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Vol. 138, No. 28

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Southeast Valley FCCLA hits a Trifecta

at National Leadership Meeting

July 5-9 marked the dates of the FCCLA
(Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America)
2015 National Leadership Meeting in Washington, DC.
Southeast Valley FCCLA was represented by three mem-

Since 1877!

bers, Hannah Peterson, Erica Nordin, and Regina Cook.

Adviser Sherry Vogel also accompanied the group. The
students were able to take in many sites of the area before

SV FCCLA continued on page 11...

Jade Olson is the new administrator at Grandview
Care Center in Dayton. Olson joined Grandview in May,
and recently graduated from the University of Northern

Jade Olson joins

Grandview Care Center
as new administrator

Gold Medal winners....

The girls each received gold medals for their events, the highest that a member can receive. Left to right are
Regina Cook competing in Career Investigation, researching the career of becoming a probation officer; Hannah Peterson
competing in Teach and Train, completing a portfolio of researching an elementary teacher and preparing and presenting
a lesson; and Erica Nordin competing in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation creating a dance business and a website for
that business.

2015 Iowa State Fair selections

from the Dayton Review area

More than 1,200 4-H exhibits were judged
Tuesday, July 7th at the Webster County Fair.

Each exhibit was evaluated on the goals the
4-Her set in making the exhibit, the learning the 4-Her
demonstrated from completing the exhibit, quality of
work and techniques used in making the exhibit, and the
overall general appearance and design of the exhibit.

Each exhibit was given a blue, red or white ribbon based on the evaluation criteria.

On May 18, the Grandview Care Center of Dayton hired a new administrator in Jade Olson.

Originally from Osage, Jade graduated from the
University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Long Term
Care Administration.

Jade graduated this past May and gained her initial position at Grandview.

I love Dayton so far, Olson said of her thoughts
on Dayton and Grandview. Im from a small town, not
nearly as small as Dayton, but I like it. Its a good community thats close-knit and everyone knows everybody.
I just love that.

So far under Olsons watch, the Grandview
Care Center of Dayton recently received high inspection

All the residents and staff are great, Olson
said of her expectations. Im hoping to here for a long
time to come.

Judges also made state fair selections and
awarded honorable mentions to those exhibitors who
were deserving of recognition for their efforts.

State Fair selections will represent Webster
County during the Iowa State Fair, August 13-23.
State Fair Exhibits are as follows:

Home Improvement - Anna Heatherington, Elkhorn Eagles; Maggie Anderlik, Dayton Tigers.
Iowa State Fair selections continued on page 2...

Iowa State Fair Bound...

All three girls are going to advance to the Iowa State Fair. Pictured from left to right are Jaynie Ferrari, Visual
Arts; Hannah Rees, Food; Jayden Muench, self determined.

Webster County Fair King and Queen...

Reigning during the 2015 Fair was Caryn Dawson
of the C/C Sidekicks, as Queen and Daniel Eslick of the Dayton Tigers, as King.

Visit www.daytongowrienews.
com for your local news...

Washington D.C. provides experience
for Southeast Valley history students
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dayton Review

SV students visit Capitol Hill, Arlington National Cemetery ...

Part 2 of 2
Check out last weeks edition of the Dayton Review and
the Gowrie News for the first part of the story.
By Tyler Anderson

After winning districts in Storm Lake in March
and the Iowa National History Day competition in May,
the Southeast Valley National History Day team headed
east to the nations capital.

What Allison True, Kylie Clark, Bailey Miller
and Dalton Dencklau saw and experienced in the District
of Columbia would make any other summer vacation a
little envious.

Going to Washington D.C. was the highlight of
my summer, Alli True said of her trip. When we found
out we placed fourth in the nation, it was like we had won
the lottery.

The process of attaining fourth was quite suspenseful for the group, however.

According to Janet Wills, the advisor of the project, the group had to give a 15 minute interview.

Wills also said that overall, the project went
through a rigorous judging process.

Although the interviews and the suspense was
very nerve racking, it was worth spending all that time
and energy on our National History Day website, Bailey
Miller said.

When it came time for the awards ceremony,
Wills commented that it was long ceremony with a lot of
special awards given out to various participants from every

According to Wills, the top three winners were
given medals and monetary awards.

Wills also said that the National History Day
competition was an international event.

These teams came from all over the country,
all of the territories have affiliates as well, Wills said. A
school in China competed, along with a school in Singapore.

For the National History Day group, the rest of
time was spent on sightseeing.

It was so cool to see all the things we learned
about in class in person, like the Constitution, Alli said.

While touring, the students caught the Tomb of
the Unknown Soldier and the Changing of the Guard at the
Arlington National Cemetery, a visiting the monuments
and a tour of the United States Capitol building, which was
provided by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassleys staff.

Until youre standing right in front of each monument, you dont realize how big they are, Wills said. In
eighth grade, U.S. History was the curriculum, and so we
saw things that we studied. We also went to the American History Museum and saw the flag that flew over Fort

During the War of 1812, the Fort McHenry flag
inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star Spangled

We also saw at the Lincoln Memorial a carving
into the marble of where Martin Luther King Jr. made his
I Have A Dream speech, Wills said. Its overwhelming
in a lot of ways. In the Capitol building, you can still see
the scorch marks from the War of 1812. You have a take a
moment and pause.

Another aspect of their tour de force through
Washington, the students visited the Library of Congress.

The group also visited the archives and saw the
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The National History Day competition also provided an opportunity for the students to network with others.

Each participant from all of the teams received a
button representing their state. Bailey Millers goal was to
get every state.

She was on a mission, Wills said.

I had a lot of fun meeting new people from Iowa
and from other states across the country, Bailey said. I
especially enjoyed trading buttons with all those people I
met. I received a button from every state!

Webster County Fair 4-H

Sheep show winners announced

At the Annual Sheep Show on Thursday, July 9,
many champions were selected. Champion Commercial
Ewe was shown by Collin Spangler of the Nifty Newark.
Collin also had the Grand Champion Commercial Ewe.

Haylee Welter, Gowrie Groundbreakers won
Champion Market Lamb and Reserve Champion honors went to Marydith Barkley of the Elkhorn Earlybirds.
Champion Individual Market Lamb Performance was
won by Hannah Rees, Washington Winners. Raechel
Spangler, Nifty Newark and Daven Rees, Washington
Winners tied for Reserve Champion honors.

Champion Rate of Gain Market Lamb honors
went to Hannah Rees of the Washington Winers. Reserve Champion Rate of Gain Market Lamb went to
Daven Rees of the Washington Winners. Washington
Winners member, Hannah Rees was awarded the Champion Advanced Feeder Lamb and Daven Rees, Washington Winners, was awarded Reserve Champion Advanced
Feeder Lamb.

There were three levels of showmanship, these
winners each receive 4-H belt buckle. Senior Showmanship was won by Raechel Spangler, Nifty Newark; Intermediate by Jayden Condon, Douglas Dreamers; and
Junior Showmanship by Haylee Welter, of the Gowrie


A 4-H Travel Chair was awarded to the exhibitor that had earned the most points in the sheep show.
The winner of this award was Haley Welter, Gowrie

Champion Female Meat Goat and Reserve
Champion Female Meat Goat were both shown by Katie Walrod, Central Plains FFA. Katie also showed the
Champion Market Meat Goat. Katie Walrod, Central
Plains FFA received Seinor Showmanship while Randy
Andrews, Dayton Tigers, also received Junior Showmanship Honors.

Ribbons were awarded to all participants as
follows: Dayton Tigers - Randy Andrews, 2 purple, 1
blue (goat); Reed Andrews, 3 blue (goat); Cassidy Lambert, 1 purple; 4 blue; Owen Oeltjenbruns, 2 purple, 7
blue; Alyssa Speck, 1 blue; Chloe Speck, 1 blue. Elkhorn
Earlybirds - Marydith Barkley, 5 purple, 1 blue. Gowrie Groundbreakers Blake Peterson, 1purple, 3 blue;
Alex Pudenz, 1 purple, 6 blue; Haylee Welter, 8 purple, 3
blue. Silver Spurs Morgan Walsh, 2 blue. Washington
Winners Daven Rees, 3 purple, 4 blue; Hannah Rees,
4 purple, 8 blue. Central Plains FFA Katie Walrod, 7

Iowa State Fair selections...

continued from front page...

Reserve Champion Market Lamb honors went to
Marydith Barkley of the Elkhorn Earlybirds.

Visual Art - Nathan Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Jaynie Ferrari, Dayton Tigers; Olivia Mitchell,
Washington Winners;

Clothing - Rachel Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Katelyn Pliner, Country Charmers; Nathan Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Chelsea Grossnickle, Dayton

Child Development - Tom Lennon, Washington

Food - Jacob Muench, Dayton Tigers; Abby
Anderlik, Dayton Tigers; Nathan Rethwisch, Elkhorn
Earlybirds; Hannah Rees, Washington Winners.

Mechanical and Engineering - Devin Summers,
Washington Winners (Woodworking); Dillon & Sammy
Sytsma, Washington Winners (Science & Technology);
Dakota Jaeschke, Elkhorn Eagles (Woodworking); Davin Rees, Washington Winners (Woodworking); Ben
Carlson, Gowrie Groundbreakers (Mechanics).

Ag and Natural Resources - Blake Peterson
(Animal Sicence); Patrick Carter (Vet Science); Olivia
Mitchell, Washington Winners (Horticulture).

Communicating Through Posters - Rachel Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Olivia Mitchell, Washington

The Southeast Valley National History Day group
poses in front of the replica of the statue on top of the dome
at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Photo provided by
Janet Wills.

Wills also pointed out that the team stayed at the
University of Maryland, along with other teams representing Iowa.

Despite taking a visit of a lifetime, theres still no
place like home for the group.

Hopefully, the group came away with an appreciation for Iowa and for the ability to get in your car and go
wherever you want to instead of waiting on public transportation, Wills said. Also, they and their parents knew
what its what Iowa Nice is.


Personal Development - Hannah Peterson,
Gowrie Groundbreakers (Citizenship); Jayden Muench,
Dayton Tigers (Self-Determined).

Photography - Nathan Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Olivia Mitchell, Washington Winners.
Receiving Honorable Mention:

Home Improvement - Charly Scharf, Washington Winners.

Visual Art - Rachel Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds (2); Jarrett Loseke, Gowrie Groundbreakers; Alexis
Stuhrenberg, Washington Winners; Marydith Barkley,
Elkhorn Earlybirds; Cody George, Gowrie Groundbreakers; Jessica Shirbroun, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Kylie Bergren, Silver Spurs; Nathan Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Katelyn Pliner, Country Charmers.

Child Development - Hannah Rees, Washington
Winners; Karrigan Mentzer, Dayton Tigers.

Food - Regan Black, Douglas Dreamers; Avery Anderson, Dayton Tigers; Lillian Nahnsen, Dayton
Tigers; Sammy Sytsma, Washington Winners; Elizabeth
Woltman, Silver Spurs; Jordan Johnson, Dayton Tigers;
Rachel Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Maddy Christensen, Gowrie Groundbreakers; Justin Koester, Washington Winners; Noble Nowell, Dayton Tigers; Jarrett
Loseke, Gowrie Groundbreakers.

Clothing - Justin Loseke, Gowrie Groundbreakers; Hannah Rees, Washington Winners; Mykaela
Stuhrenberg, Washington Winners.

Mechanical and Engineering - Alex Dischler,
Washington Winners; Collin Harris, Washington Winners; Lane Fevold, Gowrie Groundbreakers; Cameron
Pliner, Country Charmers; Kaidence Nowell, Dayton Tigers; Rylie Ferrari, Dayton Tigers; Gordon Grossnickle,
Dayton Tigers; Macie Willuweit, Elkhorn Earlybirds;
Noble Nowell, Dayton Tigers; Randy Andrews, Dayton
Tigers; Samantha Dischler, Washington Winners.

Ag and Natural Resources - Morgan Castenson,
Dayton Tigers; Miranda Keith, Country Charmers (2);
Anna Lewandowksi, SonRays; Brooklin Border, Douglas
Dreamers; Andrew Creger, C/C Sidekicks.

Communicating Through Posters - Christine
Housken, Washington Winners; Jacob Muench, Dayton

Personal Development - Olivia Mitchell, Washington Winners.

Photography - Matthew Ross, Gowrie Groundbreakers (2); Kaitlyn Clark, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Madyson Jaeschke, Elkhorn Eagles; Elizabeth Woltman, Silver
Spurs (2); Tom Lennon, Washington Winners; Leslie
Housken, Washington Winners; Leah Gibbons, Washington Winners (2); Christing Housken, Washington Winners; Samantha Dischler, Washington Winners; Rachel
Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds; Jacob Muench, Dayton
Tigers; Alyssa Speck, Dayton Tigers; Emma Woltman,
Silver Spurs; Sidney Lowry, Silver Spurs.

Dayton Review

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We are Bursting with

Pride as we help sponsor our
great studentsCare

Southeast Webster
High School!
since 1949

Carson-Stapp Dayton


406 3rd St. NE

(515) 547-2512

The Southeast Valley baseball team stands together during the National Anthem before the Class 2A-District final
against St. Edmond on Saturday in Pocahontas.

Jaguars conclude 2015 season 21-8

SV defeats Pocahontas, falls to St. Edmond...
By Tyler Anderson

The Southeast Valley Jaguars baseball team
ended their 2015 campaign this week, defeating Pocahontas Area in a 12-1 romp on Tuesday July 14 before
falling in a 6-5 loss to St. Edmond.

Southeast Valley close out their 2015 campaign
with a respectable 21-8 overall record.

The Dayton Review and the Gowrie News want
to thank Coach Bryan Bachel, Coach Brad Anderson and
the Jaguars for providing fans with another great season.

The Dayton Review and the Gowrie News also
want to wish seniors Dylan Anderson, Spencer Johnson,
Joe Sedlacek and Koltan Lundberg all the best in their
future endeavors.

Southeast Valley 12, Pocahontas Area 1 (five
innings): In the nightcap of the Class 2A-District 3 regional, the Southeast Valley Jaguars used a huge third
inning to propel themselves past Pocahontas Area in five
innings, 12-1.

The Jaguars got on the board early, scoring two
runs off of a Dakota Jaeschke single.

The Indians were able to get on the board with
a double and would threaten the Jaguar lead in the top of
the third, but junior Andrew Dorage and the defense held

In the bottom of the third inning, a series of
walks, a two run-double by junior Cade King and a tworun single by Dorage put the Jags up for good. Three Poky
pitchers later, the Southeast Valley lead had extended to

However, Pocahontas did not go down without
a fight. The Indians threatened to score one more, before
sophomore Myles Davis tagged out a leaping Shea Ruffridge at the plate.

Upon hitting the ground, Ruffridge got injured
and had to taken off the field by medics. The Dayton Review and the Gowrie News wish a quick and complete
recovery for the Pocahontas freshman.

The Jaguars were led by Dorage, who clinched
his eighth win of the season by allowing one hit and striking out five Indian batters. Dorage also went 2-4 with two

Aiding Dorage was King, who went 1-3 with
two RBIs and a stolen base while Jaeschke went 2-3 with
two RBIs.

Sophomore Sam Berglund and freshman Nolan
Johnson also contributed with two RBIs, as junior Cameron Anderson tacked on another RBI. Myles Davis also
recorded a stolen base.
SV 20(10) 00X

8 1
Poky 010
00X X


St. Edmond 6, Southeast Valley 5: The Southeast Valley baseball team concluded its postseason run,
dropping a 6-5 heartbreaker to St. Edmond in the Class
2A-District 3 region final on Saturday in Pocahontas.

The beginning of the game was a showcase between the top two pitchers and defenses in the area, as
junior Andrew Dorage and the Jags and pitcher Robert
Flattery and the Gaels kept each other in check.

In the second inning, the Jags took advantage of
St. Edmond errors to load up the bases before sophomore
Sam Berglund drove in an RBI single. St. Edmond had
six errors all together in the ball game.

Accentuating on the 2-0 Southeast Valley advantage, Berglund stole home due to a wild pitch from
Flattery and junior Cade King prompted Nolan Johnson
to score on a sac fly.

Sophomore Myles Davis capped the five run inning with a shallow chopper into the gap, giving junior

Cameron Anderson the opportunity to cross home plate.

After two innings, the Jaguars stood with a 5-0

While Dorage and the defense kept the Gaels
from threatening on numerous occasions, the tide turned
in St. Edmonds favor.

The event that shifted the momentum out of
Southeast Valley hands was a wild pitch by Dorage,
which enticed sophomore Nick OBrien to take home.

The Southeast Valley pitching staff had trouble
getting out of the bottom of the fifth inning, which saw
Dorage get replaced by Anderson on the mound.

By the time senior first baseman Dylan Anderson had a brilliant catch to retire the Gaels, the game became deadlocked at 5-5.

In the seventh inning, St. Edmonds Colin Flattery was walked with the bases loaded to prevent the Jaguars from pushing the game to extra innings.

The Jags were led by Davis, who went 3-4 with
an RBI and a stolen base. Freshman Nolan Johnson and
senior Spencer Johnson each contributed with two hits.
King and Anderson were credited with one RBI respectively.

On the mound, Dorage allowed six hits but
fanned seven Gael batters. However, Anderson took the
loss for the Jags, his only loss of the 2015 campaign.
SV 050



Auction Calendar

*Please disregard the previously printed information.

There are no upcoming auctions that we know of yet.
We apologize for the error.

Dayton Review

PO Box 6 25 S. Main St Dayton, IA 515-547-2811

Dayton Rummage Sale

on Saturday, August 1

The annual Dayton Rummage Sale will be held
from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 1 at the Dayton
Community Center.

Sponsored by the Dayton Community Outreach
Committee, there will be household furniture, clothing,
decorating, holiday items, toys and school supplies. The
items are all donations from the community.

While donated items are welcome, the committee asks kindly that you do not donate TVs or computers.

To drop off donations, you can come to the Dayton Community Center on Thursday evening, July 30 and
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, July 31.

For items to be picked up, please contact Diana
Vangilder at 547-2257.

Lehigh Historical Society

has improvement projects
planned for depot museum

Junior pitcher Andrew Dorage hurls a pitch
against St. Edmond in the Class 2A-District 3 final on Saturday in Pocahontas. Despite striking out seven Gael batters, the Gaels defeated the Jags, 6-5.

Dayton Review
Glenn Schreiber: Editor
Tonya Harrison: Graphic Designer
Amanda DeVries: Clerical, Writing
Mary Lou Strandberg : Meditation & Specialty Writer

The Lehigh Historical Society Museum is raising funds for small improvement projects at the museum
located in the historic depot at the base of the hill near
downtown Lehigh.

The Lehigh Historical Society needs to do some
maintenance work on its depot roof. And the group also
seeks to construct a handicap accessible bathroom on the
main floor of the museum. Currently there is a bathroom
in the basement of the museum.

The Lehigh Historical Society Museum recently
served food at the new volleyball league that now has its
matches every Monday night in Lehigh at the City Park
atop the hill.

The Lehigh Historical Society served pork burgers, hot dogs, chips and water.

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E-mail daytonreview@lvcta.com

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Webster-Grand Community School District

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Marcia Rosenquist, 89

Marcia Rosenquist, 89 of Dayton passed away
peacefully at her Meadow Creek Farm home onJuly 16,
2015.She was surrounded by her husband, daughters
and faithful companion, Seraya.Marcia deeded her body
to the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.A
Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, July 25that
1:30 p.m., at the McGuire Bend United Brethren Church,
3138 Vasse Ave. in rural Dayton. Following the service,
family and friends will gather for a time of fellowship at
the church. For online obituaries and condolences please
visit: www.carsonstappfuneralhome.com
Marcia Janelle Lundberg was born in Bertrand,
Nebraska on March 9, 1926 to Walter and Elsie Lundberg.After several years of drought, the family moved
to Pilot Mound, Iowa where she graduated from high
school.On September 29, 1950 she was united in marriage to Gerald Rosenquist at Immanuel Lutheran Church,
Burnside, Iowa.To this union two daughters were born:
Loretta Eileen and Nancy Lorraine.
Immediately after their marriage, Gerald and Marcia became the fourth generation to reside at Meadow
Creek Farm where they raised livestock and grains. Upon
retirement from farming, creating and maintaining several perennial gardens became their hobby. Marcia loved
working in her gardens, doing needlework, quilting, and
She is survived by her husband of 64 years Gerald,
daughters Loretta (Gary) Sandholm of Hartford, SD and
Nancy Rosenquist of Ames, IA ; brother Willard (Maxine) Lundberg of Lehigh, IA; sister Mavis (Dick) Anderson of Bentonville, AR; sisters-in-law Fern Rosenquist
of rural Fort Dodge, Arlene Rosenquist of Dayton; and
several nieces and nephews.
She was preceded in death by her parents; brothers
Calvin Lundberg and Wallace Lundberg; brother-in-laws
Dwayne Rosenquist, Leland Rosenquist, Jim OBrion;
sister-in-laws Elaine Lundberg, Barbara Lundberg, Gladys Rosenquist, Norma OBrion; and three nephews Tom
Lundberg, Mike Lundberg, and Chris Lundberg.
Memorials may be left to the discretion of the family.

Webster County Fair

Horticulture winners

The annual 4-H horticulture show was held
at the Webster County Fairgrounds on Friday, July 10.
Awards were given as follows:

First place winners in categories:
Flowers and Plants:
Jordan Johnson, Dayton Tigers Single Cut Flower.
Caryn Dawson, C/C Sidekicks Container Grown Flowering Plant. Nathan Rethwisch, Elkhorn Earlybirds
-- Container Grown Foliage Plant. Allyson Jaeschke,
Johnson Jaguars Floral Arrangement. Champion Flower Caryn Dawson, C/C Sidekicks. Reserve Champion
Jordan Johnson, Dayton Tigers
Vegetables: Kylie Weiland, Dayton Tigers Freshly Harvested Vegetables. Champion Vegetable Kylie Weiland, Dayton Tigers.Reserve Champion Jarrett Loseke,
Gowrie Groundbreakers.
Herbs: Jordan Johnson, Dayton Tigers Freshly Harvested Herbs. Champion Herb Jordan Johnson, Dayton Tigers.

Ribbons in the Horticulture Department
were awarded to all participants as follows:

Dayton Tigers - Rawly Grandfield, 4 blue, 2 red;
Jordan Johnson, 6 blue; Jillian Mentzer, 1 blue, 1 red; Kylie Weiland, 5 blue.

Elkhorn Earlybirds - Nathan Rethwisch, 1 blue.

Gowrie Groundbreakers - Jarrett Loseke, 2
blue; Justin Loseke, 1 blue.

Dayton Review

Myrna E. Harrison, 99

Myrna E. Harrison, 99, of the Eastern Star Masonic Home and formerly of 608 Greene Street in Boone,
Iowa passed away at the Home on Monday afternoon,
July 13, 2015 where she had been a resident since November of 2008.

She was born on May 22, 1916 in Stratford,
Iowa the daughter of Erick and Hulda (Hanson) Erickson.

On May 1, 1938. She married John Elvin Harrison at her parents home northwest of Stratford.

Myrna was a 1935 graduate of Stratford High
School. She worked as a cook for the S.E. Webster School
in Harcourt, Iowa and also for the Boone Schools. In later
years, Myrna helped with the RSVP Foster Grandparents
program in Page School. She was lovingly remembered
as Grandma Myrna by many children, which she loved.

She was a 50 plus year member of the First United Methodist Church and the Order of Eastern Star Magi
Chapter where she was a past Matron. She was also a
member of Senior Citizens, R.S.V.P., and A.A.R.P.

Her parents; husband J. Elvin Harrison in 1975;
their daughter Cynthia in 1949; and 3 sisters Ethel Erickson, Eveline Jansz, and Darlene Hall preceded her in

Survivors include 2 daughters Sharon Mallicoat
of Boone and Sallie Zimmermann of Ankeny, Iowa; 9
grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; 7 great-great
grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

Services will be held on Friday morning, July
17th at 10:00 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church
in Boone with Rev. Sarah Karber officiating.

Interment will be in the Oakwood Cemetery
north of Stratford, Iowa.

Visitation will be held on Friday morning at the
Church from 9:00 a.m. until the time of service with the
family present during that time to greet friends.

She requested no flowers. In memory of Myrna,
memorials may be directed to the Ericson Public Library
Childrens Department or the First United Methodist

On line condolences may be made to www.

Stark-Welin Funeral Directors in Boone is in
charge of arrangements.

Washington Winners - Olivia Mitchell, 2 blue;
Alyson Nieland, 2 blue.

Bucket of Flowers exhibits were on display
starting Tuesday, July 7 during the Webster County Fair.
Many 4-Hers chose to leave their flowers to beautify the
fairgrounds the rest of the summer.

Special awards went to:

Most Creative - Haylee Welter, Gowrie

Best Arrangement - Katie Delaney, Douglas

Best Use of Color - Chase Jaeschke, Johnson

Outstanding 4-H Display - Nathan Rethwisch,
Elkhorn Earlybirds

Best Use of Fair Theme - Carly Davis, Dayton

Best Choice of Flowers- Jacob Geis, Washington Winners

Best Use of Patriotic Theme - Caryn Dawson,
C/C Sidekicks

Best Designed Bucket - Kyleigh Erritt, Gowrie

It Pays to Advertise!

Chester Youngren, 90

Chester Youngren, 90, of Dayton, Iowa, went home

to Jesus on Thursday, July 16, 2015, at his home.
A Celebration of Life will be held 11:00 a.m., Saturday, July 25, 2015, at the United Methodist Church in
Dayton. Pastor Kay Kristie & Pastor Alaire Willits will
officiate. Visitation will be 10 AM at the church. Burial
will be in Lost Grove Cemetery rural Harcourt. For online obituaries and condolences please visit: www.carsonstappfuneralhome.com
Chester Frank Adolf Youngren was born on January 10, 1925, in Boxholm, Iowa, the son of Fred and Judith (Johnson) Youngren. He graduated with the Dayton
High School class of 1943. Chester enlisted in the United
States Navy during WWII serving aboard the USS Graffias AF29 in the Pacific from 1944 to 1946.
On October 17, 1948, Chester was united in marriage
to Ileen Snyder at the United Methodist Church in Dayton. The couple farmed north of Dayton until 1992 when
Chester retired.
Chester was a member of the United Methodist
Church in Dayton and also the United Methodist Church
in Lehigh. He belonged to the American Legion.
Chester is survived by two daughters, Teresa (Bill)
Brecht, St. Charles, Missouri; Elaine Winchell, Dayton,
Iowa; son-in-law, Don Rutenbeck, Ironton, Missouri;
grandsons Dan (Sarah) Brecht, St. Charles, Missouri;
Jon Brecht, St. Charles, Missouri; & Justin Winchell, Altoona, Iowa; brother Clarence Youngren, Antelope, California, step-granddaughters Ahnada (Dean) Stephenson,
Altoona, Iowa; Carissa (Steve) Lahey, Ankeny, Iowa and
Nikki (Doug) Vogel, Altoona, Iowa; eight great-stepgrandchildren and many nieces and nephews.
He was preceded in death by his parents; his wife of
64 years, Ileen in December of 2012; son, Tim Youngren;
daughter, Anne Rutenbeck & brother, Robert Youngren.
Chester loved farming and raising Angus cattle. He
enjoyed attending Bible studies, working outside, fishing with his grandchildren and bowling. Chester liked
to travel and especially enjoyed his trip to Sweden with
Ileen to see relatives residing there. Chester attended
the yearly reunion of the USS Graffias AF29. He initiated this reunion with his fellow shipmates in the 1990s.
Chester was a mentor at the Dayton SE Webster Elementary School for several years and enjoyed reading to the
children and helping them with math. He served on the
Dayton School Board for several terms and each of his
daughters was privileged to have him present their DHS
diploma at graduation.
Lunch will be provided immediately following the
Celebration of Life Service. At 2 PM all are welcome to
join the procession for the graveside interment service at
Lost Grove Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, memorials can be made to Des
Moines University, Des Moines, IA; the John Stoddard
Cancer Center, Des Moines, IA or left to the discretion of
the family.

Robert R. Timmons, 74

Robert R. Timmons, 74, of Lehigh, Iowa, passed
away on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, at his home in Lehigh, Iowa.
A Celebration of Life was held 12:00 p.m., Tuesday,
July 21, 2015, at the United Methodist Church in Lehigh.
Pastor Alaire Willits and Pastor John Rick McDermott
officiated. Burial will be at West Lawn Cemetery in Lehigh at a later date. For online obituaries and condolences please visit: www.carsonstappfuneralhome.com

Dayton Review

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Southeast Valley
Schedule of Events
Week of July 22nd to July 29th

Wednesday, July 22
SWGES Early Childhood Preschool Registration
10:30 p.m. Open Gyms for Volleyball Mondays &
Friday, July 24
B V Base 2A STATE BAS - B V Base
Saturday, July 25
B V Base 2A STATE BAS - B V Base
Sunday, July 26
FCCLA National Cluster Meeting (Nov 14-16)
Monday, July 27
10:30 p.m. Open Gyms for Volleyball Mondays &
Wednesday, July 29
10:30 p.m. Open Gyms for Volleyball Mondays &

*Schedule is pulled from the SV website for your convenience*

***Schedules are subject to change at anytime***






Happy 50th Anniversary

John and Cindy Haub of Dayton will be cel; ebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with an open
house on Saturday, July 25th from 3:30 - 6 pm at the
e Oak Park Shelter House in Dayton.
Friends and family are invited to help celebrate
d along with their children Eric and Jeannette Haub, of
h Dayton; Samantha and Allen Scott, of Choudrant, LA,
d and Genev and Tony Calek of Boone.
They have five grandchildren, Ryan, Mason,
. Trace, Brendon, and Bryce. Cards may be sent to 3528
- Racine Ave, Dayton, IA 50530.



Fresh, homemade noon specials!

and serving breakfast
Wednesday, July 22.............Pork Chops
Thursday, July 23................... Hot Beef
Friday, July 24.................. 2 Piece Fish
Monday, July 27................... Meat Loaf
Tuesday, July 28..............Fried Chicken
Wednesday, July 29......... Cooks Choice
Breakfast: 6:30 - 8 a.m.
Lunch: 11 - 1 p.m.

Dayton Community


22 N. Main 515-547-2217 Dayton, Iowa 50530

The convenience of home delivery

Most Review readers most likely not up on Des Moines

local news but if you view one of our three major TV stations you have probably heard about our City Council having approved of food vendor trucks being parked in special
places downtown this summer. These trucks have existed
for some time and I have seen them located at various places, usually on the corners of other businesses parking lots.
These places are not in the bigger businesses area so surely
are not getting the customers they could entice if nearer to
those areas.
The trucks offer many things, favorites like Mexican
short order items, ice cream concoctions, etc. They have not
been allowed to travel the residential streets and park at a
corner for a short time or be hailed by workers and residents.
` That brings me back a number of years 50 or more
when there were business delivery trucks, and various vendors who had special routes. I do believe they had to have
some sort of permits to do so but they werent that hard to
get. A favorite in our neighborhood was the ice cream truck
during the warm weather months. You could hear its music
playing a block or so away. The truck had several stops on
each street, one being almost in front of our house. Suddenly
kids seemed to appear out of nowhere clutching their coins
or dollars for themselves and siblings. Mothers accompanied
the smaller ones, toddlers and babes in arms and often got
a treat too. Thank goodness they only came once or twice
a week. It was special for our children as Dad worked at a
dairy at the time and that dairy produced some very good ice
cream treats which we could buy by the dozens cheaper but
who can tell their child they can only watch all their buddies
get this special treat?
There were other mobile delivery companies or vendors.
Remember the insulated milk boxes that sat on back steps
or porches? We had the service while still connected to the
dairy. Previous to the boxes the milk man had known us well
enough to come into our house and put in our frig when we
werent home. He, however, did not deliver anything but the
various milks, cream, half & half, buttermilk and the like.
Trucks refrigerated but no freezers. Eventually milk routes
were eliminated. I think that may have had something to
do with easier availability in super markets and quik stop
stores coming to the neighborhoods.
Did you ever hear of the bread man? There was one
company, Omar Bread, that vended not only various breads
and buns but all sorts of pastries, etc. too. They came to a
neighborhood on a regular day each week and not only could
you get your bread order but those donuts, sweet rolls and
other pastries were a temptation. Here, again, they seemed to
fade away, probably for the same reason that the milk deliveries came to a halt.
The Fuller Brush man and the encyclopedia salespersons
seemed to have stopped their door knocking rounds but there
were others to take over, eventually also ceasing to operate.
We could get our mops and brooms and various brushes at

Target and Walmart and other local sundry stores also popping up in local strip malls. And what kids these days ever
heard of an encyclopedia? After all we have Google and all
the computer resources almost instantly available. I value
that modern convenience myself.
Remember when we had to take more of our clothes to
the dry cleaners? They, too, had pick up and deliveries but
if you used that service you paid a little more. Dry cleaners
still exist and I have seen some delivery vehicles of cleaners around but, with the many, many wash and wear clothes
these days we use them less. Even many of our heavy coats
can go in the washing machine. I was surprised at the cost
when I had a garment that required dry cleaning. You can
also take your dry cleaning to Hy-Vee and other such outlets
The first time I tasted Schwanns ice cream was in Creston Iowa. They had a store down there and when a friend
and I visited his family I was introduced to one of the best
ice cream cones ever on our way back to Des Moines. I
then learned they had vending trucks and even had them in
Des Moines although by that time I was an apartment resident so never had the pleasure of their stopping at my home.
My daughter, however, patronized one of those vendors for
some time. I learned it was the son of one of my co-workers
and that it was a long hard job as they had to stay out til all
customers had been given the opportunity to purchase their
weekly frozen items. They had many frozen foods (all very
good I was told) in addition to their ice cream. I had been
wondering if they, too, had gone the way of the other delivery/vendor routes but then not long ago coming home from
a church meeting, almost 8:00 P.M. what loomed before me
on my street about a mile north of my abode but a Schwanns
truck?! So we still have a few of the old forms of entrepreneur-ship remaining.
One other home delivery that still exists is that of the daily newspaper. However, at least in the Des Moines area and
probably wherever The Register serves that, too, changed.
My two older sons had early morning routes and we never
worried about them and always helped with the big Sunday deliveries. But the days of the paper boys (and a few
girls) ceased quite quickly after the disappearance of two Des
Moines Register carriers within a short span. They are now
delivered by adults (often with a spouse or other older family
member riding along). Times change but it is enjoyable to
remember the old ones too.
A couple delivery services that have come into current
being are beneficial particularly to elderly, shut ins, ill or
non-drivers. Some of our grocery stores now fill and deliver
orders and the pharmacies have been doing it for quite some
time. I have not used either of these services but it is good to
know I wont be stranded should such a need arise.
Did the rural areas of Boone, Webster and Greene Counties have the availability of those old services or any of the
existing ones besides newspaper and mail delivery?

Eslick, Ferrari win 4-H County Fair Beef Show

The annual 4-H beef show was held at the
Webster County Fair on Friday, July 10. Daniel Eslick,
Dayton Tigers, won Grand Champion Market Beef, and
Jaynie Ferrari, Dayton Tigers won Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef.

Other awards included Champion Market Heifer, which was won by Anna Heatherington, Elkhorn
Eagles. Devin Summers, Washington Winners, received
Reserve Champion Market Heifer honors.

Crossbred Champion Steer honors went to
Jaynie Ferrari, Dayton Tigers, with Reserve Crossbred
Champion Steer being won by Josh Carlson, Gowrie

Daniel Eslick, Dayton Tigers, won Champion
Feeder Calf, and Reserve Champion Feeder Calf honors
went to Anna Heatherington, Elkhorn Eagles.

Morgan Walsh, Silver Spurs, won Champion
Commercial Heifer while Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer honors went to Jaedyn Condon, Douglas

Champion Registered Purebred Female was
shown by Maggie Anderlik, Dayton Tigers and Reserve
Champion Registered Purebred Female was shown by
Gage Fevold, Gowrie Groundbreakers. Champion Cow
Calf was shown by Austin Jaeschke, Johnson Jaguars.

Champion Supreme Female was won by Maggie Anderlik, Dayton Tigers, and Gage Fevold, Gowrie
Groundbreakers, took home Reserve Champion Supreme
Female honors.

Dillon Summers, Washington Winners, won
Champion honors in both the Rate of Gain and the Carcass Class, while Reserve Champion in both the Rate of
Gain and Carcass Carcass went to Madison Anderson,
Washington Winners.

In the Bucket/Bottle class, Best interview honors went to Carson Walrod, Gowrie Groundbreakers, and
Dillon Summers, Washington Winners was selected for
Best Records.

Awards were given for showmanship in three
categories. Senior Showmanship went to Josh Carlson,
Gowrie Groundbreakers, Intermediate Showmanship to
Jaynie Ferrari, Dayton Tigers, and Junior Showmanship
to Dillon Summers, Washington Winners.

All participants received ribbons as follows:
Dayton Tigers - Abby Anderlik, 1 purple; Maggie Anderlik, 2 purple; Daniel Eslick, 2 purple; Michael Eslick, 1
purple; Nicholas Eslick, 1 purple; Jaynie Ferrari, 1 purple.
Elkhorn Eagles - Anna Heatherington, 3 purple.
Gowrie Groundbreakers - Ben Carlson, 1 purple; Joshua
Carlson, 2 purple; Gage Fevold, 1 purple; Blake Peterson,
1 purple; Alex Pudenz, 1 purple, 1 blue; Carson Walrod,
3 purple; Katie Walrod, 1 purple.
Silver Spurs - Morgan Walsh, 3 purple.
Washington Winners - Evan Anderson, 2 blue; Madison
Anderson, 3 blue; Justin Koester, 2 purple, 1 blue; Devin
Summers, 1 purple, 1 blue; Dillon Summers, 2 purple, 1
Central Plains FFA - Nathan Walsh, 3 blue.

Dayton Rescue Squad

hosts annual Barbeque

The Dayton Rescue Squad will have its annual
barbeque on from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.on Sunday, Aug. 9 at
the Dayton Community Center.

The menu for the barbeque is beef or pork patties, chips, beans and dessert.

It is a freewill offering event and the proceeds
will go toward purchasing a new ambulance.

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daytonreview@lvcta.com ~

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dayton Review


Champion Market Hog

Micaela Fevold of the Gowrie Groundbreakers



Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer
Jaedyn Condon of the Douglas Dreamers



Three champions....

Clayton Kiefer, Dayton Tigers, won the Champion Market Pen and Reserve Champion Market Pen honors. Reserve Champion Commercial Rabbit was shown by C/C Sidekicks 4-H member Clayton Kiefer.

4-H Rabbit show winners announced

The annual 4-H Rabbit Show was held Thursday, July 9th at the Webster County Fair. There were
about 38 exhibitors showing over 130 rabbits at the show.
Best Rabbit of Show was Samantha Smith, of the C/C
Sidekicks. The award for the Largest Rabbit was given
to Kylie Weiland, Dayton Tigers. The Costume Class
Award Winner was Carlie Shing-Hon of the C/C Sidekicks with her flower costume. The Champion Purbred
Award went to Karrigan Mentzer of the Dayton Tigers

Kevin P. Diehl
109 8th St. S.W. Dayton, IA
515.547.3333 Fax: 515.547.3331 1.800.743.6598


and Reserve Champion Purebred award was won by Kannon Graham, Douglas Dreamers. Clayton Kiefer, Dayton Tigers, won the Champion Market Pen and Reserve
Champion Market Pen honors. Champion Commercial
Rabbit was shown by Samantha Smith, C/C Sidekicks
and Reserve Champion Commercial Rabbit was shown
by C/C Sidekicks 4-H member Clayton Kiefer.

Junior Showmanship Award went to Thornton Aljets, of the Douglas Dreamers. Addison Lincoln,
Johnson Jaguars earned the Intermediate Showmanship
Award. Patrick Carter, C/C Sidekicks received the Senior Showmanship Award.

All participants were awarded ribbons as follows: Dayton Tigers - Michael Eslick, 2 blue; Nick Eslick, 2 blue; Gordon Grossnickle, 3 blue; Clayton Kiefer,
2 purple, 11 blue; Taegen Long, 4 blue, 3 red; Karrigan
Mentzer, 2 purple, 6 blue, 6 red; Teighan Osborne, 7 blue;
Alyssa Speck, 3 blue; Chloe Speck, 2 blue, 1 red; Kylie
Weiland, 1 purple, 6 blue, 1 red. Elkhorn Earlybirds Marydith Barkley, 1 purple, 8 blue; Jessica Shirbroun,
1 purple, 6 blue, 1 red. Washington Winners - Megan
Anderson, 2 blue, 1 red; Jacob Geis, 1 purple, 2 blue;
Josh Gibbons, 1 blue, 1 red; Leah Gibbons, 1 blue, 1 red;
Lauren Harris, 2 blue, 1 red; Sylvia Hess, 2 blue; Christine Housken, 4 blue; Leslie Housken, 2 purple, 1 blue;
Thomas Lennon, 2 red; Alexis Stuhrenberg, 1 purple,
1 blue, 4 red; Mykaela Stuhrenberg, 3 blue; Mykenzie
Stuhrenberg, 3 blue.

Champion Purebred...

The Champion Purebred Award went to Karrigan
Mentzer of the Dayton Tigers.


the Best
Anderson Implement King and Queen runner-up....
Anderson 5Implement
3043 Madison Ave.
Ft. Dodge, IA

3043 Madison Ave.

Ft. Dodge, IA


Abby Anderlik, Dayton Tigers, was the runner-up
for Queen and Luke Lewandowski, SonRays, was the runner-up for King.

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Dayton Review

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jaguar Softball...

Front row, left to right, are seniors Karlee Walker, Nicole Williams and Zoey Shipley. Second row, left to right are
Natalie Labert, Josie Breitsprecher, Anna Heatherington, Cassie Zinnel, Tori Crampton, and Erica Rittgers. Third row,
left to right, are Morgan Castenson, Jaiden Ackerson, Tiffany Blunk, Aaliyah Scott, Allie Berg, Kearsten Hainzinger,
Kenly Clough, Mickayla Williamson and Kasey Lundberg. Coaches are Jessica Hector, Heather Lundberg, and Christi

These Businesses proudly supported the Jaguar Softball team this season!
Gowrie Care Center, Skoglund, Security Savings Bank, Macke Gowrie.

Southeast Valley JH Softball teams

conclude 10-2, 6-4 seasons

The Southeast Valley Jaguar Junior High soft-

recently finished successful seasons. The 7th
lgraders ended with a mark of 10-2 and the 6th graders
ended their season with a record of 6-4.
Im very pleased with the hard work of the girls
this season, said coach Gordy Stull. They are a great
-bunch of young ladies.
Kenzie Crampton expertly handled most of the

pitching duties for the sevies and Sydney Carlson hurled

for the youngsters.

Offensively, the older squad was led by first
baseman Jaidyn Rowley, shortstop Jaynie Ferrari,
Crampton, center fielder Macie Willuweit, and second
baseman Cassi Berglund.

Big hitters for the 6th graders were Sydney and
SV JH Softball continued on page 11...



Front row: Chyann Hicks, Sydney Carlson, Addie Correll, Jade Wozab, Rylee Murray, Allsion Bethel, Shayna
Steck and Emily Hemmestad. Second row: Shaylin Carlson, Emily Jaeschke, Macie Willuweit, Vi Scott, Jess Shirbroun,
Haley Studyvin, Marlie Johnson, Chloe Hicks. Back row: Coach Samantha Telleen, Mackenzie Crampton, Jaidyn Rowley,
Jaynie Ferrari, Morgan Farnham, Cassi Berglund, Coach Gordy Stull.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dayton Review

The story of...

Greetings and Salutations. That is my formal
way of introducing myself to you, the people who read
The Dayton Review.

My name is Kay. Christie and I am the new pastor serving the Dayton and Harcourt Methodist Churches.

I am submitting articles into this paper so that I
can encourage and motivate readers of all ages and backgrounds.

I hope that you will enjoy my messages and be
grateful about your circumstances. No matter what we
have, we have a lot to be thankful for.

For my first column, I wanted to tell you the
story of my first speaking engagement. There are some


Sundays: 10 a.m. Worship; 9 a.m. Sunday
Saturday: 9 a.m. first communion class
Wed., June 10 - 9:30 a.m. LCW; 7 p.m.
Church Council mtg; 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. Ice
Cream on church lawn for everyone.
Sun., June 14 - 9 a.m. Adult S.S.; 10 a.m.
Worship w/ Communion.
Sat., July 18: 10 am - 12 pm Food Pantry
Sun., July 19: 10 am Worship with
Communion; 11:30 am VBS Kickoff
Mon., July 20 - Fri., July 24 VBS Week.
Saturday: 5:00 p.m. Mass
Sundays: 9:30 a.m. Adult Sunday School;
10:30 a.m. worship
The Kelley Sisters Gospel Duet
Sunday June 28th @ 10:30
Free lunch following
Your invited to come enjoy the music
and food!
Sundays: Worship; 10:30 a.m. Fellowship:

that know me now that might not believe it, but I have not
always been as articulate as I am now. Of course that is
not to say that I dont have room for improvement at this
stage either.

When I was a senior in high school, many moons
ago mind you, I had the opportunity to run for Hamilton
County Pork Queen.

At the time, I was tall, slender, and I like to
think, pretty enough to qualify, so I took a chance. I was
enrolled in a vocational agriculture class in school and
was a member of FFA and 4-H.

On top of those facts, I had been raised on a hog
farm and had been helping with those operations in some
capacity for a while. In other words, I knew my facts
when it came to pigs and pork and I was ready for this
contest, I thought

There were three different categories of competition that I had to get ready for: the pork question and
answer portion, the properness and poise portion and then
the speech portion.

For this last portion, we had to come up with
a three minute speech talking about pork. I based my
speech with the story of the three little pigs, hoping for a
humorous slant.

I practiced and practiced until I knew the speech
backwards and forwards in my head and then I brought
cue cards just in case I had nervous memory fade.

Well, I was certainly poised enough; and I most
definitely knew my facts about all things pork, but when
the time came to give my short, humorous speech involving the three little pigs, I froze like an icicle in a blizzard.

I ummed and uhhhed for what seemed like forever. I just knew that I was going to either faint or puke
or both. When I looked up to get some support from my
parents, they had a look of horror on their faces that could
only be matched people at the beginning of the end of the

Somehow, it ended, and while my exit was not
graceful, it was quick and I was finally able to sit down
and relax.

Obviously, I did not attain the title of Hamilton
County Pork Queen, and after it was all said and done, I
vowed never to speak in public again.

Now the rest of the story is that God has this
amazing sense of humor and he decided that I would, in
fact, speak in public again. And honestly, thirty some
years after that stage, I am more comfortable to be in

9:30- 10:15; SS: 9:15 a.m.-10:15 (SeptMay)

Sundays: 8:45 a.m. Worship; 9:45 a.m.
Coffee hour and Fellowship.
Sundays: 9:30 a.m. Worship
Sundays: 8:30 a.m. Worship; 9:40 a.m.
Sunday School
1st & 3rd Wed.: 7:30 p.m. Choir Rehearsal


601 Division St. 275-2702

service and participate in communion.

Sundays: Lehigh--9.30 a.m. Sunday
School; 11 a.m. Worship
UMW meets 1st Wed. of month, 1 p.m.
Otho-- 9 a.m. Worship; 10a.m. SS
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. Worship
Sundays: 9:30 a.m. Fellowship;
10:30 a.m. Worship.

Sundays: 9a.m. Worship; Regular worship
area has ramp for handicap entrance. Also
walk-in basement level with video to watch


Sundays: 10:30 a.m. Worship Service;
9:15 a.m. Sunday School.



TCB Sanitation
Tim & Staci Blair

406 3rd St NE (515)547-2512

digital age. Some people understand this digital age, computers and etc., but many dont. It is strange that many
people, even Christians, feel the same way about our Bible.

They may have had a Bible for many years but
they still dont understand it. Many dont know where to
begin to study the Bible, so therefore, many find it large
and confusing and dont bother trying to study the Scriptures.

The simple truth is how you and I handle the
problem. Too many dont understand the treasure God has
given us in His Word.

If someone gave you an old box, you may wonder
the value of the gift, but if you discover the box was filled
with $25,000 , it would simply become extreme valuable.

If we stop and really examine the Bible, we will
soon realize that it is more precious than the box with money in it.

People who ignore scripture suffer as a result
going through lifes hardships without realizing the answer
to many of our problems can be found in the Scriptures.
The first step is to open your Bible and start to read a few
verses every day.

The Bible is not just for emergencies. Yes, we
can find help in our times of trouble, but there is much,
much more to reading the Bible. Reading the Bible is a
great way to get to know our Savior.

Start with Proverbs 8, verses 33-35. May God
bless you in your journey through the Scriptures.


Sundays: 10:30 a.m. Worship Service
Thursdays: 1:30 p.m. Bible Study


9:00 a.m. Worship Service

Dayton, IA

Funeral Home

Ignoring scripture...

Here we are in 2015 and we find ourselves in a

Sundays: 9:30a.m. Worship;
10:45a.m. Sunday School
Wed., July 15 - 10 am Faithsharing at
Sun., July 19 - 9:30 am Mission Worship
with Lauren Rowley; 10:30 am Coffee
Tues., July 21 - 2 pm Women of the Word
at AWE


Sundays: 10:30 a.m. Worship & Childrens



front of people than I am to be anywhere else.

So to all who do something when you are young
or even not so young; and you feel like you failed miserably at it, take heart, for that doesnt have to be the end of
the story.

Someday, you will find your voice, you will
achieve your goals, and you will make a difference.

Be thankful for every moment in the journey, for
it makes the trip a lot more interesting.

Harcourt 354-5570

Sundays: 9:30 a.m. Worship
Saturdays: 7a.m. Mens Bible Study
Wednesdays: 6:30 pm Dinner
7pm-8pm Bible Studies
Sundays: 10:30 a.m. Worship;
9:00a.m. Sunday School and Fellowship
10:30 a.m. Worship
Sat., June 13 - Our ladies serve lunch at
a local auction.
Sun., June 14 - 9:30 a.m. Worship
(summer hour change) 10:30 Fellowship
Tues., June 16 - 2 p.m. Women of the
Word at AWE - Pot luck program
Sundays: 9:30 a.m.-10:15 a.m. Fellowship
Time 10:30 a.m. Worship;
9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. Sunday School
Sundays: 9:15 a.m. Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Worship


The Nail Place

Real Estate



24 N. Main St
Dayton, Iowa

Amanda Towery, Nail Technician

Jim Blair


23 South Main
Dayton, IA 50530

Where Youll Be
& Polished

We have SIX
locations to serve you!

Roll Offs
& Recycling

Boxholm Dayton
Farnhamville Gowrie
Harcourt Lehigh






Dayton Review

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Your Local


Pictured left to right are Hannah Peterson, Regina Cook, Senator Joni Ernst, Erica Nordin, and Adviser Sherry Vogel.

continued from front page...
the meeting began. The group took in the rehearsal of the
Capitol Fourth special which is seen on PBS. Entertaining the crowd was Barry Manilow, Hunter Hayes, and
Alabama just to name a few. The group attended the July
4th Parade on Constitution Avenue and also went to a
couple of Smithsonian Museums, the museum of Natural
History and the American History Museum. The group
was also privileged to go to Arlington Cemetery where
they saw the changing of the guard, the Kennedy tomb
sites, and Arlington House.

Monday and Tuesday started STAR (Students
Taking Action with Recognition) Events. Hannah Peterson competed in the area of Teach and Train, completing
a portfolio of researching an elementary teacher and preparing and presenting a lesson. Regina Cook competed in
Career Investigation, researching the career of becoming
a probation officer. Erica Nordin competed in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation creating a dance business
and a website for that business. The girls each received
gold medals for their events, the highest that a member
can receive. Great job, girls. The girls also either judged
or helped with STAR events when they werent competing. Ms. Vogel was also the lead consultant for Career
Investigation, leading over 150 students in that event.

Opening general session was held on Monday
evening with a patriotic presentation from the United
States Army Military District of Washington Armed
Forces Joint Color Guard. Greetings were given by the
Washington DC Mayor, Virginia FCCLA State President,
and FCCLA Executive Director, Sandy Spavone. The
keynote address was given by Brian Bordainick, CEO
and Co-Founder of Dinner Lab. He started his career in
education through Teach for America, teaching 11th and
12th grade at Carver High School in New Orleans. Brian
then found the 9th Ward Field of Dreams to support the
construction of a state of the art football field and track on
Carvers campus in the upper 9th Ward. The organization raised over $1.8 million in less than two years. After
that, he worked for the Mayor of New Orleans transitioning the recreation department of 102 employees out of
city hall to a public/private partnership, and most recently
he ran the Investment Portfolio for 4.0 Schools, a nonprofit that invests in early stage ideas in education. He
was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 (2012) list and holds
a BA in History from the University of Georgia. Bordainick talked about his failures and successes from his
many adventures.

Tuesday evening the members enjoyed a Monuments by Moonlight tour of Washington DC, stopping at
the White House, Jefferson Memorial, WWII Memorial,
and Lincoln Memorial among others.

On Wednesday, the members met with Senator
Joni Ernst at her office. She explained how she decided
to go into politics and the students were able to explain

some of their STAR Event projects. Senator Ernst is

a former FCCLA (FHA) member from Stanton High
School. Senator Ernst explained how important CTE
classes are in the curriculum and why all students need to
enroll in CTE classes. Ernst staff then gave our group a
tour of the Capitol seeing both the senate and house sides.
The group enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Senate Dining

The closing ceremony featured the introduction
of the new National Outreach Program, Lead2Feed. A
conference in review was shown and many awards and
scholarships were given. The Introduction and installation of the 2015-2016 National FCCLA Officers ended
the closing, with Josh Sorbe from Brookings, South Dakota as the new national president.

The evening ended with tradition gala. This
FCCLA Inaugural Gala featured an Asian inspired meal
along with dancing with a DJ and a band. Members were
entertained by a traditional Asian drum group, origami,
and the Washington Generals mascots.

The FCCLA would like to thank our parents and
families for their support, our faculty and staff for their
support throughout the school year, and our administration and school boards of their support of our FCCLA


Military Tribute Concert
Musicians Needed: Performing
Aug. 17-Iowa State Fair.
100-voice choir and 40-member
orchestra. Practice: Aug 16/PM

& Aug 17/AM. Sign-up/info:

org (INCN)

Restaurant Equipment see
1-800-526-7105, or stop by
our Showroom to see whats in
stock for you! Sioux City, IA

GRAIN and Energy at Fairfax
MN is seeking a qualified

McCrary-Rost Dayton Review

is now available
Rochelle Guess

ARNP, fnp-C Family Medicine

Kari Swisher

ARNP-C Family Medicine

Adam Swisher

D.O. Family Medicine and obstetrics


in digital form online!

Subscribers can read

every page, every story
in full color on-line!

Dayton Review

General Insurance Income Tax Service

515.359.2222 Lehigh

How You Can Avoid

7 Costly Mistakes
If Hurt at Work

Each year thousands of Iowans are hurt at work, but many fail to learn
the Injured Workers Bill of Rights which includes:

Dr. Anne E. Arklie

D.D.S. General Dentistry
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The Webster County Board of Supervisors will hold a PUBLIC
HEARING on Tuesday July 28, 2015 at 10:45a.m. in the Board of
Supervisors Room, Webster County Courthouse, Fort Dodge, Iowa,
regarding the above caption amendment.

The PUBLIC HEARING will be the first consideration of an
amendment to Zoning Ordinance # 046 and Zoning Map to allow building
on less than two acres upon review and favorable recommendation from
the Planning and Zoning Commission as follows:
Deletions are indicated by strikethrough, additions are indicated by
1. Amend the rear setback table in the A-1 and TA-1 (A-2) District to 10
and the rear setback table for Residential Districts to 5.
2. Add the following language to ARTICLE 2, Definitions:
No portion of any area inside the front setback line can be occupied by
an accessory structure in any Residential District
3. Strike the following from all Home Density Exemptions:
The original property has remained in single ownership prior to this
The application must be reviewed and approved by the Webster County
Planning and Zoning Commission
4. Add the following from all Home Density Exemptions:
Staff will have the authority to review and approve the Exemption if all
of the criteria has clearly been met. Any varying from the criteria, or at
anytime, staff can call for a Home Density Exemption Review by the
Planning and Zoning Commission.
The Planning and Zoning Commission must review all cases that are
less than 2 acres.

Copies of the full text of said Ordinance No. 046 are available at the
County Auditor's Office and may be obtained there.
Carol Messerly
Webster County Auditor

Public Notice
Your Right to Know
Lehigh City Council

City of Lehigh, IA 50557

Public Hearing On Resolution No. 2015-11. A Resolution Vacating
Public Right-Of-Way And The Conveyance Of Vacated Right-Of-Way.
An Undivided Interest To Thomas D. Richardson And An Undivided
Interest To David M. Richardson As Tenants In Common.
Monday, July 13, 2015 City Hall

Mayor Martin brought the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Present: Hrubes, Ruthart, Twito, and Dellachiesa. Absent: Timmons. Also
present: Eckert and Wooley, City Works. Kirk Kelley, Fire Chief.

No written or oral objections were presented and there was a motion
by Twito, sec by Dellachiesa to adjourn the Public Hearing at 7:06 p.m. All
Ayes/MC. Motion by Twito, sec. by Hrubes to adopt Resolution 2015-11. A
Resolution Vacating Public Right-Of-Way And The Conveyance Of Vacated
Right-Of-Way. An Undivided Interest To Thomas D. Richardson And An
Undivided Interest To David M. Richardson As Tenants In Common. Roll
Call: Ayes: Hrubes, Ruthart, Twito and Dellachiesa. Nayes: None/MC.
City of Lehigh, IA 50557
Regular Meeting
Monday, July 13, 2015

Mayor Martin brought the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.
Present: Hrubes, Ruthart, Twito, and Dellachiesa. Absent: Timmons.
Also present: Eckert and Wooley, City Works and Kirk Kelley, Fire Chief.

Motion by Dellachiesa, sec. by Hrubes to approve the agenda. All
Ayes/MC. Motion by Dellachiesa, sec. by Twito to approve the consent
agenda as follows: Minutes from the previous month; all bills presented
for the previous month and all bills presented for the month of July and the
utility summary. Disbursement/Revenue Report. All Ayes/MC.

BUSINESS FROM THE FLOOR: A resident brought to the Councils
attention that there were several people parking on the side of the road
on School Hill which was making it unsafe while driving there. Mayor
Martin stated that we currently have an ordinance prohibiting parking there
and No Parking signs would be placed there. Dellachiesa discussed the
Smart911 and Alert Iowa programs being offered to the public by Webster
County Emergency Management.

Ron Kisch was present to inquire about the possibility of the City
vacating the alley by his residence. He was informed that he would be
responsible for the cost of surveying as well as the purchase price. Motion
by Dellachiesa, sec. by Hrubes to contact our Attorney about vacating the
alley. All Ayes/MC. Jim and Betty Bockoven were present with a letter
from their contractor regarding the repair of three Main Street properties.
Motion by Hrubes, sec. by Twito to extend the original deadline date for
repairs to be complete to August 10, 2015. All Ayes/MC. Mayor Martin
informed the Council that the Golden Memories Club wanted to deed their
property and lot to the City of Lehigh with the stipulation that it remain a
Community Center and meeting place. Motion by Twito, sec. by Ruthart
to accept the property from Golden Memories. Roll Call Vote: Ayes:
Hrubes, Ruthart, Twito, and Dellachiesa. Nays: None/MC. A Resolution
will be presented at the August 10th meeting. The Council discussed audit
proposals. Motion by Dellacheisa, sec by Twito to hire T.P. Anderson &
Company, P.C. to conduct an audit for the year ending June 30, 2015. All
Ayes/MC. Motion by Hrubes, sec. by Twito to purchase Data Technologies,
Inc. accounting and billing software and support. All Ayes/MC. Motion
by Dellachiesa, sec. by Hrubes to purchase a printer/scanner/copier/
fax machine from Marco, as well as a service agreement. All Ayes/MC.
Motion by Twito, sec. by Hrubes to allow the Clerk to purchase a new
computer. All Ayes/MC. Council discussed hiring a Deputy Clerk. The
Council will revisit the issue at a later date.

NEW BUSINESS: The Christian Church had requested that the City
fix the corner intakes to alleviate the running water problem by the Church.
The City maintenance guys were instructed to look into the problem and
fix it. The Council discussed doing something about the pot holes at the
cemetery. Tony Goodpaster will be contacted to grade it. The road in the
new part of the cemetery will be sprayed for weeds in early spring.
BUILDINGS AND PROPERTIES: Twito informed the Council that he had
looked into having prisoners come in and assist with cleaning up behind
the Dornith Building. He stated that he would transport them to and from
the work site and we would need to furnish lunch for them. When asked
about City Liability, he stated that they are covered under state insurance.
Motion by Ruthart, sec. by Hrubes to schedule them to come for 3-4 days
in late August. All Ayes/MC.


EMPLOYEE REPORTS: City Maintenance-There was a Motion
by Dellacheisa, sec. by Ruthart to accept the proposal from Blacktop
Service Co. in the amount of $34,800.00 to asphalt East Main Street from
Y intersection going north to end. All Ayes/MC. Motion by Hrubes, sec.
by Dellacheisa to have ArborPro Tree Service come in for a day and trim
trees. All Ayes/MC. Motion by Dellacheisa, sec. by Ruthart to contact
Midland Power to come in and make necessary repairs to comply with
electrical inspection requirements. All Ayes/MC. The maintenance guys
asked if they could order a water test meter at a cost of approximately
$800 to do water testing. Motion by Twito, sec. by Hrubes to purchase
a water test meter. All Ayes/MC. Fire Department-Chief Kelley reported
on the Fire Department and Ambulance. He discussed putting a clause
in the departments bylaws concerning the distance volunteers could
live from Lehigh to be on the department. City Clerk-Council approved
Clerk attending the Street Finance Report Training in Ames August 5th.
APPROVAL OF WARRANTS: Motion by Dellachiesa, sec. by Ruthart
to approve warrants. All Ayes/MC. Motion by Twito, sec. by Ruthart to
adjourn the meeting. All Ayes/MC. Meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m. Next

All advertising needs

to be submitted by
Fridays @ Noon!!

Dayton Review

regular meeting August 10, 2015.

Kathy Gambill, City Clerk
City of Lehigh, IA 50557
City Hall
Black Hills Energy
Natural Gas
NSF Check
Returned Check
Dayton Review
Legal Publications
Paula Martin
Mayor/Council Pay
Office Phone/DSL
Supplies Bldg/Shop
US Cellular
Cell Phone
Margaret Orr
Council Pay
Dwight Tuel
Council Pay
Doug Dellachiesa
Mayor/Council Pay
Troy Twito
Council Pay
Kathy Gambill
Council Meeting Pay
Jason Eckert
Council Meeting Pay
Kay Timmons
Council Pay
Dian Nowell
Treasurer Pay
Archie Wooley
Council Meeting Pay
Melanie Murray
Council Meeting Pay
Victor Ruthart
Council Pay
David Hrubes
Council Pay
Star Energy
Anita Walstrom
Budget Help
US Postal Service
Certified Letter
Dorman Const.
Post Office Roof
Security Savings
Stop Pay Charge

Public Notice

Your Right to Know

SWG Board of Education

Southeast Webster-Grand Community School District

Board of Education * July 15, 2015
5:30 p.m. * Burnside Library

The Board of Education met in regular session and was called to
order by Vice President Hainzinger.
Roll call - Hinman, Sanders, Scott, Hainzinger, Hansen, and
Lundgren. Absent - Hector. Others present were two patrons and parents
from the community.

Motion by Hansen seconded by Hinman to approve the minutes of
the June regular board meeting. All ayes motion carried.

Motion by Sanders seconded by Hinman to approve the agenda as
presented. All ayes motion carried.

Motion by Scott seconded by Hansen to approve the list of warrants
as presented and the secretary is directed to issue warrants on the proper
funds. All ayes motion carried.

Motion by Hinman seconded by Lundgren to approve the resignation
of Kristi Castenson as the JH St Council Sponsor & JH Athletic Director,
with thanks for her years of service in these areas. 5 ayes and Hansen
nay. Motion carried.

Motion by Lundgren seconded by Hansen to approve the resignation
of Samantha Telleen as the JH Assistant Volleyball & JH Softball Coach
pending suitable replacement. All ayes motion carried.

Motion by Lundgren seconded by Hansen to approve the retirement
resignation of Sheri Heck as a Para educator with thanks for her 25 years
of service to the school district. All ayes motion carried.

Motion by Scott seconded by Sanders to approve the open enrollment
in for 2 students who have moved out of the district and want to return. All
ayes motion carried.
Walters Sanitation
Garbage Pick Up

Financial Status in all accounts was reviewed.

Mr. Stoffers presented his superintendents report. He touched on
the building and grounds meeting that will be held on Friday, July 17th.
Park Swings
Part of the meeting will include a trip to Hidden Acres to view their multi
ABC Pest Control
Spray Park Shelter
use facility. He discussed the disposal of the Boxholm building and how
Picnic Table
we would go about advertising the removal or sale of the Boxholm building.
Mr. Stoffers called Kahl Construction regarding some repairs of the parking
lot at the Burnside building. He discussed the meeting that he attended
H & M Exteriors
at the ISFIS conference on Tuesday regarding the finances and the
professional development that he attended in Las Vegas on Differentiated
Fort Dodge Asphalt
Mr. Stoffers presented Mr. Foxs report regarding the End of the

Year. Mr. Fox had presented the report at the June meeting but had been
unable to get all of the information before the meeting.
Lehigh Library
Monthly Payment

No TLC committee representation, however, Mr. Stoffers presented a

TLC narrative provided by the committee. He asked that the board look
it over and be ready to interact with committee members and parents on
Monday during the joint board meeting.
Library Disb.

Motion by Lundgren seconded by Hansen to approve the resolution

to name the following depositories - Bankers Trust - ISJIT $1,500,000;
Security Savings Bank $2,600,000; First State Bank - Webster City
IPERS 1,321.34
$1,900,000 and Lehigh Valley Credit Union (Peoples Credit Union)
Fed/FICA/Med 1,929.76
$500,000. All ayes motion carried.
Group Insurance

Motion by Scott seconded by Hinman to approve a resolution to
Net Payroll
name the Webster County and Boone County Attorneys as the districts

Truant Officers for the 2015-16 school year. All ayes motion carried.

Motion by Sanders seconded by Hansen to approve the resolution to
Star Energy
name Engel Law Firm and Ahler-Cooney to represent the district and the
Midland Power
Board of Education in all legal matters in the 2015-16 school year. All ayes
Ag Source Labs
Lagoon Testing
motion carried.
Craig Johnson

Motion by Sanders seconded by Lundgren to approve a resolution

to name Rich Stoffers as Multi-Culture gender Fair (MCGF) compliance
officer for the 2015-16 school year. All ayes motion carried.

Motion by Hinman seconded by Sanders to approve a resolution to

name Dan Fox as Equity Coordinator for 2015-16 school year. All ayes
motion carried.
Star Energy
Motion by Scott seconded by Lundgren to approve a resolution
Stuart C Irby
Street Lights
to name Jenny Eckert, Guidance Counselor, as the Districts Homeless
Webster County Eng.
Liaison Coordinator for 2015-16 school year. All ayes motion carried


Motion by Hansen seconded by Sanders to approve a resolution to
name Jo Ann Lennon, School Nurse, as the districts Level I and Level II
Midland Power
Sexual Harassment Compliance Officer with Supt. Stoffers as the alternate
Bill Card Postage
for the 2015-16 school year.
American Test Ctr.
Electric Inspection

The board tabled the elementary and middle school handbooks due
Star Energy
to errors in the handbooks and not having the middle school handbook
Treasurer State of IA
Sales Tax
to look at. If available these will be reviewed at the special meeting on

Monday, July 20th.

The staff handbook was tabled until the August meeting.
USDA Rural Dev.
Loan Payment

Motion by Hansen seconded by Sanders to continue the property
Black Hills Energy
Natural Gas
insurance with EMC Insurance Company which is the company that we
Brown Supply
Curb Stop/Adapters
have had for a number of years. Premiums were very comparable $94,535
Star Energy
EMC vs. $92,291 IPSIP, however the deductibles were much lower with
Ag Source Labs
Water Tests
EMC and did not require a 3 year commitment as IPSIP policy did.
Craig Johnson

Motion by Hinman seconded by Sanders to approve participation in
US Postal Service
Bill Postage
the 2015-16 Nutrition Program. All ayes motion carried.
Shop phone

Saturday night (July 18) the boys baseball team will play at
Treasurer State of IA
Sales Tax
Pocahontas vs. St. Edmonds in second round of tournament play.
Chlorine/tube/gasket 515.68

Next board meeting will be July 20th @ 5:30 at the Dayton Country

Club with the joint board meeting to follow at 6:00. Next regular board

meeting would be August 19th at 5:30 in Burnside.

Motion by Hansen seconded by Scott that the meeting adjourn. All
ayes motion carried. 6:31 p.m.
FIRE 862.00
Karla Flickinger
School Business Official
WATER 6,134.38
Southeast Webster-Grand CSD
30850 Paragon Ave.
Burnside, IA 50521

Federal Payroll Tax
payroll w/h
FICA Payroll Tax
payroll w/h
payroll w/h
State Treasurer
payroll w/h
Dayton Community Grocery
Security Savings Bank, interest & principal on loan
Alliant Energy
Amsterdam Printing
Black Hills Energy
natural gas
Boone Community School
open enrollment
Community Health Center of Fort Dodge, bus driver physical
Dayton Light and Power
Consumer News
Regular Meeting
Department of Education Office of Internal Admin Svc
Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7:00 a.m. City Hall
Fluckiger, Daniel
Herff Jones

Board Chairman Kenny Sanders called the meeting to order at
Hoglund Bus Co., Inc.
bus part shipping
7:00 a.m. Roll Call: Present: Board members Rentschler, Sanders and
Iowa Pupil Transportation Association,conference & membership $505.00
Vangilder. Absent: none. Also present: Mary Carlson and Craig Johnson.
Johnson Farms
hauling of rock

AGENDA: Rentschler moved to approve the agenda as printed.
Mid-Iowa Towing
bus extraction & towing
Second by Vangilder. Motion carried unanimously.
Midamerican Energy

MINUTES: Vangilder moved to approve the minutes of the June
17 regular meeting as printed. Second by Rentschler. Motion carried
Ogden Community Schools, weighted enrollment classes
Prairie Lakes
invitation printing

BILLS: Vangilder moved to approve the bills as presented. Second
Pyramid School Products
by Rentschler. Motion carried unanimously.

LIGHT PLANT ROOF REPLACEMENT: There were no concerns or
RLCraft Commercial Roofing
roof repairs
questions from the Board regarding this.
conference & membership $2,623.00

School Specialty, Inc._2
Campbell Electric has been contacted regarding this project. Other
ACH billing
$35.16 E
options were discussed.
Sherene Kemp, open enrollment transportation
$247.50 A

Board discussed
Wex Bank
$479.18 A
options of owning or renting a trencher for City projects. Johnson will
Xenia Rural Water District
water & sewer
$618.10 A
check with businesses and get pricing of renting or purchasing a trencher.
Federal Payroll Tax
payroll w/h
$25,467.26 A
Vangilder motioned to obtain proper easements and put lines underground.
FICA Payroll Tax
payroll w/h
$45,497.42 A
Second by Rentschler. Motion carried unanimously.
Clerk of Court
payroll w/h
$240.60 A

Clerk of Court
payroll w/h
$346.42 B
Johnson stated that one site needs a 30 amp due to the increased number
SWG Ed Assoc
payroll w/h
$1,886.00 B
of campers. Everything else has been updated.
payroll w/h
$20.90 B

Advantage Administrators
payroll w/h
$835.86 B
to install electric service into the Light Plant. Second by Rentschler.
Fort Dearborn National
payroll w/h life insurance
$844.11 B
Motion carried.
Delta Dental
payroll w/h
$962.89 B

payroll w/h
$263.13 B

EMPLOYEE REPORTS: Johnson shared information regarding the
payroll w/h TSA
$2,103.26 C
power outage in NW Dayton on July 14, which was due to cut out fuses.
health ins. payroll w/h
$36,172.02 C

ADJOURNMENT: Rentschler motioned to adjourn the meeting.
payroll w/h
$43,098.44 C
Second by Vangilder. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at
7:40 a.m.
SWG Legal Continued on page 11...

Public Notice
Your Right to Know
Dayton Light and Power

Dayton Review

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Friends in Gowrie, Dayton

areas make the difference. . .

I stayed in Arizona longer this year to be with
my mother and brother. My mother was recovering from
open heart surgery performed in December and generally
was doing fine but there were a few things I would do for
her occasionally.

My mother and brother left Arizona after the
first week of May and I decided to stay a week longer
in order to attend Tyler Andersons graduation at West
Texas A & M University.

Tylers graduation was on Saturday, May 16. I
was planning to leave on Friday and then stay in Santa
Rosa, NM, leaving the next morning to be there a little
early. And then the weird weather that engulfed much
of the country occurred. It never, never rains in Arizona
in May but it happened on that Friday. And it was also
snowing, sleeting, etc., in the mountains that I would be
traveling through. The Weather Service issued a travel
advisory against driving through the mountains that day
and I abided by that directive.

I wasnt able to attend Tylers graduation which
was a disappointment. Tyler had interned at the Dayton
Review the previous summer and had written some sports
stories during the Christmas holidays. We had several
long talks and I was getting to know him.

On Sunday I met Tyler at his home and was introduced to his step-father Steve Waters. Regrettably I
SWG Legal continued from page 10...
State Treasurer
payroll w/h
Academic Supplier
Advantage Administrators
administration fee
Airgas North Central
cylinder lease
Auto Jet Muffler
bus repairs
Black Hills Energy
natural gas
Companion Corp./KeepnTrack, software maintenance/badges $558.00
Dayton Review
publication of minutes
Diehls Of Dayton
Engel Law Office
legal service
Engquist Lumber Co.
supplies - softball
Fastenal Company
HVAC filters
Heartland Technology Solutions repairs
Iowa Communications Network internet
Iowa School Finance Information Service, background check
IP Networks, Inc.
firewall maintenance
Lehigh Valley Coop Telephone
internet & service
Midamerican Energy
Midwest Electronic Recovery
recycling of electronics
Midwest Wheel
bus parts
Mobile Defenders
chrome book repairs
OHalloran International
bus parts
Oliver & Andys Book Co.
library books
Omaha Paper Company
copier paper
Prairie Lakes
hosting services
Really Good Stuff
Rogers Tire Service
repair tire
School Bus Sales
bus parts
School Specialty, Inc._2
Star Energy-Division of Gromark, Inc., LP
Student Assurance Services, Inc. catastrophic insurance
Teaching Strategies
PK assesment
Thomas Bus Sales Of Iowa, Inc bus parts
Timothy C. Blair
Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone, service
ABC Pest Control
Alliant Energy
electricity - Harcourt
Committee for Children
Dayton Light & Power
Des Moines Public Schools
Fort Dodge Community School tuition
Grandfield, Daniel
Greene County Commm School District, tuition
Harcourt Equipment
Harcourt mower repairs
Lakeshore Learning
PK supplies
Lambert, Chris
Prairie Valley Community Schools shared employment
Rogers Tire Service
bus tires
School Specialty, Inc._2
Timberline Billing Service LLC
Access Systems
color copies
Boone Community School
Wex Bank
Berg Audio & Video
projectors in Dayton
CDW Government, Inc.
server update
Hoglund Bus Co., Inc.
Midwest Fence & Gate Co.
fence repairs - Harcourt
Federal Payroll Tax
payroll w/h
FICA Payroll Tax
payroll w/h
Delta Dental
retirees insurance
retirees insurance
retirees insurance
State Treasurer
payroll w/h
Earthgrains Company (The)
Feld Fire
hood inspections
Prairie Valley Community Schools lunch account
Anderson Erickson Dairy
Dayton Community Grocery
De Lage Landen Financial Services, copier lease
KW Inc.
softball diamond lights
P & R Entry Doors, Inc.
bus garage doors
Will, Mike
rock/hauling 2014 FY
Central College
Iowa State University-Adminissions, scholarship
University of Iowa


Employee Name
Allgood, Judith A
Anderlik, Timothy S
Anderson, Brad J
Anderson, Judy A
Anderson, Tawny
Axness, Jennifer L
Baade, Kathleen M
Belthius, Melissa L
Breitsprecher, Dean W
Brunner, Brent D
Burns, Dawn D
Butrick, Heather E
Butrick, Robert L
Castenson, Curt D
Castenson, David D
Castenson, Kristine A
Christians, Martha J
Clancy, Danielle

Gross Wages


missed seeing Tylers mother Val. Tyler and I dined out

for lunch and I stayed with him for several hours before
leaving. It was raining during much of my drive back to

It was a pleasure to attend the Dayton Alumni
Banquet on Memorial Day weekend. I was seated with
friends Chuck and Linda Danielson and their friends Bill
and Carol Murphy who were very nice. I was able to
interact with several people that night but there is never
enough time to greet everyone. Listening to Joe LeValley
sing All the World is From Dayton tonight was wonderful
to hear again. There were many well deserving accolades
for Judy Nemechek Heidner and her sister Joanne, organizers of the banquet. Many other volunteers were also

Afterwards we had a wonderful get-together at
Chuck and Lindas home with several couples attending.
Jim Nelson and his brother Jerry were also there. Also
attending were Larry and Sue Sandholm Oghe, Boone.
The Oghes have sold their Boone home and are moving to the Tuscon, AZ area but will return to Iowa a few
months of the year in the summer months to reunite with
family and friends.

That weekend I was thinking to myself that as I
get older friends are becoming much more important to
me. To be sure family is huge, but there is something so
special our friends and people who matter to us.

A few weeks later I took Tyler out to eat at
Marvs Market Street Grill & Bar in Gowrie. It was great
to meet my friends Don and Kay Miller and another couple they were with.

At the Gowrie Fourth of July celebration
I was able to see several events. I enjoyed the chicken
dinner at the Methodist Church. Al Wooters is always
involved in that along with dozens of other church members.

I sat across from two classmates who had attended the Prairie View Class of 1960 class reunion that

weekend. One of the two people was Carolyn Johnson

Mabee who had taken photos of that event and she emailed the photo to the Gowrie News, also supply identifications. I had a good visit with Carolyn and also another gentleman from that class. I am sorry that I cant
remember his name and Ill just have to reunite with
them at another Gowrie July 4 celebration.

On that same holiday weekend I met with Jim
Nelson, organizer of that great Arizona weekend in
March with many Dayton alumns attending. Many people attending that weekend event are still talking about
how special that event was. Jim has since stated that he
likes organizing such events, but that he also feels a need
to have a purpose involved. So all of us are thinking
of creating a noteworthy purpose for Jim so that he and
Dorothy can create another spectacular Arizona retreat.

Jim wanted to meet me at Eilers Restaurant,
the former Cellar Restaurant, but this restaurant was
closed that night for the Holidays. So we opted to meet
at Applebees. I arrived a little early and was delighted
to see Robert and Nancy Hansen, Dayton. They were
celebrating their anniversary. I was able to visit with
them for 10 minutes or so until Jim arrived.

Jim is highly organized and once again he indeed had a purpose for the visit. I am simultaneously intrigued and amazed with his keen perspectives, and also
pleased with his love for local Dayton area history. Jim
Nelson and his family had left Dayton when he was in
the eighth grade, and even though he had achieved great
success in business in the Twin Cities, Jim has a great
affinity for his roots in Dayton.

As I get older I seem to realize more than ever
before the value of God, family and friendships/acquaintances. Sometimes good friendships involve seeing that
person only once or twice a year, but they are still so

Clausen, Emma M
Claussen-Foster, Rachal J
Coffman, Ashley J
Copper, Chance
Copper, Kevin G
Crouch, Deskin C
Cummins, Rodney E
Dahlstrom, Ryan
Dane, Launi D
Davis, Rebecca J
Donoghue, John F Jr.
Doud, Angie K
Duckett, Suzanne M
Eccles, Glenda D
Eckert, Jennifer K
Engman, Monique E
Ennenga, Codie M
Ferrari, Lori J
Fishbaugh, Wendy R
Fisher, Kyla J
Flickinger, John E
Flickinger, Karla K
Fluckiger, Daniel N
Foster, Annette M
Foster, Emerald
Fox, Daniel
Franey, Susan M
Frazier, Suzanne J
Gallegos, Gavin L
Gallentine, Hallie K
Geisler, Britney
Gevock, Deborah J
Gibbons, Staci R
Gibson, Tessa R
Grady, Chaney R
Grandfield, Daniel F
Graves, Mark A
Greenfield, Jacqueline K
Gross, Edward J
Grossnickle, Shawn M
Habhab, Tami S
Hansen, Larry A
Hansen, Nancy J
Hansen, Robert C
Haub, Janet
Haub, Rachel A
Hayes, Karen E
Heck, Sherian R
Hector, Jessica E
Heggen, Sharon L
Heitritter, Dawn M
Hollingsworth, Dustin W
Housken, Dana E
Housken, Daniel D
Hutchins, Joyce E
Jackson, Emera M
Johnson, Brianna
Kalahar, Laurie M
Kauffman, Frances A
Kauffman, Katherine C
Kelley, Charlene A
Kennedy, Lisa
Kiefer, Angela B
Kiefer, Grace
Kilstrom, Jessica L
Kisch, Beth M
Knox, Sharlene A
Kruse, Lindsey
Lambert, Angie
Lambert, Carolyn A
Lambert, Christina M
Lambert, Sara
Landis, Ronald D
Lee, Daniel R
Lennon, Jo A
Lizer, Jori L
Lundberg, Heather
Matthews, Angie L
Miller, Ashley D
Morford, Sara
Nelsen, Wendelin
Nelson, Michelle L
Nissen, Denise
Onofre, Miranda R
Osborne, Amanda P
Osborne, Brandon E
Peterson, Andrew R
Peterson, Catherine
Peterson, James B
Pfrimmer, Karli J
Potts, Kalsey
Purtell, Hazel
Reck, Heather L
Reinartz, Richard J
Rippentrop-Nuss, Bethany A
Rykhus, Tina
Sandstrom, Michael R
Schmadeke, Miranda
Schreier, Kevin

Schultz, Stacie L
Scott, Paula
Skoglund, Ann
Slininger, Gregory D
Smith, Debra A
Snyder, Debra T
Sorenson, Amber M
Spencer, Nicole
Stark, Marva J
Stevens, Sara S
Stewart, Heather
Stoffers, Richard F
Stoneburner, Wendy K
Stull, Gordon O
Swaroff, David A
Teed, Nadine L
Telleen, Samantha E
Thomason, Angie M
Troutwine, James E
Van Gilder, Faith E
Vangilder, Diana M
Weiland, Linda M
Westrum, Kelsey A
Wiles, Curtis A
Wilks, Crystal L
Will, Debra R
Will, Stephanie L
Williams, Nicole B
Wills, Janet K
Winkler, Natalie A
Wisecup, Trisha M
Wolf, Anita F
Wolf, Robert D
Wu, Tabitha
Yeschick, Lynn M
Young, Michael
Zabel, Katie
Zabel, Kimberly A
Zeka, Ryan R
Zhai, Jennifer L
Zigrang, Robert J
Zoch, David
Zoch, Judith A
Total $3,686,313.98


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SV JH Softball...


continued from page 7...

Shaylin Carlson (second base) and shortstop Emily Jaeschke. Jaeschke also handed the catching duties for the
older club.

Rounding out the lineup for the 7th grade were
Jess Shirbroun at third, and outfielders Emma Hunter, Vi
Scott and Haley Studyvin.

Haley is one of those kids that does a hundred
things right (in right field) every game, and nobody notices; until there is a bad throw, then shes there to back it
up, added Stull.

Filling out the roster for the 6th graders were
infielders Marlie Johnson, Emily Hemmestad, Addie
Correll, and Morgan Farnham behind the plate. In the
outfield were Jade Wozab, Chyann Hicks, Chloe Hicks,
Allsion Bethel, Shayna Steck, and Rylee Murray.

What a fun group, said Coach Samantha Telleen. These kids played great. They were often playing
against true seventh and eighth graders, a full year older
than themselves, and they usually came out on top anyway.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dayton Review

408 1ST ST NE , DAYTON Charming 3 bedroom home located on

has 2 bedrooms
1 bath on
opposite side of home from the Master
bedroom with full bath. Living room
has hardwood floors, fireplace, dinning
room has built in hutches. This home
offers a 3 season porch, Full basement,
3 car garage, patio.$135,000

104 1ST AVE SW,


This charming 3 bedroom 1

bath home located close to
downtown has 2 enclosed
porches, 2 car detached
garage, newer roof. $65,000




This home is located on a corner

lot it features a 3 bedroom 1
bath on the main floor with
family room with fireplace. The
basement has a 3/4 bath along
with a 2 car detached garage.

Ranch home with 3 bedroom

1 bath located on the edge of
town this home also features a
1+ attached garage with basement
access, new carpet, newer furnace,
new paint, updated kitchen.


2 bedroom, 1 bath home close

& Sons/Iowa Realty
to school with attached 2 car
Mark Klever Broker - Paula Gallentine Broker Associate
garage. $29,900
Dayton 547-2317

Danny McCall (center, left), Marilyn Bass, Alice Thompson, and Mary Flickinger converse during a special lunch
on Thursday at the Grandview Care Center in Dayton. The Grandview Care Center received high marks during the latest
inspection. Photo provided by Penny Rudshagen.

The teal and black Envy wordmark greets visitors
at the Envy full service salon in Dayton. Envy opened up its
doors on Tuesday, July 14.

Envy full service salon

opens in Dayton

In Dayton, its good to be green with envy.

Owned by Amanda Towery, who lives in rural
Dayton, the Envy full service salon officially opened for
business on Tuesday, July 14.

The salon offers hairstyling, waxing, manicures
and pedicures, tanning. In the near future, Envy will have
skin and massage services.

Well, I knew that I wanted a full service salon,
Towery said on the origins of Envy. Someone had said
the name to me, and I liked it.

Towery then went through of the process of purchasing their present location and the equipment.

Dayton is a good place for business, Towery
said of her community. Theres so many surrounding
towns and clients that come in from all over. I have a lot
of clients tell me that itd be nice to have everything in
one spot.

Envy welcomes walk-ins for hairstyling, waxing and tanning. Also, Envy offers hair styling for men.
Nails will only be by appointment.

To contact Envy for an appointment, call 5473431, email envy_thesalon@yahoo.com or drop in to 26
W. Skillet Ave.

Sam Place, Envys new hair designer, styles Micaela Fevolds hair on Thursday afternoon at Envy in Dayton. Envy, which opened on Tuesday, July 14, offers a full
service salon.

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