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St Henrys

Marist College


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

It was January 2, 1817. Marcellin
Champagnat returned home with two
young men. He dreamt that they
together with many more in the future
would carry the Gospel to the children
and young people most in need. We
consider this as the date of foundation
of the Marist Institute. January 2, 2017
will mark the bicentenary of this event.
What a wonderful moment to recall
with grateful hearts, all the good the
Holy Spirit has accomplished in the
Church and in the world through the
Marist Institute. In the course of these
200 years, many generations of children
and young people have benefited from
Marist education throughout the five
continents. At the same time, it will be
an opportunity to ask forgiveness for
our infidelities and for the times we have
failed to serve faithfully the children and
young people entrusted to our care. But,
above all, it must be a moment to launch
ourselves into the future, into the third
centenary of our Marist Institute. What
a wonderful opportunity for A NEW


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College


Yes. We are invited to a new beginning. That is exactly what happened
when Father Champagnat moved from La Valla to the Gier Valley,
embarking on the bold adventure of building the Hermitage. He
wanted to respond more effectively to the needs of the time. It had all
begun just a few years before, and already they needed a new beginning. As we look
back in time, we will realize that this need to start over again has been a constant in
our Marist Institute. New historical, social or even internal circumstances have forced
us, on a number of occasions, to be profoundly creative; they challenged us to find
responses to new emerging needs. There have, in fact, been several new beginnings
before the one we are facing at the onset of the 21st century.
The Hermitage today has become an eloquent symbol of the need to adapt to new
times and new needs. In the renovation of the old building built by Fr Champagnat
and the early Brothers, we have tried to preserve faithfully the memory of Father
Champagnat and the first Brothers. However, we took the decision to demolish what
no longer served those needs, adapt spaces which had become inadequate, and build


On the road to 2017, Father Champagnat

himself invites us to a new beginning.
And this requires the commitment and
cooperation of each one of us. Three
dimensions that will most probably
impact Marist life in the near future are:
First, the need to direct our mission in a
clearer and more decisive way towards
the children and young people who are
on the margins.
Second, a response from the Institute to
the clear emergence of the Marist laity.
And finally, a more careful attention to
the mystical dimension of our lives.
Let us all each according to his or her
possibilities do our part to awaken the
dawn, the dawn of a renewed Marist
Institute. This NEW BEGINNING will only
be possible if all of us give ourselves fully
to making it happen.
Br Emili Tur

St Henrys Marist College 2014

An abbreviated Message by Br Emili Tur,

Superior General of the Marist Brothers

a whole new section, in accordance with

the demands of the present time.

St Henrys Marist College 2014



The activities of the Board during 2014 have focussed on providing an environment in which the management
team led by Mrs Rene MacQuillin could concentrate on a range of activities to ensure sustainability and growth
and to position St Henrys Marist College as the school of choice for Durban families seeking Catholic, values
based education for their children.
In order to achieve this, Ethics, Employment Practices and Policies, Finance as well as Campus Facilities and
Maintenance were the key focus areas. Throughout this process, we remained mindful of the fact that the
economic climate is placing enormous strain on our Marist families.
I am confident that the benefits of the decisions taken will be evident in the ensuing years and that the process
that has begun will ensure future sustainability and growth of the College.
My sincere thanks go to my fellow Board Members, the Head, Management, Teachers and Staff for their
relentless endeavours to make the College such an icon of educational excellence. Under the Leadership of
Mrs MacQuillin the College has responded to the increasing demand for breadth and depth in education, it
has responded to technology and curriculum advancements and it continues to embrace the Champagnat
tradition in a way that inspires its students.
Thank you to the parents and learners who contribute so richly to the life of the school by doing what is right
and living up to the expectations of our motto Omnia Vincite! I can assure the matriculants that they are well
set to tackle the challenges that wait them on lifes journey. Alongside your academic and other tangible
achievements you take with you the St Henrys values which will endure.
Our alumni remain an important link to the College and I wish to thank them for their active involvement with
the College life and for setting a fine example to future alumni.
May you all be richly blessed in 2015 and we look forward to a year in which we see St Henrys College

Tim Campbell

St Henrys Marist College turns 85.
1929: This was a significant year for St Henrys. The College opened its doors on 4
February with 17 pupils.
2014: The year of the 85th celebration! And did we celebrate..cupcakes, masses, fun
days and a gala dinner. What a lovely year of celebration.
More to follow about our 85th celebrations in the pages that follow.
During 2014 we produced a healthy number of achievements, from achieving
outstanding academic benchmarking results, we produced one of the finest
productions I have seen in a High School, we actively grew our fundraising initiatives
to assist in facility upgrades, our pupils participated excellently on the sport fields,
we catered for pupils with various learning needs, our teachers enjoyed many
opportunities for professional growth, we toured, we practised, we won, we lost, we
upgraded where necessary, we consolidated and we reached out.
We made our PRESENCE felt.
Our aim at St Henrys Marist College, is to grow successful
young men and women. Our intention is to grow well rounded,
significant individuals. We are achieving well. The first is easily
measured, the second easily felt.
Sincere thanks to the amazing staff that shape this College. Your extra-miles
and extra-smiles are noticed and appreciated. I commend you on a year well spent.
In reading this Yearbook, Im sure you will feel the warm loving ethos that continues
to pervade the College. We tried to portray a true reflection of the many activities
undertaken by our Marist Community during 2014.
Take time to enjoy the 2014 edition of our Yearbook.
Ren MacQuillin

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys marks its 85th Anniversary!

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

In the mid-nineteenth century, the Bishop of the Cape set about getting religious
Brothers and Sisters to teach the children in his small Catholic community. Answering
his invitation, five Marist Brothers landed in the Cape in 1867and established the first
two Marist schools outside Europe in Cape Town. The concern of the early priests and
religious was to care for their relatively small Catholic communities. For many years, the
South African Catholic Church devoted the majority of its manpower and resources to
the white community and comparatively little to other groups that eventually made
up the bulk of its members. The Marists spread to the Eastern Cape, the Transvaal, the
Transkei, Basutoland, the Orange Free State and Natal, there establishing St Henrys
Marist College in 1929. The Little Brothers of Mary (the Marist Brothers) purchased a
prime Ridge Road property on the Berea in Durban. The schools patron Saint is Henry
the Pious but, as was usual with the French Brothers in South Africa, they named the
school after the bishop who had invited them in to his diocese, this time Bishop Henri

Just two years later in 1931, the
new double-storeyed building of six
classrooms, a library, Principals office
and cloisters was opened. In 1933, The
first Matric class wrote the first public
examinations and the nine boys who
sat the exam achieved a 100% pass,
setting a high standard which has
been maintained ever since. One of the
Five Tenets of the Marist Ethos is the
Love of Work where students discover
the dignity of work, a source of selffulfillment and a way to bring purpose
and meaning to life.
And so, 83 years after the first group
of St Henrys students wrote the final
exams, once again in 2014 the College
community celebrated the successes of
the 2014 Matric Class, one of the best on
record. A total of 122 subject distinctions
were achieved by the 72 candidates,
twelve of whom were placed in the top
1%, an achievement that has been seen
time and again over the years. Since
1996, the College pupils have written
the Independent Examination Board
Matric which is regarded as the preeminent examination body in South
Africa. The pupils are helped to develop
a spirit of inquiry so that they will
undertake personal independent study.


The Learning Resource Centre (opened and blessed by Cardinal Napier in 2006),
incorporates the School Library and Archives, and is well-equipped as the nucleus of
Over the years, the school grew into an institution incorporating a primary school into
what had at first been purely a high school and, then, in the mid-1990s, girls joined
what had been up until then an all male student body. In 2008, these girls had moved
through the College to Grade 12 and were the first St Henrys girls to write Matric. That
same year, the first Head Girl was appointed.
From its opening in 1929 until 1981 the College had as its Principals men drawn from
the ranks of the Marist Brothers. In 1984, Mr Anthony Akal, an alumnus of St Henrys,
was appointed the first lay Principal and remained in that position until 2010 when he
retired after 26 years as College Principal. His successor was Mrs Ren van Zyl, the first
lady College Principal, who took up her appointment in 2011.
2014 will be known for its 85th celebrations, with the culmination of the celebrations
on Founders Day, 6 June. The College playing fields were renamed and blessed by
Wilfrid Cardinal Napier OFM, Archbishop of Durban.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist Brothers School

opened its doors on 4 February 1929
with 17 pupils and Brother Paul Eusterius
as the first Principal. Over the next eight
and half decades, the College has grown
to almost 800 pupils and is today a
flourishing co-educational community
where the Marist ethos is married to
excellence in the classroom and on the
playing field.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Celebration Mass

The doors of St Henrys Marist College swung open on the 4th

February 1929 to the first classes of nervous little boys. This week,
eight and a half decades later, the present day boys and girls of
St Henrys and many of the rest of the Durban Marist community
gathered in the College Quad to celebrate a commemorative
Mass. They then gathered around 840 cup cakes in the College
colours to serenade the school with several hearty renditions of
Happy Birthday, Marist!

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Gala Dinner85
21 JUNE 2014

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

1 JUNE 2014
Members of the St Henrys family joined with Holy Trinity
Musgrave parishioners on Sunday 1 June for a Mass to celebrate
the Colleges 85th Anniversary. Father Massimo Biancalani,
parish priest, was the main celebrant.


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014



Left to Right: Mr M Davey, Mr S Ackerman, Mrs R MacQuillin, Mrs B Burns, Mr S Leech


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College



STAFF 2014


Ilse Scott
Liezel McDonald
Nelia Heynecke
Elizea van Rensburg
Sandy Batho
Karen Ireland
Jonathan Schumann
Stephanie Bennett
Zanele Mjaja
Christel Oberholzer
Kristin Leppens
Siobhan OReagain
Barbara Munsami
Gary Brits
Giovanni de Pace
Kirstie Kane

Darryl Rehman
Kevin Thwaites
Penny OToole
Cherise van der Steeg
Gertie Ramalho
Tammy Peters-Newman
Sabrina de Charmoy
Jenna Duncan
Jenny Whiting
Denise Winter



Gail Andre
Carolann Nothling
Cindy Stevens
Meredith Madgin
Patricia Pillay
Lynette Woods
Blair Roux
Michelle Singh
Nicola Rivalland
Nauleen Martin


Anne Bowes-Taylor
Carla Groupe
Lizelle Couch

Sibongile Cele
Neil Mare
Roshan Ramsugit
Romi Schumann
Melissa Sowman
Peter Ducray
John Stengel
Kirsten Lawrence
Stacey Hiron
Kim Davenport

Vee Surban
Sasha Rosa

Gill Woods

Music JP (P/T)
Religion (P/T)
Drama /English
Life Orientation/
French (P/T)
Science (P/T)
Natural Science

Ray Brent

Chene Brent

Kyle Bowes-Taylor

Stacey Hiron

Senior Sports
Master (HS)
Senior Sports
Mistress (HS)
Sports Master
Sports Mistress


Moya ODonoghue College Principals

Wendy Blott
HS Secretary /

Rowan Phillips
PR and Marketing

Kerry-Anne Francis Admissions / PR &

Bernice von Weichardt FP Secretary
Ingrid Ludlow
Prep Secretary

Alan McDonald
Facilities Manager
Mark Davey
Finance & Estate

Brenda Pollock
Karen Glover
Bursars Asst
Charlotte Francis Debtors & Creditors

Jenny Ross
Sports Secretary
Michelle Powell-Rees Homework Room
Jacqueline Besson After Care
Michelle Akeroyd After Care


Rene MacQuillin
College Principal
Stephen Leech
HS Deputy Principal
Sean Ackerman
Prep Deputy

Barbara Burns
Head of Jnr Prep
Mike ONeill
Head of Ethos (HS

and Campus)
Tiffany Callaghan Head of Academics

Pierre Puren
Head of College

Charmaine Vermeulen Head of

Discipline (HS)
Craig Anderson
Head of Ethos and

Discipline (Prep)
Penny OToole
Academic Leader

Anne Bowes-Taylor Academic Leader


St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014

We congratulate Ms Lizelle Couch on the
birth of her little boy, Corne in July and
also to Mrs de Charmoy on the birth of
her daughter, Alessia in December. We
also congratulate William Mathe, and
his wife on the birth of their baby boy,
Ndumiso born in March.

Staff News
Welcome to the Marist Family

Mrs de Charmoy and Alessia

We welcomed to our Academic staff the following new members during the year:
Mrs Karen Ireland
High School Mathematics
Miss Kirstie Kane
High School Geography
Mrs Kim Davenport
High School Life Orientation / French
Miss Stacey Hiron
Prep School Sports Mistress
Miss Sasha Rosa
High School Natural Science locum
Mr Vee Surban
High School Physical Science locum
Miss Blair Roux
Jnr Prep Grade 1 teacher
Miss Samantha Petzer
High School Dramatic Arts
Our new mascot, Mr T aka Bonzo, the teacup Yorkshire Terrier that resides in the
Administration Offices.

Farewell to Staff who left

Corn Couch

Across the campus we said farewell to:

Mrs Kirstin Lawrence - High School
Dramatic Arts
Miss Kristin Leppens - High School Life
Mrs Karen Ireland - High School
Mr John Stengel - High School English
Mr Vee Surban - High School Physical
Science Locume
Mr Kyle Bowes-Taylor - Prep School
Sports Master
Mrs Jenna Duncan - Jnr Prep Grade 5
Miss Melissa Sowman - Jnr Prep Music
Mrs Michelle Ackeroyd - Aftercare
Mrs Luschei Venter - Aftercare


Mrs Duncan

Mr and Mrs Willaims and Ndumiso



Ms O Reagain exhibited work for her Masters Degree in Fine Art at the KZNSA Gallery.
The exhibition entitled Hortus Conclusis Brunsefelsia is an installation of porcelain
works and drawings that reflect a personal interpretation of the garden, using both
fine art and botanical approaches.

Ms O Reagain and her son Timothy

Miss Stacey Hiron has been selected to
represent the Kwa-Zulu Natal Coastal
MYNAHS Ladies Hockey team to play in
the South African Inter-Provincial Indoor
Hockey Tournament, as well as she was
selected to represent the Kwa-Zulu Natal
Coastal Raiders Ladies Hockey team to
play in the South African Inter-Provincial
Indoor Hockey Tournament.

Nuptial Notes
We extend our warmest wishes to Mrs Ren van Zyl on her marriage to Keith
MacQuillin on 1 March.

Congratulations to both, Mrs Tiffany

Callaghan and Mrs Bernice von
Weichardt for running the Comrades

Mr Kyle Bowes-Taylor

Farewell Father
The College Chaplain, Fr Brett Williams,
leaves the St Henrys family at the end
of this term. He has been appointed
Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Durban
and will also be taking over the Parish of
St Josephs, Morningside whose present
priest-in-charge, Fr Des Royappen, was
also the St Henrys Chaplain a few years

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Mr Kyle Bowes-Taylor has been selected

to join the South African Deaf Rugby
Invitational Squad to tour KwaZuluNatal for the inaugural tour of the newly
reformed South African Deaf Rugby
Union (SADRU). The tournament was
played in Pietermaritzburg. We also
congratulate to Mr Sean Ackerman on
his selection as the KZN Schools rugby
U12 coach.

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Veni, vidi, veci. We came, we saw, we
conquered. That was how the yellow
team felt as they left Club Venture
victorious over all the other staff teams.
Club Venture near Ballito specializes
in Team Building and Team Bonding
and we did just that as a whole stafffrom Pre-Primary teachers through to
High School teachers as well as all our
Administrative staff members.
We arrived at Club Venture at what felt
like a very early hour of the morning
after our holiday break. We were divided
into teams and had to complete an
Amazing Race type challenge which
included both physical and cognitive
activities. There was fierce competition
amongst the teams and those of us who
enjoy winning were highly competitive!
Suffice to say there was no other team as
focused and efficient as the yellow team.
During the day, we got to know new staff
members and we interacted amongst
the different phases and departments in
our school. This was time valuably spent
and we felt energized and ready to face
the year ahead as a cohesive team.


M Madgin


Early Childhood
Development Conference

Aware of WondeR
The Junior Prep Staff were fortunate to be given the opportunity to attend the ISASA
Early Childhood Development Conference at Cowan House in March.The theme of
the Conference was Aware of Wonder and most of the lectures covered ways to put
wonder back into the lives of our children.
There were many accomplished and inspiring speakers and the topics were
appropriate for our phase of education. Some of the topics discussed were: Changing
lives through Wonder. The speaker, Trevor Downham said that it is the responsibility
of the adults to ensure that children live with wonder in their lives.

Tim Barry, the Senior Master of Pastoral Care at Michaelhouse School addressed us.His
topic was Wonder in an Age of Glibness. Amongst the many excellent points and
advice he gave concerning this topic was that although technology has a huge role
to play in modern life, the time spent on it by young children should be monitored
and restricted. As the adults, it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for the
children to have real life experiences and not just those which are virtual.

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

There were also many breakaway

sessions which were interesting and
inspirational. Some of the topics
were Using the Magic of Language to
unlock Literacy, Wonder-full Science,
Engendering Sparkle and Spirit in the
Classroom, Get with I.T, Interpretation
of Nature through Colour, Unlocking
Design and Technology in the classroom
and The Wonder of Sensory Functioning
in Children.
It can safely be said that every member
of staff left the conference stimulated
and eager to try some of the new and
innovative ideas to which we were
M Madgin Grade 2

St Henrys Marist College 2014

There is never enough time to do all the nothing we want. was topical and presented
us with some extremely good advice. The speaker, Tim Jarvis mentioned that we all
need to slow down and have fun whilst enjoying time spent together as adults and
children. Grace and not pace should be our mantra. He said falling and not failing
helps our children to be stronger in the present and the future.

The Seven Wonders of ADHD was

another thought provoking address by
Dave Pughe-Parry who calls himself the
ultimate rebel ADHD child. He is the
Founder of LADD (LivingADDventure).
Gina Mhlope provided us with

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L to R): Mrs N Heynecke, Ms S OReagain, Mrs C Vermeulen, Rev. M ONeill, Mrs R MacQuillin, Mr S Leech,
Mr P Puren, Mrs S Batho, Mrs S Bennett
2nd Row: Ms S Rosa, Mrs L McDonald, Mrs K Davenport, Mrs E van Rensburg, Ms K Kane, Ms S Hiron, Mrs Z Mjaja,
Ms S Petzer
3rd Row: Mrs C Brent, Mrs S Cele, Mrs B Munsami, Ms K Leppens, Mr K Bowes-Taylor, Mrs K Ireland, Ms R Schumann
Back Row: Mr N Mare, Mr J Schumann, Mr G Brits, Mr G de Pace, Mr R Brent, Mrs C Oberholzer, Mr R Ramsugit, Mr J Stengel


Front Row (L to R): Mrs P OToole, Mr S Ackerman, Mrs R MacQuillin, Mr C Anderson, Ms G Ramalho
2nd Row: Ms R Schumann, Ms S Hiron, Mrs C van der Steeg, Mrs J Duncan, Mr D Rehman, Mrs T Peters-Newman
Back Row Mrs J Whiting, Mr K Thwaites, Mrs S de Charmoy, Mr K Bowes-Taylor


STAFF Pre-Primary & Junior Primary


Front Row (L to R): Mrs M Madgin, Mr S Ackerman, Mrs R MacQuillin, Mrs B Burns, Mrs C Stevens
Back Row: Mrs P Pillay, Mrs N Rivalland, Miss B Roux, Mrs C-A Nothling, Mrs A Bowes-Taylor, Mrs M Singh, Mrs G Andre

STAFF Administrative

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L to R): Mr R Phillips, Miss M ODonoghue, Mrs R MacQuillin, Mr M Davey, Mrs W Blott
Back Row: Mrs B von Weichardt, Mrs K-A Francis, Mrs J Ross, Mrs K Glover, Mrs I Ludlow, Mrs C Francis, Mrs G Woods,
Mrs B Pollock

St Henrys Marist College 2014


The Committee
Chairman: Mr Matthew Kimble (Class 2008 Head Boy)
Vice Chairman: Mr Brendan Martin (Class 1966)
Treasurer: Mr Jason Grieve (Class 2007- Head Boy)
Secretary: Ms Maxine Noel (Class 2012)

Other Elected Members:

Mr Langa Mbongwa (Class 2011- Head Boy)
Mr Matthew Sprong (Class 2009)
Mr Adam Watson (Class 2007)
Ms Claire Gillespie (Class 2012 Deputy Head Girl)
Marist Association Secretary: Mrs Tessa Tostee


Chairmans Report
I remember being told a few years ago that we, the Marist Association Committee and
myself, are the present custodians of a long and proud history and whilst this at times
feels like a burden I prefer to view it as a challenge. The challenge of maintaining and
growing the Marist Association is often a heavy one and seldom for the faint of heart
and so right at the beginning of this report I would like to take a moment to thank
those who give of their precious time to face this challenge head on. Looking back
on this year I am glad to be able to report that we have succeeded in this challenge.
The Marist Association is growing and continues to grow and has over the years found
itself in a stronger and stronger position to give back to St Henrys and its Alumni.
This year saw the St Patricks Day celebration become a collaboration between the
Marist Association and St Henrys and to great success and in the process saving an
event we feared we may have to cut from our annual program. The first Alumni vs 1st
XV cricket games took place this year with the Alumni scoring a resounding victory.
This is hopefully the re-establishment of an old tradition which I feel is important for
the continued success of the Marist Association and will hopefully expand into other
sporting codes in the following years. The Annual Alumni Dinner continues to grow
in numbers and hopefully next year will see us return to a packed hall. The Marist
Golf Day, a collaboration between the Marist Association and St Henrys as well as the
parents of St Henrys was an incredible success this year with over R50 000.00 being
raised. In other projects, our Treasurer Jason Grieve, continues to do amazing work
in Addo with his Marist Mercy Care project and this project, inspired by our schools
founder is one which the Marist Association is proud to support. The Marist Association
has also invested in the Marist Gym with much needed equipment being upgraded
and purchased. The Marist Association Newsletter continues to be a constant source

of information and an important link to

the Alumni family at large. In short an
overall very busy and successful year for
the Marist Association.


Success is seldom achieved alone and

one of the people key to the success of
the Marist Association this year has been
Tessa Tostee, who as secretary for the
Marist Association has greatly assisted
in all of our projects and in assuring that
we all do our part and achieve. Being
a member of the Marist Association
Committee is an often thankless task
and so to all of those who worked
tirelessly this year a massive thank you. I
greatly appreciate all that you have done
for the Marist Association and the St
Henrys family at large and look forward
to working with you again next year.
Lastly to all of those who have supported
us throughout this year, without your
support the Marist Association would
not be able to function, the success of
the Marist Association this year is indeed
your success.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

This made for a team with a wide variety

of years and skill levels. As planned, the
match was played in the 20-20 format,
with high hopes of it being an explosive
afternoon of cricket. The Old Boys chose
to bat first, posting a total of 144 runs.
Devin Heffer was top scorer with a 50,
with contributions coming all the way
down the order. Unfortunately due to
an extremely slow outfield and a tricky
pitch, there werent as many boundaries
as hoped, but the runs were on the

St Patricks Day: 14 March 2014

The evening was an incredibly festive one, with a record crowd pulling in, which gives
us hope for bigger and better parties in the years to come. In the past, invitations
were focused towards Alumni. This resulted in poor attendances. As a result a
complete overhaul of St Patricks was undertaken this year. The focus was directed
towards the parents of St Henrys Marist College and Alumni. In addition to the regular
Irish dancers, one-man band and the infamous Stoned Blarneys, this year also saw
performances by St Henrys pupils. The aim of the St Patricks Party was to raise funds
for the Irish Hockey and Rugby Tour. Attendance improved significantly allowing the
Association to donate R3610.00 towards medical supplies for the Irish Hockey and
Rugby Tour. A similar strategy will be followed in 2015.

Marist Invitational Cricket: 7 March 2014

In previous years, although there have been games of cricket played against the
schools first team, it had never been formalised. Starting with this years game we
would like to see it become a permanent fixture in the Alumni calendar. Due to the
nature of cricket and there being room for only so many players,12 old boys who were
readily available were asked to play.
These were; Jonathan Schumann, Bhaskar Parmanand, Devin Heffer, Kyle BowesTaylor, Jason Grieve, Adam Watson, Matthew Kimble, Matthew Sprong, Nicholas
Pitman, Langa Mbongwa, Rory MacDonald and Scott Hiron.


This was a rather strong team, as some of the players now play club cricket, and some
are recent matriculants and so, arent too rusty.

Next came the innings of the school

boys, with Jonathan Schumann taking
the new ball. Quite a risk being taken,
by opening with spin, however it did pay
off, with a wicket falling in the first over.
From then on, wickets fell at a regular
pace, with some good bowling from all
of the old boys. Everyone willing to turn
an arm was thrown the ball and this
regular change in bowling seemed to do
the trick with the pupils being bowled
out for a total of 77.
A special mention must be made of
Jonathan Schumann for taking an
absolute blinder of a catch at silly midoff, thus earning him man of the match.
The game turned out to be most
enjoyable for all those who were
involved, and a big thank you to all those
who participated. We are looking to host
another game in the not too distant
future, and if we can spark an interest, we
may be able to expand this into a bigger
event with multiple Old Boys teams.
Matthew Sprong (Captain)


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Alumni Dinner:
6 June 2014
The Marist Association Alumni Dinner
is an annual event inviting all Alumni of
St Henrys and Marist Schools to attend.
In the past, the Association has been
accustomed to this dinner resulting in a
financial loss. In 2013, this was drastically
changed to incorporate all aspects of
costs into the ticket price whilst still
maintaining the high standard of the
dinner Alumni are accustomed to.
Ticket sales have decreased over the
years. The committee has attributed this
to the increase in ticket price to cover the
costs of reputable guest speakers and
the time of year that the dinner is held,
many Alumni are away at University in
the middle of examinations.

Low ticket sales were an issue this year,

however, as a result of careful planning
the Association was able to generate a
profit of just over R2000.00. This must
be regarded as a success due to the
challenges that were faced.
The Association has managed to keep in
contact with those Alumni that attended
and believe that the Alumni Dinner for
2015 will again result in net profit for
the Association to channel through to St
Henrys Marist College.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

This year, Ian McIntosh was the guest

speaker. Ian McIntosh was a National
selector of the Rugby World Cup
winning Springbok team in 2007 and
serves on the International Rugby Board
Experimental Laws Committee.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Golf Day:


The continuation of the Marist Golf Day

as a collaborative venture between
the Marist Association, St Henrys and
the schools parent body has yet again
shown the benefit of working as a Marist
A full field was played at this years Golf
Day consisting of Parents, Alumni, St
Henrys Staff and other participants.
Sponsorship for holes increased
substantially compared to prior years.
The total Net Profit from the Golf Day
was R52 375.00.
Of the R52 375.00 half was distributed
to St Henrys Marist College to benefit
the sports facilities for the students of St
Henrys Marist College.

Alumni Excel:
Patrice Madurai


In March, Patrice Madurai (Head girl

2010) was part of the delegation that
represented The University of Cape Town
at Harvard World Model United Nations
held in Brussels, Belgium.
Harvard WorldMUN is known as the
Olympics of Model United Nations
conferences as it brings together
over 2000 delegates from 200 of the
worlds best universities in an effort to
provide these incoming leaders with a
platform to start laying foundations into
prospective reforms and changes that
pertain to global issues.
Patrice sat on the World Bank Committee
where she was an active member of the
African Union. The topic at hand was
access to finance through the further
inclusion of women and the increased
implementation of microfinance. After
days of heated debate and discussion
the committee was able to agree upon a
resolution in the 11th hour.
Whilst in Brussels, Patrice also
participated in the Resolution Projects
Social Venture Challenge. It was at the
forum that she pitched The Cupcake
reSolution a project that the Marist
family across South Africa has actively
been involved in. The Cupcake
reSolution was pitched among 150
social and global impact ventures. It was
placed in the top 5.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Patrice will be representing South Africa

at the G20 Youth Summit later this year
where she will be chairing the round
table discussions as well as presenting
her research paper on Youth and

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Jean-Luc Tostee, Sarah Perumal, Mrs R MacQuillin, Savannah Cozzi, Michael Ross, Sibongiseni Sabela



Front Row (L R): Sibongiseni Sabela, Mrs C Vermeulen, Michael Ross, Mrs R MacQuillin, Savannah Cozzi, Mr S Leech,
Jean-Luc Tostee
2nd Row: Gabriella Cipriano, Ashley Biggar, Sharnae Zimmerman, Blair Millar, Luke Ducray, Sarah Perumal
3rd Row: Sahil Govender, Tevin-Lee Howard, Callum Murphy, Keagan Scharneck
Back Row: Khaya Mthethwa, Graham Bishai, Fabio Torino, Joshua Gaillard, Wesley Gace, Claire Herbert



Staff Responsible: Mrs C Vermeulen

Take eighteen newly appointed, untried leaders, put them together in a room for
three days.
What do they do?
According to Edge Training Leadership Course councillors they should attempt to
cross rivers of fire and think like forest animals. And these are just two examples taken
out of the three days of fun, sweat, hard work, and tough lessons that we as Prefects
went through at the beginning of this year.
This course, led by the inspired Edge group, drove us to work as a team of leaders
in different situations, from competitions involving endurance running to
choreographed arguments. It asked us to examine what makes a leader, and more
importantly what makes a good one, and to examine which leader role we were.
They taught us the all-important need for communication and to approach problems
creatively. It was a course unlike any other, a mixture of physical and psychological.


But most importantly it gave us the

opportunity to sit down and discuss
what we wanted to achieve as a team,
what we saw the school achieving, and
how we were going to serve and support
it in any way we could to reach these
We hope that together we have served
you well and have fulfilled these aims.
Sincere thanks go to the Edge team,
Mrs Vermeulen for her support and
organisation and the School Body for its
initiation of this course for us.
Luke Ducray

Prefects Pledge
Conscious of the honour
bestowed upon me,
and fully aware of the
responsibilities I shall have to
I pledge myself in the
presence of this gathering
to serve my school
with loyalty, courage, dignity
to discharge my duties and

Taking the Pledge

Before the audience gathered at the
High School Awards evening, the 2015
Prefects made their pledge to serve
their school with loyalty, courage,
dignity and honour, to discharge their
duties and responsibilities with zeal and
diligence and to strive to maintain a high
standard of personal conduct. They
promised to always pray for strength
and guidance in their task.

responsibilities with zeal and

diligence and
to strive to maintain a high
standard of personal conduct.
I shall always pray for strength
and guidance in my task.
May this serve as a constant
reminder of the faith and trust
placed in you.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

and honour,



St Henrys Marist College 2014




St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Mr S Ackerman, Armandt van Zyl, Mrs R MacQuillin,

Sandro Borrelli, Mr S Leech
Back Row: Gemma van As, Michaela Blandin de Chalain, Mayur Soowamber,
Bongisisa Mhlongo, Claire Herbert, Clarissa Fourie

St Henrys Marist College 2014



I am delighted, therefore to have so much material in this 85th year of the life of the

On the liturgical side, we began the year with a special Mass for the staff in the
chapel. We also began each term with an Academic Mass for the whole school in
the St Marcellin Amphitheatre. In addition to this, we were privileged to have both
Cardinal Napier and Bishop Barry Wood as our celebrants at our birthday Mass on the
4th February. This was well supported by the parents and Alumni making it a really
joyful occasion.
Our school chaplain, Fr Brett Williams, has been very supportive this year, celebrating
at all but one of our major Masses as well as the weekly chapel celebrations. We are
grateful to Fr Chris Richmond, a past Marist pupil, for helping us out when Fr Brett
was away for the Founders Day Mass. Co-operation with our local parishes is always
important so we were delighted to be given permission by the Parish Priest of Holy
Trinity Parish, Fr Massimo Biancalani, to celebrate our school feast day at one of his
Sunday parish Masses on 1 June.
Incidentally, Fr Massimo is the driving force behind the Mater Homes project which
operates several homes for unmarried mothers and abused women. St Henrys was
blessed to be part of their Walk for Life which focused on the appalling number of
abortions that are taking place within our local community. Around 20 of our learners
and parents participated and we were able to help out by making our new busses
available to shuttle people between the church and the Mass venue.


Organisationally, we took a major step in our school by appointing a Head of Chapel

for the first time this year. Sarah Perumal was presented with her Honours Blazer at the
same time as the Heads and Deputies were appointed at the final assembly of 2013.
Sarah has really set the standard for this position, working tirelessly with her Liturgy
Committee in planning all the liturgical celebrations of the year. She has under her
the portfolios of Sacristan, Altar Servers, Readers and Choirs. I congratulate and thank



1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Sarah and her team for the excellent work that they did this year. May God bless you
for sharing your talents with your school family.
Finally, on a sad note, we bid farewell to Fr Brett who will be leaving us at the end of
the year to take up the position of Chancellor of the Archdiocese. Fr Brett has been
a real asset in the all too brief time that he has been our chaplain. His cheerful and
meaningful homilies will be missed by staff and learners alike. Thank you, Fr Brett.
We trust that you will find time in your busy schedule to come and visit us every now
and then. On the positive side, we are delighted to welcome Fr Sean Mullin CSSp as
our new chaplain from the beginning of 2015. Fr Sean has extensive experience as a
school chaplain and we are very fortunate that he has agreed to join our St Henrys

As teachers and clergy, we see the real pain that broken marriages cause to the
children in those families. Please keep God in your lives and in your homes so that he
may heal and strengthen damaged relationships. As teachers and clergy, we will do
all that we can to help you.
May God bless you all.
Rev M ONeill

St Henrys Marist College 2014

On the topic of family, we come to the end of the second year of the Year of the Family
(I still cant work that one out!). I am greatly saddened by the number of our learners
whose parents get divorced or separate. There is no greater gift than the gift of life
that we give to our offspring.

St Henrys Marist College 2014


In 2009 inspired by the incredible work done by the Sisters of Mercy in the Sundays
River Valley area, a group of past pupils from St Henrys Marist College in Durban
decided to embark upon a journey that would hopefully change the area, little did
they realise it would forever change them. The team has visited the area every year
since then, and now help the Brothers and Sisters with an array of social outreach
Langbos is an informal settlement riddled with social issues. Drug and alcohol abuse
is prevalent and as a result there has been an increase in sexual abuse and violence.
Child-headed households are the norm and so health related issues perpetuate in this
Whilst December marks a time of celebration and increased expenditure for the
rest of South Africa, this is not the case for all those living in Langbos, Valencia and
the surrounding settlements. Moved by this unfortunate reality the Sisters of Mercy
along with the Marist Brothers started a summer camp that would provide a sense of
hope and security to the many children who would not get to experience the joys of


This camp is at the heart of what the Marist Brothers and Sisters of Mercy do because
this week is all about the children. Over the years it has grown in popularity and
although there is a great support provided by the local volunteers, there was greater
prospect to involve Marist past and present pupils. There are five Marist Schools in
South Africa these being, St Davids, Sacred Heart, Marian College, St Henrys and St
Josephs in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town respectively. Facilitated by past
head students from St Henrys Jason Grieve (Head Boy 2007) and Patrice Madurai
(Head Girl 2010) they have brought the Head Students for 2015 together in an effort
to share the call of what it means to be truly Marist. Under the banner of Marist Mercy
Care, these students have started their term as senior leaders by working tirelessly
to provide the kids in these townships with a variety of fun and interactive activities.
From rugby and netball to dancing and arts and crafts they have done all that they
could to share the experiences that they so often take for granted.

What is Christmas without presents?
Thanks to the Marists who collected
325 love boxes at their schools the last
day of the camp ended off on a high
note with the kids receiving boxes filled
with toiletries, stationery, sweets, a toy
and an item of clothing. We know that
we cant do everything but we can do
something It was such an honour to
be a part of what we believe is a project
that will raise up world changers and
future leaders not just from the Marist
schools but more especially from the
townships in the Valley area.
Patrice Madurai (Head Girl St Henrys
Marist School, Durban 2010). Now a
student at the University of Cape Town



The aim of the trips we make every week

are intended to help the children with
any homework that they are struggling
with and to provide them with some
extra company - but I can assure you
that we are always put through our
paces. One can take a look at the Maths
homework of a Grade 3 boy and think
that it shouldnt be too difficult...that
is until you actually try and explain it
without using algebra!
One fond memory I have is taking a few
packets of Marie Biscuits, icing sugar and
food colouring for the kids to have some
fun. Im pretty sure the House Mothers
werent too impressed with us for leaving
all behind high on a sugar rushes.

Overall, St Theresas has had such an impact on my life and the lives of all those who
have visited the home, not to mention all of the boys. It was pretty tough to visit them
for the final time to say good-bye, but it has been worth it. I just hope that my fellow
students will continue to support such a worthwhile cause because St Theresas means
so much, to so many. I am really thankful for all the hard work that Mrs Batho and
Mrs McDonald have put in to ensure that as many students as possible get the same
opportunity as I have, to make a difference in someone elses life and in turn, make a
difference in my own. I would also like to extend my thanks to the Marist Family for
their contributions. Hopefully, these contributions will continue in the future.
Claire Herbert

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Not everyone is as fortunate as I have

been to make weekly trips to visit St
Theresas Boys Home. I have been going
to St Theresas since Grade 8 and it has
been a truly remarkable and humbling
experience. I know that I have gained
so much from my time visiting all of the
children there, who over the years have
become my friends. I think they taught
me far more than I taught them. It has
been a truly amazing time to see the
boys grow from strength to strength as
they persevere through their schooling
careers. I know personally, that I have
grown in confidence and even if it has
been a tough day, seeing the boys
faces light up when we arrive really
make ones day better. These visits have
really changed my perceptions on what
it is to be happy. You really learn how
to appreciate the small things in life; it
sounds very clich - but it is the honest

Staff Responsible:
Mrs S Batho and Mrs E McDonald

St Henrys Marist College 2014

LitHurgy Committee

(Left - Right): Aphiwe Njoko, Christin Samuel, Sarah Perumal (Head of Chapel), Rev. M ONeill, Bianca Samuel, Lauren Askew

First Holy Communion


Front Row (L-R): Lloyd Moodley, Matthew Damons, Nikhil Maganlal

Back Row: Pascale Martin, Christene Brisset, Tess de Haas, Tariq Sallie, Lethiwe Ngubane, Jessica Kalil



Front Row (L-R): Bianca Samuel, Luke Ducray, Jean-Luc Tostee, Michael Cooke, Savannah Cozzi, Liam Ward, Dominic Linnetts
2nd Row: Jamie-Leigh Haynes, Kaylor Laing, Chaise Firmin, Christin Samuel, Amy van der Merwe, Lauren Askew
Back Row: Giuliana Bowers, Joshua Francis, Darren Reineke, Jordan Buckley, Kyle Davey, Novien Pillay, Sabrina Samuel

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Champagnat Pilgrimage
This year St Henrys sent Mrs Barbara Burns and Mr Craig
Anderson on the Marist Pilgrimage to Rome and France. They
were accompanied by Fr Brett Williams (St Henrys school
chaplain) and two staff members from each of the other 4
Marist schools in South Africa. Leading the pilgrimage were Br
Jude Pieterse and Br Joe Walton. Also accompanying them on
their journey was Brother Tomas Sawayenga from Angola.
The pilgrimage group met at O R Tambo International Airport on
the afternoon of Monday 19 May to embark on their overnight
flight to Rome via Zurich on Swiss International Airlines. New
friendships were quickly forged as well as re-connecting with
Marist friends from the other schools.


The pilgrims were advised by previous pilgrims to make sure

that they had packed good walking shoes as Br Jude would
keep us active. Little did we know how far we would walk
each day. After being allocated our rooms at the General
House in Rome the group met to be given their journals and
itinerary. A vitally important part of the pilgrimage was to
gather as a community of pilgrims to share our experiences,
thoughts and emotions. Each day we celebrated mass together
with the brothers at the General House or on one extremely
meaningful occasion; in the catacombs. This experience really
made one understand, what the early Roman Christians had
been prepared to do, in order to keep their faith alive and
celebrate the Eucharist together. A General Audience with
Pope Francis was one of the highlights of our Roman visit.
We all experienced a special feeling of unity and
family spirit, amongst the many thousands of people
gathered at the Vatican that day. One cannot begin to
describe some of the awesome grandeur and beauty
of those churches built in medieval times. There was
a sense that nothing created by man could be too
great for God. In amongst the ostentatiousness of
some of the churches and basilicas, we probably all found
one that was our favourite. Some of the quieter, smaller
churches also evoked special feelings, such as the church
Quo Vadis off the Appian Way. Though we also experienced
many tourist attractions in Rome, we grew to understand


and appreciate so many beginnings of

the Catholic faith under Brother Judes
direction. We also learnt about how the
Marist Community kept others in the
world informed of their actions through
the communications they publish and
share. The Marist archives in Rome are
a vital and living record of documents
from all corners of the Marist world, as
well as housing some of St Marcellins
We left the warm and humid Roman
climate behind to then proceed to
Lyon and follow literally, in the steps
of Marcellin Champagnat. Preparatory
reading before our pilgrimage enabled
one to understand and contemplate the
life of this saint who began a movement
in which Marist teachers today play such
a special role. Champagnats physical
world in France was small but his heart
was so big that the Marist world now
reaches around the globe.

Hermitage, that Marcellin and the early

Brothers had hacked out of the rock face,
made one feel the presence of this man
who simply wanted to make Jesus Christ
known and loved through teaching
others. Masses were celebrated with
the Marist community at the Hermitage
and the chapel at Le Rosey. Fr Brett
concelebrated mass and read the gospel
in the Basilica of St John Vianney (the
patron saint of diocesan priests) in Ars.
An important mass together was around

We visited other places of relevance in the Marist world such as Le Puy and St GenisLaval where the General House of the Institute was before moving to Rome. Here we
met some of the elderly Brothers, who are cared for with compassion and love. At the
Chapel at Notre Dame De Fourviere, the pilgrims of 2014, gathered to sign our Marist
pledge to continue the work of the Marist Brothers through our words and actions
in the lives of those we encounter at home and at school. At our final meal it was a
privilege to present those at the Hermitage with a cross made by Joshua Goncalves ,
to commemorate the2014 pilgrimage group from South Africa.
It was a privilege and a blessing to share this pilgrimage and to realise that the Marist
values we espouse are living in the lives of the Brothers around the world, and that
we as Lay Marists in Marist schools, are called to continue the work of this dedicated
man and saint.
B Burns

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Each of us felt closer to the world of St

Marcellin as we walked the mountains
from hamlet to hamlet. One could almost
visualise what it may have been like to
struggle to visit the needy and dying in
the snow. Walking up the steps in the

the table made by St Marcellin. We felt truly blessed to be tasked to be examples of

Champagnat to others.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

5 MARCH 2014


At the conclusion of Ash Wednesday Mass, pupils and staff burned

the papers on which they had written their intentions, their
commitment to prayer and acts of kindness and what they are
giving up for the forty days of Lent.



What a privilege it was to attend this weekend!
For a new teacher to the Marist system, it is an opportunity to
explore the Marist way in a non-threatening environment and
gain an understanding of how important the five pillars are.
The weekend was held at Hartebeestpoort Dam. Sacred Heart
College, who were the hosts for this year and compiled a very
interesting programme. Time was spent getting to know staff
from the other Marist schools in Johannesburg and Cape
Town. It was an honour to meet Brother Joe and to find out
what the Brothers role is in laying the educational foundation
according to the Marist way.
We would like to thank Mr Colin Northmore, Head of Sacred
Heart College and Mrs Pam Paton Mills for the time and effort
that they put into compiling the wonderful programme.
People make this journey of life in many and varied ways, with
a unique way of discovering the meaning of their life and of
choosing their response. No matter how they engage in their
personal life journey, no matter how many detours they choose
to follow, there is always the opportunity to meet and know God.
Water from the Rock 161,162
L McDonald
E van Rensburg



The Foundation Phase and

Junior Prep Phases marked
Holy Week with re-enactments
of the events of Jesus
triumphal entry into Jerusalem
and of the Last Supper.
St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Together with almost 500 000 students at Marist schools in 80 countries, the St Henrys
community celebrated the Feast Day of their founder, St Marcellin Champagnat on 6
June. To mark the special day in the Colleges 85th year, Cardinal Wilfrid Napier (centre)
concelebrated Mass with Bishop Barry Wood and eight priests of the Archdiocese, two
of them Old Boys of St Henrys.



Cardinal Napier blessed the renamed playing fields. The A Field is now known as the
Champagnat Oval, the old B Field has become the Delalle Field, (named for Bishop
Henri Delalle of Durban in whose honour the school was named after St Henry who
was Henry II, 972 1024, King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor) and the C and
D Fields are now the Marcellin Fields

6 JUNE 2014

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College



St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014



15 AUGUST 2014




the College Quad at the Memorial Bell Tower to remember the 18 young men from the
College who gave their lives in the 2nd World War and the Marist Brothers who have
taught generations of Marist pupils and who have since died.
This year, special mention was made of 2nd Lieutenant Dennis Chambers (Class of 33)
who served in Burma in Queen Alexandras Own Gurkha Rifles and was killed in action
in 1943.
History master, Mr Gary Brits, suitably dressed in WW2 military uniform and wearing
the belt of another St Henrys student, Cecil Boyd who died in action in Italy in 1945,
showed Dennis Chambers Gurkha Rifles sword to Grade 8 pupils, Sydney van Voorst
and Tyrese Pillay. Grade 8 classes have been studying this period in history and a
number came to the service dressed as members of one or other of the armed forces.
R Phillips


11 NOVEMBER 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Each year on the 11 November, the St Henrys Marist College community gathers in


St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014




St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014






St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014




St Henrys Marist College 2014



Grade 00 Grade 12

Front Row (L to R): Matteo Ferreri , Jean-Luc Tostee, Sandro Borelli, Savannah Cozzi, Jiveshen Kisten
Back Row: Weyland Swart, Wesley Gace, Joshua Gaillard, Fabio Torino, Joshua Stewart, Brandon Foster

Front Row (L to R): Brandon Girling, Michaela Blandin de Chalin, Davide Ferreri, Daniel Hing
2nd Row: Michael Ross, Gemma van As, Savannah Cozzi, Sandro Borelli, Jean-Luc Tostee
Back Row: Weyland Swart, Wesley Gace, Thandokuhle Dlamini, Fabio Torino, Joshua Gaillard, Jiveshen Kisten, Brandon Foster

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Grade 1 Grade 12

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L R): Michael Ross, Mrs R MacQuillin, Savannah Cozzi

Back Row: Sibongiseni Sabela, Sharnae Zimmerman, Fabio Torino, Jean-Luc Tostee, Sarah Perumal

1929 - 2014


St Henrys Marist College



Front Row (L R): Ashley Biggar, Tevin-Lee Howard, Gemma van As, Matteo Ferreri, Blair Millar
Back Row: Joshua Tammadge, Wesley Gace, Joshua Gaillard, Keagan Ormshaw

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

The College congratulates the 2014

matrics on their achievements. We
heartily congratulate Pranav Goven who
is the 2014 Dux and Sarah Murray who is
the 2014 proxime accessit.
Pranav was recognised by the IEB
as having earned an Outstanding
achievement; that is he achieved within
the top 5% in six or more subjects
among the 10 451 IEB candidates from
191 schools who wrote.



The top 10 are:

1) Pranav Goven - aggregate of 90%, in 1st place overall and 7 subject distinctions (3
of them above 90% with 98% for Mathematics)
2) Sarah Murray aggregate of 89% in 2nd place overall and 7 subject distinctions (2
of them above 90%).
3) Graham Bishai aggregate of 88% in 3rd place overall and 6 subject distinctions (3
of them at or above 90%)
4) Jean-Luc Tostee - aggregate of 87%, in 4th place overall and 7 subject distinctions
(2 of them above 90%)
5) Fabio Torino - aggregate of 86.5%, in 5th place and 7 subject distinctions (1 of them
above 90%)
6) Luke Ducray aggregate of 86.1%, in 6th place overall and 6 subject distinctions (3
of them above 90%)
7) Sahil Govender - aggregate of 85.5%, in 7th place overall and 6 subject distinctions
(2 of them above 90% with 98% for Mathematics)
8) Michael Hicks - aggregate of 85%, in 8th place overall and 7 subject distinctions
9) Michael Ross and Sarah Perumal - aggregate of 82%, share 9th place overall with 5
subject distinctions each
10) Kelin Pottier - aggregate of 81.8%, in 10th place overall and 5 subject distinctions
(1 of them at 90%)


The Class of 2014 earned a total of 122

subject distinctions. Twelve Grade 12s
attained A aggregates and fourteen
achieved B aggregates.

In addition, 57 of the 72 St Henrys
candidates achieved BD passes, 11
achieved a Diploma pass and 3 achieved
a Higher Certificate pass. Thus 79%
of our candidates have admittance to
degree studies, 15% have admittance
to diploma studies and 4% to Higher
Certificate Studies.

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College




Grade 8
The Jordan Family Trophy:
Highest Mark in English
The St Henrys Book Prize:
Highest Mark in Afrikaans
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Isizulu
The H.C. Thom Trophy:
Highest Mark in Mathematics
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Life Orientation
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Geography
The St Henrys Book Prize:

The Highest Mark in History

Kavidhen Kander
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Natural Science
Kavidhen Kander
The St Henrys Book Prize:
Computer Literacy
Liam Moodley
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in EMS
Aaron Naidu
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Arts & Culture
Kavidhen Kander
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Design & Technology Kavidhen Kander
Grade 9
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in English
Sophie Atkins
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Afrikaans
Dhinita Parumaul
The R F Kennedy Memorial Trophy:
Highest Mark in Isizulu
Sikhumbuzo Nzimande
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Mathematics
Sophie Atkins
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Life Orientation
Dhinita Parumaul
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Geography
Dhinita Parumaul
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in History

Dhinita Parumaul

The Yatish Madaree Memorial Trophy:

Highest Mark in Natural Science

Dhinita Parumaul

The St Henrys Book Prize:

The Highest Mark in Computer Literacy

Dhinita Parumaul

The St Henrys Book Prize:

The Highest Mark in EMS

Dylan Callaghan

The St Henrys Book Prize:

Aaron Naidu
Aaron Naidu
Mvelo Nkosi
Aaron Naidu
Kavidhen Kander
Liam Moodley

The Highest Mark in Arts & Culture

Dhinita Parumaul

The St Henrys Book Prize:

The Highest Mark in Design & Technology
Kailin Reddy
Grade 10
The Van Horen Trophy:
The Highest Mark in English
Amy Cooper
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Afrikaans
Elzaan Nieuvenhuis
The Inkomishi Yokuzikhandla Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Isizulu
Naledi Mohale
The A.C. Naidoo Memorial Trophy:
Highest Mark in Mathematics
Preneshan Reddy

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Grade 8:
First Place
The H W Coelen Trophy
Aaron Naidu
Second Place
Khavidhen Kander
Third Place
Liam Moodley
Fourth Place
Geri Lazarus
Fifth Place
Jordan Mawbey
Grade 9:

First Place
The Halliday Trophy
Sophie Atkins
Second Place
Dhinita Parumaul
Third Place
Luyanda Mazibuko
Fourth Place
Kashin Ramnarayan
Fifth Place
Emilio Naicker
Grade 10:
First Place
The J M Kenton Trophy
Amy Cooper
Second Place
Celine Lourens
Third Place
Keyanna Perumal
Fourth Place
Preneshan Reddy
Fifth Place
Faiz Ally
Grade 11:
First Place
The A L Gibson Trophy
Demi Geldenhuis
Second Place
Kashmil Gopal
Third Place
Amy van der Merwe
Fourth Place
Lauren Askew
Fifth Place
Megan Raftery
Grade 12:
First Place
Pranav Goven
Second Place
Graham Bishai
Third Place
Sarah Murray
Fourth Place
Fabio Torino
Fifth Place


St Henrys Marist College 2014


The St Henrys Book Prize:

The Highest Mark in Mathematical Literacy Kyara Rampersadh
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Life Orientation
Celine Lourens
The Harry Horton Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Geography
Celine Lourens
The Br Martin Whiteford Trophy:
Highest Mark in History
Trevor Bishai
The Leslie Greenwood Memorial Trophy:
Highest Mark in Physical Science
Nivash Soma
The John Moolman Memorial Trophy:
Highest Mark in Life Sciences
Amy Cooper
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Information Technology Luca Ruggier
The Pricewaterhouse Coopers Shield:
The Highest Mark in Accountancy
Keyanna Perumal
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Visual Art
Celine Lourens
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Dramatic Art
Jessica Read
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Business Studies
Emma Brown
Grade 11
The J Hughes Trophy:
The Highest Mark in English
Demi Geldenhuis
The Bramwell Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Afrikaans
Adam Taylor
The Ophumelele Ngamalengiso Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Isizulu
Aphiwe Njoko
The B J Haynes Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Mathematics
Alaric Theophilus
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Mathematical Literacy
Matthew Bartholomew
The James Smithers R N Memorial Trophy:
The Most Improved Mathematics Student Lauren Askew
The Dhanavathie Pather Shield:
The Highest Mark in Life Orientation
Amy van der Merwe
The Wartski Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Geography
Demi Geldenhuis
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in History
Megan Raftery
The Rodger Chandler Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Physical Science
Kashmil Gopal
The Absolom Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Life Sciences
Michael Cooke
The S. Singh Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Information Technology Kyle Davey
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Computer Applied Technology

Matthew Bartholomew
The Peggy Murphy Memorial Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Accountancy
Kashmil Gopal
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Visual Art
Giuliana Bowers
The Hasson Art Trophy:
The Most Developed Artist
Giuliana Bowers

The St Henrys Book Prize:

The Highest Mark in Dramatic Arts
Demi Geldenhuis
Grade 12
The Anthony Fogg Memorial Trophy:
The Highest Mark in English
Graham Bishai
The Nelia Heynecke Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Afrikaans
Pranav Govan
The Ovelele Esi Zulwini Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Isizulu
Lethubuhle Hlongwane
The Fontbin Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Mathematics
Pranav Govan
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Mathematical Literacy
Luke Ducray
The Kalayvani Pather Shield:
The Highest Mark in Life Orientation
Graham Bishai
The Robert Hallett Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Geography
Jean-Luc Tostee
The Andrew Ross Trophy:
The Highest Mark in History
Graham Bishai
The Dhavanathie Pather Shield:
The Highest Mark In Physical Science
Pranav Govan
The Rajmathi & Puttundeen Ramnarayan Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Mathematics and Physical Science

Pranav Govan
The K-Rith Life Sciences Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Life Sciences
Luke Ducray
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Information Technology Michael Hicks
The Kimble Trophy:
The Highest Mark in Accountancy
Pranav Govan
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Business Studies
Jean-Luc Tostee
The St Henrys Book Prize:
The Highest Mark in Visual Art
Luke Ducray

Scholarships and Bursaries

St Henrys External Scholarships for 2014:

Natasha Bauer
Glenwood Prep

Luke Brown
Glenwood Prep

Stefan Friedrich
Deutsche Schule

Phoebe Nicholson
Glenwood Prep

Rebecca Simpson
Deutchse Schule

Matthew Thompson
Glenwood Prep

Micaela Williams
Glenwood Prep
St Henrys 85th Achievers Bursary:

Chelsea Ingle
Glenwood Prep

Joshua Israel
Glenwood Prep

Hannah Jarvis
Athlone Park

Jonas Land
Glenwood Prep

Megan Lacey
Glenwood Prep

Lourdes Lex
Deutsch Schule
The Claudette Stanley Achievement Bursary :

Storm Canham
Sherwood Primary
Br Martin Achievement Bursary:

Machalin Parsaramen
Manor Gardens
Br Brendan Achievement Bursary:

Kelsy Jones
Glenwood Prep

Br Joseph Achievement Bursary:

Michael-Alexandria Damons
Maris Stella
Br Vincent Achievement Bursary:

Georgia Van Voorst
Glenwood Prep
Br Gerald Achievement Bursary:

Kelly Hall
Glenwood Prep

Special Prizes

The Serge Desfontaines Memorial Tropy:

For Outstanding Commitment and Interest in the French
Language & Culture
Chaise Firmin
The If Cup:
The Ascot Girls Exchange Student
Katelyn Kalil
The V. Maharaj Family Trophy:
The St Josephs Boys Exchange Student
Joshua Robinson
The Robert Weir Achievement Cup:
For Overcoming Difficulty through the Year Michalin Anandre
The Ashford Family Trophy:
Personal Growth in Grade 8
Awongiwa Xuma
The Ray Jerome Momorial Shield:
Best All Arounder Gr 10
Courtney Felix
The Dipeel Parbhoo Shield:
Best All-Rounder Grade 11
Giuliana Bowers
The Marist Brothers Good Fellowship Trophy:
Grade 12
Sibongiseni Sabela
The Price Waterhouse Coopers Good Fellowship Shield:
Grade 11
Aphiwe Njoko
The Jared Patel Trophy:
Marist Spirit
Joshua Gaillard
The Doreen Kolling Memorial Bursary and Trophy:
In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to Community
Amy van der Merwe

Contributions to Community

Academic Merit Certificates

Grade 8:
Geri Lazarus
Kavidhen Kander
Jordan Mawbey
Divakaran Moodley
Liam Moodley
Aaron Naidu
Darshan Pillay
Grade 9:
Sophie Atkins
Daniel Francis
Katelyn Kalil
Luyanda Mazibuko
Devon Murphy
Emilio Naicker
Dhinita Parumaul
Kashin Ramnarayan
Grade 10:
Faiz Ally
Trevor Bishai
Emma Brown
Amy Cooper
Celine Lourens
Keyanna Perumal
Preshen Reddy


Academic Half Colours:

For Academic Achievement in Grade 11:

Noah Atkins
Michael Cooke
Kyle Davey
Garusha Pillay
Alaric Theophilus

Academic Colours:

For Academic Achievement in Grade 11:

Lauren Askew
Demi Geldenhuis
Kashmil Gopal
Megan Raftery
Adam Taylor
Amy Van Der Merwe

Academic Half Colours:

For Academic Achievement in Grade 12

Savannah Cozzi
Claire Herbert
Calum Murphy
Michael Ross
Mayur Soowamber

Academic Colours:

For Academic Achievement in Grade 12

Graham Bishai
Luke Ducray
Pranav Govan (Re Award)
Sahil Govender (Re-Award)
Michael Hicks (Re-Award)
Sarah Murray (Re-Award)
Fabio Torino (Re-Award)
Jean-Luc Tostee (Re-Award)


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Marcellin Award: Grade 8 & 9

Danielle Andre & Olwethu Sibya
St Marcellin Award: Grade 11
Matthew Callaghan
St Marcellin Award: Grade 12
Claire Herbert

Grade 11:
Lauren Askew
Noah Atkins
Giuliana Bowers
Michael Cooke
Kyle Davey
Kyra Frank
Demi Geldenhuis
Kashmil Gopal
Kiran Pannalall
Garusha Pillay
Megan Raftery
Adam Taylor
Alaric Theophilus
Amy van der Merwe
Grade 12:
Ashley Biggar
Graham Bishai
Savannah Cozzi
Luke Ducray
Wesley Gace
Pranav Goven
Sahil Govender
Viveshan Govender
Claire Herbert
Michael Hicks
Khaya Mthethwa
Calum Murphy
Sarah Murray
Sarah Perumal
Kelin Pottier
Tayla Rabie
Michael Ross
Sibongiseni Sabela
Mayur Soowamber
Fabio Torino
Jean-Luc Tostee
Armandt van Zyl

St Henrys Marist College 2014



Your Eminence, Fr Brett, Mr Northmore,

Mr Leech, Mr Ackerman, Mrs Burns,
members of the Board and their spouses,
guests, the staff of the High School,
parents and the pupils of St Henrys,
Good evening.
I wish to extend a most cordial welcome
to all of you who are here this evening.
Throughout my career in education I
have been fascinated by what makes
some families happy, healthy and wellfunctioning, while others are wrought
with discord and disharmony. The same
applies for any community, including
schools. Some schools are happy places
whereas others seem somewhat devoid
of soul in their endless pursuit of results
above everything else.
What is it that separates a disjointed
community (incl families) from a
harmonious one?
I am mindful that the answer to this
question is multi-layered.
However, I am certain that true
community cannot be achieved if one
vital ingredient is missing authentic
I say authentic presence, because it
implies so much more than simply being
physically present. It is in fact multidimensional and enhances the purpose,
quality and depth of the relationship you
have with others.


Eckhart Tolle describes presence as

a still and alert attention, a type of
consciousness, which causes you to
awaken to yourself and to other in your
relationships. In this sense, presence
means more than simply being there,
but implies a sacred stillness in which by

sharing your presence with others, and others sharing their presence with you, you
free yourself from your own ego and desires and provide opportunity for authentic
relationships to develop.
One of the 5 pillars of the Marist Schools is PRESENCE and St Marcellin refers to
PRESENCE as immersing oneself in the lives of the young.
Here at St Henrys we express PRESENCE through many actions such as:
Fostering openness and helping others grow;
Being proactively involved and making contributions, to name but a few.
Remember, when I talk of authentic presence, Im not asking how often you are at
school. The question is, when last did you bring your whole self to interact with
your school with others around you?
Many of our learners will have strived to do their best in order to be part of this
ceremony tonight and I believe they represent the true spirit of PRESENCE.
It also applies to the staff and parents to whom I am very grateful for their contributions,
teaching and guiding our learners to very well deserved academic success.
Principals awards ceremony speeches tend to be a litany of achievements of learners
and of their school. While it is really gratifying to do that, if I were to mention
everything that we did well this year, instead of the few minutes I have been given,
we would be here till midnight. I am certain that you would have all visited our relaunched website, followed us on Facebook and accessed the D6, where you have
seen and read about such successes.
However, I would be remiss, if I did not mention a few co-curricular and extra-curricular
achievements achieved across all spheres of the College.



1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

A line from Shall we Dance sums this up:

Everybody needs somebody to witness
their lives.
Over the next 3 nights we will be
witnessing the successes of our learners;
tonights Academic Awards, then the
Sport Awards Evening and finally on
Thursday, the Cultural Awards Evening.
This was a year of celebrations for us. The
doors of St Henrys Marist College swung
open on the 4th of February 1929 to the
first classes of nervous little boys. This
year, eight and a half decades later, the
present day boys and girls of St Henrys
gathered around 840 cup cakes in the
College Quad to celebrate 85 years of
Marist education.
So let us spend a little time looking at
what has been achieved in this 85th year.
I begin by commending the 2013
matriculants on some very fine results,
which included receiving a total of 103
subject distinctions and an 89% BD
endorsement rate, meaning that 89%
of our 2013 matric candidates received
admittance to university study.

A further 9 learners received Certificates of Distinction in Mathematics, meaning that

they achieved better than 89% of those who wrote. The present Grade 9s are busy
with the IBTs this week and we look forward to seeing how they fare.
Last year, the Grade 11s wrote the IeBTs that is the International Benchmarking
Assessments for Maths and Physical Science. This assessment compares the abilities of
our Grade 11s in these subjects against an international benchmark. One of our grade
11s was placed in the top 1% of students for the IeBT for Physical Science.
As an extension to their academic subjects, we enter our students in subject specific
Olympiads and they achieve very well in these. Again we had a student placed 3rd in
the province for the Accounting Olympiad.
The Drama Department chose to do Fiddler on the Roof as our Major Production. The
High School rallied and rose to the occassion and produced an amazing production.
This year, we had our Rugby and Hockey tour to Ireland. The five match tour took
them to Dublin and Cork. The teams played against Catholic University Marist School
and also spent a day with Irish Marist students at Marian College. Other activities
included visiting castles, playing traditional Gaelic sports and touring some of the
famous Irish sites.
Next years cultural/academic tour to China is of course already being planned.
On the sporting front, our U15 Rugby team, U14 Indoor Hockey and U14 Outdoor
Hockey teams have been unbeaten in the season this year. Both boys soccer and girls
soccer teams had very good results and in general our sporting sides have proved
themselves and their potential for the future.
Our debating teams have done very well with both the junior and senior sides
recording some very good achievements. Our grade 8 debaters were unbeaten in
their league and our individual speakers represented St Henrys very well.
As of last week, we had 3 pupils that received SA colours for Gymnastics and Chess.
A total of 45 pupils represented our province, KwaZulu-Natal, for activities including
Netball, Action Netball, Hockey, Softball, Cross country, Touch Rugby, Soccer, Water
Polo, Golf, Lifesaving, Dance, Gymnastics and Orchestra.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

9 candidates attained A-aggregrates

and Kalind Ramnarayan, placed in the
top 1% of IEB pupils nationwide for both
Mathematics and Physical Science.

In the International Benchmarking Tests, done towards the end of last year we
achieved some very significant results. These tests compare IEB schools results in
English and Mathematics against those around the world. Our Grade 3s, 6s and 9s all
write these tests. Amongst the Grade 9s of last year, 5 learners received Certificates
of High Distinction for English and 11 achieved Certificates of High Distinction in
Mathematics, meaning that they were in the top 2-5% of learners who wrote.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

In todays world we find there is fear

within our learners. On one hand we
need to get our boys and girls to move
away from the fear of failing, which
causes embarrassment, or the fear of
succeeding as this stops them from even
But, on the other hand, we have to be
careful we do not become obsessed
with the need to achieve at all costs as
this also affects their performance.
Tonight we are celebrating the efforts
of learners who distinguished between
achieved and excellence.
For some, good is what they are
capable of and one has to accept that.
But it would be extremely disheartening
and frustrating to see some learners who
due to a poor attitude, an allergy to hard
work, disorganisation, questionable
decision making and wrong priorities
end up settling for achieved when
excellence is definitely within their
grasp. They need to be present.
Therefore learners, if tonights accolade
is achieved for you, then certainly you
are well on your way to excellence. For
you I quote the words of Gordon B.
Mediocrity will never do.
You are capable of something better.
On the other hand, if tonights award is
excellence to you; then you need all the
praise you deserve.
To you I also quote a few wise words
from Gordon B. Hinckley:
Do your best, and be a little better than
you are.
Pupils I encourage you to engage with
all that is on offer at St Henrys. You
are not here merely to achieve a matric
certificate, then get a job, then do the
same thing for the rest of your life..

You are here to be PRESENT, to engage.YOU HAVE UNIQUE GIFTS.

So all of you are deserving of something BETTER and BIGGER.
I would like to challenge you, the parents, to be witness to your childrens lives. But
beyond that, be truly and authentically present to their needs, and not just physically,
but spiritually and emotionally too.
Parents tonight the accolade your child will be receiving is a tremendous endorsement
of your presence, your efforts and your high expectations and aspiration for your child.
The example we set as parents and educators are strong motivators that make learners
push themselves to achieve their full potential. Therefore, I would like to offer thanks
this evening to those who are present in the lives of our children at school.
To the management team of the High School under the guidance of Mr Leech Mr
O Neill, Mrs Callaghan, Mrs Vermeulen and Mr Puren - I offer a big thanks for the
commitment, support and assistance over the last year.
To the teachers of the High School, thank you for your hard work during the year. You
are the ones whom make the school what it is a dynamic learning institution.
To the administrative staff who support the operations of the High School Mr Davey
and his finance team, Mr McDonald, Mr Cele and the maintenance team, Miss O
Donoghue, Mrs Blott, Mr Phillips and Mrs Francis, thank you for everything you have
done over the last year to help the teaching staff accomplish what they have needed
To the High School parents thank you for your continued support and interest in your
childs education. For taking time out of your busy schedule to show your children the
love they deserve, for the times that you come out to support your children and the
school at extra-mural events, galas, sports days and evening such as these.
Thank you also for being concerned and supportive enough to let us know when we
could be doing something better and more effectively.
Finally, thank you to the pupils of the High School. You have accomplished and
achieved much this year.
I want to encourage our learners to remain focussed and remain present. Enjoy the
entire school programme. Get involved in one or more of our activities. Develop
yourself holistically. Remain focussed on the path, enjoy the journey and you will
achieve your goal (s).
Be authentically PRESENT.
Thank you.


R MacQuillin




Guest Speaker Speech Mr Colin Northmore

What is your superpower ?

I know what you are thinking; any friend of Batman is a friend of mine. It is a strange
thing to ask someone if you think about it. Come to our prize giving where you do
not know anyone and give them advice. The temptation is to resort to generalities,
generic one size fits all remarks.
I grappled with the task of finding a topic that would be relevant to your school and
the students here tonight without resorting to generalities. It came to me while I
was taking a shower. I have often thought that I should hold all my meetings in my
shower, I seem to get some of my best ideas there and at the very least we will end up
with clean answers to our problems but I digress.
What I realised when thinking about what to say to you tonight is that we spend too
many hours waiting for superman, thinking we need to be him or being expected to
act like wonder woman.
We keep wanting to be the superhero of the story and doing so, we lose the capacity
to be childlike and all too soon wake up to find that we have missed out on the most
important things in life.
I sat in a hall and watched a miracle unfold. 150 children on the stage taught us
that superpowers really exist and that we all had the possibility to possess at least
one. These children did not appear special when you looked at them. There was no
outward sign of the immense power that was in them.
They have one thing in common with all of the children who are here tonight. They
are also a part of the Marist family. They do not spend as long at school as you nor
are they expected to do all the subjects you do because they are in the 326 refugee
education project that runs every afternoon at Sacred Heart College.

Trevor Noah tells a joke about rugby fans singing the anthem. The anthem starts and
all the amakosi in the audience belt it out NKOSI SIKALELI AFRIKA the white guys do
well on the first line but then the rest of this verse goes downhill for them MOEma
bubble sijd heehaw and the volume decreases. Then comes the second verse and
the ulmlungus are back in the game UIT DIE BLOU. Now it is the turn of the Zulus to
mumble mmm die karma ann GEE. Finally they are all let off the hook with the verse
that neither are singing in their home language and at the end they can belt out IN
SOUTH AFRICA OUR LAND. They cheer wildly and everyone feels good.
The miracle in the hall was not that the children from Rwanda and the DRC, from
Somalia and Eritrea sang every word clearly but that they did it with such longing and

We desire to be, but as a Country we fall

short in so many ways. So what super
powers have you gained from being at
this school. I know enough about this
school to know that the friendships
that you have formed here are far more
important than any subject lesson you
have sat through. 12 years of being a
principal have led me to agree with
Benjamin Zander. He points out that
after years of conducting the Boston
Philharmonic he made a startling
realisation. The conductor is the only
musician who does not make a sound.
She relies on the talents of others to be
a success. When you type your school
motto Omnia Vincente into Google
translate you get the translation All Win,
I know that this is not the actual meaning
of the motto but the key word here is

St Henrys Marist College 2014

They produced a play as part of their holiday programme and in it they asked the
question; If you could have one superpower, what would it be? They role-played the
super power of immense strength but that did not end well. Then they tried unlimited
money, still no luck. After that came fame but not success. Finally they realised (and
told us) that kindness was the only superpower that could change their lives. And
then the miracle occurred. They sang our national anthem and sang it better than
most South Africans can.

such a deep desire to belong. That they

sang a song that was not theirs but how
they dreamed that it could be and they
did it in a way that reminded us of what
we in South Africa desire to be. Their
superpower was hope.

The next morning she looked in the mirror. She was completely bald.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Finally bald huh, she said to herself, How wonderful! I wont have to waste time
doing my hair any more.
Finally we would like you all to retain the childish talent of being able to dream and
believe the impossible. In the film Indiana Jones and the last crusade, Indiana is trying
to find the Holy Grail. The source of immortality. He follows a set of clues and ends up
in a doorway facing another entrance 10 meters across from him. Between the two
doorways yawns a bottomless chasm. The only clue he has is: All it takes is a leap of
faith. So he closes his eyes and jumps - onto an invisible bridge spanning the gap.
Sometimes that is what you are asked to do - to close your eyes and jump.
You are at a school and come from families that have made it possible to retain these
super powers because they believe in you. Your teachers would agree with me that
in framing your educational experience they hope to achieve what Socarates claims
is the aim of education when he says I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only
make them think. I also think that the prize winners here today would agree with
Michelangelo when he said. If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldnt
call it genius. Or perhaps they would say as Mother Teresa once said I know God will
not give me anything I cant handle. I just wish that He didnt trust me so much.

all. It is a realisation that your success

is dependant on the success of others
as is theirs on yours. If you enable those
around you you enable yourself. Be
very suspicious of any superpower that
focuses on the individual at the expense
of all else. Anyone who reads comic
books knows that all the best heroes use
their power for others not themselves
and one of the greatest superpowers
you are taught here is that of Empathy,
to feel for others.
Another super power the school would
like you to possess would be the power
of optimism like the very old lady who
looked in the mirror one morning. She
had three remaining hairs on her head,
and being a positive soul, she said, I
think Ill braid my hair today. So she
braided her three hairs, and she had a
great day.
Some days later, looking in the mirror
one morning, preparing for her day,
she saw that she had only two hairs
remaining. Hmm, two hairs... I fancy a
centre parting today. She duly parted
her two hairs, and as ever, she had a
great day.


A week or so later, she saw that she had

just one hair left on her head. One hair
huh..., she mused, I know, a pony-tail
will be perfect. And again she had a
great day.

And He does you see. He trust your parents and your teachers to get you here and He
trusts you to use the opportunities you have been given to make this world a better
I love the saying I read recently that goes Im a teacher, what is your superpower?
And now those 3 words all audiences want to hear, and in conclusion.
Being a super hero demands effort and involves pain and failure. Do not be afraid to
fail. The amazing thing is not that you fall down 100 times but that you pick yourself
up 101 times not 99. Strive to become that person that when released can change
the world even if it is for just one other person. Live into the promise of our Country.
You are going to find that it is a strange and unfamiliar place compared to St Henrys.
When you think about what you want to achieve in life you need to remember that
you have something no other children in South Africa have.
You have the ability to say:
Im from St Henrys, whats your superpower?
Colin Northmore



These are certificate awards and are presented to the pupils in each class who have
achieved consistently throughout the year.
These awards are not necessarily for pupils who have placed 1st,
2nd, 3rd or 4th in class.


Grade 4B Mrs Whiting:

Maddison Lange
Diligent approach to acquiring new

study skills
Pradhan Moodley
Conscientiously rising to academic
Jordan Boyles
Improved focus and listening skills
Lethiwe Ngubane
Enthusiastic interest and effort in all

verbal academic challenges
Grade 4G Mrs Winter:
Cara Bega
Unfaltering perseverance and diligence
Chad Jones
Working with great determination and
Trinity Moodley
Consistent diligence throughout the
Liesel Hlengwa
Improvement in confidence and

academics over the year
Best Progress Trophy in Grade 4, the Gladys Mack Trophy for
most improved Gr 4 learner, is awarded to:

Lesedi Louw

Top 3 Achievers in Grade 4:

Nishaylen Naidoo
Achieved 3rd Place in Grade 4
Arya Ramdeyu
Achieved 2nd Place in Grade 4
Nikhil Maganlal
Achieved 1st Place in Grade 4
(L. Devereux Trophy)

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Merit badges and academic achievement certificates are

awarded to pupils in grade 4 who attained an aggregate over
80%. They are:
Grade 4B Mrs Whiting:
Jessica Kalil
Academic Merit in Grade 4
Mahika Chetty
Academic Merit in Grade 4
Oluhle Zulu
Academic Merit in Grade 4
Tess de Haas
Academic Merit in Grade 4 and 3rd in

Gr 4B
Matthew Damons
Academic Merit in Grade 4 and 3rd in

Gr 4B
Arya Ramdeyu
Academic Merit in Grade 4 and 2nd in

Gr 4B
Nikhil Maganlal
Academic Merit in Grade 4 and 1st in

Gr 4B

Grade 4G Mrs Winter:

Lloyd Moodley
Academic Merit in Grade 4
Christene Brisset
Academic Merit in Grade 4
Ravindra Singh
Academic Merit in Grade 4 and 3rd in

Gr 4G
Joshua Ciza
Academic Merit in Grade 4 and 2nd in

Gr 4G
Nishaylen Naidoo
Academic Merit in Grade 4 and 1st in

Gr 4G

St Henrys Marist College 2014



Grade 5B Mrs Peters-Newman:

Kushal Bugareth
Caitlyn Petterson
Reece Samuels
Richard Phillip
Grade 5G Mrs de Charmoy:
Bavinash Govender Diligence
Keane Pillay
Caiden Randall
Mpande Morailane Diligence
Grade 5P Mrs Duncan:
Raul Govender
Letu Ndayini
Mekaylan Ramrattan Effort
Ethan Peters
Best Progress Trophy in Grade 5, the Sumner Trophy, is
awarded to:
Daniel Hogg
Merit badges and academic achievement certificates are
awarded to pupils in grade 5 who attained an aggregate over
Grade 5B Mrs Peters-Newman:
Jordan Benjamin
Academic Merit in Grade 5
Ayushkar Ramkissoon Academic Merit in Grade 5
Keegan Williams
Academic Merit in Grade 5
Emma Raftery
Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 3rd in

Gr 5B
Nathan Damtew
Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 2nd in

Gr 5B
Jaedon Naidu
Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 1st in

Gr 5B
Grade 5G Mrs de Charmoy:
Deyuri Moodley
Academic Merit in Grade 5
Esther Naidoo
Academic Merit in Grade 5
Kayle Ormshaw
Academic Merit in Grade 5
Esha Parbhoo
Academic Merit in Grade 5
David Glen
Academic Merit in Grade 5
Lwandile Mshengu Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 3rd in

Gr 5G
Kallen Naidoo
Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 2nd in

Gr 5G
Kerwin Naidoo
Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 1st in

Gr 5G
Grade 5P Mrs Duncan:
Kwazi Moyo
Academic Merit in Grade 5
Siphesihle Sabela
Academic Merit in Grade 5
Tristan Hunt
Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 3rd in

Gr 5P
Lara Horn
Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 2nd in

Gr 5P
Sourav Pannalall
Academic Merit in Grade 5 & 1st in

Gr 5P

Top 3 Achievers in Grade 5:

Lara Horn
Achieved 3rd Place in Grade 5
Sourav Pannalall
Achieved 2nd Place in Grade 5
Kerwin Naidoo
Shared 1st Place in in Grade 5 with
Jaedon Naidu
1st in Grade

(Steve Power Trophy)


Grade 6B Mrs van der Steeg:

Emma Askew
Isabella Goncalves
Keaton Jones
Lutho Sihawu
Grade 6G Ms Ramalho:
Usiphile Dansoh
Paton Firmin
Sondisa Mbongwa Diligence
Desarah Naidoo
Merit badges and academic achievement certificates are
awarded to pupils in grade 6 who attained an aggregate over
Grade 6B Mrs van der Steeg:
Unathi Sibeko
Academic Merit in Grade 6
Hannah de Haas
Academic Merit in Grade 6
Alwande Ndwalane Academic Merit in Grade 6
Darshan Naidu
Academic Merit in Grade 6
Ayush Mangali
Academic Merit in Grade 6
Akshay Mistry
Academic Merit in Grade 6 & 3rd in

Gr 6B
Matteo Cozzi
Academic Merit in Grade 6 & 2nd in

Gr 6B
Kiarin Naidoo
Academic Merit in Grade 6 & 1st in

Gr 6B
Grade 6G Ms Ramalho:
Nivin Pillay
Academic Merit in Grade 6
Miguel Callaghan
Academic Merit in Grade 6
Michael Fu
Academic Merit in Grade 6
Shivaan Naidoo
Academic Merit in Grade 6
Gabriella de Oliveira Academic Merit in Grade 6 & 3rd in

Gr 6G
Mpilonhle Nxasana Academic Merit in Grade 6 & 2nd in

Gr 6G
Riya Ramtahal
Academic Merit in Grade 6 & 1st in

Gr 6G
Grade 6
Kiarin Naidoo
English: Daphne Dewar Trophy
Kiarin Naidoo
Afrikaans: JG Skea Trophy
Unathi Sibeko
Zulu: Everitt Trophy
Kiarin Naidoo
Mathematics: Joyce Parsons Memorial
Mpilonhle Nxasana Natural Science: S Montague Trophy
Kiarin Naidoo
Social Science: Dawn Queenan Trophy
Brother Edward Memorial Bursary
Miguel Callaghan

Top 3 Achievers in Grade 6:

Mpilonhle Nxasana Achieved 3rd Place in Grade 6
Riya Ramtahal
Achieved 2nd Place in Grade 6
Kiarin Naidoo
Achieved 1st Place in Grade 6

(Hortop Trophy)

Jonathan Wimberley Life Orientation: Munks Family

Nathalie Desfontaines Junior French Trophy: Irene Bestel



Grade 7B Mr Rehman:
Cameron McCarthy Consistent Diligence in all Academics
Liam Long
Consistent Diligence in all Academics
Beth von Weichardt Consistent Diligence in all Academics
Jade Cochrane
Consistent Improvement throughout

the year
Grade 7G Mr Thwaites:
Yashkar Bhoda
Consistent Diligence in all Academics
Shaun Lonmon-Davis Consistent Diligence in all Academics
Heinrich Crocker
Most Improved in class
Chloe Francis
Perseverance and effort throughout the
Grade 7P Mrs OToole:
Kiara Singh
Consistent Diligence in all Academics
Ntando Ngubane
Perseverance and Steady Progress
Gary Storm
Steady Effort and Progress
Declan Williams
Steady Effort

Trophies are awarded to the following pupils in grade 7, who

have attained the highest mark in each subject.
Jonathan Wimberley English: Robin Standing Memorial

Mayilan Chetty
Afrikaans: Robin Standing Memorial

Amal Naidoo
Isizulu (Non-Mother Tongue): Stein

Mbali Jula
Isizulu (Mother Tongue): Okhethiwe

Jonathan Wimberley Mathematics: Marist Mathematics

Jonathan Wimberley Natural Science: Raju Family Trophy
Jonathan Wimberley Social Sciences History: St Henrys

Marist Brothers Trophy
Amal Naidoo
Social Sciences Geography: St Henrys

Marist Brothers Trophy
Jonathan Wimberley EMS: Gace Family Trophy
Jonathan Wimberley Arts And Culture: Prudence Tough

Jonathan Wimberley Technology: Mario De Abreu Memorial

Daniela Bowers
Connor van Wyk
Jaryd Howard
Jonathan Wimberley


Jonathan Wimberley
Faye Maharaj Family Trophy (ALL-ROUNDER)
The recipient of this trophy is decided upon by the grade 7
teachers and is awarded to a pupil who has achieved in all
spheres of school life.
Jaryd Howard
Sumner Family Trophy (TRUE MARIST)
This trophy is awarded to a Grade 7 pupil who in the staffs
opinion demonstrates the qualities of helpfulness, kindness,
consideration, loyalty to the school, staff and peers, and
is always friendly and polite in all dealings with staff and
pupils. This pupil always set a positive example in dress and
behaviour and is a true ambassador to our school.
Talia Samuel
Whiting Family Trophy for Good Fellowship
For someone who benefits others .. a team player
Andr van Dyk
Calitz Family Trophy This award is presented to the pupil
who in the staffs opinion has shown tenacity, diligence,
conscientiousness and who has confronted life with quiet
courage and determination in the face of adversity.
Top 3 Achievers in Grade 7:
Mayilan Chetty
Achieved 3rd Place in Grade 7
Amal Naidoo
Achieved 2nd Place in Grade 7
Jonathan Wimberley DUX: 1st in Grade

(McLaughlin Trophy)

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Merit badges and academic achievement certificates are

awarded to pupils in grade 7 who attained an aggregate over
80%. They are:
Ketan Bissessur
Academic Merit in Grade 7
Mayilan Chetty
Academic Merit in Grade 7
Zukile Habile
Academic Merit in Grade 7
Brandyn Haddow
Academic Merit in Grade 7
Akhilan Moodley
Academic Merit in Grade 7
Amal Naidoo
Academic Merit in Grade 7
Talia Samuel
Academic Merit in Grade 7
Jonathan Wimberley Academic Merit in Grade 7

Talia Samuel
Andrew Gace
Liam Long
Michael Kalil


St Henrys Marist College 2014


Deputy Principals Address Mr S Ackerman

grounds as being no better than a jungle. The school opened its doors on the
4 February 1929 to 17 pupils with the old coach buildings, stables and one or two
rooms in the house being utilised as classrooms. It seems only fitting that 85 years
later I stand before you in front of The Maze to welcome you to our 85th annual Prep
School Awards Evening and deliver my address for 2014.
The many successes achieved by St Henrys in its rich 85 year history can all be
attributed to the vision of St Marcellin Champagnat and the five Champagnat Values
that have stood the test of time and have become synonymous with Marist Education.
These values of Presence making time for others and expecting nothing in return;
Simplicity being rooted in real life displaying humility, modesty and truthfulness;
Family Spirit being supportive to others by giving attention to those who need it
most; Love of Work showing a persistence in daily work by rolling up sleeves to
get the job done and Marys Way being a positive role model showing forgiveness,
compassion and a willingness to help those in need are as relevant today as they were
some 200 years ago.


Good evening Mr and Mrs Fourie, Mr and

Mrs MacQuillin, Mr Leech, Mrs Burns,
Br Brendan, Members of the Board of
Governors and their respective spouses,
Invited guests, Staff, Parents/GrandParents/Friends and pupils of St Henrys
Prep School. In 1928 Bishop Delalle
together with two Marist Brothers, the
estate agent Mr Alec Bonamour and
his sister Miss Maisie Bonamour, viewed
a Glenwood property affectionately
known as The Maze. The huge colonial
house surrounded by dense bush and
many flamboyant, silver oak, mango
and umkushla trees was well situated
in the Glenwood area and boasted a
most magnificent view of Durban and
the harbour mouth. The property was
purchased by the Marist Brothers on
the 26 April 1928 for a princely sum of
16 850. Work soon began on clearing
the dense bush as an historic entry in
the annals of St Henrys describes the

2014, it has to be said has been an extremely active and successful year for our school
a year during which we have achieved great success in Academics, on the Sport
Fields and in the various Cultural Activities pursued. It is also the year that the College
community celebrated 85 years of St Henrys existence as a leading Private School in
and around the greater Durban area. I wish at this point to thank you, the parent body
for your consistent and generous support of all our endeavours this year, ranging from
the highly successful collaborative golf day through to a most enjoyable Founders
day week-end and concluding with the 85th Gala Dinner which was held in the third
quarter of the year.
In the sporting and cultural arena we have enjoyed a very successful year on both
counts. On the sport fields our U10A Girls Hockey, U10A Boys Soccer, U11A Boys
Rugby, U13A Girls Indoor Hockey and U13A Boys Cricket and Rugby teams showed us
that there is no substitute on the sport field for passion, perseverance and courage.
They were all a fine example to the balance of the sport teams in the Preparatory Phase
of the school. Whilst on the Cultural side we enjoyed a most productive year with
the highlight being the top-rate performance of our Chess Squad who topped their
Coastal and Regional Zones comfortably, and in the process, retaining the coveted
Rygills Durban and District crown. Not to be out done by their Chess counterparts
our Grade 7 General Knowledge Quiz team were victorious once again in the annual
quiz hosted by Glenmore Senior Primary and returned home with the trophy in hand,
thus recording the schools third consecutive victory in this prestigious event. Tonight
we will recognise 15 pupils for attaining National, Provincial and or Regional District
Colours in their chosen sport and 7 pupils for their exceptional commitment shown to
the cultural programme at St Henrys.
In turning our attention to matters of an Academic nature it is most gratifying to note
and highlight the outstanding Academic results attained this year. Our dedicated

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Reflecting back on the year has once again proven to be an extremely enlightening


and encouraging process as it is only upon reflection that one realises the
enormous commitment and dedication shown by all concerned. At this point I
would like to thank those dedicated people who have ensured that our school
has achieved so highly this year. To all the St Henrys Prep School Academic
and Sporting staff, our pupils are blessed to have staff that is passionate about
education and professional in their delivery of their core business. I thank all of
you for your willingness to go above and beyond what is expected. The many
hours spent in the classroom, on the sports field and away from your families are
truly appreciated and I commend all of you on a job well done.
In staying with matters of staffing, it is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell

Academic staff has continued to push

the educational boundaries in an attempt
to achieve excellence in the classroom
environment and we will be honouring 115
pupils for their outstanding efforts. Even
more pleasing; however, is the fact that 52
of our pupils have attained an A aggregate
for the year. We are all delighted with these
results which are testimony to the great
efforts of our pupils and their hardworking

to two dedicated members of the Prep School staff - Mrs Duncan and Mr BowesTaylor. Mrs Duncan has been an enthusiastic and popular member of staff for
the past eight years having completed her 3rd and 4th year teaching practice at St
Henrys before joining the staff team in 2007. In this time she has fully immersed
herself in the Marist Family and will be truly missed next year. Mr Bowes-Taylor
joined the staff team in 2011 as a proud and committed old boy of the school
having matriculated in 2005. He has totally transformed the sport programme in
the Junior and Prep School phases of the College and his quirky sense of humour
will be missed by all on the College campus. I would like to thank them both for
their enormous contributions to St Henrys and wish them all the success that

and dedicated teachers. On the lighter

they so richly deserve in the next chapter of their lives. Farewells also have to

side and still on the topic of Academics I

be said to Mrs de Charmoy and Mrs van der Steeg who will both be taking some

am reminded of a story that was relayed

time off next year as they navigate the wonderful waters of motherhood and we

to me some years ago. A Grade 5 teacher

look forward to their return in 2016.

had been busy teaching mathematics,

A very big thank-you also needs to be extended to the Prep School Management

explaining curved and straight lines. Her

team of Mr Anderson and Mrs OToole and the College Executive Management

homework task was for the children to go

home and learn both the spelling and the
meaning of the terms. The following day,
little Geoffrey was the first to be questioned.
Spell straight his teacher asked. S-T-R-AI-G-H-T, straight replied Geoffrey. Suitably

team comprising of Mrs MacQuillin, Mr Leech, Mrs Burns and Mr Davey for their
constant support shown towards the Prep School throughout the year.
An evening of this magnitude requires many hours of planning and careful coordination. A heartfelt and sincere thank-you to Mrs OToole, Mrs Ludlow, Mrs
Peters-Newman, Mrs Francis, Mr Philips and Prep School staff members who have

impressed with the help he had no doubt

what does it mean? Thats easy - without ice
and water replied Geoffrey innocently.
I would like to officially take this opportunity
to congratulate all those pupils who are
going to be receiving awards this evening.
The hours spent dedicated to achieving
success in your chosen field has undoubtedly
paid off and you can all be proud of your
stellar efforts. To all those pupils who have
just missed out on receiving accolades this
evening keep your heads held high and
remain focused. Strive to adopt a healthy
attitude and work ethic as this will
ensure that you will reach your true

St Henrys Marist College 2014

received from his father she asked him, now

St Henrys Marist College 2014

all rallied together over this extremely

busy time to ensure that this evenings
annual awards ceremony is a success.
To Mr McDonald and his hard working
maintenance team, thank-you for
maintaining the College campus and for
overseeing the preparation of the sports
fields and maintenance of facilities on
a daily basis. Your professionalism and
commitment to the school is greatly
appreciated by teachers, pupils and
parents alike.
Arguably the most valuable member of
our staff has to be our very own golden
girl Mrs Ludlow. Her position as Prep
School secretary is one of the toughest
in the school and she seldom accepts
or acknowledges the praise that she
deserves. Unbeknown to her I received
an e-mail from a parent last week
expressing their heartfelt gratitude for
the service that Mrs Ludlow provides.
I would like to take this opportunity
to read an extract from the e-mail Hi
Mrs Ludlow, thank-you for your help.
I would like to thank you for always
being so pleasant and helpful in your
work. Perhaps someone could escalate
my admiration and regard for the
wonderful way that you carry out your
work to the College Principal. That
e-mail sums up exactly how special Mrs
Ludlow is and I would like to thank her
on behalf of the staff, pupils and parents
for the many dedicated hours that she
spends wearing all the different hats of
a secretary.

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

To my wife Adele, once again thank-you for always being so supportive of the role that
I play at St Henrys. And whilst you have been an education widow for 16 years now
your constant words of encouragement and level headedness are my driving force.
And finally to the pupil body of the Prep School, thank you for all the positive
contributions that you have made to St Henrys and congratulations on an extremely
productive year. I had the opportunity to pay tribute to the Grade Sevens earlier this
term at their annual Graduation Dinner and would like at this point to read a section
of the speech that I delivered as I feel it has meaning not only for the Grade Sevens
but also the entire Prep School pupil body.
Be Positively Contagious and Expect to Make a Difference research shows that
emotions are contagious. Sincere smiles, kind words, encouragement and positive
energy infect people in a positive way. In the book Power vs. Force Dr David Hawkins
shares research that 80% of the population vibrates to a negative frequency. The
fact is negativity and failure is all around us. In order to prevail, your positive energy
must be greater than all the negativity because as country wisdom suggests, One
should never wrestle with a pig because you will both get dirty and the pig likes it.
So instead, stay above the fray. Positive energy is much more powerful than negative
energy. Choose to become the daily shot of Vitamin C because when you choose to be
positively contagious your positive energy will have a positive impact on your peers,
teachers and parents.
Keep your Eye on the Ball and learn to pay attention to detail if you have followed
the career path of Sharks Rugby Player Jacques Botes you will know that he has
amassed more Currie Cup Rugby caps than anyone in the history of the game in a
career that has spanned more than a decade. A rather remarkable feat considering the
physical and emotional demands a professional sport places on an individual. No one
individual has worked harder, played with more passion or cared more about playing
and honouring the game of rugby than Jacques Botes. His passion, commitment and
work ethic have become his caring trademark. Distractions cause us to lose our focus.
We fret about the past, worry about the future and take our focus off the present.
Approach each day as if you were playing your last game keeping your focus clearly
tuned on to the process and not the outcome. Success is all about the little things
paying attention to the detail. John Wooden an American basketball player and
legendary coach of the UCLA first team coached the team for 16 years before they
tasted National success. What was to follow was truly remarkable. He led the UCLA
team to 10 National titles in a 12 year period, recording 7 straight victories. On the first
day of practice every year Coach Wooden didnt discuss basketball strategy. Believe it
or not, he taught his players the proper way to put their socks and shoes on so that
they wouldnt develop blisters while training or playing. John Wooden kept his eye on
the ball and paid attention to detail.
Strive to be contagiously positive in your pursuit of leaving a lasting and caring
Good evening and God Bless.
S Ackerman


My teacher Mrs OToole selected me

to write the qualification test to go to
Korea. When I discovered that I had
qualified, I was completely overwhelmed
by excitement. But I still had about 3
months worth of training ahead of me.
After 3 months of intense training, it was
finally the day to leave for Korea on the
18th July.


My trip to South Korea was very

exciting. I spent about 10 days travelling,
including visiting Hong Kong. In Hong
Kong we went to Disneyland and Ocean
Park. Both places were great fun and
worthwhile. My favourite rollercoaster
was the Hair Razor at Ocean Park. I spent
2 days in Hong Kong, before going to
At the beginning of this year, St Henrys was invited to send candidates for selection
tests for the International Maths Competition which was due to be held in Korea
during July. Three of our boys were selected to join the South African team as part
of the KZN contingent. These were Aaron Naidu in Grade 8, and Jonathan Wimberley
and Aphiwe Buthelezi in Grade 7. Aaron & Jonathan, with their families, made the
difficult decision not to go.
Aphiwe was given the added bonus of having his trip fully sponsored by the
Ethekwini Municipality Council. He joined 3 girls from another Durban school for
intensive training for many hours every week in preparation for the grueling Maths
competition in Korea.
The trip included a few days in Hong Kong, before going to Korea. Aphiwe describes
his trip as an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Aphiwes team was one of 8 from South Africa. There were a total of 31 countries
which participated in the final International Maths Competition. The Chinese &
Korean teams won all the top Maths positions. The South African team, however,
were given the Popularity award.
We are very proud that Aphiwe could represent St Henrys at this event and are happy
to present him with his participation certificate, which comes all the way from Korea.


Wednesday was the big day when

we wrote the Maths test. It was very
difficult. My tutor Mr Alan Christison had
said that the test would be very difficult
and that people even struggle to get 1
out of 15. I got 2 out of 15 and was very
proud of my achievement.
I learnt lots of things on the trip,
especially maths skills. It was an exciting,
once in a lifetime experience. I would do
it again, if I could.
Aphiwe Buthelezi


KOREA 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

P OToole

The following day, which was a Monday,

we flew to Daejon, South Korea. It
turned out that R1=100W in Korean
money. We checked into the Yu Sung
Hotel, and afterwards we went to the
auditorium for the Opening Ceremony.
The ceremony was exquisite. There was
a Tae Kwon Do demonstration; and
this looked awesome! There were back
flips, front flips, twisters, 720, 540 and
360 kicks. We spent the whole week in
Korea, and were involved in a number of

St Henrys Marist College 2014

We entered two official external Mathematics

Olympiads in 2014 namely the SA Maths Challenge
(which is sponsored by Sasol) and the Horizon Maths
We are very proud to list our achievements in this field.


SA Maths Challenge (sponsored by Sasol)

The following pupils received either Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates.

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Kwazi Moyo
Sourav Pannalall
Sourav Pannalall (in Gr 5)
Miguel Callaghan
Gabriella de Oliveira
Darshan Naidu
Mpilonhle Nxasana
Yashkar Bhoda


Grade 5
Tristan Hunt
Grade 6
Chris Fu

Michael Fu

Keaton Jones

Kiarin Naidoo


Grade 5
Kerwin Naidoo

Jaedon Naidu
Grade 6
Jaedon Naidu (in Gr 5)



Horizo n Maths Competition

During March, 1200 pupils from KZN (in

grades 5, 6 and 7) wrote the 1st Round of
the Horizon Maths Competition hosted
by Star College. Thirty-eight (38) of our
pupils were invited to participate in the
second round.
Of these, 11 pupils achieved positions in
the Top 200: (Position in brackets)
Position in Top 200
Akhilan Moodley
Sourav Pannalall
Kallen Naidoo
Amal Naidoo
Dylan Raftery
Kerwin Naidoo
Yashkar Bhoda
Mayilan Chetty
Talia Samuel
Jaedon Naidu also the Top Gr 5
pupil in KZN
Jonathan Wimberley




Term One

2014 began with the return of Mrs Singh to the Pre-Primary department (Grade 0).
Mrs Martin and Miss Croup remained as our teacher assistants.
Term One was exciting for all, as we celebrated our 85 birthday with Mass and with
great delight our babies received a yummy cupcake. Dressing in Red and White for
Valentines Day is always special as we spread the LOVE around. Our Family braai was
once again well attended and gave us an opportunity to get to know our extended
Marist family.

Term Two
Term 2 started with our Easter Theme. Holy week activity in the Pre-Primary began
with a re-enactment of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The children celebrated
with waving of palms along the corridor as the story was read. The next day everyone
gathered outside to re-enact the scene of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.
As we bought the season of Lent to a close, the New Life that this Holy time evokes
was depicted in our themes; Things that hatch, and baby animals.
Our visit to the Noo Noo Farm (The Harvestry at Bothas Hill) was educational and
hands on, extending our theme on Life Cycles.
The Ascension Day and Founders Day celebration enriched the spiritual growth of
our children as we explored the meanings of these liturgical and traditional events.
We celebrated Mass with the entire school on those days. Activities, songs and stories

related to St Marcellin Champagnat

instilled respect and admiration for our
schools Founder amongst our little ones.

As the season changed with cool and

beautiful winter days, our term ended
with a Winter Theme as we held a
successful, fun Family Morning. Parents,
Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles joined
in sport activities and novelty events
with their children on our Big Field.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Rayz Kids World at uShaka Marine World was our first excursion of the year and was
enjoyed by all. Ash Wednesday Mass started our Lenten programme teaching us
about sacrifice, prayer, almsgiving, fasting and abstinence. After a very busy first term
enjoyed by all we were all ready for our first break.


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Term Three

Term Four

The third term started with Mrs Martin

taking the Grade 000 class as Miss Couch
went off on accouchment leave. As our
numbers grew in Grade 000, from eight
to fourteen, Mrs Venter joined our team
to help Mrs Martin. Mrs Francis also
joined the Pre-Primary team and assisted
in Grade 0.

The final school term for 2014 arrived surprisingly quickly! With nativity concerts to
prepare for and a multitude of activities planned, we were busy from day 1!

People Who Serve was our theme for

the 3rd term. This theme allowed us
to enjoy many activities such as our
outing to Galleria, where our little ones
enjoyed playing Putt-Putt and a visit by a
beautician with two children being spoilt
with a manicure and a pedicure. Jackie
from La Finesse demonstrated a cup
cake decorating workshop. Each child
donned a bakers apron and enjoyed
decorating their own cup cake.
The highlight of our third term was a
Spring Tea, where the little ones were
dressed to the T and were taught
etiquette and how to serve others, once
again extending the Marist Spirit of


Grade 0 Letterland dress-up was our first port of call with the children presenting
themselves at the Junior Prep assembly. As usual, the costumes showed much
thought and creativity. The Grade 0s also enjoyed their orientation assembly and
morning with the Grade 1 teachers in preparation for Big School next year.
The highlight of the fourth term was undoubtedly the Back to Front day where
sleepwear was the uniform for the day and stories were told by torchlight while little
ones snuggled under their blankets with fluffy toys.
As always, our Nativity concert was enjoyed by all and the Marist Spirit shone brightly
as our little charges delighted in their performance of the Christmas Story.
The last day of term is always bitter sweet as we bid farewell to our children, confident
that they are well prepared for what lies ahead, but sad to let them go.
A Bowes-Taylor
N Martin
N Rivalland
M Singh



Front Row (L-R): Joshua Pelser, Ziyanda Ngxingweni, Ms L Couch, Skyler Vere, Aryan Pillay
Back Row: Anakin Juggernath, Ethan Schumann, Darshan Moodley, Sacha Govender


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Kalil Rampersad, Tristyn Subramoney, Mpilo Mabuza, Kerralyn Forbay, Arya Shah, Tanishka Ramauthar,
Kaela Magjee, Yama Shweni, Mwalimu Mabuza
2nd Row: Matthew Schoonberg, Quinn Wright, Mrs A Bowes-Taylor, Aryan Alamchand, Volaena Naidoo, Ms C Group,
Hanaa Khan, Emma Houston McMillan
Back Row: Jayden Emmanuel, Alec Laban, Uzair Khan, Oscar Mikula, Darian Naidoo, Christine Wijne, Zipho Dzanibe,
Lethu Mabunda, Seyan Govender

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L-R): Anjali Roopnarain, Thashni Pillay, Emilia da Silva, Clayton Robertse, Rosario Sarno, Liam Naidoo
2nd Row: Zia Lachanna, Zia Magjee, Benita Kalonda, Jamie-Lee Hulley, Slindokuhle Shange, Reece Murugan
Back Row: Nonele Memka, Jarrod Burton, Mrs N Martin, Avumile Dlomo, Luke van Audenhage, Mrs M Singh, Kamohelo Molemong,
Jonam Namulalla



Front Row (L-R): Lwazi Cele, Ntando Gabela, Lana Samuels, Dhiya Naidoo, Jubilant Benjamin
2nd Row: Trisha Ramrattan, Reece Cain, Troy Vermeulen, Mrs N Rivalland, Gabriel Ingram, Nathan Wilson, Asisipho Lusawana
Back Row: Langa Mhlongo, Jordyn Perumal, Xolile Zwane, Keyshia Mathou, Ayush Shah, Liam Mellem

Junior Prep
The children were welcomed to the classrooms on the first day with large posters
celebrating the Year of the Family (the theme for 2014 declared by Pope Francis).
This has been a special year for the St Henrys Marist family as we celebrated our 85th
Birthday mass in February.
As numbers of children had grown in the Junior Primary, we welcomed three Grade
One classes for 2014. Miss Roux joined Mrs Woods and Mrs Pillay to teach the third
class. Miss Roux had done her practical teaching module with us in 2013 and was
raised in the Marist approach to teaching as she was educated at Marian College
Linmeyer. We also welcomed Mrs Sowman to teach music to the Grade Ones to
Threes. Mrs Van Weichardt remained with us as the Junior Prep secretary.
Parents and teachers soon engaged actively with each other in the first week with the
parent/teacher information evening. This is always a valuable opportunity to connect
with parents as we mutually embark on the journey of sharing a year with the children
in our care. There was time for socialising as well in a more informal manner at the
Family Braai in February.
The Foundation Phase and Pre-Primary gala at the end of Term One was an opportunity
for the children to demonstrate their improvement at swimming various strokes, as
well as their proficiency at being water safe.
During Term One Miss Stuart and Miss Murray-Brown, both 4th year Embury students,
completed their final practical teaching module in Mrs Andres Grade Three class and
Mrs Pillays Grade One class respectively.
The Junior Prep and Pre-Primary closed a day earlier than the rest of the school to
attend the SAHISA/ISASA ECD Conference at Cowan House Prep School in Hilton on
Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of March. The theme: Aware of Wonder inspired
us all as we listened to speakers like writer Gcina Mhlope, Tim Jarvis and Tim Barry as
well as visiting Pre-Primary teachers from the United States.

Miss Couch left us at the end of the Second Term to go on maternity leave for the
remainder of the year. Baby Corn, a beautiful baby boy, arrived on the 4th July. Mrs
Martin took over the Grade 000 class and Mrs Francis left the Finance Department to
join the Pre-Primary as the Grade 0 teacher assistant.
Miss Stevens also performed some locum duties in the classroom at the end of the
second term.
Mrs Woods was away on leave during Term Three and her class were ably taught by Ms
Seggie. During Term Three all the PP and JP children excitedly prepared for the annual
sports day which was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion with novelty races involving
jousting, taking money from the king in Robin Hood style and Viking attacks.

As the number of children grew in the
second half of the year in Grade 000,
Mrs Venter was employed to assist Mrs
Martin. She also took over the Aftercare
position held by Miss Kopelowitz, who
left St Henrys to take up a social work
position in Pietermaritzburg. Miss
Kopelowitz had also completed her
UNISA practical teaching with us during
the course of the year and ably taught
the Grade One to Three computer
lessons during Mrs Burns absence while
on pilgrimage and conference.
After a very short holiday we returned to
continue with the curriculum. The term
began with an Academic Mass for Grades
1 to 12. The Grade Three children were
actively involved in the liturgy by doing
the readings and prayers. Rehearsals and
preparations began in earnest for both
the Pre-Primary and Junior Prep Nativity
concerts. In amongst all this, final
assessments and readiness tests were
completed. The Nativity productions
reminded us once more of the reason
for our being an established Catholic
school, sharing the love of Jesus and
family spirit.
May all our families be blessed with the
joy and peace of Christ at Christmas
2014 and always be aware of finding the
Wonder around us.


B Burns

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

The various break away sessions allowed us to explore all aspects of engendering
wonder inside and outside of the classroom. To quote Mr Rob Odell, Cowan House
headmaster: The immensity of wonder is staggering, without it we would be a woefully
mundane and predictable society. And yet it seems that many schools, in their pursuit of
academic regurgitation and specific, easily measurable assessments, are inadvertently
side-lining this important part of living and learning. Without wonder there is no space
for imagination and no need for creativity. May your classrooms become Exploratoriums
of wonderment and endless possibilities.


St Henrys Marist College 2014

grade one
Our year began with 54 enthusiastic girls and boys eager to start Big School. They
were quickly introduced to the new routines. We started our learning with the theme,
The Garden. Everything from trees, flowers, insects and gardening were explored
and discussed. The Garden theme tied in very well with our first readers which were
full of interesting facts about garden creatures. We ended the Garden theme with a
visit to the beautiful Makaranga Gardens in Kloof.
In the second term we moved onto the theme Farming. We enjoyed many lively
discussions and lessons about the farmer, farm workers, crops, fruit, vegetables and
various farm animals. An exciting day trip to The Animal Farmyard in Bothas Hill reinforced what the children had been taught and provided a hands on experience.
Once again we ended the year with our Christmas theme. We learnt about the
birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ and we looked at the significance of traditional
decorations and customs. Our classrooms were filled with the sounds of Christmas
Carols and decorated with Christmas handwork. The Buddy Bear workshop involved
the children making their own Christmas Bear to keep as a special momento of their
Grade 1 year. At the end of the year the children also had the honour of participating
in the school nativity evening.
Throughout the year we have had the opportunity to see many shows which have
been valuable experiences. We have enjoyed a very busy, exciting year and we want
to wish our pupils and parents many more exciting years at St Henrys.


P Pillay
B Roux
L Woods




Front Row (L-R): Dhavlen Reddy, Izabella Hammond, Angelina de Freitas, Andisa Mthembu, Narrotam Moonilall
2nd Row: Litha Mabunda, Thabiso Ngaka, Hemara Govender, Mrs P Pillay, Amahle Lusawana, Saien Naidu, Cate Els
Back Row: Kutloano Makhaya, Yuvti Mistry, Hreday Mangali, Calum Naidoo, Maryse Savrimuthi, Paree Dandekar, Luke Govender


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Sanaa Khan, Cian Els, Ross Askew, Elishle Gumede, John-Luke Hammond.
2nd Row: Tomas Schumann, Tiarra Sagadevan, Josh Naidoo, Niamh Els, Mrs L Woods, Sienna Psannis, Matthew Boyles,
Uthimna Jikela
Back Row: Yuvir Harbhajan, Andrea Naidoo, Nkosenhle Ngcongo, Thashan Nadasen, Jorja Rowland, Bandile Myeni

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L-R): Naufil Chowdhari, Kylie Jensen, Aryan Ramtahal, Singila Msomi
2nd Row: Trinity Benjamin, Lunaal Govender, Murray Heustice, Miss B Roux, McKenna Els, Caycee Lund, Amile Bhengu
Back Row: Caden Poolton, David Jones, Awande Kunene, Tamia Samuels, Imana Mbongwa, Sria Bhagloo, Riley Govender,
Anakin Somers

Board GAmes
A group of enthusiastic Grade One boys
started the year off playing a variety of
games that provided many exciting
challenges. It soon became evident to all
present the competitive nature of each
player. Fair play and having fun as well as
gaining new skills was emphasised. The
boys learnt to share, take their turn and
to be gracious winners and good losers.
A great time was had by all!
P Pillay


Staff Responsible: Mrs P Pillay

Grade one


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

grade TWO


During the Third Term we studied Giants

for our theme- starting off with Giants in
fairy stories and proceeding to men and
women who were giants in their time.
Here we had a prime example in our own
Nelson Mandela. We also learnt about
giant structures, giants in transport
and giant creatures which led us to the
Museum in the city where we could see
a lifelike model of a dinosaur.

Grade Two began with two classes of excited graduates from Grade One. All were ready
to begin working diligently from the first day of the term. We started off the year with
our theme on Wild Animals, which is always enjoyed by the children. We made our
usual trip to Tala Game Reserve which is the highlight of the term. We saw many of the
animals which we had learnt about and many of our guides questions were answered
with aplomb .The last set of animals we learnt about were the Big Five which led us into
our next theme which was Proudly South African. This theme always begins with a visit
to Durban Girls College where we meet with the girls of Grade 2 and the Clifton boys.
It is a celebration of the cultures and crafts of our country.
Along with the fun, the Academics became more difficult and the children worked
conscientiously and with motivation to attain the goals set for them. We also held an
election to coincide with our General Election. Each child went through the correct
procedures needed to cast a vote and so when they accompanied their parents to the
polling stations they were experts in the ways of voting.


During the Second Term we also explored Brazil and the other countries that
participated in the FIFA World Cup. Some budding clothing designers came to the fore
in the creation of football kit. There was a great deal of interest in each game and who
would be the ultimate winners. We also had the chance to see both Mums and Dads as
well as Grans and Grandpas visiting us for their special celebrations. We also attended
Masses which were relevant and meaningful to the children as they had been wellprepared beforehand.

Our theme for the Fourth Term was Kings

and Queens. Here we learned about
different rulers during history. Our theme
ended with the celebration of Christmas
and the King, Jesus, who was sent to be
our Redeemer. Towards the end of our
theme we enjoyed a dress up day where
all the children came to school as a King
or Queen and the teachers served them
a High Tea. The Nativity play once again
served to reinforce the true meaning of
Throughout the year we endeavour to
inculcate into the children the universal
values necessary for the children to
lead significant lives. We hope they
have left our Grade being loving, caring,
considerate and helpful (most timesnobody is perfect!!) and we wish them
well for the future.
M Madgin
C Stevens

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College



Front Row (L-R): Jude Govender, Kaleesha Ramrattan, Samaira Maharajh, Robin Wijne, Ntsako Mabasa, Thashen Reddy
2nd Row: Alessandro Sarno, Kaamilah Osman, Jayden Subramoney, Mrs C Stevens, Liam Heads, Elizabeth Pillay,
Robel Abebe
Back Row: Ethan Moodley, Preston Hunt, Hannah Houston McMillan, Dianca Pillay, Samkelo Simelane, Thayin Kuppan


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Kovidh Singh, Laranya Naidoo, Samelo Shweni, Laurencia Naidoo
2nd Row: Gemma Nikwigize, Nkanyezi Sabela, Jade Steyn, Mrs M Madgin, Zoe Maharajh, Kavesh Rampersad,
Talia da Silva
Back Row: James Ackerman, Salvatore Sarno, Jordan Blott, Angelica Ingram, Kiane Lazarus, Joshua Naidoo,
Tayin Bissessor

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Queen Bees
Staff responsible: Mrs M Madgin

Mrs C Stevens

grade two

The Grade Two girls were a keen and enthusiastic group this year. They learnt many
skills during their afternoons spent crafting. Two very important skills which they all
managed to master were socializing successfully and the Art of Conversation!
Below are some of the girls observations regarding Queen Bees:
I like Queen Bees because it is creative and we do sewing and beading, too. Jade
Queen Bees is fun because you make lots of creative things like beading but my
favourite is sewing. Dianca Pillay
I like to go to Queen Bees because there is always something interesting to make. The
best thing I did at Queen Bees is to make a handbag. It is so much fun at Queen Bees,
Zoe Maharajh
Queen Bees is fun because I like to sew and be with my friends. Laurencia Munisami
Queen Bees is fun because I like sewing and making pictures from shapes. Gemma
We make Fathers Day gifts which is fun. Toni Mabasa
We learn how to make lots of things. I enjoyed making the gifts for my mom and dad
and for Valentines Day. Kaleesha Ramrathan
I like Queen Bees because there are lots of fun things to make and do. Angelica Ingram
I like Queen Bees because it is fun and we can do creative things. We make beaded
handbags and baskets. Laranya Naidoo
I like Queen Bees because I get to work with my friends. Talia da Silva


M Madgin


grade two

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

grade Three
A big thank-you to Mrs Geach for starting the year off for Grade Three Blue. We
welcomed Mrs Nothling back to Grade Three Gold.
The first term saw us learn about Famous People. The children chose their hero and
prepared an oral on the person. We once again were allowed the opportunity to visit
with the Sisters of Charity and had an informative interview with them.
The Second Term was very disrupted with lots of holidays so our theme Oceans and
Seas ran into the Third Term as well. We had an enjoyable day exploring the natural
riches of Treasure Beach and an outing to the Sharks Board which highlighted our
During the Third Term we visited the special people of Nazareth House where we sang
songs and performed our poem Gran can you Rap?. We took pots with flowers to
celebrate the new season and on the 4th of September we went to Makaranga in
Kloof to look at the wonderful gardens.
Before we knew it we were busy with Nativity and all things Christmas. We are always
sad to say farewell to our children as they venture forth up the hill. We wish them lots
of luck for their Intermediate education.
G Andre
C Nothling





Front Row (L-R): Udayin Moodley, Mikael Govender, Khensani Mabasa

2nd Row: Tristan Rapiti, Yumika Bhoda, Kwabena Danshoh, Mrs G Andr, Benjamin von Weichardt, Tatum McClement,
Bandile Zulu
Back Row: ZimagalisoNdlovu, Ria Appanah, Sphumelele Nkosi, Campbell Deavin-Mears, Harrison Field, Kendell
Mathieson, Ethan Govender

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Obinna Enebechi, Sayuran Moodley, Ri-Ann Appanah, Joshua Moodley
2nd Row: Liam Vercueil, Kaylee Pottier, Alex Criticos, Mrs C Nothling, Megan Phillip, Seth Poolton, Thatom Mofokeng
Back Row: Shreya Ramtahal, Suvaan Sewram, Keenan Samuels, Matthew Francis, Tafara Chingonzoh, Kayla Tully

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff responsible: Mrs G Andre


We have had a lovely time in Needlework this year with six loyal
members. The girls have learnt how to mosaic, sew and do beading.
They have made various articles from crosses, decorative hair clips
to cross stitch samplers .They have improved their skills as the
year has progressed. We have had such fun and I hope that these
talented ladies will continue to create more attractive items.
G Andre

grade three
1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College



St Henrys Marist College 2014

Junior prep


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Senior prep

grade Four

The class of 2014 Grade 4s soon settled into their new routines and longer day. Our
excursions began on a hot February day with a visit to the Science Centre and MiniTown. The space theme at the Science Centre was received by the children with great
interest and enthusiasm and they were happy to tower over the miniature lifelike
models at Mini-Town to get a giants perspective to aid their understanding of plans
and maps.



The History museum item project sparked a great deal of interest and discussion
about their personal history.
The Lloyd Bristow Dog Show was a highlight to end off a busy first term. The car
reversing and teddy bear hugging antics were two tricks amongst many that were
greatly admired by the children. The show also inspired them to nurture the champion
within themselves.
The second term got off to a good start with a History tour of Durban. Our
knowledgeable guide delighted the children with interesting details about early
Durban, like the fact that elephants used to walk down Florida Road to drink water in
the marshes, and that Mitchell Park began as an ostrich farm!
Later in the term, a dietician organised by Woolworths, led an informative discussion
on healthy food choices which culminated in the children crunching into juicy, red
The Grade 4s also enjoyed their first ride in our own newly acquired St Henrys bus
on a trip down to Musgrave Woolworths. Here they were privileged to go behind the
scenes to learn more about the retail process and even experienced the chill of the
huge walk-in freezer!

The grade 4 children had the pleasure

of wandering around the farm, feeding
a variety of animals, from calves, goats,
donkeys, turkeys, rabbits, tortoises and
piglets to cows and ponies. After a ride
on the ponies and fun in the farmyard, it
was time for the unwelcome departure
bell to ring.
A wonderful experience of the outdoors
was had by all, and a reluctant and weary
group of children dragged their heels to
the bus, unwilling to leave this paradise!
Flag Farm has become a Grade 4 tradition
and with the continual upgrading
and expanding of this environmental
learning centre, we will continue to
return each year.
D Winter
J Whiting

St Henrys Marist College 2014

The annual outing to Flag Farm in Ballito was an enriching and inspirational day for all
the children and teachers alike. Following our Natural Science curriculum on Animal
Classifications, we were granted the privilege of not just the usual demonstration of
the resident mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians; but the privilege of a visiting
conservationist sharing his passion for the natural environment, showing our Marist
children a baby alligator, a leguaan and a rare species of wolf.

Our children had the rare opportunity to

milk Daisy the cow. A general knowledge
quiz followed where their study skills
were put to the test by the farmers wife.

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L-R): Connor Thomas, Arya Ramdeyu, Mrs J Whiting, Jaydyn Lachanna, Mahika Chetty
2nd Row: Nikhil Maganlil, Ijeoma Odimegwu, Maddison Lange, Oluhle Zulu, Jessica Kalil, Jordyn Boyles
Back Row: Tess de Haas, Pradhan Moodley, Aphiwe Zama, Matthew Damons, Songezo Dlungwana, Lethiwe Ngubane



Front Row (L-R): Nkanyezi Zwane, Trinity Moodley, Christine Brisset, Liesl Hlengwa, Tariq Sallie
2nd Row: Joshua Ciza, Cara Bega, Jarrud Cochrane, Mrs D Winter, Lesedi Louw, Pascale Martin, Jayden Hulley
Back Row: Kiera Rowland, Lloyd Moodley, Ravi Singh, Nishaylen Naidoo, Chad Jones, Yaksha Govender

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

with a slight breeze, which made the trip

all the more enjoyable. All too soon, we
returned to shore. We went on to spend
an enjoyable hour having a picnic lunch
at Botanical Gardens, before returning to


As part of our literature study of the

novel The Cricket in Times Square, we took
the children to a local Chinese restaurant
in Westville. There was much hilarity as
the children tried to eat with chopsticks,
some of them taking an extremely long
time to finish their food! There were
children who were more adventurous
than others, when it came to tasting the
different courses, but overall the children
loved the experience.
There was much excitement at the end
of the meal when each child got their
own fortune cookie and read each other
their fortunes.
This outing proved so successful that
I am sure we will be putting it on our
Excursion List for next year!

2014 was a busy year for the Grade 5s, with quite a few excursions taking place.

Next excursion was on the Sarie Marais boat for a short trip around the bay. There was
much excitement when children suddenly recognised many of the landmarks they
had learnt about in their Geography lessons. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day

The children tucked into their hearty

Medieval meal, after being regaled by
Lady Anne about all sorts of interesting
information in life in Medieval times.
T Peters-Newman
S de Charmoy
J Duncan

grade Five


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Our first excursion was to the Harvestry. Fifty-two excited Grade 5 pupils arrived at
the Harvestry in Bothas Hill all set for adventure, and what an adventure was had!
The children were divided into two groups with each group doing specific tasks on a
rather challenging obstacle course, with the emphasis being on team work. The next
task required the children working with a blindfolded partner. They soon saw the
value of guiding, encouraging and talking their partner through the course. The next
activity involved building a bridge out of children, tracksuits and jerseys. The longest
bridge won. A very exciting part of the day was when the children had to go through
The Savage Garden. Here the children had to use a map to orientate themselves
around a field of tall, overgrown corn. The field was full of scary creatures at various
points and we heard much screeching and giggling during this activity. The children
thoroughly enjoyed this outing.

Our last excursion for the year was our

yearly visit to Lady Anne at Camelot
Castle, which once again proved most
enjoyable for the children. We had
great fun trying on Medieval outfits
in preparation for the banquet which
followed. Lady Anne chose a king
and a queen who took their roles very

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L R): Keegan Williams, Emma Raftery, Mrs T Peters-Newman, Matthew Ackerman, Nathan Damtew
2nd Row: Jordan Benjamin, Shivaan Alamchand, Andile Sigaqa, Kushal Bugareth, Vuti Mabasa, Jaedon Naidu
Back Row: Ayushkar Ramkissoon, Anika Maharaj, Daniel Hogg, Richard Phillip, Caitlyn Petterson, Reece Samuels
Absent: Louise Bracking, Amandla Mvinjelwa



Front Row (L-R): Esha Parbhoo, Calan Jensen, Mrs de Charmoy, Ethan Church, Jadine Mthethwa
2nd Row: Lwandile Mshengu, Deyruri Moodley, Kayle Ormshaw, David Glen, Caiden Randall, Kallen Naidoo, Thubelihle
Madlala, Bavinash Govender
Back Row: Keane Pillay, Esther Naidoo, Mpande Morailane, Kerwin Naidoo, Lerato Ramollo, Mfundo Bhengu



Front Row (L R): Sasha-Lee Duffy, Lara Horn, Robert Heustice, Mrs J Duncan, Kaitlyn Burrell, Kwazi Moyo, Steven Callaghan
2nd Row: Mekaylan Ramrattan, Raul Govender, Luyanda Gabela, Emah Pietersen, Sbongakonke Ngcongo, Ethan Peters
Back Row: Siphesihle Sabela, Sourav Pananlall, Letuxolo Ndayini, Tristan Hunt, Chukwuemeka Odimegwu, Calem Gilbert

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

grade Six

Natal Sharks Board

A very excited group of Grade 6s left school straight after early

morning assembly on Thursday 20 March, to embark on our
first outing of the year to the Natal Sharks Board. Upon arrival,
we were met by a very friendly staff member, who showed us
to a large movie theatre, where we watched an interesting
40 minute presentation. Various important aspects were
highlighted in this presentation, such as how the mighty Shark
became the king of the sea and how the Sharks Board was first
established and why we need them today. The children were
taught about the various important jobs that take place daily in
and around the Sharks Board, some we were not even aware of.
We were then shown through to a large outdoor auditorium
where we were met by the distinct stench of a dead shark and
we then witnessed the infamous dissection of a young Spinner
shark caught a day earlier. The children really enjoyed this gory
part of the outing. The two marine biologists highlighted
various areas like eating habits, digestion, anatomy and mating
habits of sharks. The children were fascinated and coped well
with the question and answer part of the presentation.
We ended the outing with a tour of the museum, which was
absolutely fascinating. There were interesting articles about
other sea life found in and around our KwaZulu-Natal coast
line, as well as display cabinets holding various strange objects
found inside sharks guts once they have been dissected. The
children also enjoyed buying some special momentos from
the little curio shop. It was the perfect ending to a fun-filled,
educational experience. Our Grade 6s made us very proud, as
their behavior and manners were impeccable. They were true
ambassadors for our school.

Umgeni Valley Outing

The highlight of the year, the Umgeni Valley outing, had finally
arrived! The Grade 6s were arriving in a buzz of excitement. At
a glance, it would be difficult to believe that we were only going
away for two nights, with the mountain of luggage, lying in the


The first day was quite a shock to the system for some! We
arrived at Umgeni Valley and the children were shown to the
main hall where we were asked to leave our luggage, as the
dormitories were still in the process of being cleaned. The
children were then divided into two teams, where they created
team names (Fuzzy Monkeys and Striped Vipers) and their
respective war cries. The groups then rotated between the
main activities which were, basic tracking, animal and plant

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College


identification and a wetland and grassland picture game. We

then had lunch at Shelter Falls Camp Site.
After lunch the groups participated in an obstacle course, as
well as rock hop and water study, which they all thoroughly
enjoyed. The groups were then led down to the natural bum
slide, where they had the opportunity of sliding down the
naturally smooth rocks into an icy pool of water below. This
was definitely a treat to watch! After dinner, we played group
dynamic and team-building games in the hall and then it was
off to bed. The children were exhausted and in bed by 21h00.
The second day started early at 06h30. After breakfast we got
ready for a full day out in the valley. Each group was given a
new team member, an egg. The teams had to name their
egg, build a nest to protect it and take turns to look after it.
The team with an undamaged egg by the end of the day was
awarded the most points. The day consisted of games like bush
ski relays and a scavenger hunt.
After lunch in the valley, the groups did orienteering which
took about 2 hours. The children were absolutely exhausted
after this activity, so we made the long trek back to camp to
shower and get ready for dinner at 18h00. The teams were
over-excited at the thought of playing stalk the lantern in
the forest. To keep the children entertained they were kept
busy with a game of tug-o-war before dinner. This was a great
success and a wonderful way to end a very tiring day.
Our third and final day was a fun-filled morning spent at The
Blue Gum Forest. After breakfast, the children hiked down to
the forest. There they participated in a team challenge that
consisted of them making clothes and a shelter for one person,
made out of natural materials found in and around the forest.
The teams then had to make up a skit or poem based on their
memories and what they had learnt at Umgeni. This was
rounded off with a prize giving ceremony, where each group
received a small prize for their efforts. We all had a fantastic
time out in the open.
It was lovely to see the friendships being forged and the
interaction of so many different personalities.

Amalgamated Beverage
Industries (ABI)


Our Grade 6s were privileged enough to

be part of a tour around Amalgamated
Beverage Industries LTD. (ABI), the soft
drink division of SAB.
We were welcomed by the friendly staff
and taken into an AV room to watch a
video on the history of Coca Cola. We
were also lucky enough to get a free
sample of their Coca Cola products,
which we sipped whilst watching the
short presentation.
After the DVD, there was a question and
answer session, where we learnt that this
company is involved in many projects
that promote community upliftment.
In 1928, the first bottling plant and
distribution centre was opened in
This provided an
important base for future growth in
South Africa and across Africa. Today
South Africa is the largest Coca-Cola
market in Africa.
After all our questions were answered,
we were taken for a tour around the
bottling plant. It was fascinating to see
how plastic bottles and cans are mass
produced, labelled, sterilized, filled,
sealed and packaged all under one roof.
This proved to be a fun-filled learning
experience for all. Who would have
known so much work went into
producing one of South Africas favourite

The Harvestry Outing

On Wednesday 26 November 2014, the Grade 6s had the opportunity of visiting the
Harvestry, which is set in beautiful grounds, in Bothas Hill. We were met by a very
organised and enthusiastic lady by the name of Terri, who owns the property. There
was a well-planned programme consisting of two sessions for the day, and we got
right into it as soon as we arrived.
Session one began and the group was split into their classes; Grade 6B and 6G. 6B
was then further divided into 3 sub-groups, the Red team, Blue team and Green team.
They then participated in various teambuilding games. The teambuilding consisted
of 3 very high energy tasks. The first was Building lines. The children had to make use
of their bodies and clothing to try and extend themselves and make the longest line
possible. The second task was Elastic man. This game consisted of children using a
blindfold and trying to place a bean bag in a bucket, whilst being restrained by a large
elastic band. They had to try and stretch forward, and listen to their team leaders
instructions to get the bean bag in the bucket as fast as possible. The third and final
game was Build a bridge. Here each team had to try and get their entire team across
from point A to point B, using a range of materials: a plank, bricks and tyres. In the
meantime 6G was very busy with an obstacle course. After each class had completed
their tasks, the classes swapped activities.

Session two comprised of two very exciting games. The first was the Commando
Course. The children had to help each other across in pairs. The Grade 6s were very
dependent on help as this entire course had to be done blindfolded. The last and final
activity was The Maze. This consisted of carefully following instructions and map
reading. Children had to pay very close attention to details, as they had a question
and answer session right at the end, where Terri asked them a series of questions
about what they saw during their time in the Maze. A very entertaining activity to say
the least, and a wonderful way to wrap up the days activities.
G Ramalho
C van der Steeg

St Henrys Marist College 2014

For the obstacle course, the class was divided into a boy and a girl team. They each
had to complete a different course. Each team had a practice round and then were
blindfolded. They were allowed to have an assistant to guide them around the course.
There were various balancing, climbing and throwing games, so listening skills were
vitally important to complete these courses quickly. The classes then rested and had
a break for lunch.


St Henrys Marist College 2014

grade six

grade SIX


What makes St Henrys the Best

Around this time 4 years ago I was busy trying to wrap my
head around the fact that soon enough I would be finishing
Primary School, and moving on to what has turned out to be
much greener pastures. At the time I was a bit worried and
nervous about the High School I was going to, but today I
regard choosing St Henrys as one of the best decisions I have
ever made.
St Henrys is a truly unique school, and Id like to share with you
some of the reasons why I love it so much.
Firstly, I love the fact that it is a co-educational school. Now the
reasons may seem quite obvious at first, but girls do more than
just distract you here. They have a calming effect on everything
around the school. They neutralize all that testosterone you find
flying around in all-boys schools, so we have almost no physical
bullying at this school, and we boys dont tend to cause close to
as much nonsense as those at all-boys schools.
Another thing I love about our school is the smaller numbers.
Here at St Henrys, everyone knows everyone. You dont need
to wear a name badge so your teacher can remember your
name, because somehow they already do after your first lesson
with them. With less people in each class comes other benefits;
your teachers can actually care about you. You are not one of
hundreds of faces he or she deals with throughout the day.
They have more time to focus on you and your work, and this
helps a lot when it comes to academic work.

Being a good private Catholic school, has also given St Henrys

a good reputation. From what Ive heard, this helps especially
when youre applying for a job. Now although what school you
went to doesnt officially make a difference, it does have an
impact on the prospective employers first impression of you.
So in this respect, going to St Henrys will really give you a head
start for your future.
Something I am also very happy about here is the security of
your possessions. I love the fact that I can leave my bag lying
somewhere out in the open, and not worry about something
being stolen out of it. I even have friends who leave their laptop
bags with a tablet and a laptop inside outside their classrooms
on the floor, and have no worries about them being borrowed
at all.

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College


Now onto something a lot of guys like to talk about: sports.

Although St Henrys isnt known as one of the top sporting
schools in the country, we still fare well in our divisions. We
dont absolutely smash every team we come up against, but we
usually do win in most cases.
Now as with most schools in this country, rugby is one of the
bigger sports here at St Henrys, and we do quite well against
the schools we play. Now if you participate fully in the rugby
here, you will probably at some point in High School be given
the opportunity to go overseas on a rugby tour, just as I was
this year when we went to Ireland. This is not done by many
schools in South Africa let alone Durban, and so this makes us
quite special.
For those of you who dont play rugby but would still like to
go overseas with your mates, there are other options, like the
cultural tour to Europe or even the exchange programme with
a school in Sydney, Australia that is open to Grade 10 Boys.
And whilst on that topic, St Henrys doesnt only cater for rugby
players or only cater for specialized sportsmen. At St Henrys
you are given the opportunity to be an all-rounder, with the
teachers allowing as well as encouraging you to participate
in as many sports or cultural activities as possible. You are not
forced to stick with one, which is something I personally find
great about this school.
Now these have been just a few of many things that I love
about St Henrys, and in your time here you will discover many
more, but hopefully it has just given you an insight into what
makes St Henrys great.
Michael Cook

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Thirdly, for those of you who are Catholic or even any other
Christian denomination, something that really separates this
school from the rest is the fact that it is a Catholic school. This
creates a great environment to go to school in, and also helps
with sacramental preparation.



St Henrys Marist College 2014

grade SIX


My parents could have chosen to send

me to any school and I could have walked
away with a matric certificate, but an
education is more than just a report.
Marist prides itself on being an academic
school and the classes are small and well
suited to individual attention and to
form relationships.
Family Spirit you may not think
it is important, after all, school is
about education. But at Marist you
are not only educated for academic
purposes you are educated for life
and that is something that goes far
beyond academics. We feel at home
in this schooling environment and this
atmosphere allows us to flourish.
I started out at an all girls school and I
can honestly say without a doubt, that
if I had not come to Marist, I would not
be the person I am today. When I came
to Marist I was quiet and even shy. Now
I am a much more confident person


because of the Marist environment. Marist is the place where you can grow to your
full potential.
We have a small school but it gives you every opportunity to flourish and to try new
things because you are not competing with hundreds of other people in your age
group for the same thing. This year I was fortunate enough to be chosen to represent
our school on the tour to Ireland. I absolutely love hockey although I am not a KZN
hockey player, I was still afforded this invaluable opportunity.
The value of co-education When I was in the Preparatory School, I thought that the
boys were probably the most annoying people I had ever met. But I promise you they
do mature a bit in high school and while I would never admit this to them, I really
couldnt live without them and I know that I wouldnt enjoy school half as much if I
wasnt in a co-education school. The reason is that the boys dont just become your
friends, they become like brothers to you. After all, we are one big family.
We sometimes forget the obvious that this is a choice school, regardless of
denomination. Marist is Catholic, which expresses the values which the school is
based on and with these values I have learnt, I am prepared for life.
Lauren Askew

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College



St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014




St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014





St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Junior Prep sport


St Henrys Marist College 2014


Junior Prep sport

St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014




St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014




Front Row (L-R): Chloe Dunn, Matteo Cozzi, Keaton Jones, Mrs C van der Steeg, Ayush Mangali, Chris Fu, Paige Firmin
2nd Row: Darshan Naidu, Kalista Moodley, Lutho Sihawu, Dylan Nikwigize, Kiarin Naidoo, Jiaju Xu, Isabella Goncalves,
Umar Latiff
Back Row: Siashen Bhagwandin, Emma Askew, Aphiwe Mbonambi, Unathi Sibeko, Rachel Ratcliff, Akshay Mistry,
Hannah de Haas, Alwande Ndwalane


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Riya Ramtahal, Shivaan Naidoo, Anoka Latchmiah, Miss G Ramalho, Usiphile Dansoh, Michael Fu, Paton
2nd Row: Rahil Osman, Miguel Callaghan, Tristan Sagadevan, Tori Oliver, Victoria Bosman, Mpilonhle Nxasana,
Qhawelesizwe Mthembu, Mfundo Cele
Back Row: Liam Moodley, Sondisa Mbongwa, Desarah Naidoo, Gabriella de Oliveira, Leia Abdul Razack, Joel Blair,
Nkululeko Ndlovu

St Henrys Marist College 2014

grade SEVEN
On the way to the Harvestry there was an excited buzz in the bus.
When we arrived there, the instructors from The Harvestry were waiting for us. They
threw us straight into the deep end and immediately gave us a challenge. We had
to navigate a maze using maps and find all the names of the paths. We also had to
remember what various objects on the paths looked like.
Once we had emerged from the maze we were quizzed on what we had seen. If you
got two questions correct you were allowed to sit down and eat, otherwise you were
sent back into the maze and asked more questions when you re-emerged.
After eating we had to go through an obstacle course. We then had to do it again but
this time we had to carry a cup of water with us. Finally we had to choose a partner

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

who was responsible for guiding us through the course while we were blindfolded
and it was rather scary.
Our final activity was in the Harvestry where we learned how plants work for us. We
then walked through a forest where we had to identify various plants and say how we
as humans benefit from them.
I think that everyone had a lot of fun and learned a lot from this trip.

Spirit of Adventure
Despite having heard numerous stories,
some good, some bad, all the grade
seven learners arrived at school early on
the Wednesday morning. We were about
to depart on our annual excursion to
Shongweni Dam where we were to be
placed in the capable hands of the staff
at the Spirit of Adventure camp.
Although we left school in the rain it had
cleared up by the time we arrived at the
camp. We were met by the enthusiastic
guides who were to be our instructors
during our stay there. We were divided
up into 5 teams and then shown our
accommodation, very rustic cabins with
a magnificent view over the dam.
Our activities now started. Some of
them were fairly simple while others
were more challenging. Many of us were
exposed to things that we had never
done before and these made us realise
what we are actually capable of doing.


The rock climbing and abseiling were

terrifying but most of us managed
to complete these. Canoeing across
the dam and the raft races were two
activities most of us were happy with
while the obstacle course and snake pit
once again had us stretched to the limits
of our ability. The night time survival
course was another very interesting and
challenging experience.

One activity, foreign to many of us, was

cooking. We had to cook the dinner
each night. Luckily our guides assisted
us and we were able to dish up fairly
respectable meals on both nights.
Nobody complained about the standard,
as we were all too hungry after our
strenuous day of activity.


Finally, Friday arrived and it was time

to pack up and go home. We said sad
farewells to our instructors and boarded
the bus which would take us back to
school. Here we were met by our anxious
parents who were all happy to see that
we had survived the trip.
Jonathan Wimberley
Exams and all other formal events for the
2014 had finally been concluded and it
was time to let our hair down and have
some fun.
Ushaka seemed just the place to be so
we set off for a day of fun. The children
learned a lot about the habits of various
fish from the knowledgeable guides
who accompanied us. They also enjoyed
the dolphin and penguin shows.
The cherry on the top was the visit
to the Wet and Wild Theme park
where everybody thoroughly enjoyed
themselves on the various slides and
other activities which were on offer.
We all returned to school after a fun filled
day, exhausted and more than ready for
the December break.
K Thwaites

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row(L-R): Kaleena Ramrattan, Michael Kalil, Mr Rehman, Dean Burrell, Beth von Weichardt
2nd Row: Taja Ellinson, Daniel Criticos, Kayden Namulalla, Liam Long, Sean McKay, Jean-Claude Blandin de Chalain
Back Row: Cameron McCarthy, Sinemphilo Khathi, Amal Naidoo, Dylan Raftery, Jade Cochrane, Aphelele Joyisa



Front Row (L to R): Chlo Francis, Yashkar Bhoda, Andrew Gace, Mr K Thwaites, Heinrich Crocker, Shaun Lonmon-Davis,
Sarah Taylor
2nd Row: Cavin Rehman, Nathalie Desfontaines, Mayilan Chetty, Jonathan Wimberley, Surisha Nadasen,
Bulelani Mzimela
Back Row: Brandyn Haddow, Uzair Osman, Jade McLellan, Liam Dolphin, Hannah Amod, Zukile Habile, Cameron Pillay



Front Row (L-R): Aphiwe Buthelezi, Daniela Bowers, Jared Oosthuizen, Connor van Wyk, Andr van Dyk, Kiara Singh, Luke Wells
2nd Row: Liam Cafun, Mbali Jula, Declan Williams, Mrs P OToole, Akhilan Moodley, Talia Samuel, Jaryd Howard
Back Row: Gregory Barnett, Gary Storm, Ntando Ngubane, Ketan Bissessur
Absent: Tarryn Jackson

St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014

High School



Front Row (L R): Mvelo Nkosi, Priyanka Ramauthar, Mrs B Munsami, Jade Geldenhuis, Luke Toulouras
2nd Row: Amandosi Nzama, Pascal Tostee, Liam Read, Tyrese Pillay, Dylan Davey, Olwethu Sibiya
Back Row: Nicholas Napier, Jessica Skelton, Shrivaan Naidoo, Riyadh Adam, Rhys Kidwell, Terry Govender, Khulekani


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L R): Tylah Govinden, Kiar Singh, Mr G Brits, Carlous Moyo, Michelle de Freitas
2nd Row: Christopher Moonsamy, Clarissa Donachie, Avern Pillay, Comet Zwane, Kai Seyffert, Noxolo Ngema
Back Row: Siwaphiwe Ntlahla, Londizwi Khathi, Alison Southwick, Cian Wilkes, Jemima Pather, Danielle Andr,
Ryan Savrimuthu

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L to R): Kavidhen Kander, Chelsea-Lea Smith, Cameron Wulfsohn, Mr S Leech, Darshan Pillay, Jordan Mawbey,
Divakaran Moodley
2nd Row: Jhetan Govender, Aaron Naidu, Geri Lazarus, Himal Govender, Rebecca Perumal, Rahul Rajkaran
3rd Row: Erin Vere, Seth Pietersen, Aston Berry, Ciara Laing, Joseph Foxon
Back Row: Sydney van Voorst, Tristan Boltman, Liam Moodley, Emma Ratcliff
Absent: Mr De Pace



Front Row (L R): Callon Abrahams, Nathalie Vose, Miss K Kane, Sarah Connell, Jason Lang.
2nd Row: Malachi Collins, Ian Askew, Nqobile Game, Jamie van der Walt, Dre Firmin, Reolin Pillay.
3rd Row: Alex Barnardo, Enzo van Zyl, Laken Samuel, Awongiwe Xuma, Kriya Govender, Jodi Biggar.
Back Row: Yeukita Chetty, Liam Gaillard, Preven Nair, Nikaylen Anandrai, Charlize Coetzer, Christopher Forbay.

Geography grade EIGHT



During the third term the Grade 8 Geography

syllabus was about the world of trade and
transport. They learnt to appreciate how their cell
phones and I-pads do not just magically appear
in a shop but rather there is a lengthy process
involved in the manufacturing industry.

In order to understand the practical element

of this section the Grade 8s visited Bridge Port
Shipping Depot where they were met by the
Managing Director and the Transport Manager.
They learnt how the container industry operates
and were lucky enough to see millions of rands
worth of raw copper. After their tour of the depot
they enjoyed a harbour cruise where they saw the
various terminals they had been studying as well
as catching sight of an oil tanker and a container
A great day was had by all and it certainly brought
their Geography to life. A special thanks needs to
be made to Mrs Linda-Jo Andre who is a parent
at our school and enabled us to visit Bridge Port
Shipping Depot.
K Kane

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row(L-R): Teerajeh Timothy, Darmin Reddy, Keaton Gomes, Mrs C Oberholzer, Keshethran Nadasen, Rhys
Baxendale, Senamile Ngcobo
2nd Row: Nevin Gopal, Kiara Bissessor, Sikhumbuzo Nzimande, Liah Janse van Rensburg, Levi Abdul-Razack,
Minenhle Zulu
Back Row: Lwandile Mhlope, Kameryn Mudly, Aidan Hogg, Jason Barnett, Joshua Goncalves, Liam Rehman,
Jessy van Jaarsveldt, Ntando Gumede



First Row (L-R): Chevaunne Leonard, Mario Thomas, Dyllan Desfontaines, Miss K Leppens, Ndumiso Lushaba, Shalen
Moodley, Rachael Lonmon-Davis
2nd Row: Melissa Calitz, Lveeze Crouch, Clinton Kroutz, Lwazi Nkabane, Lerato Moeli, Junior Sabela
3rd Row: Kiashan Govender, Courtney Wyatt, Luke Freddy, Rienzo Nair, Bryce Nunes, Lara Davis
Back Row: Caleb Benjamin, Guy Cooke, Jared Cardona, Ross Bentley



Front Row (L-R): Angelique Roberts, Luyando Mazibuko, Daniel Francis, Miss S OReagain, Dylan Callaghan,
Jameelah Latiff, Kyla Smith
2nd Row: Kashin Ramnarayan, Julian Govender, Dhinita Paramaul, Lumka Sibeko, Ashton West, Petrice Moodley
3rd Row: Jessica Adams, Kailan Reddy, John Cooper, Kreteyan Appanah, Antonio Cipriano, Petrice Moodley
Back Row: Katelyn Kalil, Emilio Naicker, Devon Murphy, Fadziso Chingozo, Sophie Atkins, Davide Ferreri

St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Geography grade NINE


During the third term the Grade 9 Geography

learners studied Resource use and sustainability. We
visited the WESSA environmental centre situated
on Treasure Beach in the Bluff region.

The day was spent learning about how to live

a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We learnt how to
reduce, reuse and recycle. A parabolic cooker was
demonstrated on how solar energy can be used in
an effective manner.
The leaners also visited the rocky shores of Treasure
Beach where we were told about the dangers of
overfishing and how to look after our oceans. We
investigated the interesting sea-life that the rock
pools had to offer and found some weird and
wonderful looking creatures.
K Kane



Marist Ascot


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

As the announcement of who would be

selected to represent St Henrys in the
2014 exchange program grew nearer,
the more I realized how much I really
wanted to be chosen, I had for the past
2 years, made it one of my major goals.
So after convincing my parents to let me
experience this opportunity (my Mom
was easier to convince than my Dad) I
went though the interview process and
keenly waited for the announcement.
On the 3rd of December 2013 it was with
enormous excitement that I heard the
news that I had been chosen to represent
our school at the Marist Ascot School for
Girls in Sunningdale, Ascot just outside
of London for 5 weeks from the 22nd of
April 2014.

As the months ticked by we organised

flights and visas and eagerly awaited
to see who my host family would be.
Then on the 6th of March we received
the disappointing news that Marist
Ascot would not be able participate in
the exchange program for 2014. Whilst
it was a really devastating blow after
looking forward to the exchange for so
long, my parents and I discussed it and
decided to still visit London and the
school and make the best of it.

We made arrangements with Ms Barker

who is the PA to the Headmaster and Mr
McCloskey to visit the school for the day.
We hired a car and made the hour and
a half drive to the school through some
lovely English countryside. The school is
close to Windsor Castle and the Queens
Standard was flying high above the
Castle showing she was in residence, it
was really exciting. We arrived at the gate
of the School which has an incredibly
long driveway leading up to the school
buildings. We arrived and met with Sally
Ann Barker and had a lovely cup of tea
with her and a chat whilst we waited
for Mr McCloskey. It was clear that they

It was incredible how at home I immediately felt at the school, it really is true that we
are all part of a worldwide Marist family.
We had a really enjoyable chat with Mr Mc Closkey who also took us on an interesting
tour of the school and gave us some insight into the colourful history of the school
including the planning of D - Day in the second world war by General Eisenhower who
was a keen golfer and based himself in what is now the Chapel due to the proximity
to Wentworth Golf Club!
It was said that before the School was located on the estate, many a wild dinner party
was hosted by writer Oscar Wilde.
During the tour of the school grounds we could not believe the size of the grounds,
they even have their own forest! The facilities looked amazing. We took over with us
some school ties and pendants as well as the latest school magazine for the pupils
to look through. I received a really nice hamper of Ascot memorabilia and was struck
with how interested everyone was in what I wanted to do with my life and even
though they were having a busy day they really took time out and showed a genuine
Marist interest in me and our school.
All in all it was a very conflicting experience for me as even though I really enjoyed
the day, I couldnt help wishing it hadnt fell through. It was however a trip I will never
forget and I was really spoiled, with my favourite memories being all the West End
theatre productions we watched!
Kaitlyn Kalil

St Henrys Marist College 2014

The trip to London is an experience that

I will never forget, we got to visit most
of the major attractions and stayed next
to Westminster Bridge and woke up to
the sights and sounds of Big Ben every

were also disappointed they were unable to meet their obligation with regards to the
exchange and the program with St Henrys is one they really value.

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L R): Faiz Ally, Kiyana Bartleson, Kian Duffy, Mr J Schumann, Somveli Cele, Kaylee Glass, Khulekani Khuzwayo,
2nd Row: Ntandoyenkosi Shabalala, Viwe Mbonwa, Courtney Cassan, Amy Cooper, Emma Brown, Tariq Cafun,
3rd Row: Claudia Tanner, Kudakwashe Nharara, Tevin Pillay, Connor Wentzel, Kyara Rampersadh, Keyanna Perumal
Back Row: Joshua Robinson, Marios Mouzouris, Aidan Ganasen, Louis Morton



Front Row (L-R): Jessica Read ,Jonathan Gild, Shawn McCarthy ,Mrs S Bennett, Adil Koobair, Jessica Erasmus, Joshua Hing
2nd Row: Naledi Mohale, Siphosethu Buthelezi, Thamalin Naidoo, Zoe Beaumont, Michael Andre, Bryan Taylor
3rd Row: Lorenzo Munisami, Wavela Hlubi, Gracia Fariala,Luca Ruggier, Dylan Cowan
Back Row: Anthony Ogle, Nivash Soma, Liam van Zyl, Matthew Savy, Clinton Canal, Warren Pillay



Front Row (L - R): Christopher Viljoen, Courtney Felix, Trevor Bishai, Mrs Z Mjaja, Lindokuhle Ngobese, Jaime Butler,
Gavin Barnard
2nd Row: Maryam Latiff, Franklin Church, Jarryd Naidoo, Reddy, Preneshan Janine Phipson , Phumelela Mbatha
3rd Row: Celine Lourens, Kristan Oldewage, Luthando Zulu, Bridget Gillespie, Jessica Thompson
Back Row: Caleb Pillay, Lavelle James, John-Paul Canter, Wataya van der Merwe, Tawanda Sunguni, Reece de Oliveira

History grade ten

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Gr 10 Thanksgiving came very early to the College this year! Grade 10 History students learning about the American
Revolution indulged in pumpkin pie and turkey with all the trimmings as Native Americans sat down amicably with
Pilgrim Fathers.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mr G Brits, Mrs T Callaghan, Miss K Kane

Babanangograde ten

This years tour to the Babanango Valley

was the best year yet! From warm sunny
days, good food, camp fires and starryskied nights, more good food, to early
morning polar bear runs, everyone on
tour had a great experience with new
friendships forged.

Day 1: Tuesday, 24 June


Bus traveling is always a tiresome affair, but we were

lucky to have a great bus driver who was friendly,
had good direction, drove the bus with great care,
but above all, according to the learners, had good bus
Our first stop was at a local KFC and Steers
restaurant, which marked the half-way
point to our journey. Unfortunately we
arrived at a time with no electricity in the
entire area. Luckily for us, the local garage
had a generator and the Steers inside
the garage could offer us a very select
menu to choose from. After we filled our
hungry tummies, we set off again on our
journey. Upon arrival to the Babanango
Valley, we were met with friendly and
professional staff who quickly showed
us to our accommodations.
After settling in, the learners were taken
on a two hour obstacle course! It was all
about fun, physical, thought provoking
and challenging obstacles involving
groups and individuals to take part.
The most notable of all the obstacles
was the swing-rope course! This had
many a learner either falling in the mud,
or swinging across the danger like a


After some clean-up and rest, the

learners were allowed to explore the
valley complex via an orientation
activity. This activity involved teamwork,
map reading and bush orienteering skills
as groups had to work together to find
various places on a map. Points were
awarded for each place/tag found, and
the whole activity had to be completed

Valley Tour
within a certain time-frame. Team work, physical exercise, communication skills, time
management and problem solving were put to the test in this challenge. Winning
teams for this challenge and others, we rewarded with the first to dish up privilege.
This was a great motivating factor for everyone, especially for the boys!

Day 2: Wednesday, 25th June

An urban and RDP Study Babanango Village (2.5 hours)
Day two involved an Urban and RDP study within the Babanango Village. A drive up to
the village of Babanango (15kms away) and a discussion about the changes that have
taken place in settlement Geography over the past years in SA and the effects thereof,
took place. The guides were very knowledgeable and interesting!
We then moved on to a vantage point where one could view the rainbow RDP Village
and discuss the developments that have taken place as well as other concepts e.g.
nucleated, clustered and linear settlements, informal and formal settlements,
economic and social issues around RDP settlement etc.
We completed our time with a tour of the village and conducted a study of the
Babanango CBD and its various businesses and facilities.

Our travels then took us to Mangeni Falls. En route learners compared the rural linear
versus nucleated settlement patterns observed, making comparisons to what was
learnt during their Babanango Village visit.
A delicious lunch was served as we took in the view of the beautiful Mangeni Water
Falls. After lunch, the learners ventured down to the falls itself and discussed the
geographic river flow concepts such as under-cutting and erosion, knick points,
graded rivers etc.
A mere 5 kilometres from Mongeni Falls, were the Erosion Dongas. These impressive
dongas made a fantastic location for a discussion on erosion and its effects on South
Africa. Discussion topics ranged from human alterations to the landscape i.e. overgrazing, mismanagement, as well as natural agents of erosion. A senior (Grade 9-12)
worksheet was filled in to enhance the practical study.
We completed the day with a visit to a Modern Day Zulu Village. Learners had an
opportunity to visualize the influence Westernization has had on traditional Zulus
and compare Zulu culture from between the past and the present. During discussions
at the homestead, students had the opportunity to learn about the role of men,
women and children; as well as traditional marriage, rituals around death, the youth,
general living conditions, tradition, role of Sangomas and Nyangas etc. in 21st century
Zululand. Students had to complete two tasks aimed at the roles of males and females
in the village. Boys participated in some traditional stick fighting, and the girls had to
go to the local river to bring back some water carrying buckets. The girls definitely had
to do the more work!

Day 3: Thursday, 26th June

Isandlwana & Rorkes Drift (Full day)
The third day saw us visit the battle sites of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift, dating back
to the 22nd January 1879.
From the lofty heights of the Nqutu Ridge, we enjoyed an awesome, panoramic view
of the Isandlwana battlefield with Rorkes Drift (Oskarberg) visible in the distance.
After an introductory presentation, by our guide Ryan, we moved on to Isandlwanas
excellent museum. After a quick review of the museum, we headed off to Isandlwana

to discuss the dramatics of the battle

and climbed the mountain to enjoy the
sobering view of the battlefield below
dotted with white cairns. At the top, we
all broke out in song to sing the school


Rorkes Drift was just as riveting with

great stories told again by our guide
Ryan, who is an expert in Anglo-Zulu
After a full day out, we headed back to
the Babanango Valley for some much
needed rest and eating!

Day 4: Friday, 27th June

The Great Explosive Caper (2 hours)
The final day started VERY early, with
a traditional Polar Bear jump. This
involved all students jumping into the
icy river. The girls definitely out-shone
the boys, who instead of being brave,
were screaming like girls about the cold!
After breakfast, the final challenge was
dubbed the Great Explosive Caper.
Students had to work in groups and each
team were expected to build a miniature
raft at the river using only natural material
found in the area. They were tasked with
transporting a bomb (a small rock) from
one part of the river to another without it
sinking! Communication, team building,
planning, engineering and problem
solving, were the order of the day!

After a long week the bus trip back was

very quiet indeed.
A big thank-you to Mrs Callaghan for
taking the time and care to arrange
a wonderful tour this year! We look
forward to next year!
G Brits

St Henrys Marist College 2014

After packing up, students said their

final goodbyes and we departed back to
Durban. Students enjoyed themselves
as great fun was had by all and new
friendships forged.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mrs S Batho Miss K Leppens Miss S Rosa

Beachwood grade ten

Mangroves Trip
On the 26 August, 2014, the Grade 10 Life Sciences students spent the day at the Beachwood Mangroves with
five environmental consultants and three teachers.
It was an educational trip outside the classroom where we could experience what we were learning. It was
great to be there in person and actually observe nature at its finest.
We learnt a lot about the animals that live in this unique biome in which parts of the ecosystem they live
and how the tides influence their behaviour. We also learnt that the different Mangrove trees have their own
special ways of getting rid of excess salt and root systems which not only keep the trees stable in the mud but
are also responsible for gaseous exchange.
We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to visit the Beachwood Mangroves where we could interact
and take part in various activities. It was a fun and valuable experience for all of us.
Thank you to everybody who made it possible.


Amy Cooper
Emma Brown
Wataya van der Merwe
Trevor Bishai


St Josephs


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Boarders, day boys and 6 day weeks:

this is what St Josephs life is like.
More commonly known as Joeys, I
was fortunate enough to be sent on
the exchange program all the way to
Sydney, Australia. When I arrived, I was
initially quite nervous about having to
be a weekly boarder at a new school for
a few months, but looking back, I would
rather have boarded than anything else.
My first two weeks I was sightseeing with
my very kind, welcoming host family, the

Another aspect of Joeys that took me a

while to adjust to, was all the nicknames.
Barely anyone is called by their first
name. These nicknames dont always
have to strongest tie to their owners
name like Salmon, Wando, Pebbles, Tim
Baz, Dubai, DuffMan. If a good nickname
wasnt forthcoming, people were often
known merely by their surname.
My host family were amazing in what
they managed to show me in the limited

I was very sad to come back to South Africa. Although I hadnt seen my family or
friends in South Africa for months, I was leaving my family in Australia, not only the
Mahonys but my Joeys family as well. I would like to thank Mr Ticehurst, the boarding
co-ordinator, Dr Fenech, the Academic co-ordinator, Mr Tarlington, the Headmaster
and Brother Anthony, who was very involved in my stay at Joeys as well as the
Mahonys for taking on a new son with a funny accent.
I would also like to thank the Knight family, who very kindly took me on for my work
experience and showed me around the cotton industry.
Joshua Robinson

St Henrys Marist College 2014

All my uncertainties were put to rest on

my first night at Joeys: I shook dozens of
hands, was introduced to all the Year 10
boarders, and was given a whole lot of
names that slipped my mind in minutes.
Over the next few days I was flooded
with new information like teacher
names, more students names, room
locations, lesson and meal times as well
as sports practice locations. Once I was
comfortable and knew where everything
was, I absolutely loved life at Joeys. Youre
with your friends all day, and even after
school, you dont just go to your practise
and then disappear into your own home:
you eat, moan about homework, do said
homework, and talk rubbish during your
free time together. On weekends you
played your games and then stayed to
watch the other teams. The First Team
game which ended at about 5pm was
compulsory for the whole school and
was always an event full of school spirit.

time we had together. I managed to go to Canberra, see the Sydney Opera House, the
Sydney Aquarium, China Town, Bondi Beach, Manly, and many other amazing places.
A big thank you to Dave and Hellie Mahony for everything.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Hilton Festival

St Henrys goes to the Hilton Schools Festival

On the weekend of the Natal Witness/
Hilton Arts Festival the St Henrys bus,
filled with St Henrys Drama students and
teachers, left the school to attend the
festival. Although the trip up the hill was
a long one, there was much excitement,
music, and laughing. On arrival, tickets
were collected and then everyone was
off to explore the Festival Market, classes,
food-stalls, and shows. The sheer size
of the Festival and school grounds was
overwhelming and the Hilton Chapel
was really beautiful. It was here that we
watched our first performance, a rap
session! We really enjoyed that. During
the rest of the day we were able to see
three wonderful shows and attend
Drama, Art, and Acting classes. Very
importantly, the food was fantastic too.
It was a truly amazing experience and we
cannot wait to attend the 2015 Festival.
Shawn McCarthy




Front Row (L R): Sarah Thompson, Imraan Moola, Michael Cooke, Mrs E van Rensburg, Amy van der Merwe,
Mthabisi Nyawose, Liam Ward
2nd Row: Mnqobi Khuluse, Giuliana Bowers, Joshua Francis, Christin Samuel, Nala Mthiyane, Vireshnee Naidoo
3rd Row: Garusha Pillay, Njabulo Zama, Kyle Govender, Ryan Rust, Adam Taylor, Tayla Ridgway
Back Row: Wesley Rachman, Kyle Mawbey, Andrew Mulqueeny, Wandile Funeka


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L R): Nhlakanipho Ndlovu, Kiran Pannalall, Megan Raftery, Mrs Batho, Kyle Davey, Demi Geldenhuis,
Alaric Theophilus
2nd Row: Imraan Safla, Lauren Askew, Kaylor Laing, Sheena Hosmer, Tayla Rolfe, Kyra Frank
3rd Row: Noluthando Dube, Chadley Mahadasen, Mkhululi Mvelase, Matthew Govender, Sabrina Samuel
Back Row: Kyle Beaumont, Novien Pillay, Jordan Buckley, Lindile Mbambo

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L- R): Jamie-leigh Haynes, Merlin Heads, Kendal Johnson, Mrs K Ireland, Matthew Callaghan, Sheralee Porritt,
Aphiwe Njoko
2nd Row: Olivia Bielovich, Yuvika Maharajah, Keegan Fulton, Kashmil Gopal, Kirstie Spenceley, Chaise Firmin
3rd Row: Jenisha Perumal, Darren Reineke, Dominic Linnetts, Bianca Samuel
Fourth Row: Ayanda Msomi, Matthew Bartholomew, Wamkelwe Msali, Luke Moody
Absent: Noah Atkins, Tyler Davidson, Jamie Rusk

Career Day

St Henrys Marist College hosted their second Career Day experience on

Friday 8 August 2014.
Various speakers were invited to come and share their ideas pertaining to a
particular career. It was wonderful to welcome speakers from eight different
career paths.
The University of the Free State came to address the group on the
requirements for entry into University. This information was very valuable
and grade 11s left feeling motivated and equipped to make the right
choices for their future.

Mr Guy Brazier, from Deloitte, addressed the group on the recruitment

process and how important a good Curriculum Vitae is. The students were
given the opportunity to draw up their own Curriculum Vitae. A panel of
judges was selected from the grade and the winning CV was selected.
Michael Cooke won the R500 Gateway voucher sponsored by Deloitte.
A very special thank you must be extended to the speakers from the
corporate world that gave of their time, to enlighten the students.


L McDonald

grade eleven

Staff Responsible: Mrs N Heynecke, Mrs I Scott, Mrs L McDonald

MAtric Dance



Front Row (L to R): Mrs L McDonald, Michael Cooke, Mrs I Scott, Aphiwe Njoko, Mrs N Heynecke
2nd Row: Sarah Thompson, Amy van der Merwe, Kendal Johnson, Tayla Ridgway, Sheena Hosmer, Lauren Askew
Back Row: Giuliana Bowers, Adam Taylor, Ayanda Msomi, Matthew Callaghan, Megan Raftery

The theme of The Secret Garden was chosen and we now had the task of transforming
those three words into a matric dance! From the invitations to the photo booth
and table settings, we all put our creative minds together spending endless public
holidays and breaks working on making the night a success.
We bonded together with our peers and our teachers while searching for props at the
playhouse, fraying metres upon metres of hessian and tying endless pieces of fishing
wire together for our crystals.
When it came to the final hours of setting up the venue on Saturday the 28th, it was
clear to see the pride on all of our faces. All our hard work had come together to
produce a magical looking venue that truly felt like you were stepping into the secret
garden and this was confirmed when you saw the impressed look on all the matric
pupils faces.

We are so grateful to have learnt so many

valuable skills from the experience and
you can consider us to be professional
event planners from now on!


Amy van der Merwe

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

To be on the dance committee this year was such an educational and incredible
experience. It all started at our first big break meeting where we brainstormed ideas
for themes that we had no idea we had the ability to pull off.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mrs T Callaghan, Miss K Kane

Geography grade eleven


Entabeni Education Centre is situated in

the Kamberg Nature Reserve, alongside
the Hlatikulu Crane and Wetland
Sanctuary in the KZN midlands. The
aim of the trip was to gain first- hand
experience of the various aspects of the
Climate and Geomorphology sections of
the Grade 11 Geography syllabus.
This environment lent itself perfectly to
this even though the accommodation
was a bit rustic for mid-winter! The
learners spent the first afternoon doing
an orienteering exercise around the
wetland familiarizing themselves with
the area. Tyler Davidson became so
familiar with the environment, that
he had a blue crane follow him the
entire way round! The evening was
spent playing the Trading Game, where
students learnt the importance of
working together for a common goal,
and the importance of sustainable living.

After a short quiet time and breakfast,

the group headed up to the towering
Little Berg behind the centre. Along the
way, learners were shown examples of
various rock and soil types, local climatic
phenomena such as aspect of slope and


anabatic and katabatic winds, as well as learning about the importance of routine
burning used to rejuvenate the landscape.
A challenging obstacle course faced the group in the afternoon, with some good
team work coming in to play to ensure their success.
After a very cold night, the group was ready to pack up and head for the Blue Crane
Sanctuary nearby, where they were led through the area discovering interesting facts
about the endangered cranes in the breeding programme. From there we headed
The Grade 11s returned home having gained some experience of their syllabus in
real life.
Many thanks to Miss Kane for accompanying us on the excursion, and to Mrs Callaghan
for the organization of the trip.
T Callaghan

Staff Responsible: Mr G Brits, Miss S Hiron



KwaMuhle Museum - the former native processing station

Old Court House Museum - where Gandhi first encountered SAs racial prejudice
Mahatma Gandhis House (Inanda)
John Dubes house/Ohlange School (Where Nelson Mandela cast his vote in 1994)
Albert Luthuli Museum Home of Africas 1st Nobel Prize winner

Historygrade eleven

street scene tour

We started our journey at the Albert
Luthuli Museum. After a series of
interesting video clips about Chief
Albert Luthuli we were taken on a tour
of his home. We were greeted by a life
size model of Chief Luthuli sitting by
his desk reading. Inside the home were
a series of interesting facts about his life
and famous people who visited Chief
Luthuli during his lifetime - Tata Nelson
Mandela and Senator Robert Kennedy
(of the USA) to name a few.
Our next destination took us to Mahatma
Ghandis house in Inanda. We were taken
on a tour inside Ghandis original home
where we learnt about the struggles
faced by the Indian communities during

South Africas pre-Apartheid time period. A museum on the property also housed
many fascinating historical objects and facts about a range of heroes and heroines of
the resistance against unjust segregation laws in South Africa.
From Inanda, we travelled nearby to John Langalibalele Dubes house/Ohlange
School (Where Nelson Mandela cast his vote in 1994). We were interested to find out
that Langalibalele, his middle name, means bright sun, which is fitting for the role he
played in fighting for a democratic South Africa. We were taken on a tour of his original
home (which still contained his original desk and piano which he spent many an hour
during his lifetime) as well as to the site of the Dubes burial/memorial site where we
paid our respects. We were fascinated to find out that Tata Nelson Mandela specifically
waited to be released from prison until the 11th February 1990 (to commemorate the
death of John Langalibalele Dube) and cast his first vote in the 1994 South African
Democratic Elections at Ohlange School (founded by John Langalibalele Dube) as a
sign of great respect and tribute to his legacy.
We then made our way to our final destinations of KwaMuhle Museum - the former
native processing station and the Old Court House Museum where Gandhi first
encountered South Africas racial prejudice. The students were excited about the
history and made comments like I never knew how hard our people actually had it?!
Even as a teacher, I had a refreshed love for our Durban heritage and was reminded of
just how amazing our transformation into democracy really was.
G Brits

St Henrys Marist College 2014

We all had a great experience! Thembiso

our tour guide from Street Scene was
professional and easy to listen to. It was
nice not being the only one sharing
stories this time.

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L R): Sibongiseni Sabela, Bandile Mkhize, Savannah Cozzi, Mrs I Scott, Bondisisa Mhlongo, Brandon Girling,
Sarah Perumal
2nd Row: Gemma van As, Tamsyn Engelbrecht, Nkanyezi Nxumalo, Sahil Govender, Michaela Blandin de Chalain,
Sharnae Zimmermann
3rd Row: Amichia Adande, Loreto Cabrera, Brandon Foster, Michael Read, Keagan Murgatroyd, Thandokhule Dlamini,
Michael Hicks
Back Row: Joshua Tammadge, Nikolan Nair, Malcolm Houstan, Wesley Gace



Front Row (L R): Luke Ducray, Ashleigh Biggar, Sandro Borrelli, Mrs L McDonald, Priya Rohith, Reynor Norris, James
2nd Row: Menelisi Satywa, Paticia de Freitas, Kelin Pottier, Sfiso Mkhize, Clarissa Fourie , Daniel Hing
3rd Row: Khaya Mthethwa, Viveshan Govender, Tevin-Lee Howard, Ndumiso Mbedu, Kegan Ormshaw, Lorenzo
Back Row: Calum Murphy, Fabio Torino, Joshua Gaillard, Armandt van Zyl, Bongani Khumalo, Mayur Soowambur
Absent: Phumelela Mhlongo



Front Row (L R): Weyland Swart, Michael Ross, Sarah Murray Mrs N Heynecke, Tayla Rabie, Jean-Luc Tostee,
Minenhle Dlamini
2nd Row: Gabriela Cirpiano, Lethubuhkle Hlongwane, Mbalenthe Ntlahla, Shaun Freddy, Christin Meistr, Bronwyn Kemp
3rd Row: Langelihle Bhengu, Andile Buthelezi, Claire Herbert, Sashen Moodley, Vukile Gcaba, Blair Miller
Back Row: Keagan Scharneck, Jiveshen Kisten, Pranav Goven, Graham Bishai, Liam Ward, Matteo Ferreri

Research Task Field trip

In mid-April a group of 43 Grade 12 learners headed off to Mtunzini to the WESSA

Twinstreams Environmental Centre in order to do their compulsory research
assignments in Life Orientation and Geography.
On arrival, the group was divided into 4 groups according to the topics they had
chosen to research. The topics for research were:
the impact of a proposed mine on the town of Mtunzini;
the impact of the seasonal variation in ecotourism in the area;
water quality and catchment management in the Mtunzini area;
the effect of Rafia Palms on soil erosion in the Twinstreams region.
Once the groups had done a brief visit to the sites that they would be studying, they
set about formulating a hypothesis and designing questionnaires and procedures
that they would use when interviewing people in the town, and analyzing and
processing their data. Some very interesting results were presented, and learners
gained invaluable experience having done primary research at grassroots level.

Whilst this was a working field trip,

there was opportunity for some early
morning runs, as well as a sunset walk to
the beach for a quick swim.
Grateful thanks to Mrs McDonald,
Mrs Davenport and Mrs Callaghan for
accompanying the group, and guiding
them through the research process.
T Callaghan

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mrs T Callaghan, Mrs L McDonald,

Mrs K Davenport

St Henrys Marist College 2014


airlift day

Mr Brits and the Grade 12 History students celebrated the Berlin Airlift, commemorating
the 318 days of resources that were flown into West Berlin from the 24th June 1948 to
the 12th May 1949, by the Allies after World War Two.
The school assembly was greeted by the sound of the East German national anthem
as images of the Airlift were shown on screen. St Henrys students were abuzz with
anticipation as they feasted their eyes on the above veranda of matric History students
dressed in blue, red and white t-shirts, white scarves and aviator sunglasses, holding
candy parachutes, in front of a rail adorned with flags from the USA, Britain, France,
Germany and the USSR.
The crowd below were so excited that the matric History students were met with
chants of throw them! Throw them!.
After a brief introduction of interesting facts about the Berlin Airlift itself and a salute,
Mr Brits elaborated on the special items which he wore. A genuine World War Two
pilot jacket issued in 1943, worn by Lieutenant Duncan Howes, as well as an R.A.F tie,
worn by Colonel Jerry Puren(who flew during the Berlin Airlift). After that, the school
was silenced with the sound of an incoming air raid. Mr Brits stepped into the crowd
and pointed toward the skies as the sounds of World War Two planes flooded the sky,
and with a gesture to the matric History students, 32 candy parachutes were released.
Row upon row of candy floated to a stampede of eager learners below.
Great fun and excitement was had by all, and we all had a small taste of what it must
have been like during the Airlift so long ago.


A big thank you to Mr Duncan Howes and Mr Puren, for sharing their history with us.
It will always be remembered fondly.

On their last day at the College
before launching into their
Matric finals, the Class of 2014
were feted at a luncheon
hosted by the College and the
Marist Alumni Association. The
Grade 12s then went through
what is now an established rite
of passage at St Henrys when
they each in turn rang the bell
at the Memorial Bell Tower
before an emotional walk
between rows of their fellow
Marists who applauded those
who are about to leave the
College as they move on to the
wider world.

17 October 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014


College Principals Address

Fr Brett, Mr Leech, Mr Ackerman, Mrs Burns, Br Joe, guests, members of staff (past and
present), parents and the grade 12s of St Henrys, Good evening.
On behalf of the College, I would like to thank you all for joining us tonight at the
Valedictory Mass.

special activities.youve witnessed it

I have a very simple message tonight.

today at the Bell Ringing Ceremony.

In the beginning of this year at Camp Jonathan, I told you: Grade 12 goes by fast, I am
sure you never imagined it would be this fast.

It doesnt have to do with the years of

One year.

It doesnt involve teachers who have

One last year and what a year it has been. You finally did it. You have completed 12
years of education..

never taught you, .telling you to

You are on the last stretch now.and we are all together here for the last time before
you sit for the final exams.

Its not the fact that the teachers know

your family.

As you end one glorious chapter of your lives, a new one begins. You have a fresh
blank page ahead of you. It is up to you to grab your pens and write your own stories.

Its all of that combined and more.

I ask our grade 12s tonight, to take what St Henrys has taught you and let it guide
you through your future. Build on your experiences to better yourselves and others
around you. Write an unforgettable chapter filled with your dreams and desires,
guided by solid Marist values.


There is something truly wonderful about this school. There is something amazing
about walking down these halls and being able to name each and every face. There
is something remarkable about the way the entire student body gets excited over


take your hands out of your pockets.

There is a magic at St Henrys that is

unique to this school and you have been
so fortunate in experiencing this magic.
To the matric class of 2014, take this
magic and honour it.
As you know, I am not the most profound
person in the world, I dont like long

In fact, when I was trying to find some

inspiring quotes for this speech, I came
across many that I simply couldnt
Fortunately for me, there was one man
who summed up my ideas perfectly and
as a bonus, his ideas rhymed:
You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction
you choose.
Youre on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy wholl decide
where to go.
Although it is pretty self-explanatory, I
think Dr Seuss hits the nail on the head.
For the past 12 years of your lives,
you have been given information and
knowledge and it is now time to put it
to good use.
I would like to say a special thank you to
the hardworking staff at St Henrys. They
have been influential in helping you get
to this day.
Finally: This final stretch can be as
difficult for your parents as it is for you.
This morning they woke up and got
ready to see their children finishing
high school. This is a day that is eagerly
anticipated, yet one that brings at least a
few tears.

I would like to take this time to thank

everyone, big and small, who has helped
each and every one of our grade 12s to
get here.
Whether it is a teacher, a parent, a
grandparent, a guardian, a friend, or a
neighbour, a generous thank you is well
Class of 2014, you have been so fortunate
to experience this gift in a truly amazing
school family.
I thank you.
R MacQuillin

Good evening Mrs MacQuillin, Mr Leech, Mr Ackerman, the St Henrys Board, teachers,
staff, parents, guests and fellow-Matrics. Thank you for sharing this amazing occasion
with the Matrics of 2014 as this is a day that many of us will remember for the rest of
our lives. The final day of school! And boy has it rushed up to us. All I can proudly say is
that we did it. The ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, all leading to the grand
crescendo of this evening.
For some of us this marks the end of 14 years of schooling at our beloved St Henrys
Marist College, a school that has been a part of our lives for so long and that is
responsible in so many ways for the individuals that we have become. The fact that
all of the Matrics in this room are well-rounded, genuine people and empowered to
be able to pursue any career they desire is a testimony to the Marist education, an
education that our founder, St Marcellin, would be proud of. It is for this that I would
like to thank all the staff and teachers for preparing us for our final exams and for
guiding us both in and out of the classroom. There are many aspects of school life that
I will miss: teachers, lessons and friends are a part of these memories. Mr Schumann
and his various in-depth analyses of Ozymandias, and his various history lessons about
theology and the evolution of the Catholic church, that had us most enthralled. Mr
De Pace for your freakish ability to draw a perfect circle on your good old-fashioned
chalk board, possibly your proudest possession. Why? Because a chalkboard is what
has always been used and if it aint broke, dont fix it. Mrs Ireland, possibly the only
teacher in existence that would present us with her famous fudge and force us not
to open it until the end of our last exam, a challenge that I think for many lasted the
length of the car trip home. Mrs Batho: personally I have formed a very special bond
with this dear woman, as I am sure many others did too. If we were ever unsure about
our futures, about the goings-on in our Matric, Mrs Batho was there to clear things
up. As a mother would, she would give us a stern word, straighten us up, set us in
the right direction and watch attentively as you worked your butt off to get the mark
that she, and you thought you could get. Mrs Batho was always there when things
were bad and she was right there with that little chuckle and smile whenever you
achieved something to be proud of. One thing that always fascinated me was her
ability to condense her true thoughts about your 60% for a Genetics test to just 5
words: You can do better, Michael. Enough to get anybody to wake up and smell
the roses. Mr Brits, Gary. I will never be able to look at another pair of tight chinos
paired with a brightly coloured shirt and matching tie the same way. Your secret
crush on Katy Perry is something that has caused me to form a fond association with
history and your favourite Katy Perry song, Roar. Mr Ramsujit, your steady hand and
patience has allowed us to go from not being able to explain the importance of a
force to being able to comprehend to some degree the sometimes baffling subject
of electrochemistry (no mean feat I might add!). Mrs MacDonald: I will never forget
that you were one of the few teachers that, despite the heavy work load, would start
the lesson with so how are you guys? or a simple whats wrong? Your interest in our
lives outside of the classroom and aim of developing us as individuals is indicative of
your subject, and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every lesson in your class, no
matter how heated it may have got at times. En dan is daar Mevrou! Mevrou, ek wil net
dankie s vir al wat jy vir ons gedoen het. Vir al die vetkoek en melktert and die tye wat
ons saam gelag het. Om ons die verskil tussen moeilik en maklik te verduidelik, en al
die luisterbegrippe wat ons die volgende dag kon doen. Dankie Mevrou, ons sal jou
nooit vergeet nie en ons hoop dat ons jou trots gemaak het.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

After tonight, they will no longer be

parents of children, but rather parents
of young men and women who will be
sent, well prepared, into the real world.

Headboys Speech:
Michael Ross


St Henrys Marist College 2014


The Matrics of 2014 have not had an easy

year at all. But one thing that was clear,
and has always been clear, is that we are
a strong year. A year that, no matter what
the conditions were, always conquered
all difficulties. (That sounds familiar for
some reason; has quite a good ring)
From being called into Mr Leechs office
to explain why the Matrics knew a little
more than they were supposed to about
the Afrikaans test, or to explain the
mysterious goings-on behind a Maths
test, its safe to say that we have seen it
all. But I suppose those meetings werent
too bad, and I will leave it at that, for the
sake of Savannahs dignity and appetite. I
would like also to thank in particular Mrs
Vermeulen. A fierce woman who became
a friend and guide to the prefects of 2014.
Mrs Vermeulens door was always open
for anything, whether personal or school
related. The scary thing is that often she
would know more about things than we
did and I would hate to know how she
is able to have eyes in just about every
corner of the school. Mrs Vermeulen,
your contribution and guidance has
been invaluable in our being able to
fulfil our duties. From your you need to
delegate speech to Savannah and me,
to our prefect hunt a few days ago, you
worked us hard right up to the last day,
but the reward has been that we leave
Marist better than when we started.
So on behalf of all the Matrics I would
like to thank Mrs MacQuillin and the
management at St Henrys for giving us
the best year we could have asked for.
You listened to us when we moaned or
complained and made it possible for
us to see the light and to learn some
valuable lessons about ourselves and
about the true character of our grade.
Without your guidance and support this
year would just not have been the same,
so thank you.
On a more personal note, this journey
at St Henrys has been unforgettable
and the friends I have made and the
incredible people I have met over the
years have truly enriched my life and
made my journey through St Henrys
that much more special. One man, in
particular, has shaped my time at St
Henrys. Dr Akal. This man, for so many

of us in this Matric grade, was the man we looked up to. I had the honour of playing for
his Primary 1st XI cricket team in Grade 6. To illustrate the character of this great man,
I would like to share a story that I remember as clearly as yesterday. It was the Friday
before a big game against Clifton and for some reason we were practising. It was a
miserable day, raining on and off; a day that should have warranted practise being
cancelled but there we were. We were all keen to get a good net session in, batting,
bowling, and definitely NO fielding as it was too wet. What did Dr Akal do? He told
us to leave our bags on the stands as we were only going to be fielding! We thought
he was crazy, and it was a terrible practise to have because a wet ball, and rain, and
wet grass are not the best things to grace the great game of Cricket. But what do you
know? We arrived the next morning to find a wet outfield and overcast conditions.
The details arent that important, but we tied the game, a match we should never
even have had a sniff at. But the memorable moment for me was standing at long on
and taking a high catch to get their strike batsman out and thanking the heavens that
Dr Akal had been crazy enough to give us high catches the previous day! And it is the
lesson that one must keep working and do the hard yards when nobody else would
want to in order to achieve and see greatness, that I will take with me into the years to
come. All because of one great man.
Personally I would also like to thank my parents for affording me the opportunity to
attend such a special school however tough things sometimes were. The investment
that you have made in me is one that I will treasure forever, and represents no greater
show of love. You are the reason I am the man I am and have the ability to be true to
myself and carry myself into all of my future endeavours. Thank you Mom and Dad.
I would like to thank my fellow head prefects and head of chapel. Sarah, your love
and determination in giving to your faith and religion is inspirational to many around
you. Your work ethic is one that can be admired, as is your ability to plan masses and
other liturgical services. One thing that I will never forget is Sarah running around
before and during every mass, armed with a mean looking flip file and a pen; a mean
combination, if you ask me. Jean Luc, you have been one of my best friends since
grade 1. It has been an honour to share this journey with you and to be able to work
beside you in leading a school which we both love and have strong feelings towards.
Without your input and hard work, with all the duty rosters and management the
prefect body would not have run as efficiently. Sibongiseni, what can I say?... From
your exuberant third speaker speeches that put the fear into any team we debated
against, as well as the adjudicators, to your ability to calmly solve sticky situations at
school. I think Seni has the unique ability of being able to know exactly whos with
whom, and what is going on ANYWHERE in the school; an ability that never stopped

amazing me. Seni, I have enjoyed most

of all the strong morals that you have
as well as your strong opinions, which
have fuelled many a fun English lesson.
Your ability to find a positive in any
situation, and to ask what next? has
been a driving force in the success this
our year. And last but by no means
least, Savannah. Savannah, Savannah,
Savannah. I think that the reason for my
high hairline is partially down to you.
Ever since that conversation in Grade
6, about which I will not go into great
detail now, we have been a partnership
that could never be broken. From D&T
projects to Debating prep in the car and
checking history essays, we have done
it all. Savannah is an individual that is
a never say die sort of person. She is
never afraid to tell me EXACTLY what she
thinks of me. We have been through a lot
and I can safely say that I have made a
friend for life, a true companion whom
I can turn to for help in any situation.
Thank you for an amazing year, in fact,
thank you for an amazing 12 years. I have
enjoyed every moment of this year and
I could not think of anybody else with
whom I would have preferred to have
shared this year. Thank you.


Ladies and gentlemen, I am so proud of what we as the Matrics of 2014 have achieved,
and we will all miss St Henrys as much as we know you will miss us. We will take a bit
of St Henrys with us as we go out into the world and we will fly the flag high, always
remembering Omnia Vincite, to conquer all difficulties. These Matrics showed that
a diva can express herself as eloquently as Shakespeare or know the Greek route of
word pterodactyl, that the jock can become a fiddler, and that a rugby captain can
give back to his community in charitable ways. We were a strong grade that remained
true to themselves and, in so doing, left a legacy at St Henrys, an institution that we
will all miss most dearly.
Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Michael Ross

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Finally to the most important people,

my fellow Matrics. When I was appointed
head boy at the end of last year my first
thought was of making this speech, and
I sat for hours thinking, how can I sum
up the Matrics of 2014? And I think the
beauty is that there is not one label we
can put on our year (or Scarlet Letter as
Luke would say!) We are a different year.
We were all doing different things, a
fact that many mistook for segregation.
We might have been segregated but
were stronger for it, and here why: If I
wanted to find out the areas to focus on
in a test or how to do a certain maths
equation I would look for Pranav and
the gang. If I wanted to get a message
sent around the grade I would find
Sisa and guaranteed by first break that
same day EVERYBODY would know. If I
felt the need to sing a grand show tune
from Les Mis I would find Lethu (and Mr
Schumann) to fulfil this desire. The fact
is that we all had a place at St Henrys,
we werent trying to be friends, we were

friends. We were all comfortable with each other and could sit and have a laugh
whenever. At break, during class or after school, on the benches or on international
school tours. We appeared to be segregated but we definitely were strong when we
needed to be. We were a year that lived up to expectations. Sure, it didnt go exactly as
planned: The 100% winning streak in Rugby didnt happen (only 85%, not to shabby
I might add); Lethu and Loretos dream of a two-man enactment of Chicago did not
happen; and Khaya could only lift 160kg rather than170kg in his max bench. But that
just showed the character of our grade. We had great things laid out for us and we
constantly pushed the boundaries. At the beginning of this year we laid out a set of
goals and objectives for the Matric year and I was reading over it recently, just to see
if we had hit any of the goals. Create at least 2 new war cries... check. Design a kickass
Matric Hoodie... check. Give back to others in a community service project... check.
Leave a legacy... check.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Valedictorian Speech:
Joshua Gaillard
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
Mrs MacQuillin, Fathers, teachers, staff,
esteemed guests, parents and of course
my brilliant class of 2014. Welcome to
the celebration of our Valedictory Mass.
For those of you who dont know me,
my name is Joshua Gaillard and I have
been a student at St Henrys since 2001.
For those of you didnt catch onthats
a really, really long time! That is why
tonight is so special to me and it is with
great appreciation and pride that I have
the honour of addressing you on behalf
of the class of 2014.
C. JoyBell said - The only way that we
can live, is if we grow. The only way that
we can grow is if we change. The only
way that we can change is if we learn.
The only way we can learn is if we are
exposed. And the only way that we can
become exposed is if we throw ourselves
out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.
That is exactly the leap of fate we took
on that very first day we attended Marist
and began to expose ourselves to a new
environment at school I hope to share
with all of you, just a fraction of the all
the amazing experiences we have had
at Marist over the years and how much
it has meant to all of us to have been
part of this amazing Marist family. In
doing so, hopefully reduce someone to
tears. (yes Im talking to you Savannah).
And maybe make my classmates a little
remissive about leaving.


Admittedly, when writing this speech

and reflecting on the past times here at
St Henrys, I found it extremely difficult
to encapsulate all the experiences of
masses, sports days, war cry practices,
classes, bad haircuts, lessons learnt here
and what St Henrys means to me into a
few sentences. From the tentative baby
steps many of us took in the Green &
Blue Groups, to longer, awkward, braces
adorned strides made in the mostly
purple Prep School uniform that some
of us may still be taking, to eventually

having to grow in leaps and bounds in High School. It has been a tremendous journey
to say the least and it has been a privilege to be part of the Marist family for so long.
We have learnt so much in the time spent here, for the most part in our black shoes,
grey pants or skirt, white shirts, blue ties and of course our blue and gold blazers, 60%
nylon, 40% cotton and stained with tears of school children, and in Michael Rosss
case, tomato sauce, pie and coke. The uniform Im proud to wear tonight. Im sure a
lot of us cant wait to take the uniform off for the last time or rather are tired of being
over-dressed in the same uniform by the overly stylish Sisa the garment. But the sense
of belonging, comfort and familiarity that comes along with it is something Im sure
all of us are going to miss.
It was in these uniforms that we all learnt many important lessons and skills we will
now go out and utilise throughout our lives outside of school from English, Life
sciences most of Physics but also lessons which turned children into intelligent,
responsible, respectful and ambitious young men and women.
Marist has taught and given us all these things and so much more, the education
we received, did not so much teach us what to learn but how to learn as we take the
next step in our lives. The education we received here along with people we are truly
blessed to have seated beside us, are in many ways responsible for the person you are
today. From the classroom of English comedy and lyrical stylings of his own majesty
Mr Schumann, the FIFA lab of Mr GQ Ramsugit, to the Brothers house across the
quad and everything in-between is where we lived out our Marist lives. These years
of Marist life and schooling coupled with the many lessons we learnt along the way
are not so much about being able to recall that the relationship between your maths
mark and the amount of thanee you play is directly proportional and the derivative
4X to the 4 or where most of South Africas money is lost and spent. By the way its 16x
to third and Nkandla. More importantly, it is about what we have learnt that we are
going to use to give back to our country in our ventures outside of school. Skills and
lessons we learnt together, which has made us better students and people and which
made them that much more memorable.
The St Henrys ethos and thinking of being part of this enormous Marist family, along
with being here since I can remember, is hugely contributory to when we go our
separate ways and even though we arent related, I will know and always consider all
of you in some way, my family. No doubt it is definitely going to be the hardest and
sweetest goodbye as this year comes to an end. Just as if you were part of my own
family, I grew up with most of you and we got too know each other more and more
throughout our years here at St Henrys. That is why saying goodbye is not going to
be easy. Weve learnt, weve laughed, weve cried, weve fought, weve loved and weve
bhengaed, shmoneyd and nae naed until the end. It has been quite a ride to say the
least. My only regret is maybe not getting to know some of you as well as I could have
but I also believe I know some of you way way too well.
To have our deputy head boy Jean-Luc Tostee with a shirt on and fully clothed for
a change is quite remarkable. We are also very lucky tonight to be graced with the
presence of Khaya and the team of Rambo-active and that they surprisingly are not in
their natural habitat of the Blue Train gym! The fact that we are all gathered here today
is testament to that family bond and spirit we have built together over the years.
We have gone from strength to strength during our high school years. This gift, this

ability to grow and go from strength

to strength was patiently promoted
and instilled by a significant number
of people - people that we need to pay
tribute to and thank because without
them we would not be here today.
appreciation must go to our Principal,
Mrs MacQuillin, the Staff, the greater
School Community and especially to our
guardians and parents. Your constant
source of love, support and wisdom is
something that we will all be eternally
grateful for! So from the bottom of my
heart I say thank you!
I would now like to address my fellow
classmates directly. I want to leave you
with a short message for the future. To
help me convey this I would like share
a quote with you by philosopher and
rapper: the notorious B.I.G: (From skys
the limit) stay far from the timid only
make moves when your hearts in it and
live the phrase skys the limit

We will be going out into the world,

each of us on different paths, following
different dreams and I wish that you
have every chance of success; love and
happiness, may you work hard and play
straight, may you hold your head high,
may our paths still cross from time to
time and may you go with all your heart
in it because weve made it this far and
I hope you keep going because the
journey and possibilities are endless! Omnia Vincinte (conquer all difficulties)
God bless and thank you
Joshua Gaillard

This is it, it is , it really is.

And so I didnt pass. My June grade 7 maths test, I still remember it was out of 56. The
whole time whilst writing the test I watched the time go by and hoped if I did that,
the thought of me receiving terrible results would not cross my mind. Soon after Mr
Thwaites marked my test and I did not even receive a 50%. He watched me start to
shed tears, them rolling down my face and he asked me why I go that mark? I replied
the obvious Im not good at maths sir I said, he laughed and said no its not that its
because you have told yourself you are not good at it.
As I started to cry, he informed this that test would not be used as an assessment
piece, it was simply to see where the class was. I smiled with joy but he said to me that
we still would write a test on that same section. Time came and we eventually wrote
the test. I ended receiving excellent marks but when I got that result he called me
over again and he asked me that same question. Do you know why you got that? I
said I guess I worked harder, he said no it was because I trusted myself. He made me
believe in myself something we so often forget
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it is an honour for me to address you tonight,
with my final address as my 14 years of Marist education comes to an end. I have
previously been asked to speak on behalf of the school at various events and I have
always found how it has been so easy to describe my experiences and emotions about
such a school. But when it came time to write this speech, I battled to find the words.
I battled to find the correct and most suitable way of expressing myself. How could
one speech explain the gratitude, the love, or even my home at St Henrys? I could say
it has been nothing short of indescribable. But that would make me just the same
as any other matric speech and as we all know, matrics of 2014 tend to do things in
more out the box way or rather a touch of rebellion involved. So today, ladies and
gentlemen I am taking the long route; I guess you could say Im enjoying the process
before I enjoy the destination.
I admire teachers. I admire the way they teach with such compassion, their care, and
as the quote goes their ability to help us solve problems we never had without them.
I admire their ability to keep going us going and keep going themselves and also
to give of their best even when half the class is not interested nor paying attention.
How do you do it every year just like every other year. I have discovered teaching is
not just a job, its a way of life its a passion and for that this evening I admire you
all. How could you compare to the way someone keeps so composed even though
he is so infuriated with anger such as Mr Brits. How do you keep so organized as Mrs
Mcdonald and how do you teach with such passion and power as Mrs Vermeulen. I am
going to miss Mevrou Heynecke and Jean-Lucs constant banter. I am going to miss
Mrs Bathos mothering and comforting heart , but most certainly I am going to miss
being Mr Schumanns personal secretary. Informing him that our essays are due next
week Monday and not Friday, because I wrote it down like that.
For me? People ask what are you going to miss about school?
No doubt Im going to miss the Maths lessons on a last lesson on Friday afternoon
where Mrs Ireland made them more bearable with her sweets and treats, or the way
Mrs Brents and Miss Leppens constantly keep your spirits up whether a win or a loss
on the sports field. Yes I will definitely miss those. But what Im going to miss is the
laughing, the jeers, the pride and the happiness that comes with being home. I am

St Henrys Marist College 2014

And so, just as those words suggest, I

want everyone to know that finishing
high school isnt the end but rather the
beginning of the rest of our lives. Dont
be timid, take risks and dont be afraid
to fail because thats how we never
stop learning and start asking the right
questions. The sky truly is the limit for
us; there are countless opportunities to
take and further goals to reach. I am not
sure how we will get to where we need
to be in the end or how we will achieve
our dreams - but I do know that we are
coming prepared to conquer the world...
and thats the important thing.

Headgirls Speech:
Savanna Cozzi


St Henrys Marist College 2014


going to miss telling the grade 4 boys

to pull up their socks and buy garters or
constantly being greeted by Chad and
asked how my day is going! Im going to
miss these people, how could you not
miss Amichia, that most sly yet sincerest
boy you have ever meet. Or Steezys
laugh and determination to succeed
or even Mr ONeill and his somewhat
different sense of humour. I love it all
I guess I have learnt a lot from school
and I have learnt a lot from failing and
not always getting the result I wanted,
and what Matthew Kimble once said to
me you learn more from failing than
from winning, believe you me I fail
all the time but I learning a hell of a lot
everyday. For me, what you put in is what
you get out, so those who dedicate their
time to school , they will understand the
emotions running through their hearts
tonight and those who didnt are more
than happy to get on with the next
chapter of their lives. But thats what
makes it all so interesting is we are all
so different and so excited for our new
paths that lay ahead.
I only wished I believed in myself as
much as I believe in you people, I cant
wait to see you all grow I cant wait to
know of the successful business with
entrepreneurs like Sandra Klein, and my
favourite of all, Weyland who will give
me any reason to oppose anything I
say. I cant wait to hear that Sharnae, my
batch, - whom the whole grade know I
refers to her as, eventually bought her
coffee shop or even that Claire is the
new Annie Leibovits of photography.
I know Khaya will open up Rambo
active, Armandt models at NY fashion
week and that Gemma will be a brilliant
teacher. Some people I wont forget,
with Lethus constant Facebook statuses
I will know her every move. There will
be our doctors, team Ash and Josh. Our
engineers, Fabio I expect a trip to Italy
and I take your word when asked how
many kids do you want with the reply
I want to have enough kids to field a
soccer team. How could I forget the
Sahil and the card crew, who definitely
taught me you cannot trust anyone
especially in a game of crazy 8. Our next
Minister of Sport, Phumi Mhlongo is
here with us ladies and gentlemen and I
most certainly cannot wait to meet Senis
husband whom we all know will be a
marriage purely based on money. `Our

American who leaves us this year, whom we know we will be friends for life. How
could I forget people like Sarah, Bronwyn and Tayla whose kindness and integrity
amaze me every day. Mayur and Keagan, who make me laugh and this morning the
roles were reversed. The genius like Pranav who knows he has no room to forget me,
after all the help I gave him in trigonometry and geometry. Its hard to include you all.
I wish I could say something about everyone and it doesnt mean you are less special
but what makes me so proud as Josh Gaillard will know we discovered at Seula. We
know something special about everyone in the grade even when we dont think it. I
love you all for that passion and that drive you all have.
Thank yous are essential in any speech of this nature, but from the deepest part of my
heart. I really thank you all. The management of the College, for providing me and my
peers with the many opportunities you have. Mr Leech, I heard their will be snacks
afterwards. The teachers of the school from the sports departments to the subject
teachers you have all played a fundamental role in our education and what we
somewhat always seem to take for granted. To the supportive parents who have been
constantly on the school campus, you know who you are and it means a lot to us. To
my parents, Pappa Giovanni who does not say much but when he does his words are
gold and my best friend my momma bear. If I could be half the woman you are, I will
be thankful. Ash and Blair will justify, I am going to starve without your lunches. You
mean the world to me, and yes Matteo you can have a mention as the little brother.
But to my friends, day 1s , my members whatever you call us - it would be a lie if I
said this year has been easy and that you all like me. I know for a fact there were a few
of you wishing to throw daggers at me at some stage of the year, but I guess thats
normal. Well, not really.
Tupac said: even though you may be fed up, you got to keep your head up. So I ask
you, take all the failings and hardships you have had this year and write your goals
for finals and give it your all. This is the last 10m of the 100 sprint and you need this.
I know/hope that we as individuals can help leave the world in a better way than we
found it as Dr Ross will inform you.
Parents, you can be so proud tonight and all I ask for you tonight is when you go home
and see your child, say to them thank you and tell them you are proud and children
when you are going to go to bed turn to your parents and say thank you to them. We
forget how much happier we can be by expressing our gratitude for people and that
is why I encourage you do that. As I said earlier today its not goodbye, we all just have
a to-do list before we meet again, a few stops along the way. I will see you another
time, maybe a little older, more grey hairs and not as good-looking as we are now, but
wiser, full of zest and happy with who we are. I cant wait to come back and I havent
even left yet,
Ladies and gentlemen it would not be the correct ending if I ended with any other
quote but my own, the one that motivated me during the election process of the
Durban Youth Council. In life the word opportunity can be broken down into two
words, opportunity. So I encourage and ask you to make the right choice and take
hold of every single opportunity.
Savannah Cozzi




Mayur Soowamber
Michaela Blandin de Chalain


Bongisisa Mhlongo
Clarissa Fourie


Sandro Borelli
Gemma van As


Armandt van Zyl

Claire Herbert




Sharnae Zimmerman


Luke Ducray

Sibongiseni Sabela


Michael Ross

Wesley Gace



Michael Ross


Michael Hicks


Armandt van Zyl


Savannah Cozzi


Ashleigh Biggar

Michael Ross


Ashleigh Biggar

Sharnae Zimmerman


Sharnae Zimmerman

Ashleigh Biggar


Joshua Tammadge


Khaya Mthethwa

Jean-Luc Tostee


Michael Ross

Tevin-Lee Howard


Fabio Torino

Joshua Tammadge


Gemma van As

Sibongiseni Sabela


Wesley Gace

Keagan Sharneck


Christin Meistre

Kendal Johnson


Jean-Luc Tostee

Joshua Tammadge


Sharnae Zimmerman

Blair Miller


Michael Ross

Matteo Ferreri


Joshua Gaillard

Tevin-Lee Howard


Sharnae Zimmerman

Blair Miller

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College


Front Row (L-R): Caycee Lund, Tafara Chingonzoh, Kaylee Pottier,

Ethan Govender, Paree Dandekar
2nd Row: Amy Cooper, Tevin Howard, Graham Bishai, Sharnae Zimmerman,
Keagan Murgatroyd, Matteo Ferreri, Joshua Francis
3rd Row: Jessica Read, Jodi Biggar, Awongiwe Xuma, Luke Ducray,
Tyrese Pillay, Melissa Calitz, Keyanna Perumal, Sarah Thompson
4th Row: Kendal Johnson, Michael Kalil, Savanna Ballard, Trevor Bishai,
Jesse van Jaarsveldt, Aphelele Joyisa, Courtney Felix
Back Row: Jessica Erasmus, Courtney Wyatt, Cole Colbert, Ross Bentley,
Loreto Cabrera, Wataya van der Merwe




1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Olympic diver, Monique Gladding, was

Guest of Honour at the 2014 Sports
Awards evening. Monique had a near
fatal accident in 2011 when she hit
her head on the 10m platform, being
knocked unconscious and having to
be rescued from the bottom of the
pool. Her determination to make
a come-back saw her within a year
representing Great Britain at the World
Cup where she qualified for a place at
the London 2012 Olympics. She is seen
with Sharnae Zimmerman and Michael
Ross, recipients of the new Olive and
Oil Sportswoman and Sportsman of the
Year trophies


These young men and women we are celebrating this evening have achieved and
served as role models to the rest of our learners. The commitment of these sport stars
to achievement and excellence, have not gone unnoticed.

We are here tonight to celebrate the

outstanding performances of our
sportsmen and women at all levels. We
are equally assembled here to showcase
the quest to quality and excellence
in sport performance at St Henrys.
Tonight as we announce the names of
the winners of the different trophies, we
need to realise they represent hard work,
dedication and commitment to success
and excellence.

Sport is the biggest contributor to spirit building and social cohesion and yet it is less
celebrated. Therefore, winning an aspect of a sports award must be a high accolade
for our pupils. They must know that they are making us proud; and they to are our
schools pride.

As Professor Warren G. Bennis once said:

My most sincere congratulations to all these outstanding Marist pupils and welcome
to the evening. Please enjoy this evening with us.

Excellence is a better teacher than

mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary
are everywhere. Truly profound and
original insights are to be found in
studying the exemplary

Ladies and Gentlemen, all our athletes are winners. All those who participate in sport
are winners; and all those who are receiving these awards are winners. Here at St
Henrys we dont have losers.
I would like to thank the Sports Department, coaches, teachers, parents and our
students for the hard work and dedication you have shown over the last year.
Tonight we recognise their achievements during the calendar year of 2014.

I hand you over to Mr Puren to introduce our guest speaker.

Thank you.
R MacQuillin

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Mrs Monique Gladding, honoured

guests, ladies and gentleman and
students of St Henrys. Good evening.

St Henrys Marist College 2014



The Marist Action Netball Trophy Courtney Felix &
Jean Taylor Memorial Trophy
Sharnae Zimmerman

Jessica Erasmus
Senior Cross Country Champion
Most Valuable Player
Bobby de Kock Floating Trophy Siwapiwe Nthlala
Junior Cross Country
Sebastian Patel Trophy
Michael Ross FIRST AID:
Helen MacKinlay Trophy
Sheena Hosmer
The Best Batsman of the Season
Most Dedicated First Aider
Clark Trophy
Michael Ross

Ross Family Trophy
Ashleigh Biggar
The Best Bowler of the Season
Vaughn Lee Trophy
Matteo Ferreri Most Supportive First Aider
The Best Fielder of the Season
Joshua Francis
Dave & Alistair Cohen Trophy
Clinton Canal The Hiron Family Trophy
The Best Open Age Golfer
Most promising 1st XI cricketer from grade 10
ONeill Trophy
Chadley Mahadasen
Stacey Hiron Trophy
Sharnae Zimmerman
The Team Spirit Award
Best Girls Hockey Player of the Year
Moira Jones Trophy
Melissa Calitz
Andrew Plint Spirit Trophy
Keagan Scharneck
Most promising Junior Player
Team Spirit
Wendy Godfrey Trophy
Sarah Thompson
Ludlow Trophy
Thamlin Naidoo 5/14 vs
Most Promising Player

Old Girls Trophy
Jessica Erasmus

Four wickets in a match
Most Improved Junior

Adhil Koobair 4/18 vs
Flag Animal Farm
Lauren Askew

George Campbell
Most Improved Player
Cindy Botha Trophy
Ashleigh Biggar
George Akal Memorial Trophy St Georges
Most Committed Player
Senior Inter House Double Wicket
Michael Ross &
The Hockey Good Fellowship Award Sheena Hosmer

Joshua Gaillard
The A Vally Trophy
Liam Moodley Good Fellowship
The Omnia Vincite Trophy
U14 Girls
Best U14 Cricketer based on averages
Most Accomplished Hockey Team
The Bill Proudfoot Memorial Trophy Caleb Benjamin
Best U15 Cricketer based on averages
The Harry Fogg Memorial Trophy Joshau Tammadge
The Pat Trimborn Trophy
Michael Ross
1st Team Player of the Year
Best Open age group cricketer based on averages

The Player of the Season

Christin Meistre
Most Accomplished Indoor Hockey Team
U14 Girls
St Henrys Most Improved Player of the Year
Kathleen van der Merwe Memorial Trophy

Ayanda Msomi
Kristan Oldewage
Player of the Year
Woods Family Trophy
Joshua Francis
All-round player of the Year
St Henrys Most improved Netball Player
Mikhail Modi Floating Trophy
Michael Ross

Kristan Oldewage
Best Tennis Player of the Year
Madaree Family Trophy
Wataya van der Merwe
Mikhail Modi Floating Trophy
Dominic Linnetts
Most Valuable Netball Player of the Year
Best U17 Tennis Player
The St Henrys Senior Tennis Champion Michael Ross
Clarke Trophy
Kyle Davey
Try of the Year
Best U19 Tennis Player
Most Exciting Prospect
Kyle Davey
Most Improved Player of the Year Michael Cooke
St Henrys Most Improved 1st Team Player
Ngwenya Trophy
Jiveshen Kisten

Joshua Gaillard
Asoka Vaithilingam Memorial Trophy Jean-Luc Tostee
St Henrys Most Dedicated 1st Team Player
Backline Player of the Year

Tevin-Lee Howard
Forward of the Year
Khaya Mthethwa
Most Promising 1 Team Water Polo Player
Clark Trophy for Spirit in the Open Age Group

Michael Cooke

Michael Ross
Jean-Luc Tostee
The Amalikite Shield
Joshua Gaillard
Most Valuable Player
Mark Godfrey Trophy
Sharnae Zimmerman
St Henrys Rugby Team of the Year U15
The Yershen Kisten Memorial Trophy Chadley Mahadasen
Most Dedicated Water Polo Player Melissa Calitz
Most Promising Water Polo Player Jessica Erasmus
Player of the Season
Tevin-Lee Howard
Most Improved Water Polo Player Blair Miller
The St Henrys Best Goal Scored in the Season OVER ALL:
Marist Club Floating Trophy
Sarah Thompson

Tevin-Lee Howard

Kloof Festival
Olive & Oil Floating Trophy
Sharnae Zimmerman
Torino Family Trophy
Fabio Torino
Most Dedicated 1 Team Player
Olive & Oil Floating Trophy
Michael Ross
Boys Soccer Team of the Year
Paul Callaghan Trophy
Kyle Govender

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Most Improved 1st Team Player

St Henrys Trophy
Nhlakanipho Ndlovu
Most Promising 1st Team Player
Pierre Puren
Aphiwe Njoko
Most Promising Girls Soccer Player
Hiron Family Trophy
Sheena Hosmer
Best Girls Soccer Player of the Year
The OToole family Trophy
Sahil Govender
U19 Player of the Season
Meyer/Jackson Trophy
Keagan Scharneck
U19 Most Improved Player of the Season
Munsami Family Trophy
Wesley Gace
U19 Most Dedicated Player of the Season
Robinson Family Trophy
Caleb Benjamin
U16 Player of the Season
Canter Family Trophy
Cody Baxendale
U16 Most Improved Player of the Season
Hooper-Gild Family Trophy
Jonathan Gild
U16 Most Promising Player of the Season


St Henrys Marist College 2014


The following pupils who have excelled at their chosen sport,
and who have gone on to represent the school at regional
and/or provincial level.


Ayushkar Ramkissoon
Jared Oosthuizen

Durban Central U11

Durban Central U13 and KZN U13

Emma Askew
Isabella Goncalves
Daniela Bowers
Nathalie Desfontaines

Victoria Bosman
Gabriella de Oliveira
Tori Oliver

Level 2 Nationals
Level 2 Nationals
Level 2 Nationals

PSI Indoor KZN U13

PSI Indoor KZN U13
PSI Indoor KZN U13
PSI Indoor KZN U13

Water Polo
Jade McClellan
Bulelani Mzimela


Aphelele Joyisa
Michael Kalil

KZN Duikers Club XV

DBN Coastal U13 & KZN Duikers
Club XV

Jayden Hulley
Nikhil Maganlal

Durban Central U11

Durban Central U11

The following two pupils are recognised for superb individual

performances in their chosen sport:
Amal Naidoo

Jared Oosthuizen

Bowling figures of 5wkts for 9 runs
in 6 overs
Scoring two hundreds 125 not out
& 126 not out


Judo Achievement
Tafara Chingonzoh has been selected to represent the
Kwazulu-Natal in Judo in the U9 Boys category at the SA
Schools Championships to be held in Johannesburg in October.

Amy Cooper has been selected to represent her country in
Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Africa Championships in the last
week of March in Pretoria. During the 12th African Gymnastics
Championships in Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Amy
Cooper and her rhythmic gymnastics group were awarded
their Protea Colours when they were placed second to Ethiopia
and received their silver medals.
Amy also competed in the SA Gymnastics Games in Cape Town
on Sunday,12 October 2014 and did exceptionally well in her
category, winning gold for her ribbon routine, silver for her
floor, and silver overall.

Proudly Representing

Two young ladies in the High School have excelled in aquatic

activities. Melissa Calitz was selected to represent KZN in the SA
National Still Water Lifesaving Championships in Bloemfontein
in late February. She was placed Third in the Girls 850 Iron Lady
category, winning a Bronze medal.
Kiyanna Bartleson participated as a member of the South
African Swimming Team in the African Games in Zambia.
She competed in four races, winning a Gold in the 4 x 100 m
Freestyle Relay.

Cian Wilkes, a member of

Pirates Suncoast Lifesaving
Club, was part of the KZN
Nippers team which took part
in the National Championships
in Port Elizabeth at the end
of April. The team secured
Second Place overall.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Safety in the surf

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff responsible:

Mr K Bowes-Taylor
Mr R Dangarembwa, Mr P Teburu
Mr R McDonald, Mr C McLellan
Mr M Woods, Mr Z Nguobo
Mr J Janse van Rensburg
Mr L Mbongwa

Junior Prep sportboys

tournament at Northlands Prep where
our boys were put up against the cream
of the crop when it comes to mini rugby.
Our boys eventually won their last game,
learning valuable rugby lessons during
the course of the evening.

Term 3: Hockey
This term is the busiest term as both boys
and girls come flying down to the field
with hockey sticks in hand. We played
our fixtures every Thursday at various
venues and we were also lucky enough
to be invited to the night tournaments
hosted by Penzance at the Three schools
Astro where we faced tough opposition
and both Grade 1s and 2s were
undefeated in the last tournament.

Term 1: Cricket
This years cricket programme was met with much enthusiasm especially from the
Grade 1s who were learning the game for the first time. We had a couple weeks to
prepare the boys before the Gr 2s and 3s got their mini cricket fixtures underway. The
preparation came in handy as our Gr 2 team went unbeaten at the Thursday fixtures
held at Eden while the Gr 3s had some very good wins.
We also entered an U9 team into the Durban North Cricket league. We started in
the B league but the boys have proved they belong in a higher league as they went

Term 2: Tag Rugby/ Mini Rugby

The second term is the rugby term throughout the school and we start with tag
rugby with the Grade 1 and 2 boys. This allows them to learn the game before getting
into the contact side of things. Our Grade 1s got their first taste of interschool
competition against Penzance Primary where we were able to produce 3 teams to
take on Penzance. We faired very well against a strong sporting school and the boys
enjoyed the day. We also managed to put together tag fixtures against Westville and
Northlands Prep.


An U9 team was formed again this year after a long time. This team was made up of
boys from Grade 2 and Grade 3. The highlight of the season must have been the night

Our Grade 3 boys got a taste of a quarter

field hockey at these night tournaments
and performed very well on a bigger

Term 4: Cricket
The fourth term sees the boys pick up
where they left off in the first term. The
Grade 1s experienced their first cricket
game against Westville and performed
with enthusiasm and great skill.
The Grade 2s and 3s also played a couple
games in this short term and we noticed
a huge improvement in their skills.
Our U9 team played some games too
even though the rain got in the way for
one or two.
This U9 group has a lot of potential and
will go far together if they commit and
practice hard.


Coaches: Miss L Mchunu, Mrs R Field

Miss V Pillay, Miss S Mthethwa

Miss A Buthelezi, Mr P Teburu

Junior Prep sportGirls

Term 1 and 4: Tennis

Term 3: Hockey

In The first term the girls do not play inter schools sport but rather they focus on hand
-eye co ordination and tennis as the sport. The tennis is headed up by well know
tennis coach Mrs R Field who puts together a 2 month program to ensure the girls
develop the right skills and techniques to play the game in the future. We feel tennis
develops the right skills to make sure our girls perform well in all sports.

Just like the netball, our hockey also

saw very pleasing results. The girls took
part in Thursday tournaments and, like
the boys, were also invited to the night
tournament hosted by Penzance at
the Three Schools Astro. The girls faced
tough opposition but did very well. It
is also very pleasing to see our children
getting exposed to astro at a young age
as the grass surface does not always play

Term 2: Netball
Term two sees the first inter-school action for the girls as they take part in tournaments
every week on a Thursday. Again the girls did very well throughout the Junior
Preparatory school, winning most of their games. The girls skills are developing well
in this sport and they are starting to play their roles in their positions.

A big thank you must go to all the

coaches who helped this year. It is not
easy teaching foreign skills to youngsters
as well as getting them to understand
the laws of the games and to play within
these laws. Our coaches have done a
fantastic job and we know that what
they learn at this level will hold them in
good stead for the rest of their sporting
K Bowes-Taylor

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Athletics prep School

Front Row (L to R): Talia Samuel, Liam Long, Jade McLellan, Connor van Wyk (Capt), Mr K Thwaites, Nathalie Desfontaines,
Michael Kalil, Kaylin Joubert, Andr van Dyk
2nd Row: Pascale Martin, Tess de Haas, Steven Callaghan, Jayden Hulley, Mahika Chetty, Louise Bracking, Lutho Sihawu,
Nikhil Maganlal, Jessica Kalil, Cara Bega
3rd Row: Sarah Taylor, Tori Oliver, Lara Horn, Ayushkar Ramkissoon, Calan Jensen, Surisha Nadasen, Lisel Hlengwa, Emah Pieterson
4th Row: Emma Askew, Declan Williams, Joel Blair, Matthew Ackerman, Ketan Bissessur, Richard Phillip, Siashin Bhagwandin,
Gabriella de Oliveira
Back Row: Chuka Odimegwa, Robert Heustice, Hannah de Haas, Ayush Mangali, Desarah Naidoo, Jonathan Wimberley, Unathi Sibeko

Staff Responsible: Mr K Thwaites

Connor van Wyk and Nathalie Desfontaines
The beginning of the third term is always
hectic and this year proved to be no
Heats for the Inter-House Athletics
meeting took place on our first day back,
and the children were sorted out and
allocated to the track events that they
would participate in. Participants for the
field event finals were sorted out during
PE lessons.


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

It was pleasing to note that this year very few children did not participate and we had
full fields for almost every event, including the longer running events.
At the conclusion of our Inter-house meeting, a select group was chosen to represent
the school at the Annual Inter-school meeting held at Port Natal.
Our athletes, despite limited training opportunities, fared reasonably well against
some very strong opposition, and our boys finished the day in fourth position. The
girls were not quite up to the pace, but still managed to finish a creditable ninth.
Ayushkar Ramkissoon (U/11) was the Junior Victor Ludorum at this meeting while
Jayden Hulley (U/10) finished third. These were both great efforts as they were
competing against approximately 120 boys from other schools, in this section.
Congratulations go to all in the Prep School for their participation and enthusiasm
during the 2014 athletic season. Well done.
K Thwaites



Cricket 1st XI

Front Row (L-R): Chadley Mahadasen, Langa Bhengu, Michael Ross (Captain) Mr R Brent, Wesley Gace (Vice Captain) Joshua Gaillard,
Matteo Ferreri
Back Row: Joshua Francis, Darren Reineke, Kiran Pannalall, Clinton Canal, Adhil Koobair, Jonathan Gild, Kyle Govender

Cricket 1st XI REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr R Brent
Michael Ross
Vice Captain:
Wesley Gace
This year I had the pleasure of coaching the first XI cricket team that was full of young
and enthusiastic cricketers. The team this year was led by Michael Ross as captain and
Wesley Gave as vice. Both these players have played for the St Henrys first side since
the second half of grade 9.
Our first half of the season yielded two victories over Sunfoil and Clifton and three
losses to Grantleigh, Thomas More and Kloof. Although the results were not in our
favour in the first term Michael Ross was our Mr Reliable with the bat scoring over
29 runs in all but one match. With the ball, Clinton Canal, and his left arm variations
picking up 10 wickets and Michael again leading from the front picking up 11 wickets
with his best figures against Clifton picking up 3/14 in 10 overs.
In the 4th term we had a large number of new players in our first side. Our first fixture
of the season was at the Kloof T20 festival. Our first match against Kloof High was a
terrible fixture on an even worst cabbage patch. The boys took the loss on the chin
and bounced back in the next match against Gelofte, scoring 176 runs with Michael
scoring a very well played 95. Our bowlers were on fire running their opponents out for
89 runs giving us the victory by 87 runs. Daniel Francis 3/5 was our pick of the bowlers

Our first match of the regular season was

against Ashton International College
Ballito. Ashton were sent into bat and
our bowlers quickly put the visitors
on the back foot with Michael taking a
wicket maiden in the first over followed
up by Kiran Pannalall who returned to
the team after a hernia operation in the
first term, picking up 3 wickets in his
first over. A good first change brought
Clinton Canal and Edgar Sunguni into
the attack. Clinton took 3 wickets in
quick succession. Ashton were dismissed
for 81. Kiran Pannalall 4/18 and Clinton
Canal 4/12.
Our new opening pair of Michael Ross
and Chadley Mahadasen paired up
perfectly, getting St Henrys to the target
of 82 without loss. Chadley 21* and
Michael 45* which included one if the

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Results: Played 8 Won 4 Lost 4 Drew 0

and Devon Murphy, Caleb Benjamin and

Michael Ross each pitching in with two

St Henrys Marist College 2014

biggest sixes seen on the Champagnat

oval with the ball landing in the residents
house across the road from the school. A
10 wicket victory was a great way to start
the 4th term.

day at the office. We were bundled out for 48, our biggest defeat of the season.
In between the Saturday fixtures we played in the annual CSA T20 league which is the
country wide T20 competition. Our first match was against Embury College played at
the Collegians oval. Batting first Joshua Francis and Chadley Mahadasen got us off to a
great start with Chadley making 27 in quick time before being dismissed. Joshua was

With a large relatively inexperienced

joined at the crease by Jonathan Gild. Both players went on to make their fifties with

first side, the boys gelled well creating

Joshua scoring 56 and Jonathan 54 taking us to a formidable 203 after 20 overs. Kiran

a positive vibe at practices and in

picked up from where he left off from the Saturday matches picking up 4/27. Clinton

the matches that followed. Our next

Canal shared in the spoils with 3/23 and Joshua carrying his form with the bat to his

match was against an undermanned

bowling picking up 3/6 in 1.2 overs. We dismissed Embury for 61 giving us the victory

Crawford North Coast side. Batting

by 142 runs.

first we managed to post a good total

of 180 runs, with Chadley Mahadasen
scoring 59 runs helped by Jonathan Gild
and Davide Ferreri who scored 24 and
21 runs respectively. Our attack now
spearheaded by Kiran Pannalall bowled
the Crawford team out for 31 with Kiran
picking up 4/13 and Clinton Canal 2/12.
Giving us the win by 149 runs.
Our final match of the season was away
against George Campbell. The home
side were sent into bat. We allowed the
hosts to play freely and score at regular
intervals. Our bowlers were let down
by no less than 5 drop catches, and we
allowed George Campbell to score 154.
Devon Murphy was undoubtedly the
pick of the bowlers taking 4/35 in his
10 overs, helped by Edgar Sunguni who
took 3/17.
Our batting performance was not up to
scratch at all and the boys all had a bad

Our second match was against George Campbell at home. Campbell were first to bat.
Our bowlers did themselves proud bowling the Campbell team out for 101. Four of
our bowlers each picked up 2 wickets, Kiran Pannalall, Clinton Canal, Devon Murphy
and Daniel Francis. We were dealt an early blow losing Joshua for 5. Jonathan and
Chadley saw off the opening attack and built a solid partnership taking us to victory
by 9 wickets, Jonathan ended on 35* and Chadley scoring a very well played 50*.
Our final match in the pool stages was against DHS at DHS. Unfortunately the
cricket did not go to plan. We struggled with the big hitting middle order from our
opponent, with a forgettable bowling performance DHS scored 173/5 after their
allotted 20 overs. Our top order failed to get any meaningful partnerships together
and we crumbled to 78 all out, a big loss for us but lessons learnt.
Looking back at the year of cricket, we have had some great highlights. The senior
boys, Langa Bhengu with his cannon of an arm, Joshua Gaillard with his left arm pace,
Matteo Ferreri throwing himself around in the point region, Wesley Gace cool, calm
and collected in the slips and Michael Ross leading from the front with bat and ball.
I am proud of the guts and determination shown by all the boys that have played for
the first XI this year. A big thank you must be said to the senior boys in the team that
have taken the junior players under their wings and helped them fit into the first side.
The future of St Henrys first side cricket looks bright and I am excited to see the boys
perform in 2015.
R Brent

Cricket 2ND XI


Front Row (L-R): Matthew Bartholomew,

Michael Read, Sahil Govender (Captain),
Rev M ONeill, Keagan Scharneck, Mayur
Soowamber, Ayanda Msomi.
Back Row: Thamalin Naidoo, Tawanda
Sunguni, Kian Duffy, Somveli Cele,
Keshethran Nadasen, Anthony Ogle,
John-Paul Canter.


Cricket U15

Front Row: Darmin Reddy, Daniel

Francis, Davide Ferreri, Mr P Puren,
Caleb Benjamin, Cameron Knight, Julian
Back Row: Sikhumbuzo Nzimande, Levi
Abdul Razack, Ndumiso Lushaba, Devon
Murphy, Luke Freddy, Kretayen Appanah,
Tiago Cipriano

Cricket U15 REPORT

Staff Responsible:

Mr P Puren, C Carey
Davide Ferreri
Played 4 Won 4 Lost 0
Runs for: 747
Runs against: 564
St Henrys Marist College VS George Campbell
St Henrys Marist College VS Thomas More
St Henrys Marist College VS Grant Leigh
St Henrys Marist College Colts VS u14 T20 game
St Henrys Marist College Colts VS Kloof
St Henrys Marist College VS Clifton

Result: win by 145 runs

Result: Game washed out
Result: win by 13 runs
Result: u15s win by 75 runs
Result: win by 11 runs
Result: win by 9 runs

P Puren

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Cricket U14 REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr K Bowes-Taylor, Mr R MacDonald
Liam Moodley
Played 9 Won 5 Lost 4 Drew 0
The U14 age group was only able to
produce one team this year. This meant
that boys had to fulfill roles they perhaps
have not had to do in past years.
U14 is always an interesting age group to
coach as most boys are used to astro turf
wickets and battle with the new grass
wickets. The bigger 156g ball also takes
some time to get used to. Having said
that we started the season off well with a
good victory over George Campbell.

The highlight game of the year for me would have to be the game against Grantleigh
where we posted over 200 runs with the bat and were able to bowl them out for 80
This group of boys have some potential, although they just need to be more serious
about competitive sport and find the maturity to bring out the best in one another.
A big thank you to Captain Liam Moodley, who was the cornerstone of the team, often
doing well with the bat and was an excellent opening bowler with some proper pace.
He has the talent and temperament to go far in the game.
Thank you to my fellow coach Mr R MacDonald who has a lot of knowledge and
passion for the game.
K Bowes-Taylor

Cricket U14

Front Row (L to R): Luke Toulouras, Liam

Moodley, Mr K Bowes-Taylor, Liam Read,
Ian Askew
Back Row: Joseph Foxon, Liam Gaillard,
Chris Forbay, Callon Abrahams, Tristan
Boltman, Nicholas Napier, Aaron Naidu

Cricket U13 XI Howick Festival

Staff Responsible: Mr C Anderson, Mr K Bowes-Taylor
Jared Oosthuisen
Played 4 Won 1 Lost 3 Draw 0
We arrived on Friday afternoon to a very grey and wet Howick, however this did not
stop the cricket that was to be played. The boys started the festival well with a good
win over Grantleigh on Friday afternoon.
The boys with their fellow cricketers from schools all over KwaZulu-Natal, were then
treated to a movie .


Saturday was a busy day with two T20 games played. The morning game was against
the host school who had a very good bowling attack. The game was competitive but

our boys made too many mistakes in the

field and ended up losing the game.
The next two games were also very close
but again we lost wickets at crucial times
but were consistent with our bowling,
which took the pressure off the batting
Even though the results didnt go our
way, the boys learnt a lot and most
importantly had fun.
K Bowes-Taylor


Cricket 1st XI prep school

Front Row (L R): Michael Kalil, Mr S Ackerman, Jared Oosthuizen, Jonathan Wimberley, Mr C Anderson, Connor van Wyk
Back Row: Akhilan Moodley, Siashan Bhagwandin, Ayush Mangali, Andre van Dyk, Himal Naidoo, Liam Long, Mayilan Chetty, Jaryd

Cricket 1st XI prep school report

Mr S Ackerman
Jared Oosthuizen
Vice-Captain: Jonathan Wimberley
Results: Played 14 Won 9 Lost 5

The team managed to bounce back immediately thereafter with two very good
victories against Maidstone Primary and Umhlanga College respectively. A narrow
defeat against Crawford North Coast in the final game of the Crawford U13 Cricket
Festival saw St Henrys share the trophy with two other sides. Jonathan Wimberley
was announced as batsman of the festival for amassing in the region of 90 runs for his
three knocks at the crease. A very hard fought victory followed against a determined
Atholl Heights team with SHMC having to draw on all their inner strength to ensure
the win. It was an occasion for all the boys to chip in and I will never forget the fierce
spell of fast bowling delivered by Michael Kalil. Certainly a fitting end to the first half
of the season.
The fourth term started with SHMC U13A Team being involved in its first ever Test
Match. We played Manor Gardens in a double innings match based on the longer
format of the game and were treated to some great hospitality from the Manor

The season ended on an extremely

positive note with the annual and much
anticipated Dads vs Lads fixture. The
Lads batted first and set a modest total
of 110. This was later adjusted to 125
when it was discovered that the Dads
had snuck an extra fielder onto the park.
By the halfway stage of the Dads innings,
things were looking rather bleak for the
Lads. That is, until they rallied together
and with some tight bowling and
exceptional fielding managed to restrict
the Dads to 115. Congratulations needs
to be extended to Jared Oosthuizen for
his mature approach to his captaining
this year and for being selected to
represent KZN at U13 Primary School
S Ackerman

St Henrys Marist College 2014

The 2014 cricket season proved to be a season of two halves, with the team using
the first term to find their feet and lay the foundation for a major onslaught in the
fourth term. The season got off to a flying start with hard fought victories over Manor
Gardens and Crawford North Coast before our team embarked on their journey to
the traditional Howick Festival. In total 4 matches were played against KZN Inland
Schools. This proved to be an extremely enlightening process and certainly helped us
judge the strength of our local school league. Whilst the results were not favourable
the team gelled well and returned with a refreshed sense of purpose.

Gardens staff and parents. Resounding

victories against Amanzimtoti a match
which saw Connor van Wyk come of
age with the bat scoring an unbeaten
50, Ashton Ballito and Grantleigh. Jared
Oosthuizens true potential was evident
for all to see as he recorded two of the
best school boy centuries that I have
ever had the privilege of witnessing.

Cricket 2ND PREP

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L R): Rahil Osman, Declan

Williams, Mr Hlongwane, Shaun LonmonDavis, Luke Wells
Back Row: Taja Ellenson, Zukile Habile,
Andrew Gace, Dean Burrell, Gary Storm,
Liam Dolphin, Kiaran Naidoo


Cricket 3RD PREP

Front Row (L R): Miguel Callaghan,

Chris Fu, Yashkar Bohda, Mr Hlongwane,
Heinrich Crocker, Alwande Ndwalane,
Bulelani Mzimela
Back Row: Mpilo Nxasana, Jiaju Xu,
Nkululeko Ndlovu, Aphiwe Mbonambi,
Michael Fu, Mfundo Cele, Tristan

Cricket U11 REPORT


Staff Responsible: Mr D Rehman, Mr M Sprong

Matthew Ackerman
Gareth Blott
Results: Played 9 Won 5 Lost 4
In term 1 we played five fixtures at A
team level against, Glenwood, Penzance,
Grantleigh, Crawford NC and Glenashley.

In these two matches Matthew

Ackerman and Callan Jensen batted well
with both getting above 40 runs. This led
to an increased effort from all the boys.

In Term 4 we managed to play 4 games as rain played havoc with this term, causing
disruption to fixtures as well as practice. However, the confidence gained at the end
of term 1 carried on into this term with the team winning three of their four fixtures.
The team produced an all-round effort with Ayushkar Ramkisson and Gareth Blott
leading the attack and Matthew Ackerman and Callan Jensen leading from the front
with the bat. Our fielding improved tremendously under the guidance of coach
Matthew Sprong. The team was now able to restrict the opposition to scores that
could be chased down.
The season ended with a nail-biting fixture against a previously unbeaten Ashton at
Ashton. In a low scoring game on a difficult pitch, the team were able to win with one
wicket to spare. This was thanks largely to the outstanding bowling of Gareth Blott
who took 5 for 6 runs.
Overall, the boys had an enjoyable season with every player in the 17 squad having
an opportunity to play.
D Rehman

Cricket U11

Front Row (L R): Steven Callaghan,

Robert Heustice, Matthew Ackerman,
Mr D Rehman, Keegan Williams, Mekaylan
Ramrattan, Vutlhari Mabasa
Back Row: Calem Gilbert, Kerwin Naidoo,
Calan Jensen, Tristan Hunt, Kwazi Moyo,
Richard Phillip, Ayushkar Ramkisoon,
Kushal Bugarath, Sourav Pannalall

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

We started off the season being beaten

by large margins losing the first three
games. In these games our batting
let us down as we did not post scores
high enough to defend. Nevertheless
in all three games our bowlers bowled
well trying to make a game of it. As
the boys got into the practice sessions,
the improvements began, resulting in
convincing wins in our next two fixtures

Our rotation policy ensured that every boy was able to play this term.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Cricket U10 REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr K Thwaites
Jayden Hulley
Results: Played 15 Won 4 Lost 7 Drew 3 (Rain)
We started off the year with only 10 boys arriving at the first practice and this posed
a number of problems as we would be unable to field a team unless more children
decided to play. After a lot of recruiting we managed to boost the squad to 17
players, a number of whom came from grade 3 and are still in the U9 age group.
As usual rain affected much of the cricket season and this led to many disappointments
as both practices and matches had to be cancelled during the 1st term. Nevertheless
there was a definite improvement in all 3 phases (batting, bowling and fielding) as the
season progressed.
Matthew Francis proved to be the backbone of the team in both batting and bowling.
He scored a great number of runs and was our go to man when we needed to stop
the flow of runs or take wickets. The rest of the team played around Matthew and
supported him well.
Jayden Hulley, besides being a competent captain, was a more than useful wicket
keeper. His enthusiasm behind the stumps rubbed off onto the rest of the team

which meant that our fielding improved

in leaps and bounds with each match
Unfortunately the fourth term, once
again, proved problematic as a number
of our very small squad were often
unavailable due to prior, unavoidable
commitments e.g. First Communion.
Despite this we were able to field a team
each week and those that did play were
a credit to our school.
There is still a long way to go but this
group of boys is keen to learn, which is a
good sign for the future.
K Thwaites

Cricket U10


Front Row (L to R): Raul Govender,

Jayden Hulley (Capt), Mr K Thwaites,
Nishaylen Naidoo, Kwabena Dansoh
2nd Row: Nikhil Maganlal, Tariq Sallie,
Nkanyezi Zwane, Connor Thomas,
Jarrud Cochrane, Jaedon Naidoo, Ethan
Govender, Harrison Field
Back Row: Joshua Ciza, Lloyd Moodley,
Matthew Damons, Aphiwe Zama,
Matthew Francis

Cross Country


Front Row (L R): Michaela Blandin de Chalain, Blair Miller, Ms R Schumann, Sahil Govender, Sharnae Zimmerman, Christin Meistre
2nd Row: Liam Read, Maryam Latiff, Siwaphiwe Ntlahla, Luke Toulouras, Naledi Mohale, Julian Govender
3rd Row: Sikhumbuzo Nzimande Kashmil Gopal, Adam Taylor, Kyle Govender
Back Row: Jaime Butler, Bridget Gillespie, Guy Cooke, Michael Cooke, Courtney Wyatt, Dylan Cowan

We had a very successful Senior Cross Country year in 2014. The team, ably led
by Sharnae Zimmerman and Mbalentle Ntlahla, did the school proud and were
extremely competitive in the cross country league. Although we had fewer numbers
than in previous years, there were some outstanding performances; Sharnae
Zimmerman and Siwaphiwe Ntlahla featured consistently in the top 3 in their age
group. Considering that Siwaphiwe is an under 14 runner competing in an under
15 league of more than 90 runners this is a considerable achievement. Mbalentle
Ntlahla and Ndumiso Mbedu were also very consistent and often finished in the top
15 in their age group.
The crowning achievement of the cross country season was Siwaphiwes invitation
to compete in the provincial championships where he finished a commendable

nineteenth among the top under

fourteen runners in the province. All
in all a very exciting season and I hope
see more participants next year. What
other sport sees St Henrys competitors
competing regularly and successfully
against the top IEB and government
schools in the greater Durban area.
J Schumann

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mr J Schumann

Sharnae Zimmerman
Mbalentle Ntlahla

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Golf High School

Golf 1st Team

Front Row (L-R): Charlize Coetzee, Mr C Coehlo, Imraan Moola (Capt), Mr R Ramsugit , Joshua Francis
Back Row: Cameron Knight, Davide Ferreri, Noah Atkins, Thamalin Naidoo, Daniel Francis

Golf 1st team report

Staff Responsible: Mr R Ramsugit
Imraan Moola
Joshua Francis
Results: Played 15 Won 5 Lost 7 Drew 3
St Henrys successfully ran two teams in the KZN schools golf league this year. Golf
seems to be a growing sport at St Henrys as there is also a golf team in the Prep
School. Our aim is to improve our golf team and have highly competitive golfers so
that we may take on the challenges of the higher leagues.


What is also very refreshing to see is that there are many girls that participate in golf.
Our A team has Charlize Coetzer who is in grade 8 and she has acquitted herself very
well this year. Charlize has played a few KZN sanctioned tournaments and has done
herself and the school very proud. It is the only sport where girls and boys compete
against each other. This makes for interesting viewing.

Joshua Francis, our vice-captain, was

selected to participate in National trials
to represent South Africa at the World
Transplant Games; we wish him well
in his quest to represent our country.
Joshua only lost one match the entire
year. Well done Joshua.
Our thanks go to the coaches, and
hopefully we will start to see an
improvement in our results.
R Ramsugit


Golf 2nd Team

Front Row (L-R): Mr C Coehlo, Jonathan

Gild, Mr N Mare, Warren Pillay,
Adhil Koobair
Back Row: Tevin Pillay, Devon Murphy,
Luthando Zulu, Ntusi Mngadi

Golf 2nd Team report

Results: Played 11 Won 1 Lost 9 Drew 1

N Mar

National Transplant games

Grade 11 student, Joshua Francis took part along with 110 other organ recipients
in the 2014 National Transplant Games in Cape Town. The games act as a vehicle
for transplant athletes to attain the qualifying standards required for selection to
the South African Team to participate in the World Transplant Games to be held
in Argentina next year. From these Nationals until the World Games there will be
constant monitoring of the athletes health along with their performances at local
level. Joshua who has previously qualified for tennis, this year participated in Golf
where they played at the prestigious Pearl Valley golf course in Franschhoek. He also
participated in ten-pin bowling .

Lady of the Links

High School golfer, Charlize
Coetzer, achieved excellent
results in the KZN Foundation
tournaments played in the
holidays. She came 2nd in
her division in a Nomads Golf
Day. The Prentice Memorial
U19 Competition saw her
playing off her handicap in
a field of 50 and one of only
three girls in the competition.
She finished 2nd overall.

Cardinals Golf Day

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mr N Mar

T Pillay

We had a disappointing season partly because we often played

with less than a full team. Despite poor results playing golf still
beats many other more pursuits. I would like to thank Tevin for his
assistance and his father who often played with us giving the team
valuable tips.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Golf Prep School

Front Row (L to R): Taryn Jackson, Mr C Coehlo, Jonathan Wimberley, Brandyn Haddow, Mrs J Whiting, Akshay Mistry
2nd Row: Matthew Francis, Paige Firmin, Caiden Randall, Nathan Damtew, Riya Ramtahal, Umah Latiff, Louse Bracking
3rd Row: Aphiwe Zama, Daniel Hogg, Talia Samuels, Lerato Ramollo, Kiarin Naidoo, Kalista Moodley
Back Row: Ketan Bissessor, Kwani Moyo, Matthew Ackerman, Daniel Criticos

Responsible: Mrs J Whiting
Paul Bowden, Calvin Coelho, Justin Rube
It is with great admiration that we watch our young budding golfers develop their
golfing skills in the early years in the Prep School and then follow their progress
through to the high school, where they represent Marist, in challenging matches
against other golfing schools.
This year we have fielded twenty four young golfers at the Varsity Range where our
professional golf coaches, continue to foster a love of golf.
When you find a bead of sweat running down the bridge of your nose, caused by the
smothering stares of your opponents, you know youve stumbled into the heat of one
of the four golf competitions played each year. Each one of us golfers trains for this
precise moment at our weekly golf lessons on Tuesday or Thursday. At these lessons
we are taught all the right techniques and so have the confidence to roll that little
white ball into the hole. If only it were that easy!


My dad is a budding golfer and so was more than happy when I wanted to join the
Prep golf lessons. Now, three or so years down the line I consider myself quite the

Although my dad might try to help me

with my game he will never be as good
as the coaches that take us. The coaches,
Calvin and Justin, are involved in a sort
of permanent competition, always trying
to show each other up. Although this
may be, they do manage to squeeze in
a good deal of useful information too,
when theyre not showing off.
I look forward to golf every week and the
person I can thank for that is Mrs Whiting
who makes it happen.
In all if you are interested in golf or need
some subtle exercise this is the sport to
get stuck into.
Jonathan Wimberley

I started golf lessons at Sunshine Kids

Golf Academy in Grade 4 and enjoyed
every lesson. The lessons were a
combination of theory, practice and
then the fun skills challenges, amongst
the group. The skills challenges were
either the high point or the low point of
my lesson. this depended on how my
clubs were behaving that day!
The coaches (professional golfers) taught
us everything we needed to know about
the basics of golf. They were always
encouraging us to play to the best of our

ability. Mini golf tournaments were held

at the end of each term and this allowed
us to put into practice our skills that we
had learnt during our golf lessons.
I have become a much better golfer
over the years and this is thanks to Paul
Bowden and his team of coaches at the
Varsity Range.
A very big thank you to Mrs Whiting who
organises golf as this extra-mural activity
for the Prep School pupils
Brandyn Haddow


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Getting grip on

Grade 3 golfer Ethan Govender was

recently awarded his KZN colours and will
be off to North Carolina to compete in
the Childrens Golf World Championship
in July. Ethan is very focused and
practices diligently 3 times a week and is
determined to reach the top.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

His head is not in

the sand

Grade 3 student , Ethan Govender, took

a long trip to take part in the prestigious
U.S. Kids Golf European Championship
at Longniddry Golf Club, Scotland.
Some of the worlds best young golfers
from 35 nations ages 5-18 descended
on this part of East Lothian. U.S. Kids
Golf Foundations vision is to provide
young golfers the chance to participate
in the game through instruction and
competition. At each level, players can
earn Priority Status to qualify for the
World Championship, held annually in
Pinehurst, North Carolina. Ethan made
a valiant effort which saw him being
placed 7th out of 552 and so he will be
heading for Pinehurst in late July.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Indoor hockeygirls

Indoor Hockey 1st

Front Row (L-R): Sharnae Zimmerman (Vice-Captain), Mrs C Brent, Ashleigh Biggar (Captain)
Back Row: Gemma van As, Megan Raftery, Savannah Cozzi, Sheena Hosmer, Sarah Thompson

Indoor Hockey 1st report

Staff Responsible: Mrs C Brent
Ashleigh Biggar
Sharnae Zimmerman
Results: Played 6 Won 0 Lost 6 Drew 0
Judging by the amount of talented players in the 1st team, the season should definitely
have gone in our favour. Unfortunately this trend sometimes hits the best teams
where they just cant seem to find the back of the goalbox. Throughout the season
our girls gave their best and never gave up. Despite having moved up a league and
playing tougher teams, the Marist girls kept their heads high. The girls played some
good hockey and under good leadership they stayed focussed.



Hockey 2nd

Front row (L-R): Tayla Ridgway, Bridget

Gillespie, Ms K Leppens, Courtney Felix,
Lauren Askew
Back row: Kirstie Spenceley, Lveeze
Crouch, Kendal Johnson, Lumka Sibeko

Indoor Hockey 2nd report

Staff Responsible: Ms K Leppens
Results: Played 6 Won 0 Lost 6 Drew 0
The second team girls hockey played 6 matches this season. The girls were very
enthusiastic and never gave up. They showed great determination and true Marist
spirits as they continued to grow each game. Their skills improved as the season went

on and they often went down in a match

by only a goal. The results do not reflect
the true potential and ability of the this
team. They will continue to grow in
skills and confidence and next year will
hopefully be on the happier side of the
goal margin!
K Leppens

Front Row (L-R): Kyla Smith, Amy van

der Merwe, Miss S Hiron, Giuliana Bowers,
Courtney Felix.
Back Row: Rachael Lonmon-Davis,
Jessica Erasmus, Kristan Oldewage,
Katelyn Kalil, Wataya van der Merwe,
Melissa Calitz.

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Hockey U16

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Indoor Hockey U16

Staff Responsible: Miss S Hiron

Amy van der Merwe
Guliana Bowers

Results: Played 6 Won 3 Lost 2 Drew 1

In the first term we played Fatima, Danville, Ahston, St Marys C, DGHS and Gelofte.
We came up against a tough opposition, but all the hours spent at practise in
combination with the challenging fitness sessions paid off. We had a great season
with the girls putting the newly learnt skills to use.
The most impressive attribute of our Indoor Hockey season was our team work. On
and off the field girls showed team spirit and were extremely encouraging towards

each other through wins and losses.

By the end of the season the girls
confidence in their own ability as well as
in each other had grown drastically.
I look forward to watching and helping
these girls reach their full potential in
the future.

Hockey U14

Front Row (L-R): Jodi Biggar, Emma

Ratcliff, Ms S Janse van Rensburg, Jesse
van Jaarsveldt, Jhetan Govender
Back Row: Clarissa Donachie, ChelseaLea Smith, Alison Southwick, Sydney van
Voorst, Jaime van der Walt

Indoor Hockey U14 report

Staff Responsible: Mrs C Brent
Stacy Janse van Rensburg
Jodi Biggar
Chelsea-Lee Smith
Results: Played 5 Won 5 Lost 0 Drew 0
The U14 Indoor hockey season scheduled six games to be played. Unfortunately, we
were unable to play Ashton due to our Inter House gala and a previous commitment
from Ashtons side when it was to be made up. Despite this, we were able to win all
our other matches and come out with an undefeated season.
As this is a first term sport and a few of the girls are new to our school, this was the
first time a lot of the girls had played together. As Indoor Hockey is a team sport, it is
important to know individual strengths and weaknesses as well as good combinations
of play and I feel that the girls coped well under new, unfamiliar circumstances. They


quickly learnt about each other and

how to play well together as the season
There is some fantastic up and coming
talent to look forward to as these girls
grow as a team and develop their skills.
S Van Rensburg


Hockey U13

Front Row (L-R): Gabriella de Oliveira,

Unathi Sibeko, Daniella Bowers,
Kaylin Joubert, Sarah Taylor, Nathalie
Desfontaines, Rachel Ratcliff, Emma
Askew, Isabella Goncalves

Indoor Hockey U13 report

Staff Responsible: Miss S Hiron
Sarah Taylor
Kaylin Joubert
Results: Played 4 Won 2 Lost 1 Drew 1
A well-rounded, balanced and dedicated U13A Indoor hockey team was picked to
represent our school at the Maris Stella Indoor Hockey League in the fourth term.
It was a short-lived season and we managed to squeeze in lots of practices, but only
four fixtures. Despite this, our girls were exposed to great opposition, including Virginia
Prep, Durban Girls College and Marist Stella. Each game was a learning experience
and the girls met the challenges outstandingly. They played exciting games which
kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. This team linked up well in attack and
eventually found the goals towards the end of the season. Our defence was reliable
and we made solid tackles. A special mention goes out to Unathi Sibeko, as it was her

Determined to make a mark for St Henrys, eight hockey players have been selected for
Durban Central sides: Jodi Biggar, Sharnae Zimmerman, Chelsea-Lea Smith, Jesse van
Jaarsveldt, Ashleigh Biggar, Melissa Calitz, Kyla Smith and Sarah Thompson (absent)
are the young ladies who will be the Colleges ambassadors on the pitch.

This was a great term of hockey and I

am fortunate to have had such hardworking, committed girls whose love
for the game is evident. Well done on an
impressive season girls!
S Hiron

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Sticking Together

first season as a goal keeper and she did

exceptionally well.

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Hockey 1st

Front Row (L-R): Gemma van As, Mrs C Brent, Sharnae Zimmerman (Captain), Ashleigh Biggar (Vice-Captain), Ms K Leppens, Megan
2nd Row: Sarah Thompson, Sheena Hosmer, Kirstie Spenceley, Kendal Johnson, Amy van der Merwe, Lauren Askew
Back Row: Melissa Calitz, Savannah Cozzi, Jessica Erasmus, Guiliana Bowers

Staff Responsible: Mrs C Brent

Sharnae Zimmerman
Ashleigh Biggar
Results: Played 8 Won 3 Lost 4 Drew 1
Our season kicked off during the first term with the annual SPAR Aquelle hockey
tournament hosted by DGC. As always this tournament proved to be an exciting
display of pre-season hockey and gave coaches a great opportunity to fine-tune their
positions and team selections. Our girls did a fantastic job on the day and narrowly
lost their second spot due to goal difference.
During our Ireland Tour, the girls played superbly despite the tough competition and
not to mention the extreme weather conditions. The girls learned a lot from the tour
and bonded as a unit just in time for the upcoming season.


Every year brings its own challenges and highlights. This year was nothing short
of lots of highlights (great team spirit and exceptional play). One of our biggest
challenges was finding the back of the goal box! So many quality shots at goal but

just missing. However, we managed to

have our fair share of amazing victories
and managed to keep a positive outlook
after narrow defeats. Throughout the
entire season every player continued to
improve and stay committed. This votes
very well for our future hockey at the
Wed also like to congratulate Sharnae
Zimmerman who got selected to the
KZN Coastals U18B side!
C Brent


Hockey 2nd u16

Front Row (L-R): Kyla Smith, Rachael

Lonmon-Davis, Ms K Leppens, Courtney
Felix, Katelyn Kalil
Back Row: Lumka Sibeko, Wataya van der
Merwe, Sophie Atkins, Kristan Oldewage,
Lveeze Crouch, Tayla Ridgway

Hockey 2nd & u16 report

Staff Responsible: Ms K Leppens, Ms S Hiron
Results: Played 7 Won 2 Lost 3 Drew 2
The team played incredibly well this season. The results do not show the spirit and
determination with which the games were played.
These girls never gave up and continued to show improvement in both skill and
fitness throughout the season, culminating in an excellent final game in which we
beat Durban North College by a resounding 3 goals to nil. We managed to play several
of our matches on the astro turf at Queensmead, with a few matches still played on
grass. The girls showed their skill by adapting well to either surface and playing their

hearts out leaving the field knowing

that they had given of their individual
best in each game.
During the KZN trials this year, Kyla Smith
made us all very proud by being selected
to play for the U16A Umlazi district side.
The 2014 season was an exciting one and
we look forward in anticipation to 2015!
K Leppens

Hockey u14

Hockey u14 report

Staff Responsible: Mrs C Brent
Ms S Janse van Rensburg

Ms N van der Merwe
Results: Played 8 Won 5 Lost 0 Drew 3
Following an undefeated indoor hockey season, the U14s were determined to make
it 2 undefeated seasons in a row. And that is exactly what this young and talented
team did. From the first practice and gruelling fitness sessions, these girls gave their
best and absorbed all the skills coaching they received. Well done to all the players

on a great season! Congratulations to

Hannah Meyers who made it through to
the U14B Umlazi District side and finally
congratulations to Jodi Biggar who got
selected to the U14A KZN Coastals side!
C Brent

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Chelsea-Lea Smith, Jesse

van Jaarsveldt, Ms S Janse van Rensburg,
Emma Ratcliff, Sydney van Voorst
2nd Row: Olwethu Sibiya, Clarissa
Donachie, Jaime van der Walt, Jhetan
Back Row: Jodi Biggar, Charlize Coetzer,
Alison Southwick, Awongiwe Xuma, Alex

Hockey U13

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Usiphile Dansoh,

Miss S Hiron, Unathi Sibeko, Rachel-Ann
Back Row: Paton Firmin, Hannah de
Haas, Paige Firmin, Victoria Bosman,
Kaleena Ramrattan

8-a-side and 11-a-side report

Staff Responsible: Miss S Hiron
The U13 Girls Preparatory Hockey consisted of an 8-a-side and an 11- a-side team.
These were made up of both u12s and u13s.
The popularity of the game is increasing, with some girls representing their school
for the first time at a hockey fixture. Going back to the basics and improving on
the fundamental aspects of the game was to our benefit. We grew from strength
to strength with each fixture we played. Hockey is a fast developing sport and it is
changing year by year. It is great to see that so many girls are loving the sport and
wanting to do the best they can.
It took some time to find our feet, but once the girls realised that if everyone gave
100 percent at all times and focused on their own important individual role within
the team, it came together and made a substantial difference. Positive attitudes were
difficult at times, but the girls remained eager to improve with each challenge that

Hockey U13

Front Row (L-R): Daniela Bowers, Kaylin

Joubert, Miss S Hiron, Desarah Naidoo,
Nathalie Desfontaines
Back Row: Sarah Taylor, Sasha-Lee Duffy,
Talia Samuel, Tarryn Jackson, Jade Mc
Lellan, Gabriella de Oliviera, Emma Askew,
Emah Pietersen


presented itself. The structure of both

the 8-a-side and the u11-a-side has
improved in heaps and bounds.
Thank you to the coaches, Zamo and Vee,
who were very dedicated this season and
put in a lot of hard work and effort into
practises. Their knowledge of the game
and encouraging coaching methods
were definitely to the girls benefit.
S Hiron


Hockey U11

Front Row (L-R): Esha Parbhoo, Emah

Pietersen, Ms V Pillay, Emma Raftery, Lara
Back Row: Sasha-Lee Duffy, Anika
Maharaj, Lerato Ramollo, Esther Naidoo,
Louise Bracking

Hockey U11 report

Staff Responsible: Miss S Hiron
Ms V Pillay
An enthusiastic group of U11 girls turned up for hockey at the beginning of the Third
term. At first the girls struggled getting back into the idea of playing hockey. During
the season we worked on different hockey techniques as well as improving their skills.
In the first tournament at Durban Girls College the girls were still finding their feet
ensuring they played as a team. Girls played against the following teams at the
Durban Girls College tournaments: Maris Stella, Gordon Road, Durban Girls College
and Glenwood Prep.
The girls also played in a school league, playing against Crawford North Coast, Gordon
Road and Manor Gardens. Girls drew to Gordon Road, lost to Crawford North Coast

and ended the season with a win again

Manor Gardens.
Although all the girls may not have
won every game, they all showed a
positive attitude, always giving their best
whatever the outcome may have been.
V Pillay

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Hockey U10

Front Row (L-R): Lethiwe Ngubane,

Tess de Haas, Mr Z Ngubo, Jessica Kalil,
Pascale Martin
Back Row: Trinity Moodley, Oluhle Zama,
Maddison Lange, Kiera Rowland

Hockey U10 report

Staff Responsible: Miss S Hiron
Mr Z Kuhlengubo
A bright future lies ahead for this U10 hockey team. Every girl contributed in a unique
way to the game. They are a team who is constantly improving and always excited to
play at practises and at fixtures.
Exposure to school such as Durban Girls College and Maris Stella, who have regular
access to an Astroturf, was a good learning experience for our girls. They had mixed
results throughout the season, but ended off with a convincing win in their last game
against Morningside. It was a great way to end off a fantastic season. Their structure
was incredible at an U10 level.
Coach Zamo worked wonders with these girls and made sure they remained
disciplined at practise. There is a slight lapse in focus at times for these girls, but Zamo
kept their concentration levels up. He said The girls were generally well behaved and

always keen to learn new skills. Most of

the girls made improvements and I have
no doubt that the next coach to work
with them will be pleased to be involved
with such a talented group with such
good work ethics.

S Hiron

1929 - 2014


St Henrys Marist College



Hockey 1st XI Boys

Front Row (L R): Julian Govender, Miss K Kane, Joshua Tammadge, Keagan Scharneck, Mr P Teburu, Langa Bhengu
Back Row: Matteo Ferreri, Michael Ross, Callum Murphy, Wesley Gace, Kiran Pannalall, Dominic Linnets, Sahil Govender

Hockey 1st XI Boys report

Results: Played 4 Won 0 Lost 3 Drew 1
2014 has been a challenging year for the 1st team hockey boys at St Henrys Marist
College. Boys hockey is still relatively new to the school and the limited number
of players affected or results to a large extent. Despite these setbacks the team is
commended for their dedication and good sportsmanship on the field.
They began their season with a hard loss of 6 0 against Hillcrest High School. This
did not discourage our boys as they worked hard and managed to draw 1 -1 against
Amanzimtoti High School the following week.
Special mention must be made to our dedicated coaches Mr Ngabo and Mr Teburu
who encouraged and improved the level of hockey with this team.
K Kane

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff responsible: Miss K Kane, Mr Z Ngabo, Mr P Teburu

Joshua Tammadge

Hockey U16

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L R):Antonio Cipriano,

Mr P Teburu, Jonathan Gild, Jack
Mahoney, Miss K Kane, Clinton Canal
2nd Row: Kyle Govender, Davide Ferreri,
Sikhumbuzo Nzimande, Julian Govender
Back Row: Dylan Desfontaines, Novien
Pillay, Keaton Gomes, Nikaylen Anandrai


Hockey Boys U16 report

Staff responsible: Miss K Kane
Mr Z Ngabo, Mr P Teburu
Jonathan Gild
Results: Played 2 Won 2
Due to lack of numbers it took some time
to get an U16 team together. Special
mention must go to Jonathon Gild for
his determination to motivate our U16
boys to attend practice and enter into

Even though this team only played two matches they proved that they were a force to
be reckoned with by winning both their matches.
A big thanks to this team for their confidence and team spirit both on and off the
Hockey field. This year the team had our exchange student Jack Mahoney with them
and he certainly brought vibrancy into the team.
K Kane



Netball High School

Staff responsible:

Mrs C Oberholzer
Ms N Khomo
Ms A Buthelezi
Ms A Ngceba

1st team
2nd team
U15 / U14

The netball season started off with the Tuks netball students coming to present a very
informative and exciting netball clinic. The weather was not playing along, but that did
not stop our girls from having great fun and learning a great deal of new skills. Playing
in the rain till they could not anymore and continuing in the Marist Association Hall.

Durban Central sides:

Awongiwe Xulu
Kyla Smith
Christen Meistre

Our girls got complimented on their level of talent and skills and enthusiasm by both
the coaches of the Tuks netball students as well as the players.

KZN sides:
Jody Biggar
Jessy van Jaarsveldt

After the successful Tuks clinic we started our session playing against George Campbell
winning all games. Our next game was against Ridge Park where the junior side and
first team won their game and the 2nd team lost narrowly by one goal.
We played against Maris Stella, Holly Family, Sastri College and Durban Girls Secondary
and won all our games. All in all we had a brilliant session of beautiful netball and
wonderful netball players.

Well done St Henrys Outdoor Netball for

a great session. Looking forward to next
C Oberholzer

Front Row (L-R): Amy Cooper, Kendal Johnson, Ms N Khomo, Sarah Thompson, Kirstie Spenceley
Back Row: Courtney Felix, Kiyanna Bartleson, Kristan Oldewage, Wataya van der Merwe, Jessica Erasmus, Guiliana Bowers

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Netball 1st

St Henrys Marist College 2014

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Netball 2nd

Front Row (L-R): Aphiwe Njoko, Claudia

Tanner, Ms N Khomo, Jessica Thompson,
Janine Phipson
2nd Row: Gabriela Cipriano, Emma
Brown, Jaime Butler, Seni Sabela,
Courtney Cassan, Cheryl Mohale
Back Row: Christin Meistre, Kaylee Glass,
Shawn McCarthy, Celine Lourens, Tayla

Netball U15 & U14


Front Row (L-R): Jessica Adams, Katelyn

Kalil, Melissa Calitz, Chelsea-Lea Smith,
Kyla Smith
2nd Row: Luyanda Mazibuko, Lumka
Sibeko, Awongiwe Xuma, Jodi Biggar
Back Row: Rachael Lonmon-Davis,
Lveeze Crouch, Sarah Connell, Jesse van

Netball U13, U12, U11 and U10


Staff Responsible: Miss S Hiron, Mr C Anderson

The 2014 Preparatory Netball Season presented the girls in all age groups (u10,
u11, u12 and u13), as well as the coaches, with apparent challenges. Even though
the results were not always in our favour, the girls gained invaluable experience in
terms of how to play the game as well as how important it is to encourage each other
under any circumstances. By the end of the season, there was a drastic improvement
within every team, with the girls basic skills developing with each and every game.
The overall potential is encouraging and I commend the girls for their joyful spirit and
good sportsmanship at all times.

Every team tried their hardest and will

hopefully bring all they have learnt this
year to our next netball season and
improve on this seasons performance.
S Hiron

It was encouraging to see the dedication and commitment to practises and games,
especially from the u13 girls. They set a good example with their unquestionable
enthusiasm and perseverance during this trying season.

Netball U13

Front Row (L-R): Chloe Francis,

Mr C Anderson, Kaylin Joubert, Mbali Jula,
Miss S Hiron, Sarah Taylor.
Back Row: Kiara Singh, Hannah
Amod, Jade Cochrane, Sinempilo
Khathi, Nathalie Desfontaines, Daniela
Bowers, Surisha Nadasen.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Netball U12

Front Row (L-R): Miss S Hiron, Unathi

Sibeko, Mr C Anderson, Desarah Naidoo,
Miss R Masuhlo
2nd Row: Paton Firmin, Riya Ramtahal,
Kalista Moodley, Victoria Bosman,
Chloe Dunn, Paige Firmin
Back Row: Leia Abdul Razack, Hannah
de Haas, Ushiphle Dansoh, Anoka
Latchmiah, Rachel Ratcliff, Gabriella De

Netball U11

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L R): Miss A Buthelezi,

Kaitlyn Burrell, Mr C Anderson, Emah
Pietersen, Miss S Hiron
Back Row: Louise Bracking, Anika
Maharaj, Lerato Ramollo, Emma
Raftery, Lara Horn, Caitlyn Petterson,
Sasha-Lee Duffy


Netball U10

Front Row(L-R): Miss S Hiron, Jessica

Kalil, Mr C Anderson, Pascale Martin,
Miss L Mchunu
2nd Row: Yaksha Govender, Kiera
Rowland, Mahika Chetty, Lethiwe
Back Row: Tess de Haas, Maddison
Lange, Liesel Hlengwa, Oluhle Zulu, Trinity

ACTION netball


Staff Responsible: Mrs C Brent, Ms K Leppens

U15: Ms A Ngceba 2nd: Ms M Modiba 1st: Ms M Hlela
Sharnae Zimmerman (1st)

a loss in the final, we can never say that
U15: Played :10 Won: 9 Lost: 1 Drew: 0
2nd: Played: 8 Won: 3 Lost: 4 Drew: 1
1st: Played :10 Won: 8 Lost: 2 Drew: 0
Our action netball girls made us extremely proud this year, displaying some of the
best skills the College has ever seen. With seven girls making representative sides our
three teams showed that hard work and determination surely wins in the end.
The U15s won all their games played and had to withdraw from one game due to girls
soccer trials. This almost unbeaten season was definitely a tribute to great coaching,
consistent effort and preparation for the games. They advanced to the gold/silver
final against Crawford La Lucia and managed to win the gold in a nail biting 17-16
The 2nd team were in Pool B but had to face a majority of A-teams from various schools
placed in the same league. They did extremely well and managed a solid three wins.
Our 1st team saw a majority winning streak with two very close losses right in the
beginning of the league. The team managed to make a comeback and winning 8 out
of 10 and goal differences for and against put them into the gold/silver final against
Danville Girls High School. Unfortunately during the final Danville proved to be a very
strong side and our girls finished on a 16-21 loss to receive the silver medals. Despite

Well done and thank you to all the girls

and coaches who set aside hours on the
field and the court to make this season
such a huge success!
Congratulations to the following girls
who made it to the respective KZN sides
this year:
Awongiwe Xuma U14
Jesse Van Jaarsveldt U15
Jodi Biggar U15
Courtney Felix - U16
Savanna Ballard U16
Jessica Erasmus U17
Wataya van der Merwe U17
C Brent

Front Row (L-R): Mrs C Brent, Sharnae Zimmerman, Ms K Leppens, Savannah Cozzi, Ms M Modiba
Back Row: Sarah Thompson, Savanna Ballard, Wataya van der Merwe, Jessica Eramsus, Guiliana Bowers, Courtney Felix

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Action Netball 1st

our girls gave up at any stage or felt

beaten. Their courage and ability to put
it all on the line has proven that the girls
have laid the foundation for the future!

Action Netball 2nd

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Mrs C Brent, Jaime

Butler, Ms Modiba, Kristan Oldewage,
Ms K Leppens
Back Row: Kirstie Spenceley,
Mischa Lyle, Celine Lourens, Jessica

Action Netball U15

Front Row (L-R): Kyla Smith, Mrs C Brent,

Katelyn Kalil, Ms M Modiba, Jesse van
Back Row: Jodi Biggar, Awongiwe Xuma,
Lumka Sibeko, Melissa Calitz, Rachael

Action all the way

A bevy of six of our High School Action
Netball players have been to represent
KZN at the up-coming Interprovincial
Tournament in Pretoria in the provinces U13
to U18 teams.


From left to right, they are Awandiwe

Xuna, Courtney Felix,Jodi Biggar, Jesse van
Jaarsveldt, Wataya van der Merwe and Jessica



Rugby 1st XV

Front Row(L to R): Michael Ross, Fabio Torino, Mr R Brent, Khaya Mthethwa, Mr K Bowes-Taylor, Jean-Luc Tostee, Joshua Gaillard
2nd Row: Menelisi Satywa, Langa Bhengu, Wesley Rachman, Liam Davis, Matthew Callaghan, Chadley Mahadasen
Back Row: Lindile Mbambo, Tevin Howard, Jiveshen Kisten, Michael Cooke, Andrew Mulqueeny, Kyle Davey, Keagan Scharneck

Staff Responsible: Mr R Brent, Mr K Bowes-Taylor

Khaya Mthethwa
Vice Captain:
Jean-Luc Tostee
Results: Played 10 Won 7 Lost 3 Drew 0

Our first match was played at the Wartburg festival against Alexander High School. We
started very well with our forwards dominating at the break down as well as in the set
piece. From there it allowed us front foot ball through out the game and we were able
to put a big score against them.
W 67-0

Match 2 vs New Forest

This was a game the boys were looking forward to very much. A narrow loss last year,
after some dubious decisions, meant the boys were looking for vengeance.
Again from the kick off the forwards got us go forwards especially through captain
Khaya Mthethwa who made meters upon meters every time he got the ball. This
allowed us to run at them all day spreading the ball to each wing, which saw Fullback
Jean-Luc Tostee run in 5 tries.
W 53-3

Treverton games are always tough and

close and this year was no different.
We started well when Michael Ross put
Kyle Davey through a hole on half way to
see Kyle cross the line under the poles for
one of the tries of the season. From then
on it was a battle as the Treverton lineout
maul had us going backwards and they
used it to score a majority of their points.
Michael Ross kept us in the game with
the boot and an early try in the second
half meant we were in control of the
game and it allowed us to close it out
through the territory game.
W 25-20

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Match 1 vs Alexander High

Match 3 vs Treverton

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Match 4 vs Kloof

Match 8 vs Thomas More

This was our first loss of the season for

us and it came against a good Kloof side.

Founders day saw the continuation of exciting rugby matches between these two
schools. The sides were evenly matched in almost all areas of the field.

We didnt play to our potential but we

managed to stay in the game up until
the last minute. Every time we had
the ball for a couple phases we looked
good but the problem was we were
unable to keep the ball for extended
periods through silly basic errors. Kloof
dominated possession and eventually
won the game in the last minute by
scoring a try in the corner.
L 17-22

They started well with an early try through our ill discipline and their ability to hold
on to possession. We were able to then keep them in their half after the kickoff and
eventually scored a great try through a good counter attack which resulted in a
lineout maul that went over. We were able to score again before the end of half time
which gave us a 7 point lead going into the break.

Match 5 vs Crawford La
Coming off the first loss of the season
the Blue Train needed to put together
a good performance to get momentum
again. We got off to a shaky start battling
to keep the ball but once again our pack
started getting some go forward and our
line was able to capitalize and we started
to score points at regular intervals.
W 40-5

Match 6 vs Pinetown
So far in the season we established
that our pack was our strength and we
needed go forward from them to get
anything going in the backs. Pinetown
put out a sizey pack and we could never
get the go forward we needed to score
points coupled with the fact that our
defence was shocking letting in 2 very
soft tries. It just wasnt our day.
L 10-21

Match 7 vs Wartburg


Frustrating is the word a coach would

use to describe our performance
against Wartburg. The first half saw us
rush everything trying to score off two
phases instead of building up play. This
meant we forced passes or go isolated at
times we should have just held onto the
ball. We also played too deep in our half
which meant we were making mistakes
in their scoring zone. The second half
we managed to play in their half and
eventually found our stride scoring two
quick tries which put us out of reach.
W 22-5

They hit back early in the second half after sustained pressure. We then found our
grove and kept them in their half and eventually scored a try through Josh Gaillard
who had an outstanding game and was probably the difference in the two sides.
We eventually held out for the victory after defending our line like the boys lives
depended on it.

Match 9 vs Kingsway
We started this game in spectacular style with a great team try through Tevin Howard.
From then on out we kept Kingsway in their half and made them run it from deep. The
game plan worked although we could have put far more on the board if we hadnt
made basic errors in crucial parts of the field. We eventually ran out winners by 10
W 20-10

Match 10 vs Ashton
The last game of the season is always an emotional one and you hope the boys can
keep their wits about them going into the game. Ashton were a well drilled team with
a big pack. The ball didnt get much air as they rumbled up the field with their big pack.
They scored the early points, which saw us chase the game from the beginning. We
were unlucky with some shocker decisions from the referee and a couple of yellows
that put us on the back foot. 7 points down and 1 minute remaining we scored in the
corner but were unable to slot a very difficult kick.
The true Blue Train heart was shown in this match which capped off the season
showing what playing for this schools 1XV is all about.
Looking back on the season I feel we achieved what we wanted to but we never hit
the consistency we would have liked to have seen when we played. We would play
well in patches which was often good enough to win games but sometimes give away
points that the opposition didnt deserve because of our poor decision making or silly
Having said that we still put together great, gutsy performances, the latter being
a mark of this team. The boys never gave up and often rose above their individual
potential because of the team mates around them.
There are a few boys that deserve a mention that have been part of this team for 3
years now:
Khaya Mthethwa (Captain): You know as a coach what Khaya will give you game in and
game out. He is the cornerstone to the team, he gets the go forward on attack and
gives you ball winning hits on Defense. Rambo thank you for your contribution to this
team over the last 3 years.
Jean-Luc Tostee (Vice Captain): Very exciting with ball in hand Jean-Luc always manages
to break the line from the back or take 2-3 defenders out the game. He also gives one
hundred percent every time he runs on the field.

Michael Ross: Mike has been apart of the Blue Train set up for three years and has been
one of the most versatile players we have come across. He is an excellent ball player
with great hands and a solid boot, which often kept us in games. He is also strong in
contact and would do anything for the guys on the field.
Joshua Gaillard: With Josh on the field you always knew that something special could
happen. Brilliant in the lineout, electrifying with ball in hand and rock solid on defence.
He had a fantastic matric season, every time he was around the ball something good
would happen for us. Well done Josh on an excellent season.
Fabio Torino: Ever reliable Fabs. Ask Fabs to do something and he will do it very well.
Often in the tight getting the nitty gritty stuff done, he wasnt visible on the field
because he was always in and around the break down working hard for the team. A
true team player.
A special mention also must go out to Tevin Howard and Keagan Sharneck who would
have collected more caps had the age group structuring been different. These two
loose forwards were the perfect combination. Tevin the work horse and Keagan the
skillful ball player. They were instrumental in a lot of the team great performances.

Mention must also go out to Mrs J Ross

and Mr R Howse who assisted with first
aid and coaching respectively. The side
would not be the same without your
tireless work for the team.


Lastly to a great coach Mr R Brent who

instilled a work ethic and discipline into
the team that is unmatched. He always
believed in the team which gave the
boys a sense of belief in themselves.
Thanks for a great four years with the
Blue Train.
K Bowes-Taylor

Rugby 2nd XV

Front Row (L to R): Vukile Gcaba, Liam

Davis, Kegan Ormshaw, Mr K BowesTaylor, Kelin Pottier, Menelisi Satywa,
Mbalentle Ntlahla
2nd Row: Mkhululi Mvelase, Nkanyezi
Nxumalo, Ayanda Msomi, Wandile
Funeka, Ntandokuhle Dlamini, Luke
Moody, Reynor Norris
Back Row: Matthew Bartholomew,
Novien Pillay, Bayanda Cele, Graham
Bishai, Wamkelwe Msali, Liam Ward

Staff Responsible: Mr R Howse, Mr L Mbongwa

Kegan Ormshaw
Results: Played 7 Won 3 Lost 4 Drew 0
Its difficult to summarize a season, and what a season it was for the second side. A
lot of ups and downs. Some brilliant school boy rugby moments that astounded me,
but unfortunately we also cant forget the horror of some of the rugby played by this
You never quite knew what to expect from this group, whether it be at practice or on
game day.
At times at training it seemed like Carlos Spencer had taken control of a few lads,
with some awesome skill and vision shown. Not to mention some serious physicality
on many an occasion. Then on other days it was like they all wanted to park off on
the beach. Checking out the waves or something, causing Langa and myself to near

We started off with New Forest, and

flip did the boys rock up. Winning




passages of play the all blacks would be

happy with. Still very rusty though in our
set piece. However this would change
as the season went on, with the likes of
Steezy, Malquiny and Moody scrumming
a few teams backwards. Treverton made
it seem like this could become a dream
season, drilling them 28-0. Something
a Marist second side hasnt done to
Treverton in a while. The backs proving

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Rugby 2nd and u16 XV REPORT

St Henrys Marist College 2014

themselves with Liam controlling a lot of

play, as he did throughout the season.

but our rhythm and intensity were not up to par and we narrowly lost those fixtures.
Phumi also created some magic in these games as always, but it was not happening.

Captain fantastic - Ormshaw is a man

of few words, but led with his example
this year. Leading us to victory against
Thomas More, another team the seconds
hadnt beaten for a while. Du dat (Mbali),
was huge in this game, but you couldnt
really pick a match where he wasnt
brilliant. Losing to Crawford North Coast
first side was a tough pill to swallow,
we are a much better side than them.
However on the day the boys couldnt
play half as well as in other fixtures, and
our lineout seemed to be weak.

The second side was required to combine with the u16s due to Bok Smart etc. The
team didnt change much at all, and a Wartburg bus trip followed. A bit of gees on the
bus and a bit of good ruck play, controlled by the flank turned scrummy- ward led to a
massive win for the seconds. Backs like Reynor and Ayanda doing what they had done
all season, running hard, making yards and scoring the odd try. A boy who runs hard
is Leaf, my word he can attack a team. Often putting us on the front foot this season,
whether it was from centre or flank.

This I believe was from the lazy attitude

at practice on so many an occasion. Two
boys who gave a lot though were Vuks
and Ntando. As a coach, guys like that
you never hesitate to pick because you
know you will get 100 percent.
This loss didnt help our cause when
coming up against I believe, the two
other strongest sides in our league, Kloof
and Pinetown.
Our big lads on defence like Bayanda,
Callaghan and Kellan kept us in these
matches. It seemed at any point in the
match we could come off with a win,


Kingsway we walked away by the skin of our teeth with a win. The lads seemed to
have no heart for this one, but luckily being streaks ahead in talent we won. Not to
mention a great find of a player this year- Novian. He scored a great try to secure that
win. Sisa at fullback and wing also saved us a few times, putting in good hits this
season, and being competent at the back.
Although I wasnt there, the final match against Ashton College was a poor one for us.
It seems as though the wind was out of our sails and we didnt really rock up. A big
Ashton side ran through poor defence to beat us quite easily.
Highs and lows, but the boys can be proud.
On behalf of the second side, I would like to, firstly thank Langa the assistant coach,
what a great job with the forwards. Coaching with a friend I played with at the school
was great, and you really helped win us a lot of those matches with your insight and
Mr Brent and Mr Bowes-Taylor, thanks guys so much. A lot of those wins were thanks
to you guys as well, always helping and coaching making it easy for us.
Thanks everyone for the season.
R Howse



St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014




Friday 21st March 2014

Our day has finally arrived!

Saturday 22nd March 2014

Weve just finished checking in to our
rooms at the Belvedere hotel, a very quaint
and pleasant hotel in the heart of Dublin.
Well be making our way to the National
Sports complex for a light training
session....just to get the blood flow going
after sitting for more than 16 hours!
The current temperature is 4 degrees
Celsius! A mild change to our Durban
weather.... So the beanies, scarves and
gloves have been taken out of the bags.

Sunday 23rd March 2014

The training session yesterday was an
amazing experience! The boys got to
train on a world class artificial turf and
the girls trained on brand new astro turf.
The training facility is also home to the
national Irish sports campus.


The boys arrived at Catholic University

School for their first game of the tour. At
half time we were 12-5 down. The second
half was a much better performance
from our boys. Our attacking lines looked

Monday 24th March 2014


This morning we went to Marian College which is also a Marist school on Landsdowne
Road. We were welcomed by the deputy headmaster in a foyer filled with St Marcellin
photos and statues. We felt at home instantly. The kids then got sent to attend
different classes with various teachers to experience the Irish education system.
Poor Michael Cooke and Nala Mthiyane had to attend the Irish (Gaelic) lesson...... :)
We then had a chat in the main hall where we could ask questions about the school
and Irish education. Marian College is a non-fee paying school however, their
registration fee is 3000!!
At fee paying schools fees can run up to 10 000! There are 450 students at
the school ranging from ages 12-18. They also cater for some international
students as they are based on the Embassy belt. Irish is taught as a language
at all levels and during St Patricks week the whole of Ireland is encouraged to
speak Irish. About 100% of those who are culturally Irish are Catholic and about
80% of all students are Catholic accounting for the international students.
The kids then had time to socialize with the Irish students. We then got presented with
a school rugby jersey by the schools rugby master. An amazing experience to see how
other Marist schools around the world are run. All over the world you will find a home
where you see the Marist sign.

dangerous and the forwards managed

to squeeze in the meters.
The Irish boys saw a small gap in our
defence and managed to score another
try. Well done to Kyle Davey and
Chadley Mahadasen on scoring two very
impressive tries and Michael Ross for a
conversion. The game concluded with
a score 19-12 in favour of the Irish. Well
done to our boys on a good first game!
At the post- match function Kyle Davey
got awarded man of the match by the

Yesterday afternoon we got to go on a stadium tour at the Aviva Stadium. We

got to enter the players change rooms and their posh ice baths and shower
facilities. We were shown all the media rooms and the main VIP lobbies. We
were then taken down to the field where we couldnt believe the beauty of
this field. A hybrid field made of 3 strands of natural grass for every artificial
strand. Under field heating of the field is controlled by an I-pad app for snow fall.
We are looking forward to returning to the stadium on Saturday for the Munster vs
Leinster game.
After our tour of Aviva Stadium we headed off to Alexandra College for our first
hockey fixture. Alexandra College being an all-girls school boasts with 18 hockey
teams and some of their players train with the senior Irish squad. Their facilities were
absolutely amazing and we soon knew we were in for some serious competition.
Apart from the stiff competition we had to fight serious weather conditions.
Temperature was 4 degrees Celsius with a real feel of -4 degrees Celsius. On top
of that it was raining ice drops. We were faced with players from the opposition
who showed some of the best skills we have seen. At half time we were 0-4 down.
Regaining some composure and concentration our girls managed to only concede
2 goals in the second half and score a goal of our own. Well done to Savannah Cozzi
scoring a great goal on left post!

St Henrys Marist College 2014

After our game at CUS we returned to

a two hour trip through the streets of
Dublin gave us a much better idea of
what this wonderful vibey city is all
about. Our knowledgeable tour guides
gave us a run-down of the history and
interesting facts of the city.

Tuesday 25th March 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Wednesday 26th March

This afternoon we had our coaching
sessions with Malcolm OKelly (rugby)
and Dave Fitzgerald (hockey) at the
National Sports campus. Malcolm
is the 6th most capped Irish player
ever and da mourst caapped second
roaw in Ireland (said in Irish accent...)
The boys were hanging on every word he
said for the full duration of the session.
Dave is the Senior Irish Goalkeeper
and is a full time coach to numerous
conducted a great coaching session
and the girls learnt a great deal on
defensive and attacking structures.

Thursday 27th March 2014

We are excited and ready for our third hockey game, where we are hungry for a gaint
our next battle against Kilkenny College! (Even though it is 3 degree weather and
we cant feel our legs). Although it has only been five days this experience has been
indescribable, and we are all so grateful for being able to have this opportunity. We
are most certainly amazed at how patriotic the Irish really are and how they are always
willing to help a lad out. We do find it difficult to understand their accent at times
but that is just part of the fun trying to figure out what they are actually trying to say.

Sunday 30th March 2014

On our way to Cork yesterday we stopped over at The Rock of Cashel. It was built in the
12th century and as you will see in the photos there is lots of construction because of
it being so old and the Irish weather.

Monday 31st March 2014

We arrived at the Quality Hotel in Clonakilty yesterday afternoon at about 5pm after a long
bus trip. We made our way out to Spike Island but on our arrival at the ferry the low tide
prevented usfrom crossingto theisland. Insteadwehadashort stop at oneof thelocalmalls.
Thereafter we went to Cobh (Queenstown) where we visited the last port of call to
take on passengers for the RMS Titanic. We went to the museum and relived the last
day of the Irish passengers who boarded the Titanic. Each one of us received a unique
replica of the boarding tickets each one of the passengers got. After the guided tour
we could look up on what happened to the person whose name was on our ticket.
Luckily some of us ended up being survivors but some of us were lost and the bodies
were never discovered. Mr Bowes-Taylor, Mr Brent and Mr Ackerman were amongst
the survivors. Unfortunately the ladies staff werent so lucky. A really interesting and
emotional experience.
The Blarney Castle was our next stop. Probably one of the highlights of the tour was
being able to climb the 100 narrow spiral steps to the top of the castle to kiss the
Blarney Stone!
Tomorrow we will be playing our last fixture against Bandon Grammar school.


saw the same trend continue with a huge amount of heart shown but the scoreboard
not in our favour. We let in two very soft early tries right in the beginning of the game
which meant we were chasing the game from the get go. We held our own for most
of the half but then leaked another two before the end of the first half. The second
half started the same as the first with the blue train letting in a soft try. From then the
boys started to get their hands on the ball and played some good rugby and were
well rewarded with a try through Darren Reineke. We dominated the game from then
on but again we let in a try through a bad mistake. We finished the game strong with
another try through Lindile Mbambo. Once again we lacked intensity in the first half
of the game but true blue spirit was shown seeing us leave Ireland with some respect
on the rugby field.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Photos 20 -21
The last game of the tour for the boys

Thursday 3rd April 2014

Yesterday we arrived back in Dublin at about 13:00 which gave us some time for last
minute shopping. Last night we ended the tour off at the Belvedere Hotel attending their
Irish evening. This included a traditional three course dinner, Irish music and dancing. It
was an amazing experience and we all got to sing along to songs we knew. Some of our
kids also tried some Irish dancing, not bad at all....well done Savannah and Darren! All the
kids then got invited up onto stage to perform their war cry (which has been a huge hit).
After the show we got to do all our thank yous and ended the tour with some funny
Lauren Askew Magpie Award
Langa Bhengu Rambo Active
Ashleigh Biggar OneSy
Giuliana Bowers Magpie Award
Jordan Buckley The Elastoplast Award Matthew Callaghan The-bus-stole-my
Clinton Canal Cantabury King
Michael Cooke Cookie-monster
Savannah Cozzi The Bookie Award
Kyle Davey Fly-catcher Award
Joshua Gaillard Revlon Award
Sheena Hosmer The Sushi Award
Tevin Howard Knock-on-wood
Kendal Johnson The-bus-stole-my-stuff
Jiveshin Kisten Rambo Active
Mischa Lyle Florence Nightingale Award
Chadley Mahadasen Big Hit Award
Lindile Mbambo Silent Number Award
Blair Miller One Question Award
Ayanda Msomi The Big Cheese Award
Khaya Mthethwa Rambo Active
Nala Mthiyane Silverback Award
Andrew Mulqueeny Sick-buddies Award Lindo Ngobese Shop-a-holic Award
Reynor Norris Earl Rose Award
Tevin Pillay The-bus-is-full Award
Wesley Rachman Chameleon Award
Megan Raftery Magpie Award
Darren Reineke Revlon Award
Michael Ross Martin Luther King Award
Keagan Scharneck Knock-on-wood
Kirstie Spenceley Sick-buddies Award
Sarah Thompson Youre-missing-out Award
Fabio Torino Shop-a-holic Award
Jean-Luc Tostee Knock-on-wood
Gemma van As The Luck-of-the-Irish
Amy van der Merwe Magpie Award
Liam Ward Air Guitar Award
Sharnae Zimmermann Cant-touch-this
C Brent

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Our last fixture of the tour arrived...

Bandon Grammar School in Bandon.
After two days of much needed rest
the players were super motivated
to end the tour on a high note.
As with all the matches the hockey
girls played first. Our main goal for the
game was simple: be better than the
game before, communicate and team
play! Working on some new structures
and set pieces the girls played the best
game whilst on tour. We managed
to make solid tackles and the leads
onto the ball worked like a dream! We
also scored a goal on one of our short
corners. Congratulations to Gemma van
As on scoring the goal. The score line
was 3-1 to Bandon but didnt reflect the
actual game as many shots at goal were
narrowly missed by our girls. I would
just like to say that we are very proud
of these young girls. Their behaviour on
and off the field was excellent and their
determination and courage showed


St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Before 1929

House prior to 1929


1930-first sports day

1930s sportfields

1931-Laying of Foundation stone




1979 new wing nearing completion

1980s assembly

St Henrys Marist College 2014



1999 St Marcellin Amphitheatre

St Henrys Marist College 2014

2000 MAH


2003-Brothers house

2007 LRC








St Henrys Marist College 2014



St Henrys Marist College 2014




Rugby U16

Front Row(L to R): Mnqobi Khuluse,

Kudakwashe Nharara, Tevin Pillay,
Mr R Brent, Nala Mthiyane, Bryan Taylor,
Phumelela Mbatha
2nd Row: Michael Andre, Connor
Wentzel, Caleb Pillay, Jack Mahoney,
Lavelle James, Franklin Church
Back Row: Louis Morton, Taite Bauer,
Jordan Buckley, Clinton Canal,
Adhil Koobair

Rugby U15

Front Row: Julian Govender, Sikhumbuzo

Nzimande, Keaton Gomes, Mr P Puren,
Davide Ferreri, Ross Bentley, Joshua
2nd Row: Ntusi Mngadi, Junior Sabela,
Kameryn Mudly, Cole Colbert, Caleb
Benjamin, Christopher Viljoen
Back Row: Fadziso Chingonzoh, Devon
Murphy, Guy Cooke, Ntando Gumede,
Pascal Tostee

Rugby U15 REPORT

Results: Played 9 Won 8 Lost 1
Points for: 268 Points against: 47
We want to go through the season unbeaten!
This is what we told the lads as they assembled for their first practice.
We came close; losing 1 game by 2 points. Kloof converted their try and we did not.
Be that as it may, we had a wonderful season. Our lads learning a valuable lesson that
will, I hope stand by them in all their years to follow. Be humble in your victories and
take your losses with graciousness.
The Good Lord is first and foremost in all the teams efforts; on the practice field and
the field of play.
We trained hard, learnt to play percentage rugby and to listen to coaches instructions.
The team was well led by its captain, vice-captain and generals.
The modern game requires input and leadership across the phases of play and
positions on the field depending on attack and defense.

Thank you team, you are fine young

men. Thank you parents and friends,
your support is much appreciated. The
journey continues next year and I look
forward to seeing the progress these
individuals make in the teams they
represent in future.
P Puren

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mr P Puren, Mr C Carey

Keeton Gomes
Vice captain:
Davide Ferreri

I thank all those that put their hands

up to play this wonderful game. Rugby
is a game that allows boys to be young
men. A game reflecting the ebb and
flow of may not always be easy,
but one moves forward. When times
are particularly hard one may have
to take a few paces back and when
bigger challenges face us we may even
get pushed or fall down.but we get
up again.rally our forces and move
forward again; never giving up and in so
doing relishing life and its challenges.

Rugby U14

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Liam Read, Mr W

Singleton, Fadziso Chingonzoh (Captain),
Rev M ONeill, Nicholas Napier (ViceCaptain), Mr C McLellan , Dre Firmin.
2nd Row: Dylan Davey, Luke Toulouras,
Enzo van Zyl, Seth Petersen, Kai Seyffert,
Ian Askew.
3rd Row: Liam Gaillard, Christopher
Forbay, Aphelele Joyisa, Siwaphiwe
Ntlahla, Aston Berry.
Back Row: Tristan Boltman, Liam
Moodley, Riyadh Adam, Callon Abrahams,
Cameron Wulfsohn, Terry Govender.

Rugby U14 REPORT

Team Manager:

Mr C McLellan, Mr W Singleton
Rev M ONeill
Fadziso Chingonzoh
Nicholas Napier

Results: Played 8 Won 3 Lost 5

Drew 0
As a coach I enjoy taking the Under 14 age group as it is their first year of High School
rugby and, even though it is a young age, displays of talent and future stars can
easily be identified. I can confidently say that some future 1st XV players showed their
potential in this years U14 group.
With a great first game victory over New Forest, the hopes and spirit of the team
seemed very positive which would prove to be needed in our next match, Treverton
College. It was undoubtedly one of the best comebacks in recent history to be losing
17-5 at half-time and then to finish with a fighting 27-22 victory. This took heart,
determination and, above all, a total team effort from each player on the field. The rest
of the season proved to be a battle with two narrow losses to Pinetown and Thomas
more respectively. We then fell prey to a mismatch against an Under 15 Crawford
North Coast side and lost heavily. Nevertheless, the boys took on a never say die
attitude as they played with determination against a strong Kingsway side, losing 15-

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College


39. A notable feature of this game was

that the boys came back and scored the
last two tries of the match.
Overall it was an exciting and entertaining
season in which the boys put in a great
amount of effort. The attendance at the
holiday coaching sessions was especially
pleasing. To those individuals who
never took their foot off the pedal and
gave a 100% toughness display, I say
Well Done! You are the boys that make
coaching so exciting and rewarding.
C McLellan


Rugby 1st XV Prep

Front Row (L R): Liam Dolphin, Jared Oosthuizen, Mr J Janse Van Rensburg, Michael Kalil, Mr S Ackerman, Connor van Wyk,
Shaun Lonmon-Davis
2nd Row: Jaryd Howard, Declan Williams, Ntando Ngubane, Greg Barnett, Matteo Cozzi, Luke Wells
Back Row: Brandyn Haddow, Liam Long, Heinrich Crocker, Andrew Gace, Dean Burrell, Andre van Dyk, Zukile Habile, Jonathan

Rugby 1st XV Prep REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr S Ackerman
Michael Kalil
Connor van Wyk
Results: Played 7 Won 4 Lost 3

The St Henrys team played some attractive rugby and surprised many of the spectators
at the traditional season opener, the winter Sport Festival hosted by Northlands
Primary School, by gaining some favourable results against many of the traditionally
stronger Durban Schools. The momentum gained at this Festival catapulted the team
forward and helped set the tone for what was to be an enjoyable and extremely
positive season.
The success achieved throughout the season was built on a strong work ethic and
physical pack of forwards who struck fear into the hearts of most opposition. This
forward dominance was unmatched by any of the schools that we played against and
ultimately provided the platform for the many victories attained this season. The team
was superbly led by Michael Kalil and Connor Van Wyk, with both boys providing the
much needed impetus and go forward ball through their extremely robust and
direct approach.

The entire pack of forwards, along with

Liam Long and the surprise package
of the season, Jared Oosthuizen, are
to be congratulated for their valuable
contributions to the overall team effort
this year. Michael Kalil was rewarded
for his hard work, by being selected to
represent the Durban Coastal Team at
the KZN Primary Schools Rugby Trials.
S Ackerman

St Henrys Marist College 2014

The 2014 rugby season started off towards the end of the first term when a larger than
normal provisional squad was called together for pre-season training. After some
tough and physical practices the squad was soon trimmed down to a group of players
that proved to be both highly motivated and extremely dedicated to the task at hand,
which was to play hard, uncompromising rugby.

Rugby 2nd XV Prep

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L R): Michael Fu, Taja

Ellenson, Heinrich Crocker, Mr J Janse van
Rensburg, Andrew Gace, Zukile Habile,
Chris Fu
2nd Row: Qhawe Mthembu, Mfundo Cele,
Luke Wells, Nkululeko Ndlovu, Bulelani
Mzimela, Cavin Rehman
Back Row: Lutho Sihawu, Alwande
Ndwalane, Joel Blair, Daniel Criticos,
Keaton Jones, Sondisa Mbongwa, Aphiwe

Rugby U11

Front Row (L R): Keegan Williams,

Mr M Bowes-Taylor, Matthew Ackerman,
Mr D Rehman, Letuxolo Ndayini,
Mr K Bowes-Taylor
2nd Row: Steven Callaghan, Ethan Peters,
Andile Sigaqa, Amandla Mvinjelwa,
Lwandile Mshengu
Back Row:David Glen, Chukwuemeka
Odimegwu, Daniel Hogg, Kwazi Moyo,
Calan Jensen, Kushal Bugarath

Rugby U11 REPORT

Staff Responsible: Manager: Mr D Rehman

Coaches: Mr K Bowes-Taylor, Mr M Bowes-Taylor
Matthew Ackerman

Vice Captain: Tristan Hunt
Results: Played 9 Won 4 Lost 5 Drew 0
In their first year of 15 man rugby, it was always going to be a challenge for the
U11 boys to adjust from the 10 man game, especially when we only had 17 boys
regularly coming out to practice .However, this was hardly the case as the boys would
improve and surprise us week in and week out. Our first game was against Atholl
Heights Primary and we did battle on defence to close down the space with the boys
being a bit like a sheep and following the ball where ever it went rather than marking
their man. After that rugby lesson, the boys clicked and started playing some really
good rugby, the first half against Northdene Prep. comes to mind as well as the game
against Virginia.
We had a big pack this year led by the boys in the front row. We scrummed well most
of the season, and when our maul was firing we made a good 10 metres on the drive.
Our backs were full of raw talent just needing to be led in the right direction, and by
the end of the season we saw some fantastic backline moves and the boys moving
the ball from one side of the field to the other.


Our highlight game of the season came against Toti Primary where the boys pulled off
a last minute try and conversion to win the game.

I must make mention of a few people

that helped with the boys this year. Mr D
Rehman the manager of the team who
often motivated the boys to reach a
higher level as well as Mr M Bowes-Taylor
whose passion and enthusiasm inspired
the boys to train harder to reach their
A special thank you to the leaders
of the team Matthew Ackerman and
Tristan Hunt. Both of these looses led by
example and would be the first to praise
other players after a hard fought match.
Both of these boys are talented and I
hope they grow and develop into the
players I know they can be.
K Bowes-Taylor


Rugby U10

Front Row (L to R): Nkanyezi Zwane,

Matthew Damons (Captain),
Mr K Thwaites, Jayden Hulley (V. Capt),
Jordan Boyles
2nd Row: Harrison Field, Jarrud Cochrane,
Alex Criticos, Matthew Francis, Connor
Thomas, Tafara Chingonzoh
Back Row: Keenan Samuels, Aphiwe
Zama, Chad Jones, Lloyd Moodley,
Songezo Dlungwana

Rugby U10 REPORT

Staff Responsible:

Mr K Thwaites
Matthew Damons
Jayden Hulley

Results: Played: 9 Won: 2 Lost: 6 Drew 1

The 2014 rugby season has been a difficult one for this group of boys.
There are very few boys in this age group and of these only 10 decided to play rugby.
This presented a logistical problem as we needed at least 12 boys to field a team
each week. Fortunately we were able to call on a number of our U9 boys who made
themselves available throughout the season and we were therefore able to field a
team in all our fixtures.
Although the results may not look impressive, the growth and development that took
place in all of these boys was fantastic to see and, provided we can attract a few more
boys to participate in rugby in the future, this group has the potential to do well.

We struggled with our backline. Generally they were smaller than the opposition and
this seemed to intimidate them but not dull their appetite to play. In their enthusiasm
to get involved in the game, we often found ourselves with the whole backline in
the rucks and mauls which proved disastrous if the opposition won the ball. This did
change as the season progressed and in our final game our shape remained intact
against an extremely strong team.
Jayden Hulley, our top try scorer this year, showed great potential and I believe he has
the ability to go a long way in his rugby career. His balance with ball in hand and an
eye for space on the field augers well for his future.
Our weakest areas this year were our lack of tackling and our inability to offload the
ball at the correct time. We had many soft tries scored against us as our players ran
next to the opposition without laying a hand on them. The boys did not really come

All in all these boys went through a tough

season with some huge learning curves
taking place and I believe that they have
emerged better players for this. Provided
that more boys can be attracted to play
in this group, they have the ability to go
on and become an above average team.
Their talent is starting to come through,
which is a positive sign for the future.


K Thwaites

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

St Henrys Marist College 2014

The team was well led by Matthew Damons. Together with Matthew Francis and
Songezo Dlungwana he formed a front row that stood back for nobody. At lock there
were three boys who could hold their own in most U10 teams and this made selection
rather difficult. Chad Jones, Aphiwe Zama and Lloyd Moodley were the three most
improved players in this team.

to terms with the idea that rugby is a

team game and attempts at individual
brilliance led to turn over ball which the
opposition thrived on.

Rugby 7s

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front row (L to R): Keagan

Scharneck, Michael Ross, Mr R
Brent, Tevin Howard,
Reynor Norris
Back Row: Ayanda Msomi.
Novien Pillay, Bayanda Cele,
Taite Bauer, Andrew Mulqueeny,
Clinton Canal, Kyle Davey


Rugby 7s REPORT
Staff Responsible: Mr R Brent
With the normal rugby season drawing
to a close at the end of the second term,
the 7s season began. With this our
second year playing rugby 7s the players
knew how hard the journey would be
that lay in front of them.
We attended two tournaments this year,
the Crawford La Lucia festival in aid of
the Ryan Walker foundation as well as
the Clifton 7s held at Old boys rugby
The Crawford festival is a highlight in
the 7s calendar for Durban schools.
This year the festival hosted some
big name schools in Hilton, Kearsney
and Northwood. We were put in Pool
C with Hilton, Hillcrest and Ashton
International College Ballito. Our first
match was against Hilton College, a
daunting task to open our campaign.
Although the score line favoured Hilton,
the boys played with reckless abandon
and put together some great passages
of defence and attack, with the final
score 41 -0 to the school who finished
3rd overall at the festival. Our next game
against Hillcrest was probably one of our
biggest disappointments losing out by
2 points with seconds to spare. Ashton
was our final pool match and turned into

a tough encounter with players injured in the previous two matches. The boys fought
hard but lost 24-14 despite a major come back in the second half.
We progressed to the shield semi finals where we faced off against Crawford North
Coast, some hard running and solid defence gave us our first win 21-12. Our last match
of the festival was against Durban North College. Unfortunately we did not fair well in
the late Saturday fixture and lost 29 7 to a well drilled Durban North College team.
Our second tournament was the Clifton 7s hosted at the Old boys rugby club. Again
this festival had quality schools from all over KZN in attendance. We were placed in
Pool C with Kearsney College, Westville Boys High and Kloof, probably the toughest
pool in the tournament. Kloof is always a tough fixture in any sport and it was no
different, a well-drilled and experienced Kloof side was put under pressure only
scoring in the last few moments to take the win 34-12. Our next match was against
Westville Boys High; our first half defence was fantastic and probably the best of the
season restricting the Westville boys to only one score. During the second half, our
defence looked tired and battered and we leaked a few soft tries going down 35-5.
Our final pool match against a very big and physical Kearsney College team proved
too strong for us and we eventually lost 48 0.
We went through to the Shield quarters where we faced Northwood; our boys
never gave up and again had passages of great rugby both in defence and attack.
Northwood went on to win the match 31-7.
Although our results were not in our favour this year, the amount of skills and
experience our boys gained was fantastic. At no stage in the season did our players
back down from a challenge and they met the big schools head on and did themselves
and the school proud.
St Henrys players have always punched above their weight and this 7s season was no
different. Mr Howse and myself are incredibly proud of the boys and we look forward
to the development of 7s talent at St Henrys Marist College.
R Brent



Soccer Boys 1st XI and 2nd XI REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr C Anderson
Mr P Teburu, Mr C McLellan
Fabio Torino
Vice Captain:
Joshua Tammadge
Results: Played 20 Won 8 Lost 9 Drew 3
This soccer season was packed full of drama, ranging from triumphant victories to
narrow losses against formidable opposition. The soccer season started earlier than
previous seasons, beginning preseason practices towards the end of the second
term, including an indoor training session during the holidays. This season was well
organized, and included many more fixtures than in previous years, playing a total of
20 matches. This included our regular season, the Kloof Tournament, and the Eshowe
7-a-side Tournament.
The team enjoyed their regular fixtures, as well as the tournaments.
Although the majority of the starting XI was in their matric year, the commitment
shown by these individuals was outstanding, as they were reluctant to miss any
opportunity to play, including all-day tournaments in Eshowe, and a three-day
tournament in Kloof. There were also new faces in the team, as many of the players
in the 1st XI squad were uncapped grade 11s beginning their first team involvement.
The early start to the season added to the chemistry within the team, promoting the
players strengths and their style of play.
The team enjoyed their successes, winning half of their league fixtures, including
victories over Kingsway (3-1 W), Amanzimtoti (1-0 W) and Brettonwood (1-0 W). The
team played very well for the beginning of each fixture, but let the remaining games
slip out of reach in the dying minutes, including narrow losses to Port Shepstone
(2-1 L), Thomas More (1-0 L)- both lost in the final minutes of each game- and a loss
to George Campbell (3-0 L). The boys played considerably well for these games, but
conceded late goals.

The team arrived at school at 5A.M. to journey to the Eshowe 7-a-side tournament and
participated against some of the best schools in that region, including Empangeni,
Isandlwana and John Ross. The matches were 20 minutes long, without a second
half. Our team was not accustomed to the high-tempo matches, missing important
goal scoring opportunities, and resulted in 2 draws and a loss. This was our first year
playing in the tournament, so we hope to see better results in the following years
from the younger squad members that have already participated in this event.
Once again, we enjoyed our victories during the course of the season, extending
the schools soccer reputation further than before. We have shown to be formidable

Special mention should be made to the

standout players throughout the season.
The concrete defense- consisting of
Sahil Govender, Fabio Torino, Matteo
Ferreri, and the newly capped Kyle
Govender- that held attackers at bay,
and kept us in the game. Joshua Gaillard
holding it all together as goalkeeper. The
midfield maestros- Joshua Tammadge
and Chadley Mahadasen- distributed
the ball well and controlled the pace of
the game. The attacking midfieldersNhlakanipho Lucky Ndlovu, Phumi
Mhlongo, Ndumiso Mbedu- brought
the game to the opposition, adding flair,
pace and new skills into each fixture.
And finally our attacking duo- Tevin
Howard and Bongani Khumalo- added
many goals to our tallies, and were
clinical upfront. A word of appreciation
to the other squad members that were
fully committed during the season.
The second team players worked
extremely hard and played a very
exciting brand of soccer. Only four
of the schools we played could field
teams, very disappointing. We won the
fixture against Toti and narrowly lost
the remaining three fixtures. We hope to
have more fixtures next term.
Marist soccer is improving tremendously,
and we hope the learners, as well as
staff, can help boost the schools soccer
reputation further.
C Anderson
Fabio Torino

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Once again the team was invited to partake in the prestigious Kloof Tournament, and
was placed in a challenging group consisting of Hillview, St Charles and Glenwood.
After reaching the knockout stages of the competition, the team drew 1-1 with St
Benedicts, but prevailed to beat them 3-2 on penalties. This entered the team into
the quarterfinals of the competition, facing up against the host Kloof High School the
next day ( the day after the Matric Dance ). Fatigue caught up with our team, and took
us too long to reach our regular standard of play, causing us to concede an early goal.
The boys came back fighting, but the host team held their defence, and the match
ended as a 1-0 loss. The boys however were not disheartened, as they reached the
quarterfinal stages. They must be commended for their performance, both seniors,
and juniors ( Davide Ferreri, Joshua Goncalves and Cole Colbert) helped in enhancing
the school reputation.

opponents against the larger schools,

which could have shown better results
had the third term not been so disrupted
and busy. Nonetheless, the team should
be proud of their efforts, and we wish the
future team a prosperous season.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Soccer 1st X1

Front Row (L-R): Joshua Tammadge, Mr C Mclellan, Mr P Teburu, Fabio Torino, Mr C Anderson, Joshua Gaillard
2nd Row: Bongisisa Mhlongo, Nhlakanipho Ndlovu, Chadley Mahadasen, Sahil Govender, Kyle Govender, Mbalentle Ntlahla
Back Row: Phumelela Mhlongo, Tevin-Lee Howard, Bongani Khumalo, Matteo Ferreri, Liam Davis

Soccer 2nd X1

1929 - 2014


St Henrys Marist College

Front Row (L-R): Daniel Hing,

Mr C McLellan, Matthew Callaghan,
Mr C Anderson, Michael Cooke,
Mr P Teburu
2nd Row: Mbalentle Ntlahla, Reynor
Norris, Kyle Govender, Bongisisa Mhlongo
Back Row: Gracia Fariala, Kyle Beaumont,
Noah Atkins, Mkhululi Mvelase,Mthabisi


Soccer Girls Open

Front Row (L - R): Sibongiseni Sabela (Vice-Captain), Rev M ONeill (Manager), Gemma van As (Captain), Mr R Dangarembwa (Coach),
Megan Raftery
2nd Row: Kirstie Spenceley, Aphiwe Njoko, Kaylor Laing, Lauren Askew, Gabriela Cipriano, Jenisha Perumal
Back Row: Amy van der Merwe, Kendal Johnson, Tayla Ridgway, Tamsyn Engelbrecht, Giuliana Bowers, Mishca Lyle, Sheena Hosmer

Soccer Girls Open REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr Ronnie Dangraembwa (coach),

Rev M ONeill (manager)
Gemma van As
Sibongiseni Sabela
The 2014 girls soccer season was one of the busiest so far and also presented a mixed
bag of results. Proudly wearing their new strip, the commitment and dedication from
the girls was commendable. I really enjoyed working with them and we had a great
season. Playing our first game against and winning 2-1against Maris Stella put the girls
in a confident mood, followed by a pleasing 2-0 win against Kingsway away and then
a goal-less draw against Our Lady of Fatima. The next fixture was also away against
Amanzimtoti High where, in a strong wind, we went down 2-3.

It was a sad farewell to Gemma, Seni,

Gabby and Tamsyn who played their
last game before ending their Grade 12
year. A big thank you to all the girls for
a fantastic, enthusiastic season. It was an
honour to work with such a wonderful
group of girls. God bless you.

In spite of losing two games in a row against Port Shepstone and Hillcrest, the girls
kept up their competitive spirit. Following this, the girls lost narrowly to Beaulieu from
Johannesburg 0-1and then fought back against Thomas More to win 3-0 .

R Dangraembwa

Our biggest downfall was in not converting chances and then taking our foot off
the pedal and letting the opposition come back. Concluding the season, a brilliant
all-round performance saw us play to a 2-2 draw against Westville Girls and then
completely outclassing Durban Academy with a 7-1 win.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Results: Played 10 Won 4 Lost 4 Drew 2

Soccer Boys U16A

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Joshua Goncalves,

Davide Ferreri (Captain), Mr R Ramsugit
(Manager), Cole Colbert (Vice Captain),
Julian Govender
2nd Row: Joshua Hing, Abdul Razack,
Tevin Pillay, Jonathan Gild, Lavelle James,
Antonio Cipriano
Back Row: Luke Freddy, Devon Murphy,
Guy Cooke, Dyllan Desfontaines

Soccer U16 REPORT

Staff Responsible:

Mr R Ramsugit
Davide Ferreri
Cole Colbert

Results: Played 8 Won 4 Lost 3 Drew 1

This soccer season was one with many highs and few lows. It has to be stated that
although we played in the U16 age group, all our players are actually U15.
This augurs well for next season. The games we lost were due to seven U16A players
attending regional KZN trials during those fixtures, but when we did have our first
choice players, we did not lose a game. Our B team also played 5 games but an only
draw was our best result.
Congratulations must go to the following 5 boys: Davide Ferreri, Cole Colbert, Lavelle
James, Joshua Goncalves and Julian Govender for making the final round of KZN trials.
Special mention must be made of our goal keeper extraordinaire, Cole Colbert, for
being selected into the KZN U15 soccer team. We here at St Henrys wish him well in
the I.P.T which will be held in Gauteng from the 3-6 October 2014.

A huge thank you to our brilliant coaches,

Mr Chris Carey and Mr Langa Mbongwa
for their time and expertise, as well as Mr
J Stengel for his management duties and
support. Hopefully we can build on this
great season.

We participated in 3 tournaments this season, with fantastic results. We won the

R Ramsugit

Soccer Boys U16B


Eshowe 7-A-side tournament, with

sheer guts and determination and some
dazzling soccer at times. Well done boys.
However, we failed to qualify for the later
rounds of the other two tournaments
due to inferior goals scored; we were so

Front Row (L-R): Connor Wentzel,

Anthony Ogle (Captain), Mr R Ramsugit
(Manager), Ntusi Mngadi, Dylan
2nd Row: Preneshan Reddy, Thamalin
Naidoo, Luke Freddy, Abdul Razack, Lloyd
Back Row: Edgar Sungeni, Nivash Soma,
Matthew Savy, Kian Duffy,


Soccer Girls U16

Front Row (L - R): Lumka Sibeko (ViceCaptain), Mr R Dangarembwa (Coach),

Kyla Smith (Captain), Rev. M ONeill
(Manager), Lerato Moeli
2nd Row: Rachael Lonmon-Davis, Jessica
Adams, Kyara Rampersadh, Dhinita
Parumaul, Melissa Calitz, Luyanda
Back Row: Lveeze Crouch, Bridget
Gillespie, Katelyn Kalil, Zoe Beaumont

Soccer Girls U16 REPORT

Staff Responsible: Amanda Buthelezi (coach)

Rev M ONeill (manager)
Kyla Smith
Lumka Sibeko
Results: Played 8 Won 6 Lost 0 Drew 2
The Under 16 soccer season started off on a high note with four consecutive wins.
We all took our soccer practices very seriously with Coach Amanda because we knew
that it would benefit us at some stage. Our whole team got to know each other more
and more throughout the season and we developed a special bond as a group. We
had our ups and downs during the season but fortunately came out on the winning
side overall. Through everything I think that we have emerged a stronger and more
positive team who support and encourage each other. We cant wait for next season!
Kyla Smith

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Soccer U14A

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L R): Liam Read, Callon

Abrahams, Mr D Rehman, Liam Gaillard,
Amandozi Nzama
2nd Row: Dre Firmin, Khulekani
Ntombela, Nicholas Napier, Tyrese Pillay,
Luke Toulouras, Himal Govender
Back Row: Siwaphiwa Ntlahla, Riyadh
Adam, Fadziso Chingonzo, Terry Govender

Soccer U14 REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr D Rehman, Mr M Sprong
Liam Moodley
Riyadh Adam
14A: Played 6 Won 4 Lost 0 Drew 2 14B: Played 4 Won 1 Lost 2 Drew 2

representing the School at the KwaZulu

Natal selections.

This year we fielded two teams. We had 38 boys playing soccer in this age group and
as a result had large numbers at practice every week.

The u14B played four fixtures and

performed very well. Unfortunately this
team was weakened as a result of some
players moving up into the A team. The
emphasis was on ensuring that every
boy played and gave a good account of

In this term we played six fixtures at A team level against, Kingsway, George Campbell,
Toti, Brettonwood, Port Shepstone and Thomas More. The U14A played well in the
first game against a Kingsway with a drawn result. From that point on the season
just got better with team unlucky not to win against a very good George Campbell
side, with George Campbell equalising in the final minutes of the game. The team
played well for the rest of the season ably led by Liam Moodley and Riyadh Adam
superb in defence. The midfield was inspired by the tireless work of Luke Toulouras
and Siwaphwa Ntlahla. In attack the team was led by Aphelele Joyisa who scored
seven goals in the league.
The u14A also participated in a knockout tournament in Eshowe where they
progressed to the final and were beaten by the odd goal. In the DHS five a- side
tournament they performed admirably finishing third in their group. Four boys,
Liam Moodley, Fadziso Chingonzo, Amandozi Nzama, Siwaphwa Ntlahla and Preven
Nair represented the school at the Durban central selections with Siwaphwa Ntlahla

Soccer U14B


Front Row (L R): Kai Syffert, Mvelo

Nkosi, Mr D Rehman, Seth Pietersen,
Dylan Davey,
2nd Row: Christopher Moonsamy, Ian
Askew, Avern Pillay, Cameron Wulfsohn,
Tyrese Pillay, Joseph Foxon, Kaviden
Back Row: Ryan Savrimuthu,
Christopher Forbay, Nikaylen Anandrai,
Tristan Boltman, Kiar Singh, Mario

All the teams performed admirably with

the boys enjoying the games and giving
of their best often against a superior
quality opposition. They played with
passion and pride ensuring that our
school name was upheld. The success of
this team was in no small way due to the
dedication, guidance and assistance of
Mr Matthew Sprong, the assistant coach.
D Rehman


Soccer Girls U14

Front Row (L - R): Jamie van der Walt,

Rev M ONeill (Manager), Chelsea-Lea
Smith (Captain), Ms S Mthethwa (Coach),
Nathalie Vose
2nd Row: Senamile Ngcobo, Nqobile
Gama, Ciara Laing, Jordan Mawbey,
Clarissa Donachie, Jhetan Govender
Back Row: Sydney van Voorst, EmmaMarie Ratcliff, Jesse van Jaarsveldt, Paige
Staphorst, Teerajeh Timothy


Staff Responsible: Samkelisiwe Mthethwa(coach)

Rev M ONeill (manager)
Chelsey-Lee Smith
Results: Played 8 Won 2 Lost 3 Drew 3
The season started with an explosive performance which perhaps created an
unrealistic expectation for the rest of the season. In the very first week of training,
six girls went for zonal trials and two made it through to the second round. In the
weeks that followed, there were a lot of matches sometimes more than one per
week. The girls played valiantly in all sorts of weather conditions. The results varied
and fluctuated during the games but the final score was never more than a few points
apart. The calendar for the term was impressive, especially as some of the girls were
involved in other sporting codes at the same time.
We travelled a lot! From the North Coast to far down South and inland, we travelled.
But all along we learnt and enjoyed the game. Typical of the season was an incident
game, pointing out to my team what not to do as a striker; what to do in the middle

defender. I guess I was talking too much

when one of the girls tapped me on the
shoulder and said, Coach, now that we
know better, well do better, we promise!
So, girls, keep your promise and I will do
better also because you taught me too.
To the management, well done on our
best season so far and a big thank you
to the parents who supported us, both
at home and away.
S Mthethwa

St Henrys Marist College 2014

at our last game against Westville Girls: I was sitting watching the Under 16 girls

of the park and in front of your goal as a

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Soccer U13A

Front Row (L R): Declan Williams, Liam

Long, Mr D Rehman, Connor van Wyk,
Jared Oosthuizen
Back Row: Liam Cafun, Gregory Barnett,
Zukile Habile, Andre van Dyk, Ayush
Mangali, Jonathan Wimberley, Bulelani
Mzimela, Jaryd Howard

Soccer U13 REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr D Rehman, Mr M Sprong
Liam Long
Connor van Wyk

their best, often against a superior quality

13A: Played 5 Won 2 Lost 1 Drew 2

opposition. They played with passion and

13B: Played 4 Won1 Lost 2 Drew 1

pride ensuring that our school name was

13C: Played 3 Won1 Lost 3 Drew 1

upheld. Their excitement was evident

13D: Played 3 Won1 Lost 2 Drew

in every game played and they were a

This year we fielded four teams. We had 52 boys playing soccer in this age group and
as a result had large numbers at practice every week.

they would have preferred more fixtures.

This positive season was made possible

In this term we played five fixtures at A team level against, Sherwood, Westville, Toti,

through the added dedication, guidance

Holy Family and Atholl Heights. The U13A played extremely well in the first game

and assistance of Mr Matthew Sprong,

against a superior Sherwood team, shocking them with a drawn result. The only loss

the assistant coach.

for the season was when we played the Westville team, against whom we were only
able to field an under strength team. The team played well for the rest of the season
ably led by Liam Long and Connor van Wyk, with Connor being the highest goal
All the teams performed admirably with the boys enjoying the games and giving of


bit disappointed at the short season as

D Rehman


Soccer U13B

Front Row (L - R): Lutho Sihawu, Taja

Ellenson, Mr D Rehman, Mfundo Cele,
Luke Wells
Back Row: Cavin Rehman, Siashen
Bhagwandin, Shaun Lonmon-Davis,
Uzair Osman, Keaton Jones, Yashkar
Bhoda, Sondisa Mbongwa, Siphe Sabela

Soccer U13C

Front Row (L R): Daniel Criticos, Liam

Dolphin, Mr D Rehman, Kiarin Naidoo ,
Darshan Naidu
Back Row: Cameron Pillay, Joel Blair,
Cameron McCarthy, Amal Naidoo, Gary
Storm, Kayden Namulalla, Aphiwe

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Soccer U13D

Front Row (L R): Nkululeko Ndlovu,

Jiaju Xu, Mr D Rehman, Dylan Raftery,
Qhawe Mthembu
Back Row: Michael Fu, Dylan Nikwigize,
Alwandle Ndwalane ,Shivaan Naidoo,
Aphiwe Mbonambi, Jean Claude Blandin
De Chalain, Mpilo Nxasana

Soccer U11A

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Front Row (L-R): Keane Pillay,

Mr C Mc Lellan, Andile Sigaqa,
Mr P Terubu, Matthew Ackerman.
2nd Row: Lwandile Mshengu, Steven
Callaghan, Sbonga Ngcongo, Mfundo
Bhengu, Amandla Mvingelwa, Jarrud
Back Row: Mpande Morailane,
Odimegwu Chukweuemeka, Tristan Hunt
Ayushkar Ramkissoon, Keegan Williams.

Soccer U11 REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr P Terubu, Mr C McLellan
Andile Sigaqa
Results: Played 6 Won 4 Lost 1 Drew 1
The U11 season was a very successful one this year with the age group boasting just
one loss during the season.
We were able to put together two sides in the age groups, and both teams put
together some very exciting performances. The highlights being the victories over
Westville, who are a very strong soccer school. The only loss of the season came from
the game against Amanzimtoti Primary, where a late penalty against us, saw us go
down in a game that we dominated in the possession stats.
The team was held together in the midfield nicely with Andile Sigaqa and Mamisa
Mshengu often delivering the perfect ball to the strikers to take care of the rest.
Another player that stood out at the back was Chukwu Odimegwu, who fought hard

Soccer U11B


Front Row (L-R): Calan Jensen,

Mr P Terubu, Kwazi Moyo, Mr C McLellan,
Sourav Pannallal
2nd Row: Mekaylan Ramrattan, Calem
Gilbert, Kushal Bugareth, Kerwin Naidoo,
Shivaan Alamchand, Vutlhari Mabasa,
Back Row: Reece Samuels, Lethu Ndayini,
Daniel Hogg, Mpande Morailane

to get rid of danger and never gave up,

just as a centre back should.
Thank you to coaches Mr P Teburu and
Mr C McLellan whose passion for the
game shines through in their great
K Bowes-Taylor


Soccer U10A

Front Row (L-R): Matthew Francis,

Jayden Hulley, Mr R Dangarembwa, Chad
Jones, Nishaylen Naidoo
Back Row: Tariq Sallie, Lesedi Louw,
Nikhil Maganlal, Alex Criticos, Aphiwe
Zama, Hrrison Field, Tafara Chingozoh,
Zimangalis Ndlovu

Soccer U10 REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr R Dangarembwa, Mr T Ngcobo
Jayden Hulley
The soccer season was met with great enthusiasm by the U10 age group. As the age
group is quite small the U9s were invited to join up so we could put together two
teams in the age group.
We had a very successful 2014 season overall, with the win ratio in the age group
sitting at 80%. The season started off with a bang when both As and Bs came away
with wins over Sherwood Primary. The highlight of the season was definitely the
6-a-side tournament at Northdene were the U10s came out champions over schools
from all over the greater Durban area. The only loss of the season came against a very
strong Westville side, other than that it was wins all round.
There were two boys in particular that stood out in the age group, Jayden Hulley
and Nikeal Maganlal, both of whom made U11 DND soccer sides. These boys showed

Soccer U10B

Front Row (L-R): Liam Vercueil, Thato

Mofokeng, Mr R Dangarembwa, Matthew
Damon, Connor Thomas
2nd Row: Miles Bracking, Obinna
Enebechi, Benjamin von Weichardt,
Lukhanyo Ndlovu, Nkanyezi Zwane,
Mikael Govender,
Back Row: Matteo Damon, Songezo
Dlungwana, Nathan Damtew, Lloyd
Moodley, Joshua Ciza

skill and fighting spirit throughout the

season and have the potential to go far
in the sport.
A big thank you must go to the two
coaches of the U10 age group. Mr R
Dangarembwa and Mr T Ngcobo who
have done a fine job this year and it
shows in these brilliant results.
K Bowes-Taylor

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Results: Played 6 Won 5 Lost 1 Drew 0

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Softball Boys report

Staff Responsible: Mrs B Munsami

Wesley Gace
Keagan Scharneck
Softball U19 team
Results: Played 6 Won 4 Lost 2
Runners up to Glenwood in the U19 B League

Softball U16
Captain : John-Paul Canter
Vice-Captain : Caleb Benjamin
Results: Played 8 Won 8
Winners of the U16 B League
The pupils of St Henrys have really made their presence felt at the Queensmead
Sports Stadium every Friday afternoon during the third term.
An enthusiastic group of young boys, many of them playing softball for the first time
took on mighty giants, Glenwood and Westville Boys High, to emerge triumphant.
Other schools that played in the KZN league this year were Hillcrest, Northwood,
Thomas More, Port Natal, Amanzimtoti and Highway.
St Henrys won the U16 B League and were runners up in the U19 B League. The boys
attended the prize giving and capping ceremony held by the KZN Softball Association
at Glenwood High School on 22 November this year.
The following pupils were also successful in making the KZN teams;
They are : Sahil Govender U19
Wesley Gace U19
Caleb Benjamin U15
Dean Munsami, the St Henrys coach, was nominated as a KZN selector and also
chosen to coach the Boys U15 KZN team.

A sincere thank you to the boys for

their commitment, enthusiasm and
willingness to learn more about the
sport. They have shown tremendous
sportsmanship and have been excellent
ambassadors of St Henrys.
A special thank you to the dedicated
parents who spent long hours on a
Friday evening supporting their sons in
the often freezing weather. Thank you
for allowing your children to play a sport
that makes them so aware of what being
a team player really means. All it takes
is a fighting spirit to the very end or an
awesome outfield catch or home run to
turn the game around.
The season ended with what has now
become the traditional end of season
braai that have surely become the envy
of all those around.
Special thanks to coach Dean for his
passion and belief in each of the boys
and for making this a successful season.
B Munsami

Softball U19


Front Row (L-R) :Keagan Scharneck, Mr

D Munsami, Wesley Gace, Mrs B Munsami,
Bongisisa Mhlongo
Back Row: Kegan Ormshaw, Adhil
Koobair, Clinton Canal, Graham Bishai,
Caleb Benjamin, Luca Ruggier, Sahil


Softball U16

Front Row (L-R) : Caleb Benjamin,

Mr D Munsami, JohnPaul Canter,
Mrs B Munsami, Julian Govender
Back Row: Luca Ruggier, Trevor Bishai,
Joshua Robinson, Clinton Canal, Codi
Baxendale, Kailin Reddy, Johnathan Gild

KZN Schools Softball Capping and Prize Giving Ceremony

Three of the four softball teams attended the KZN School Softball Capping and Prize
Giving Ceremony held at Glenwood High School on Saturday 22 November 2014.
The following teams received trophies and certificates:
Girls U19B: won the U19B league
Girls U16B: 3rd in the U16B league
Boys U19B: 2nd to Glenwood High School
Boys U16B: won the U16B league

Coach Dean Munsami was selected to

coach the boys U15 KZN team.

Congratulations to the following pupils were capped for the KZN team:
Caleb Benjamin KZN U16 B softball
Chelsea-Lea Smith KZN U15B softball
Melissa Calitz
KZN U15B softball
Courtney Felix
KZN U15B softball
Savanna Ballard KZN U15B softball

We wish all of them everything of the

best in the up - coming tournament
to be held at Queensmead on 5-7th
December 2014.
B Munsami

KZN Schools Softball Capping Ceremony Boys U19

St Henrys Marist College 2014

KZN Schools Softball Capping Ceremony Boys U16

Kristan Oldewage KZN U15B softball

(non-travelling reserve)
Jessica Erasmus KZN U17B softball
Kendal Johnson KZN U17B softball
Christin Meistre KZN U19A softball

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Softball girls report

Staff Responsible: Miss K Leppens
Christin Meistre
Kendal Johnson
U19: Played 8 Won 7 Lost 0 Drew 1
U16: Played 8 Won 5 Lost 3 Drew 0
The U19 girls showed their experience and sporting talent this year. They had an
immaculate season where they practised and played hard. The opposition stood no
chance when it came to the pitching talent of Christin Meistre and the skill of our
catcher, Courtney Felix. When the opposing team did manage to hit the ball, it was
usually snatched out of the air by Jessica Erasmus, Kendal Johnson or Blair Miller
sending the batter back into the dugout.
The final match against Port Natal had us up against a stiff opposition. Our girls
played with cool heads and a steady determination and come out tops with 8 runs to
zero! Congratulations go to Kendal Johnson who played for the KZN U19 girls team
in a tournament earlier this year.
Several girls were selected to be a part of the KZN training squad for the December
tournament. Christin Meistre was chosen for the U19 team, Jessica Erasmus and
Kendal Johnson were chosen to represent the U17 age group and Courtney Felix,
Savanna Ballard and Kristan Oldewage are a part of the U15 training squad.

The U16 team grew immensely this
year, with a large number of grade 8
girls showing an interest in the game.
They persevered throughout the season
trying to learn the many complicated
rules of the game, with the seasoned
grade 9 and 10 players giving them a
helping hand.
The girls showed some good talent this
year and managed some excellent wins
our best win being beating Thomas
More by 18 runs to 2! The U16 team were
placed third in their league this season.
Two of the girls, Chelsea-Lea Smith and
Melissa Calitz were selected to be a part
of the U15 KZN training squad for the
December tournament. Well done to all
the girls who played softball this year
and good luck in 2015!
K Leppens

Softball U19

Front Row (L to R): Christin Samuel,

Mr D Munsami, Kendal Johnson,
Miss K Leppens, Christin Meistre
Back row: Giuliana Bowers, Courtney
Felix, Savanna Ballard, Kristan Oldewage,
Jessica Erasmus, Blair Miller, Bianca

Softball U16


Front row (L to R): Jhetan Govender,

Mr D Munsami, Jaime Butler,
Miss K Leppens, Melissa Calitz
2nd row: Noxolo Ngema, Chelsea-Lea
Smith, Sydney van Voorst, Rachael
Lonmon-Davis, Danielle Andre, Clarissa
Back row: Emma Brown, Petrice Moodley,
Wataya van der Merwe, Amy Cooper,
Emma Ratcliffe



Front Row (L-R): Ashleigh Biggar, Tevin Howard, Blair Miller (vice-captain), Jean-Luc Tostee (Captain), Mrs C Brent, Sharnae
Zimmerman (Captain), Joshua Tammadge (vice-captain), Joshua Gaillard, Gemma van As
2nd Row: Jaime Van der Walt, Alex Barnardo, Julian Govender, Gavin Barnard, Courtney Cassan, Jodi Biggar, Faiz Ally, Rachael
Lonmon-Davis, Rhys Baxendale, Sarah Thompson
3rd Row: Melissa Calitz, Guiliana Bowers, Liam Gaillard, Davide Ferreri, Darren Reineke, Matthew Callaghan, Courtney Felix, Jessica
4th Row: Emma Ratcliff, Sheralee Porritt, Joshua Goncalves, Joshua Robinson, Keaton Gomes, Jonathan Gild, Courtney Wyatt, Sydney
van Voorst
Back Row: Kyla Russell, Novien Pillay, Michael Cooke, Guy Cooke, Jessica Erasmus

Swimming High School report

Our High School swimming kicked off with the heats on the first Friday back at school.
This year we saw more pupils participate in the heats than previous years. The Felixton
12-hour Challenge was first on the official swimming calendar and 10 swimmers
again got selected to represent the school at the gruelling yet rewarding event. After
12 hours of non-stop swimming and sore bodies we managed to squeeze in another
second spot. A huge congratulations to these 10 swimmers who fought for every inch
in the pool especially in the early morning hours!
The league ran over a couple of weeks and we participated in galas at Crawford La
Lucia and Kloof and hosted a couple. The swimmers performed well at all these galas
and kept up a fighting spirit throughout. At our annual Midmar Invitational Gala our
boys came second following St Benedicts and the girls ended in fourth place. The

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mrs C Brent

Mr E Hulley
Girl: Sharnae Zimmerman Boy: Jean-Luc Tostee
Vice Captains:
Girl: Blair Miller
Boy: Joshua Tammadge

St Henrys Marist College 2014

A-league Co-ed D&D Gala was the final

event during the league and this year
we managed to claw up another spot
to fourth place. With every year our
swimmers are getting fitter, stronger and
more determined. With this attitude we
are sure to gain even better placings in
the future.
A highlight of our swimming calendar,
the Inter-House gala was yet another
fun-filled and spirited event. Houses
competing not only in the pool, but also
on the stands. St Andrews were the
victors on the evening with St Patricks in
second, closely contested by St Henrys.
Unfortunately the lack of participation
of the St Georges swimmers during
the Pre-Contested events affected their
points position and they were left in
fourth place. Congratulations to all those
who swam and especially to those who
were awarded trophies for outstanding
achievements. This year our Victrix
Ludorum was Sharnae Zimmerman and
our Victor Ludorum went to Jean-Luc
It was a great year for swimming and I
would like to thank the swimmers for
their hard work and long hours spent in
the pool, the parents for their support
during the season and Mr Eugene Hulley
for making sure the swimmers were
more than prepared for each gala.
C Brent



Medals for Men

Trident Academy members from St
Henrys, Jason Lang, Rhys Baxendale and
Julian Govender competed in the KZN
Level Championships at Kings Park Pool
in February. Julian came away with a
haul of 4 Gold,1 Silver and 1 Bronze, Rhys
a Silver and 4 Bronze .and Jason with 3
Gold and a Silver.

Swimming Prep School report

Staff Responsible: Eugene Hulley (Coach), Mrs S de Charmoy

Mrs C van der Steeg
Daniela Bowers, Michael Kalil
Term one has been a very busy one, with all our squad swimmers, training hard every
Monday and Wednesday afternoon. The main events were our D&D galas at Kings
Park and of course the Inter-House Gala for the Prep School. The squad attended
various other galas at Crawford North Coast and Umhlanga College, throughout the
term. We had had great support from our parent body. Despite the poor weather
conditions at times, fun was had by all! Both the boys and girls teams achieved nicely
at the Durban and District galas, coming second place at both galas and making us
very proud.
Special thanks to the organizers, Manor Gardens who hosted the Girls E League relay
gala and Glenashley Preparatory School, who hosted the boys C League relay gala
at Kings Park, as well as all the staff who took the time out of their busy schedules to
be there to assist.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

C van der Steeg

St Henrys Marist College 2014


TENNIS High School report

Staff Responsible: Mr G Brits

Michael Ross
Matteo Ferreri
1st Team: Played 2 Won 2 Lost 1
2nd Team: Played 1 Won Lost 1

against Edens best. Our boys proved to

be too strong for their opponents ending
the day on a victory of 53-11 games.

This year we played against Glenwood High School and Eden College.

Michael Ross and Matteo Ferreri got

some sweet revenge after their personal
defeats by Glenwood, by thrashing their
Eden opponents 7-0; 7-0; 5-2. Joshua
Francis and Dominic Linnetts continued
their winning streak with an unbeaten
6-1; 7-0; 7-0 total score. Keagan Ormshaw
and Kyle Govender
also achieved
pleasing results by winning two out of
three matches 7-0; 1-6; 5-2.

The first team played exceptionally well against the boys from Glenwood. It was
a close contest with the final results going the way of St Henrys 32-31 games. Our
top seeds Michael Ross and Matteo Ferreri played a tough series of matches and
unfortunately only won two matches to one 3-4; 3-4; 4-3. A similar fate was shared by
Daniel Francis and Kyle Govender ending on 1-6; 3-4; 3-1. Our first team players of the
day were Joshua Francis and Dominic Linnetts achieving an unbeatable score of 4-3;
6-1; 6-1 in their matches.
Our second team also had a tough day on the courts against Glenwood. They tried
their best and had some exciting plays however the boys eventually lost 11-35 games.
Michael Andre and Mvelo Nkosi won one of three matches 1-7; 3-4; 2-5; and Trevor
Bishai and Liam Read went down 2-8; 1-6; 2-4 after a series of tough opponents.
Our second set of matches were against Eden College where our first team played

Tennis 1st Team


Front Row (L-R): Matteo Ferreri, Michael Ross, Kegan Ormshaw

Back Row: Kyle Govender, Dominic Linnetts, Ayanda Msomi, Joshua Francis

Overall the boys played well, ending on a

winning season.
G Brits


TENNIS PREP School report

Staff Responsible: Mrs T Peters-Newman

Mrs R Jones (Coach)
Results: Played 3 Won 2 Lost 1
Tennis in the Prep School was definitely a worthwhile commitment. We shared lots of
laughs with our friends and our awesome coach, Robyn. It was enjoyable to meet and
interact with children from other schools. If memory serves me correctly, each double
pair managed to win at least one match against the schools we played against.

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Jonathan Wimberley

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L-R): Hannah de Haas, Jessica Kalil, Maylin Chetty

Back Row (L-R): Darshan Naidu, Nivin Pillay, Jonathan Wimberley, Matthew Francis, Zukile Habile, Letuxolo Ndayini, Yashkar Bhoda

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff responsible: Mr S Leech (Manager), Mr C McLellan (Coach)

Mr C Ndletshe (Coach)
Joshua Gaillard
1st team: Played 9 Won 7 Lost 2
U14/15: Played 7 Won 5 Lost 2
The first term of 2014 was a relatively quiet one for the water polo boys. The extent of
swimming fixtures meant that a substantial number of both junior and senior players
were required for the High Schools various swimming squads. As such we played a
limited number of fixtures in the first term but recorded some very good victories at
both a 1st team and Junior boys level over Crawford La Lucia, Kloof and Scottburgh
and in a stagger against Glenwood. In addition, the 1st team played two Gauteng
schools. Krugersdorp and St Peters, recording winning scores in both matches.
The second part of our season, the fourth term, began quite early in 2014 with our
participation in the winter league held at Thomas More in the third term. We fielded
one combined age group boys side in a series of matches lasting a number of weeks.
The winter league is very much a warm-up for the fourth term and a very useful
exercise, in that one can be playing a range of sides that might not be on our usual
fixture list. The experience gained at the winter league including some days where
one plays in the Kloof mist is significant for the fourth term.

The beginning of the fourth term

however, found the 1st team without
most of its players. As the team mainly
comprised matrics, many of whom had
been playing for the 1st team for several
years, their departure from the side due
to examination commitments left us
under strength. It was therefore most
gratifying and impressive when we took
an U16 side and the 1st team side down
to the Scottburgh Pre-Season Water Polo
tournament in September and having
played six matches, we managed to
garner four victories, with two other
matches drawn. The 1st team we fielded
at this tournament was a scratch side of
U13s, U14s, U15s, U16s and a few Open
players. It was very fine and competitive
work by these players, especially for
some of the younger players who played
in all six matches. Well done, boys!
The departure of so many of our
very experienced matric players, in
particular both of our Open age group
goalkeepers, means that we will have
to build capacity at this level next year.
There is, I am pleased to say, a great deal
of talent in the younger age groups, as
well as great enthusiasm and this bodes
well for the future.
I would like to conclude by thanking our
coaches Mr Clyde Mc Clellan and Mr Cebo
(Slick) Ndletshe for the commitment
and work during the year, as well as
our 2014 Captain, Joshau Gaillard who
always led from the front (even if he was
operating at the back as our keeper!)
and his Vice-Captain, Tevin-Lee Howard.
Both Joshua and Tevin showed great
dedication and enthusiasm.
S Leech



Water polo Boys 1st team

Front Row (L- R): Joshua Tammadge, Mr C Ndletshe, Joshua Gaillard (Captain), Mr S Leech, Tevin-Lee Howard (Vice-Captain),
Mr C McClellan, Jean-Luc Tostee
2nd Row: Matthew Callaghan, Keagan Murgatroyd, Kyle Davey, Liam Ward, Brandon Foster, Lorenzo Parsonage
Back Row: Fabio Torino, Graham Bishai, Michael Cooke, Wesley Gace

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L - R): Dyllan Desfontaines, Mr C Ndletshe, Guy Cooke, Mr S Leech,

Joshua Goncalves, Mr C McLellan, Liam Gaillard
2nd Row: Julian Govender, Aston Berry, Cian Wilkes, Davide Ferreri, Seth Pietersen, Dylan Callaghan
Back Row: Liam Rehman, Fadziso Chingonzoh, Aidan Ganasen, Ross Bentley, Carlous Moyo, Cameron Wulfsohn

St Henrys Marist College 2014

WATER POLO SENIOR girls report

Staff responsible:

Mr C McLellan, Mr C Mdletshe
Miss K Kane
Sharn Zimmmerman
Blair Miller
Results: Played 12 Won 8 Lost 4
2014 has been a very successful year for girls water polo. Our senior girls have excelled
in the water and achieved some excellent results throughout the year.
Our fixtures got off to a speedy start and we managed to begin our season with a
successful win against Pinetown with a score of 20 4. Our success continued with us
proving victorious over Thomas More College, Krugersdorp, Scottburgh High School,
Crawford La Lucia and Port Shepstone. We did not have as much luck with Kloof High
School and Marist Stella but we look forward to our matches with them next year.
Our girls also participated in a winter league in the third term which was a mixture of
our senior and junior girls. This was held at Thomas More College in the evenings once
a week. Despite the chilly weather our girls enjoyed their experience in this league.
Many of the teams they played were seasoned water polo players and our girls forgot
how intimidating they looked and took tips and tricks to use in our school matches.
Special thanks must go our dedicated coaches, Mr C McLellan and Mr C Mdletshe.
Congratulations to Melissa Calitz and Sarah Thompson who made it through to the
Kwa-Zulu Natal team in their respective age groups. They were also our top goal
scorers for all our matches.
K Kane

Water polo Girls1st team


Front Row (L R): Ashleigh Biggar, Miss K Kane, Sharnae Zimmerman, Mr C Mclellan, Blair Miller
2nd Row: Emma Brown, Melissa Calitz, Guliana Bowers, Courtney Felix, Courtney Cassan, Sarah Thompson
Back Row: Jessica Thompson, Zoe Beaumont, Wataya Van Der Merwe, Kristen Oldewage, Jessica Erasmus, Jamie Butler


WATER POLO JUNIOR girls report

Staff responsible:
Mr C McLellan, Mr C Mdletshe
Miss K Kane
Results: Played 3 Won 1 Lost 2
It has been great to see a growing interest in the number of junior girls who have
joined our water polo team. They are certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with
when they progress into their senior years.
Our junior fixtures were quite limited this year as many schools only have one water
polo team. We played Thomas More college in the first term and managed to beat
them with a score of 7 3, however our girls played them again in the fourth term and
did not prove so victorious losing their match 8 4. Our juniors also played Kloof High
School but unfortunately lost this game.

Many of our junior girls have been an

integral part of our senior team and have
also enjoyed the experience they have
learnt in at the Thomas More College
winter league.
Congratulations to Jodi Biggar who was
selected for the U14 Kwa-Zulu Natal
team this year.
K Kane

Front Row (L R):Jesse Van Jaarsveldt,

Cebolenkosi Mdletshe, Clyde McLellan,
Katelyn Kalil, Miss K Kane, Rachel
2nd Row:Jhetan Govender, Olwethu
Sibiya, Jodi Biggar, Alex Barnardo,
Michelle de Freitas, Noxolo Ngema
Back Row:Sydney Van Voorst, Jessica
Adams, Alison Southwick, Emma Ratcliff,
Danielle Andre, Awongiwe Xuma

St Henrys Marist College 2014

JUNIOR girls

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Staff Responsible: Mr N Mar (Manager)
Mr C McLellan, Mr C Mdletshe
Michael Kalil
Results: Played 7 Won 3 Lost 2 Drew 2
In the first term we had 30 eager students training every Tuesday and Thursday
morning under the excellent coaching skills of Cebo Mdletshe and Clyde McLellan.
We were set for two boys teams and a girls side. We ended off the term with a narrow
win against a mixed U14/U15 side.
In the fourth term we were proud to get Bulelani Mzimela and Jade McLellan to
represent the U13 boys and U13 girls KZN sides, respectively. We played a minitournament at Clifton winning against Athlone Park and drawing against Clifton B.
The following week we participated in the Top Ten tournament at Clifton where we

won 2, lost against a powerful DPHS

A side and drew with our nemesis
Clifton B, once again. We ended off the
season with an internal match against a
combined U14/U15 side. The talent on
display bodes well for our High School
water-polo sides next year.
N Mar

Water Polo 1st

Boys Prep

Front Row (L-R): Mr C McLellan, Michael

Kalil(Captain), Mr N Mar, Bulelani
Mzimela, Mr C Mdletshe
2nd Row: Luke Wells, Shaun LonmonDavis, Brandyn Haddow, Heinrich Crocker,
Liam Dolphin, Matteo Cozzi
Back Row: Andre van Dyk, Dylan Raftery,
Conner van Wyk, Andrew Gace, Cameron

Water Polo 1st



Front Row (L R): Mr C Mdletshe,

Nathalie Desfontaines, Jade McLellan,
Mr N Mar, Daniela Bowers,
Mr C McLellan
2nd Row: Thubelihle Madlala, Emah
Pietersen, Lara Horn, Isabella Goncalves,
Ijeoma Odimegwu
Back Row: Kaitlyn Burrell, Emma Raftery,
Usiphile Dansoh, Rachael Ratcliff


Water Polo U11 Mixed Boys and Girls REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr N Mar (Manager)
Mr C Mdletshe, Mr C McLellan
Matthew Ackerman
Results: Played 3 Won 2 Lost 1
We played in one mini-tournament at Clifton. We lost to Clifton U11,A then the team
got progressively better, beating Thomas Moore and Clifton B. Emma Pieterson
and Matthew Ackerman were the stand-out players for this team.
N Mar

Front Row (L-R): Mr C McLellan, Matthew

Damons, Mr N Mar, Matthew Ackerman,
Mr C Mdletshe
2nd Row: Steven Callaghan, Chuku
Odimegwu, Letu Ndayini, Joel Blair,
Sandisa Mbongwa, David Glen
Back Row: Kwazi Moyo, Keaton Jones,
Robert Heustice, Tristen Hunt

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Water Polo U11

Mixed Boys

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Our second Cultural Award Evening took place this year to recognize an ever growing
list of Cultural achievements. Music students from St Henrys Marist College Music
School started the evening off, providing ambient music as guests arrived to pay
tribute to our successful candidates.

From Debating to Dancing, Music to
Theatrical Performance, the learners
of St Henrys were acknowledged for
their accomplishments. During the
proceedings we were entertained by the
Prep School Recorder Consort, Cameron
Mudley on guitar (accompanying Mr
Kamba) and Grade 4 poetry Performers.
As a special Diwali treat we had Shrivaan
Naidoo play the Sitar for us.

The highlight of the evening was our

guest of honour, well known Durban Lisa
Bobbert actress/singer / comedienne,
who graciously handed out the awards
to the deserving learners. In her speech
Ms Bobbert drew our attention to the
fact that finding ones passion and
following ones dream is possibly the
most important factor when it comes
to achieving personal happiness. She
reminded us that children are not on
this earth to fulfill their parents dreams,
but their own, and implored parents to
be brave in letting go and allowing their
children to fly in their chosen direction
(even if you do think a career in medicine
is more stable than one in music.)


With this philosophy in mind and with

her typical generous spirit Ms Bobbert
has sponsored a new trophy for the
Cultural Dept. The Best Cultural Allrounder - which will be presented in
2015 for the first time. This award will
go to the learner who excels in more
than one Cultural discipline and is
generally an asset to the Cultural life of
the College. The Cultural Calendar for
2015 is a very active one so there will be
ample opportunity for any contenders
to prove themselves deserving of this
prestigious award. Our heartfelt thanks
go to Ms Bobbert for her generous

23 October 2014

Our thanks must also go to Mr Phillips, Mrs Francis, Mrs Ross, and Mr Puren who did
so much to make the evening a success. We are very fortunate at St Henrys to have
a Management and staff who are very supportive of the Arts, helping us achieve the
ever important balance between academics, sport, culture, and ethos. As we take
the Cultural Department to another level in 2015, we look forward to an even more
dynamic Awards Evening, closing with a wonderful celebration of food and wine,
Marist Family and friends, and the sweet strains of the violin played by yet another
talented St Henrys learner.
R Schumann

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College


DEBATING Preparatory:
Most Promising Debater


Akhilan Moodley

Best impromptu Speaker

Best Prepared Speech
Best Evaluator

Adam Taylor
Matthew Callaghan
Amy van der Merwe

Certificate of merit with distinction:
Dominic Linnetts
The role of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, and representing
St Henrys at the Culture at Kearsney College
Demi Geldenhyse
The role of Golde in Fiddler on the Roof, and representing
St Henrys at the Culture at Kearsney College
Luke Ducray
The role of Motel in Fiddler on the Roof, and representing
St Henrys as Jafar in the Maris Stella Production of Aladdin
Loreto Cabrera
The role of Avram in Fiddler on the Roof, and representing
St Henrys in the KZN Young Performers production of Footloose
at the Sneddon

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Senior Inter House Debating Team of the Year

St Georges

Michael Ross,

Amy van der Merwe,

Seni Sabela
Junior Inter House Debating Team of the Year

St Henrys

Joseph Foxon
Mrs A Haskins Trophy
Kashmil Gopal
Best Speaker
Sam Pretorious Memorial Trophy Grade 8
Debating Team of the Year
Kavindhen Kander,


Moodley, Joseph Foxon

Junior Debater of the Year
Divakarin Moodley
Most Dedicated Debater
Amy van der Merwe
Senior Debater of the Year
Michael Ross


St Henrys Marist College 2014



Certificates of merit:
Michael Ross
Sarah Thompson
Jessica Read
Michael Read
Michaela Blandin de Chalain
Lethu Hlongwane
Liah Janse van Rensburg
James Church
Sheralee Porritt
Raynor Norris
Certificate of participation in Fiddler on the Roof:
Calum Murphy
Mayur Soowamber
Dylan Callaghan
Armandt van Zyl
Sheena Hosmer
Patrice Moodley
Reece Baxendale
Aiden Hogg
Louis Morton
Lerato Moeli
Lumka Sibeko
Luyanda Mazibuko
Courtney Felix
Certificate of participation in Fiddler on the Roof Prep
Caitlyn Petterson
Louise Bracking
Steven Callaghan
Noah Geldenhuis
Certificate of participation in Fiddler on the Roof Rugby
Jordan Buckley
Clinton Canal
Darren Reineke
Liam Davis
Wesley Rachman
Wesley Rachman
Andrew Mulqueeny
Nala Mthiyane
Certificate of participation in Fiddler on the Roof Key
Megan Raftery
Noah Atkins
Matthew Bartholomew
Kyle Mawbey
Kaylor Laing
Kendal Johnson
Imraan Safla
Pascal Tostee
Cian Wilkes
Joseph Foxon
Adam Taylor
Jade Geldenhuis

Most promising Chess Player of the Year

Aaron Naidu
Most Improved Chess Player of the Year
Divakaran Moodley
Chess Player of the Year
Liam Moodley
Certificate of Achievement:
Liam Moodley
Played in the World Chess
Aaron Naidu
Kavidhen Kander
Keyana Perumal
KZN Chess Representatives
Liam Moodley
Kavidhen Kander
Tyrese Pillay
Mayilan Chetty
Aaron Naidu
Louis Courtois Trophy
Jaedon Naidu
Most Dedicated Primary School Chess Player
Lewis Trophy
Mayilan Chetty
Certificates of merit with Distinction:
Mayilan Chetty
Jaedon Naidu
SA Colours, D&D Chess

member of the winning

team D&D Chess Finals
Yashkar Bhoda
Chris Fu
Michael Fu
D&D Chess member of the

winning team D&D Chess
Nivin Pillay
D&D Chess



Amy van der Merwe

Durban Youth Council

member 2014 Deputy
Matthew Callaghan
Durban Youth Council

member 2014

Council Manager
Aphiwe Njoko
Durban Youth Council

member 2014

Secretary of the Council
Megan Raftery
Durban Youth Council

member 2014 Director

HIV and Humanities
Lauren Askew
Durban Youth Council

member 2014 Deputy

Director Feeding Schemes

and Disabilities
Dominic Linnetts
Durban Youth Council

member 2014

Councillor in Feeding

Schemes and Disabilities


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Alexander Marais Trophy

Graham Bishai
Outstanding performance in music
Louis Courtois Trophy
Trevor Bishai
Most Dedicated Musician
Graham & Trevor embarked on a tour of China with the KZN
Youth Wind band (Dec 2013-Jan 2014 and are both full members
of the Durban City orchestra.
Certificate for Participation in Music
Alaric Theophilus
Grade 6 Piano
Demi Geldenhuis
Grade 4 Piano
Himal Govender
Grade 6 Violin
Senior Music Awards
Seni Sabela
Luke Ducray
Lethu Hlongwane
Aphiwe Njoko
Loreto Cabrera
James Church
Patricia de Freitas
Sabrina Samuel
Christin Samuel
Bianca Samuel
Luyanda Mazibuko
Senamile Ncgobo
Gerri Lazarus
Sarah Perumal
Liah Janse van Rensburg
Tristan Boltman
Willis Cup
Zukile Habile
Excelling in music during the Year
ARBSM Music Theory Awards
Sophie Atkins
Grade 1: 96% Distinction
Daniel Francis
Grade 1: 93% Distinction
Garusha Pillay
Grade 2: 91% Distinction
Matthew Savy
Grade 1: 94% Distinction
Adam Taylor
Grade 2: 92% Distinction
ARBSM Music Practical Exam
Jordan Mawbey
Grade 2: 77% Merit Pass
Garusha Pillay
Grade 4: 83%

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Certificate of Merit with Distinction in Music
Luke Ducray
Loreto Cabrera
Trevor Bishai
Graham Bishai
Hermann Schumann Memorial Award

Kallen Naidoo
Best Player in the Recorder
Most Determined and Most Improved Recorder Player

Mahika Chetty
Best Grade 8 Cultural Oral Award Shrivaan Naidoo
Best Grade 8 Music Practical
Laken Samuel

Paige Staphorst

Jaime van der Walt

Jodi Biggar

Nathalie Vose


Certificate of Achievement in Ballet

Wataya van der Walt
Performing in Shall we
Sheena Hosmer
Passed level12

performance awards and

Royal Academy of dance

exam with distinction
Jessica Read
Passed Level 12

Performance awards and

Royal Academy of dance

exam with distinction

member of the KZN Youth

Dance Company

Prep School

The following pupils have represented the school at Regional

and/or Provincial level:


Yashkar Bhoda
Nivin Pillay
Chris Fu
Michael Fu
Jaedon Naidu
Mayilan Chetty

Kallen Naidoo

Durban & Districts

Durban & Districts
Durban & Districts and KZN
Durban & Districts and KZN
Durban & Districts and KZN
Durban & Districts and KZN and SA Youth

Herman Schumann Memorial Award



High School

Front Row (L to R): Wamkelwe Msali,

Mkhululi Mvelase (C), Mr G de Pace,
Keyanna Perumal, Sahil Govender
1st Row: Kavidhen Kander, Tyresse Pillay,
Aaron Naidu, Divadaran Moodley
Back Row: Adam Taylor, Liam Moodley,
Nivash Soma, Kiran Pannalall, Himal

Chess High School REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mr G de Pace
Mr J Subke
Mkhululi Mvelase
Vice Captain:
Keyanna Perumal

Results: Played 8 Won 4 Drew 1 Lost 3

Chess Vs DHS
DHS won by 8 board

The Chess team, captained by Mkhululi

Mvelase, played well this year. Practices
were held on a Wednesday afternoon
in the Life Sciences Laboratory. The
team were again coached by Mr Jason
Subke, who has a wealth of experience
and knowledge, both at Provincial and
National level when it comes to the game
of Chess. Mr Subke has his Provincial
and National Colours in Chess, and his
expertise for the game ensured that
the team learnt a great deal from him.
Matches were scheduled for a Friday
afternoon, and the results for the year
are as follows:

Due to the excellent results of the team we were invited to the Durban and Districts
challenge, which was held at Westville Boys High School on Friday 22nd August. The
team were placed fourth, with the tournament being won by DHS.

Chess Vs Westville Boys

St Henrys won by 5 boards

Many thanks to Rev O Neill who assisted in driving the team, in the new school buses,
to the various venues!

Chess Vs Durban Girls High

St Henrys won by 9 boards

To the many social chess players who religiously attended practice on a Wednesday
afternoon, your dedication and enthusiasm for the game is much appreciated.

Chess Vs Clifton
Clifton won by 8 boards

Mr G de Pace

Chess Vs Northwood
Northwood won by 9 boards

Chess Vs Ridge Park College

St Henrys won by 8 boards
Chess Vs George Campbell
The game was a draw with 5 boards each

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Chess Vs New Forest

St Henrys won by 7 boards

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Chess Prep

Front Row (L to R): Tariq Sallie, Jordan Benjamin, Raul Govender, Sourav Pannalall, Kerwin Naidoo, Akhilan Moodley, Lesedi Louw
2nd Row: Chris Fu, Nivin Pillay, Mayilan Chetty, Amal Naidoo, Yashkar Bhoda, Michael Fu, Jaedon Naidu
3rd Row: Shivaan Naidoo,Cavin Rehman, Mpilo Nxasana, Trinity Moodley, Mrs D Winter, Arya Ramdeyu, Nathan Damtew, Qhawe
Mthembu, Nikhil Maganlal
4th Row: Joshua Ciza, Lutho Sihawu, Taja Ellenson, Chad Jones, Kiarin Naidoo, Nkululeko Ndlovu, Jaydyn Lachanna, Tristan Sagadevan
Back Row: Jiaju Xu, Keaton Jones, Kayden Namula, Zukile Habile, Sinempilo Khati, Dylan Raftery, Nishaylen Naidoo, Ketan Bissessur,
Alwande Ndwalane
Absent: Coach Mdeni Njapha

Chess PREP School REPORT

Staff Responsible: Mrs D Winter
Our Prep School chess players have once again excelled this year.
They began the year on a high by being named runners up in the Northlands Primary
Winter Festival.
On our Derby Day, St Henrys hosted a chess tournament where an exciting day of
competitive chess was enjoyed, with our team of ten winning the trophy for the third
year running.
The team won all their rounds in the Durban Central League Challenge and then went
on to play against the other districts, winning the Senior Primary Challenge Finals for
the third year running. They then acquitted themselves well in the KZN Umlazi District
Trials and Finals by winning the one and coming second in the other.
At the D&D Trials, six pupils were awarded their D&D badges, namely Mayilan Chetty,
Michael Fu, Chris Fu, Nivin Pillay, Yashkar Bhoda and Jaedon Naidu.


We are extremely proud of Mayilan Chetty and Jaedon Naidu who played in the South
African Junior Chess Closed Competition in Stellenbosch and who then went on to
play in the World Youth Chess Competition, earning their SA colours.

Michael Fu, Chris Fu and Jaedon Naidu

earned their KZN colours and we wish
them well in the upcoming Nationals to
be played in Kimberley.
Our thanks go to Coach Njapha
for his dedication, enthusiasm and
expertise, and to all the parents who
have encouraged and supported their
children this year in this great game of
D Winter


Chess Prep Winners

Staff Responsible:
Mrs B Burns

Halfway through the year, enthusiastic

Grade Two boys and girls joined this
activity. They also benefitted from the
extra professional coaching and are
applying the skills they have learned
very seriously. The Grade Three players
have enjoyed the challenge from the
younger group and Tuesday chess
sessions have become more energised
and stimulating.
Well done to all our Junior Chess Players.
May you continue to progress and enjoy
the game.
B Burns

For the first time, the World Chess Youth Championships took place in Africa. St Henrys
was privileged to have four pupils taking part. Jaedon Naidu (Grade 5B), Aaron Naidu
(Grade 8P), Liam Moodley (Grade 8P) and Kavidhen Kander (Grade 8P) seen with Mr
Ackerman and Mr Leech. The tournament can involve playing up to 8 hours a day,
followed by intensive pre and post-game analyses.
In the U12 section, Aaron Naidu (right) was ranked 8th out of 22. Liam Moodley
finished 9th out of 27 in the U14 division. For finishing in the top 10, they were
granted Chess Federation Colours, enabling them to participate in the World Youth
Chess Competition in September.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

A small group of Grade Three children

gathered every Tuesday afternoon to
play chess and improve their skills.
With additional coaching by KZN coach
Mndeni Njapha, the children learnt
new strategies, tactics and opening
moves. They participated as a team at
tournaments at Penzance Primary and
Montclair Junior Primary. Tournaments
are always more interesting with the
chance of lucky draws and lots of time to
play with new friends.

World Chess Youth Championship

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row: Mahika Chetty, Lethiwe Ngubane, Christene Brisset, Uluhle Zulu, Esha Parbhoo
2nd Row: Patricia de Freitas, Lethu Hlongwane, Sarah Perumal, Luke Ducray, Seni Sabela, Loreto Cabrera, James Church
3rd Row: Jordan Benjamin, Kyle Ormshaw, Senamile Ngcobo, Luyanda Mazibuko, Aphiwe Njoko, Geri Lazarus, Zukile Habile, Bulelani
Back Row: Rhys Baxendale, Chistin Samuel, Kyle Govender, Lerato Moeli, Tristan Boltman, Sabrina Samuel, Bianca Samuel, Michaela
Blandin de Chalain

1929 - 2014


St Henrys Marist College



Oratory Report
Teacher in charge: Mr J Schumann
Michael Ross
Oratory enjoyed a purple patch in 2014 with our debaters taking a substantial share

festival and managed to win through

of the laurels.

to the semi-finals of the Senior Best

Our Grade 8 team, comprising Kavidhen Kander, Divakaran Moodley and Joseph
Foxon went undefeated in the Durban Coastal Debating League and went on to win
the league in fine style beating Danville Girls High in the finals. They are definitely a
team to watch for the future. While our senior debaters were not as successful, the
quality of our senior teams was excellent and we look forward to an exciting year in
Our Head Boy, Michael Ross, capped off a remarkable 2013 which saw him being
selected to represent Durban in the Provincial Championships along with Savannah
Cozzi, by being adjudged best speaker in his pool this year.

Speaker completion.
All in all a very successful year and
special thanks must go to Michael Ross
and his committee for their efforts in
making Oratory so successful.
Also a special word of thanks to Aman
Baboolal for all his advice and help as
well as his adjudication skills and once
again to Mrs Keryn Askew who gave of
her time selflessly and generously to

Our forum teams also had a successful run with several of our senior and Grade 11

help with adjudication. We look forward

teams being victorious. Several of our Grade 11s also took part in the Speak Festival

to a good 2015 and wish the incoming

held at Clifton where Megan Raftery was adjudged runner up in the Persuasive
Speaking section. Kashmil Gopal was adjudged 6th best speaker overall in the same

committee every success.

J Schumann

Front Row (L-R): Michael Ross, Mr J

Schumann, Michael Hicks
Back Row: Savannah Cozzi, Armandt
van Zyl, Sibongiseni Sabela

St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Debating Society

Front Row (L-R): Savannah Cozzi, Armandt van Zyl, Michael Ross, Mr J Schumann, Michael Hicks, Sibongiseni Sabela
2nd Row: Divakaran Moodley, Jhetan Govender, Luyanda Mazibuko, Julian Govender, Dylan Callaghan, Joseph Foxon,
Amy van der Merwe,Lauren Askew, Kavidhen Kander
3rd Row: Joshua Goncalves, Lumka Sibeko, Bianca Samuel, Adam Taylor, Lloyd Nharara, Kashmil Gopal, Daniel Francis, Christin
Samuel, Dhinita Parumaul, Kailin Reddy
Back Row: Hannah Meyers, Clinton Canal, Marios Mouzouris, Bayanda Cele, Devon Murphy, Adhil Koobair, Megan Raftery.

Bring back our girls


The St Henrys Debating Society joined the international protest over the abduction of almost 300 Nigerian schoolgirls by the
fundamentalist Islamic group, Boko Haram in April. They are seen with the rest of the College community gathered behind them in


Debating Senior 1st

Front Row (L-R): Savannah Cozzi, Michael Ross, Sibongiseni


Debating Senior 2nd

Front Row (L-R): Amy van der Merwe, Megan Raftery, Lauren


Front Row (L-R): Kudakwashe

Nharara, Devon Murphy,
Luyanda Mazibuko,
Bayanda Cele, Dhinita
Parumaul, Kailin Reddy

Debating Prep School

Front Row (L-R): Keaton Jones, Dylan Raftery, Akhilan Moodley,

Ketan Bissessur
Back Row: Mr J Schumann

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Debating Grade 8

Front Row (L-R): Kavidhen Kander, Joseph Foxon, Jhetan

Govender, Divakaran Moodley

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys have maintained their high level of involvement with regards to the Durban
Youth Council for 2014. The Durban Youth Council is a vibrant non-profit organisation
which seeks to develop young leaders through service to the community. The College
has been awarded a School award for the fourth consecutive year in recognition of the
hard work and achievements of the St Henrys councillors. The Council of 2014 had a
very successful year. They aimed to positively impact two thousand and fourteen lives
to coincide with the year and can confidently affirm they have achieved that goal.

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

The council is divided into seven committees with Megan Raftery being director
of the HIV and Humanities committee. The committee was lead to the heights of
success with one of their most notable projects being a festival on the 14th of June
at the Musgrave Blood Donor Clinic for International Blood Donation Day. Due to the
councils efforts over 100 pints of blood were collected and thus hundreds of lives
Lauren Askew was the deputy director of Feeding Schemes and Disabilities along
with Dominic Linnetts being a councillor in the committee. The committee managed
to plant a number of sustainable vegetable gardens. One of which is in at primary
school, named Isikhwelo Primary in Umlazi, where the vegetable garden is thriving
and has become one of the main sources of income for the school.
Aphiwe Njoko was the secretary for the council, Matthew Callaghan was the Council
Manager and Amy van der Merwe was the Deputy Mayor. These positions required
dealing with the council as a whole and a number of very successful projects were
carried out such as Phenomenal Women which was held at the Oyster Box Hotel this
year to acknowledge the everyday exceptional women in Durban as well as educate
young girls of the role models they have to look up to in their community. The
annual fundraiser, Mr and Miss Durban Youth pageant, was an enchanting night with
Courtney Felix taking part as a model from St Henrys and this event helped to fund
the many other projects that were undertaken to uplift the community.

Amy with Ella Gandhi

The Durban Youth Council have recently gotten involved with Marist Mercy Care
and Patrice Madurai with regards to their Cupcake ReSolution Drive which aims to
celebrate lives and claim identities with mobile Home Affairs offices and cupcakes to
emphasise to young children the importance of their lives. We look forward to seeing
that project flourish in Durban.
2015 will be the fourth year St Henrys has a school pupil achieving one of the top
positions in the council and we wish Trevor Bishai all the best in his year as the Mayor
of the Youth Council. Each of the St Henrys pupils experienced an immense personal
growth throughout the year as well as deepening for their passion for community
service and rural development.
Amy van der Merwe


DYC Mayors with both Ella Ghandi and


DYC Leadership


The Durban Youth Council aims at

uplifting the lifestyle of Durban and
in particular of the citys youth. For a
number of years, St Henrys has been
well-represented on the Council with
the Colleges representatives filling
significant portfolios. In 2012, Emma
Cipolla was Deputy Mayor, followed by
Savannah Cozzi in the position of Mayor.
This year, Amy van der Merwe has been
Deputy Mayor and now Trevor Bishai has
been elected Mayor for 2015. The other
College reps are Jamie Butler, Clinton
Canal, Courtney Felix, Tevin Pillay and
Joshua Robinson.

DYC: Phenomenal Women 2014

Mrs MacQuillin and Mrs Vermeulen
were nominated to attend The Durban
Youth Councils annual prestigious
Phenomenal Women event. Phenomenal
Women is an event which aims to
recognise the achievements of the
Phenomenal Women of our generation
thus providing the young girls of Durban
with role models to look up to.
Both Mrs MacQuillan and Mrs Vermeulen
were nominated for their dedication to
the school and for inspiring countless
young Marist girls to be ladies.

13th of September from 2:30 until 5pm

at the Oyster Box. Some of the other
guests that were in attendance were
Ela Gandhi, Gcina Mhlope, Honourable
Judge Mbatha and our Head Girl and
previous Youth Mayor Savannah Cozzi,
to name a few.

DYC Book

The Phenomenal Women nominees

2014 along with the Phenomenal
Women Durban Youth Council team.
Savannah Cozzi, Thandolwethu
Hlongwane, Mrs Vermeulen, Mrs
MacQuillin, Amy van der Merwe

The event took place on Saturday the

Thanks to the kindness of St Henrys

these textbooks will find a happy home
where such resources are scares.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

On Wednesday, 19 February, over 500

old and disused textbooks were donated
to DYC by St Henrys Librarian, Mrs Gill

St Henrys Marist College 2014

DYC Phenomenal Woman High Tea



DYC Book Collection




Zingela River Rafting Trip

Friday 28/2 Sunday 2/3/2014

Staff Responsible: Mrs T Callaghan

Staff Attending: Miss K Kane
Early one Friday afternoon a group of 12 learners and 3 adults from St Henrys headed
off to Zingela Safari and River Lodge situated on the banks of the Tugela River near
Weenen. After a experiencing a heavy rainstorm on the way in on an open vehicle,
the group arrived rather rowdy, cold and drenched to the bone! Perhaps this was a
sign of things to come!
But our spirits werent easily dampened in this very beautiful part of KZN, and the
sun soon came out. After a brisk early morning walk to the top of Pimple Rock on
Saturday, the group was treated to a full English breakfast on the banks of the river.
We headed upstream after a short safety talk and a practice paddle, and then the
real adventure began! The group was guided through some level 3 rapids with some
gentle interludes along the way. One of the highlights of the morning was when
we were given the opportunity to jump off a large boulder into the fast flowing

Tugela River, and swim briskly to the

other side without being washed further
downstream. Great fun was had by all!
After a delicious lunch back at camp,
there was time to kick back and relax
enjoying the views, reading a book,
playing with the meercat and Bentley
the LARGE dog, as well as swimming
in the rapids adjoining the camp on
playing on the paddle boards.

After a packed lunch on the bank of the

river, we headed back to Weenen and
the cars, and made our way back home.
If you havent been with us to Zingela
yet, this should definitely be on your
bucket list for next year!
Many thanks to Miss Kane and Mr Paul
Cooke for accompanying us on the trip.
T Callaghan

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Sunday came round way too soon, and

before we knew it we were packing up
and heading down the river again. Our
biggest challenge on Sunday was Finger
Rock, as with the river being relatively
low, the rapid was very difficult to
navigate without getting stuck on the
rocks. Everyone was very nervous to go,
but everyone managed to get through
safely, even if it was backwards!

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L-R): James Church, Mayur Soowamber, Michaela Blandin de Chalain, Michael Ross, Mrs J Ross, Ashleigh Biggar, Savannah
Cozzi, Sharnae Zimmermann, Blair Miller
2nd Row: Lauren Askew, Luyanda Mazibuko, Kaylor Laing, Sheena Hosmer, Guiliana Bowers, Melissa Calitz, Rachael Lonmon-Davis,
Amy van der Merwe
3rd Row: Jessica Thompson, Kailin Reddy, Tevin Pillay, Trevor Bishai, Dominic Linnetts, Jonathan Gild, Bridget Gillespie, Megan Raftery
Back Row: Adhil Koobair, Anthony Ogle, Kiran Pannalall, Calum Murphy, Armandt van Zyl, Clinton Canal, Devon Murphy, Fadziso

Staff Responsible: Mrs J Ross

Ashleigh Biggar
Michael Ross
As has become usual at St Henrys,
2014 has proved to be a very busy year
for First Aid. We are very fortunate as a
school to have an enthusiastic group
of 31 first aiders, of whom 19 have
level-1 certificates and 12 have level-3
certificates who provide first aid at all
home fixtures across all sporting codes
and throughout the entire prep and high


The first aiders are to be commended

on their commitment in providing first
aid every weekday afternoon and on
Saturday mornings throughout the
year, and for always making themselves
available to offer assistance to their
fellow-pupils on the side of cricket
pitch, swimming pool or rugby field.
This year has also seen an enthusiastic
participation in the annual first aid
certification courses that are run at the
end of the third term, with 9 pupils and
3 staff attaining their level 1 and 12
pupils and 3 staff attaining their level
3 certificates. A special mention also
needs to be made of Mr Ackermans
successful completion of the intensive
and somewhat unexpected First Aid 101
course on the side of the rugby-cumbattle fields of Dublin and Cork in the 1st
team Rugby and Hockey Tour to Ireland!
The rugby season is always a very busy
time for first aid at St Henrys, and
the opportunity to work alongside
professional paramedics is invaluable.
This year was characterized by a more
than average number of home fixtures,
and our first aiders were commended
on numerous occasions by Rugby
Union referees as well as professional
paramedics for their enthusiasm and


J Ross

1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College


Staff responsible: Mrs K Davenport

Left to right: Nathalie Desfontaines, Gracia Falial, Dyllan Desfontaines, Paige Firmin,
Chaise Firmin, Erin Vere, Paton Firmin, Maryam Latiff, Jameelah Latiff, Umar Latiff
An overcast early morning on 27 March was brightened for the students studying
French in this the first year in which the language has been offered at the College as a
first additional language. The aroma of coffee and warm croissants and the strains of
Edith Piaf welcomed the pupils to their petit dejeuner organized by French teacher,
Mrs Kim Davenport. A Gallic version of Bingo set the patrons of the Marist Bistro vying
with each other in identifying the correct French terms for the good food set before
R Phillips

World Read Aloud Day motivates
children, teens, and adults to celebrate
the power of words. This global literacy
movement is about taking action to show
the world that the right to read and write
belongs to all people. World Read Aloud
Day asks everyone to celebrate the day
by grabbing a book, finding an audience,
and reading out loud. This group of
students filled the area around the Bell
Tower with their loud declamations from
from their favourite books.

St Henrys Marist College 2014

We have had a very successful year of

first aid, and I would like to extend a
massive thank you to our 12 Matrics who
have truly formed the backbone of First
Aid at the College, and, in particular to
the Captain, Ashleigh Biggar and ViceCaptain, Michael Ross for their efforts in
ensuring the smooth co-ordination of
duties. We look forward to and equally
exciting and successful year of First Aid
in 2015.


St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L-R): Mamisa Mshengu, Cara Bega, Steven Callaghan, Tariq Sallie
2nd Row: Louise Bracking, Joel Blair, Kaitlyn Burrell, Migual Callaghan, Anika Maharaj
Back Row: Emah Pietersen, Lara Horn, Robert Heustice, Sasha-Lee Duffy, Christine Brisset

Take your
Putting their best foot forward, Cara
Bega and Tariq Sallie (front) won a bronze
medal at the recent Glenwood Scholar
Ballroom and Latin American Dancing
Competition. Esha Parbhoo and Chukwu
Odimegwu secured Silver while Kiar
Singh (back) and his partner were placed
fifth overall in the senior division. They
were joined by competitors from across
Durban and from the Eastern Cape. The
junior dancers here are all pupils of Mr
Neville Letard who conducts classes at
the College twice a week.


Jessica Read auditioned for the American Academy

of Ballet Summer School of Excellence in New York
in July and was awarded a partial bursary . The
Summer School is run over 5 weeks of six-hours-aday-six-days-a-week intense training.





It was an evening right out of the Roaring Twenties when flappers and their beaus
stepped into Marist Movies presentation of The Great Gatsby. The movie was
screened for Grade 11 History students who are studying the Great Depression in class.



Four very bright yellow bins have appeared on the campus and Matteo Cozzi is seen
doing the right thing. They are for the collection of paper for recycling by Mondi. In
2009, Mondi sourced 440,000 tons of recovered fibres. In South Africa, 3 m of landfill
is avoided for every ton or paper that is recycled reducing municipal costs and
freeing land space. 17 trees are also saved, preserving a natural resource that absorbs
CO2 from the atmosphere. 40% less energy is needed to make paper from recovered
fibres, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions through reduced coal use
and energy consumption. Please join our effort to Do the right thing!

St Henrys Marist College 2014


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible:
Mrs K Lawrence
Miss R Schumann

Fiddler on the Roof Cast and Crew

Front Row ( L- R): Sheena Hosma, Jessica Read, Loiuse Bracking, Caitlyn Petterson, Rhys Baxendale, Lethu Hlongwane, Steven
Callaghan, Luyanda Mazibuko.
2nd Row: Jade Geldenhius, Sheralee Porrit, Sarah Thompson, Miss R Schumann, Dominic Linnetts, Mrs K Lawrence, Demi Geldenhuis,
Michaela Blanden de Chalain, Noah Atkins, Kendal Johnson.
3rd Row: Patrice Moodley, Imran Safla, Pascal Tostee, Joseph Foxon, Kaylor Laing, Megan Raftery, Cian Wilkes, Kyle Mawbey, Aiden
Hog, Dylan Callaghan.
4th Row: Lerato Moeli, Courtney Felix, Lumke Sibeko, Luke Ducray, James Church, Michael Ross, Calum Murphy, Reynor Norris, Nala
Mthiyane, Graham Bishai.
Back Row: Trevor Bishai, Louis Morton, Liam Davis, Mayur Soowamber Jordan Buckley, Clinton Canal, Armandt van Zyl, Loreto
Cabrera-Lex, Wesley Rachman.


Fiddler on the RooF

As this is St Henrys Marist Collages 85th Birthday we decided that for the High School
performance this year we would like to produce a play that was full of tradition and
good family values but still had high musical and theatrical merit. Fiddler on the Roof
fitted the bill perfectly!
After a long wait, the scripts and scores finally arrived, and we started rehearsals
exactly two months before opening night. Terrifying!! The cast was amazing. They
rallied together to overcome demanding timetables, overseas tours, health issues
etc. to create an amazing piece of theatre. We not only had onstage performers, but
technical crew, and musicians in the pit as well. Bringing all elements together is what
musical theatre is all about.
Dominic Linnets and Demi Geldenhuis were brilliant as Tevye and Golde; they worked
so well together, portraying the old married couple with great humour, tenderness,
and exceptional talent. Luke Ducray was outstanding in his performance of Motel
the tailor, whose love interest, Tzeitel, was delightfully played by Michaela Blandin
de Chalain. Reynor Norris and Sarah Thompson missed rehearsals while they were
in Ireland on Sports tour, but returned to slot in perfectly with the rest of the cast
and deliver fine, moving performances. Jessica Read, (in her first singing role)
displayed great versatility in her portrayal of Chava, bringing tears to many an eye
on the night. Our character roles, who rose to the challenge of singing difficult music
and providing wonderful entertainment, include Michael Reed as Lazar Wolfe, Liah
Janse van Rensburg as ghostly Grandmother Tzeitel, and Lethukhuhle Hlongwane
as the terrifying Fruma Sarah. All the wonderful supporting cast brought great
entertainment and drama to the show with their attention to detail and enthusiastic
commitment. There were hilarious moments too, such as Michael Reed not being able
to laugh on cue, or the interesting Indian flavoured, Russian accents that some of
the boys delivered at first; and of course the rugby boys falling over when they first
attempted to dance, A huge thanks to these rugby boys who stepped into the breech,
giving the production the bulk it required. Some had never performed before and
we think that Jordan Buckley, Wesley Rachman, Nala Mthiyane, Andrew Malqueeny,
Darren Reineke, Liam Davis and Clinton Canal were all quite remarkable.

Of course Fiddler on the Roof could not
happen without a Fiddler, and what a
Fiddler we had. Michael Ross stepped
up to the plate and amazed audiences
every night as he played the violin
while moving around the stage only
to appear a moment later as a singing,
dancing Russian soldier. He was not the
only fabulous musician. In the pit we had
our orchestra where the brass section
consisted of Graham Bishai on trumpet
and Trevor Bishai on Trombone. These St
Henrys learners played at a professional
standard along with family (Dr Ross)
and some professional friends to bring
an element to the show that was both
essential and highly entertaining.
Behind the scenes, there was a team that
brought an extra element of wonder to
the show. Led by the super-organized
Stage Manager, Megan Raftery, the
efficient stage crew worked in the dark
moving the set pieces and preparing
props and costumes for the actors. They
knew their scene changes and tasks
perfectly; and ensured the smooth
running of the production every night.
Our lighting team were given their cues
and told to get on with it, and so they did
marvellously, as did our Front of House
crew. We are so grateful that all these
young learners are part of the St Henrys
Family and are willing to share their time
and talents with those around them.

Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves

thoroughly, - directing, choreographing,
painting sets, making costumes,
conducting the orchestra, and working
with the most fantastic group of people.
We look forward to the development
that will come from having Dramatic Arts
in the school, and the level of talent and
commitment with which the learners
take part in productions can only hold
great things for the future.
K Lawrence
R Schumann

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Once again we have to thank Mustard

Seed Productions for sound quality that
that contributes to raising the standard
of St Henrys productions to match the
best that any school has to offer.

St Henrys Marist College 2014


Front Row (L R): Kyle Davey, Mkhululi Mvelase, Mrs S Batho, Adam Taylor, Chadley Mahadasen
2nd Row: Lauren Askew, Amy van der Merwe
Back Row: Alaric Theophilus, Ayanda Msomi, Michael Cooke, Matthew Callaghan, Joshua Francis

Staff Responsible: Mrs S Batho


To be a part of the Toastmasters course this year was such an educational and
incredible experience.


We began the course not aware of the change it would bring about in each and every
one of us. We bonded together as a group as we spent our Thursday evenings at school
listening to each other showcase our public speaking abilities. From motivational
speeches, comprehensive evaluations and entertaining impromptus we learnt so
much from our co-ordinators as well as from each other.
At our final Gala Dinner, when we received our certificates to show that we were now
qualified toastmasters, we felt an immense sense of pride in the group and ourselves.
We had all improved and grown so much, not only as public speakers but as Youth
Leaders too. We are so grateful for the experience of being a part of the Toastmasters
Course 2014.
Special mention was made of the following:
Toastmaster of the year:
Leadership award:
Most improved:
Best prepared speech:
Runner up:
Best impromptu:
Runner up:
Best evaluation:
Runner up:

Lauren Askew
Amy van der Merwe
Joshua Francis
Matthew Callaghan
Ayanda Msomi
Adam Taylor
Amy van der Merwe
Amy van der Merwe
Adam Taylor

Congratulations to Amy van der Merwe for being chosen the 2014 Evaluator at the
Toastmasters Youth Leadership Finals held at Danville Park Girls High School on 22nd
November, 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

St Henrys Marist College 2014

Staff Responsible: Mr G Brits

Miss M ODonoghue

Results: One team out of two qualified

for the Finals
No winners in the Finals
Schools from around Kwa-Zulu Natal
competed in this years BDO History
Two teams from St Henrys
participated in the qualifying rounds
held at Glenwood High School for the
Durban schools. St Henrys learners
who attended were Vireshnee Naidoo,
Kendal Johnson, Bayanda Cele, Lloyd
Nharara and Chris Viljoen. Questions
were challenging and competition was
stiff, however, after a series of general
knowledge questions, music rounds
and team dancing, our boys team made
it through to the finals. They were also
awarded best spirited team that evening.
The Finals were held at Clifton College.
Competition was extremely tough and
scores were close. In the end, our boys
did well and enjoyed themselves, but
unfortunately did not place in the top 3.
All of our teams represented St Henrys
with pride and good team spirit.
G Brits


BDO Quiz Finals

Front Row (L R): J Mahoney, T Bishai

Back Row: L Nharara, B Cele, C Viljoen

General Knowledge Quiz


Akhilan Moodley, Liam Long, Jonathan Wimberley, Talia Samuel, Gregory Barnett, for the
fourth time in five years, scooped the trophy for First Place, at the Annual Inter-Primary
General Knowledge Quiz held at Glenmore Primary on 6 November 2014.

Inter-Primary General
Knowledge Quiz
Our Grade 7 Quiz Team, comprising Jonathan Wimberley, Liam Long, Gregory
Barnett, Akhilan Moodley and Talia Samuel, for the fourth time in five years, scooped
the trophy for First Place, at the Annual Inter-Primary General Knowledge Quiz held
at Glenmore Primary on 6 November 2014.
They vied for the top honours against Glenmore, Manor Gardens, Penzance,
Yellowwood Park, Morningside and Durban Girls College.
We were very proud of our team!
P OToole



Swim-a-thon highest amounts

raised per Phase
Melissa Calitz Gr 9 R1000 1st Priz3
Deyuri Moodley Gr 5 R800 2nd Prize
Campbell Deavin-Mears

Gr 3 R500 3rd Prize
Total amount raised:


St Henrys Marist College 2014

Swim-a-thon most laps swam per
Matthew Francis Gr 2 - swam 52 laps
David Glen
Gr 5 - swam 58 laps
Melissa Calitz
Gr 9 - swam 68 laps

St Henrys Marist College 2014

LRC Jnr Prep

Reading Corner

During 2014 a group of moms and Mrs Woods undertook to

create a reading corner for the Jnr Prep in an unutilised corner
of the Learning Resource Centr e.


Replacing the Main
Building Roof

The mammoth task of repairing the High School roof was

planned for 2014.
This project involved:
Removing the roof
Replacing the ceilings
Painting the classrooms
Re-wiring all electrical cabling
Re-installing data projectors and airconditioners
Re-laying and repairing network cabling
Furthermore because of the historical value of the building
we needed to get permission from AMAFA to replace the roof
tiles, but decided to retain the original Cordova tiles.


Work commenced on Friday, 27 June over the winter school

holidays and was completed later in Term 3.


1929 - 2014

St Henrys Marist College

Physical Science Laboratory Upgrade




We also thank the following two sponsors who generously

donated towards this project:
Craig Cavanagh 1978 alumnus
Lynne Gild
Work started in December 2013 and was completed in January

St Henrys Marist College 2014

During 2013 all fundraising activities were earmarked for the

long awaited upgrade to our 1941 PHSC laboratory.


St Henrys Marist College 2014


Family Spirit
Love of Work
Marys Way