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Part G.

Regulation 18

Part G
Regulation 18

The purposeof this regulationis to provide additionalmeasuresin order to addressthe fire safery
oiih'i, ihaptcr fo1. ,liip, fitted wiih special facilities for helicopters. For this purpose,
tunctional rcquircments shall bc met:
helideck strucrure shall be adequateto protect the ship from the fire hazardsassociatedwith
.Z fire-fighting appliancesshall be provided to adequatelyprotect the ship from the fire hazards
associatedwith helicopter operations,
.3 refuclling and hangarfaciliticsand opcrationsshallprovide the necessarymeasuresto protect the
ship froi the fire-irazardsassociatedwith hclicopter operations,and

operation manualsand training shall be provided'


2.1 In addition to complying with the requirementsof regulationsin partsB, 9,P and E, asappropriate,
shipsequipped with helidlcki shall comp\ with the requirementsof this regulation.
hclicoptersland or conduct winching opcrationson an occasionalor emergencybasison ships
*.ithout helidecks,fire-figfiting equipment fitteJi" accordancewith the requirementsin part C may be
used.This equipment stiitt Ue"maaereadily availablein close proximity to the landing or winching
during helicopter oPeratrons.
2.3 Notwithstanding the requiremenrsof paragraph2.2 above,ro-ro passengershipswithout
shall comply with regulation



Constructionof steelor other equivalentmaterial

materials.If the helideck

I' general,the construction of the helidecksshall be of steelor other equivalent
"A-60" classstandard.
forirs the deckheadof a deckhouseor superstructurc,it shall be insulated
3.2 ConstructionoJaluminium or othet low meltingpoint metals
If the Administration permits aluminium or other low melting point metal construction that is not
c'quivalentto stcel, the following provisions shall bc satisfied:
.1 if the platform is cantileveredover the side of the ship, aftet each.fire on the ship or on the
platform, the platform shall undergo a structural analysisto determine its suitabiliry for further
.Z if the platform is located above the ship's deckhouse or similar structure, the following
conditions shall be satisfied:
.2.1 the deckhousctop and bulkheadsunder thc platforrn shall have no opcnings:

windows under the platform shall be provided with steel shutters;and


ChapterII-2: Construction- fire protection,detection,extinction

Regulation 1B

aftcr cach fire on the platform or in close proximiry, the platform shall undergo a structlrr:r
analysisto determine its suitability for further use.

Means of escape

A hclidcck shall be provided with both a main and an emergcncy mcans of escapeand accessfor fir-.
fighting and rescuepersonnel. These shall be located as far apart from each other as is practicablean.i
preGrably on opposite sidesof the helideck.

Fire-fighting appliances

5.1 In closeproximity to the helideck, the following fire-fighting appliancesshall be provided and storeti
near the me-ansof accessto that helideck:

at lcast two dry powder extinguishershaving a total capacityof not lcss than 45 kg;.
carbon dioxide extinguishersof a total capacityof not lessthan 18 kg or equivalent;*
a suitablefoam applicationsystemconsistingof monitors or foam-making branch pipes capable
of dclivcring foam to all parts of the helideck in all wcathcr conditions in which helicopterscan
operate.The systemshallbe capableof delivering a dischargerate asrequired in table 18.1 for ar
leastfive minures;

Table 18.1 - Foam discharge rates


Helicopter overall length

Dischargerate foam


up to but not includingl5 m



from 15 m up to but not including 24 m



from 24 m up to but not including 35 m



the principal agentshallbe suitablefor usewith saltwater and conform to performancestandards

not inferior to those acceptableto the Organization;t


at lcasttwo nozzlesof an approveddual-purposetype f et/spray)and hoscssu{ficientto reachanr'

part of the helideck;


in addition to the requirementsof regulation 10.10, t\,vo setsof fire-fighter's outfits; and


at lcastthe following equipment shallbe storedin a manner that providcsfor immediate use and
protection fron the elements:

cutters,bolt, 60 cm,


hook, grab or salving;

hacksaw,hear.ydury complete with 6 spareblades;
lift line 5 mm diameter and 15 m in length;
set of assortedscrewdrivers;and


.10 harnessknifc complete with sheath.


I\efer to Unified interpretation of SOLAS chapter II-2 on the numbcr and arrangementof portabic fire extinguisherson board
s h i p rt M S C . l T C i r c 1. 2 7 . 5 1 .
1 l\efer to the Intcmational Ciuil Auiation OrganizatiottAirport Seruices
Manual, part 1, Rescue and Fire Fighting, cl-rapterB,
Extinguishing Agent Characteristics,paragraph8.1.5, Foam Specificatiorrstable 8-1, levcl'B'.


PartG: Specialrequirements

Drainage facilities

Drainage facilities in way of helidecks shall be constructed of steel and shall lead directly overboard
independent of any other systemand shall be designedso that drainagedoes not fall onto any part of the

Helicopter refuelling and hangar facilities

Where the ship hashelicopter refuelling and hangarfacilities,the following requirementsshallbe complied


a designatcdareashall be provided for thc storageof fuel tanks which shall be:
.1.1 as remote as is practicable from accommodation spaces,escaperoutes and embarkation

isolatedfrom areascontaining a sourceof vapour ignition;


the fuel storageareashallbe provided with arrangementswhereby fuel spillagemay be collected

and drained to a safelocation;


tanks and associatedequipment shall be protected againstphysicaldamageand from a fire in an

adjacentspaceor area;


where portable fuel storagetanks are used, specialattention shall be given to:


design of the tank for its intended purpose;


mounting and securingarrangements;


electric bonding; and




storagetank fuel pumps shall be provided with means which permit shutdown from a safe
remote location in the event of a fire. Where a gravity fuelling systemis installed, equivalent
closing arrangementsshall be provided to isolatethe fuel source;


the fuel pumping unit shallbe connectedto one tank at a time. The piping berweenthe tank and
the. pumping unit shall be of steel or equivalcnt material, as short as possible,and protected


electricalfuel pumping units and associatedcontrol equipment shallbe of a type suitablefor the
location and potential hazards;


fuel pumping units shall incorporate a device which will prevent over-pressurizationof the
delivery or filling hose;


equipment used in refuelling operationsshall be clcctrically bonded;

SMOKING" signsshall be displayedat appropriatelocations;
.11 hangar,refuclling and maintenancefacilitiesshallbe treatedascategoryA machinery spaceswith
regard to structuralfire protection, fixed fire-extinguishing and detection systemrequirenrents;
.12 enclosedhangarfacilitiesor enclosedspacescontaining refuelling installationsshall be provided
with mcchanicalventilation, asrequiredby regulation20.3 for closedro-ro spacesof cargoships.
Vcntilation fans shall be of non-sparking rype; and
.13 electric equipment and wiring in enclosed hangarsor enclosed spacescontaining refuelling
installationsshallcomply with regulations20.3.2,20.3.3 and 20.3.4.

Operations manual and fire-fighting


8.1 Each helicoptcr facility shall have an opcrations manual, including a description and a chccklist of
.rtbry precautions, procedures and equipment requirements. This manual may be part of the ship's
. nrergencyresponseproceoures.
8.2 The proceduresand prccautions to be followed during refuelling operationsshall be in accordance
'.rth recognizedsafepracticesand contained in the operationsmanual.


- fire protection,
ChapterII-2: Construction
8.3 Fire-fighting personnel,consistingof at leastrwo personstrained for rescue and fire-fighting duties,
and fire-fighting equipment shall be immediately available at all times when helicopter operationsare
8.4 Fire-fighting personnel shall be present during refuelling operations. However, the fire-fighting
personnel shall not be involved with refuelling activities.
8.5 On-board refreshertraining shallbe carried out and additional suppliesof fire-fighting media shallbe
provided for training and testing of the equipment.

Regulation 19
Carriageof dangerous


The purpose of this regulation is to provide additional saGfymeasuresin order to addressthe fire safeq'
objcctives of this chapter for ships carrying dangerousgoods. For this purpose, the following functional
requirementsshall be met:


fire protection systemsshall be provided to protect the ship from the added fire hazards
associatedwith carriageof dangerousgoods;


dangerousgoods shall be adequatelyseparatedfrom ignition sources;and


with the
appropriatepersonnelprotective equipment shallbe provided for the hazardsassociated
carriagcof dangerousgoods.

General requirements

2.1 In addition to complying with the requirementsof regulationsin partsB, C, D, E and regulations18
and20,t asappropriate,ship rypesand cargospaces,referredto in paragraph2.2,intended for the carriageof
dangerousgoods shall comply with the requirements of this regulation, as appropriate, except when
carrying dangerousgoods in limited quantities+unless such requirements have already been met br'
compliancewith the requirementselsewherein this chapter. The types of ships and modes of carriageof
dangerous goods are referred to in paragraph2.2 and in table 19.1. Cargo ships of less than 500 gross
tonnage shall comply with this regulation, but Administrations may reduce the requirementsand such
reduced requirementsshall be recorded in the document of compliance referred to in paragraph4.
2.2 The following ship rypesand cargo spacesshall govern the application of tables 19.1 and19.2:
ships and cargo spacesnot specifically designed for the carriage of freight containers, but
intended for the carriageof dangerousgoods in packagedform, including goods in freight
containersand portable tanks;

purpose-built containershipsand cargo spaccsintended for the carriageof dangerousgoods in

freight containersand portable tanks;


ro-ro ships and ro-ro spacesintended for the carriageof dangerousgoods;


ships and cargo spacesintendcd for the carr'ageof solid dangerousgoods in bulk; and


shipsand cargo spacesintended for carriageof dangerousgoods other than liquids and gasesin
bulk in shipborne barges.

Special requirements
tJnlessotherwise spccified,the following requirementsshallgovern the applicationof tables19.1, 79.2 and
stowage of dangerousgoods where the numbers of the
1,9.3 to both
following paragraphsare indicated in the'first column of the tables.
Refer to the Interim guidelinesfor open-top containerships(MSC/Circ.608/Rev.1).
r Refer to partT of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.
I RcGr to chapter 3.4 of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.