Krizel Nisse Moreno,
Third Honorable Mention; Aleja Ann Brazal, Fourth Honorable Mention; Yzabel Owen San
Joaquin, Fifth Honorable Mention; Adrian Joshua Reapor, Sixth Honorable Mention; Sean
Francis Bertiz, Seventh Honorable Mention; Claire Joy Ramos, Eighth Honorable Mention;
Karina Baguio, Ninth Honorable Mention; Gyweneth Keira Fabi, Tenth Honorable Mention;
Leimae Estay, Eleventh Honorable Mention; Yhna Shermyrloun Lomeda, Twelfth Honorable
Mention; Roni Alexia Udarbe Thirteenth Honorable Mention.
This years graduation shall be wrapped by the theme, Your Gift of Learning, Our Tool for
Nation Building which shall be enlightened by an alumnus, P/Chief Tomas G. Rentoy, III.

ATE pupils reap 5 medals in 8th IMSO

NCS 1 GATE pupils reaped 5 medals in the 8th International Mathematics and Science
Olympiad held last September 26, 2011 at Naga City, Philippines.
Mikaela San Ramon received a silver medal in the Science Category. Bronze medals were
given to Justin Brian Razon, Kyle Frances Coralde, Mary Katherine Balane and Paolo Carmelo
Notorio. On the other hand, a certificate of merit for science and math were also given to
Joscel Kent Manzanero and Adrian Reapor. The coaches of the team were Mr. Francis Andew
Conde, Ms. Joy Bergobio and Mrs. Joraida Villarey.
This 8th International Mathematics and Science Olympiad were participated by 15 countries
in Asia. It aimed to gather, showcase and deepen great enthusiasm and interest in
Mathematics and Science. The event was organized by the Mathematics Training Guilds of
the Philippines, DILG, DOST and the Local Government of Naga City.

Functional Computer Laboratory

As the largest public elementary school, Naga Central School 1 (NCS 1) is also well-known
for its Functional Computer Laboratory.
With its more or less 30 computer units, the students can learn in the manipulation of
computer not only theoretically but through hands-on.
The said computer laboratory started with only having a number of computer units but
because of the continuous support of the local government and other concerned agencies, it
has almost completed its learning facilities.
Mr. Neil Romano Manaog and Miss Charina Factor are the two teachers responsible in
educating students with regards to computer education and with their experiences and
knowledge about the subject; most of the students in NCS 1 has already mastered the basic
computer applications.
As the years pass by, the computer laboratory of NCS 1 is continuously improving by means
of its facilities and personnel.
nvesting in ICT for Quality Education
By Neil Romano S. Manaog

The investments of the government and private sectors in Information and Communications
Technology (ICT) have indeed contributed to young Filipinos access to quality education.
Although not all schools in the Philippines are wired to the Internet yet, those with access to
ICT tools make the most of the technology. In our region, many of our students and teachers
utilize ICT in their learning and teaching. Using ICT tools is fundamental in mining class
topics, and in doing school assignments, research work and other scholastic activities.
Students show more enthusiasm in an ICT-integrated classroom. I have observed that
classroom instructions using traditional tools like chalk and blackboard are becoming less
and less appealing to my students. I discovered that using computers, LCD projectors and
interactive topic exercises not only motivate my students but also helps me in managing the
classroom. ICT tools save time and enrich students learning experience. Because of their
interest in the subject and the tools used for instruction, students are inspired to participate
in the activities and to learn how to create and manipulate their own learning tools.
Even the teachers challenge themselves to learn more about new teaching strategies.
Teachers use audio-visual presentations and even introduce recorded lessons in their
classes. We are very fortunate because our school has been provided with enough tools to
help teachers improve their teaching strategies.
With the onset of ICT integration in education, todays teachers, regardless of what subject
they teach, need to acquire new skills that will enable them to maximize the potentials of
ICT and the Internet. Basic skills include the use of e-mail, designing lesson presentations,

making grades on spreadsheets, creating simple letters and programs, research work and
even online content development. I believe that the acquisition of these skills is needed, or
else, the full potential and relevance of the Internet in educational studies wont be realized
by the students. With regards to online shared learning, teachers today should also
recognize that learning should not be limited in the classroom. With the Internet,
collaborative projects can be undertaken where two or more classes or groups from various
geographical locations can work on a common project.
I believe that the success of ICT integration in education can be achieved through the
collaboration of teachers, school administrators, government and private sectors. Investing
in education wins big. Investing in ICT for quality education reaps greater rewards for the
youth, the teachers, our future.

aguig sets the stage for the NSPC journalism

About 5,000 campus journalists and their advisers from all over the country are set to
convene in Taguig City for this years holding of the prestigious National School Press
Conference (NSCP) journalism competition.
This developed as the city government of Taguig opens it door to be the home for the
attendees of the NSPC event that promotes the theme Empowering Resilient
Communities through Campus Journalism.
Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano said the host region for 2015 is the National Capital
Region and the host schools division will be the Division of Taguig City- Pateros for the
five-day event starting April 6 to 10.
The conference shall include activities like individual news writing contests,
scriptwriting and radio broadcasting contests, collaborative publishing contest,
workshops for noncontestants and school paper advisers, and a nationwide
photojournalism contest.
On April 6, delegates will be welcomed at the Philippine Army Parade Ground for the
opening program to be followed by a welcome dinner hosted by Mayor Lani at the
Enderun Colleges.
Well-respected personalities in the media industry are scheduled to participate in the
opening and the closing ceremony.
Instead of hotels, the Taguig government chose the citys cool schools as the home of
the delegates during the course of the competition dates.
Taguig has built cool schools complete with air conditioning and generator units,
which are the ideal place to stay for the delegates.

We have already prepared the billeting areas for the participants and we are
committed to making their stay in Taguig as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
With our air-conditioned classrooms, we are confident that we can provide a comfortable
place for the delegates, said Mayor Lani.
The city government gives its full commitment for the holding of the conference. We
will be mobilizing our city departments to assure safety and quality logistics for the
week-long event, she added.
Mayor Lani said the city commits round-the-clock police visibility during the five-day
event. She noted that rescue and safety measures are also in place especially during
the opening and closing ceremonies.
The NSCP is considered the most prestigious competition conducted by the Department
of Education, participated in by campus journalists from both public and private
elementary and secondary schools in the country.
The conduct of this conference is pursuant to the Republic Act No. 7079, otherwise
known as the Campus Journalism Act of 1991.
It aims to demonstrate understanding of the importance of journalism by expressing it
through different journalistic endeavors and sustain advocacy on social consciousness.
The city government of Taguig has been investing largely to improve the education
system in the city. Last year, the Dep-Ed Taguig and Pateros emerged as top among
school divisions in the Dep-Ed National Capital Region Cluster 1 (Big Division) in the
2014 National Achievement Test or NAT.
This year, the citys graduates grow to almost 20,000. Education in Taguig public school
system is absolutely free. Students are provided with uniforms, bags, and school
supplies. When the students graduate high school, they can apply for different
scholarships that the city government provides. They can also enroll for free at Taguig
City University, which has been topping the licensure examinations for B.S. Criminology
and B.S. Education. ###
Taguig naghahanda na sa hosting ng nationwide journalism competition
Nasa 5,000 mga campus journalist at kanilang mga adviser mula sa ibat ibang lugar sa
bansa ang magtitipun-tipon sa Taguig City para sa prestihiyosong National School Press
Conference (NSCP) journalism competition.
Sinabi ni Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano na ang host region ngayon ay ang National
Capital Region at ang host schools division naman ay ang Taguig-Pateros para sa 5-day
event mula April 06 hanggang 10 kayat ang lungsod ang magsisilbing pansamantalang
tahanan ng mga kalahok sa kompetisyon na may temang Empowering Resilient
Communities through Campus Journalism.

Magpapahusayan ang mga kalahok sa individual news writing contest, scriptwriting at

radio broadcasting, collaborative publishing contest, magkakaroon din ng workshop
para sa mga hindi contestant at mga school paper adviser, at ang nationwide
photojournalism contest.
Nakatakdang lumahok sa opening at closing ceremony ang ilang respetadong media
personality sa bansa.
Sa April 6, sasalubungin ang mga delegado sa Philippine Army Parade Ground para sa
pormal na pagbubukas ng programa na susundan ng welcome dinner ni Mayor Lani
para sa mga delegado.
Sa halip na sa mga hotel, tutuloy ang mga delegado sa tinaguriang cool schools ng
Tinawag na cool schools ang mga eskwelahang ito dahil air-conditioned ang mga silid
Amin nang inihanda ang mga lugar kung saan tutuloy ang mga kalahok at hanggang
maaari ay gagawin naming komportable at kasiya-siya ang kanilang pananatili. Tiwala
po kami na magagawa naming komportable ang kanilang mga tutuluyan dahil sa aming
mga air-conditioned na silid-aralan, pahayag ni Mayor Lani.
Buong suporta po ang ibinibigay na suporta ng pamahalaang lungsod sa
kumperensiyang ito. Amin pong pakikilusin ang mga city department upang matiyak
ang kaligtasan at ang tagumpay ng sanlinggong event, dagdag pa ng alkalde.
Sinabi ni Mayor Lani na magpapatupad ng round-the-clock police visibility sa limangaraw na event, gayundin ang pagtiyak sa kaligtasan ng mga delegado sa opening at
closing ceremony.
Itinuturing ang NSCP na pinaka prestihiyosong kompetisyon ng Department of
Education na nilalahukan ng mga campus journalist mula sa pampubliko at pribadong
paaralan sa elementarya at high school sa bansa.
Ang pagsasagawa ng kumperensiyang ito ay alinsunod sa Republic Act No. 7079 na
kilala rin sa tawag na Campus Journalism Act of 1991.
Napakalaking tulong ang ipinagkakaloob ng Pamahalaang Lungsod ng Taguig para
maitaas ang kalidad ng sistema ng edukasyon sa lungsod. Noong nakalipas na taon,
ang DepEd Taguig and Pateros ang nanguna sa mga school division na kabilang sa
DepEd NCR Cluster 1 (Big division) sa 2014 National Achievement Test (NAT).
Ngayong taon, ang bilang ng mga nagtapos sa mga pampublikong paaralan sa Taguig
ay halos umabot ng 20,000. Libre ang pagpapa-aral sa mga public school sa Taguig. Ang
mga mag-aaral ay hindi na kailangang gumasta dahil libre ang uniporme, bag, at
maging ang mga school supply. Kapag nakatapos ng high school, maaari silang
makakuha sa ibat ibang scholarship na ibinibigay ng pamahalaang lungsod. Maaari rin

silang mag-enrol ng walang kailangang bayaran sa Taguig City University na

nangunguna sa licensure examination para sa B.S. Criminology at B.S. Education. ###
MANILA, Philippines - Taguig City is all set to host this years National Schools Press
Conference (NSPC) campus journalism tilt.
The competition slated for April 6-10, 2015 is expected to draw some 5,000 campus
journalists and their advisers from all over the country.
The NSPC will include competitions in individual news writing, scriptwriting and radio
broadcasting, photojournalism and collaborative publishing, as well as workshops for noncontestants and school paper advisers.
On April 6, NSPC delegates will be welcomed at the Philippine Army Parade Ground for the
opening program, to be followed by a welcome dinner hosted by Mayor Lani Cayetano at the
Enderun Colleges.
The Taguig City government as host for this years NSPC is promoting the theme:
Empowering Resilient Communities through Campus Journalism. For this years NSPC, the
host region is the National Capital Region while the host schools division is the Division of
Taguig City-Pateros.
Instead of staying at hotels, NSPC delegates will be housed by the Taguig City government in
air-conditioned classrooms at the citys cool schools. Taguig has built cool schools
complete with air conditioning and generator units.
We have already prepared the billeting areas for the participants and we are committed to
making their stay in Taguig as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. With our airconditioned classrooms, we are confident that we can provide a comfortable place for the
delegates, said Cayetano.
The city government gives its full commitment for the holding of the conference. We will be
mobilizing our city departments to assure safety and quality logistics for the week-long
event, she added.
The Taguig City government has assured round-the-clock police visibility during the five-day
NSPC event. In addition, rescue and safety measures are also in place especially during the
opening and closing ceremonies.
The NSPC is considered the most prestigious journalism competition conducted by the
Department of Education, joined by campus journalists from both public and private
elementary and secondary schools in the country.
The conduct of this conference is pursuant to the Republic Act 7079, otherwise known as the
Campus Journalism Act of 1991. It aims to demonstrate understanding of the importance of
journalism by expressing it through different journalistic endeavors and sustaining advocacy
on social consciousness.
lbay division tops Bicol campus journ competition

By Bobby Q. Labalan
LEGAZPI CITY Albay, Legazpi City, and Iriga City divisions dominated the recently
concluded Regional Schools Press Conference held in Daet, Camarines Norte, on Jan. 12-15,
Joan Lagata, Department of Education Bicol regional program supervisor in-charge of the
event, said Wednesday last week.
Albay was declared over-all champion, Legazpi City was first runner-up and Iriga City, second
Albay division topped both elementary and secondary levels while Legazpi City division was
second in elementary and third in secondary divisions.
Ligao City division was second in secondary and Catanduanes division was third in
According to Lagata, about 2,206 campus journalists and advisers from 13 divisions
participated in this years journalism tilt which, for the first time in the region, combined the
elementary and secondary levels.
DepEd Regional Director Ramon Fiel Abcede, who graced the opening ceremonies, said they
decided to combine the elementary and secondary levels to save time and resources.
The participants competed in three group and ten individual events which include
outstanding campus journalist and outstanding campus paper adviser, best school paper,
collaborative publishing and radio broadcasting for group contest and news writing, editorial,
feature, sports, health and science writing, photo journalism, cartooning and copy reading
and headline writing for individual events in both English and Filipino categories.
According to Lagata, the top three winners in the individual events, except in best campus
journalist and adviser, and the top winner in group contests will represent the Bicol Region in
the National Schools Press Conference to be held in Taguig City, Metro Manila.
The winners in the various events are as follows:
School Paper Contest (Elementary-English): 1st, The Junior Agnesian, St. Agnes Academy,
Legazpi City; 2nd, The Sparks, Legazpi Port ES, Legazpi City; 3rd, The ACS Horizon, Albay
Central School, Legazpi City;
School Paper Contest (Elementary-Filipino): 1st , Ang Lunday, Tambognon CES, Catanduanes;
2nd, Ang Piloto, Virac Pilot ES (Main), Catanduanes; 3rd, Ang Susi, St. Peters Academy,
School Paper Contest (Secondary-English): 1st, The Bicol Scholar, Phil. Science HS-Bicol
Region Campus, Camarines Sur; 2nd, The Vanguard, Tabaco NHS, Tabaco City; 3rd, The
Apprentice, Ligao NHS, Ligao City;
School Paper Contest (Secondary-Filipino): 1st, Ang Haraya, Legazpi City Science HS, Legazpi
City; 2nd, Ang Ilaya, Ligao NHS, Ligao City; 3rd, Ang Hibla, Catanduanes NHS, Catanduanes;

Outstanding Campus Journalist-Elementary: 1st, Joann Marie G. Guerrero, St. Agnes

Academy, Legazpi City; 2nd, John Dave I. Sunguad, Mercedes Elem School, Cam. Norte; 3rd,
Florence Marie I. Cortez,Iriga Central School, Iriga City;
Outstanding School Paper Adviser-Elementary: 1st, Ma. Theresa I. Cortez, Iriga Central
School, Iriga City; 2nd, Aryan M. Nepomuceno, St. Agnes Academy, Legazpi City; 3rd, Joji G.
Ordona, Virac Pilot Elem School, Catanduanes;
Outstanding Campus Journalist-Secondary: 1st, Christian M. Federico, Ligao NHS, Ligao City;
2nd, Lisette T. Catangui, Sto. Nio NHS, Iriga City; 3rd, Camille Rose S. Abundo, Catanduanes
State Univ, Laboratory School, Catanduanes;
Outstanding School Paper Adviser-Secondary: 1st, Leopoldo C. Brizuela, Jr., Ligao NHS, Ligao
City; 2nd, Waylene T. Sambitan, Polangui General Comprehensive HS, Albay; 3rd Maricel B.
Bernal, Rinconada Natl Tech-Voc School, Iriga City;
Radio Broadcasting (Elementary-Filipino): 3rd, Tabaco South CES, Tabaco City; 2nd, St. Agnes
Academy, Legazpi City; 1st, Iriga Central School, Iriga City;
Radio Broadcasting (Elementary-English): 3rd, Nabua West CS, Cam. Sur; 2nd, San Jacinto
CS, Masbate; 1st, Bacacay East CS, Albay;
Radio Broadcasting (Secondary-English): 3rd, Philippine Science HS Bicol Region Campus,
Camarines Sur; 2nd, Sto. Domingo NHS, Albay; 1st, Tabaco NHS, Tabaco City;
Radio Broadcasting (Secondary-Filipino): 3rd, Tabaco NHS, Tabaco City; 2nd, Ligao NHS,
Ligao City; 1st, University of Saint Anthony, Iriga City;
Collaborative Publishing (Elementary-English): 3rd, Iriga Central School, Iriga City; 2nd, Naga
CS II, Naga City; 1st, Legazpi City;
Collaborative Publishing (Elementary-Filipino): 3rd, Nabua Central Pilot School, Cam. Sur;
2nd, St. Peters Academy, Albay; 1st, Iriga CS, Iriga City;
Collaborative Publishing (Secondary-English: Masbate National Comprehensive HS, Masbate
City; Legazpi City; Philippine Science HS Bicol Region Campus;
Collaborative Publishing (Secondary-Filipino): Camarines Sur NS, Naga City;
Legazpi City; Philippine Science HS, Camarines Sur;
News Writing (Elementary-English): 1st, Jannflor Nuez Pielago, St. Benedicts Academy,
Albay; 2nd, Helemay M. Teodoro, Dimasalang CS, Masbate; 3rd, Czyl Jfervy M. Mapusao, Pilar
I Central School Sorsogon;
News Writing (Elementary-Filipino): 1st, Rochelle Anne A. Aguilar, St. Agnes Academy,
Legazpi City; 2nd, Sophia D. Ansus, Bacon East CS, Sorsogon City; 3rd, Faith V. Camson,
JMAMES, Catanduanes;
News Writing (Secondary-English): 1st, Eula Tisha Kate I. Guevarra, USANT, Iriga City; 2nd,
Joseph Aristotle De Leon, Legazpi City HS, Legazpi City; 3rd, Gernie Panes Delgado, Masbate
NCHS, Masbate City;

News Writing (Secondary-Filipino): 1st, Jay V. Manango, Feliciano S. Samonte MHS, Masbate;
2nd, Ian Kenneth Carranza Femo, San Jacinto NHS, Masbate; 3rd, Adrian Jones C. De la Torre,
Ligao NHS, Ligao City;
Editorial Writing (Elementary-English): 1st, Louise Anne R. Apuli, St. Agnes Academy, Legazpi
City; 2nd, Jerome Loria, Lacag Elem. School, Albay; 3rd, Carlo Angelo R. Maago, Basud Elem
School, Cam Norte;
Editorial Writing (Elementary-Filipino): 1st, Dasiel Honey Rose R. Badong, Pilar I Central
School, Sorsogon; 2nd, Sheena Mae Saremo Ocampo, Nabua Central Pilot School, Cam, Sur;
3rd, Joanne Alexis V. Villamor, San Jacinto CS, Masbate;
Editorial Writing (Secondary-English): 1st, Tim Jeff Macabuhay Rodriguez, San Jacinto NHS,
Masbate; 2nd, Maite Denise V. Bobis, Tabaco NHS, Tabaco City; 3rd, Christen Diana P.
Gallinera, Sorsogon NHS, Sorsogon City;
Editorial Writing (Secondary-Filipino): 1st, Yessa Mae A. Tagum, Bicol Regional Science HS,
Ligao City; 2nd, Ninna Beatrice U. Alforte, Masbate National CHS, Masbate City; 3rd, Allyza
Joyce B. Moran, Bicol University HS, Legazpi City;
Feature Writing (Elementary-English): 1st, Krishelle Faith G. Bael, Virac Pilot ES,
Catanduanes; 2nd, Ruth Carla J. Peaflorida, CNSC-Abao, Cam Norte; 3rd, Jasmine Denise B.
Alcayde, BU-Elem Dept., Legazpi City;
Feature Writing (Elementary-English): 1st, Joann Marie G. Guerrero, St. Agnes Academy,
Legazpi City; 2nd, Anton Ferdz R. Almario, Fabian R. De Mesa ES, Masbate; 3rd, Jhanna
Rosario Enano, Bulalacao ES, Sorsogon;
Feature Writing (Secondary-English): 1s, Jose Kyle B. Lagdameo, Ateneo de Naga Univ, Naga
City; 2nd, Monalona R. Abo-abo, Buenavista NHS, Masbate; 3rd, Jean Rose L. Pea, Tabaco
NHS, Tabaco City;
Feature Writing (Secondary-Filipino): 1st, Judy Ann A. Faustino, Dororian NHS, Catanduanes:
2nd. Diane P. Capil, San Antonio NHS, Tabaco City; 3rd, Aura Jane S. Abonita, Cataingan NHS,
Sports Writing (Elementary-English): 1st, Sophia Loren M. Fuentes, Talaonga ES, Sorsogon;
2nd, Girlie B. Argamosa, Puro ES, Legazpi City; 3rd, Alyssa Mae D. Osia, Albay CS, Legazpi
Sports Writing (Elementary, Filipino): 1st, Mark Ronil A. Apin, Puro ES, Legazpi City; 2nd,
Arvin Ray Belgado, Bacacay East CS, Albay; 3rd, Eize M. Bausa, Pilar I CS, Sorsogon;
Sports Writing (Secondary-English): 1st, Adrian Lance Candano, Legazpi Hope Christian Sch,
Legazpi City; 2nd, Johanz Kaiser I. Almazar,
La Consolacion-Iriga, Iriga City; 3rd, Jan Lester M. Rempis, Bicol Regl Science HS, Ligao City;
Sports Writing (Secondary-(Filipino): 1st, Chris Abe Detal-Luzon, Nabua NHS, Cam Sur; 2nd,
Yoshiaki M. Sakurai, BUCE Integrated HS, Legazpi City; 3rd, Roberto D. Fajardo Jr., CNSC
Laboratory HS, Cam Norte;

Editorial Cartooning (Elementary-English): 1st, Al Xavier L. Galicia, Albay Central School,

Legazpi City; The ACS Horizon); 2nd, Xena Bernadette N. Navia, Cabagan ES, Legazpi City;
3rd, Aronne Joy C. Madrangca, Tabaco South CS, Tabaco City;
Editorial Cartooning (Elementary-Filipino): 1st, Hanna E. Lingayo, Gubat South CS, Sorsogon;
2nd, Mary Joy F. Frondozo, Payatan ES, Cam Sur; 3rd, Ma. Catherine F. Vargas, Iriga Central
School, Iriga City;
Editorial Cartooning (Secondary-English): 1st, Jay Nael Rodrigueza, Daraga NHS, Albay; 2nd,
Emmanuel M. De Loyas, Magallanes NVHS, Sorsogon; 3rd, Jay G. Floresca, Barcelona NCHS;
Editorial Cartooning (Secondary-Filipino): 1st, Christian Perez Ced, Polangui GCHS, Albay;
2nd, Paulo G. Arnante, USANT, Iriga City; 3rd, Al Jae P. Babila, La Purisima NHS, Cam Sur;