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Check the accuracy of your NC machine tool with standard probing equipment.

A simple to use machine verification solution for rapid and effective verification of the machine measuring system & probing system accuracy,
repeatability, and reproducibility. Ensures the rotary axes elements of the Machine Tool are within the manufacturers specification for accurate
3+2 axis and 5 axis machining.
Probe Calibration and Verification
Three dimensional calibration for touch trigger probes on a Machine Tool.
A series of prompts guide the operator throughout the calibration process. Routines
provide full 3D probe calibration.
Reports record the operators inputs, provide an assessment of the accuracy and
confirm whether probe performance is within defined tolerances.
A repeatability process runs performance operations a pre-determined number of
times and compares the results to ensure consistency.

Improved process control

Probe calibration is faster, easier and more reliable
Calibration reports include detailed performance information
Processes can be used to verify performance before starting a job or
retrospectively to diagnose problems.

5-Axis Probe Repeatability Test

5-Axis Probe Repeatability measures the consistency of the results when the rotary
head or tables are moved.
3+2 Probing methods are used to orientate the head or table before measuring a
calibration sphere.
The system reports on the bounding box that covers all of the fitted sphere centres.

Measures suitability for 5-axis applications

Ensures the performance of the machine remains within the manufacturers
specification when the rotary axes are repositioned
Highlights errors due to collisions or misalignment of the rotary axes

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Rotary Axis Performance

Rotary Axis Performance monitors the accuracy and consistency of the rotary axes.
Assess the performance of the rotary axis, verifying its centre of rotation plus its runout and checks
for planar errors.
Rotary axis performance should be tested during a system installation to ensure that the setup is
accurate enough for satisfactory 5-axis machining and probing.

Identifies setup problems for the rotary axes

Validates rotary performance
Measures performance after collisions or alignment problems

Results and Archiving

Reports provide detailed information about each process. Each process records a pass, fail or
skipped along with detailed measurement results.
Results are archived by time and date, recording user details with the measurement results.

Provides process traceability

Produces record of performance trends
Can be used to monitor process capability

Customised User Interface

A comprehensive suite of processes and reports is configured according to the requirements
of each machine. A set of operations and series of prompts is provided according to the needs of
each operator. Operator logins determine the process list and provide traceability.
NC Checker can be used with touch screens, improving the ease-of-use on a shopfloor.

Prompts provide ease-of-use and impose consistency

Minimises the need for training
Provides tools appropriate for each machine and operator
Eases integration into existing processes