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854K ®

Wheel Dozer

Engine Operating Specifications

Engine Model Cat ® C32 ACERT ® Blade Capacities 25 to 45 m3 33 to 58 yd3
Gross Power (SAE J1995) 674 kW 904 hp Weights
Net Power (SAE J1349) 597 kW 801 hp Operating Weight 98 100 kg 216,273 lb
• Cat engine with ACERT Technology – U.S. EPA Tier 2,

EU Stage II compliant
854K Wheel Dozer
Purpose Built Wheel Dozers designed for long life and low owning and operating costs.

Performance Durability/Reliability Blades and Blade Controls

• Improved system and component • Proven components with high hour • Choose from a number of different
design gives the 854K optimum rebuild and machine life standards blades with replaceable, bolt-on
productivity. provide unmatched reliability. cutting edges and bottom wear plates
that protect the blade, resulting in
• Operator productivity is enhanced • Diagnostic programs are available to
longer life.
with easy to use controls. pg. 4 monitor machine health and maintain
uptime. pg. 6 • A single lever controls all hydraulic
blade functions. pg. 7

Complete Customer Support

• Your Cat ® dealer offers a wide range
of services that help you operate
longer with lower cost. pg. 12

Engineered for demanding work in large

dozing applications, the 854K Wheel Dozer
is the largest in the Cat Wheel Dozer line
and is an ideal match for large mining
operations, power generating utilities, the
general contracting industry and wherever
mobility, versatility and compaction is needed.

Operator Comfort Safety Serviceability
• Best-in-class working environment • The 854K design optimizes visibility • Minimize service time and maximize
for this wheel dozer size class. for a safe working environment. production through key ground level
access points and grouped service center.
• 854K offers greater control and ease • Ease of access to daily and routine
of operation for your operator. maintenance components allow your • Monitoring the machine and
service technician to safely service forewarning of machine trouble
• Ergonomically designed for the health
the machine. allows you to schedule downtime
and safety of your operator. pg. 8
and ensure job site productivity
• Enhance operator comfort and safety
continues without interruption. pg. 11
through a safe working environment.
pg. 10

Delivery of performance is critical to your bottom line.

OPTIMUM PRODUCTIVITY. Building off Cat Planetary Power Shift

the legacy of the 854G, the 854K utilizes Transmission. The 854K heavy-duty
a number of key features from the 854G planetary power shift transmission is the
while making enhancements to further same field-proven transmission found
improve customer productivity. on the 854G. The 854K transmission
utilizes a planetary gear group similar
Load-Sensing Steering. The 854K
to the one used in the 993K and 994F,
features the same load sensing steering
which has proven strength and reliability.
system as the 854G. Load sensing
The electronically controlled power
steering maximizes machine performance
shift transmission features three forward
by directing power through the Next Generation Modular Radiator and three reverse speeds, and a maximum
steering system only when needed. (NGMR). The 854K introduces the highest rimpull capacity of 75 432 kg
This maximizes available power level of cooling performance by using (166,300 lb).
for productive work and improving 14 parallel (16 high ambient) modular
fuel efficiency. cores. The NGMR system goes beyond
the proven AMOCS technology and
increases cooling performance by using
brass tubes and copper fins for core
construction. Compared to the AMOCS
steel tube and steel fin construction,
the copper in the NGMR design has
a higher heat transfer capability.
This enables the 854K to improve
cooling performance while minimizing
the cooling package area and maximizing
rear machine visibility.

Impeller Clutch Torque Converter (ICTC). The right control pod contains a single
ICTC combined with the Rimpull level blade control that permits the
Control System (RCS) allows the operator to adjust lift, tilt and pitch
operator maximum flexibility in with minimal effort. Additionally,
modulating rimpull. with all control centralized in one pod,
the operator utilizes less effort while
• Compensates for wear by providing
controlling blade movements. Features
the ability to recalibrate for optimum
on the pod include:
left pedal modulation regardless of
torque converter wear. 1) A momentary switch at the front of
PROVEN ENGINE TECHNOLOGY. the blade control lever changes left-
• The impeller clutch torque converter
The 854K utilizes the Cat ® C32 ACERT ® right functionality from tilt to pitch
uses the left brake pedal to modulate
rimpull from 100 to 24 percent engine, certified to meet U.S. EPA 2) Horn
of available rimpull for reduced Tier 2 and EU Stage II emission.
The C32 is a Mechanically actuated 3) Set/Decelerate – Throttle Lock
tire slippage.
Electronically controlled Unit Injection 4) Resume/Accelerate – Throttle Lock
• The RCS selector dial is used (MEUI) diesel engine. This 597 kW
to select the desired rimpull (801 constant net hp), 12 cylinder, 5) Hydraulic Lockout
setting from four factory presets 32 liter, turbocharged and aftercooled 6) Dual Tilt
(Maximum, High, Medium and Low). engine is common with the Cat 777F,
The reduced rimpull is only active 993K, 992K and D11.
in first gear forward.
The 854K produces the same net power
• RCS will allow the operator to as the 854G but has increased power
match rimpull to ground conditions. density with the C32 engine. The increase
• The torque converter is equipped in power density yields improved engine
with a lock-up clutch for direct drive response and fuel efficiency.
efficiency in second and third gear.
ICTC is standard with lock-up and free
wheel stator. 5
Heavy-Duty Axles. The heavy-duty 1 6
axles feature standard axle oil coolers, 2
permanently lubed universal joints and
strong axle components in both the
differentials and final drives for increased
performance, serviceability and durability. Load Sensing Steering. The 854K’s
STIC uses a single lever for steering
• Axle oil cooling system circulates and transmission control. Left hand
oil from the brakes and differentials operation enables the operator to shift
through an oil-to-air cooler that or change directions without letting
provides increased oil life while go of the steering control. The STIC
extending component performance Single Lever Blade Controller. The 854K reduces operator fatigue by providing
and durability. is equipped with a new implement an ergonomic location that allows the
controller. The new implement controller operator to work with a fluid and
• The 854K features planetary reduction
is a fully pilot driven control system effortless motion.
in each wheel. Torque is developed
from the previous 854G with a cable-
at the wheel, putting less stress on
driven lift/lower. The new pilot driven
the axle shafts. The planetary units
implement system is easier to use and
can be removed independently from
minimizes operator fatigue.
the wheels and brakes.
• Conventional differential is standard.

Maximum uptime, long life of your machine – it’s what you expect for your bottom line.

Caterpillar® Designed Components. Spread Hitch Design. Double tapered VIMS allows service access via the
Components used to build the Cat ® Wheel roller bearings and hardened pins resist operator interface in addition to two
Dozers are designed and manufactured both horizontal and vertical loads to off-board serial ports located in the cab
to Caterpillar quality standards. increase life. The spread-hitch also and bumper service center. A laptop
makes service access easier. computer loaded with VIMS PC software
Castings. The castings in the engine end
may connect to the VIMS control unit
frame are used in critical high-stress Engine and Transmission Mounts.
via the VIMS Serial Port.
areas to help spread the load and reduce The mounts are designed to use a
the number of parts. The casting for the combination of mushroom and Product Link. Product Link is a state-of-
rear trunnion mount has been redesigned cup-shaped ISO mounts, reducing the-art satellite technology based product
for improved stress distribution. component vibration and sound levels. that provides an information flow
between machine on-board systems
Separate Hydraulic Systems.
and the Caterpillar operations center.
One system for brakes and steering and
Multiple types of information can be
another system for blade control and the
collected and tracked – from machine
hydraulically-driven engine cooling fan.
location and service meter hours to
The benefits of the separate hydraulic
health and productivity information.
systems are increased cooling and
elimination of cross-contamination. Equipment Manager. With a subscription
Use of XT™-3 ES, XT-5 and XT-6 to Equipment Manager through the
hose, and reliable components help Cat Dealer StoreFront, the information
reduce the risk of leaks and blown lines, collected through Product Link can be
helping protect the environment. transmitted to a computer. With fast,
Front Frame and Rear Frame. easy-to-access machine information,
• Tandem gear pumps provide
Highly engineered and field-proven, you can optimize asset utilization, reduce
hydraulic flow for the lift, tilt and
combination use of high-strength security risks, improve maintenance
tip functions.
plates and castings distributes loads and management and implement before-
increases structure robustness. A key • Well-proven pumps, valves and failure repair strategies.
differentiator from competitive machines cylinders share commonality in
is the box section rear frame and front design with those used on large
frame. The box section absorbs torsional Cat Track-Type Tractors.
forces experienced during dozing, • For improved serviceability,
maintaining alignment for hitch pins all hydraulic pumps are mounted
and drive line. on a single pump drive.
product health is key to maintaining
the reliability of any equipment.
Many programs are available on the S•O•S SM Services. Keep minor repairs
854K, both standard and optional from becoming major ones and avoid
features, to help you track machine complete failures. By regularly taking
condition. samples from the ports provided, your
Vital Information Management System Cat dealer tracks wear of components
(VIMS) . VIMS enables the monitoring and parts, oil performance and oil
Push Beam and Push Arm Dozer of machine health and system status condition and uses that data to predict
Arrangement. Solid one-piece push with over 100 machine parameters. wear-related problems before they happen.
beam attached to heavy-duty box section VIMS interface includes:
frame provides structure for push arms.
• Machine diagnostics
Push arms are constructed using thick,
sturdy plate. • Calibrations and service modes
• Current machine information
(such as engine rpm, active faults)

Blades and Blade Controls
Well-proven Cat components deliver dependable service and ease of operation.

Single Lever Blade Control.

Hydraulically operates blade raise,
lower, tilt and pitch.
Lift circuit features:
• Four positions – raise, hold, lower
and float
• Detente hold on float
Tilt/Pitch circuit features:
Coal Blade. The coal blade is designed
• Operator selected single or dual-tilt for precise and productive dozing while
• Finger tip control for pitch operation helping to retain load control with
increased capacity for lighter materials.
Low effort control:
• Wing angles help retain the load
• Single lever blade control while dozing.
• Floor-mounted controls Semi-U Blade. Combine the
• Full pilot oil operated implement characteristics of the S and U blades
control into one package.
A switch on the control lever gives the • Increased capacity with the addition
Heavy-Duty Blade Linkage. This linkage operator the ability to quickly switch of short wings, which include
has similar design with the Cat D11 from tilt to pitch blade operation. only the dozer end bits, without
Track-Type Tractor. These well-proven Further blade control is available with sacrificing spreading characteristics
components are designed for large a switch on the pod for dual tilt function of straight blades.
dozing loads in tough applications. of the blade. A generous range of motion
• Lift cylinders raise and lower the enables excellent control for dozing.
blade for efficient dozing action. Cat Blades. The blades are designed
• Cutting edges utilize DH-2 steel and with high strength, pressed rib
end bits utilize DH-3 steel to provide construction and large Cat Track-Type
maximum service life. Tractor bolt-on cutting edges and bottom
wear plates that offer excellent dozing
• Pushbeam, pusharms and tag link and rolling characteristics. Capacities
are sized for large dozing loads. and widths are set to achieve increased
productivity while dozing heavy loads
Heavy-Duty Semi-U Blade. Utilizing the
or spreading cover material.
same design as the standard Semi-U blade
with the addition of a Hardox 400 liner
plate, Hardox material on the side plates
and additional gusseting on the bottom
of the blade provide increased strength
and durability in high wear applications.

Operator Comfort
Comfort and control – a top quality operator station helps maximize productivity.

adjustable, and the retractable seat belt

stays off the floor, making it easier for
the operator to reach.
The seat is critical to an operator’s health
and performance in those applications
requiring extended shift times. This seat
can be reclined when not in the operating
mode. Armrest height, tilt and fore/aft
are adjustable for any size operator.
A heated seat is available as an option
for comfortable operation in cold
weather conditions.
VISIBILITY. The 854K provides excellent
visibility to both the front and rear of
the machine. Wipers with intermittent
feature on both front and rear keep the
windows clean in any condition.
Additionally, this system contains
two-speed continuous corner wipers.

Rear Vision Camera. An optional rear

vision camera is available to clearly
monitor movement behind the dozer.
Optional Features. Additional optional
features that enhance visibility include
high intensity discharge lights for
exceptional lighting when working at
night, warning beacons placed on the
corners of the roof of the cab for visibility
from any parameter of the dozer and
OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT. The 854K Seat. With air suspension and a
heated mirrors for quick defrost and
maintains the distinction of offering retractable 76.2 mm (3 in) seat belt,
good visibility in winter conditions.
the largest, most ergonomic cab in its the seat is designed for additional comfort
size class. and support. The seat cushions reduce
pressure on the lower back and thighs
while allowing unrestricted arm and
leg movement. The seat is six way

EASE OF OPERATION. The main control
panel on the 854K is located to the right
of the operator’s seat, keeping everything
within reach of the operator. Conveniently
placed switches and controls allow better
efficiency and improved productivity
while minimizing operator fatigue.
Throttle Lock. The throttle lock enables
constant elevated idle operation by
allowing the operator to preset engine
speed for a variety of application.
This feature reduces operator fatigue,
allowing the operator to concentrate
on productivity.
Quick Shift. Quick shift allows quicker
cycle times by automatically shifting
from first forward to second reverse.
Single Lever Blade Controller.
The low-effort, fully pilot dozer control
is floor-mounted and adjusts fore and
aft so operators of any size can find
a comfortable operating position.
The single lever control allows operators
to control all dozer blade functions with
one hand. Fore/aft movement of the
handle lowers and raises the blade.
Left/right movement directionally tilts
the blade.
The finger-tip button on top of the
controller controls blade pitch fore and
aft. Further blade control is available
with a switch on the pod for dual tilt
blade function.
OPERATOR TRAINING. A slight increase This provides a safe method to properly
in cab size allows room for a trainer train the operator on the job.
seat with a 76.2 mm (3 in) seat belt.

People are the backbone of your business, and keeping them safe and productive is the
number one priority.

IMPROVED VISIBILITY. Good visibility The optional High Intensity Discharge

is key to a safe work environment. (HID) lights provide exceptional lighting
The 854K offers the best visibility for for night work. HID lights are a new 1
this size class wheel dozer. Additional generation of 35-watt lights featuring
standard visibility features that enhance a special flood lens and reflector which
safety include long-life LED tail lights provides brighter output. 7
and articulated wiper/washer system
Optional warning light beacons are also
with intermittent feature on front and
available as a safety feature.
rear windows, as well as two-speed 2
continuous corner wipers. Optional roading fenders help prevent
mud and debris build-up on the stairs for
Optional Rear Vision Camera with 6
safety in getting on and off the machine.
In-Cab Monitor. An optional rear vision
camera with 178 mm (7 in) in-cab color SAFETY IN OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT.
display monitor is available to give a Cab comfort and operator safety go
close view of behind the wheel dozer. hand-in-hand. Many features that enhance
operator comfort also aid in keeping 5 3
your operator safe. Examples range
from noise and vibration to designing 4
for decreased repetitive motion.
Key standard features that aid operator Bumper Service Center. A centralized
safety include low effort implement service center located at ground level
blade controls floor mounted for ease on the left-hand, rear side of the 854K
of adjustment to the operator and a seat includes a stairway light (1), auxiliary
belted trainer’s seat for ease of training emergency shutdown switch (2), VIMS
an operator on the job site. port (3), VIMS Service Key switch (4)
Additional safety features include a cab and Cat Electronic Technician com-II
filtration system that removes dust and port (5). This center also contains lockout
debris from the cab air. switches allowing your service technician
to perform routine maintenance while
Optional for extremely dusty applications ensuring the machine stays static.
is a cab pre-cleaner that reduces the
amount of dust that reaches the cab filter. Starter Lockout Switch (6). Key to safety,
Optional Windshield Cleaning Platform. another feature on the bumper service
A windshield cleaning platform package MAINTENANCE SAFETY. Daily and center is a starter lockout that stops the
has an additional platform and handrails routine maintenance should not pose a ability to start the machine, which is
to provide easy access for cleaning of safety hazard to your operator or service often needed during service procedures.
the front window. technician. With the 854K, design effort The machine will still have electrical
was taken to group service points with power, however, the engine can not
convenient access. One key service be cranked.
center that is focused on your operator
and service technicians safety is the Transmission Lockout Switch (7).
Bumper Service Center. The transmission lockout switch does
not allow the transmission to shift out
of neutral, even if running. This feature
is designed for service procedures that
require machines to be running but
want the transmission disabled for
added safety.
Working 24 Hours a Day. Any time of In-Cab Steering Lockouts. The steering
the day and in all types of weather, the lockout feature in the cab locks the
854K has a number of features to ensure steering handle in the neutral position
safe visibility. Heated rearview mirrors and disables the transmission controls,
are available for quick defrost and good ensuring the machine will not be moved
visibility in winter conditions. until the lock is disabled.

Less time spent on maintenance means more time spent on the job.

SERVICE ACCESS. Ground level access Engine Service Area. In the left-hand Sight Gauges. To the hydraulic tanks
and grouped service points lead to easier side engine access door are grouped and radiator fill tank provide quick
service, minimizing service time and service points for the engine including checks for fluid levels.
maximizing production. This allows a oil and fuel filters, oil fill and oil check.
Hydraulic Filtration. Case drain filtration
service technician to perform a variety of The compartment also includes a light
is standard on all pumps and motors.
service procedures, often from ground for service at night, along with one of
For additional protection, high pressure
level or platform, ranging from access the machine air filters and the air filter
screens are available as an optional
to VIMS to grease fittings for the frame. service indicator. The right side engine
access door houses the other air filter,
the ether aid and another under hood Power Train Filters. The power train
light switch. filters are removed from the top side
to reduce the chance of fluid spillage.
Batteries. The batteries sit in a built-in
battery box and are accessible through Hydraulic Service Area. On top of the
a hinged door on the platform. platform behind the cab are access panels
for the steering and implement pilot
Platform Service Areas. Hinged doors
filters, case drain filters, power train
in the platform provide access to the
filters and hydraulic pumps.
hydraulic tank fill, blade circuit and
Optional Service Center. The 854K steering filters. The transmission sight Electronic Service Center. A
offers an optional service center for one gauge and filler spout are serviced from centralized electronic service center
point of service. This includes a fill and the hitch area. is located on the right side of the cab
drain feature for the optional oil renewal platform and provides one service point
system, radiator, implement tank, for transmission/implement ECM, VIMS,
steering tank, transmission and engine breakers and fuses. It is sealed against
oil. Optional AutoLube is only available weather elements.
with a fill tube. Additionally, the optional Optional QuickLube System.
AutoLube and Oil Renewal Systems are The QuickLube system provides precise,
both equipped with full lights. The full automatic lubrication of all grease joints
lights allow the service technician to while the machine is in operation.
ensure the system is full while filling Automatic lubrication reduces time spend
at ground level. on daily maintenance and downtime for
Bumper Service Center. The bumper unplanned repairs due to insufficient
service center features safety service greasing.
controls including starter and transmission DIAGNOSTICS. The 854K offers
lockouts, emergency engine shutdown customers the ability to troubleshoot
and VIMS and Electronic Technician and monitor machine information,
connections. customize operator settings for
continuity of operation and set machine
configuration. A number of these tasks
are accomplished through VIMS.

Remote and Grouped Diagnostic

Pressure Ports. Grouped, easily
accessible pressure ports are designed
into the 854K to provide quick and easy
diagnostic checks for the implement,
steering, fan, axle oil cooler, brakes,
Swing-out Doors. The swing-out doors
impeller clutch and lock-up clutch.
on both sides of the engine offer ease
of access to a number of service

Complete Customer Support
Cat ® dealer services help keep machines operating longer with lower costs.

Customer Support Agreements.

Cat ® dealers offer a variety of product
support agreements and work with
customers to develop a plan that best
meets specific needs. These plans can
cover the entire machine, including
attachments, to help protect the
customer’s investment.
Product Support. You will find nearly
all parts at our dealer parts counter.
Cat dealers use a worldwide computer
network to find in-stock parts to minimize
machine downtime. Save money with
genuine Cat Reman parts. You receive
the same warranty and reliability as
new products at cost savings of 40 to
70 percent.
Operation. Improving operating
techniques can boost your profits.
Your Cat dealer has training videos,
literature and other ideas to help you
increase productivity.

Maintenance Services. Choose from

your dealer’s range of maintenance
services when you purchase your
machine. Repair option programs
guarantee the cost of repairs up front.
Diagnostic programs such as S•O•SSM and
Coolant Sampling and Technical Analysis
help you avoid unscheduled repairs.
Replacement. Repair, rebuild or replace?
Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate
the cost involved so you can make the
right choice.
Machine Selection. Make detailed Purchase. Look past initial price.
comparisons of the machines under Consider the financing options available
consideration before purchase. Cat dealers as well as the day-to-day operating costs.
can estimate component life, preventative Look at dealer services that can be
maintenance cost and the true cost of included in the cost of the machine
lost production. to yield lower equipment owning and
operating costs over the long run.

Engine Hydraulic System

Engine Model Cat ® C32 ACERT ® Cylinders, Double-Acting: 177.8 mm  7 in 

Net Power (SAE J1349) 597 kW 801 hp Lift, Bore and Stroke 1759.5 mm 69.3 in
Gross Power (SAE J1995) 674 kW 904 hp Cylinder, Double-Acting: 266.7 mm  10.5 in 
Bore 145 mm 5.7 in Tilt and Tip, Bore and Stroke 285.5 mm 11.25 in
Stroke 162 mm 6.4 in Relief Valve Setting – 22 675 kPa 3,289 psi
Bulldozer (Large Pump)
Displacement 32.1 L 1,959 in3
Relief Valve Setting – 24 560 kPa 3,560 psi
Max Net Torque 4242 N·m 3,129 ft-lb
Tilt Cylinders (Small Pump)
Torque Rise 30%
• Cat engine with ACERT Technology – U.S. EPA Tier 2,
EU Stage II compliant Steering
• Engine ratings apply at 1750 rpm when tested under specific
standard conditions for the specified standard. Steering Angle (max) 43º
• Power rating conditions based on standard air conditions Steering Meets ISO 5010:1992
of 25° C (77° F) and 99 kPa (29.32 in Hg) dry barometer using • Steering angle in each direction, one-hand operation.
35° API gravity fuel having an LHV of 42 780 kJ/kg (18,390 Btu/lb)
when used at 30° C (86° F) [ref. a fuel density of 838.9 g/L
(7.001 lb/gal)].
Service Refill Capacities
• Net power advertised is the power available when the
engine is equipped with alternator, air cleaner, muffler Fuel Tank – Standard 1562 L 413 gal
and hydraulic fan drive.
Cooling System 200 L 53 gal
• No derating required up to 3050 m (10,000 ft) altitude. Crankcase 120 L 32 gal
Transmission 169 L 45 gal
Differentials and 369 L 98 gal
Weights Final Drives – Front
Differentials and 342 L 90 gal
Operating Weight 98 100 kg 216,273 lb
Final Drives – Rear
Cooling System – NGMR System 86 L 22.7 gal


Converter Drive – Forward 1 7.1 km/h 4.4 mph

Converter Drive – Forward 2 12.4 km/h 7.7 mph
Converter Drive – Forward 3 21.2 km/h 13.2 mph
Converter Drive – Reverse 1 7.7 km/h 4.8 mph
Converter Drive – Reverse 2 13.5 km/h 8.4 mph
Converter Drive – Reverse 3 23.5 km/h 14.6 mph
Direct Drive – Forward 1 Lock-up Disabled
Direct Drive – Forward 2 13 km/h 8.1 mph
Direct Drive – Forward 3 22.8 km/h 14.2 mph
Direct Drive – Reverse 1 8 km/h 5 mph
Direct Drive – Reverse 2 14.3 km/h 8.9 mph
Direct Drive – Reverse 3 25.1 km/h 15.6 mph
• With 45/65-45 L-5 46 ply tires

854K Wheel Dozer specifications 13

Cab Brakes

ROPS/FOPS Meets SAE and Brakes Meet ISO 3450:1996

ISO standards
• Rollover/Falling Object Protective Structure (ROPS/FOPS)
is standard. Axles
• ROPS meets the following criteria:
Front Fixed
– SAEJ1040 MAY94
Rear Oscillating at ±10°
– ISO 3471:1994 Maximum Single-Wheel 573 mm 22.6 in
• FOPS meets the following criteria: Rise and Fall
– ISO 3449:1992 LEVEL II
• The operator sound exposure Leq (equivalent sound Tires
pressure level) measured according to the work cycle
procedures in ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT98 is 73 dB(A) for the Tire Choices Five options available
cab offered by Caterpillar when properly installed and • Tubeless, low-aspect ration. All steel radial construction
maintained and tested with the doors and windows closed. for increased traction and stability, lower rolling resistance.
• The exterior sound pressure level for the standard machine • Options
measured at a distance of 15 m (49.2 ft) according to the test – 45/65-R45, L-4 I STAR Michelin
procedures specified in SAE J88 APR95, mid-gear-moving
operation, is 83 dB(A). – 45/65-R45, L-5 I STAR Michelin
• The dynamic operator sound pressure level is 72 dB(A) – 45/65-R45, L-5 58 PR Goodyear
when ISO 6396:1992 is used to measure the value for – 45/65-R45, L-5 58 PR Bridgestone
an enclosed cab. The cab was properly installed and – 1150/65-R45, RL-5K 2 STAR Goodyear
maintained. The test was conducted with the cab doors
• NOTE: Caterpillar recommends that you consult a tire
and the cab windows closed.
supplier to evaluate all conditions before selecting a
• Hearing protection may be needed when operating with tire model. Other special tires are available on request.
an open station and cab (when not properly maintained
or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in noisy
Operating Specifications

Blade Capacities 25 to 45 m3 33 to 58 yd3

14 854K Wheel Dozer specifications

All dimensions are approximate.

NOTE: Dimensions vary with blade. Refer to blade specifications chart.

Blade Specifications

Blade Overall Digging Ground Maximum Total Operating

Type Capacity Width Height Depth Clearance Tilt Weight Weight
Semi-U 25.4 m3 6321 mm 2179 mm 398 mm 1540 mm 1165 mm 10 161 kg 98 488 kg
33.1 yd3 20.75 ft 7.2 ft 1.3 ft 5.04 ft 3.8 ft 22,400 lb 217,128 lb
Semi-U 25.4 m3 6321 mm 2179 mm 398 mm 1540 mm 1165 mm 10 750 kg 99 077 kg
33.1 yd3 20.75 ft 7.2 ft 1.3 ft 5.04 ft 3.8 ft 23,700 lb 218,427 lb
Coal 44.7 m3 7200 mm 2500 mm 398 mm 1540 mm 1706 mm 10 333 kg 98 660 kg
58.2 yd3 23.6 ft 8.2 ft 1.3 ft 5.04 ft 5.6 ft 22,780 lb 217,507 lb

Semi-U Blade: This unit combines the characteristics of an S and U blade into one package. It has increased capacity by the addition of
short wings which include only the dozer end bits.

854K Wheel Dozer specifications 15

Standard Equipment
Standard equipment may vary. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for details.


Alarm, back-up Axle oil coolers (front and rear)
Alternator, 150 amp Brakes, full hydraulic, enclosed, wet multiple disc service
Batteries, low-maintenance brakes and dry parking/secondary brake
Deutsch and Amp Seal terminal connectors Demand fan
Lighting system, halogen (front and rear) Electric fuel priming pump
Lighting, access stairway Engine, Cat ® C32 ACERT ®
Starter, electric (heavy-duty) Ground level engine shutdown
Starting and charging system (24-volt) Ground level starter lockout
ECM diagnostic connector Implement, steering and cooling
Starting receptacle for emergency start Precleaner, engine air intake
OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT Precleaner, engine air intake
Air conditioner Radiator, Next Generation Modular (NGMR)
Cab, sound suppressed, pressurized, rollover protective Separated cooling system
structure (ROPS/FOPS) Starting aid (ether) automatic
Radio ready for (entertainment) includes antenna, Throttle lock
speakers and 2x 12V converters (24-volt, 15-amp) OTHER STANDARD EQUIPMENT
for use with laptop/cell phone Couplings, Cat O-ring face seals
Cigar lighter and ashtray Doors, service access (locking)
Coat hook Fenders, steel (front and rear)
Heater and defroster Guards, power train and crankcase
Horn, electric Hitch, drawbar with pin
Light, (dome) cab Hoses, Cat XT™
lock-up clutch disable switch Hydraulic oil cooler
Lunch box and beverage holders Oil sampling valves
Monitoring system (VIMS) with gauges Piston pump case drain filters
Action alert system, three category Stairway, left rear access
Instrumentation, gauges: Steering, load sensing
Engine coolant temperature Steering, secondary
Fuel level Vandalism protection caplocks
Hydraulic oil temperature Venturi stack
Transmission oil temperature Bulldozer Arrangements are included in the standard
Mirrors, rearview (externally mounted) equipment. Bulldozer blades are optional.
Pilot hydraulic blade controls TIRES, RIMS AND WHEELS
Seat, Cat Comfort (cloth) air suspension A tire must be selected from the mandatory attachments
Seat belt, retractable, 76 mm (3 in) wide section. Base machine price includes a tire allowance.
STIC control system ANTIFREEZE
Tinted glass Premixed 50 percent concentration of extended life coolant
Trainer seat with lap belt, retractable, 76 mm (3 in) wide with freeze protection to –34° C (–29° F).
Transmission gear indicator
Wipers/washers, wet-arm (front, rear and corner)
Intermittent front and rear wipers
Two speed corner continuous wipers

16 854K Wheel Dozer specifications

Optional Equipment
Optional equipment may vary. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for details.

Blades No-SPIN rear differential

Semi-U 25.4 m3 (33.1 yd3) Oil Renewal System (for use with service center)
HD Semi-U 25.4 m3 (33.1 yd3) Oil Renewal System (cannot be used with service center)
Coal 44.7 m3 (58.2 yd3) Operator Environment
CAES, Attachment Ready Option Radio, AM/FM, CD Basic
Electrical Radio, Satellite XM
Camera, Rear Vision Radio, Satellite, Sirius
Lighting, Warning Beacon Radio Ready, Satellite
Lights, HID Seat, Heated
Converter, 10A Precleaner, Cab
Extended Life Coolant with freeze protection to –50° C (–58° F) Service Center
Kits 120V engine coolant heater
Deluxe, Filtration 240V engine coolant heater
Air Intake Preclean Engine
Oil Renewal

854K Wheel Dozer specifications 17

Mandatory Equipment
Must choose from each category. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for more information.

Access Stairs Lube Arrangements

Standard – Left-hand Stairs Lines, Grease
Left and Right-hand Stairs QuickLube (with service center option)
Left and Right-hand Stairs with Roading Fenders QuickLube (without service center option)
Cooling Packages Mirror Arrangement
Standard – for ambient temperatures up to 43° C (110° F) Mirror, Standard
High Ambient – for ambient temperatures up to 55° C (131° F) Mirror, Heated
Electronics Steps and Walkways
Software, VIMS (Language is English/Spanish) Steps
Product Link, NA (ANSI) Walkway, Cab Front
Engine Arrangement Tires
Engine, Standard See your Cat dealer for current tire options.
Engine, Standard, Sound Suppression
Filtration System
Standard – Case Drain
Deluxe – Case Drain and High Pressure Screens
Fuel Systems
Fast Fill
Fast Fill and Heater

18 854K Wheel Dozer specifications


854K Wheel Dozer specifications 19

854K Wheel Dozer

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