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The objective of the six month course for CAT is very simple: to help our users with their

study plans and help them plan their prep, in a systematic manner. We have outlined what
needs to be done for the three CAT sections for Month-1 and have provided links for the
material available on this website. Please make sure you keep up with the plan and in case
you have any doubts, please feel free to ask us doubts and queries.
We will be constantly adding material during the course of this month, so make sure you regularly check
this page.

Section 1: English (Verbal) Prep for this Month

Target Topic-1: Deductive Logic

Deductive Logic introduces you to the world of Verbal Reasoning. Thought CAT per say
does not ask questions from this topic, it is required for building the foundations of logical
thinking. The concepts learn here are applicable in other topics of logic.
Make sure you complete all of the following for the topic:
Concept Notes
Deductive Logic: Test-1
Deductive Logic: Test-2
Deductive Logic: Test-3
Deductive Logic: Test-4

Target Topic-2: Critical Reasoning

Critical Reasoning is an important topic wrt CAT. It forms the basis of logical reasoning, and
the basic concepts learnt here are applied to topics such as Para-completion. The following is
a basic introduction to CR and we will upload advanced CR concepts soon.
Make sure you complete all of the following for the topic:
Concept Notes
Critical Reasoning: Test-1
Critical Reasoning: Test-2
Critical Reasoning: Test-3

Target Topic-3: Para-jumbles

Para-jumbles are a test of your reasoning skills and check your language comprehension. If
you can identify the flow and logic operating behind sentences, you would do well in this
topic. This is an absolute must for CAT.
Make sure you complete all of the following for the topic:
Concept Notes
Para-jumbles: Test-1
Para-jumbles: Test-2
Para-jumbles: Test-3
Para-jumbles: Test-4

Para-jumbles: Test-5

Target Topic-4: Para-Completion

Para-completion is one topic that has been continuously appearing in CAT. Keeping in mind
the frequency of this topic, to go with its advanced difficulty level, it is imperative that you
practice it with complete dedication.
Make sure you complete all of the following for the topic:
Concept Notes
Para-Completion: Test-1

Reading Targets:
Make sure you complete at least 4 of the following books:

Two states by Chetan bhagat (easy)

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach (easy)
Rich dad poor dad by Robert T Kiyosaki (easy)
The Outsider by Albert Camus (above-average)
A case of exploding mangoes by Hanif (above average)
1984 by George Orwell (Difficult)

Reading Comprehensions
RCs are probably the most important part of the verbal section. With close to 50% of the
questions appearing from this section, it is important to practice RCs every day. We
recommend you should solve at least one passage every day. We will provide one passage a
day for the duration of the course. We have uploaded the passages for the month, and you
should start solving them ASAP!
Reading Comprehensions: Passage 1 to 30






Some Reading Tips:

Make sure you pick up two books at a time, so that you dont get bored with one.
Identify your level before starting a book and make sure you do not over-reach with
your initial picks.
Make sure you start reading the editorial page of The Hindu or The Times of India
every day, without fail.

Section 2: Maths (quant) Prep for this Month

Target Topic: Number System

Number system is one topic that is ubiquitous in CAT.

Number system is one topic which finds universal application and its concepts are used in
almost all the topics. Keeping its importance in mind, make sure you study its concept in
details and use as much reference material as possible. We have provided a list of books you
can use. Refer to these books and online resources to learn more. We have uploaded some
Concept Notes for the topic here. Make sure you refer to these and explore the topics given
here further. Please keep in mind that these are introductory articles and you would need to
work further on these topics. We will be constantly adding more articles on the topic. Please
feel free to pass your suggestions.
Number System Topic Tests, Level Wise






Some Books you could use to study No. System:

You can study number system from any of the following books:

Demystifying Number System by Nishit Sinha

Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Verma

Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma

Section 3: Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation Prep for this Month

Target Topic: Logical Reasoning

The first type of questions we explore in this section are based on various seating
arrangements and what would be the sequence of individuals in any such arrangement. The
trick to solve this questions is to make a small diagrammatic representation of the given
problem and then to fill in the information given. This is the flowchart approach to solve
these questions and this works best. Solving these questions verbally can leave you in a
tangle. So make sure you draw a small little diagram every time you solve these sets.Explore
the logical reasoning sets here.

Puzzles for CAT

Though a topic that does not directly appear in CAT, puzzles form an important part of a
students preparation strategy. Solving a lot of puzzles will definitely enhance your logical
reasoning abilities and these one-question problems can actually act as stepping stones for
solving full-fledged LR sets. Explore some puzzles here.
Some Books you could use to study Logical Reasoning
You can study Logical Reasoning from any of the following books:

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation by Nishit Sinha

The Great Book of Puzzles & Teasers by George J Summer