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FLEXIT : World Class Borehole Survey Tools | Products | SensIT drillhole probe

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SensIT drillhole probe gets reliable, repeatable

Totally sealed, in a blue anodised aluminium tube with fibre-glass antenna

FLEXIT International HQ
Fax +46 (0) 8 514 303 63
Tel +46 (0) 8 514 303 62
Mail: PO BOX 1074,
SE-186 26

T-joint at top end for notching into running gear top sub assembly.
A red LED at bottom end shows if probe is powered and/or measuring.
The sealed probe contains the battery pack, control and synchronising electronics,
the internal radio link antenna, three orthogonally mounted accelerometers, three
orthogonally mounted magnetometers, and a temperature sensor. Accelerometers
and magnetometers measure along the long axis of the probe and at right angles to
this axis (left and right, and up and down).
Take a close look at what you get
Light, compact, and robust - weighs only 1.5 kg, is only 840mm long with an
outer diameter of 31.7mm (3.3lb/33in./1.25in.). Shock resistance is 2000g, 0.7ms,
half sine.
Measures seven parameters simultaneously and accurately.

Azimuth (Direction) from 0-360, accurate to 0.3

Inclination (Dip) from 0-360 to within 0.2
Toolface (Gravity) from 0-360, 0.2
Toolface (Magnetic) from 0-360, 0.3
Total Magnetic Field from 0-100 000nT, accurate to 50nT
Magnetic Dip from -90 from horizontal, within 0.3

Tool Temperature (hole temperature) from -40C to +85C, accurate to 1C

In addition, at each measuring station, SensIT records survey time, survey date, and
preset survey header details.
Set the measurement delay or intervals you need
 SingleSmart - from 1-1440 minutes (24hr).
 MultiSmart - measurement intervals from 5-120 sec.

Powered for long trouble-free service by an internal Lithium MDX battery pack



FLEXIT : World Class Borehole Survey Tools | Products | SensIT drillhole probe

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with a typical life of up to 10 years.

More than adequate memory capacity to store 5 000 seven-parameter
All-climate operation thanks to total operating temperature range from -20C to
+85C. Specified measuring accuracy guaranteed within temperature range 0C to
Secure radio transmission of stored measurements by fast 433MHz radio data link
with a 8-10m/25-30ft range.
Fits inside most commercially available running gear. FLEXIT running gear and
running gear kits, FRG36K (standard) and FRG38K (heavy-duty) are available for
hole sizes 36mm, 38mm, AX, and BX.
Upgradable in the field from SingleSmart single-shot to MultiSmart multi-shot
system by purchase of a TransIT PC adaptor, FLEXIT proprietary software, MeasureIT
(for calculation and analysis) and DisplayIT (for data presentation), and an encrypted
unlocking code to convert SensIT from single-shot to multi-shot measuring.

2005 Flexit AB

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