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Momo-No-Ki - Tampopo - Sultanas De Merkaillo - Koji Off the cuff - Indian Summer - 52 North - Cartouche


Christopher Burt

This book comes off the back of 52

North -this is just a natural extension.
Why Cartouche - well in winter we cover
up - its that simple - comfort food with


Momo-No-Ki - Tampopo - Sultanas De Merkaillo - Koji Off the cuff - Indian Summer - 52 North - Cartouche

Christopher Burt


Darrens middle farm pig & black pudding rillette - grilled onions - butternut crisp - maldon sea
salt - swifts crusty bread


Liams local wild rabbit rillette - smoked carrot puree - carrot tuille - black pudding & parsley

Papa New

butter roasted local guinea fowl - beet gel - jacket sweet potato puree - brioche crumbed roots winter textures


confit wild salmon - acorn & fennel veloute - roasted winter roots & carrot fennel tuille

London Fog

pea & ham soup - yoghurt tuille


Matts Coca-Cola braised middle farm pork belly - choi sum - ramen noodles - corn - Cola dashi


great berwick organics longhorn beef & middle farm british lop bacon casserole - crispy chicken
skin & smoked bacon crumb - roasted & caramelised celeriac skin puree - onion ash

Korean Patwah

seared atcham venison - hawthorn kochujan ketchup - iberico chorizo - seasonals

Comfortably Numb

Matts wasabi pistachio crusted confit cod loin - black bean puy lentils - edamame & chilli veloute

My Milkshake Brings All The Boyz To The Yard

local pheasant - butternut & bay smoothie - December roots - brassicas - onion butter

Celery, Celery, Celery

buttered celeriac & acorn puree - compressed roots - brussels - truffled herb brioche crumb


mincemeat & buttered filo - floaty light


coconut, chilli, lime & heritage tomato nage - blistered chilli - toasted coconut - rob swifts bread
for mopping up

Pease Pud

middle farm british lop pork - chicharones - black pudding - December vegetables - peas &

Buzz Off

parmesan, sun blushed tomato & balsamic onion boule rolled in bee pollen - chestnut & cranberry
salsa - yoghurt tuille - swifts raisin bread

Oak Nut

carpaccio heritage tomato & beets - yoghurt crisp - acorn emulsion


tomato & butter fennel veloute - winter textures - crispy cavello


sichaun beef rib - celeric fondant - pea & wasabi veloute

The Island Of DR Marou

textured marou chocolate & raspberry yule log (well its christmas after all) - bitter marou earth fruit purees - pistachio praline - berries


confit bass in ham - janssons temptation - caramelized celeriac skin puree - cavello - lemon - sea

Around The Wrekin

Moydens wrekin blue - heritage tomato - winter spiced brioche crunch - sour cherry fluid gel locally foraged herbs

Winter Solstice

sam grays middle farm british lop pork & wholegrain mustard rilette - onion puree - swifts


great berwick organics longhorn beef tournedos - kimchi puree - sweet potato - cucumber &
crispy chilli spaghetti - shitakke crisp


wild salmon over ice - acorn tamari - julienne of winter vegetables - locally foraged herbs

paint it black

confit wild salmon - shoyu dashi - sichaun peppered scallop - caviars - winter vegetable ribbons

not pine-apple

burnt apple - pine & burdock yoghurt - shropshire pumpkin granola - ice lettuce - dehydrated


homecured gravadlax - onion crumbed soft boiled egg - keta - cucumber spaghetti - parsley


charcoaled leek & apples - textures of kohlrabi - local black pudding crumb - liz knights winter
savoury gel

Giant Haystacks

persian spiced duck roasted in rose hay - burnt lime - fragrant palestinian matfoul giant
couscous - pomegranate & shropshire honey

Caldo Verde

portuguese potato, iberico chorizo & kale soup - chorizo crumb - winter textures


maynards cured middle farm bacon crumbed duck - charred wild mushrooms - sour cherry
emulsion - lots of december vegetables

Light My Phire

maynards ham & smoked streaky bacon crumb - green zebra heritage tomato - caramelised
kohlrabi skin puree - sea aster - samphire


lemon confit wild salmon - charred gem heart - jerusalem artichoke vinaigrette - burning bay gratin potatoes

2nd Breakfast

maynards black treacle bacon - sauted brussels & porcini mushroom - my poached duck egg smoked vintage cheddar hollandaise - onion ash

Braeburn Baby Burn

butter seared scallop - maynards black treacle bacon & smoked streaky crumb - charred
braeburn apple - winter roots - burnt celery heart - apple gel

Mango Rooms

diver scallop & mango lime cerviche - toasted black sesame - preserved kombu - pickled cane
cane - goma wakame - scallion - sichaun peppercorn

Jack & The Beet Stalk

confit wild salmon - pine & pea veloute - golden & candy beets - lemon buttered sprouts

3rd Breakfast

local black pudding & maynards middle farm bacon boulette - british lop sausage - my confit
duck egg - local ham - salsify browns - peas & crumb

OakenShield aka The Thorin

middle farm british lop, acorn & parsley butter - streaky crumb - piccalilli fluid gel - nasturtium
branch - swifts sourdough toast


seared diver scallops - rendered middle farm british lop bacon - heritage tomatoes - burnt gem
hearts - acorn vinaigrette - locally foraged herbs - brioche dust


middle farm british lop pork & chickpea cassoulet - maynards bacon - berrington watercress swifts bread

French Kiss

great berwick organic longhorn top rump of beef, french mustard & local wild mushroom stew flat leaf parsley & pine mash

Faviken Magasinet

seared 45 day matured Great berwick organic longhorn beef - malted kelp - sichaun peppercorn
cream - nasturtium roots


firecracker heritage tomato & pine gazpacho - winter crumbs - sweet smoked paprika salsify

back to the future - 26/10/85

pan seared local chicken livers - Jerez cream - marons - roasted hazelnuts - local watercress

The Son of Cod

lemon salted confit atlantic cod - saltimboca tigers - heritage tomato & carrot butternesca

Please Sir Can I Have Some more

seared 45 day aged great berwick organics longhorn beef - celeriac textures - beetroot & pearl
barley butter porridge


baby its cold outside

This book, has changed not only the way we cook, the way we think about our
produce & how it is sourced, but more importantly its changed me.
I feel like i have come to the end of a very long journey, very arduous, very
introspective but ultimately rewarding.
Cataloguing an entire culinary year has taught me some valuable lessons.
I have made new friends along the way, be it a new supplier, fellow chef or happy
Remember do not be afraid to take risks, do not be afraid to look at yourself critically
& most of all look at the people around you, love them, nurture them, they will
surprise you.
And from time to time, if your lucky one or two will inspire you.
That is what Cartouche is all about for me

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