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Internship report on Application of Supply chain management

on textile industries of Bangladesh

Executive summary
A sound supplychain management helps to identify the supplier and the customer demand
thatoperation must satisfy, link customer demand with suppliers and productionplans, and keep
the operation function focused on satisfying customers need.The supply chain not only includes
the manufacturer and suppliers, but alsotransporters, warehouses, retailers, and customer
themselves. Supply chainmanagement (SCM) is the synchronized of a firms processes and those
of itssuppliers to match the flow of materials, services, and information withcustomer demand. It
is also a process of managing operations control, resourceacquisition and purchasing, and
inventory to improve overall efficiency andeffectiveness.
In this paper, Itake Maksons Spinning Mills ltd. asa field of my investigation and research. This
paper focuses on some of themajor aspects of supply chain management with its major
recompense and how todesign and implement effective and efficient supply chain management.
This report iscomposed of eight chapters, which are further divide into different parts. Inthe first
chapter, the introductory portion has been present along withbackground of the study, rationale of
study and the objective of the study andthe methodology, limitation and theoretical understanding
of supply are discussin chapter two. A focus on the MSML is included in chapter three from where
wewill be able to get the basic idea about the operation of the company. Chapter fourincludes the
import aspects of spinning sector. From where the spinning millscollect raw materials, how they
collect the raw materials, what are the basicraw material required by the spinning sector are
discussed in this chapter.What are the main considerations in selecting suppliers, process of
makingorder for raw material, landing procedure of import are also discussed in thechapter. Basic
ideas about the production process of textile industry speciallyspinning mills basic operational
functions are discussed in chapter Five. Chaptersix highlighted the export aspect of spinning
sector, The sales terms andcondition, modes of export of finished product, managing demand,
maintainingappropriate stock level, market condition and various pre and post salesservices i.e.,
transportation facilities, replacement facilities etc,warehousing, retailing are included inthat
chapter. Chapter seven explains the SWOT analysis. And in chapter eight, Itried to give a summary
and conclusion along with my findings andrecommendation.