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Our heart rejoices with a new community of

Incarnate Word Apostles, because through it, the
hands and hearts of the Congregation are
extended in order to fulfil the Mission.
On the afternoon of May 27, as a preparation for
the consecration of this new community,
Sister. Luly Urrutia
, with the joy that
characterizes her, directed a beautiful retreat
based on Incarnational Moments, Spirituality
in conflict; profound comments on Carlos
Bermejos words: Cultivating the wisdom of
the heart and of our values, is the best way to
face tempests and to feel strengthened after
Resilience, which is a positive vision, in the
midst of negativity, and the ability to react. Nietzsche would express this in
the following words: The things that do not destroy us strengthen us. Sister
Luli invited the new community to be part of this family, whose foundation is
the love to the Incarnate Word, who gave his life for us.
The pleasant environment of the morning of Thursday, May 28, was the
setting of the Eucharistic Celebration, presided by Father Francisco Javier
Aguilera and Father Fernando Salvador Nuo, in the central playground of
Centro Educativo Santa Catarina, in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Len.
In the presence of CCVI Sisters, students, teachers, parents and Incarnate
Word Apostles, the members of the new community made their first
commitment, expressing their YES to the Incarnate Word, with all their love
and great emotion. The members of the New Associates Community Saint
John Paul II are: Teresita, Mnica, Deyanira, Jessica, Sandra, Diana, Cecilia,
Julieta y Flor. This community had three years of preparation, under the
direction of Sister Rosa de Lima Villegas, the Sister who will be present for

Sister Margaret Snyder, of the CCVI General

Leadership Team, received their commitment and
led the sending forth ceremony. Later, with Sister
Rosa de Lima Villegas, they conferred the Incarnate
Word Medals to the new Incarnate Word Associates.
The ceremony was also attended by CCVI Sisters: Luly Urrutia, Beatriz
Zambrano and Adriana Calzada; by the General Team of the Incarnate Word
Association, Alma Halgraves de Zavala, Mara Elena Torres and Mara Cristina
Alday; and by Associates from Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey, Nuevo
Len and Chihuahua.
After the Eucharistic Celebration, we congratulated
the new members of the community, who shared
with us that they will develop their apostolate at a
Home for abandoned children who have child
paralysis. They will help them with physical
therapy, economic support, company, love and
taking them out for visits, thus bettering their life.
After the Mass, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in
a nice fraternal environment.
For all these reasons and full of joy, we say again: PRAISED BE THE