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Within nature, the growth and usage of the cayenne pepper plant provides all with an excellent

picture of Gods wish for humans to prosper and be in health. For, throughout planet earths
history God has received a false witness from Satan. His perfect establishment and
administration of the law has been attacked and stated to cause heavy burdens. However,
according to Romans 7: 12, ... the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.
Our freedom of choice helps us best see Satans work to publish his, claim put forth when he
rebelled in heaven, - that the requirements of God were unjust and could not be obeyed.
Thankfully, nature and all other created things, show that laws help. Natures laws such as
gravity helps the plant remain on earth. Gods moral laws (please reference Exodus 20) help
keep order and heavenly companionship on earth. The cayenne pepper plant, though
scientifically proven to cause harm to humans and possibly animals, will be reviewed so we may
best see how God allows nature to showeth His handiwork.
The word, cayenne may lead one to envision a trip to South Americas French Guiana or
perhaps a vivid shade of the color, red. However, the cayenne pepper plant has specific
culinary and environmental influences which are not largely connected with the city Cayenne in
the country French Guiana or a shade of red. The cayenne pepper plant is an, irritating,
stimulating, and harmful plant. However, it may be compared to the revealed life of Cain in
Genesis 1 through 5. For, though Cain was granted grace and the opportunity for pardon, He
chose to live upon earth as one who rejected Gods plan of salvation. Similarly, the cayenne
pepper plant lives among other plants and also regularly serves plants and humans. For instance,
the plant follows biological cycles such as the nitrogen cycle and it provides shade to smaller
plants and creatures. Yet, this plants fiery taste prohibits it from honestly meeting the
requirements of a nutritious plant. The Bible will be used as the foundation to share more about
the cayenne pepper plant.
Written materials may frequently refer to Cayenne as a false pepper for the pepper family
belongs to plants within Piperaceae. Piperaceau plants may be categorized as root climber type
plants because the plants grow as vines with hearty roots. This family includes fiery spices such
as black pepper (Piper nigrum). Cayenne pepper is classified as part of the nightshade family,
Solanaceau. This family also includes plants such as the bell pepper fruits, which are mild. The
cayenne pepper plant grows a smaller fruit which is considered, decorative and bright red in
color. The fruit may be cultivated to grow throughout the year. When opened, it contains visible
seeds and offers a smell which hints of its fiery taste.
In latin, Cayenne is grouped as a species of capsicum annuum L. It grows well in full sun
exposure with loamy soil. Loamy soil is a mixture of moist clay, sand, and at times straw soil.
Works frequently record the fruit of the plant as having a high heat level, or capsaicinoid
content. This property refers to the resulting fiery taste or sensation given when the fruit is
eaten or applied to the body. This deterrent mechanism shows the importance of exercising
caution when selecting food or body preparations. For there are varieties of similar looking
plants which will not cause a fiery sensation to the user.

An understanding of nature will help one to select plants. And, an understanding of the Bible
will help one view nature properly. For nature, is not a Creator, but was created by God and is
subject to sin. Hence, accelerated decay results from broken laws.
In Nature
A Bible student is regularly reminded that, to everything there is a season. Nature frequently
offers sounds, sights, smells, and other creations which point to this truth. All plants are bound
to this declaration just as humans are bound, or subject to the law. For example, God declared
that man is not to kill (please reference Isaiah 33:22 and Exodus 20:13). However, many kill
people yet will refuse to confess their sin. In exchange for a confession for the shed blood to the
one or people wronged, one will take hold of a lie. They will teach or live steadfastly believing
that those who die are not dead: Instead, they think that the person is alive in another atmosphere
or location such as heaven or earth. A study of the Bible reveals which patriarchs, such as Enoch
in Genesis 5:24, are alive. All others who have died, present and past, are resting, or in a sleep
like condition until Jesus Christs soon return. And, at His return the law will be magnified and
because of His sacrifice upheld, and those who have died shall be resurrected. Please read 1
Thessalonians 4:15-18, 1 Corinthians 15:16, and Revelation 22:12.
Another example is available when we look at laws. For, legislation, such as the U.S.s
Endangered Species Act of 1973 limits the usage of some plants. The Bible also required
harvesters to follow special protocols when working among or with endangered plants. This is
similar to prior legislation which recognized hardships met by ethnicities and requested
Similarly, plants are subject to nature's laws. For instance, gravity keeps most plants in their
planted location. In addition, Gods people and people with moral hearts help keep others from
stealing a plant before its time. For, natures law reminds us that there is a time of planting and
a time of harvesting. According to Ecclesiastes 3:2 there is a time to, plant and a time to pluck
up that which is planted. Records show that the earth is approximately six thousand years old.
Hence, this plucking up time may vary based on the plant. Initially, when bound within a seed,
the possibilities for the cayenne pepper (Piper) growth are unnumbered. For, the seed grows
within the laws of nature. Hence, the carrier of the seed significantly determines the peppers
future. Once planted and exposed to sun and rain the seed grows by leaps and bounds with a
resulting crop of fruit. Some records note that all animals will not eat cayenne pepper. Hence it
is often used to keep animals within or away from property boundaries.
Culinary Application
The Bible, in Matthew 17:20, shares that a mustard seed of faith may move mountains. Another
small seed of current interest which is frequently used in the United States is the seed of a
cayenne pepper plant. For example, this seed yields fruit which in all forms is a fiery spice that
alters the taste of food while also ruining the delicate lining of the tasters digestive system.
Biblical Understanding
Hosea 4:6 records Gods instruction that we will be destroyed for a lack of knowledge. The
verse grows to connect the fibers of not having knowledge with the fibers of rejecting
knowledge. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected
knowledge, I will also reject thee, ... A lack of knowledge in the science of cookery and
physiology has contributed to the majority of humankind resting in an early death. It also seems
that a mastery in cooking is a frequently overlooked experience in discipleship for believers in

Jesus Christ. Hence, an understanding of cooking may help train disciples and encourage
humanity toward longevity.
The seed
It does not seem that the cayenne seed offers any hint of danger unless it is consumed. It does
not grow with any, brier and thorns, [or] thistle[s] and tare[s] In appearance, the
cayenne seed mirrors a tomato seed: however, the seeds depth is a fraction of the tomato seed.
Within an appropriate season the plant germinates and bears fruit that is smooth and glossy and
decorative in appearance.
Standard measures include germinating the seed at a faster rate by soaking it in water.
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