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8 Yogini Approved Keys

to Effortless

A bit about who I am and why I created this training :)
8 Keys to Effortless Productivity
The #1 mistake even smart & successful women make in
business (and what to do instead)
Some Bonus Insights & Gems of Wisdom
Sneak peek into the Sensual Yogini and the SWTDBC

Some tips & guidelines:

Use latest browser - chrome is recommended

If you cant hear or image is frozen: refresh the page, check your internet
connection, make sure your sound is on
Keep the chat clean and spam free please
Time commitment 90 mins - rough guess - might be longer depending on
tech stuff and questions
Replay - yes, for one week
Stay on until the end for some bonuses and live Q&A
Mark your questions as Question and theyll be saved for the end

And now:
How to stay alive and energized throughout the call

8 Yogini Approved Keys

to Effortless Productivity
Here is what youll learn in this training:

How to get from chaos to clarity and out of your head and into action

How to activate your internal happiness hormones (kind of like inner MDMA ;)

The crucial key to inspired action, without which no amount of trying will get you there

Productivity hacks thatll get you creating more, faster, and with more ease

The #1 Mistake even smart and successful women make in business

The little known secret to running a business in your feminine - or in other words, being a
business woman while still feeling energized, alive and in the mood for making love

All so that you can make more money and have a bigger impact, doing what you love and
LOVE the process of doing it!

Plus a sneak peak into my upcoming online course + live training, some cool giveaways and Q&A

Effortless Productivity Key # 1

Your Morning ritual
Dance, yoga, shaking, meditation, journaling,
gratitude, qigong, (sex)
For energy, inspiration, clarity, spaciousness,
connection, joy, moving through resistance
3 minutes or 2 hours - doesnt matter!
Sets the tone for the day
Begin your day in aliveness

Effortless Productivity Key # 2

Project management
- from chaos to clarity
and out of your head and into action
Write down everything, get it all
out of your head and onto paper.
Otherwise, if its not written down, you keep on thinking
What I use:
asana.com (Ill explain more in a moment)
The night before, the same morning,
or whenever your head feels full

Ninja tip:
The 5 Phases
of Effortless Workflow
Step 1: The WHY
Step 2: Envision the Massively Successful Outcome
from beyond the completion date (the WHAT)
Step 3: Brainstorm - write it all down (the HOW)
Step 4: Organize into projects, sequences
and due dates (and assign tasks)
Have one list per project (+ keep a separate list for the little
every day tasks, unrelated to your business)

Step 5: Action :)

Effortless Productivity Key # 3

Clarity before action

- or -

Know before you do

In short: most people open their computer,
and the first thing they do is to check facebook, twitter
To do it like a pro,
first know what youre going to do,
then move ahead into action
Focus on that ONLY until its done
or until the timer is up
Which leads us to

Effortless Productivity Key # 4

Time blocking + 50 minute renewals

Time blocking
Decide what to do.
Set the timer for 25 minutes.
25 mins of action
+ 5 mins of rejuvenation

Effortless Productivity Key # 4

Time blocking + 50 minute renewals

50 minute renewals High Performance Academy
1. Sleep 50 minutes more, up to 8 hours
2. First 50 minutes of the day: no checking in online
Morning ritual: Stretch, dance, write, get clear
3. 50 minute blocks of time, set a timer.
Completely distraction free.
10 mins: stretch, have some water, dance, take a walk, get back
(This will increase productivity and save your life.)
4. Last 50 minute renewal, end of day:
20 minute meditation + 30 minute walk outside

Effortless Productivity Key # 5

You only have access to inspiration

within the inspired part - or Get into the Vortex, and then
So what do I mean by the inspired part?
What you need to understand first is this

What you need to understand first is: you are not one person.
Youre a whole host of sub personalities, each with their own
script, their own set of memories and ways of thinking, habits
andexpertise - aka 'what they do best'.

When you say This is my last cigarette, or "Im going to start

doing yoga every day!the part that youre in, in that
moment,really really means it. Its the part that is motivated and
excited to make a change.

That doesnt mean that all the rest of you agrees!Later on, when
youre having another cigarette that means youre in a part that
wants it, needs it, and feels justified in having just another one.
And, as youll see, your thought patternin that partisvery
dierentfrom the part that quit smoking just the day before.

So how do you know which part youre in?

Youll know which part youre in by the nature of the automatic
content that it is feeding you.
You know that youre in the
jealous part, because it is feeding you physical sensations of
contraction, a mind that runs around in downward spirals, and
memories loaded with imagery of all the previous times youve felt
rejected part, because its serving up feelings and memories
fromthe entire suitcase of past rejection experiences.
stuck part because the script is the same every time.I cant get
anything done, I dont know where to beginetc etc.
And you know that youre in theinspired part because
it is giving you new ideas, insights and inspiration.

And, as a hint: whereas most part youll recognize

by the repetitive nature of the thoughts youre having
while youre in it
When youre in an inspired part youll know it because
itll serve you withthoughts youve never thought before.
When Iminspired, I literally hear a voice inside my head,
as clearly and un-ignorable as if someone
was speaking into my ear.
And all I have to do
is to get out of the way and
take notes as fast as I can.

Ok cool!
So what does this mean,
practically for us?
It means that
when it comes to productivity and creativity
its really only when youre in the
creative and productive parts that
youll actually get anything done.
Its only when you feel inspired,
that you have access to inspiration!
Its only when you feel creative
that you can be effortlessly creative.

What this means is that trying to create, write, compose,

take action when youre in, say, the hopeless part,
the I can never get anything right part,
the I dont want to but I really should part
is completely useless.
And youll get less done trying to for example write
something, spending 5 hours when youre not inspired,
than youre able to write, effortlessly, in 5 minutes
when you feel inspired.

Because you only have access to inspiration and your
true genius when youre in the zone.
Pushing it when youre not feeling it, or trying to get
your hopeless or overwhelmed part to create, is
like trying to get Photoshop to play music.
You cant play music in Photoshop,
and trying is completely futile.
You can, however, relocate into iTunes or VLC,
and there - playing music is a breeze...

So what this means, is that the smart thing to do is

to shift your focus from being action oriented,
to being feeling oriented.
There is nothing thats more important than that you feel
good. Get into the Vortex, and then

It means, forget about doing anything for now.

Do what feels easiest, and whatever works for you
to get into the zone to relocate into the inspired part.

And when youre in

the inspired part
creativity cannot help
but flow forth.
(Pinky promise :)

As Albert Einstein famously said:

"You cannot solve a problem with the
same mindset that created it."

So next time you find yourself in a really low place,

rather than pushing it when youre not feeling it,
or beating yourself up about feeling bad,
recognize that youre in a part,
and either be ok about being there,
or relocate.

Ahhh, which brings us to the question:

how do you relocate?
How do you shift from stuck-ness
to inspiration?





Yoni Yoga
Breast Massage

Read a book/blog
Watch an inspiring video
Watch a movie
(My favs: rom coms or Limitless movies)

Effortless Productivity Key # 5 part 2:

Its ok to take a break - or Manifestation doesnt take TIME,

it simply takes ALIGNMENT

If youre an entrepreneur, meaning that youre not trading money for hours at minimum
wage, but youre leading workshops, giving individual or group coaching sessions,
creating online products or programs, consulting, writing ebooks, blog posts, making
videos etc etc etc. Then you dont necessarily need to spend so much time working.
I actually dont work that much in terms of actively creating, promoting, writing.

I spend a lot of my time enjoying whatever I enjoy. So this means walking in nature,
yoga, dancing, reading, learning from other teachers, watching movies
(especially those that inspire me, make me feel good, expand my mind
or challenge me to think differently), making love, being with Toby

And from that state, when inspiration flows forth, I get very creative and very fast,
and I create a lot in a short period of time.

Note: There are also times when I work many hours every day. But that
is when I cant help but to work. When theres so much creative
momentum that even spending long hours in front of the computer
doesnt make me tired.

And secondly, but perhaps most importantly, when

I work in this way I enjoy every moment of it!
I dont know about you, and everyone is different, but Ive never been
one who can just push it and do it when Im not feeling it.

As a side note, when Im not in the zone, its a perfect time to check off
tasks that dont require inspired genius. Such as replying to emails,
sharing a facebook event in different groups, doing laundry, cleaning.

Great question to ask yourself:

What is the best thing to do now, given my time, resources,
energy and state of mind (active part)?

Effortless Productivity Key # 6

Productivity hacks - Brainwave music

Listen your way into a peak state:
High gamma activity corresponds to a state of peak performance. Elite athletes, top-notch musicians and high
achievers in all fields produce far more gamma waves than average.

The benefits of producing the gamma brainwaves frequency are:

Increased memory recall; people with high gamma activity have exceptionally vivid and rapid memory
Increased sensory perception. Senses are heightened when the brain produces gamma waves.
Increased focus. In the gamma state, your brain is able to process all sensory information faster and more
fully with greater sensitivity; and combine the whole scenario into a highly memorable experience. People
with high gamma activity can recall everything about any memorable event the food they ate, the music
they heard, the conversations, the names of people they met, the air temperature, etc.
Increased processing speed: the brain is able to processincredibleamounts of information very quickly,
remember it, and retrieve that memory later.
People with high gamma activity are naturally happier, calmer and more at peace. And have more
compassion. Natural anti-depressant (people suffering from depression typically have very low gamma
Gamma waves are present during REM sleepand visualization.

Alpha and theta waves are great for meditation and inspiration very relaxing.
Delta waves are great for deep sleep.

Hot tip: High Focus & Pure focus by Brain Sync - Kelly Howell (Use headphones)

Effortless Productivity Key # 7

Gratitude & Celebration

Feels good
Makes you happy, connected grateful :)
Activates Law of Attraction what you focus on expands
WOW! More of this.
(Well go deeper into this in the Sensual Yogini Academy)
Important milestone enjoy the sweetness of completion
Any excuse to celebrate is a good one
Utilize gratitude both to experience immense fulfillment in each
moment, every day AND to magically attract what you want in
your life in the future which then becomes your now
= Endless feedback loop of gratitude
(even when things get tough).

Effortless Productivity Key # 8

Tantric Secrets
Pussy Power Yoni Yoga
& Taoist Sensual Breast Massage
The little known secret to running a business in your feminine
- or in other words, being a business woman while still feeling energized,
alive and in the mood for making love
PC-squeezes/kegel exercises Jade egg practice
In short:
Activates oxytocin, serotonin - natural antidepressant
Makes you feel relaxed, energized, creative, juicy, alive, inspired
and in the mood for making love
YES both if youre single or in a relationship!
(Your partner will notice the difference too.)
Natural glow and radiance (rather than a dried up prune)
Bonus inspiration tip: go for massage

8 Yogini Approved Keys

to Effortless Productivity
# 1. Morning ritual
# 2. Project management from chaos to clarity and
out of your head and into action
# 3. Clarity before action - or - Know before you do
# 4. Time blocking + 50 minute renewals
# 5. You only have access to inspiration within the inspired part
- or - Get in the Vortex, and then
# 5 part 2. Its ok to take a break - or Manifestation doesnt take TIME, it simply takes ALIGNMENT
# 6. Productivity hacks - Brainwave music
# 7. Gratitude & Celebration
# 8. Tantric Secrets: Pussy Power Yoni Yoga
& Taoist Sensual Breast Massage

The #1 mistake
even smart & successful women make
in business (and what to do instead)

The #1 mistake
even smart & successful women make
in business (and what to do instead)
Not living in alignment with the rhythm and genius of your cycle.
When we push ourselves to be all high energy and active
during our period/new moon, it leads to imbalance
and tiredness during ovulation/full moon
when we would otherwise be bursting with life!
Feminine consistency is a myth.

Ride the wave,

maximize your genius,

end emotional struggle

Period: rest, rejuvenation, reflexion, goddess time

From period to ovulation: new projects, ideas, creativity, action
Ovulation: peak, fruition, celebration
(can also be quite intense and emotional)
From ovulation to period:
completion, rounding up, letting go, settling in
Read more & see apps at: http://ronjavenus.com/life-love-passion-productivity/


Tips & Gems of Wisdom

Ditch the coffee invite the green juice!

(And white tea, green tea, ashwaganda, maca root powder)

Go gluten free (even if youre not allergic)

Colonics and enemas

Move your body

Clean up your mac to make it faster (use Mackeeper and Space Gremlin)

Evening shower

Goddess rinse

Relax and trust in life

Life is magical, life is now, were all connected, this is it. <3

Want to go deeper?
Here is how
One more thing that often holds women back is
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Women really thrive in communities
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By offering this to you online, I can reach a lot more women.
And thats my mission. Simple.
If can help 100, or 1,000 or 100,000, Id go for 100,000! :)
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So once again, heres exactly whats included

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If you feel that you like my style, that hanging out with me
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The previous 2 programs were fully booked with a waiting list,
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Life is now, lets make it the sweetest experience

And now

time for some Q&A! :)