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Portland General Electric Company

P.U.C. Oregon No. E-18

Seventh Revision of Sheet No. 102-1

Canceling Sixth Revision of Sheet No. 102-1

Each Customers bill rendered under schedules providing Residential Service, Farm Service
and Nonresidential Farm Irrigation and Drainage Pumping Service will include the Regional
Power Act Exchange Credit applied to each kWh sold when the Customer qualifies for the
adjustment according to the definitions and limitations set forth in this schedule. Where
Customers are served by Electricity Service Suppliers (ESSs), the ESS will agree to pass
through the credit to the Customer
In all territory served by the Company.
To all bills for Direct Access Service, Emergency Default Service, Standard Service and
Residential Service where the Customer meets the definition of Residential Service, Farm
Service or Farm Irrigation and Drainage Pumping Service as specified in this schedule.
Consistent with the requirements of the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), if, in the course
of doing business, a utility discovers that one of its existing Customers is growing Cannabis
using power provided by the utility, such customer is not eligible for the Regional Power Act
Exchange Credit under this Schedule.



The credit will be the value of power and other benefits inclusive provided in accordance with
the terms of the Settlement Agreement between the Company and the BPA.
The credit inclusive of interest is:
Schedule 7
First 1,000 kWh

0.855 per kWh

Over 1,000 kWh

0.000 per kWh

All other schedules

0.698 per kWh

Residential Service means Electricity Service provided for residential purposes including service
to master-metered apartments, apartment utility rooms, common areas, and other residential

Short title for "Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act".

Advice No. 15-16

Issued July 9, 2015
James F. Lobdell, Senior Vice President

Effective for service

on and after July 22, 2015


Portland General Electric Company

P.U.C. Oregon No. E-18

Original Sheet No. 102-2

SCHEDULE 102 (Concluded)

Farm Irrigation and Drainage Pumping Service means Electricity Service to a parcel of land
used for the raising of crops, livestock, or pasturage and includes service to irrigation pumps.
Farm Service means Electricity Service furnished to Premises employed for the purpose of
obtaining a profit in money by raising, harvesting and selling crops; or by the feeding, breeding,
management and sale of, or the produce of, livestock, poultry, fur-bearing animals, or
honeybees; or for dairying and the sale of dairy products; or any other agricultural or
horticultural use, animal husbandry, or any combination thereof. Farm Service includes the use
of Energy to prepare and store the products raised on the Premises for human use and animal
use and his/her disposal by marketing or otherwise. Farm Service does not include the use of
Energy for commercial treatment, storage, or distribution of agricultural or horticultural products
and does not include the use of land subject to the provisions of ORS Chapter 321 concerning
commercial forestry.

The Credit will be applied to residential and farm usage; however, irrigation for farm use
is limited to the first 400 horsepower per farm. The 400-horsepower limitation will be
converted to maximum monthly kWh usage according to the following formula:
400 hp x .746 x (24 hrs x days in Billing Period) =


maximum kWh but not to

exceed 222,000 kWh in
any month

The credit is no longer applicable upon determination that the service no longer
constitutes residential or farm usage. The Customer or ESS will notify the Company of
any change of the type of service on the Customers Premises. The credit and eligibility
for the adjustment are subject to review and approval by BPA and the Commission.

Advice No. 07-01

Issued January 16, 2007
Pamela Grace Lesh, Vice President

Effective for service

on and after January 17, 2007