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Integrated planning solutions

with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Is your planning application too rigid and insufficiently flexible?

Expertise. Value.

Are you unable to adapt it optimally to a constantly changing economic

environment? Is the integration of your planning application into your BI
and Microsoft environment incomplete or unsatisfactory?

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and

Consolidation supports planning,
budgeting, and forecasting as well
as providing consolidation features
for internal and external reporting.

Integrated Enterprise Performance Management solutions offer the possibility to design planning procedures efficiently and effectively. With
SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SAP offers a software product
than can eliminate procedural and technological difficulties in numerous
Implementation cycles can be shortened thanks to flexible data models,
central administration, and the possibilities for those persons in charge
to adapt them. Procedures are automated thanks to extractions from the
transactional systems and planning features. A simplification of the planning
procedures is achieved by means of workflow support, commenting possibilities, and the use of Microsoft Office products as frontend tools.

Our planning and consolidation

software comprises:
I ntuitive reporting and consolidation features as well as entry
layouts for the department in
charge and the IT department
E nhanced decision safety
thanks to risk-free planning
T ime-saving adaptation features and IT templates thanks to
which your current business
processes can be modified
I ntuitive user interfaces to
increase user productivity

SAP BPC formatted entry layouts and reports

The CubeServ Group

The CubeServ Group specialises
in providing services and solutions
based on SAP in the areas of Business Intelligence, Business Process
Management and Mobility.
CubeServ is headquartered in
Switzerland and has subsidiaries in
Germany, Austria and Croatia.
For over ten years, full service
provider CubeServ has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the design, implementation,
support and operation of solutions
to optimise management and
business processes.
We offer our own intelligent
products and solution templates,
such as the CubeServ Reporting
Framework and the CubeServ HR
Analytics Solution.

Planning applications realized with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

offer high usability supporting the entire planning process and reduce planning cycles. Amongst others, this is achieved by the following functions:

T op-down and bottom-up planning

Use of Microsoft products and web features
Offline features
Simulation possibilities
Technical support and auxiliary calculations

In addition, flexibility is improved and the dependency on IT is reduced,

because recording and maintaining master data in MS-Excel is ensured
and adaptations to the data model can be made directly by the persons in
Additional support in the planning process is achieved by the use of what
are referred to as Business Process Flows. They make monitoring possible
and in addition to this, ensure a coordinated confirmation process. The possibility to comment upon planning entries and results as well as to automate
recurrent planning tasks ensures a smooth and efficient planning process.

Interested? We would take pleasure in answering any questions you

may have. Please call us or send us
an e-mail.

+41 55 224 30 00
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Data modeling with SAP BPC

CubeServ will support you in implementing

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
Within the scope of an analysis of the current situation, we will describe
your planning procedures and / or your overall company planning. If necessary, we can help you to establish a set-up plan to set priorities for planning
projects, illustrate professional and technical interrelations and schedule
planning projects.
Based on the various planning tools, within the scope of a tools evaluation,
we will assist you in ensuring a high degree of investment protection. The
implementation phase following the blueprint phase is combined with
know-how transfer, the corresponding adaptations and extensions and their
possible internal implementation.

The CubeServ Group is a SAP Partner Service.

All brand and product names listed are registered
trademarks of the individual companies.

We will share with you our many years of project experience as a

SAP partner and would take pleasure in discussing your individual
requirements with you.
CubeServ Group Switzerland Germany Austria Croatia

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