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Christopher Burt


Indian Summer
christopher burt

Indian Summer

This book as some of the others did such as KOJI, shows the passing of the seasons, but with a little
more grace and elegance.
That makes me extremely proud, every chef embraces Autumn to his or her heart with true affection.
An obundance of produce with amazing flavours, colour & texture - that no other season offers in such
This is only a glimpce at three restaurants in what i consider the finest shire in the country, offering
produce that makes what we do a little more satisfying..
So enjoy.


fragrant matfoul couscous - falafels - labneh - shropshire honey - pumpkin seeds - rose petals

The Crays

atlantic cod & crayfish roule - hastings lemon ketchup - swifts sourdough

'Orange Is The New Black'

seared diver scallops - local black pudding - butternut squash - buttered anya's - sambhar goan curry grilled
cauliflower - nasturtium - spice of angels vinaigrette


local game & black grape pressing - sultanas de merkaillo - mallow flowers - hawthorn ketchup


sweet smoked paprika dusted squid - gribiche crush - parsley crunch

Carons Raft

southern fried cod & wild salmon - chorizo gumbo - steamed rice

Pliny The Elder

piquillo pepper, fennel seed & roquefort soup - pancetta crumb - swifts crusty bread

Smokey & The Bandit

mushroom & thyme soup - smoked bacon biegnet & crumb


fragrant multigrains - spicy feta - plums - pomegranate molasses -almonds


pea soup - textures of ham


wok fired tobanjan spiced middle farm pork ragout - rice - crispy chilli - seasonal greens - 62 duck egg pak choi

Kung Fu Panda

not taking ourselves too seriously with rainbow dragon rolls


dan dan noodles - pickled shitakke - korean BBQ chicken & tofu - spinach - peanuts

Pearly Gates

pearl barley & wild mushroom risotto - butternut - seasonal greens - malt grilled goats cheese - pistachios

Acorn Electron

smokey aubergine, acorn & walnut puree (malidzano) - nuts & seeds - flatbread

Beet-an Track

shropshire chanterelle & parmesan arancini - smoked beetroot hollandaise

Grays Anatomy

sam grays middle farm british lop faggots - pine roasted cauliflower - pumpkin puree


southern fried 5 spice wild salmon - steamed rice - kochujang & bulgogi ketchup

Mountain Ham 2

amontillado compressed watermelon - air dried jamon - textures fruits & nuts - indian summer jelly


middle farm british lop ham pressing - pickled vegetables - beet piccalilli - rob swifts sourdough

Marco Pierre

white onion soup - crispy kale - burnt onion rings - middle farm british lop ham crumb

Pollen Street

middle farm pork & fennel pollen rillettes - beet powder - hawthorn ketchup - bee pollen - pea puree swifts walnut & parmesan toast

The Winter Souk

panztralata - dukka hummus - fragrant palestinian matfoul - pistachio labneh - feta

Indian Summer

seared diver scallops - local chicken & iberico chorizo crepenette - pea textures - butternut puree - onion


atlantic cod & chorizo roule - hastings lemon ketchup - chorizo powder - radish pods

Boar & Sow

middle farm british lop belly pork - apple textures - new potatoes - cracklings

Chapelle 1735

four cheese fondue - roasted half fennel - swifts crusty sourdough - new potatoes - roasted onions


goats curd & beetroot parfait - liz knights hawberry gel - smoked beetroot piccalilli - swifts crusty bread

Sins of the Flesh

re worked Sin Bin from Momo-No-Ki

Ghetto Blues

Korean BBQ Coca-Cola middle farm british lop pork - wasabi mash - choi sum - braising juices


whats best today.


barkworths wild salmon, atlantic cod & local pancetta wheel - hastings lemon ketchup - hawberry - onion
ash - swift crusty bread


spicy chargrilled piquillo peppers - shirazi chickpea salad - macerated mucats - lemon labneh - shropshire
honey - textures of nuts & seeds

In The Post

togarashi pan roasted pigeon breasts - wok roasted figs - vegetable noodles - sweet & sour cherry hoisin shio dashi for dipping

Da Umami Ramen

korean BBQ wild salmon - tonkotsu dashi - wakame seaweed - ramen noodles - crispy chilli - 62c egg scallions - naruto fishcake - toasted black sesame seeds

Rice & Peas & Ting

havana rice & peas with & ever so smokey cuban chorizo

Burn Baby Burn

gregs southern fried pastrami burned ends - ranch dip - Miami buffalo - Jamaican jerk flat bread


barkworths wild salmon & corn korokke fishcake - kimchislaw - wilted kales - wasabi sesame dressing


harissa spiced pheasant - compressed butternut - fragrant palestinian couscous - burnt lemon - roasted
fennel - onion ash

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

roasted halloween pumpkin & chestnut risotto - pumpkin seeds - kale - pistachios - sarah hamptons
bruleed brock hall farm dutch mistress - crispy leek choucroute

The Charleston

pigs in blankets - popcorn & parmesan grits - red eye gravy


textures of seasonal fruit

Padron Me

scorched & salted sunshine padron peppers - chipotle chilli & roasted garlic oil - manchego shavings

Tuna In, Turn ON & Cop Out

yellow fin tuna sashimi - wild keta & wasabi flying fish obikko - locally foraged wild flowers & goma wakame


palestinian spiced hummus - rose petals - burnt brussels - textures of nuts & seeds - tahini & toasted black
sesame flatbread

Loppy Joe

confit middle farm british lop pork belly - cracklings - kale & green apple pearl barley risotto - pear
carpaccio - burnt brussels - roasted balsamic shallots - crispy leek choucroute

Pata of Tiny Feet

seared scallops - pata negra iberico chorizo textures - phalloween umpkin puree - maynards black treacle


confit home cured wild salmon gravadlax - sablee potatoes - beetroot hollandaise


middle farm british lop pork, apple & grape pressing - sour apple onion jam - date syrup - great ness
rapeseed oil - swifts sourdough