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Ranveer Dhawan

To be a part of a company which gives me ample opportunities to learn and

grow along with achieving organizations goals and objectives.
Educational Qualification

Contact Information:

Passed B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 2010-2014 from

National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar with a CGPA 7.8

Ranveer Dhawan
18/238 First Floor
Malviya Nagar , New Delhi
Phone :- +919643155457

XII (Batch 2009) from Satluj Public School , Ellenabad, Haryana With
83.6% in CBSE Board.

Permanent Address:
Ranveer Dhawan s/o Rewat Lal
H.No-3405, W.No-13, Mameran road
Ellenabad, Distt Sirsa, Haryana
PIN- 125102
Personal Data:

Languages Known:


Scored a rank of 8523 in IITJEE, 9921 in AIEEE & 298 in BITSAT

Work Experience
Software Engineer Trainee
Nucleus software

Date of Birth: 19th Jan,1991

Sex: Male
Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Unmarried

X (Batch 2007) from Satluj Public School , Ellenabad, Haryana with

90.1% in CBSE Board.

Cloud Computing-Xpert Infotech Pvt Ltd

Acquired knowledge of basic concepts of Cloud Technology.
Familiarized with basic AWS (Amazon Web Services).
Robotics and Embedded Systems from I3 indya Technologies
Made a couple of projects using ATMEGA 16 Micro-controller interfaced with LCD,
LEDs, IR sensor, Heat sensor, Relay, RF Module, Touch Screen, Keypad etc



Reading Parables

Like to play badminton

Like to explore new places


Projects Undertaken

Final year Project on Virtual Switching and Gesture controlled PC applications.

Using Maltab Image Processing , identified the different hand gestures and
accordingly operated the relay switching wirelessly using RF module.
Controlled Windows Media Player using Matlab Image Processing of hand
Pager Device Technology using RF Modules with LCD and ATmega 16
Coded the micro-controller to receive text through keypad and output the text over other
micro-controller interfaced LCD via wireless transmission over RF.

Technical Skills
Programming languages C /C++ , Assembly Language 8051
Good knowledge of SDLC and Operating System
Well Versed in OOPS Concepts
Basic knowledge of MySQL Queries
Areas of Interest
Embedded Systems
Like to solve Riddles

Academic Achievements
First runner up in Tech Quiz conducted by Institute of Electronics and Telecom
Engineers (IETE)

Won award of appreciation from Head of Department ECE for redelivering the
Micro-controller workshop to juniors.
Co-Circular Achievements
Served as Placement Coordinator of ECE Batch 2010-2014
Conducted a workshop on Multisim for 1st yr ECE students.

Organised sports day for ECE branch as an active SOECE Member.

Organised the event Circuit Tackle as Co-Head during college techfest.

Organised farewell party for seniors.

Financial Co-ordinator of SOECE(Electonics Society of College)


Fast learner, adapt well to changes.

Optimistic and Effective Communicator.
Ability to take initiatives.
Can Work Under Pressure to meet deadlines.
Can perform very well under dedicated training
Dr. Arun Khosla, Professor & Head, Electronics and Communication
Engineering, NIT Jalandhar.
Email- khoslaak@nitj.ac.in
I hereby declare that the information given above is true to the best
of my knowledge.
Ranveer Dhawan