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Resort Where Nature and Leisure Meet

We all know that if we heard the word hotel, youll picture on your mind an
establishment where you can sleep when youre on travel for work or for a vacation. It
provides you a room to sleep with basic needs such as bed, storage for clothing, tables
to eat and bathroom. But what else can a hotel can offer?
Many of luxury hotels is not only an establishment that provides you your basic
needs when you are in travel, others make their hotels a place where you can set as
your second home. Thats what my hotel can offer. A hotel not just a place to stay for
travel to work but also to make customers feel that they are still at home. It provides
them price defends on what a customer can afford or depending on their needs. It will
also sets new standard in hospitality as the staff greeted their warm and friendly as you
soon step in our door.
Aside from a place being the customers second home, hotels offers a place for
leisure. A place for the customers who are tired for work. A place which is uniquely

provides comforting environment. It has a variety of restaurants and bars specializing in

different cuisines and diners that will surely give you a different dining experience.
The tourism potential of Candelaria is infinite as part of the leisure of the hotel and
resort; Uacon Lake surrounded by mangroves and home to different species of
migrating birds which surely flatter the eyes of the people who will see it. Luscious
green trees and beautiful horizon added unexplainable beauty that leaves marvel and
awe to anyone who will view this pristine lake. Another view that will surely love to see is
the Zambales Mountain Range which will make you feel like youre in a paradise and
make you feel that you dont want to leave the place.
This hotel and resort doesnt only think about on how to earn money but also to
extend help and support for the people in Zambales. Hotel and Resort build a
foundation which focuses on the livelihood project that will provide people a source of
living. This livelihood foundation prepares trainings and seminars for the people to be
educated so they can promote their own product which is Mangoes. Kinalabaw mango
from Zambales is the sweetest mango in the world but lack of promotion and strategies
to make it a big part of their source of living. This foundation will teach them packaging
and will start it to advertisement and promotions.


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better,"
~Albert Einstein
Nature is not a little boxes that we call parks; its in the air quality of the room that
youre sitting in, and the water that comes out of the tap. Nature shares with us each
day the secrets of her beautiful, elegant, efficient and effortless creations; and these
give us inspiration to design cost-effective and self-sustaining models, which we
transform into architectural solutions.
Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design

~Stephen Gardiner
If it is going to be good design, it needs to address all things. I really do think it is
important to make the point that good design is design that performs its function
brilliantly, but in this case means well- built buildings which also are going to inspire not
just the province and region but also that of the country who may well use the resort
complex. Good design in the end is about form and function; it has to be all those things
if it is going to be good. In fact i would go further that: good design is not good enough.
It should be excellent because ito ay para din sa atin.

Design Concept
Whatever good things we build end up building us."
~Jim Rohn
Pristine lake surrounded by lush Mangrove plants kaya iaaply ko ang Biomimetic
Architecture in planning tourism complexes. The overall design concept of LARUK
Pantal Paradiso a proposed Uacon Lake Resort Leisure and Livelihood Complex is
based on Mangrove which becomes the iconic symbol for the project. The design
concept of the site is inspired by the appearance of a Mangrove Pantal Paradise. It is
used to represent and remind us that we must be aware of importance of mangrove in
the preservation and protection of the environment and travel to beautiful nature places
for pleasure in a way that does not damage the environment of the province of
The raw beauty and serenity of Uacon Lake make it an instant tourist attraction in
town and in the entire province of Zambales. It known not just as a tourism destination,
but also a sports tourism destination. Marami itong kayang ioffer but the proponent
come up with the idea of having a Resort- Leisure and Livelihood Complex, a place in a
destination and para mas makilala ang uniqueness ng lake at ipakilala ang lake as an

architectural feature of the project. It is also promoting and boost tourism opportunity in
the province and the entire region.
It has been also the source of income for the thousands of fishermen and their
families living nearby so the proposed study will advocate ecotourism and rehabilitation
of the lake. Fishermen and their families can now look forward to a more sustainable

Project Objectives
General Objectives
To premiere tourist destination on account of its range of natural attractions which
include pristine lakes, rich coastal and marine resources, vast forest, reserves and
diverse ecosystems, varies provincial cultures, historical landmarks and warm friendly
people and provide exceptional accommodation for foreign and local tourists who want
to experience the active and healthy living we uphold.
Specific Objectives

To formulate an integrated sustainable tourism management plan for the Laruk

Pantal Paradiso, identifying viable critical environment, infrastructure and
community based projects to link & integrate the tourism development of the

To provide the country with an advanced resort facilties that would boost the
tourism market and at the same time enrich peoples awareness regarding how
to live in luxurious without compromising the future, culture and tradition of the

To promote their destinations and provide economic activity apart from
opportunities, agriculture, fisheries, and other sources of livelihood

Design Objectives
General Objectives

To apply Biomimetic architecture in planning tourism complexes was the general

objectives of the study. Utilizing an integrated design process can help open up
opportunities to identify biological solutions to building problems and include the
perspective of nature in the design processas it is likely that nature already offers a

Specific Objectives

By increasing energy efficiency, changing behaviors, implementing green and

better technology and using locally available resources.

To design a building through provision of good facilities that will provide

satisfaction, relaxation and entertainment to foreign or local tourists.

To design a structure that explores different ways of adapting architecture to the
everchanging environmental state caused by the catastrophic events of Global
Warming, and further create a conceptual design for the visualization of a
sustainable resort- leisure and livelihood complex.

Creating a magnificent symbiosis between natural materials and modern design.

Buildings does not only meet modern ecological expectations but also highest
aesthetical standards.

Design Consideration

People, Nature and Environment