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Umami /ummi/, a savory taste, is one
of the five basic tastes (together with
sweet, sour, bitter and salty).
A loanword from the Japanese (),
umami can be translated as "pleasant
savory taste". This particular writing was
chosen by Professor Kikunae Ikeda from
umai () "delicious" and mi ()


"taste". The kanji are used for a

By Christopher Burt

more general sense of a food as

delicious. We use it every day.

By Christopher Burt


By Christopher Burt

By Christopher Burt

Scientists have debated whether umami was a basic taste since Kikunae Ikeda first proposed its
existence in 1908. In 1985, the term umami was recognized as the scientific term to describe the
taste of glutamates and nucleotides at the first Umami International Symposium in Hawaii.Umami
represents the taste of the amino acid L-glutamate and 5-ribonucleotides such as guanosine
monophosphate (GMP) and inosine monophosphate (IMP). It can be described as a pleasant
"brothy" or "meaty" taste with a long lasting, mouthwatering and coating sensation over the
tongue. The sensation of umami is due to the detection of the carboxylate anion of glutamate in
specialized receptor cells present on the human and other animal tongues.Its effect is to balance
taste and round out the overall flavor of a dish. Umami enhances the palatability of a wide variety
of foods.[12] Glutamate in acid form (glutamic acid) imparts little umami taste, whereas the salts of
glutamic acid, known as glutamates, can easily ionize and give the characteristic umami taste.
GMP and IMP amplify the taste intensity of glutamate.

bamboo steamed charsui Middle Farm British Lop pork & ginger Dim Sum dumplings - sour
apple & pears tare

Ahhh Grasshopper
Mr Frodos gooey brownie pie drunk on creme de menthe

half millet, half buckwheat soba - toasted sesame seeds - acorn, shittake mushroom &
chicken tare

Put What You Wonton

Loasian spiced Middle Farm British Lop pork wontons - #MunkyTunk for dipping

black shin cup ramen crumbed Chinese sausage - toasted sesame Jasmine rice #CHBTunk dressing

Mr Frodos gooey white chocolate & pistachio Blondie pie - roasted pistachio praline - Pat
Parkes liquorice ice cream

Matts Japanese scotch egg - My duck egg - tobanjan spiced Middle Farm British Lop
sausage meat - Chinese sausage crumb - kewpie mayo - sriracha hot sauce - katsuobushi

Adobo BadBoy4Life
Chef Jessas Filipino Middle Farm British Lop pork adobo - soy - garlic - Filipino vinegar dried bay - oyster sauce - steamed jasmine rice

13th Street
maple dashi braised & pulled locally cured bacon - nashi pear - toasted sesame labneh locally foraged leaves & herbs from Lane Cottage

Kuay Jap - BKK-6AE

Chef Jessas homemade Chinese flat noodles - textures of Middle Farm British Lop pork Black Pepper & 5 spice broth - greens & beans - coriander

Kiddos Got a Brand New Katsuit

dehydrated chicken spaghetti crumb fried Shropshire Great Berwick Organics Longhorn
beef hanger steak - six week old kimchi & crispy chilli fried rice - Russian kale & scallions

Purple Rain
My 62c duck egg - purple sprout blanched in shio dashi - garlic flowers - local wild garlic
hollandaise & sponge crumb

The Elvis aka E.A.P.15

Mr Frodos gooey deep filled peanut butter & jello pie - with more jello & roasted peanuts

local wild garlic & toasted sesame diver scallop wontons - My super hot nam prik

- Ankimo - Umami
searzalld & meat glued monkfish foie gras - ponzu dashi

#OpenSesame aka The Cullens

wild garlic & chiro miso buttered shiitake, shimejji & enoki mushrom wontons - black
sesame crust - wilted local wild garlic - #ChilliEclipse dipping sauce

Pho Sure
Fragrant Vietnamese Pho - rice noodle's - aromatic & spicy shropshire beef broth - My seasonal's crispy shallot's - Thai holy basil & Vietnamese mint with lot's of accompaniment's.

home maple & onion 5 spice smoked & roasted local chicken - ramen noodles - Middle
Farm 62 hens egg - sesame roasted chickpeas - shoyu ponzu dashi - scallions

burnt chiro miso butterscotch & apple pie - roasted nut crumb - with more apples - Minstrel
crumbed vanilla bean ice cream

roasted & shredded confit of Middle Farm British Lop belly pork - Rob Swifts steamed hirata
bun - #IronMunky emulsion - scallions & cucumbers

pan seared & miso sake buttered kangaroo loin - heritage carrots - quince jelly - radishs blanched green onions - sweet potato - monks beard - miso bramble jus

home 5 spice & honey smoked & roasted Gressingham duckling - ramen noodles - My 62c
duck egg - umeboshi dashi - chilli shrimp oil - scallions - tsukemono

Brooklyn Zoo
pan seared & chiro miso santory sake buttered kangaroo - My 62c duck egg - chiro miso
tare butter dashi - fresh ramen - toasted sesame

Only Nixon Would Go To China

Wozzas white Onion Ash 5 spice & sichaun Gravadlax - tsukemono - Rob Swifts steamed
hirata buns - kewpie tartare sauce

fresh buckwheat noodles - Great Ness rapeseed & acorn tare oil

& Too My a #Mazeman

Onion Ash 5 spice & sichaun Gravadlax - ramen noodles - yuzu shio dashi - panko crumbed
cream cheese boulettes - My 62c duck egg - Berrington Hall lemon cress - furukakke

grilled goats cheese - pumpkin miso grilled baby artichoke - dried tomatos - sour cherry
tare gel - toasted hazelnuts - radishs - roasted pumpkin seeds - chopped tsukemono

Water Margin
spicy Great Berwick Organics Longhorn beef fillet - chinese leaf - scallions - birdseye
chillis - Japanese mushrooms - oyster sauce - firecracker Jasmine rice

Khao Soi
Thai chicken, coconut & noodle soup - crispy noodles

spicy & chilled Korean beef noodle soup - nashi pear - boiled egg - cucumber julienne

Ken Vs Ryu aka CapCom

spicy duck sui mai in a sichaun peppercorn dashi - Burmese spiced gyoza - nam prik
dressing - fire cracker rice

miso butter infused monkfish cheek yakitori -chilled somen noodle salad - lime & ginger tare

togarashi tempura kimchilax - Rob Swifts steamed ssam bun - Ssam sauce - kewpie mayo Korean BBQ rice noodle salad

Hero in a Half Shell -

seared diver scallop - Middle Farm egg yolk - feru wakame chan - miso santory sake & chilli
buerre blanc - katsuobushi - toasted sesame

La Paz Batchoy
Filipino noodle soup - Middle Farm British Lop pork organs, belly & craclings - Great
Berwick Organics Longhorn beef loin - Middle Farm egg yolk - chow mien noodle - chicken
broth - Wozzas onion powder

Tomatos aka Ketchup

kombu infused warmed heritage tomato pure consomm - beef tomato caviar - roasted
tomatos - Thai basil - birds eye chilli rapeseed oil

spicy korean BBQ Middle Farm British lop pork & kimchi mandus - spring onion & ginger

Professor Green
Big Ts All Things Green Gazpacho - mazemen panko crusted cream cheese boulette toasted almonds - mizuna & buckthorn - acorn tare oil

Searzalld sichaun bacalao - chinese sausage - yellow brick road chard - chickpeas Santory sake, beetroot & heritage tomato butternesca

Plaa Raad Prik

Northern Thai spiced & deep fried whole wild black bream - spicy & fragrant birds eye chilli
sauce - sticky jasmine rice

monkfish liver - plum & 5 spice cured wild salmon - caviars - properly seasoned sushi rice toasted nori seaweed

Mandarin Duck
aromatic confit lundale duckling & chop suey noodle salad - cucumber - scallions - Chinese
radish - burnt shallots - coriander - wonton croutes

sweetened lunsdale duckling dim sum - sour hoisin emulsion - bitter crispy chilli oil

#Laap - Larb - Laos aka 3Kingdoms

very spicy Laos larp - Middle Farm British Lop pork mince salad - raw seasonals - sticky &
fragrant Jasmine rice

Big Tonys chilli & papaya gazpacho - avocado - red mizuna

Shell Island
sichaun seared diver scallops - confit potatos - wild garlic & katsuobushi hollandaise Chinese sausage crumb

Chinese Boxer
honey & 5 spice rare roasted Great Berwick Organics Longhorn beef - somen noodles - My
62c duck egg - wasabi shio dashi - scallions - toasted sesame

5 spice & maple wild salmon gravadlax - Ludlow horseradish root dust & kimchi - Rob
Swifts Ssam Buns - Ssam sauce & pickled cucumber

Glutamate has a long history in cooking. Fermented fish sauces (garum), which are rich in glutamate, were used
widely in ancient Rome, fermented barley sauces (murri) rich in glutamate were used in medieval Byzantine and
Arab cuisine, and fermented fish sauces and soy sauces have histories going back to the 3rd century in China. In
the late 1800s, chef Auguste Escoffier, who opened restaurants in Paris and London, created meals that
combined umami with salty, sour, sweet and bitter tastes. He did not know the chemical source of this unique
quality, however.
Umami was first scientifically identified in 1908 by Kikunae Ikeda, a professor of the Tokyo Imperial University. He
found that glutamate was responsible for the palatability of the broth from kombu seaweed. He noticed that the
taste of kombu dashi was distinct from sweet, sour, bitter and salty and named it umami.
Professor Shintaro Kodama, a disciple of Ikeda, discovered in 1913 that dried bonito flakes contained another
umami substance. This was the ribonucleotide IMP. In 1957, Akira Kuninaka realized that the ribonucleotide GMP
present in shiitake mushrooms also conferred the umami taste. One of Kuninaka's most important discoveries was
the synergistic effect between ribonucleotides and glutamate. When foods rich in glutamate are combined with
ingredients that have ribonucleotides, the resulting taste intensity is higher than the individual ingredients.
This synergy of umami explains various classical food pairings, starting with why Japanese make dashi with
kombu seaweed and dried bonito flakes, and continuing with various other dishes: the Chinese add Chinese leek
and Chinese cabbage to chicken soup, as in the similar Scottish dish of cock-a-leekie soup, and Italian-Americans
combine Parmesan cheese on tomato sauce with mushrooms.

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