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Discuss two or more media texts that you would define as 'postmodern'

and explain why you would give them this labels, cover at least two
media in your answer;

Fight Club & Postmodern Music.

“Postmodern media rejects the idea that any media product or text is of any greater value, all
value judgements are merely taste. Anything can be art, anything can deserve to reach an
audience, and culture 'eats itself as there is no longer anything new to produce or distribute.”
'Fight club is a fable about postmodern consumer society and the potential for American
fascism. The fundamental belief of fascism being that human beings are motivated by glory
and heroism rather than economic motives.
In fight club the two characters are completely different, Brad Pitt is Ed Norton's alter ego,
a second persona of Ed Norton's character. Ed Norton's character lives a monotimos
lifestyle, seems as if he lives for his job and apartment. He cares somewhat about his
presentation, as his flat is well organised, everything is from IKEA. However his
appearance is scrawny/skinny he wears basic clothes dull colours, whereas Brad Pit
character is handsome, muscular, confident, funny, persuasive and more aware of fashion.
We don't see Ed Norton's character with much of a social life apart from attending various
self help groups, which he attends to help with his insomnia not for there soul purpose.
However I think with Norton's character the audience sympathise with him over his
sleeping problems, but then your feelings change once you realise he is Tyler Durden, as
he's set up this whole society of fight club, then towards the end when you see Norton's
character finding out he is Tyler Durden, I think the audience sympathise with him again
well I did, as he's got mental health issues.
The two characters are binary opposition, while watching we get the subliminal s before
realising that Brad Pitt is a figment of his imagination. The subliminal s are shot clips of
Brad Pitt, slowly developing new personality. We see flashes of Brad Pitt's character before
we final meet him.
Fight club men, they are trying to prove themselves, they express themselves through
violence, a way to build there self esteem, there is a homo erotic element. The men get this
buzz from the fighting, they feel apart of something, scars etc. make you feel good/cool. His
alter ego allows him to do all the things he wants to do.

Feminine Behaviour in Norton's characteristics;

crying, complaining too much talking, listening, hugging, buying furniture from IKEA
Masculine behaviour in Brad Pit's characteristics;
Fighting,sex with Marla then ignoring her, fighting in all the fight clubs that goes on.
Drinking/smoking alpha behaviours, lack of emotion, blowing things up dealing with pain.
Norton's character first encounters Tyler Durden on the plane, Norton's apartment is
destroyed, the two men meet at a bar, identity, they discuss what it is to be a man.

Fight club was targeted at a range of different audiences with the effective marketing
trailers made for the film, the first trailer they brought out looked as if it was an action film,
with audiences being mislead, by just showing clips that would make it suitable for this
genre, they made lots of trailers for the film, one of the trailers that was produced was one
that portrayed the film to be a dark romantic comedy, with the use of playful music making
the film look light hearted.

Postmodernism is taking other forms of art to produce something new. The postmodern
sensibility that anything can be considered cool in an ironic ‘I know it’s bad, but it’s so bad
it’s good’ way. Work that is created based (entirely or in part) on older material. This
incorporates sampling and will take you from the realms of hip hop culture transporting you
finally in today’s modern fragmented musical landscape. They sample different songs to
create new ones sometimes they sample up to 17 songs just to create one song of their own.
They have also sampled other postmordern artists such as Afika Bambaataa. Also other
artists sample the Beastie Boy songs such 'Best foot forward by DJ shadow', which sampled
'Parties getting rough'. Their are more recent artists that sample there songs; T-pain, lil
Wayne etc. Another postermodern artist that sampled there songs is 'Girls talk'.
Shake Your Rump (1989) sampled
• Funky Snakefoot by Alphonze Mouzon (1974)
• Super Mellow by Louis Bellson, Shelly Manne, Willie Bobo and Paul Humphrey (1975)
• Tell Me Something Good by Ronnie Laws (1975)
• 6 O'Clock DJ (Let's Rock) by Rose Royce (1976)
• Yo Yo by Rose Royce (1976)
• Born to Love You by Rose Royce (1976)
• Dancing Room Only by Harvey Scales (1979)
• That's the Joint by Funky 4 + 1 (1980)
• Jazzy Sensation by Afrika Bambaataa and The Jazzy 5 (1981)
• 8th Wonder by Sugarhill Gang (1981)
• Unity (Pt. 6 - World War III) by Afrika Bambaataa and James Brown (1984)