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Carl Nagel

CopyrightStarlight Books 2014

The most important thing you can do right now is to forget everything you have ever
read or been told about working with demons from those who believe they know
everything about them, but really know very little at all.
There is a lot of misinformation out there which, if followed, can only bring failure
and disappointment.
And you can forget about believing anything written in the old books of black magic
regarding the summoning of demons, the instructions were deliberately made
difficult and impossible to follow to keep the common man away from magic. There
is no reason for anyone to slaughter a lamb or use a doves blood to write their
wishes on parchment paper, which is what those old grimoires would have us
And there is no need for nine-foot circles, threats of eternal damnation, Hebrew
names of God, or any other of the classical approaches.
The most important thing to remember at all times, is to show your Personal Demon
respect, for he, like all demons, will be filled with pride and will expect respect from
a lowly mortal such as yourself.
I will now share with you a simple way to make contact with your Personal Demon.
Sit alone in a room and speak these words: Paimon. Paimon. Paimon. Reveal to me
the true Name of a demon. This incantation will reveal to you the name of a
demon, and it will be bound to you.
Once the demons name is revealed, write it down before you forget it. This will

help you to remember how to pronounce its name. Speak the demons name how you
think it should be pronounced.
The demons name may be revealed to you immediately, or after a few attempts. It
will come as a sudden thought, in a dream, or an omen which you will need to
Remember: do not over analyze how the demons name is pronounced. The
important thing here is that you are seeking a demons help. They are waiting to
come to us, all we need do is call to them.
Your Personal Demon will impart wisdom and knowledge, so that you can learn to
develop your inner power to control everyone and everything around you.
I n native American culture, a demon is believed to be a spirit who nags at us to
achieve our destinies, and that we can sometimes feel out of sorts if we dont follow
its promptings.
From my own experiences, and those of others, I would strongly recommend that
you establish a close relationship with your Personal Demon, as the experiences this
can bring can be most rewarding to say the least.
When the demons name has been revealed to you, call its name three times and it
will come to you. Once this happens, listen with your mind and/or emotions and
follow its guidance.
And remember, always treat your Personal Demon with the honesty and respect it

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