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Nicol C. Campbell
The School of Truth
Lecture given in October, 1990, Durban, South Africa
Source p. 261, Oct / Nov 2003 - The Path of Truth
Most believers limit God in them to matters of their emotions and health. They imagine that the
material things of life are beneath God. They are wrong. "Your Father knows what you need.
Whatever you ask in prayer (that is truly), you will receive, if you have faith."
People are hesitant to ask God for what are called "things." But things are crystallised ideas. My
health is the idea of Life crystallised in me, my happiness is God's Joy crystallised in me, and my
material effects are crystallisations of the ideas which sustain my work as His representative.
God is not divided. His kingdom encompasses all things seen and unseen. He is Omnipresence.
I cannot desire anything truly which does not already exist. God in us is everything, and is
almighty to bring it forth. Our part is to purify our consciousness, to avoid trying to canalise
God, to find the spiritual meaning of the material thing. For example, a new car represents new
opportunity for mobility, a new home represents expanded love, comfort and security. Why
should having "things" ever be regarded as "sin"? I am ambassador of every aspect of God's
kingdom and it is His good pleasure to see me fulfilled. I cannot live in the bush, I cannot
complete my work without a car.
For over 50 years it has been my business to put God to the test, if He will not open the windows
of heaven and pour down for me an overflowing blessing. It was particularly important for me
because of my upbringing. I had very religious parents. My father gave his congregation the
money to build a church in one of Cape Town's villages. He was a very good man. Yet he could
not accept that God was present in such material events and things. He often told me "You must
not confuse the material with the spiritual." So I made it my business to succeed, or to fail, in
working for the physical manifestation of spiritual ideas.
And I discovered that God was completely impersonal. He is like electricity - I switch it on and I
switch it off. If I switch this microphone off you may not be able to hear me at the back of the
hall. It is not the fault of the electricity or the microphone. "You ask and do not receive because
you ask wrongly." You have not clarified your desires in God's terms. You literally have no
"faith" in them. You must find the spiritual Essence of the thing which you need. You must
know that it is Good, and therefore that it is already contained in God's warehouse, waiting only
for you to claim it.
After 88 years of experience I say to you with complete conviction and understanding that every
single "thing" that I have ever truly wanted became manifest for me, and almost never became
manifest in the way I had imagined. Everything comes through the channel which God chooses.
The "thing," in idea form, is inside you, in the "midst" of you. Do not look outside, towards
people, towards any imagined channel, for anything which you need. Inside you, in the quietness
of your true thoughts and feelings, is the kingdom of heaven, is Omnipresence.

"Things" are God manifest. I have used my very life to prove that God is concerned with my
wellbeing - spiritual, mental, emotional - and material. And let us not imagine that the help of
others is not the help of God. Every hand is God's hand. If I were armless God would manifest as
someone to switch on this tape recorder. God is infinite Abundance. If I needed a certain amount
of money, ten times more poured down for me. If I needed mental peace I was wrapped up in
emotional happiness as well.
In opening the way to God within us there must be a marriage between the thinker and the feeler.
Thinking is unproductive without feeling. I can think all day long that I am health but if I do not
also feel it I will not become healthy. This thinking-feeling I call "vision." For example I might
have seen myself giving this lecture with the tape recorder next to me and when I arrived at the
hall the recorder was there. It was not a miracle. I extend this vision into everything that I need
and desire to achieve.
Years ago I wanted a car. I didn't have the money so I thought "God is saying to me 'Nicol, this
is for you. Accept it.'" With mind and heart I formulated my vision. I saw the car already in my
garage. I saw myself getting into it and driving it. I felt grateful that it was true. Does this seem
crazy to you? It has always worked for me - always. Every single thing that God held as an idea
in me was fulfilled for me by my acceptance of it, by God and me agreeing that it was so. This is
not miraculous. It is Law. The car came. The home came. Everything I needed came.
You may say God is not interested in "things." But God does not see things. God sees His ideas
fulfilled on the various plains of consciousness and, according to our faith, if we agree, it shall be
established. God is the Knowledge, Power and Presence that establishes it. So sure must we be
that already we give of what we would receive. Then it is put into our lap in good measure,
pressed down, shaken together and running over. That is how God provides. If it were not so I
could not uphold The School of Truth. No-one has ever heard me say "I need my return plane
ticket to Durban." The ticket is already within me.
This is what I have been trying to infuse into your consciousness, that every single thing you
truly desire is already waiting for you to claim it - because you could not truly desire it if it were
not for you. An idea, like a child, has been conceived and your acceptance gives it birth. There
are no limitations. how can I accept that God is All-knowledge, All-power, All-presence and at
the same time I haven't got the money to fly here to talk to you? I allow God always to choose
His own channel of manifestation. I need to talk to you and He makes it possible.
Since my 29th year I have discovered that everything in my mind which is beneficial has always
become crystallised in my life. I do not learn or speak from books, but rather from practical
demonstrations. Every single thing I truly desire is already the baby conceived within myself. I
could not even think about it if it were not already conceived. I hold a vision of it as already
manifest, not going-to-be manifest. My thoughts, feelings, speech and action confirm it. And the
child is born, your thing becomes manifest for you, not sometimes, but always. The sky is the

It is not true that "some things" are possible with God. All things are certain with God. It is a
partnership. It is like a man and wife cohabiting and producing a child - natural, not supernatural.
I have never found any limitation in God in relation to material things.
I say this again and again to you so that you do not forget it. You must see the thing as reality.
First the thought, then feel it is so - marry you the thinker and you the feeler. Then out of the
fullness of your heart you declare it: "This is the Truth. I am God-health fulfilled, I am God-joy
fulfilled, I am God-security fulfilled. It is already within me, conceived within myself. My
actions prove that I believe it. It must manifest." Am I better than you? Are we not all One "Temples of the living God?" Is not the kingdom of God as much in you as it is in me? Is not this
kingdom of God unlimited? I must do my part and so must you.
Ask yourself "What do I see, what do I think, how do I feel, what do I declare, how do I act?"
Remember these steps - see, think, feel, speak and act. Then it must be demonstrated. You will
manifest the thing whether you are high or low, rich or poor, good or "bad", black, white, brown
or yellow. We of The School of Truth are the broadcasters of God's voice and you are the
recipients. If you behave as though it is true, your needs and good desires must be fulfilled. Law
cannot contradict Itself. It cannot decide whether or not to have a manifestation. All of us live
and move and exist within It. Wherever I go I take God with me. I do not displace God when I
walk. There is only God walking through me, working through me, talking through me, hearing
through you.
Please, my good people, stop imposing limitations on God. You may have whatever you desire
in terms of good and which does not deprive any other person. If you believe you receive it, no
matter how high your mind goes, it will become manifest for you because this is how Law works
- like this light which must work if it is switched on. God's Love and Life and Power must work
if you are switched on to Him. I do not come all the way from Johannesburg to tell you fairy
tales. I come to tell you Truth - about what to believe within yourselves. I am another person
agreeing with you. And the two of us agree with God that He is your health, your joy, your
prosperity, to share and to spare. It is so.
Every time a negative thought or any negation comes along and introduces itself say as the
Master says "Get thee behind me Satan," meaning "Get behind me you lying condition, lying
circumstance, lying appearance." Now it is behind me I cannot see it. If I see it I will think about
it, I will feel about it, I will speak about it and I will act it.
Each one of you is God fulfilled. You are in Paul's words "temples of the living God." And the
Master says "The kingdom of God is within you." It is not outside you. You are not, as some
religions teach, weak human beings, isolated from God, born in sin. You are born in Love and in
Truth. Nothing is either good or bad but thinking - and feeling - makes it so. This has worked for
me, from cents to Rands - to hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands. Never has it been too
late. It has always been available when I needed it. We cannot deplete the supply any more than
we can empty the ocean with a teaspoon. You cannot make even a microscopic dent in the
presence of God. How marvelous - the universe is mine, all my needs are met, my mind is filled
with peace, my heart with happiness, my body with health, my affairs with prosperity to share
and to spare. What more could I need?

And what more could you need? I am not special. Please take this message with you: "I am
taking the living God with me as every thing that I could ever need or truly desire."

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