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For Five Consecutive Years
St. peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media awards

vol. XXii, no. 42


bicol, the philippines

july 12 - 18, 2015



no fake rice in Camsur nfA

Pili, Camarines Sur An

NFA Task Force led by NFA
RO5 Regional Director Ruben J. Reside has recently
made a surprise inspection of
the Calabanga Public Market to verify reports about
the presence of fake rice in
the province.

The reports, however, proved negative

as the group observed the abundance of
rice supply, with the prevailing price for
commercial rice at a normal level ranging from P 25.00 to P 42.00 per kilogram;
while the NFA Rice still remain at P 27.00
and 32.00 per kilogram.

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Duterte brings
Federalism to Catanduanes
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte braved inclement weather brought
by Typhoon Egay for the
last leg of his Listening
Tour, to engage the citizens in a discussion about
federalism which he is espousing, set in Virac, Catanduanes.
He was met at the airport by Local Government
Unit (LGU) officials led by
Governor Araceli Wong,


some municipal mayors,

members of the clergy, nongovernmental organizations
and the Bicol Federalism
Movement group headed
by Provincial Convenor
Atty. Susan Ordinario.
Duterte has been going
around the country for the
past few months to push for
a Federal System of Government as an alternative to
the present Unitary Presi(Turn to page 8)

Sarion cites
2014 gains

Daet Mayor Tito S. Sarion expressed

satisfaction over the towns performance
last year, particularly in local revenue generation, where it posted
PhP67,614,848.00 income, up by
PhP4,459,525.00 from the previous
years PhP63,155,323.00. in his
annual Ulat sa Bayan last week.
He attributes this to his administrations adoption of six good practices in treasury operation, namely,
improvement in business processing, the establishment of Business
One-Stop Shop, computerization,
partnership with and participation
of the business and allied sectors,
information and education campaign, and the promotion of customer satisfaction.
He also cited Daets record as having the least in poverty incidence in
the region, which he also attributes

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Her MAJestY, Queen MAXiMA of tHe netHerlAnDs visits to A MiCrofinAnCe Client

Her Majesty, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (third from left) recently visited one of CARD
Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) successful clients, Mrs. Melissa Garcia, in
Silang, Cavite. Her Majesty, who is the united Nations Secretary Generals Special Advocate
(uNSGSA) for Inclusive Finance Development, took time to chat with Mrs. Garcia about the
familys pineapple farming business. Mrs. Garcia has been a member of CARD SME Bank, Inc.
for five years. CARD MRI, founded in 1986 by Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip (second from left), is
also the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Hall of Famer for Financial Inclusion in 2013. CARD
SME Bank is a thrift bank and a member institution of CARD MRI. (Inset) The family of Mrs.
Garcia warmly welcomed Her Majesty in their farm.

3rd floor, GerONiMO blDG., bArliN sT., NAGA CiTY Tel: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766


bikol reporter

Where the buck
should stop
should not be onion-skinned when
their towns are branded as shabu
sources by the media.
Not that the latter are licensed to do
so, but that the drug problem is now
too ubiquitous for media not to report
on the matter.
When reports come out with such
a slant, the right thing to do for LCEs
is not to confront the reporter but to
verify the veracity of the report.
Take the case of Naga, for instance.
Does the recent data from the Naga
City Police Office that says 26 of
the citys 27 barangays are already
affected by the illegal drug trade,
makes the city a drug capital and that
its officialdom should cry afoul against
the media for such reportage?
Of course, the answer is a clear no.
We should take as an informed
reaction the proposal of Councilor
Nathan Sergio to ask the Supreme
Court to set up a special court in the
city to try drug-related cases.
We call that both responsible and
responsive to a pressing problem.
For the drug menace is an example of
rising proportion, the more numbers
of drug pushers, the more that the
jails and the Court will be clogged
with drug-related cases.
For clearly, the drug problem is not
only challenging the Filipino family;
but it is also undermining our societal
It is not only a police problem,
but an economic and governance
What LCEs should do is not to fret
when they are put in a less-favorable
light. Rather, they should say: the
buck stops here.


july 12 - 18, 2015

PHL Credit Ratings

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International is past chair of
ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past
president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP
Lifetime Achievement Awardee).
JCR AGENCY: Japan Credit Rating
Agency (JCR) has raised the Philippines
credit rating by a step, which is just a
notch away from the minimum score in the
A category. It is the highest rating the
country has ever achieved. Phls Investor
Relations Office (IRO) the governments
central point of contract for credit-rating
agencies, said JCR raised our credit status
to BBB+. This is the 22nd positive rating
action-covering both Phls improvement in
outlook and actual credit scores.
The latest action places our credit rating
two rungs ahead of Indonesia (BBB-) and
at par with India, whose economy is seven
times the size that of ours. JCR believes
the Philippine economy will, by and large,
sustain an annual growth of around 6
percent in the coming years driven by
strong domestic demand. The rating
agency highlighted Phls ability to maintain
sound fiscal position, high external liquidity,
and solid economic growth in the next five
JCR also cited the
general stability of our political situation
even as potential candidates for national
positions gear up for 2016. Also cited was
the stable social situation amid inroads in
poverty reduction, falling from 28.6% in
2009 down to 25.8% in the mid-2014. The
new credit rating is assigned a stable
outlook, with no likely adjustment in the
short term. Phl economists welcomed the
upgrade, the third positive rating action
from JCR in the last five years.

The latest rating is one jump away
from A, appropriately reflecting economic
strength. It was also noted that the
countrys inflation has remained low,
external liquidity ample, and banking
system sound despite challenging
external environment. The latest upgrade
to BBB+ is partly a recognition of how
Phls fiscal sector transformed since
2010, characterized by financial reforms
resulting in more buoyant revenue
collections, manageable deficits, and
lower debt service burden. Goodah!
INFLATION: The countrys inflation
rate, as measured by the CPI is forecast
to have remained below BSPs 2-4%
target range for the second straight month
in June. With inflation reined in it is
possible for policy makers to cut interest
rates if needed to support economic
growth. The median forecast by a group
of analysts was for the consumer price
index to have risen 1.5% during the last
year, slightly easing from 1.6% in May with
cheaper energy costs offsetting higher
school fees, food prices.

The estimate is within BSPs 1.1%2.0% projection for June. Core inflation,
which strips out volatile food and energy
prices, was seen unchanged at 2.2%,
while month-on-month inflation was
expected at 0.26% compared with
-0.1% in May. Inflation is measured
by upsurge or downtrend of prices as
consequence to consumers buying
power, availability of goods, and money
supply level. With controlled inflation,
production planning and expenditure
budgeting will be stabilized.
others, when the number of corporate
stockholders reaches two hundred, the
entity attains public company status.
There are additional financial reporting
requirements including submission of
the List of Number of Shares owned
by every shareholder including
movement of his investments. So also,
the requisite Statement of Management
Responsibility for the company must be
signed by the specified officers under
With the required regular submission
of stockholders lists BIR is now
capable of investigating the individual
stockholders income tax returns to
verity if they have reported their sources
of funds for the additional investments.
There is thus an audit trail for income
tax audit. There are also possible issues
touching on anti-money laundering
since stock investments are akin to
bank deposits which can be used as
hiding places for illegal funds
PSALM: Do not be afraid - just have
faith; and the Lord will grant you the
wishes of your life.

Integrity does not only refer to honesty but also to justice, truth
and fairness - Speaker Fuentebella and The Trouble in Makati
Congratulations to my son-in-law, Atty.
Gilbert E. Morandarte for graduating from
the Graduate School of Law of San Beda
College, Mendiola this July 4, 2015. So,
now he has a Master of Law degree, a
great gift from above, on that day was his
Because of his insistence, I went with
him and his family to Manila. Im glad I
did. I was able to see the well maintained
ancient beauty of the San Beda College.
When I entered the portal, it immediately
reminded us of the Colegio de Sta. Isabel
of Naga City, the first school for girls in the
country, because of the similarity. But when
you enter the chapel, youll say Wow.
Talagang Wow na Wow. Its a different
kind of chapel in this modern time.
The Speaker in the joint Commencement
Exercise of the Graduate School of Law,
Graduate School of Liturgy and Graduate
School of Business was former Speaker
of the House of Representatives Arnulfo
Noli P. Fuentebella, who is a Bedan. He
studied elementary and high school in San

nenita fuentebella-peones
Beda, Manila and he is the only Bicolano
who became Speaker as of today.
His speech was very appropriate not
only to the graduates but to many of us.
Hence, I am quoting some excerpts:
Our schools mission statement does
not zero in on excellence but on developing
our personal integrity as well. I guess more
than excellence, integrity of each and
every individual is the very heart of our
present problem as a nation. Integrity

does not only refer to honesty but also

to justice, truth and fairness. Every Godfearing professional is expected to strive
to act in accordance to what is right,
what is true, fair and just, regardless of
the outcome that such may bring. A man
of integrity is a man of moral courage
and truly a son and daughter of God.
Undeniably, the greatest need of our
society today are individuals who will
stand for the right and who will let justice
be served even if the heavens fall. The
very root of our problem as a nation can
be traced to the character of people
entrusted with the power to govern. And
so, schools and universities are called
upon to help society in shaping leaders
with character. Hopefully and surely, our
San Beda College has done a good job
again. This time with your Class 2015.
I hope that as you receive your
diplomas, you will find it in your heart to
genuinely serve your country and help
safeguard the future. The Filipino nation
today, more than anytime in our history
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What our children will inherit

Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

ed g. yu


Lee G. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


Will the life of the ordinary Filipino

improve after the 20l6 presidential polls?
What is your answer? Mine is a resounding
No. All previous administrations had tried,
mightily tried, but alas, failed The proof
is there before you. Look at him, not
the well-off, but the poor. Is he a picture
of one who is not wretched. Ask him if
something has changed, if he sees the
horizon brightening.
The yardstick of a successful
government especially a government like
ours which prides itself as a carbon copy
of a democracy with the most advanced
economy in the world is the condition of
the man in the street, your impoverished
Is he well-off, not necessarily rich,
but with a ready food on the table? Is
his government a success? What is a
successful government? Is it not one
where the economy is stable and the
benefits are felt by those in the lower
economic class, the toiling masses?
I have yet to hear of Juan de la Cruz


salvador d. flor

shouting hallelujah to the four corners of

this land. Those who have experienced
the elusive good life are not in our
shores.They are outside serving wealthy
countries with their talent and getting a
windfall of a salary, unavailable here.
They are not only the brightest but the
best. It is not their fault that other lands
benefit from their talents. It is our grievous
fault. We turn them into the cream of the

cream, the brightest of the brightest.

But we do not give them the incentive
to stay and serve the country of their
These young people are our greatest
assets.They can rebuild this country,
transform it into a prosperous, powerful
land, the envy of neighbors. What have
we done? Drive them out or infect them
with rotten values. One example is the
SK supposed to be a training for good
The crooks who parade themselves
as politicians have dipped their
cancerous fingers into the SK pie.
The result? The SK has become the
breeding ground of unscrupulous
young leaders.
Legend tells us the story of ancient
King Midas whose mere touch could
turn anything into gold.Our politicians
have developed the Midas touch. Their
touch have turned things into hideous
creatures ever seen by man.
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july 12 - 18, 2015

bikol reporter


bikol reporter

july 12 - 18, 2015

An Harong Mi

tip of an
homar murillo

Email: homar.murillo@gmail.com

Check and Balance

"Where the people fear the government you have tyranny.
Where the government fears the people you have liberty."
~John Basil Barnhill
[This quotation is oftentimes
misattributed to Thomas Jefferson]
Modern-day democratic and republican governments
that have written constitutions generally have three main
branches, namely, the executive branch, the legislative
branch and the judicial branch. In principle, these branches
of government have separate roles that allow for the check
and balance of power.
To some extent, these branches are supposed to be independent and co-equal but each has the power of redress
over the others. For instance, the executive branch has the
power to veto a proposed law while the legislative branch
has the power to impeach or remove the chief executive.
From the legal point of view, the three branches traditionally
have the following roles: the legislative branch enacts laws,
the executive branch implements the laws and the judicial
branch interprets the laws. It is in the interpretation of the
law whereby the power of the judicial branch redresses and
checks the other two branches. The Supreme Court, for instance, can declare specific executive actions and legislative enactments as unconstitutional.
Despite of the supposed co-equal status of the three
branches of government, in reality their respective powers
are not equal. The executive branch is considered the strongest because it has direct control and supervision over the
police force and the military forces. Meanwhile, the judicial
branch is considered to be the weakest because it cannot
act on its own initiative to declare any executive action or
legislation unconstitutional unless there is a petition.
The three branches of government are also collectively
known as the Three Estates. These are the ruling institutions that run a democratic and constitutional government.
However, there is a Fourth Estate that is not a formal part of
the government but can be considered as also very powerful because it directly influences the opinions of the people.
The mass media or the press is commonly considered as
the Fourth Estate. The mass media can make or break a
politician. The origin of the term was attributed by Thomas
Carlyle to Edmund Burke, who used it in a parliamentary
debate in 1787 on the opening up of press reporting of the
House of Commons of Great Britain.
The mass media can sway the opinions of voters, thereby
affecting the executive and legislative branches of government. It can also put pressure on non-political institutions
including the judiciary, especially on issues of corruption and
incompetence. The media has the power to publicly expose
injustices and inefficiencies in governance but it can also be
used as a propaganda tool.
Ideally, the mass media should side with the people on
social issues. It has the capacity to educate and rally the
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Mathematics: A Vital Role and Link

to Science, Technology and Industry
Bustral Elementary School, Nabua East District
The Philippine government finally believed that the strongest
and most convenient road to national prosperity is through
quality education available to all its citizens.
In order to sustain systematic and better performance affecting
quality education, the School First Initiative (SFI) conceptualized
that the participation and selection of individual school in the
community to be improved.
As a support to this policy, the Basic Education Sector Reform
Agenda (BESRA) implemented another reform, compelling
teachers to be visible in the community and likewise should give
social support to work hand in hand with the parents, so that
quality education had been effectively delivered to the ground.
The gauge effectiveness should meet at least the satisfactory
level with 75% MPL. Mathematics is recognized to be of
great importance because of its vital role and link to science,
technology and industry.
It makes a person able to deal actively and effectively in
doing his share with his environment as productive citizen of
the society.
But sad note, from the studies conducted, majority of the
Filipino learners do not attain the desired level of functional
literacy particularly in Mathematics and Science. This fact is not
limited to Filipinos, but actually this is considered a universal

Katubuan kan riparo kan mga kritiko

sa pinakabagong pelikula ni Alvin
Yapan na An Kubo sa Kawayanan,
partikularmente sa karakter ni Michelle
na pinapapelan ni Mercedes Cabral iyo
na strange siya. Mangalas ka man
nanggad sa sarong tawong karakter na
mamomoot sa sarong bagay, sa kaso
ni Michelle an saiyang harong sa gilid
kan salog. Sa klasikong paghiling kan
mga sikolihistang impluwensyado ni
Freud, hihilingon ining fetish, sarong
pagkadukot sa sarong bagay na
minataong kapanuan, dawa sekswal
man. Sa siring na lente, sasabihon na
an mamoot sa sarong harong, sarong
May bagong paghiling sa siring
na inaapod na oryentasyon (siring
na an pagigin bakla o tomboy
sarong oryentasyon), an objectum
sexuality(OS). Nagluwas ini kasunod
kan sarong programa sa BBC na
nagpahiling kan sarong babayi na
namoot sa Eiffel Tower. Igwa man nin
saro na namoot sa dating Berlin Wall
kan dai pa ini ginagaba pagkatapos
kan Cold War. Sarong karakter kan

frank peones jr.
may OS, iyo na tinataan niya nin
makatawong pakikiiba asin karakter
an bagay na obheto kan saiyang
pagkamoot, abot sa garo nakikipagolay man ini saiya. Nababasa niya
ngani an sinasabi kaini saiya.
Siring an karakter ni Michelle sa An
Kubo.. Dai siya nagiiba sa pagagda
kan saiyang kaamigang maestro na
magpa-Canada, o kan saiyang BF
na magpa-Qatar o kan saro pang
retratista na ipahiling san saiyang mga
burda sa Manila nganing maaraman

Administrative and Instructional Leadership

Roles of Elementary School Heads

kan kadaklang an saiyang gibo. Ini

huli ta ogma na siyang kaibahan an
saiyang kubo, ta siisay maasikaso
saiya(harong), an hapot niya.
Siring na problema kan karakter
an inatubang sato ni Yapan sa
pelikula niyang ini na nanggana kan
Best Picture, Best Actress para ki
Mercedes, Best Cinematography ki
Ronald Rebutica asin Best Editing
ki Ben Tolentino sa ginibong World
Premiers Film Festival sa Manila
kan nakakaging semana.
Sa hiling ko, An Kubo
pagpadagos lang kan napunan
na ni Yapan na pagitok sa lumang
mitolohiya kan Bikol, halimbawa,
manongod sa aswang. Si Michelle
makabagong aswang na namamati
asin nadadangog an sinasabi kan
mga bagay-bagay sa saiyang
palibot. Sa pelikula, dakul mga
eksena duman na nagpapahiling
kaini, na sa hiling ko, indikasyon
lang kan animistikong pagtubod
o bisyon nin kinaban, an siring
na estado kan inabot kita kan

Teaching Strategy in Teaching

MTB in Grade Two


Iriga Central School, Iriga City

By Mercy A. Dorosan - Master Teacher I

San Agustin Elementary School, San Agustin, Iriga City

The state recognizes the significant role of school heads in

our educational system which is clearly defined in Republic
Act 9155 otherwise known as Governance of Basic Education
Act of 2001. This act provides among others a school-level
governance with the school head having the authority and
responsibility for the following: (1) Setting the mission, vision,
goals and objectives of the school; (2) Creating an environment
within the school that is conducive to teaching and learning; (3)
Implementing the school curriculum and being accountable
for higher learning outcomes;(4) Developing the school
education program and school improvement plan;(5) Offering
educational programs, projects and services which provide
equitable opportunities for all learners in the community;(6)
Introducing new and innovative modes of instruction to achieve
higher learning outcomes;(7) Administering and managing
all personnel, physical and fiscal resources of the school;(8)
Recommending the staffing complement of the school
based on its needs;(9) Encouraging staff development;(10)
Establishing school and community networks and encouraging
the active participation of teachers organizations, non-academic
personnel of public schools, and parents-teachers-community
associations;(11) Accepting donations, gifts, bequests and
grants for the purpose of upgrading teachers/learning facilitators
competencies, improving and expanding school facilities and
providing instructional materials and equipment. Such donations
or grants must be reported to the appropriate district supervisors
and division superintendents; and (12) Performing such other
functions as may be assigned by proper authorities.
The above provisions will only be given life by an effective
school head who is responsible of the administrative and
instructional supervision of the school. Studies show that the
roles of the school head is the single most powerful determinant
of school effectiveness. Effective school heads have a desire
to lead and willingness to act with courage and deliberation in
difficult situations; are high in initiative and resourcefulness;
set good examples by working hard themselves; recognize
the uniqueness of teachers in their styles, attitude, skills and
orientations and support different styles of teaching, adopt
flexible schedule demands on staff time; have the ability to
let teachers emerge as leaders; identify their roles in terms of
providing educational leadership and creating an environment
of learning; they are less concerned with administrative routine;
are aware of the informal dimension of leadership in the school;
and most important are proactive rather than reactive, they take
charge of the job and do not let job take charge of them.
Furthermore, other studies show that school heads are strong
instructional leaders who: concentrate on primary goals; set as
their main goal the acquisition of learning especially of basic skills;
have high expectations of pupils; knows how to manage time and
money effectively; and enlist the support of others in meeting
common goals. The school head is one person who can converse
the entire program because of his/her position interest.
The importance of the administrative and instructional
leadership roles of the school heads have been shown in many
studies and can be synthesized as follows: (1) school heads
show that learning is the most important reason for being in
school; (2) school heads have a clear understanding of the
vision, mission, goals and objectives of the school; (3) school
heads know and can apply teaching-learning principles; (4)
school heads set expectation for curricular quality; (6) school
heads protect learning time from disruptions; (7) school heads
ensure that safe and orderly school environment is established
and maintained; (8) school heads set up systems of incentives
and rewards; (9) school heads maintain a frequent two-way
communication with staff and parents; (10) school heads
expect staff to meet high instructional standards; and (11)
school heads involve staff and other stakeholders in planning

Teaching in the elementary is often viewed as one of the

most challenging task compared to teaching in high-school and
college. This is probably due to the nature of the learners as being
children, and this is where the foundation begins. However, one
of the fundamental issues contributing to the difficulty in learning
among students is the language barrier.
Language as a necessary tool for communication is crucial
in understanding and learning, and in passing information and
knowledge from one individual to the next. Language as part
of culture is a necessary part of heritage and identity. Inside
the classroom, language plays a critical role in learning and in
establishing the foundation of the childs cognitive and reasoning
skills, so that they can operate in their native language and
national language, and afterwards in English and in other
languages. It also fosters early foundation of cultural rootedness
and identity.
Since this is new to most teachers, with MTB-MLE (Mother
Tongue Based Multilingual Education) as part of the k-12
curriculum, some teachers are challenged with the task. So
how does one teach through the mother tongue? What are the
appropriate approaches one may utilize in instruction especially
amongst the kindergarten, and grades 1, 2 and 3? The approach
in teaching MTB-MLE does not really have a specific fixed
formula since approaches basically varies depending on the
kind of learners and cultural attitude that they have depending
on their locality as a result of regionalism and ethnicity. However,
considering the typical developmental characteristics which are
usually common to most children at their stage, they can be quite
predictable. Hence some general approaches may be done. Let
us focus among the second graders.
One needs to understand first the characteristics of the
pupils, the subject matter to be taught, and then afterwards
the pedagogical approach. Approaches here does not need
to be complex, simple activities would suffice as long are the
objectives are met. One can start with making the learning
environment comfortable and anxiety-free by providing fun and
engaging activities. A typical speaking and listening strategy can
be done. Team approach is often ideal to a huge class.
Activities that may fall around this bracket may include
allowing the students to converse but with guidance from the
teacher, they can be grouped together and have a reasonably
unstructured, and undirected conversation through the
discussions that comes out as children and teacher go about
their conduct. Another activity is a chorale speaking. The class
can prepare a poem or recite a famous poem, or the individual
can make a speech before a group or whole class. The teacher
can also provide simple imaginary situation and role playing,
but these are more structured so teachers facilitating skills are
paramount here.
For reading and writing activities, one can utilized sequencing
of pictures that represent parts of story they have just read. Allow
students to create their own ending in stories they read. That
way not only they will be learning to utilize their language but
also stimulate their imagination. This can be done also through
the TPR (Total Physical Response) approach; students will
enact what they have read, again through role playing or various
games where kinaesthetic activities are done.
Creativity and flexibility on the part of the teacher is a must so
that they can be adept in engaging students in a more effective
learning experience. This way, students will be able to hone the
necessary foundation they will need in the next stage of their
and implementation strategies.
School heads wear many hats being manager, administrator,
instructional leader and curriculum leader at different points in
a day. They have to juggle between these various rolesfor they
are responsible for the overall operation of their schools.

july 12 - 18, 2015

bikol reporter

july 12 - 18, 2015

bikol reporter


Her Majesty, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands witnessed the

actual business transaction in CARD SME Banks micro-banking
office (MBO). After the field visit to a CARD MRI client in Silang,
Cavite, Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (third from
left) visited CARD SME Banks MBO in the same municipality. Her
Majesty witnessed the actual business transaction of CARD client

inside the MBO. The Queen then further shared to CARD MRI
Founder Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip (fourth from left) and CARD
SME Bank President and CEO Mary Jane A. Perreras (second from
left) about a safer way clients can pay their loans that is through
mobile banking. (Inset) Her Majesty enthusiastically poses for a
groufie with CARD clients and staff.

BUB funds Masbate livelihood projects

The Department of Social
Welfare and Development
in the region has released
P860,000 and P1.03 million
respectively to fund livelihood projects in Aroroy,
Masbate under the Bottomsup-budgeting (BUB).
According to Nida Bag-

ayusa, the livelihood worker

of the Local Social Welfare
and Development Office, the
P 860,00 funded various livelihood project benefiting 105
Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries or 35 recipients from the
three barangays in the town,
namely: Matalang talang with

Major Issues in Early Childhood

Education in the Philippines

By Maria Teresa L. Obias - Teacher I

San Agustin Elementary School, San Agustin, Iriga City
The life of an individual is shaped by their earlier life
experiences. Their personality, skills, and knowledge are
created and honed even at the onset of their first step inside
the classroom. Psychologists suggest that at this critical stage
of development, children should already begin acquiring the
necessary knowledge, and cognitive, motor and socio-emotional
skills that they need. If the window of opportunity for learning at
this critical stage is missed, it is usually becomes problematic for
a child to learn the essential things, and the negative effects are
often long term.
The government or the education system usually focuses
on the issues and problems encountered on elementary and
secondary, and even the college level. Sometimes the issues on
the early childhood education are overlooked. The issues on the
kindergarten level are very crucial since this is where the basic
foundation of the child is formed.
Here are the major issues in the early childhood education:
Homeschooling: Some parents are discontented with
public schools and are unable to afford private pre-school and
kindergarten programs. Some parents are trying homeschooling
their young children as an alternative. But the there is a
drawback here. Young children who are homeschooled miss
the opportunity to socialize with other children and develop their
socio-emotional skills.
Play or the traditional teaching methods: Teachers in
kindergarten classes often hear qualms from parents that
all their children do is play. Despite this, teachers have been
doing well in changing parents outlook about the significance
of integrating playing in teaching young children basic skills.
Children at kindergarten are often more successful at mastering
a needed skill when they use manipulative skills on toys which
are also educative materials.
Instructional hours for Kindergarten: Teachers on early
childhood education are ambivalent about the number of hours
on formal instruction that should be allowed for pre-kindergarten
and kindergarten children. Some early childhood teachers think
that there should be more formal lessons with more instructional
hours. In some private kindergarten school, each teacher is able
to give more instructional time for early learning that is why some
parents decide to enrol their children in private school.
Bullying among early childhood students: Some parents and
early childhood educators may not be aware of it, but some
children can be bullies or be bullied at this stage. The child may
not necessarily be aware that they themselves are committing
bullying already. That is why parents and teachers should be
sensitive to the non-verbal gestures and the interaction of the
Resources/Facility: In public early childhood education
schools, the usual concerns are financial resources to keep
the necessary facility. It is an old issue that never died; lack of
appropriate classroom, learning materials, etc. It is the same old
These issues need to be addressed if we are to provide
quality education. Early childhood students also deserve that.

torones de mani and banana

chips as their project, fish kropek for barangay San Agustin and production of native
bags and fan for barangays
Bagayusa said that the
capital assistance of P1.03
million for about 107 women,
most of whom are Pantawid
Pamilya beneficiaries, have
funded veggie noodles production venture of the beneficiaries. The veggie noodles
is made out of squash and
She said that the BUB will

also fund Nutri-bun ni Juan,

a school based bakery at Aroroy, West Elementary, worth P
The Bottoms-up Budgeting
is an approach in preparing
the budget proposal of agencies taking into consideration
the development needs of the
poor cities/municipalities as
identified in their respective
local poverty reduction action
plans that shall be formulated
with strong participation of
basic sector and other civil
society organization. - eejerusalem

Teaching Strategy in Classroom

San Vicente Elementary School
Nabua East District
Classroom teaching practice becomes more effective, when
it is well informed by an understanding of how pupils learn, and
learning will be more successful if pupils are given the opportunity
to explain or clarify their ideas.
Certainly, teaching and learning are cohorts supported by
formulating and validating of achievement test. So, in terms of
pedagogy, the development of education now requires teaching
strategies that emphasize pupil involvement in their learning,
where focus is on knowledge construction rather knowledge
Researchers have shown that learning strategy in classroom
can be very effective in encouraging pupil interaction and
consequently enhanced pupils achievement. It is therefore
essential that the major implication of learning theory should be
reflected in classroom practices in a more child focused manner.
Constructivism is an emerging pedagogy among the teaching
community across the world and National Curriculum Framework
(NCF 2005) confirmed the direction to it in a classroom situation.
However, the question is how to implement classroom
teaching that is consistent with a constructivist view of learning
still remains a major concern, particularly its feasibility at
elementary classroom.
The experimental study on students learning in constructivist
environment and its subsequent effect on achivement in
mathematics at elementary level of learners.

Brylle Z. Morandarte, graduated CUM LAUDE at the

Technological University of the Philippines (Taguig) on
its 36th Commencement Exercises held July 3, 2015 at
the SMX Convention Center of the Mall of Asia. He also
received the Gray Hawk and the Sen. Manny Villar awards
for Academic Excellence and Best in Student Research
Award for Project Study. Bryle spent his elementary years
at Concepcion Grande Elementary School and his high
school days at the Naga City Science High School.

Eidl Fitr on July 17, a Holiday

President Benigno S. Aquino III has issued Proclamation No. 1070, declaring July 17 a regular holiday
throughout the country in observance of Eidl Fitr
(Feast of Ramadan).
The proclamation, signed by the President last Monday
(July 6), is pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act No.
"The proclamation aims to provide an opportunity for
the entire Filipino people to join our Muslim brothers and
sisters in peace and harmony to observe and celebrate
Eidl Fitr, which marks the first day of the end of the 30day fasting period of Ramadan," Communication Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. said in a statement.
By declaring July 17 a regular holiday, the religious and
cultural significance of Eid'l Fitr could be brought to the
fore of national consciousness, the proclamation read.
Eid'l Fitr is celebrated by the Muslim world for three
days at the end of the month of fasting. -PND

How To Deal Classroom

Discipline Problems
By DulCe Beria Concepcion
San Agustin Elementary School
San Agustin, Iriga City
The goals of teaching is to make students learn. And in
order for them to learn, an effective classroom environment that
promotes learning and efficient facilitators/managers that will
devise a plan to implement effective classroom management is
Classroom Discipline is defined as the action that facilitate
the development of self-control, responsibility and character,
(Savage & Savage, 2010, p.7) Classroom Management refers to
the roles of a teacher in creating a classroom environment where
success is possible. It refers to how order is established and
maintained in the classroom. (Savage & Savage, 2010, p.6)
Classroom discipline problems must not intrude the teaching
learning process since learning is taking its place. Teachers
must deal with these problems using different techniques and
strategies. A better classroom management must took place.
One must start the school year by setting rules for the students
to be aware and be observant with it.
A checklist must be devised to follow up if they are really
following it. She must also implement incentives for those who
are performing and behaving well. A simple token or certificate
will do every end of quarter. Using appropriate praises for them
is necessary. a constructive and inspirational comments is
Being humorous, once in a while will set the moods of every
student to participate and behave well. But you must know the
limits of being humorous to avoid abusive on the part of the
students. Being calm when in confrontational situation will help
ease in dealing with it.
And avoid confronting them in front of the class to avoid
disruption of classess/discussion, instead talk to them in
private, or maybe during free time or Homeroom period. This
will manifests your care and respect to each and every one of
your students. And you will gain the same respect you wanted
to have from them. Thus disruptive environment will be avoided
and can be lessen.
The effect of these classroom discipline problem when not
dealt well property is poor learning outcomes of the students,
and frustrating on the side of the teachers in delivering the
lessons effectively to them, thus, all efforts will be futile. Poor
discipline will be developed to the students and stressful to the
teachers. The quality of learning will be sacrificed.

july 12 - 18, 2015

bikol reporter

DENR bares Saringaya awardees

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region V
has announced four entities
and an individual as recipients for this years Saringaya Awards.
The Local Government
Unit of Calabanga, Camarines
Sur garnered highest points
for the LGU category, Catanduanes State College for
the academe, the Alliance of
Young Professionals for Social and Environmental Development, Inc. for the civil
society organization, Aboitiz
Power Renewables, Inc. for
DENR-covered industry category, and Ms. Luzviminda
T. Oropesa for the individual
During the awarding ceremonies on June 29, 2015 in
Naga City, Camarines Sur 3rd
District Representative Maria

Cong. robredo
Leonor Leni Robredo, who
was the guest speaker, underscored the importance of the
Saringaya Awards in showcasing innovations that protect the environment.
She added that, we need
to find doable strategies. We
must shun mediocrity and
push for excellence. Most of
all we need cheaper ways to
solve our environmental is-

The Benefits of K to 12
By Maria Theresa A. Labro
San Agustin Elementary School
San Agustin, Iriga City

We live in a dynamic world, where society always moves

forward. Although we had our highs and lows throughout
our history, nonetheless we were able to learn from those
important points of our history; progress became inevitable. In
the modern times, in every aspects of our society everything
seems to be moving swiftly. In the milieu of education, while
the rest the world seems to be in the pinnacle of pedagogical
innovation and development, there are still those nations
whose education system is not yet abreast with the demands
of time. Such is our country.
Now we move to a new frontier, with a vision and insight
anew. We have finally realized that we need to reach the
next phase of our metamorphosis. We come to transform
our country by transforming our education system. The k -12
curriculum is the key in uplifting the quality of education. The
old curriculum is so condensed that it crams all the information
and knowledge to students within 10 years only. Some may
claim that the old curriculum is sufficient, but if we will observe
and compare us to other nation who has a k-12 curriculum,
the difference will be clear; ten years is not enough to make
us professionally prepared and internationally competent.
There are those who disagree with the k-12 curriculum and
criticize it for being costly, lengthy, too ideal and impractical.
These are foreseen probable difficulties, but the point is
that the old curriculum is filled with more difficulties already.
That is why the state is providing a solution, hence, the k-12
curriculum. But one may ask about the benefits that we can
get from this.
Here are the advantages of the k-12 program:
1. Students learn with ease. The k-12 utilizes the mother
tongue, and it is decongested and focused providing the
students more time learning the core academic facets for
better comprehension, and acquisition of knowledge and
2. Students are free to pursue their passion. K-12 is
student-centered. Students are given the freedom to choose
elective subjects and specializations which they really desire
or they think fit their skills. This way student will enjoy learning,
and their sense of direction will be honed earlier.
3. It will create internationally competitive individuals.
TheK - 12programheedsthe need for a 12-year education
system which adheres to the international standards making
the k-12 graduates at par with international competency, and
with better global opportunities.
4. It will reduce unemployment. The k-12 graduates are
highly employable, due to the increased competence and
workmanship because of vocational training and college-like
education imbedded in the new curriculum.
It is obvious that the advantages weigh more than the
disadvantages. We just need to be more supportive and open
to the changes that will allow us to really transcend our former
self. However, the k-12 as a system works with necessary
mechanism to work, such as the required classrooms and
chairs, quality books and learning materials, and competent
teachers. Without these crucial elements, the k-12 will remain
a beautiful dream. In order for this dream to be realized, all
segments of society needs to work together to make this a

No fake rice . . .
The NFA is asking the
consumer public to be vigilant and immediately report

to NFA Cam Sur Hotline

(054) 475-63-43 presence of
suspicious rice in the market.

sues. She considers convergence, this years theme, as

crucial. No one is strong
enough to protect the environment all by himself, she
quipped. She also called for
people to share their expertise.
She admitted being impressed
having known that awardees
came from different sectors in
the society. We need to let everyone join the conversation.
New blood is always good
blood. Let us not turn away
from anyone just because they
do not know the right methodology or understand the
environmental jargon. As new
advocates join we are ensured
that protecting the environment becomes a nationwide
concern, she asserts.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Bicol initiated Saringaya
Awards, now on its 15th year,
to promote co-management in
protecting, managing and restoring the countrys environment and natural resources.


Jan Philip A. Peralta

DENR personnel released these hatchlings of Hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricate)
were realeased in Cagmanaba, Oas, Albay last June 19, 2015 around 4:00 in the afternoon.
Consuelo Almazar (4th from right) found and looked after some 78 eggs before they were turned
over to the DENR (Conservation and Development Division Protected Areas Management
and Biodiversity Coservation Section (CDD-PABCS)) 55 eggs hatched and released with the
assistance of Marlon C. Azul of Conservation and Development Division DENR-V and Narciso
Olivar Representative of CENRO Guinobatan (left side photo). The 23 unhatched eggs were
turnover to the DENR (CDD-PABCS) for further observation and monitoring. Hawksbill sea
turtle is considered critically endangered in DENR Administrative Order No. 2004-15.

MPCF-CamSur names new chair and CEO

CamSur The Mariners
Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) this province has announced the appointment of Dr. Marilissa
Jimenez-Ampuan as the
new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman
of the Board of Trustees
(BOD), following a reorganization which relinquished the functions of
the President to the Chief
Executive Officer. Board
Member Dr. Gabriel L.
Jimenez will now be the
President and Presiding
Officer of the Board.
Named to the Board for
Academic year 2015-2016
are Madame Eliza Jimenez,
Chairperson Emeritus;; Dr.
Marilissa J. Ampuan, Chairman and Executive Officer;
Dr. Gabriel L. Jimenez,
President; Ms. Evita L.
Jimenez, Vice President;
Ms. Merle J. San Pedro,
Treasurer; and Commodore Dante LA. Jimenez,
Commodore Jimenez will
From the many complaints
received by the cereal agency,
only the sample from Davao
City turned out to be positive
as attested by the NFA Food
Development Center in Taguig. A plasticizer contaminant
was found in the sample.
Others are purely hoaxes or
false alarms caused by public
The public is requested
that any suspicious rice product found in the market, one
(1) kilogram sample of the
same should be immediately
submitted to the nearest NFA
office with information as
from whom it was bought
(name of store-owner) and
location. NFA Camarines
Sur Public Affairs

also remain as President and

CEO of MPCF-Legazpi,
Chairman of the Board of
MPC-Naga City and Auditor of MPCF-Camarines

The Boards of Trustees/
Board of Directors of the
schools under the Mariners
System hold their election

of officers annually to determine as who would handle

the respective responsibilities in each institution for the
academic year.

Bids and Awards Committee

Ateneo de Naga University

Ateneo Avenue 4400 Naga City

Manpower and Janitorial Services

1) The Ateneo de Naga University invites bids to eligible bidders for Manpower
and Janitorial services to provide competent, qualified and able manpower,
janitorial and cleaning services including equipment and cleaning materials to
maintain cleanliness and maintenance of its University buildings, classrooms,
offices and facilities.
2) Bidding will be conducted through a sealed procedures using non-discretionary
pass/fail criterion as specified in Guidelines and Procedures for the Bids
and Awards Committee.
3) Interest bidders shall submit two sealed envelopes
a. First Envelope contains eligibility requirements:
1) Certificate of Registration as a legitimate contractor/agency from the
Department of Labor and Employment
2) Business Registration
3) Business Profile & History
4) Proof of substantial capital of at least P 3.0 million evidenced by latest
audited financial statement
5) List of services offered
6) List of present/previous clients
7) Recommendations from present clients
b. Second Envelope contains the bid price:
1) Proposed admin fees, cleaning fees, proposed salaries & other
government mandate benefits of the personnel
2) Breakdown & detail costing of the cleaning materials
3) List of present/available janitorial equipment
4) Proposed material delivery schedule
5) A pre-bid eligibility screening will be done on July 29, 2015. All qualified
bidders will be informed of their eligibility to the bidding process and inform of
their schedule of interview by the Bids and Awards Committee.
6) All interested bidders must submit their two(2) sealed envelopes to
Br. Raymund E. Belleza, SJ Chairperson ADNU-BAC Administrative
Services Office Ateneo de Naga University not later than July 25, 2015
7) The Ateneo de Naga University reserves the right to accept or reject any bid
at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to
the affected bidder or bidders.

Published: July 12 and 19, 2015


Chairperson ADNU-BAC
Director Administrative Services
Telephone/Facsimile (054) 472-1877
Email: rbellezasj@adnu.edu.ph

july 12 - 18, 2015

bikol reporter

various sectors of society into collective actions. In this
manner, the Fourth Estate actually has the potential of overthrowing the other Three Estates. In principle, it should be
the last bastion of freedom against tyranny. Even in times
of despotism such as in the Marcos era dictatorship, there
were many brave journalists who reported the truth through
the mosquito press networks. These were independent
and progressive newspapers that were clandestinely published with very limited but devoted readers.
It is frustrating and ironic that now that we have regained


Notice is hereby given that JANE KRISTIN F. LAZADO
of legal age and resident of St. Joseph Compound,
Jacob Extn. Liboton, Naga City is the daughter of
CONSOLIDATED, INC. having been issued a Contract No.
211044-0 and Certificate of Full Payment No. 21049748;
said Contract and Certificate were inadvertently lost and
could not be found; that Jane Kristin F. Lazado have
executed this Affidavit and Undertaking for the purpose
of attesting to the veracity and truth of all facts mentioned
and for the Replacement of the Policy Contract and
Certificate of Full Payment; as acknowledged before
Notary Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No.
241, Page No. 49, Book No.144, Series of 2015.
Published: July 12, 19 and 26, 2015

Notice is hereby given that MARJORIE G. C. GADDI
of legal age and residing at 53 Don Ernesto Street, Don
Enrique Heights, Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City, is
the owner of memorial lot parcel, particularly Section
F. Block 17, Lots 1-4, EP Area at Eternal Gardens,
Naga City, with a Title issued by the company, that
sometime in September 2008, the owner transferred to a
new residence in Quezon City; that in August 2013,said
owner discovered that the folder containing the Title of
said Lot was missing; and believe that it was lost during
the transfer to their new residence; despite diligent efforts
to locate the missiong title, it can no longer be found;
as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Henry H.
Adasa, Doc. No. 195, Page No. 39, Book No.XLV, Series
of 2015.
Published: June 28; July 5 and 12, 2015

our civil liberties, including the freedom of the press as enshrined in the constitutional bill of rights, the Fourth Estate
or at least some of its members have been reduced into
propaganda mouthpieces of corrupt politicians. The socalled journalists are now mere political propagandists of
narrow-minded and selfish interests. This is particularly true
for some local radio stations that have obvious biases and
non-ideological political leanings. Their loyalties are only to
individual politicians and not to any ideological beliefs. This
type of manipulation of public opinion is likely to become
more rabid as the 2016 election season approaches.
In the age of information, the room for misinformation is
also greater. As the above quotation pointed out, true liberty is only possible if the government is accountable to the
governed. This accountability diminishes when we are misinformed. Hence, we should always exercise critical thinking
when listening to the news and commentaries of journalists
or when reading newspapers.
Liberty through the system of check and balance can
only be maintained if we, the people, are well-informed and

Duterte brings . . .
dential Form our country has
He laid down the advantages which could be enjoyed
by citizens outside of Metro
Manila while he listened to
the people about their outlook on the issue.
In a related development,
the Bicol Autonomy Movement (BAM) which is changing its name to Bicol Federalism Movement (BFM)
has been pushing through
the years, for this advocacy
which jives with the concept

Aunor . . .
fictionist-poet Leoncio Deriada, artist Roberto Chabet,
choreographers Denisa Reyes
and Steve Villaruz, fashion
designer Ben Farrales, Talaandig School for Living
Tradition and the Missionary
Society of St. Columban.

of Federalism.
With this development,
BAM-BFM, as one group,
supports the move for a Federal Form of government for
the country. Aside from having a brighter prospect for
peace in Mindanao, this Federal System of governance
will be greatly advantageous
for the Regions; it can be in
terms of retaining local resources to benefit first the
local residents as against
the present Presidential
System in which Manila
decides for the Regions as
to who should be on top priority. It will be a big factor
in hastening progress in the
provinces, declared Bicol
Autonomy Movement Regional Convenor Dante La.

Sarion . . .
to the towns anti-poverty
reduction program.
In 2014, Daet was a recipient of a total of PhP15million worth of projects;
while it has proposed the
same amount for its 2016
annual budget.

Top 10 Behavior Management

Tips for the Classroom
San Agustin Elementary School
San Agustin, Iriga City
Managing a classroom really means weeding out as
many problems as you can as early as possible, before those
problems blossom into monstrosities, so huge they cant be
eradicated. If you ignore classroom-wrecking issues such
as defiance and disruption, you will soon find yourself in a
position where the class manages you instead of the other
way around. Here are some Behavior Management Tips:
1. The first few days are the most important ones of
the year. Help children to formulate two or three rules for
the classroom. Be consistent in keeping the rules so the
children know that they are important. Have fun and let
children know you care about them.
2. Dont make any rules for your class that you are
not willing to follow through with. Always be consistent
and fair and let your students know that you mean what you
3. Never get into a power struggle with your students.
Always listen to both sides with a non-judgmental and nonconfrontational attitude.
4. You wont damage your students psyches by taking
the lead and being the boss of your own classroom.
Once you gain the confidence, things will go more smoothly,
and once you take a firm lead, the students will respect and
respond more readily.
5. Have a good balance of discipline and humor with
the children. In order to gain respect, you need to convey
your genuine enjoyment to be with them. Humor is important
to have fun for your own perspective and for the children. It
keeps the days lively and enjoyable.
6. Its not what you teach, but how you teach it
that makes all the difference. If what you are doing in a
classroom is exciting and motivational, classroom discipline
problems disappear.
7. Not every student will like you. And you wont
like every student. Try to find ate least one thing you can
respect each student for - even if its just showing up at
8. Children will quiet down when the teacher is
quiet and waiting for their attention. Simply wait for their
attention before moving on to the next lesson or set of
9. Adolescents love choices and challenges:
Whenever possible, give students choices - whether its
a long-range project on a country they select, or coloring
a map with crayon, marker, or colored pencil. Try to give
as many small choices as possible, even if it seems
10. Watch for the body language for both yourself
and the students. With the students, it can give you clues
as to what that real problem is; for the teacher, you need to
convey that not only are you listening but you are hearing
what the student is saying. Then, have them help in the
Source: www.teachervision.com

for june
Name of Deceased

Date of Interment


June 5, 2015


June 2, 2015


June 4, 2015


June 7, 2015


June 7, 2015


June 5, 2015


June 11, 2015


June 10, 2015


June 13, 2015


June 17, 2015


June 15, 2015


June 16, 2015


June 19, 2015


June 23, 2015


June 23, 2015


June 24, 2015


June 27, 2015


June 27, 2015


June 30, 2015

july 12 - 18, 2015

DOT-Bicol sets U.S . . .
city has achieved over years of
hard work by the city government in partnership with other
industry stakeholders. We
will be there to show that indeed, the city government has
specialized in eco-tourism and
action tourism, providing the
combinations of safety, adventure, fun and comfortable facilities that make the industry
such an exciting proposition
today, Roces said. The stimulating new horizons in tourism
in the citys outskirts allow
visitors to push themselves to
new levels of adventure and
endurance while soaking up

natural marvels and dramatic

cultural attractions from the
natural world, he said.
The city has great comparative advantage in this
sector, based on several assetsguaranteed peace and
order, healthful environment,
hospitable communities and
a base of powerful cultural attractions plus a wide range of
very different, often stunning
natural environments that are
easily accessible and virtually
undiscovered by the tourism
industry. Roces said quality
hotels and restaurants throughout the city mean that thrill-

a question of privilege . . .
You know what people are saying about the politicos.Put
them into a ship, let the ship drift into a stormy sea until it sinks
into the bottom with its unsavory cargo.
Many Americans are unhappy with what has become of
this country. Supposed to be a show window of a superior
western style democracy, our Asian brand has instead shown
the weakness of a transplanted system.It has revealed that
the Americans are very poor teachers. Filipinos did not learn
anything from them.
Is it true that the Americans had given us the wrong kind
of education, according to Renato Constantino during the
early years of the American Occupation? Constantino said
the Americans did not teach us nationalsm. Instead, they
developed in us love for things western.
I have faith in the Filipino. He can achieve greatness.
Observe him abroad. He is very decent, very hardworking,
very honest.He mirrors the best in our race. He shows to the
outside world that despite the color of his skin, he has many
things superior to the white man.
It is very unfortunate that most of our leaders are infected
with a serious malady-the greed for money and power unrivaled
anywhere else in the world..What will our children and their
children children inherit from them?

bikol reporter
seekers who want to pamper
themselves in-between the
adventure treks and fun engagements have a wide range
of facilities to choose from.
Nature enthusiasts, according
to him, have many options in
the city: the magnificent Mayon that offers a silent drama
of mountaineering; ATV (allterrain vehicle) rides around
its lava-laden rugged terrain;
or burying feet at the fine
black volcanic sand bordering its beaches with enticing
waters that provide relaxing
interludes. Besides, the sparkling lower slopes surrounding of the Mayon, the worlds
most perfect coned volcano,
beckon hikers who seek new
adventures over unconquered
terrains, he said, adding that
all of these await tourists on a
24/7 engagements.
Convincing the BNAA or its
business-minded members to
put up investments or do busi-

ness in the city is another part

of their mission, he added. In
the same gathering, Ravanilla
said, Masbate Vice-Gov. Revil
will present the province as the
Home of Cowboys that plays
host to the yearly international
rodeo competitions, the provinces top tourist drawer apart
from its exciting eco-tourism
sites. Ravanilla said she will
present Sorsogon province as
the Cradle of Natural Beauty
owing to its stunning innate attractions like the whale sharks
of Donsol, Bulusan Lake,
Subic Beach of Matnog and
hot springs at the foot of Mt.
Bulusan. Imperial, assisted by
board member Herbert Borja,
chair of the provincial legislative boards committee on
tourism, will present the
Colors of Albay featuring festivals highlighted
by colorful cultural merrymakings and prestigious
pageants participated in by

from my window . . .
needs a patriotic turnaround. We can do it since we have faith
in every Filipino, and faith in the essential goodness of every
man, as well as the ultimate goodness of God. Go forth therefore,
and forever be Filipino men and women of greatness, where our
Alma Mater, San Beda College can be proud of.
I watched on ANC TV what happened in Makati City when
policemen under DILG Sec. Mar Roxas surrounded the City
Hall where Mayor Junjun Binay was staying to facilitate serving
the mayor suspension order of Ombudsman Conchita Morales.
Binays supporters were prevented to enter the premises of the
City Hall by the policemen for unexplained reason. So, Mayor
Binay called his family.
Vice Pres. Jejomar Binay went there as the father of Junjun
to protect his son. He talked to the policemen about allowing
their supporters to enter the premises and he might have
uttered angry words. The head of the policemen said VP Binay
collared him.
The supporters of Mayor Binay threw plastic chairs at the
policemen. The Vice President and their supporters did not kill
anyone. The policemen said they will file charges against VP
Binay. The Vice President will surely answer them in Court.
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MLIF) which are rebels are
treated will and much better by the administration than the Vice
President. The MILF have killed many soldiers, women, children
and civilians and lately the SAF 44 in Mamasapano, Mindanao
but no criminal charges are filed against them. On the contrary,
this administration will give them through the Bangsamaro Basic
Law, billions of pesos of the taxpayers money every year, territory
comprising land, air and water, our natural resources there, its
own government, etc.
Mayor Junjun Binay was not disobeying the law. He was
waiting for the decision of the Court of Appeals. He was trying to
avail of a legal remedy against his suspension order by asking
the Court of Appeals for a Temporary Restraining Order. But
what did DILG Sec. Mar Roxas arrogantly said to Binay, Hindi
mo sarili ang Makati. This reminds me of what he also told the
City Mayor of Tacloban, Mayor Romualdez, a nephew of Imelda
Romualdez Marcos, right after super typhoon Yolanda totally
devastated Tacloban City. Mayor Romualdez asked the Office
of the President for assistance for the people of the city. Pres.
Aquinos Rehabilitation Czar then, Mar Roxas, told Romualdez,
You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. It seems
he has forgotten that the people of Tacloban are taxpayers too
and the city is a part of the Philippines. This attitude of Sec. Mar
Roxas will make him a divisive President.

beautiful women, goodlooking young men and talented gays. The rest of the
missions stay, Ravanilla
added, will be devoted to
Business to Business (B2B)

activities on investment and

tourism among the BNAA,
other Florida-based business
parties and the Legazpi, Albay, Masbate and Sorsogon

Republic of the Philippines

Province of Camarines Sur
City of NAGA


In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048,
a notice is hereby served to the public that ROBERTO
B. QUERIDO has filed with this Office, a Petition for
Change of First Name from MELANIO to ROBERTO
in the birth certificate of ROBERTO AYOBO QUERIDO
who was born on OCTOBER 22, 1963 at Naga City, Camarines Sur and whose parents are ALFREDO DOSE
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
JULY 26, 2015.


City Civil Registrar

Published: July 12 and 19, 2015
Republic of the Philippines
Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan


CFN - CFN-0009-2015
CCE - CCE-0041-2015 R.A. 10172
In compliance with the publication requirement and
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative
Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is
hereby served to the public that ROSEMARIE SEVILLA
ARONDA has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change
of First Name from JOSEMARI to ROSEMARIE and correction of entry in Sex from MALE to FEMALE in the
certificate of live birth of JOSEMARI SEVILLA ARONDA
at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are CIPRIANO ARONDA and RITA SEVILLA.
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than July
25, 2015.


Municipal Civil Registrar

Published: July 12 and 19, 2015


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE
PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga
City, pawned from FEB. 1-28, 2015 whose terms have expired
will be sold to public auction sale on AUGUST 01, 2015 from
9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until JULY 28, 2015

Published: JULY 5 and 12, 2015





All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE

PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga
City, pawned from FEB. 1-28, 2015 whose terms have expired
will be sold to public auction sale on AUGUST 01, 2015 from
9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until JULY 28, 2015

Published: JULY 5 and 12, 2015

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St.,
Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from FEB. 1-28, 2015 whose
terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on
AUGUST 01, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until JULY 28, 2015

Published: JULY 5 and 12, 2015





All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWNJEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall
corner J. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned
from fFEB. 1-28, 2015 whose terms have expired will be
sold to public auction sale on AUGUST 01, 2015 from 9:00
A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until JULY 28, 2015

Published: JULY 5 and 12, 2015

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUALDAD PAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave.,
Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from FEB. 1-28, 2015 whose
terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on
AUGUST 01, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
above-mentioned date will be honored until JULY 28, 2015

Published: JULY 5 and 12, 2015

regional exponent for progress

DOT-Bicol sets U.S. tourism,

trade, investment mission
By Danny O. Calleja

outstanding local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter
Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards



july 12-18, 2015


regional office for Bicol
here of the Department of
Tourism (DOT) is sending
this month a mission to the
United States (US) to promote the regions potentials
as a tourism, trade and investment destination. This
will be the 14th Tourism,
Trade and Investment Mission to the USA wherein
the delegates will be coming
from three Bicol provinces
that comprise the AlbayMasbate-Sorsogon Tourism
Alliance (AlMaSorTA), the
tourism road map concep-

Aunor gets another award


Iriguea and adoptedNaguea superstar Nora

Aunor adds another major
recognition to her long list
of awards with this years
Gawad CCP sa Sining. She
is cited for her outstanding
contributions to the field of
Film and Broadcast Arts.
The Gawad CCP is the
highest award given by the
Cultural Center of the Philip-

pines to Filipino artists and

cultural workers.
She is joined by opera
singer Fides CuyuganAsencio from Buhi, Camarines Sur, actress-producer
director-actor Tony Mabesa, scripwriter Ricky Lee
of Daet, Camarines Norte,
architect Paulo Alcazaren,
(Turn to page 8)

Dir. Ravanilla
tualized to achieve further
development in the area,
DOT Regional Director
Maria Ong-Ravanilla said
over the weekend. The alliance, formed two years ago
by the Bicol Regional Tourism Council (BRTC), calls
for a more integrated and
comprehensive promotion
strategy to market the potentials of the regional tourism industry, eyeing around
six million tourist arrivals
by 2016, according to Ravanilla.
The mission that will stay
in Miami, South Florida for
one week, from July 8 to 15,
will be composed of a twoman team from this city led by
Vice-Mayor Vittorio Roces;
Gov. Vicente Homer Revil and
Vice-Gov. Jo Kristine Revil of
Masbate; Albay Vice-Governor Harold Imperial; and
Ravanilla herself who, apart
from representing her office,
will also act as representative
of the province of Sorsogon.
On their arrival on July 8, the
mission will meet with Miamibased cruise liner companies
that offer Caribbean cruises in
a series of benchmarking conferences on the upcoming establishment of an international
cruise terminal here in support

to the International Cruise Development Plan of the DOT,

Ravanilla said.
The cruise terminal project conceptualized by the city
government under Mayor
Noel Rosal was recently approved by the DOT and endorsed to the Tourism Industry
and Enterprise Zone Authority
(TIEZA) for funding and immediate implementation. It
will be located within a vast
site along the scenic Legazpi
Boulevard, a four-kilometer
seaside roadway along Albay
Gulf now serving as a key
tourism spot in the city. On
July 10-12, the group will be at
the Bayanihan Arts and Events
Center in Tampa, Florida for
the 34th Annual Convention
of the Bicolano National Association of America (BNAA)
where Roces, along Councilor
Allan Raola, chair of the city
legislative councils Committee on Tourism will present the citys tourism products
and investment opportunities.
We will be there on invitation of the BNAA for us to

entice our fellow Bicolanos in

the US to visit and stay in the
city during their vacations or
homecomings for them to see
for themselves and experience
why Legazpi is now known
in the travel industry world as
the City of Fun and Adventure
and officially, one of the three
most livable cities in the Philippines, Roces said.
The invitation, signed by
BNAA president-elect Helen
Piloneo, is an offshoot of the
successful hosting by the city
government of the associations 33rd Annual Convention at the Oriental Hotel and
Resort here on July 19-21 last
year, which was attended by
over 500 representatives from
the organizations various
chapters across the Continental USA. In this grand Florida
gathering, Roces said, he and
the members of his team will
be presenting to the BNAA
delegates, expected to be
around 10,000 Bicolanos presently living in the US, the tourism development gains that the
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Bicol film hauls awards

Film Director Alvin Yapans An Kubo sa Kawayanan bagged the biggest number of awards, including the
Best Picture in the Filipino
New Cinema section of the
recently concluded second
World Premieres Film Festival in Manila.
Mercedes Cabral was
picked the Best Actress; the
Best Editing for Benjamin
Tolentino, and Best Cinematopography for home-

grown Ronald Rebutica.

Cabral plays Michelle, a
girl strangely in love with her
hut by the bamboo grove, in
this new collaboration with
Yapan in yet another film with
Bicol dialogues and supporting cast of local actors and
production staff.
These include Marc Felix,
who plays Gary, Michelles
boyfriend; Boucher dlRosa
S.G. and Frank Penones Jr.,
Jenn Romano, Gary Asay,

Paolo Rey Mendoza and Oscar John.

The World Premieres Film
Festival aims to become the
major film festival in Asia,
while the Filipino New Cinema section showcases the
latest works of local directors looking to showcase their
films before an international
audience in the Philippines.
The film was entirely shot
in Baao and in Pasacao, Camarines Sur.