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1) app create - db schema

2) .xml (app code)

3) .dll (reg adap)
4) machine profile
5) web client
6) app,int
7) control tables - periods,cate,curr
8) locations (entites)
9) mapploader files (acc,cust1,cust2)
Building FDM Application:
Log on to Workbench

Name the Application as fdmapp2 and path as C:\Hyperion\FDM

Next: select Check box: Use Windows Integrated security


After creating an application, Import HFM Adaptor -File ->Import

For general transaction select this adaptor -- FM9x-G4-B.xml and Inter company
transactions use this adaptor: FM9i-G4-B.xml

Click on Select All button:

Register Adaptor:

This dll : upsFM9xG4B.dll should be in this folder



Scripts folder:


Add M/C profile:

Target Machine: It should be Hyperion.

Import Reports:

That is all from Web Client.

Now logon to Web logon

You will see this screen:

Administration Application Settings:

Integration Settings:


Metadata Locations ( Data Load and Controls Review are location types)
Right click on controls and select Add first level location

Right click on controls and select Add first level location

Location ID is Very very Important

ControlsReview Tbas

DataLoad Tabs:

Metadata Import Formats:

Double click on the file dataload.txt --- Drag Account number on to the orange circle
till you see + sigh and drop

Follow the same procedure for Account Description, Source Custom1 and Source
Custom2 fields also. For Source FM Entity and Source ICP entered manually under
Expression as shown below

That is all in Locations and Format Group.

Metadata Control Tables

Metadata Dimensions

Security: User Maintenance and Object Maintenance

Creating New Users:

Metadata Dimension Labels

For Custom1 as Product and Custom2 as Department

Mapping Options:
Account Mapping -- > Select FM Account for Dimension and then select Select File
From Inbox. Click on Select File button and select corresponding file (Here it is

Click on OK. You should see the mappings here, but we will see No items to Display as
shown below. WHY?

Reason is POV. Observe in the above screen shot, Dalaload location is Sample. But in our
case it is NY. So change that to NY to see the data
Click on Sample (current location) and select NY

Now we will see the details as shown below. (Pl make sure, we will set the POV as NY,
Apr-2010, WLcat, Actual, Global (this is Logon method)

Next Select Custom1 as dimension and select the corresponding file.

Follow the same for Custom2 dimension also

Import data file:

Set Show Options:

Now Click on Validate and you will see Golden fish.

Note : We couldnt export data and getting error as shown below.

If Export is Success, we will see the data in HFM data grid.

To Import Standard reports:
File Import