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Training Announcement

Officers Role Managing the Use of Force Incident

Based on the comprehensive liability management treatise:
For Criminal Justice Officers, Supervisors, and Administrators

November 16, 2011

Best Western Coeur d Alene Inn
506 W. Apple Way Ave., Coeur d Alene, Idaho


8:00AM to 5:00 PM

What This Informative Seminar Offers

This dynamic seminar is a must for corrections and patrol deputies, federal/municipal police officers,
parole and probation officers, and federal/state corrections officers. This highly informative presentation
outlines an innovative - proactive - approach to minimizing officer liability, reducing citizen complaints,
and winning excessive force lawsuits. Department liability starts with the officers use of force and ends
in federal court. The following is a sample of the topics presented:

Common officer blunders that create liability

Properly managing witness perceptions
Categories of criminal justice lawsuits
Understanding the use of deadly force
Recent Taser appellate court rulings
Collecting Taser forensic evidence
Causes of officer liability
Preventing ADA lawsuits

Beginning the use of force incident with the

end in mind
Actions that damage an officers credibility
Proper use of force evidence collection
Minimizing department and officer liability
New innovative approach to use of force
documentation and report writing
Preventing in-custody deaths

About the Instructor

Howard Webb is the author of the comprehensive liability management treatise MANAGING THE USE
OF INCIDENT for Officers, Supervisors, and Administrators. Howard is the former use of force expert
for the State of Oregon and Montana. He is a nationally recognized criminal justice liability management
expert and expert witness. As an expert on criminal justice liability and use of force, Howard has
reviewed over a thousand use of force incidents and testified in defense of criminal justice officers over
300 times in state and federal courts and labor relations hearings. He is a contributing author who writes
on use of force issues for POLICE magazine.
The American Council on Criminal Justice Training is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides
criminal justice training seminars and instructor development courses.
Idaho POST Certified
Seminar Attendees
Receive Eight Idaho
POST Training Hours

Register: Online www.accjt.org

American Council on Criminal Justice Training
PO Box 1702 Missoula, Montana 97806 (406) 241-6150

Who Should Attend:

Law Enforcement, Corrections, Parole and
Probation, and Public Safety Officers