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Advice on the Ultimate Definitive Meaning - Clear Mirror of Essential Points

Authored by the Omniscient Drimed Ozer -- Stainless Light (Longchen Rabjam)

Translated into Chinese by Phurpa Tashi Rinpoche

Homage to the Omniscient Drimed Ozer !

Embodying the vast multitudes of all Buddhas' mandalas

Manifesting enlightened activities and power of infinite compassion
Supreme pervasive lord of the hundred sections, the exalted Guru
Always paying respect and prostrating at Padmasambhava's feet.

Ema! Yogi of karmic affinity, please listen carefully, now that we have obtained perfectly the
human body with its freedoms and endowments, having met the jewel of the Mahayana teachings
directly, at this juncture of being able to properly engage in Dharma practice, do not squander
your human life meaninglessly, it is best to generate the pure and ultimate motivation.

There are immeasurable vehicles and levels in the teachings, the methods to access the vehicle are
numerous, the collection of expounded teachings are likewise extensive. However, if one is not
able to practise the essence of the absolute meaning, then even if one cradles as many as a
hundred thousand Dharma tomes in your bosom, at the point of death, it would still be difficult to
derive true benefit.

Although one possesses limitless qualities arising from the knowledge of listening and
contemplation, if the mind is not integrated with the Dharma, there is no way to pacify the
enemies of mental afflictions (kleshas). No matter what, if one is not free from useless thinking,
even if one has control over the three realms, there is no way for contentment to be produced in
the mind.

If one is not prepared for death which has indefinite timing, you will not accomplish the great
goal at the moment of death. If one has never engaged in refining and overcoming one's own
faults, while training in vast pure perception; with the motivation of desire and aversion, one will
not be able to enter the door of Mahayana teachings. All the sentient beings in the three realms
and six dimensions of beings have been our parents without any exception. If one has not
generated great compassion and Bodhichitta in one's mindstream and made a pure aspiration, the
treasure door of benefitting others will not be opened.

If to the Guru of great kindness, one has yet to produce the reverent faith that he/she is more
supreme than even the Buddha, one cannot receive blessings. If the authentic blessings have not
been absorbed into one's mind, the sprout of realisation cannot grow. If one's mind has not
generated realisations, the empty words of intellectual understanding will not bring the
superlative fruit of bodhi (enlightenment).

In summary, if one's mind has not merged with the Dharma, with only a facade of the Dharma
path, there is nothing worth discussing. With only the intention of nurturing and protecting this
life, such kind of reliance is meaningless.

Meditating on the Guru Yoga, you should pray one-pointedly. Whatever positive deeds you
perform, the object should be to benefit all sentient beings who have been our parents. Whatever
suffering or joy, good or bad takes place, view everything as the Guru's great compassion.

In the self-luminous, self-appearing state without any grasping, without altering or fabrication,
rest relaxedly. When any thought arise, recognise its fundamental nature and liberate it.
Everything will become the dance of dharmata, even though there is not the slightest effort (in
sustaining a) object or form in the meditation, one does not get swept away by ordinary delusion
for even an instant. All conduct is carried out in non-distraction and mindfulness. The six heapssight and sound and so forth- however it appears, are all a training in the energy of nonsubstantial illusion. Freedom in the bardo is attained.

To sum it up, at all times and places, all actions becomes the proper Dharma, all virtues are
dedicated to Bodhi. If one practises in this way, it will not only fulfill the Guru's secret intent, but
one will also become a holder of the transmission of the teachings, thereby repaying the parents'
kindness, spontaneously accomplishing the two benefits (of self and others). Bear this (meaning)
in your mind, even if one meets me personally, there is nothing more to say that is more sublime
than this teaching. Therefore, at all times and places, practise in this way in your mind.

The Dharma King Longchen Rabjam (Drimed Ozer) composed this at the Gangri Togal
mountain-peak. May it be virtuous!

This "Advice on the Ultimate Definitive Meaning - Clear Mirror of Essential Points" was
written by the Omniscient Drimed Ozer, its meaning is profound and vast, and it has a extremely
great value for guiding practice. If one wishes to truly distinguish between the ultimate qualities
and the view-points that only bear a semblance, then the only way is to saturate all of one's
meditations with the meaning of this text. The flawless understanding can only arise after
obtaining actual experience of this. Whether it is Buddha Shakyamuni, the eighty Mahasiddhas
of India, or the past Chinese masters, they have all proceeded through meditation to realise the
fundamental essence and have thus accomplished the glorious activities of benefitting self and
others. We should likewise follow in their footsteps, practising the Dharma accordingly and
exerting our diligence. Then the day of ending suffering and obtaining bliss will finally arrive!

May all sentient beings accomplish the same state of rainbow light body as Drimed Ozer!