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False accusations of ISIS infiltration

into Sri Lankan Muslims

by Rifai
( July 25, 2015, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Im writing this in reply to an article
written under the tittle, ISIS Sri Lankan connection. (24-7-15) by your special
correspondent. This writer is making up forgeries and lies without any substantiated
evidence about the presence of ISIS in Sri Lanka. Just because of one fanatic, this
writer is making some deliberations and making up some stories to tarnish a cardinal
relationship of Muslim community with other Sri Lankan communities. He has written
this article out of jealousy and hatred. He has indeed tried to tarnish good name of
peace loving Muslim community in Sri Lanka. He had made sweeping statements after
statements without evidence for what he was saying. He has accused Muslim MPs,

Muslim ambassadors and Muslim countries as if they are trying to make Sri Lanka as
an Islamic country and ISIS hub. This is not professional journalism and journalists
must be objective in their writing. They should not be bias and discriminative. The
basic moral principle of true journalism is not to inflame or exaggerate incidents and
stories but to reveal the true facts as they are. It is devils who exaggerate and
fabricate lies against communities. It is a crime to spread lies and hatred against any
particular community and make general statements without any evidence. The writer
says about ISIS presence as he assumes that (This is only a tip of the ice berg
..this reveals the extent of the ISIS penetration in Asia and availability of a Jihadist
network in Sri Lanka)

This is the way he describes the one mans suicidal self-destruction in Syria as a major
problem to integrity of Sri Lanka. What an exaggeration is this? Tell me how many ISIS
attacks have been taken place in Sri Lanka? How many Sri Lankans have been killed
in Iraq and Syria? From Europe alone it is claimed that hundreds of Muslim youths
have been in Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS? Yet, how many have been from Sri
Lankan community to Iraq and Syria? May be this fanatic one who went against the
will of his family and his community.
May be this was the first and the last case. We all condemn it and denounce his
action. It is because of the action of one individual, this write has inflated it and
exaggerated it to disgrace the entire Muslim community of 2 Million in Sri Lanka. This

is nothing but spreading communal hatred among communities. Where have been this
writer for the last three years when BBS was spreading falsehood and lies about
minority communities? This morally bankrupted and unethical writer claims (availability
of Jihadist network in Sri Lanka) I challenge this writer to send Sri Lanka intelligence
and military service to Muslim mosques and places of worship to find all so called
Jihadist weapons and armouries. Im sure that they will come back empty handed
without even single weapon. Sri Lankan Muslim community is not that stupid like ITTE
or Tamil armed groups to follow the path of self destruction. Sri Lankan community
lives in Sri Lanka not to make any harm for Sri Lankan integrity and sovereignty rather
Sri Lankan Muslim community has been protecting and promoting national unity of this
nation. In 1948 just before the independence, when the question of 50/50, was raised
in Parliament, Muslim member voted for this integrity of Sri Lanka. We will never and
ever betray this nation. We will never work as an agent of any international terror
groups let it be al-Qaida or Taliban and ISIS. Our loyalty has been with this land and it
will be forever for this land. We will never be disloyal to our mother land.
We, Muslim community promotes peace and harmony and please do not try to link our
Sri Lankan Muslim identity with any other Muslim country or nation. We, Sri Lankan
Muslim community are indigenous people of this land, our race may be Sinhalese,
Tamil, Malay, Memnon and other ethnic groups and yet, we are not an outsiders rather
our forefathers came here like all other communities. They married Sinhalese and
Tamil ladies. Hence, we became an intergral part of this nation. We are religiously
Muslims and yet, ethnically we may be Sinhalese, Tamil, Malay and other groups. No
one calls us Arab or Patthans or Bengalese. As Tamil and Singhalese Christians, we
are Muslims by religion yet, Sinhalese, Tamil or Malay by ethnicity. This writer should
have read the book of Prof, Lorna Dewaraja on Muslim community in Sri Lanka before
he comes up with this bluffing. Please read this book before you ever make any
comment about Muslims in Sri Lanka. ( The Muslims of Sri Lanka; One thousand
years of ethnic harmony 900-1915)
I mentioned this here to refute the arguments of this writer who tries to spread
blasphemous forgeries and lies about Muslim community in Sri Lanka. This writer
further accuses the Sri Lankan military service that it has failed to identity Jihadist
infiltration into Sri Lanka. This writer does not need to preach Sri Lankan military and
intelligence. Today, Sri Lankan intelligence and Military service is one of the best in the
world. They managed to defeat one of the ruthless world terrorist organizations who
introduced the doctrine of suicide into the world. So, I do not think that our Sri Lankan
intelligence and military services need any instruction from this type of bias writer. He
notes that (This indeed exposes another side of the story failure of the Sri Lankan
government to keep an eye on possible penetration of Islam extremism in the Sri
Lankan society). This is a blind accusation of Sri Lankan intelligence and military
service. The integrity and professionalism of Sri Lankan intelligence and military
service is unquestionable otherwise, how could they win this 30 years war. This writer
tries to blame the entire Sri Lankan military and intelligence service because of one
Muslim fanatic. This is a crazy, disparate and unfounded accusation. Now, he
demands to have a special unite to monitor and spy on what he calls (Islam extremism

in the Sri Lankan law enforcement agencies and Ministry of Foreign affairs.) what a
useless and unrealistic suggestion is this? Sri Lanka has got so many burning issues
and problems. More than 60% people live below poverty line, Sri Lanka needs
investment in education, health and employment of youths and development projects.
So many other important issues are there to do in order of priority. Yet, this writer has
inflated this Jihadist threat to Sri Lanka and demands to open up a branch to spy on
Muslim radicals. This is an exaggeration and our human resources should be used in
more useful things than in this type of phoney projection.
I think that we do not have such an immediate need to this. Sri Lankan Muslim
community is not that stupid, we have seen enough blood bath in Sri Lanka. Muslim
clerics, Imams, teachers and leaders day and night advice Muslim youth not to follow
path of LTTE or any radical groups. Muslim community takes a message of peace into
hearts and minds of youths every day. Moreover, at grass root level, Muslim
community is working with Singhalese community to guide youths. Today, there are
many community based projects and programmes between two communities. We
have enough matured Buddhist and Muslim religious leaders to guide youths today
than ever before. We have strong communal bond between two communities than
ever before except BBS is trying get some politics out of it. Community sprit between
these two communities is so high now than before.
Furthermore, this writer, out of hatred and jealousy accuses International Muslim
community of helping Muslims in Sri Lanka. What a pathetic and unhuman argument
is this? We, all know that throughout thirty years war Muslim community suffered a lots
as other communities did. More than90% of Northern Muslims are languishing in
refugee camps in many parts of Sri Lanka. What is wrong if Muslim countries come in
support of these poor displaced people? Where is the human conscience of this writer
to accuse Muslim community of helping poor and displaced people? Islamic faith
transcend geographical, ethnic or linguistic countries. Prophet Mohammed said
Muslim community is like one body if one part of it suffers from fever, the rest of body
will feel that pain. This is the resemblance of universal Islamic brotherhood, so, this
writer does not like that. We cannot help him but feel sorry for him.
He comes up with further blunders when he notes, that during the civil war many
Muslim countries and groups provided assistance to various Muslim organizations in
Sri Lanka to fight the LTTE. In fact, some groups have even received
military training in the Middle East. For example, during 1997-99 some Sri Lankan
Muslim youths were able to get military training in Lebanon under a politically powerful
armed Muslim organization. This was arranged by a then powerful Muslim minister
representing a constituency in the eastern part of Sri Lanka.
Here this writer accuses late Cabinet Minister Ashraf of getting military training for
Muslim youths from Eastern province. The late Ashraf was a cabinet Minister and he
would have acted with the approval of cabinet. Without knowledge of Sri Lankan
military service he would not have been able to act. This is one of hate mongering
campaign of this writer. I do not think that any Muslim organization took military
training from anywhere outside. It was Indian government who provided military

training to Tamil groups in Sri Lankan soil to counter LTTTE. This is done in Sri Lankan
soil without approval of Sri Lankan people. This writer should produce evidence for all
these accusations rather than making sweeping statements. He should produce
evidence. Writing without evidence is like spreading slander for nothing.
This writer further claims that Sri Lankan Muslim students are studying in Arab and
Muslim countries. This is not a new thing in Sri Lanka. Even before hundreds of years,
Sri Lankan Muslim students went to many part of Muslim world to learn Islamic
studies. We did not have facilities to learn Islamic higher education in Sri Lanka so, it
has been a Sri Lankan Muslim tradition to send Muslim students abroad to learn
Islamic higher Education, and Most of Muslim clerics in Sri Lanka are educated abroad
in Islamic studies. As we do not have facilities in Sri Lanka, we do this. This is a
fundamental right of Muslim people to have education. Yet, this writer out of jealousy
and hatred, tries to link up this with Muslim extremism. He tires connect this with ISIS.
What a lie is this? What more shocking is he claims that (According to some sources
over 100 Sri Lankans are presently engaging in ISIS activities mainly in Syria and
What a fabrication is this? According what sources? If he is honest he should have
revealed his sources? He should tell public where did he get this statistics of 100 Sri
Lankans? Where do they come from? What are their names? Why Sri Lankan
intelligence service did not detect them or their families?
It looks that this writer is making up stories without any evidence. He is neither a
professional writer nor an expert on this subject. He is writing for the sake of writing.
There is no any truth in what he says.
Now here turns to create more religious hatred by saying that Sinhalese housemaids
are being converted into Islam. This is a BBS type accusation. Who asked Sinhalese
house maids or Tamil house maids to go to Muslim countries? They went there out of
poverty and they went there out of their own choice. There are more than two million
Sri Lankans who work in Middle East countries. Did they manage to convert all of
them? There may a few out of their own choice they become Muslims? So, what if
they did it at their own will? Who are you to interfere in the freedom of people? In
Islam there is no compulsion (There is no compulsion in religion. Quran: 2; 256). This
is the basic teaching of Islam in regards to conversion of people. No one can change
the hearts of people except its creator. If you force someone to convert they may
change their minds once that pressurising is over.
Likewise, this writer comes up with many false accusations. Some of them have no
any basic facts or truths on them, some of them are mere exaggerations to spread
hatred among communities and there is no truth what so ever in what he writes. Mere
bluffing and lying. People should be more vigilant about this type of writers. His
arguments have no any solid foundation. No substance in what he says. He has
accused Sri Lankan government, MPs, Sri Lankan Ambassadors, Muslim countries
and even foreign employers. It is foreign Employment that feeds more than 2 million
Sri Lankan families not this writer, it is Middle East countries that came in support of

Sri Lanka in time of difficulties not this writer. I hope that patriotic Lankans know the
truth. May God give a prosperous and brighter future for this nation?
Posted by Thavam