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Jose Gomez

4317 Goldenhill Drive, Pittsburg, CA 94565

Objective Seeking available position within the local area, utilizing my effective
communication, related work experience, and knowledge pertaining to
the field.

Education Transportation Worker Identification Credential Certified:

• In compliance with certification guidelines and March 2009
examination standards
• TSA Port Benicia, Bat Corporation/Bay Area Training
Contractors Process Safety Orientation Program March 2009
• In compliance with safety regulations, hazards, and
protocols Certified: May
• Implementation of jobsite safety information 2009

EMS Safety Services CPR and First Aid

Certification Graduated:
• In accordance with Federal Occupational Safety and June 1998
Health Administration guidelines
High School Diploma
Concord High School, Concord CA
• Western Association of Schools and College

Technical Skills and Knowledge
• Warehouse/Laboratory techniques: Sanitation, sterilization,
fumigation, and disinfection of soiled materials utilizing effective
processes and procedures while meeting with safety standards.
• Warehouse inspection, analyzing, and conduction of loading freights
onto consignment shipment trucks.
• Vast knowledge of warehouse equipment and instruments utilized in
conduction of procedures, and importantly environmental health and
safety regulations, and occupational health and safety regulations.
• With an immense array of related work experience, strengthened
effective communication, interpersonal, written, and verbal skills.
Additionally, enhanced knowledge of warehouse/depot work
practices, safety regulations, hazards awareness and education, and
safety compliance.
Loading Dock Leadman
Aramark, Uniform Services
February 2007- February 2009
• Effectively analyzed and inspected water levels within warehouse
pallet-jack ensuring battery fully charged within compliance.
• Efficiently controlled the loading dock by obtaining production flow
within time controls for arrival and departure of shuttles.
• Proficiently loaded 53’ (53 feet long) truck utilizing electric pallet jack
equipment in order to properly load up cargo freight consignments.
• Aided in the process of production by providing operative labor
through transporting loads of soil garments.

Utility Staff Member

Labor Ready, Light Industrial, Concord, CA
June 2003- January 2006
• With effective, professional communicative skills worked with
concentrated effort to ensure waste disposal, decontamination,
sterilization and sanitation of debris within vicinities.
• Utilizing knowledge of proper biohazards and safety ensured proper
cleaning and clear-out of designated areas.

Warehouse Shipping/Receiving Service Lead Sorter,

United Parcel Services, San Ramon, CA
October 2000- April 2002
• Prepared and conducted proper load up of 53’ (53 foot) long cargo
trucks within safety compliance and standards while astoundingly
meeting with time constraints.
• Skillfully organized, coordinated, and maintained sorted mail through
categorization, arrangement, and order within warehouse.

Automotive Services Detailer,

Dealership Service, Contra Costa County, CA
April 2002- February 2007
• Conceptualized with attention to detail skills to guarantee customer
satisfaction with exceptional clean up exterior/interior results.
• Conducted claying or acid washes of automotives by applying best
safe work techniques and methods.
• Built rapport with clients’ while meeting with his/her needs and
concerns, while simultaneously contributing strong positive hard work
ethics to a sales team encouraging a friendly cooperative
• Promoted and educated clients’ of maintaining best cleaning practice
methods to ensure long lasting effects of detailed automotives.

Professional and Academic references available upon request.